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[20:25] <DM_Tol> * Game Recap *
[20:25] <DM_Tol> The group of adventurers stocked up on oil and preparation and travelled back to the ruined ancient castle south of Azod.
[20:26] <DM_Tol> They attacked the magical trees at the gate of the still-standing walls.
[20:27] <DM_Tol> The action resumes 24 seconds into the battle.
[20:28] <DM_Tol> * As this session 8 of Heroes of Azod resumes *
[20:28] <TolBot> Initiative Order: Dylan 11, Khophus_Brazen, 9, Trees, 6, Ash 4, Theriand 4, Miri 0
[20:28] <Dylan> (what is my full movement in round? 20 feet at Sprint?)
[20:29] <Miri> (what is your race?)
[20:29] <Dylan> (human)
[20:29] <DM_Tol> (30)
[20:29] <Miri> (30)
[20:29] <DM_Tol> (i have your sheet)
[20:29] <DM_Tol> (You are right now adjacent to the Right Tree)
[20:29] <Miri> (did i take any damage last game?)
[20:30] <DM_Tol> (miri, you can look )
[20:30] <DM_Tol> (but I think, it was a series of misses by the trees)
[20:30] <Miri> (thanks)
[20:30] <Theriand> (i agree, I don't recall her taking any damage)
[20:31] <Ash> (Thankfully, since the healer said not to engage in melee.)
[20:31] <Dylan> -init
[20:31] <TolBot>
[20:31] <TolBot> Initiative Order: Dylan 11, Khophus_Brazen, 9, Trees, 6, Ash 4, Theriand 4, Miri 0
[20:31] <Dylan> (home brb)
[20:32] <DM_Tol> Khophus go ahead)
[20:32] * Khophus pistons ahead
[20:33] <Khophus> (Tree to my left is on fire?)
[20:33] <DM_Tol> (is damaged and still has oil doused)
[20:33] * Khophus snorts and breathes flame on the oily tree.
[20:33] <DM_Tol> (it is not on fire technically)
[20:33] <Khophus> (It is now…)
[20:34] <DM_Tol> (save?)
[20:34] <Khophus> (DC 12)
[20:35] * Dylan ( has joined #grovewood
[20:35] <Khophus> (Dex save)
[20:35] <Dylan> (im gonna take a full movement to get away from tree's)
[20:35] * Dylan springs away from tree's
[20:35] <Miri> (and i am currently raging)
[20:35] <DM_Tol> 1d20-2 dc12
[20:35] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(16)-2 'dc12']: 14 (Success)
[20:35] <Khophus> (Bah!)
[20:35] <Dylan> (can you repost that link to grid?)
[20:36] <DM_Tol> Khophus breathes fire at the tree as Dylan acts.
[20:36] * Dylan (AndChat7718@sorcery-9bdbj7.k0h5.sj79.fb90.2607.IP) Quit (Quit: Bye)
[20:36] <DM_Tol> ( )
[20:38] <Khophus> “GODLESS TREES!”
[20:38] <Khophus> (“That strange talking elf was right!”)
[20:39] <DM_Tol> (whenever you’re ready, Dylan)
[20:39] <Dylan> (moving it)
[20:39] <Dylan> (do i need to roll to spring?)
[20:39] <Dylan> (sprint)
[20:39] <Miri> (be aware, it will get an oop)
[20:40] <Miri> (ao even, i can spell really lol)
[20:40] <DM_Tol> (not to run away)
[20:40] <Dylan> (attack of opportunity)
[20:40] <DM_Tol> (if you’re not doing any other action, then do the “Disengage” action, then move away)
[20:40] * Dylan disengages and moves away
[20:41] <Khophus> (anyone can disengage? I thought that was a thief skill.)
[20:41] <DM_Tol> -rule disengage
[20:42] <Dylan> -rule disengage
[20:42] <DM_Tol> (it’s just an action, like attack, dash, dodge, etc.)
[20:42] <Khophus> (ok – I will keep that in mind)
[20:42] <DM_Tol> (there is no sprint, so was guessing that’s what he meant)
[20:42] <Dylan> (i need to get a phb for this edition, i am planning on getting it in Toronto when i am there next)
[20:43] * Widower_Harl ( has joined #grovewood
[20:43] <Miri> (wb)
[20:43] <DM_Tol> The trees move to attack.
[20:43] <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 vs Miri
[20:43] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(7)+6 'vs Miri']: 13
[20:44] <Miri> (hit)
[20:44] <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 vs Khophus
[20:44] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(4)+6 'vs Khophus']: 10
[20:44] <Widower_Harl> (miss)
[20:44] <DM_Tol> 3d6+4 bludgeoning damage
[20:44] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 3d6(8)+4 'bludgeoning damage']: 12
[20:44] <Miri> (half that so 6)
[20:44] <DM_Tol> (yep)
[20:45] <DM_Tol> Ash Ther, Miri)
[20:45] * Ash tosses another sacred flame
[20:45] <Miri> (you skip khophus?)
