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Session Log for: 3/18/2018 8:21:09 PM <Miri> (maps?)
8:21:18 PM <DM_Tol> ( )
8:21:41 PM <Miri> (thank you)
8:22:13 PM <DM_Tol> You find yourself in the sights of a Vrock and a Shadowy demon. (map on the right)
8:22:23 PM <Khophus> (must remember I am not the barbarian this game)
8:22:43 PM <Miri> (nope, that's me)
8:22:58 PM <Kayalia> (what is a vrock?)
8:23:00 PM <DM_Tol> (SD = shadowy demon, VD= vrock demon, D7=smaller demon)
8:23:25 PM <DM_Tol> (vulture-like creature)
8:23:48 PM <Miri> (who's turn is it on inititive?)
8:24:07 PM <Ash> (Vrock: )
8:24:22 PM <DM_Tol> (I have the last initiative, unless y???all would rather reroll?)
8:24:36 PM <Khophus> (I'll gamble on re-rolling)
8:24:40 PM <Miri> (either works for me)
8:24:52 PM <DM_Tol> `init rolls plz
8:24:52 PM «TolBot» Please make an initiative roll: 1d20+modifier. (You can make a roll 'for AnotherCharacter')
8:25:05 PM <Khophus> 1d20+1 Init
8:25:05 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d20(18)+1 'Init']: 19
8:25:09 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+2 for Demons
8:25:09 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(15)+2 'for Demons']: 17
8:25:16 PM <Ash> 1d20
8:25:17 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d20(20)]: 20 (Perfect!)
8:25:18 PM <Terres> 1d20+1 init
8:25:18 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(12)+1 'init']: 13
8:25:22 PM <Ash> (oooh)
8:25:26 PM <Miri> 1d20-1
8:25:26 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(19)-1]: 18
8:25:39 PM <Kayalia> (I made all the monsters red so they are easier for me to see strategically)
8:26:10 PM <Terres> (i am light blue because i am pretty like that)
8:26:22 PM <DM_Tol> ( * *facepalm* )
8:26:25 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+3
8:26:25 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(15)+3]: 18
8:26:49 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20 for Dylan
8:26:49 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(5) 'for Dylan']: 5
8:27:09 PM <Miri> (brb)
8:27:10 PM <DM_Tol> `init report
8:27:10 PM «TolBot» Initiative Order: Ash, 20, Khophus, 19, Kayalia, 18, Miri, 18, Demons, 17, Terres, 13, Dylan, 5
8:27:48 PM <Kayalia> (Mine is light pink now!)
8:28:04 PM * *Ash swings at VD with his club.
8:28:13 PM <Ash> 1d20+4
8:28:14 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d20(16)+4]: 20
8:28:18 PM <Ash> 1d8+2
8:28:19 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d8(3)+2]: 5
8:28:32 PM <Ash> (counts as a magical attack if that matters)
8:28:42 PM <DM_Tol> (plz leave fill colors to me)
8:29:05 PM <DM_Tol> Ash takes aim at the Vrock demon.
8:29:37 PM <DM_Tol> (the vrock is supposed to be large creature, sorry)
8:30:00 PM <Terres> (/me plays pillars of eternity soundtrack in the background)
8:30:11 PM <DM_Tol> Ash wounds the very sturdy creature.
8:30:18 PM <Miri> (back)
8:30:40 PM <Kayalia> (all the monsters just disapeared!)
8:31:15 PM <DM_Tol> (so you???ll need to step up, Ash)
8:31:24 PM <Khophus> (They were terrified,so they fled)
8:31:26 PM <DM_Tol> (I was fixxing the size of the vrock)
8:31:33 PM <DM_Tol> (and the font colors)
8:31:37 PM <Ash> (Uh no thanks, we can apply that hit to D7 instead)
8:31:43 PM <DM_Tol> (ok)
8:31:45 PM <Ash> (I don't want to move closer to demons)
8:32:11 PM <DM_Tol> The demon is killed by Ash.
8:32:18 PM <Khophus> (I don't wanna fight in the shade)
8:32:30 PM <DM_Tol> (khophus)
8:32:49 PM * *Khophus snarls, and swings for the demon in front of him
8:33:13 PM <DM_Tol> (shadowy or large vrock?)
8:33:22 PM <Khophus> (vrok)
8:33:37 PM <Khophus> (also going to swing for me action surge)
8:33:59 PM <Khophus> 1d20+5 at vrock
8:34:00 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d20(5)+5 'at vrock']: 10
8:34:09 PM <Khophus> (*sigh*)
8:34:23 PM <Khophus> 1d20+5 Action Surge at Vrock
8:34:24 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d20(9)+5 'Action Surge at Vrock']: 14
8:34:31 PM <Khophus> (…)
8:34:38 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus??? attcks have no effect, glancing off.
8:34:57 PM <DM_Tol> ((Kay)
8:35:31 PM <DM_Tol> (Kayalia ?)
8:36:02 PM <DM_Tol> (remember everyone, to have your action typed up and ready to ???send??? when it???s your turn, when possible)
8:36:02 PM <Kayalia> (jjust got back from switching laundry)
8:36:07 PM <DM_Tol> (np)
8:36:45 PM * *Kayalia skirts around the current melee and makes her own close-quarters attack against the remaining shadow demon, taking advantage of it already being wary of Khophus' position.
8:36:56 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+6
8:36:57 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(13)+6]: 19
8:37:18 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
8:37:21 PM <Kayalia> 3d6+4 Slashing damage + sneak attack
8:37:22 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 3d6(9)+4 'Slashing damage + sneak attack']: 13
8:37:49 PM <DM_Tol> (is that a magical weapon?)
8:37:54 PM <Kayalia> (Yes)
8:38:03 PM <Kayalia> (+1 warfan)
8:38:18 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia wounds the Shadow Demon.
8:39:06 PM <DM_Tol> (miri)
8:39:14 PM * *Miri moves behind ash and up to the Vrock and will reckless attack it.
8:39:20 PM <Miri> 1d20+4 adv
8:39:20 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(3, 12)+4 'adv']: 16
8:39:26 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
8:39:49 PM <Miri> 2d6+6 slash
8:39:50 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(4)+6 'slash']: 10
8:39:51 PM <Miri> 1d6 fire
8:39:51 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d6(4) 'fire']: 4
8:40:04 PM <Miri> 1d6
8:40:04 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d6(6)]: 6
8:40:12 PM <Miri> (should have been 2 d6 fire, sorry about that)
8:41:16 PM <DM_Tol> Miri hits the LARGE bird-like demon as it retaliates
8:41:22 PM <DM_Tol> 1d2
8:41:22 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d2(1)]: 1
8:41:31 PM <Miri> (at adv if it hits at me)
8:41:35 PM <DM_Tol> It bitesa t Khophus
8:41:47 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+6
8:41:47 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(19)+6]: 25
8:41:56 PM <DM_Tol> 2d6+3 piercing damage
8:41:56 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 2d6(8)+3 'piercing damage']: 11
8:41:58 PM <Khophus> (Yikes!)