[20:45] <Ash> 1d20+4
[20:45] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(7)+4]: 11
[20:45] <DM_Tol> (no, he went before Dylan since was afk)
[20:45] <Miri> (aaah ok)
[20:46] <Dylan> (im not afk)
[20:46] <DM_Tol> Ash misses with a sacred flame.
[20:46] <Dylan> (i moved my dude)
[20:46] <Ash> “Get away from those trees, they hit hard!”
[20:46] <Widower_Harl> “I KNOW!”
[20:46] <DM_Tol> ( Dylan: (home brb) [8:31pm] )
[20:46] * Khophus ( Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
[20:46] <DM_Tol> (it was back then)
[20:46] <Miri> (got ya)
[20:46] <Dylan> (did the trees move?)
[20:47] <DM_Tol> (yes, one did)
[20:47] <Miri> (yes)
[20:47] <Miri> (ther's turn)
[20:47] <Miri> (i think)
[20:47] <Ash> (yup)
[20:47] <DM_Tol> (Ther, Miri)
[20:47] * Theriand throws another Fire Bolt at the tree
[20:47] <Theriand> 1d20+5
[20:47] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d20(2)+5]: 7
[20:47] <Dylan> (cant we just lure them far away from the gate then run around them and in?)
[20:48] <DM_Tol> Therian misses with a bolt.
[20:48] <Theriand> (if I recall they have an AC of 13, so thats a miss)
[20:48] <DM_Tol> (AC13, yes)
[20:48] <Ash> (We could, but we didn't)
[20:49] * Miri moves behind the tree and attacks with her flaming sword, and will use a reckless attack.
[20:49] <Miri> 1d20+4 adv
[20:49] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(4, 4)+4 'adv']: 8
[20:49] <Theriand> (Ouch lol)
[20:49] * Miri will then take the rest of her movement to get inside the castle.
[20:49] <Widower_Harl> (umm…OK…)
[20:49] * Widower_Harl is now known as Khophus
[20:50] <Ash> “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!?”
[20:50] <Khophus> “She's got a good idea – everyone just get in!”
[20:51] <Miri> (tree should get an an attack of opporunity one miri, shouldn't it?)
[20:51] <DM_Tol> (I think rage gives advantage on st checks, but not attacks)
[20:52] <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 oa vs Miri
[20:52] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(18)+6 'oa vs Miri']: 24
[20:52] <Theriand> (reckless does, and the next attack against her gets adv)
[20:52] <Miri> (i used reckless attack)
[20:52] <DM_Tol> 3d6+4 bludge
[20:52] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 3d6(11)+4 'bludge']: 15
[20:52] <Miri> (so while that hits, if you roll again you may crit)
[20:53] <Miri> (halved to 7 or 8?)
[20:53] <DM_Tol> (8)
[20:53] <Miri> (so rounding up, got it)
[20:54] <DM_Tol> * new round *
[20:54] <TolBot> Initiative Order: Dylan 11, Khophus_Brazen, 9, Trees, 6, Ash 4, Theriand 4, Miri 0
[20:54] <Miri> (and all attacks against me have advantage until i go again, not just the first one, just fyi)
[20:55] <Khophus> (Grog makes it all look so effortless…)
[20:55] <DM_Tol> (that was lame you got two 4's)
[20:55] <DM_Tol> (Dylan)
[20:55] <Miri> (it happens)
[20:55] * Dylan moves away and flanking
[20:57] <DM_Tol> (any action?)
[20:57] <DM_Tol> (Khophus)
[20:57] * Khophus backs up from the tree…
[20:57] <Khophus> “EVERYONE IN!”
[20:57] <Khophus> (can I throw oil?)
[20:58] <Ash> “You don't know what's in there, or if the trees will chase us in!”
[20:58] <Dylan> (who has all of the oil)
[20:58] <Khophus> (me)
[21:00] <Theriand> (I have lots and lots of Fire Bolts)
[21:00] <DM_Tol> (no, disengage takes your action)
[21:00] <DM_Tol> The trees guard the gate.
[21:00] <Miri> (i'm so bummed, my max damage atm is 30 points, and i can't hit for crap lol)
[21:00] * Khophus plants his feet to get ready to defend the entrance.
[21:00] <Khophus> (I'm done)
[21:01] <Khophus> (Well – that didn't work like I thought it would…)
[21:01] <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 adv vs Miri
[21:01] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(9, 17)+6 'adv vs Miri']: 23
[21:01] <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 vs Khophus
[21:01] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(1)+6 'vs Khophus']: 7 (Tsk, tsk)
[21:01] <Miri> (hits)
[21:01] <Theriand> (its going to take me nearly 3 rounds to get in)
[21:02] <DM_Tol> 3d6+4 bludg vs Miri
[21:02] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 3d6(7)+4 'bludg vs Miri']: 11
[21:02] <Miri> (so 6?)
[21:02] <DM_Tol> (yes)
[21:03] <Miri> (still up, barely lol)
[21:03] <DM_Tol> Ash Theriand Miri)
[21:03] * Ash advances, throws a sacred bolt at the one that looks most damaged, and then uses Healing Word on Miri.
[21:03] <Ash> 1d20+4 vs tree
[21:03] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(14)+4 'vs tree']: 18
[21:03] <Ash> 1d8 radiant damage to tree
[21:03] <TolBot> Ash's 1d8(4) 'radiant damage to tree']: 4
[21:03] <DM_Tol> (the one with the oil is most damage hit)
[21:04] <Ash> 1d4+2 healing to Miri
[21:04] <TolBot> Ash's 1d4(1)+2 'healing to Miri']: 3
[21:04] <Khophus> (does it catch?)
[21:04] <DM_Tol> (range for healign word?)
[21:04] <Ash> (60')
[21:04] <Miri> (thank you for the healing)
[21:04] <DM_Tol> (nope, it’s radiant damage, not fire)
[21:04] <Khophus> (Bah! Team Evil from here on out!)
[21:04] <DM_Tol> Theriand Miri)
[21:05] * Theriand moves and throws another fire bolt
[21:05] <Theriand> 1d20+5
[21:05] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d20(13)+5]: 18
[21:05] <Theriand> 1d10
[21:05] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d10(4)]: 4
[21:05] <DM_Tol> -item oil
[21:05] <DM_Tol> (4 damage, plus 5extra from the oil)
[21:07] <DM_Tol> The tree in the doorway, is drastically wounded, then the oil catches from the firebolt as if falls apart in flames.
[21:07] <Khophus> (breaks out marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate)
[21:07] <Khophus> (“I'm gonna make smores over your corpse!”)
[21:07] <DM_Tol> (miri)
[21:08] * Miri moves up next to khop and attacks the remaining tree, using reckless attack
[21:08] <Miri> 1d20+4 adv
[21:08] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(2, 13)+4 'adv']: 17
[21:08] <DM_Tol> (hit)
[21:08] <Miri> 2d6+4 slashing
[21:08] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(9)+4 'slashing']: 13
[21:08] <Miri> 2d6 flame
[21:08] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(12) 'flame']: 12
[21:09] <Miri> (wait, plus 2 to the slashing i forgot the rage bonus)
[21:09] <Miri> (so 27 total)
[21:09] <DM_Tol> Miri dramatically damages the previously unharmed tree.
[21:10] <DM_Tol> * next round *
[21:10] <TolBot> Initiative Order: Dylan 11, Khophus_Brazen, 9, Trees, 6, Ash 4, Theriand 4, Miri 0
[21:10] <Miri> (i'm next to the tree b ut the coloring comes in wrong so i haven't moved my token)
[21:10] <Miri> (thanks)
[21:12] <DM_Tol> (dylan?)
[21:12] <DM_Tol> Khophus and dylan)
[21:13] * Khophus swings his backpack – hoping to break the remaining oil vials on the tree.
[21:13] <Khophus> 1d20+3
[21:13] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(17)+3]: 20
[21:14] <Khophus> (Yes! Now someone set it on fire!)
[21:14] <DM_Tol> Khophus hits the tree with oil.
[21:15] <DM_Tol> 1d2
[21:15] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d2(1)]: 1
[21:15] <DM_Tol> The tree turns and counters.
[21:15] <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 adv vs Miri
[21:15] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(10, 11)+6 'adv vs Miri']: 17
[21:15] <Miri> (i think miri is about to go down, that hits)
[21:15] <Khophus> (Gods, I hate trees…)
[21:15] <DM_Tol> 3d6+4 bludgeoning
[21:15] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 3d6(10)+4 'bludgeoning']: 14
[21:16] <Miri> (and miri is down)
[21:16] <DM_Tol> Ash Ther, Miri (dylan holding action)
[21:17] * Ash repeats his attack style from last round.