8:42:06 PM <Khophus> (Yikes again!)
8:42:13 PM <DM_Tol> It claws at Miri with ginormous talons.
8:42:24 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 adv
8:42:24 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(16, 3)+6 'adv']: 22
8:42:34 PM <DM_Tol> 2d10+3 slashing damage
8:42:34 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 2d10(7)+3 'slashing damage']: 10
8:42:48 PM <Miri> (also, i'm not sure where my hp is at, i have 10 written under temp hp…is it possible that's what i have left?)
8:43:14 PM <DM_Tol> (hmm, i???d have to look at the log to track your hp)
8:43:35 PM <Miri> (i'll just assume i messed up cause i think we were talking about me needing healing at the end of the last game)
8:43:44 PM <DM_Tol> The shadow demon attacks Kayalia
8:43:58 PM <Terres> (i needed healing not sure about the rest of you guys and gals)
8:44:10 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+5 as it swings a blade at her.
8:44:10 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(17)+5 'as it swings a blade at her.']: 22
8:44:13 PM * *Miri wobbles a little from the attack, looking ragged but still on her feet for now.
8:44:14 PM <Kayalia> (ow)
8:44:44 PM <Kayalia> (My 15 AC needs work)
8:45:09 PM <DM_Tol> 2d6+3 psychic damage
8:45:09 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 2d6(9)+3 'psychic damage']: 12
8:45:24 PM <DM_Tol> (Terres and Dylan)
8:45:29 PM * *Terres stretches his arm and summons up the energy for an eldritch blast at the shadow demon
8:45:41 PM <Kayalia> (mother of ! ow. 10/22 now)
8:45:42 PM <Terres> 1d20+5 eldritch blast
8:45:42 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(3)+5 'eldritch blast']: 8
8:46:44 PM <Terres> (fizz)
8:46:53 PM <DM_Tol> Terres attempts an attack.
8:47:11 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan heals (I???m guessing) Miri.
8:47:46 PM <DM_Tol> 1d4+3
8:47:46 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d4(3)+3]: 6
8:47:51 PM <DM_Tol> (6 heal, Miri)
8:48:06 PM <Miri> (yay up to 11 now)
8:48:12 PM <DM_Tol> As the room flashes, you find yourselves transported. (please fix your locations on the left map)
8:48:48 PM <DM_Tol> You see a LARGE, bulky demon coming through a portal that formed at the far side of the room.
8:48:53 PM * *Khophus looks around, panting. “The weaker ones need healing.”
8:49:23 PM <Khophus> “Oh…this is good.”
8:49:34 PM * *Ash shouts “Get that one” and points towards C2
8:49:34 PM <DM_Tol> (i???m just calling it that to freak you out. hehe)
8:49:44 PM <DM_Tol> (go ash)
8:50:02 PM <Kayalia> “I.. won't deny being a little weak… but you don't need to say it like that.”
8:50:11 PM * *Ash then begins to draw forth healing magic, steping up to Kayalia to heal her, then following with a healing word for Terres.
8:50:27 PM <Ash> 1d8+2 hps to Kayalia
8:50:28 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d8(3)+2 'hps to Kayalia']: 5
8:50:39 PM <Terres> (why not something really scary… like gorgonzola, very scare to lactose intolerant people)
8:50:39 PM <Ash> 1d4+2 hps to Terres
8:50:40 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d4(4)+2 'hps to Terres']: 6
8:50:42 PM <Khophus> “Hit it? In front of that thing?”
8:50:51 PM <Kayalia> “… and thanks.”
8:50:54 PM <Khophus> (I tolerate lactose.)
8:50:59 PM <Ash> “DO IT and quit whining!”
8:51:11 PM <Khophus> “Aye, officer.”
8:51:11 PM * *Miri will drag herself towards c2.
8:51:20 PM <Ash> (There's my action)
8:51:29 PM <DM_Tol> The demon on the far side is large, with ape-like appearance, and huge arms.
8:51:50 PM * *Kayalia backs away, toward the wall, and loads her hand crossbow
8:51:59 PM * *Miri will recklass attack at c2 with a dagger.
8:52:45 PM * *Khophus swings at the statue with his sword, keeping an eye on the ape-thing.
8:53:12 PM * *Terres blasts the summoner (c2) with another eldritch blast
8:53:50 PM <DM_Tol> (go Khopus, Kayalia)
8:54:06 PM <Terres> (still auto hits here?)
8:54:12 PM <Kayalia> (I'll save my shot)
8:54:17 PM <DM_Tol> (yes)
8:54:29 PM <Khophus> 1d8+3 for hit
8:54:29 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d8(2)+3 'for hit']: 5
8:54:30 PM <DM_Tol> (well, still need to roll)
8:54:44 PM <DM_Tol> (esp if ranged)
8:55:01 PM <DM_Tol> (it???s not a statue, its a live caster, btw)
8:55:11 PM <DM_Tol> (just very still)
8:55:49 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus wounds the humanoid. (Kayalia, and miri)
8:55:54 PM <Miri> 1d20+4 adv
8:55:55 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(12, 4)+4 'adv']: 16
8:56:10 PM <Miri> 1d4+6
8:56:11 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d4(3)+6]: 9
8:56:25 PM <Miri> (i flung that btw, just fyi in case it wasn't clear)
8:56:42 PM <Kayalia> (I was saying I was abstaining from shooting at the caster… why do I need to roll anyway?)
8:56:44 PM <DM_Tol> (ok)
8:56:49 PM <DM_Tol> Miri hits the caster.
8:56:49 PM <Khophus> (brb)
8:57:00 PM <DM_Tol> (then you don???t, kay)
8:57:28 PM <Terres> 1d10+2
8:57:28 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d10(8)+2]: 10
8:57:52 PM <DM_Tol> You see a large demon move into the room (the previously mentioned ape=like one.)
8:58:15 PM <DM_Tol> Terres hits the caster, wounding it. the stream sputters momentarily.
8:58:52 PM <Terres> (we failed to kill this one?)
8:59:01 PM <Miri> (not all of us attacked it)
8:59:17 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan moans in agony, healing Kayalia.
8:59:21 PM <DM_Tol> 1d4+3
8:59:21 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d4(2)+3]: 5
8:59:46 PM <DM_Tol> The room flashes and you are transported back into the demon horde.
8:59:49 PM <Kayalia> “Thank you for your care.”
9:00:06 PM <Miri> (oops)
9:00:11 PM <DM_Tol> (action is back on the right )
9:00:20 PM <Miri> (we need to move ourselves to match right?)
9:00:27 PM <DM_Tol> (fix place on map, yes)
9:00:44 PM <Miri> (umm technically i'd be on top of DL)
9:00:50 PM <Miri> (how you want me to handle that?)
9:01:08 PM * *Khophus sheathes his sword and arms his bow
9:01:14 PM <Miri> (thanks)
9:01:17 PM <DM_Tol> (np)
9:01:53 PM <DM_Tol> The Demon Lord with huge wings is upon the pedestal still, dealing with his ???lietenant??? also up there.
9:02:17 PM <DM_Tol> Other small demons are in the corners ???dd???, howling and screeching.
9:02:21 PM <Kayalia> (We are so toast)
9:02:34 PM <Ash> (Miri should have tele-fragged DL. :P )
9:02:37 PM <Miri> (how far up is the pedestal?)
9:02:47 PM <DM_Tol> (8ft)
9:02:51 PM <Miri> (k)
9:02:55 PM <Kayalia> (I doubt we have the resources to kill vulture, balrog, demon king, and 2nd in command…)
9:03:41 PM <DM_Tol> (Yes, with an insight check, DC3 you condlude you could not toe to toe kill the demons in this chamber.)
9:03:43 PM <Kayalia> (plus 3 more groups of misc minions and a shadow demon)
9:03:46 PM <Terres> (if we could have killed the summoners next turns we could have been stuck at the bottom level)
9:04:56 PM <DM_Tol> (Yes, with an insight check, DC3 you condlude you could not toe to toe kill the demons in this chamber.)
9:05:18 PM <Magestar> (Computer froze, be right back. Withdrawing safely away from the things that want to kill me.)
9:05:31 PM <DM_Tol> (Ash and Khophus act)
9:05:50 PM <Magestar> (Anybody still significantly hurt will get a heal too)
9:06:16 PM <Miri> (me, unless someone is more so)
9:06:23 PM * *Khophus nocks an arrow and aims for the impossible to miss vrock…
9:06:47 PM <Khophus> 1d20+3 arrow
9:06:48 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d20(2)+3 'arrow']: 5
9:06:51 PM <Kya3> 1d8+2 healing to Miri
9:06:51 PM «TolBot» [Kya3's 1d8(7)+2 'healing to Miri']: 9
9:06:57 PM <Miri> (thanks)
9:07:00 PM <Khophus> (BUT HE STILL MISSES!)
9:07:13 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus misses. (Kayalia)
9:07:54 PM * *Kayalia backs away from the vrock, then shoots at it
9:08:00 PM <Kayalia> 1d6+5 hand crossbow
9:08:00 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d6(1)+5 'hand crossbow']: 6
9:08:04 PM <Kayalia> (lovely)
9:08:21 PM <Miri> (you didn't roll to hit)
9:08:35 PM <Kayalia> (oops wrong dice good catch)
9:08:42 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+5 * *
9:08:43 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(10)+5 '*']: 15
9:08:46 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
9:08:59 PM <DM_Tol> The hit barely pierces its natural armor.
9:09:00 PM <Kayalia> 1d6+3 piercing
9:09:01 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d6(4)+3 'piercing']: 7
9:09:19 PM <DM_Tol> (miri)
9:09:46 PM * *Miri will move and attack the shadow demon
9:10:03 PM <Miri> (reckless)
9:10:10 PM <Miri> 1d20+4 adv
9:10:11 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(12, 7)+4 'adv']: 16
9:10:20 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
9:10:37 PM <Miri> 2d6+6 slashing
9:10:37 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(4)+6 'slashing']: 10
9:10:41 PM <Miri> 2d6 fire
9:10:41 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(9) 'fire']: 9
9:10:53 PM <Miri> (yes the sword is magical)
9:10:54 PM <DM_Tol> Miri wounds the shadow demon who screeches.
9:11:12 PM <DM_Tol> It looks more than half damaged now.
9:11:21 PM <DM_Tol> It swings back.
9:11:56 PM <Miri> (adv)
9:12:38 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+5
9:12:39 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(6)+5]: 11
9:12:48 PM <Miri> (roll for adv)
9:13:10 PM <Ash> (And please roll low)
9:13:36 PM <DM_Tol> The large Vrock moves and attacks Miri.
9:13:40 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+5
9:13:40 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(6)+5]: 11
9:13:53 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 adv
9:13:53 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(7, 7)+6 'adv']: 13
9:14:01 PM <Miri> (the 13 hits)
9:14:08 PM <Miri> (the 11s miss)
9:14:49 PM <DM_Tol> 2d6+3 piercing from the bite.
9:14:49 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 2d6(10)+3 'piercing from the bite.']: 13
9:15:01 PM <Miri> (so 7?)
9:15:06 PM <DM_Tol> (yes)
9:15:13 PM <Miri> (k)
9:15:41 PM <DM_Tol> (Terres and Dylan)
9:15:50 PM * *Terres fighting desperation casts another eldritch blast at the shadow demon
9:16:00 PM <Terres> 1d20+5
9:16:00 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(13)+5]: 18
9:16:13 PM <Terres> 1d10+2
9:16:13 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d10(6)+2]: 8
9:17:08 PM <DM_Tol> Terres blasts teh shadow demon (damage type?)
9:17:20 PM <DM_Tol> (is that radiant?)
9:17:30 PM <Dylan→ (Am on phone, coming back from Grand Canyon)
9:17:33 PM <Terres> (force damage)
9:17:36 PM <DM_Tol> (ok)
9:17:59 PM <DM_Tol> 12d8
9:17:59 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 12d8(53)]: 53
9:18:19 PM <DM_Tol> The demon screeches.
9:18:44 PM <DM_Tol> (how many HPs are Miri and Kayalia down?)
9:18:54 PM <Kayalia> (I am at 20/22 now)
9:19:02 PM <Kayalia> (Miri is low still)
9:19:04 PM <Miri> (i'm at 13 of 35)
9:19:14 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan moves towards Miri to lay on hands.
9:19:44 PM <Terres> (did we all just take 53 dmg?)
9:19:55 PM <DM_Tol> (no)
9:20:03 PM <Miri> (who took the 53?)
9:20:23 PM <DM_Tol> (heal 15 damage, Miri)
9:20:36 PM <Miri> (did i take the 53 damage?)
9:20:40 PM <Kayalia> (12 d 8 ??? @.@)
9:21:15 PM <DM_Tol> The room flashes and the party is transported back down into the matching room at level 7.
9:21:29 PM <Miri> (hang on, i need to know about that 53 damage)
9:21:42 PM <Terres> (we really need to kill those summoners so we stop zipping back and forth and just clean up here)
9:21:42 PM <DM_Tol> The Obelisk in the middle still glows, and two of the ancient humanoid summoners are fixated on their rituals.