[21:17] <Ash> 1d20+4 vs tree ac
[21:17] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(3)+4 'vs tree ac']: 7
[21:17] <Ash> 1d4+2 healing to Miri
[21:17] <TolBot> Ash's 1d4(2)+2 'healing to Miri']: 4
[21:17] <Miri> (thank you)
[21:18] * Theriand moves and throws another firebolt
[21:18] <Theriand> 1d20+5
[21:18] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d20(7)+5]: 12
[21:18] <DM_Tol> (any heal puts you at 1, right?)
[21:18] <Miri> (no, his heal gives me the for it healed me)
[21:18] <DM_Tol> Ash and Theriand miss with attacks.
[21:18] <Miri> (four even)
[21:19] <Ash> (It puts her at 4, because her health would be at 0 prior to the healing)
[21:19] <Ash> (5e doesn't do negative hp)
[21:20] <Miri> (am i now exhausted cause my rage ended?)
[21:21] <DM_Tol> (yes, rage ends when unconc0
[21:21] <DM_Tol> Miri and Dylan)
[21:21] <Miri> (yeah, but i can't remember if i'm now exhausted cause if it or not)
[21:21] <Theriand> (you should have a point of exhaustion)
[21:21] * Miri whispers marshmallow and lights her sword again before attacking the tree.
[21:22] <Miri> 1d20+4
[21:22] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(15)+4]: 19
[21:23] <Miri> (aaah no, it's not unless i frenzy rage that i get exhaustion)
[21:23] <Miri> (least as far as i can tell)
[21:23] <Miri> 2d6+4 slashing
[21:23] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(2)+4 'slashing']: 6
[21:23] <Miri> 2d6 fire
[21:23] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(5) 'fire']: 5
[21:23] <DM_Tol> (you were prone)
[21:24] <Miri> (sorry, thought i said i got up before i attacked, i meant to)
[21:24] <Miri> 1d20+4 to see if i would have made it or not from prone.
[21:24] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(15)+4 'to see if i would have made it or not from prone.']: 19
[21:25] * Miri gets up from prone and prepares to get hit again, and ends her turn.
[21:26] <DM_Tol> (i’m trying to think through this attack)
[21:26] <Theriand> (getting up from prone eats up 1/2 your movement… so she could get up and attack without issue)
[21:26] <DM_Tol> (it’s pretty problematic, that in 12 seconds, you are knocked out, then stand and attack)
[21:27] <DM_Tol> ( :P )
[21:27] <Theriand> (welcome to D&D, it doesn't have make sense..)
[21:27] <Miri> (i'm confused now)
[21:27] <Khophus> (Ha-ha!)
[21:27] <Khophus> (A line from Borderlands 2 comes to mind…)
[21:28] <Miri> (are you saying i couldn't have attacked? or that dnd is broken?)
[21:28] <Dylan> (ok)
[21:28] <Ash> (Well healing is a magical thing. It's like blacking out for a couple seconds and then being like, oh crap I have to kill this tree splitting my head open now.)
[21:28] <Dylan> (sorry was talking on phone a sec)
[21:28] <DM_Tol> (sure, but also the falling and standing, hehe)
[21:28] <Theriand> (Happens all the time, look at boxers)
[21:29] <Miri> (i fell on my last turn in the last round, ash healed me on this one, and i did roll a second time for a hit and got the same result so it doesn't matter if i stood first or not, it still would have landed, but if you want to say i can't have hit that's up to you, you's the dm)
[21:31] <DM_Tol> (no, was jsut reading relevant info. that’s all)
[21:32] <Miri> (ok)
[21:32] <DM_Tol> Miri lands a damaging blow on the tree.
[21:32] <DM_Tol> (dylan)
[21:32] * Dylan moves in place to attack or heal
[21:35] <DM_Tol> (any action, dylan?)
[21:35] <DM_Tol> (khophus, action)
[21:35] <Dylan> (uhmm… no attack)
[21:35] <Khophus> Khophus tries to whittle down the tree while yelling…
[21:36] <Dylan> (i wish it was easier to track peoples HP)
[21:36] <Khophus> “SET THIS THING ON FIRE!”
[21:36] <Khophus> 1d20+5
[21:36] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(19)+5]: 24
[21:36] <DM_Tol> (hit what are you attacking with?)
[21:36] <Khophus> (longsword)
[21:37] <Khophus> 1d8+3
[21:37] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d8(4)+3]: 7
[21:37] <DM_Tol> Khophus slices the wood of the very damaged tree.
[21:37] <DM_Tol> The tree swings back.
[21:37] <DM_Tol> 1d2
[21:37] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d2(1)]: 1
[21:38] <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 vs khophus
[21:38] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(20)+6 'vs khophus']: 26 (Sweet!)
[21:38] <Khophus> (dang)
[21:38] <Dylan> (wince)
[21:38] <Ash> (Ouch boy, OUCH!)
[21:38] <DM_Tol> (don’t i just add one die?