9:21:56 PM <DM_Tol> (if that roll was something you needed to know about, I would tell you. you can ignore)
9:22:15 PM <DM_Tol> (i lazily did not PM the roll)
9:22:27 PM <Terres> (he just activated the self destruct and we have 53 seconds left)
9:22:28 PM <Miri> (ok)
9:22:28 PM <DM_Tol> (pease adjust your locations on left map)
9:22:42 PM * *Khophus lashes out at the caster with his blade.
9:22:49 PM <Miri> (i was going to do that, thanks for doing it for me tho :P)
9:22:57 PM <Ash> (np)
9:23:26 PM * *Ash steps up and strikes at C2
9:23:33 PM <Ash> 1d8+2
9:23:33 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d8(3)+2]: 5
9:23:47 PM * *Miri is going to move up and strick at c2 as well reckless attack.
9:24:09 PM <DM_Tol> (remember to give damage types)
9:24:09 PM <Khophus> 1d8+3 (take that!)
9:24:10 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d8(1)+3 '(take that!)']: 4
9:24:19 PM <Khophus> (4 points slashing)
9:24:22 PM <Ash> (Blunt-Magic damage)
9:24:27 PM <DM_Tol> Ash and Khophus wail on the caster.
9:24:29 PM <Miri> 2d6+6 slashing
9:24:29 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(7)+6 'slashing']: 13
9:24:31 PM <Miri> 2d6 fire
9:24:32 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(7) 'fire']: 7
9:24:54 PM * *Terres repositions himself and casts another eldritch blast (at whoever is still left)
9:25:09 PM * *Kayalia shoots c1
9:25:16 PM <DM_Tol> The large demon roars and moves.
9:25:33 PM <Kayalia> 1d6+3
9:25:34 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d6(5)+3]: 8
9:25:36 PM <Terres> 1d10+2 force dmage (to c2 if still up)
9:25:36 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d10(10)+2 'force dmage (to c2 if still up)']: 12
9:25:59 PM * *Khophus hisses in response
9:27:13 PM <DM_Tol> Terres, blasts the Caster2, and it falls.
9:27:28 PM <DM_Tol> As its stream ends, you feel a wave blast through the room.
9:27:35 PM <Terres> (of if i killed him i think i get some temp HP)
9:27:45 PM <DM_Tol> The hall near the door collapses in.
9:27:58 PM <Ash> “Oh crap!”
9:28:28 PM <DM_Tol> The portal the demon came through snaps shut.
9:28:31 PM <Terres> (i get 5 temp HP)
9:29:01 PM <Khophus> “Well – this is fitting.”
9:29:36 PM <Kayalia> “What the..?”
9:30:04 PM <DM_Tol> The last caster is hidden by the demon. (full cover. can???t dispaly on the grid). The caster???s stream still hits the obelisk, but the glow on the pillar is dimmer.
9:30:07 PM <Terres> “I have a bad feeling about this!”
9:30:10 PM <DM_Tol> (ok, Terres)
9:30:17 PM <DM_Tol> (ok, your action, Kayalia)
9:31:04 PM <Kayalia> (I shot caster c1 before the demon moved)
9:31:11 PM <DM_Tol> (wait, yes, you???re right.)
9:31:21 PM <DM_Tol> (ok, damage was 8?)
9:31:31 PM <Kayalia> (yes)
9:31:55 PM <DM_Tol> A couple seconds pass as you brace for the transportation which never comes.
9:32:14 PM <Terres> (git 'im)
9:32:18 PM * *Ash laughs
9:32:19 PM <Khophus> “We're…here!”
9:32:34 PM <Miri> “Good, get the demon so we can get the caster and end this!”
9:32:56 PM <Ash> “All we have to do is disrupt that stream, and we can kill that demon from range.
9:32:59 PM <Terres> (as a bonus action i nudge Khopus to move )
9:33:47 PM <Terres> ( C1 caster is in full cover as per Mr T)
9:34:06 PM <DM_Tol> Initiative Order: Ash, 20, Khophus, 19, Kayalia, 18, Miri, 18, Demons, 17, Terres, 13, Dylan, 5
9:34:44 PM * *Miri growls “well…start hitting it!”
9:34:56 PM * *Ash blasts at C1 with Sacred Flame (DC 12 Ref and the spell ignores cover)
9:34:59 PM <DM_Tol> (Note that the caster C1 has full cover. I can???t place the demon across grid lines)
9:35:18 PM <DM_Tol> (roll hit)
9:35:33 PM <Ash> (DC 12 Dex save)
9:35:43 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+2 DC12
9:35:43 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(9)+2 'DC12']: 11 (Fail)
9:35:45 PM <Ash> 1d8 radiant damage
9:35:45 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d8(1) 'radiant damage']: 1
9:36:09 PM <DM_Tol> Ash tickles the caster. The stream does not flicker.
9:36:56 PM * *Ash moves behind the Obelisk, for some cover of his own.
9:37:31 PM <DM_Tol> (Khophus, Kayalia)
9:37:33 PM <dylan> (I need to find the setting so this iPhone doesn???t lock every two seconds)
9:37:46 PM * *Khophus scurries to the oblesk for cover, going to try to arc arrows over the demon
9:38:01 PM <Khophus> (done)
9:38:18 PM <Miri> (display and brightness then auto lock)
9:38:28 PM * *Kayalia loads and fires her hand crossbow at the big demon whilst backing away some more.
9:38:32 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+5
9:38:32 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(20)+5]: 25 (Magnificent.)
9:39:01 PM <Kayalia> 2d6+3 piercing damage
9:39:02 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 2d6(9)+3 'piercing damage']: 12
9:39:06 PM <Terres> (he was providing full cover until he took an arrow to the knee)
9:39:32 PM <Kayalia> (afk now)
9:39:42 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia decimates the demon.
9:39:46 PM <Khophus> (there goes his adventuring career)
9:40:22 PM <Terres> (is that historicly accurate decimate or colquial decimate?)
9:40:29 PM <DM_Tol> (Khophus, what are you doing nw?)
9:40:37 PM <DM_Tol> (coloquial.)
9:41:33 PM <DM_Tol> (Kayalia, you note the damage seemed less than it should???ve been.)
9:41:45 PM * *Khophus fires an arrow
9:41:46 PM <DM_Tol> (Khophus, say again what you are doing?)
9:41:53 PM <Khophus> 1d20+3
9:41:53 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d20(6)+3]: 9
9:42:03 PM <DM_Tol> (at demon? )
9:42:09 PM <Khophus> (missing with an arrow)
9:42:11 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus misses with an arrow.
9:42:13 PM <Khophus> (Yeah…)
9:42:14 PM <DM_Tol> (Miri)
9:42:25 PM <Ash> (He's charging the demon, while removing his armor, yelling WRASLIN TIME!)
9:42:26 PM * *Miri moves up and attacks the demon with a reckless attack with her sword.
9:42:31 PM <Miri> 1d20+4 adv
9:42:32 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(5, 8)+4 'adv']: 12
9:43:16 PM <DM_Tol> (miss)
9:43:29 PM <Miri> (figured :P)
9:43:35 PM <Khophus> (brb)
9:43:37 PM <DM_Tol> The demon swings at you.
9:43:49 PM <Miri> (adv)
9:43:53 PM <DM_Tol> (scratch that)
9:43:59 PM <Miri> (ok)
9:44:05 PM <DM_Tol> The demon claps its hands, roaring.
9:44:40 PM <DM_Tol> (CON save DC13)
9:44:43 PM <DM_Tol> (everyone)
9:44:58 PM <DM_Tol> The wave from teh hand clap pulls you in.
9:45:07 PM <Miri> 1d20+5 DC13
9:45:07 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(20)+5 'DC13']: 25 (Critical success)
9:45:07 PM <Terres> 1d20+2 vs dc13
9:45:08 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(20)+2 'vs dc13']: 22 (Critical success)
9:45:20 PM <Ash> 1d20-1 DC13
9:45:20 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d20(7)-1 'DC13']: 6 (Fail)
9:45:27 PM <Ash> (Note, I have cover)
9:45:36 PM <dylan> 1d20+2
9:45:36 PM «TolBot» [dylan's 1d20(16)+2]: 18
9:45:50 PM <DM_Tol> (noted. so only Ash failed?)
9:46:03 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+1 dc13
9:46:04 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(18)+1 'dc13']: 19 (Success)
9:46:08 PM <DM_Tol> (khophus, roll)
9:46:50 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20 for Khophus DC13
9:46:51 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(11) 'for Khophus DC13']: 11 (Fail)
9:47:08 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus is also sucked in.
9:47:10 PM <DM_Tol> 1d3
9:47:10 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d3(3)]: 3
9:47:16 PM <DM_Tol> The creature bites at Miri.
9:47:23 PM <Miri> (adv)
9:47:25 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 Adv
9:47:25 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(12, 20)+6 'Adv']: 26 (Yeah, baby)
9:48:18 PM <DM_Tol> 3d6+4 piercing
9:48:18 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 3d6(16)+4 'piercing']: 20
9:48:26 PM <Kayalia> (yikes..
9:48:31 PM <DM_Tol> The bite bears down on Miri.
9:48:37 PM <Miri> (i get to half it)
9:49:09 PM <DM_Tol> (ok)
9:49:11 PM <Terres> (that or he halfs you)
9:49:14 PM <DM_Tol> 1d2
9:49:14 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d2(1)]: 1
9:49:24 PM <DM_Tol> The creature swings at Khophus with a fist.
9:49:29 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+6
9:49:29 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(9)+6]: 15
9:49:39 PM <Khophus> (I picked the wrong time to sit down at the keyboard)
9:49:45 PM <Khophus> (but he misses!)
9:50:00 PM <DM_Tol> (you failed a save to get sucked into him.)
9:50:09 PM <DM_Tol> (Terres and Dylan act)
9:50:16 PM * *Terres runs a bit closer to the caved in coridor and casts another blast at the Demon
9:50:36 PM <Terres> 1d20+5
9:50:36 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(18)+5]: 23
9:50:46 PM <Terres> 1d10+2 force dmg
9:50:46 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d10(4)+2 'force dmg']: 6
9:51:06 PM <DM_Tol> Terres hits the creature as Dylan runs and hides.
9:51:25 PM <Terres> ( i still cant see the c1?)
9:51:27 PM <DM_Tol> Still, as you battle the demon, nothing in the room changes??? no teleporting.
9:51:33 PM <DM_Tol> (correct)
9:51:50 PM <DM_Tol> Initiative Order: Ash, 20, Khophus, 19, Kayalia, 18, Miri, 18, Demons, 17, Terres, 13, Dylan, 5
9:51:59 PM <Terres> (is he hiding in the demons…. ewwwww)
9:52:27 PM * *Ash disengages from combat.
9:52:53 PM * *Ash then renews the enchantment on his club.
9:53:07 PM <DM_Tol> (Khophus and Kayalia)
9:53:30 PM * *Kayalia strafes a bit and fires another bolt at the demon.
9:53:35 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+5
9:53:35 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(5)+5]: 10
9:53:37 PM * *Khophus nocks another arrow and fires at the demon
9:53:49 PM <Khophus> 1d20+3
9:53:49 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d20(10)+3]: 13
9:53:51 PM <Khophus> (?)
9:54:06 PM <Kayalia> (it has ac 15 i think)
9:54:15 PM <Khophus> (bah!)
9:54:23 PM <Kayalia> (or was that the one upstairs?)
9:54:33 PM <DM_Tol> (you are correct)
9:54:33 PM * *Khophus throws the bow down and unsheathes his sword.
9:54:56 PM <DM_Tol> (miri)
9:55:02 PM <Miri> (you were in melee so should have had disav. with the bow anyway)
9:55:04 PM * *Miri swings at the demon with her sword, reckless attack.
9:55:06 PM <DM_Tol> (khophus, you are in melee range)
9:55:09 PM <Miri> 1d20+4 adv
9:55:10 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(8, 19)+4 'adv']: 23
9:55:14 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
9:55:19 PM <Miri> 2d6+5 slash
9:55:20 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(7)+5 'slash']: 12
9:55:22 PM <Miri> 2d6 fire
9:55:22 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(11) 'fire']: 11
9:55:48 PM <DM_Tol> The demon swings back.
9:55:55 PM <Miri> (adv)
9:55:57 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+5
9:55:57 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(6)+5]: 11
9:56:07 PM <DM_Tol> It misses Khophus with a bite.
9:56:12 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+5 adv
9:56:12 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(9, 19)+5 'adv']: 24
9:56:24 PM <Miri> (hey we both rolled 19s, nice)
9:56:30 PM <DM_Tol> 1d2
9:56:30 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d2(2)]: 2
9:56:37 PM <DM_Tol> It hits Khophus with a fist.
9:56:49 PM <DM_Tol> 1d10+4
9:56:49 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d10(1)+4]: 5
9:56:49 PM <Khophus> (Who moved me?)
9:57:07 PM <Miri> (tol did, you failed a saving throw and got sucked up next to the demon)
9:57:10 PM <Khophus> (I never moved)
9:57:11 PM <Terres> (demon sucked you all up close to him, you failed a save while afk)
9:57:20 PM <Khophus> (That was serious?)
9:57:21 PM <DM_Tol> (The creature casted a spell-like ability, you were afk so rolled your failed con save)
9:57:24 PM <Miri> (what's the damage for me?)