[21:39] <Dylan> -rule critical hit
[21:39] <DM_Tol> (al, got it. It’s not good news)
[21:39] <Dylan> (right)
[21:40] <DM_Tol> 6d6+4
[21:40] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 6d6(22)+4]: 26
[21:40] <Khophus> (Do what?)
[21:40] <Ash> (Definitely not good news, hopefully that doesn't drop you below your max)
[21:40] <Miri> (oooh that would have killed me dead dead i think)
[21:40] <Khophus> (I turn into fertilizer in mid air, I'm so dead)
[21:40] <Miri> (nope, would have been 1 point away)
[21:41] <Miri> (how low does that drop you khophus?)
[21:41] <Khophus> (-6)
[21:41] <DM_Tol> (did you have any previous damage?)
[21:41] <Khophus> (nope)
[21:41] <DM_Tol> Khophus falls unconcious dying.
[21:41] <Miri> (then you are just unconcious)
[21:41] <DM_Tol> Ash Theriand Miri)
[21:41] <DM_Tol> (I’m glad it was Khophus and not you, Miri)
[21:41] <Khophus> (Is that a condition? “DAMN, SON! You DEAD!”)
[21:42] <Miri> (yea, i would have been 1 point away from actual death)
[21:42] * Khophus eyes the DM from the afterlife.
[21:42] <Ash> “Seriously! This is why I said don't fight in melee.”
[21:42] <Ash> (Sacred Flame & last healing word)
[21:42] <Ash> 1d20+4 vs tree
[21:42] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(18)+4 'vs tree']: 22
[21:42] <Ash> 1d8
[21:42] <TolBot> Ash's 1d8(2)]: 2
[21:42] <Ash> 1d4+2 healing to Khophus.
[21:42] <TolBot> Ash's 1d4(3)+2 'healing to Khophus.']: 5
[21:43] <Miri> (woot, you got 5 hp khophus)
[21:43] <Khophus> (So…am I at five or at -1?)
[21:43] <Miri> (5)
[21:43] <Khophus> (cool)
[21:43] * Theriand moves and lights it up with a burning hands (dex13 for half damage)
[21:43] <Miri> (only time negative counts is if it takes you to minus your total hp, i think)
[21:43] <DM_Tol> Ash nails the tree with a small but well aimed sacred flame, as the tree falls apart, motionless.
[21:43] <Theriand> 3d6
[21:43] <TolBot> Theriand's 3d6(12)]: 12
[21:44] <Theriand> (well shucks lol)
[21:44] * Miri slides down and sits on the ground. “can i interest anyone in a short rest? Also Ash some of us can only attack melee.”
[21:44] <DM_Tol> * j/k *
[21:45] <DM_Tol> As the tree falls to pieces, the air goes quiet.
[21:45] <DM_Tol> * game pause (bio) *
[21:46] * Khophus sits up, breathing heavy.
[21:46] <Khophus> (brb)
[21:46] <Miri> (brb too)
[21:50] <DM_Tol> (y’all shoulda listened to Ash the whole time… frankly, even with the one-hit kill, khophus, y’all got seriously lucky. so many bad rolls for the trees)
[21:50] <Khophus> (I have an 8 Intelligence. I don't even listen to myself!)
[21:50] <Ash> “Seriously, are you trying to get yourselves killed?”
[21:50] <Theriand> (I kept my distance :P)
[21:50] <DM_Tol> ( hehe)
[21:50] <DM_Tol> *game resume *
[21:50] <Dylan> (i came out unscathed)
[21:51] <Miri> (back)
[21:51] <Ash> (Likewise)
[21:51] <Khophus> “Is Miri well? Did we kill the trees? Am I the only one hungry?”
[21:51] * Miri thwaps khophus “i'm alive thanks.”
[21:53] * Khophus flinches slightly
[21:53] * Miri looks to Ash “I can't throw my sword, and what did you expect me to do, nothing?”
[21:53] <Miri> (are we taking a short rest?)
[21:53] * Dylan eyes the castle
[21:53] <Dylan> “Ok… so…“
[21:54] <Ash> “Throw rocks, or wait for those of us with longer ranged attacks to take down the foes that can't move faster than we can.”
[21:54] <Theriand> “This throwing fire is coming in handy…“
[21:54] * Dylan looks like he is strainging to think (11 int..)
[21:54] <Theriand> (I have 13int, but 17cha lol)
[21:55] <Miri> (can i have an answer about the rest please?)
[21:55] <Dylan> (no i dont think so)
[21:55] <Miri> (shit)
[21:55] <Dylan> “So, I have a thought..”
[21:55] <Theriand> “Lets take a moment to check over the wounded”
[21:55] <Dylan> “Why don't I scount ahead a little bit while you guys take a breather..”
[21:56] <Dylan> (scout)
[21:56] <Dylan> “I won't go far”
[21:56] <Khophus> (please lets)
[21:56] * Miri is taking a short rest even if no one else does. “I refuse not to pull my weight, and I can't help how i attack. There wasn't exactly a lot of thinking going on during most of it.”
[21:57] <Miri> 2d12
[21:57] <TolBot> Miri's 2d12(20)]: 20
[21:57] <DM_Tol> Dylan as you peak inside the castle walls, you see two buildings on the left and right built into the battlements. The one to the right is in shambles and rubble.
[21:57] <Miri> (back to full, yay)
[21:57] <Khophus> 2d10
[21:57] <TolBot> Khophus's 2d10(10)]: 10
[21:57] <Khophus> (works)
[21:58] <DM_Tol> In the center of the castle is a large building. Behind it agains the far side of the castle wall interior is the tall tower. It is the only building that does not look like it is falling apart.
[21:58] * Khophus gets some meat out and warms it by the fires of the tree.
[21:59] * Dylan moves carefully towards the center building
[21:59] <Dylan> (is there a door?)
[22:01] <DM_Tol> The group takes a short rest, hoping the castle residents don’t come exploring.
[22:01] <DM_Tol> 1d100
[22:01] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d100(18)]: 18
[22:01] <Khophus> (only 18 come out)
[22:01] <DM_Tol> (lol)
[22:04] <DM_Tol> (dylan, yes. a door)
[22:04] * Khophus stands up, readjusting his armor and joins Dylan munching on enemy-warmed meat.
[22:05] * Ash hangs back watching for trouble, since the smoke may attract foes.
[22:05] * Theriand sits quietly, “I've heard of attack dogs, but attack trees… thats a new one for me.”
[22:06] <Miri> “Well, I can say their bark is as bad as their bite” she laughs at her own horrible juoke.
[22:06] <Theriand> “I think they where just trying to branch out into new things”
[22:06] * Khophus looks down at Miri…then looks at the others for a social cue.
[22:06] * Ash groans audibly.
[22:07] <Khophus> “We hacked off their limbs!”
[22:07] * Khophus grins
[22:07] * Miri stands up and dust herself off. “they came dang close with me.”
[22:08] * Dylan humms
[22:08] <Dylan> “Wait here…“
[22:09] <Ash> “If we proceed, do not expect any more healing from me, for that reckless fight took most of my magic from me.
[22:09] * Dylan pushes himself up against the wall beside the door
[22:09] * Dylan reaches over that pushes on the door (is there a knob?)
[22:10] <DM_Tol> (it’s not latched.)
[22:10] <DM_Tol> Dylan pushes a door open.
[22:10] <DM_Tol> (map is active. which door?)
[22:11] * Miri makes sure she sheethed her sword.
[22:11] <Dylan> (just moved myself next to it)
[22:11] <DM_Tol> You see a hallway inside.
[22:11] <Khophus> (I've lost connection)
[22:11] <Ash> (You have?)
[22:11] <Dylan> (is it dark?)
[22:12] * Theriand goes about resting until he's needed
[22:12] <Khophus> (Lost connection with google)
[22:13] <Khophus> (there we go)
[22:13] <DM_Tol> Inside the hall, things look long abandoned. As in, decades.
[22:13] <DM_Tol> (ie. no torch is lit)
[22:14] * Dylan stands in the doorway and concentrates
[22:15] <Dylan> (divine sense)
[22:15] <Miri> (holy hannah!!!)
[22:16] <Dylan> ( i should be able to “smell” all cursed items, as well as “hear” if someone/something is inherently good or evil. for 60 feet)
[22:16] * Khophus pokes about with his sword.
[22:16] <DM_Tol> -divine sense
[22:16] <DM_Tol> -rule divine sense
[22:16] <Dylan> (15 times before I have to rest)
[22:17] <Dylan> (i have the rule listed on my characer sheet as well)
[22:18] <DM_Tol> Dylan channels his divine senses, and determines that this portion of the building is free of demons and evil presence.
[22:20] * Dylan turns and looks back
[22:20] * Dylan gives the thumbs up
[22:21] * Dylan returns
[22:21] <Dylan> “Well the hallway is clear, but I can't see anything down the hallway”
[22:21] * Khophus nods and looks around
[22:21] <Miri> “well, what are we going to do now?”
[22:21] <Dylan> “It is about five feet wide”
[22:22] <Dylan> “Let me check the other other”
[22:22] * Ash looks around the outside area one last time to make sure something isn't coming up on their flank.