9:57:38 PM <DM_Tol> (none, Miri)
9:57:41 PM <Khophus> (*Sigh*)
9:57:57 PM <DM_Tol> (5 bludgeon damage, Khophus)
9:58:02 PM <Miri> (oh i thought he was hitting me, sorry. that's why i said adv)
9:58:02 PM <Khophus> (got it)
9:58:04 PM <DM_Tol> (Terres)
9:58:24 PM * *Terres casts another blast at the demon hoping this will all be over soon
9:58:28 PM <Terres> 1d20+5
9:58:28 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(20)+5]: 25 (Stunning.)
9:58:44 PM <Terres> (umm are there spell crits?)
9:58:52 PM <DM_Tol> (sure, extra die damage)
9:59:03 PM <Miri> (anything with attack rolls should have yes)
9:59:04 PM <Terres> 2d10+2 force dmg
9:59:04 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 2d10(17)+2 'force dmg']: 19
9:59:12 PM <DM_Tol> (wow, nice)
9:59:18 PM <Kayalia> (weaponlike spells a.k.a ones that roll to hit, can crit)
9:59:58 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan crawl up and hits the Demon.
10:00:03 PM <Terres> (if that made him buckle i hope he crushes c1)
10:00:16 PM <DM_Tol> (nm, casts range)
10:01:09 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+3
10:01:09 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(10)+3]: 13
10:01:14 PM <DM_Tol> and misses.
10:01:21 PM <DM_Tol> Initiative Order: Ash, 20, Khophus, 19, Kayalia, 18, Miri, 18, Demons, 17, Terres, 13, Dylan, 5
10:01:23 PM * *Ash renews his magical attacks on C1. (Dex 12 save)
10:01:32 PM <DM_Tol> The stream continues at the obelisk.
10:01:41 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+2
10:01:42 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(9)+2]: 11
10:01:42 PM <Ash> 1d8 radiant damage
10:01:43 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d8(1) 'radiant damage']: 1
10:02:04 PM <DM_Tol> Ash agains scratches the caster with radiancy.
10:02:20 PM <DM_Tol> (Khophus, Kayalia)
10:02:50 PM * *Khophus stabs at the demon, oping blades will work where arrows failed.
10:02:52 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+5 arrowz
10:02:53 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(9)+5 'arrowz']: 14
10:02:54 PM <Khophus> 1d20+5
10:02:56 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d20(8)+5]: 13
10:03:06 PM <DM_Tol> (AC15)
10:03:17 PM <DM_Tol> (anyone have inspiration to spend?)
10:03:20 PM <DM_Tol> (Miri)
10:03:23 PM * *Miri will attack the demon with a reckless attack again.
10:03:29 PM <Ash> (I do)
10:03:29 PM <Miri> 1d20+4 adv
10:03:29 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(9, 19)+4 'adv']: 23
10:03:32 PM <Terres> (i still have inspiration point)
10:03:33 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
10:03:36 PM <Miri> 2d6+6 slash
10:03:36 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(4)+6 'slash']: 10
10:03:38 PM <Miri> 2d6 fire
10:03:38 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(6) 'fire']: 6
10:03:56 PM <DM_Tol> Miri blasts the demon, which stumbles a bit.
10:04:16 PM <DM_Tol> It lashes out roaring.
10:04:32 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+6 adv
10:04:32 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(15, 11)+6 'adv']: 21
10:04:43 PM <DM_Tol> It bites at Miri.
10:04:51 PM <DM_Tol> 2d6+4 piercing damage
10:04:51 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 2d6(9)+4 'piercing damage']: 13
10:04:55 PM <Miri> (it doesn't hit :P lol )
10:05:07 PM <DM_Tol> It swings at Khophus with its fist.
10:05:15 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+6
10:05:15 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(17)+6]: 23
10:05:26 PM <DM_Tol> 1d10+4
10:05:26 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d10(8)+4]: 12
10:05:50 PM <DM_Tol> The demon, severely wounded falls onto one knee, struggling to stay up.
10:05:57 PM <DM_Tol> (Terres)
10:06:00 PM <Khophus> (umm…yeah…lil help)
10:06:10 PM * *Terres casts another blast hoping to finish him
10:06:15 PM <Terres> 1d20+5
10:06:16 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(4)+5]: 9
10:06:20 PM <Terres> (fzzz)
10:06:22 PM <DM_Tol> (Khophus, are you still up? Miri?)
10:06:30 PM <Miri> (i'm up for now at 11)
10:06:33 PM <Terres> (can i use inspiration to reroll attack)
10:06:42 PM <DM_Tol> (yes)
10:06:55 PM <Terres> (then i do)
10:07:01 PM <Terres> 1d20+5
10:07:01 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(11)+5]: 16
10:07:04 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
10:07:10 PM <Terres> 1d10+2
10:07:10 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d10(2)+2]: 4
10:07:28 PM <Khophus> (I have one hp left)
10:07:34 PM <DM_Tol> Terres wounds the demon which is badly hurt. It roars.
10:07:41 PM <Ash> (Well then you should disengage)
10:08:07 PM <DM_Tol> Behind you, some of you notice a magical glint in the air, perhaps another portal forming.
10:08:16 PM <DM_Tol> Initiative Order: Ash, 20, Khophus, 19, Kayalia, 18, Miri, 18, Demons, 17, Terres, 13, Dylan, 5
10:08:27 PM * *Ash continues his magical attacks on C1. (Dex 12 save)
10:08:44 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20-2 DC12
10:08:44 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 1d20(5)-2 'DC12']: 3 (Fail)
10:08:45 PM <Ash> 1d8 radiant damage (come on something higher than 1)
10:08:45 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d8(2) 'radiant damage (come on something higher than 1)']: 2
10:08:49 PM <Ash> (Woo!)
10:08:50 PM <Khophus> (That gets him an attack of opprotunity because I don't have disengage)
10:09:05 PM <Miri> (you can take disengage as a full action)
10:09:08 PM <DM_Tol> (Khopus, Kayalia)
10:09:10 PM <Ash> (Disengage is an action that makes your moves non-provoking)
10:09:57 PM * *Khophus disengages and retreates
10:09:59 PM <DM_Tol> (Dylan, you have an action)
10:10:25 PM <dylan> (Am I in melee range?)
10:10:31 PM <DM_Tol> You can be.
10:10:49 PM * *dylan moves to melee range and attacks
10:11:37 PM <DM_Tol> (roll it)
10:12:15 PM <Terres> (finish him so we can murder/death/kill c1)
10:12:25 PM <dylan> 1d20+4
10:12:26 PM «TolBot» [dylan's 1d20(15)+4]: 19
10:12:30 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
10:12:51 PM <dylan> 1d10+6
10:12:52 PM «TolBot» [dylan's 1d10(10)+6]: 16
10:13:19 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan smashes the demon, with radiant damage, and it falls to a heap on the floor, revealing the Caster summoner behind.
10:13:37 PM * *Kayalia dashes in and slashes the caster.
10:13:59 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+6
10:14:00 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(10)+6]: 16
10:14:06 PM <Kayalia> 1d6+4
10:14:06 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d6(2)+4]: 6
10:14:07 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
10:14:15 PM <DM_Tol> Kaylaia kits the caster. The stream flickers.