[22:22] * Dylan pushes the other door open and tries his sense again
[22:23] <Dylan> (there supposed to be an opening in the hall way on the right?)
[22:23] <Dylan> (same on left?)
[22:23] <DM_Tol> Dylan peers inside the delapidated stone-work building once again, and senses no evil.
[22:23] * Khophus adjusts his shield
[22:24] <Dylan> “Anyone have a torch?”
[22:24] <Miri> “I have my sword”
[22:25] <Dylan> “Ok, can you go down that hallway on the left and see what you see?”
[22:25] <DM_Tol> (going to explore it together now?)
[22:25] <Khophus> (I'm following behind Miri)
[22:26] <Miri> “ok.” She pulls out her sword and whispers 'marshmallow' which lights her sword and heads where Dylan directed.
[22:26] <Miri> (and holy hannah, if i hadn't seen that last half of the ucla game, i wouldn't have believed it)
[22:27] <DM_Tol> You move into the building, tentatively exploring. You find an long abandoned and neglected stone structure.
[22:27] <Dylan> (oh?)
[22:27] <Khophus> (Nancy is aghast…that I can sit here at my computer and not be interested at all in the game…)
[22:27] <Dylan> (my friend is at that game)
[22:27] <Miri> (34 point come back by ucla to win the game)
[22:27] <DM_Tol> Long ago, there were barracks, and small meeting rooms, but now the whole is empty, save for refuse and even an occassional rubble from a hole in the ceiling.
[22:27] <Khophus> (to win by *one* point)
[22:28] <Dylan> (awe my friends who went were aggies fans)
[22:28] <Miri> (one is all it takes)
[22:28] * Ash moves in and stands in the courtyard
[22:28] <Theriand> “I can make light”
[22:29] <DM_Tol> (not gonna draw in the walls)
[22:29] * Theriand uses Dancing Lights, and moves them as they move making sure all is well lit
[22:29] * Miri comes back out into the courtyard and shrugs “just looks like an old barricks to me.”
[22:29] <Dylan> (is there only one level?)
[22:30] <DM_Tol> (only one level)
[22:30] <Dylan> “Do we go through, or around?”
[22:31] <Khophus> “Around, then through.”
[22:32] <DM_Tol> The group finishes exploring the central building, and moves around/through to beside the large tower.
[22:35] <Khophus> (Any signs of attack, left in a hurry?)
[22:35] <DM_Tol> Dylan looks upon the tower and concentrats again with Divine Sense.
[22:36] <DM_Tol> You see Dylan’s eyes roll into the back of his head as he shivers and passes out.
[22:36] * Miri grabs dylan and moves back as far as she can.
[22:36] <DM_Tol> Dylan you feel confused and sit up where you were.
[22:36] * Khophus guards Miri as she drags Dylan back.
[22:36] <DM_Tol> The sense of demonic evil overwhelmed you as you previously concentrated on the tower.
[22:37] <DM_Tol> Khophus and Miri as you drag Dylan you see movement off in the rubble to the left.
[22:37] <DM_Tol> ( * )
[22:37] <Miri> (miri is goin 'NOPE' and draggin his ass away)
[22:37] * Khophus replants himself to the left.
[22:38] * Khophus taps the flat of his blade against his shield's edge.
[22:38] * Miri will whisper “marshmallow” to get the fire on her sword to go out.
[22:39] <Khophus> “Come out by force of law!”
[22:39] * Dylan gets up and moves back
[22:40] <Dylan> “Let's .. think about think for a few…“
[22:40] * Ash looks around for the source of Khophus's concern.
[22:40] <Miri> Khophus you dummy, move back.”
[22:41] <Dylan> (ok question)
[22:41] * Miri continues to back up, more concerned that dylan passed out for a moment then the movement she caught.
[22:41] <Dylan> (on the map… everyone seems to be far away from each other..)
[22:41] * Khophus walks backwards carefully.
[22:41] <DM_Tol> (folks aren’t updating themselves. no prob)
[22:41] <Miri> (io
[22:41] <Miri> (er, i'm updaing me)
[22:41] <Dylan> (ok, I'm just trying to get my head around this)
[22:42] <DM_Tol> (right)
[22:42] * Dylan moves back and in for shelter
[22:42] <Dylan> “I …” Dylan pauses as if he is about the gag
[22:43] <Dylan> “Have never smelled something that aweful in my life..”
[22:43] <Miri> (were we only supposed to find out what's in the castle?)
[22:43] <Dylan> “It was like the tower is soaked … in… evil”
[22:45] * Khophus tilts his head to the side, but keeps looking forward.
[22:45] <Ash> “That doesn't sound good.”
[22:47] <Miri> “Do you think this is enough to bring back to the old woman?”