10:14:27 PM <DM_Tol> (Miri)
10:14:28 PM <Terres> ( is caster still autohit?)
10:14:29 PM * *Miri moves and hits c1 with her sword, reckless.
10:14:34 PM <Miri> 1d20+4 adv
10:14:35 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(12, 9)+4 'adv']: 16
10:14:40 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
10:14:42 PM <Miri> 2d6+6 slash
10:14:43 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(8)+6 'slash']: 14
10:14:45 PM <Miri> 2d6 fire
10:14:45 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(8) 'fire']: 8
10:14:53 PM <DM_Tol> Miri slaches and burns the caster. The stream flickers.
10:15:24 PM <Kayalia> (this guy has taken 36 damage now)
10:15:27 PM <DM_Tol> As the sound of the magically forming portal behind you completes, the hairs on your neck stand up as a demon creature emerges.
10:16:12 PM <DM_Tol> You feel a fright in your bones.
10:16:15 PM <Ash> “Now what…uh kill that caster quick!”
10:16:30 PM <DM_Tol> (roll con save DC18 all)
10:16:36 PM <DM_Tol> (will save)
10:16:43 PM <DM_Tol> (sorry. WILL save DC18)
10:16:52 PM <Miri> (not sure i can be frightened while raging, hang on)
10:16:59 PM <DM_Tol> (acutally, it???s DC20)
10:17:03 PM <Ash> 1d20+4 dc20
10:17:03 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d20(9)+4 'dc20']: 13 (Fail)
10:17:15 PM <Ash> (inspiration)
10:17:17 PM <Ash> 1d20+4 dc20
10:17:17 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d20(17)+4 'dc20']: 21 (Success)
10:17:19 PM <Terres> (Will as in wisdom?)
10:17:42 PM <Miri> (nevermind)
10:17:52 PM <Terres> 1d20+4 vs dc20
10:17:52 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(15)+4 'vs dc20']: 19 (Fail)
10:18:14 PM <Miri> 1d20 dc20
10:18:14 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(1) 'dc20']: 1 (Critical fail)
10:18:31 PM <DM_Tol> (all failures are firightned and restrained. disadv on attacks, and movement speed is 0)
10:19:17 PM <DM_Tol> This creature, which was haunched over on the tall pedestal before, is not raised up in its full menacing glory. Its roar fills the cavern.
10:19:31 PM <DM_Tol> (Terres and Dylan)
10:19:32 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+1 dc18
10:19:32 PM * *Terres casts a blast at the now exposed summoner in desperation
10:19:33 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(8)+1 'dc18']: 9 (Fail)
10:19:45 PM <Terres> 1d20+5 dis
10:19:46 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(20)+5 'dis']: 25 (Fabulous)
10:19:52 PM <DM_Tol> (Did I say WILL? I???m an idiot. Thanks all for using Wisdom)
10:20:20 PM <Terres> ( i guess i miss on disadv)
10:20:22 PM <DM_Tol> (trigger is disadv)
10:20:36 PM <DM_Tol> Terres hits the summoner.
10:20:55 PM <Terres> 1d10+2 dmg
10:20:56 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d10(5)+2 'dmg']: 7
10:21:04 PM <DM_Tol> (Dylan)
10:21:35 PM <DM_Tol> (Ash)
10:22:01 PM * *Ash rushes up to the caster and proceeds to wail on him with his club.
10:22:05 PM <Ash> 1d20+4
10:22:05 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d20(11)+4]: 15
10:22:08 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
10:22:09 PM <Khophus> 1d20+0
10:22:09 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d20(10)+0]: 10
10:22:14 PM <Ash> 1d8+2
10:22:14 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d8(4)+2]: 6
10:22:24 PM <DM_Tol> Ash and Khophus hit the caster.
10:22:38 PM <Ash> “I must rely on myself now. You can do this Ash!”
10:22:45 PM <DM_Tol> (Kayalia, Miri)
10:22:48 PM * *Miri will hit the caster with a reckless attack.
10:22:50 PM <Khophus> 1d8+3
10:22:50 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d8(4)+3]: 7
10:22:50 PM <Miri> 1d20+4
10:22:51 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(12)+4]: 16
10:22:54 PM <DM_Tol> (hit)
10:23:03 PM <Miri> 2d6+6 slashing
10:23:03 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(8)+6 'slashing']: 14
10:23:06 PM <Miri> 2d6 fire
10:23:06 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 2d6(7) 'fire']: 7
10:23:28 PM <Khophus> (Can I do second Wind or do I have to wait until my next round?)
10:23:54 PM <DM_Tol> Fire begins to flow from the Demon Lord, his wings spanned and a firey whip in its hand.
10:24:02 PM * *Kayalia is too weak in the knees to move, she can only fumble around with her hand crossbow and make a feeble attempt to shoot the approaching horror.
10:24:03 PM <DM_Tol> (you can)
10:24:14 PM <Terres> (arent we all rooted and frightened?)
10:24:22 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+5 disadv
10:24:23 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(8, 6)+5 'disadv']: 11
10:24:24 PM <Miri> (ash is free)
10:24:26 PM <DM_Tol> (everyone who failed save is )
10:24:32 PM <DM_Tol> (hit, Kayalia)
10:24:39 PM <DM_Tol> (AC is 10)
10:24:40 PM <Ash> (I am the only one who saved, after I used my inspiration)
10:24:42 PM <Kayalia> :o
10:24:49 PM <Kayalia> 1d6+3
10:24:49 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d6(1)+3]: 4
10:25:01 PM <DM_Tol> Miri slashes and burns the caster as Kayalia pierces it and it drops to the ground.
10:25:10 PM <DM_Tol> The stream on the stone ceases.
10:25:12 PM <Kayalia> (D:)
10:25:30 PM <DM_Tol> The Demon Lord behind you roars with a deafening angst.
10:25:38 PM * *Ash turns to the demon lord and gives him a crude gesture!
10:26:01 PM <Terres> (what is the obelisk doing?)
10:26:22 PM <DM_Tol> The pillar in the center of the room glows blindingly for a second and with a pop, nearly explodes but instead phantasmally dissipates.
10:26:50 PM <DM_Tol> Stone start to fall from the ceiling, and the fire from the Demon Lord reaches you, as the room flashes.
10:28:14 PM <Terres> (he is scaring me)
10:28:22 PM <DM_Tol> You are transported once more, along with the Demon Lord into the tower room.
10:28:33 PM <DM_Tol> The demon minions have scampered about.
10:28:35 PM <Kayalia> (how long are we in frightened status?)
10:29:02 PM <DM_Tol> You feel a vorping force emanate from below in the tower, and fliy throuth the room.
10:29:04 PM <Terres> (not for much longer , just until we die)
10:29:12 PM <DM_Tol> The demons in the room begin to disappear.
10:30:15 PM <DM_Tol> The Demon Lord looks around, starts to flicker, but then roars with sheer will.
10:30:36 PM * *Ash takes up a defensive position (Dodge)
10:30:50 PM <DM_Tol> It raises it arms and the roof of the tower flies off in rubble violently.
10:31:16 PM <DM_Tol> The Demon Lord points at you all.
10:31:27 PM <DM_Tol> (Wisdom save DC20)
10:31:31 PM <Terres> “shut your yap and just go home!”
10:31:36 PM <Miri> 1d20 dc20
10:31:37 PM «TolBot» [Miri's 1d20(7) 'dc20']: 7 (Fail)
10:31:40 PM <Khophus> 1d20+0 Save
10:31:41 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d20(15)+0 'Save']: 15
10:31:45 PM <Terres> 1d20+4 vs dc20
10:31:45 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(19)+4 'vs dc20']: 23 (Success)
10:31:47 PM <Ash> 1d20+4 dc20
10:31:47 PM «TolBot» [Ash's 1d20(1)+4 'dc20']: 5 (Critical fail)
10:32:05 PM <DM_Tol> (All who fail are Paralyzed??? can???t move or speak.)
10:32:27 PM <Kayalia> 1d20 dc20
10:32:27 PM «TolBot» [Kayalia's 1d20(19) 'dc20']: 19 (Fail)
10:32:32 PM <Terres> (well i said what i said above)
10:32:44 PM <DM_Tol> The creature looks at you, and growls, still pointing its hand in your direction.
10:32:58 PM <DM_Tol> (attempting anything, Terres?)
10:33:26 PM * *Terres points hand in his direction too and then…. “Eldritch blast”
10:33:35 PM <DM_Tol> (go ahead)
10:33:55 PM <Terres> (i am still feared and disadv from before)
10:33:59 PM <DM_Tol> (ok)
10:34:07 PM <Terres> 1d20+5 disadv
10:34:08 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(8, 12)+5 'disadv']: 13
10:34:16 PM <DM_Tol> Terres sends a blast in its direction.
10:34:39 PM <DM_Tol> The Demon Lord starts to blink for a second, but then roars again in sheer will power.
10:35:06 PM <DM_Tol> The Demon Lord, with its hand oustreched, sweeps its hand in a swinging gesture, and all of you fly out of the top of the tower.
10:35:24 PM <DM_Tol> (DEX save DC20, auto fail if paralyzed??? is that everyone?)
10:35:36 PM <Miri> (everyone but terres)
10:35:47 PM <Kayalia> auto-fail..
10:35:50 PM <Terres> 1d20+1 vs dc 20
10:35:50 PM «TolBot» [Terres's 1d20(2)+1 'vs dc 20']: 3
10:36:15 PM <DM_Tol> You all fly through the air, disoriented.
10:36:51 PM <DM_Tol> The force with which you were hurled is stupendous. The castle below you quickly moves out of view.
10:37:27 PM <DM_Tol> (Terres, you have feather fall?)
10:37:33 PM <Khophus> (Unless I land on a pillow, I'm dead)
10:37:52 PM <Ash> (Just hope you land on a sheep or somebody plump then.)
10:38:00 PM <Terres> (no feather fall here)
10:38:33 PM <Khophus> (It's lucky he landed in the middle of that pie eating contest…)
10:38:51 PM <DM_Tol> You crash toward the ground, but feel a force aiding your trajectory.
10:39:04 PM <DM_Tol> You all fly through the air, disoriented.
10:39:08 PM <Terres> (is it gravity?)
10:39:08 PM <DM_Tol> You crash toward the ground, but feel a force aiding your trajectory.
10:39:09 PM <Khophus> (Too bad about Gordo the Large – he was going to start his diet tomorrow. He told me himself.)
10:39:33 PM <DM_Tol> You land with thuds on the ground.
10:39:41 PM <DM_Tol> (2d6 damage all, except Khophus)
10:40:17 PM <Ash> (Who did Khophus land on?)
10:40:17 PM <DM_Tol> 2d6
10:40:18 PM «TolBot» [DM_Tol's 2d6(7)]: 7
10:40:34 PM <Khophus> (Jenny of the village of Craig)
10:40:41 PM <DM_Tol> (7 damage to everyone, expect Khophus who dangles from a tree limb)
10:40:52 PM <Khophus> (Hahahahahahaa)
10:41:11 PM <Terres> (well that wasnt so bad)
10:41:15 PM <Khophus> “I…How do birds do this?”
10:41:34 PM <Terres> “No time to fool around get down from there!”
10:41:43 PM <DM_Tol> Looking up, still paralized, you see the cave entrance nearby that you frequented.
10:41:44 PM <Ash> (He's probably still paralyzed)
10:41:55 PM <Khophus> (Second wind?)
10:42:00 PM <DM_Tol> You then see a visage of Neoma standing atop the cliffside.
10:42:14 PM <DM_Tol> And then you see a streak flying through the air, a large Demon Lord.
10:42:18 PM * *Terres tries to get up from the ground
10:42:32 PM * *Khophus tries to wobble off the limb.
10:42:36 PM <DM_Tol> (Terres, you are still restrained from movement.)
10:42:38 PM <Khophus> (Using second wind)
10:42:58 PM <DM_Tol> (the rest of you are still paralyzed, and can only watch.)
10:43:14 PM <Terres> (oh from fear, thats right .. i stay on the ground and rest)
10:43:18 PM <DM_Tol> The Demon Lord flies to you and lands.
10:43:34 PM <DM_Tol> With a sword in one hand and fiery whip in the other, it moves up beside you.
10:43:46 PM <Khophus> 1d10+3
10:43:46 PM «TolBot» [Khophus's 1d10(9)+3]: 12
10:44:23 PM <DM_Tol> It raises its weapons and starts to bring them down upon your helpless bodies.
10:45:14 PM <DM_Tol> ??? as you see the Demon Lord stumble for a moment, as claws from behind it tear down its neck and torso.
10:45:37 PM <DM_Tol> The distracted Demon Lord turns, and roars???
10:46:08 PM <DM_Tol> ??? and then, sustained no longer by the pillar of Pyhrdo, ??? flickers out of existance.
10:46:19 PM <Terres> (you just wait, as soon as i can you are getting another eldritch blast sammich)
10:46:21 PM <DM_Tol> Behind where the Demon Lord was, you see a familiar bear.
10:46:46 PM <DM_Tol> It sits down and licks demon blood from its paws.
10:46:47 PM <dylan> (Stupid phone)
10:46:48 PM <Ash> (That's my bear buddy!)
10:46:58 PM <Khophus> (Trinket!)
10:47:14 PM <DM_Tol> * * As this session of Heroes of Azod comes to a close * *

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