[22:47] <Dylan> “I don't know…“
[22:47] <Ash> “It may help, particularly if we bring back tree samples.”
[22:48] <Dylan> “But, I do not think we are ready to go in to face what is in there.”
[22:48] <Miri> Dylan passed out for a moment cause of it. I say we go back, grab some tree on our way out and hope that we did what we were asked.”
[22:48] <Khophus> “Good idea.”
[22:48] * Dylan agrees
[22:48] <DM_Tol> (you recall Neoma said she has no need to examine the tree samples)
[22:48] <DM_Tol> (she literally said that, btw. :)
[22:49] <Ash> (True)
[22:49] <Miri> (well, we won't grab tree samples then. :P)
[22:49] <DM_Tol> As one of you peers closer, you see the movement by the rubble is humanoid, laying on the ground, sitting up against a stone.
[22:50] <Khophus> “There!”
[22:50] * Khophus points at the humanoid
[22:50] <DM_Tol> (ending in 5)
[22:51] <Miri> (does it look like it's gotten closer to us?)
[22:51] <DM_Tol> (no, looks prone)
[22:51] <DM_Tol> (where the * is(
[22:51] <Dylan> (uhmm)
[22:51] <Ash> “What is that?”
[22:51] <Dylan> “Wait here..”
[22:51] <Miri> “maybe someone who won't pass out should go”
[22:52] * Dylan goes evaluates the humanoid
[22:52] * Khophus follows behind
[22:52] <DM_Tol> ( ROtFLOL)
[22:52] <Dylan> (from a distance)
[22:52] * Miri goes with dylan as well. (here we go again)
[22:52] * Ash follows at a safe distance behind.
[22:52] <DM_Tol> You make your way around the eery tower and to the torn down debris of a building. You see a couple dead humans, and one nearly dead, tied to a stone.
[22:53] <Theriand> (DIE FOWL SCUM! *stabity stab stab*)
[22:53] <DM_Tol> It’s has entrails hanging out. The other carcasses look eaten on.
[22:53] <Dylan> “Eww”
[22:53] <Khophus> (“Umm…yeah…well – good luck!” *leaves*)
[22:53] * Khophus frowns.
[22:54] <Dylan> (this thing moved?)
[22:54] <Miri> “Do you think the old woman will want to see this?”
[22:54] <Khophus> “Who did this?”
[22:54] <Ash> “Probably, and we might be able to save the third one.”
[22:54] <Dylan> “Didn't we just see this thing … move?”
[22:54] <DM_Tol> At the sound of your voice, one eye opens.
[22:54] * Khophus kneels down next to the dying human.
[22:54] * Ash cautiously approaches to “Spare the Dying”
[22:55] * Miri begins trying to release the still living one.
[22:55] <DM_Tol> Dying man: “below …”
[22:55] <Khophus> “What's below?”
[22:55] * Dylan LoH's the man
[22:55] * Khophus reaches for his water skin.
[22:56] <Dylan> (10 hp)
[22:56] <DM_Tol> Man: “… *sputter* “
[22:56] <Khophus> “Slowly…“
[22:56] <DM_Tol> The barely-still a man winces and screams silently, as ancient curses constrict at the holy magic.
[22:57] <Khophus> “GODS!”
[22:57] <DM_Tol> Man: “ … must seal the … “
[22:57] * Khophus drops the skin and scampers back
[22:58] * Dylan picks up the skin and listens
[22:58] <DM_Tol> The man’s eye widens, as you hear a screach from above.
[22:58] * Dylan looks up
[22:58] <DM_Tol> Man: “ pl…z. kill. me. “
[22:58] * Ash looks up.
[22:58] <Theriand> (and dylan gets snatched up by a giant spider)
[22:59] <DM_Tol> You see a small demon having flown out a tower window high above circling over you.
[22:59] * Khophus looks up, then down at the man.
[22:59] * Ash studies the creature intently to memorize as much detail about it as he can.
[22:59] * Khophus stands in front of the man. “Are you sure you want release?”
[22:59] * Miri pulls out her sword.
[23:00] * Theriand looks at the demon and readies a Magic Missile
[23:00] * Khophus puts the points of his sword on the man's chest over the heart.
[23:00] <DM_Tol> The man stares blankly.
[23:00] <Khophus> “Do you want death?”
[23:01] <DM_Tol> The man, his eyes unmoving, nods ever-so-slightly.
[23:01] * Miri uses her sword to take the man's head from his shoulders.
[23:01] * Khophus slams the point of the sword through his chest – hopefully ending his misery
[23:02] <DM_Tol> Miri and Khophus end the creature’s life, as the demon above shrieks and then plummets toward you.
[23:02] <DM_Tol> * As this session comes to a close *

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