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Session Log for: 1/21/2018
8:09:05 PM <Kayalia> (warm milk soup, you mean?)
8:09:05 PM <Khophus> “WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR?”
8:09:28 PM <Kayalia> “A window to open! It's hot down here.”
8:09:52 PM <Ash> A way to turn off the oven.
8:10:02 PM <DM_Tol> (I made a map last session??? lemme find it)
8:10:24 PM <Miri> (yay for maps)
8:10:40 PM <Terres> (Sent approves of maps)
8:11:02 PM <DM_Tol> ( )
8:11:29 PM <Kayalia> (yay!)
8:11:36 PM <DM_Tol> (it???s not really a map, just a visual??? someone was understandably having difficulty understanding my description)
8:12:00 PM <Miri> (*plugs in an industrial fan and blows out the flames*)
8:12:13 PM <Ash> (So we're in a fiery colon?)
8:12:23 PM <DM_Tol> (sorry??? i hate Dropbox links. they make you jump through hoops.)
8:12:46 PM <Kayalia> (….that looks phallic! I hate myself!)
8:12:47 PM <DM_Tol> (yep, a fiery colon)
8:13:01 PM <Terres> (dirty minds here, i was thinking tube socks)
8:13:30 PM <DM_Tol> (so, the party is at the bottom near the stairs. Khophus is at the other end, by the door)
8:13:37 PM <Khophus> (I was thinking of Hai-Shalud, who's passing will cleanse the world)
8:14:02 PM * *Terres gets a little soot and rubs it all over himself
8:14:09 PM <Kayalia> “Anyone burning with a bright idea? A flicker of insight, perhaps?”
8:14:13 PM * *Khophus looks for a door, or window, or something to open to get the excess heat off of the others.
8:14:18 PM <Miri> “You're the one with a fan.”
8:14:47 PM <DM_Tol> Khopus, you continue to look around, but you find nothing to affect the fire rings.
8:15:38 PM * *Khophus pants, scrabbling for something.
8:16:18 PM * *Terres takes a few steps toward the first ring to take a better look at hwo the fire is being directed into the corridor
8:16:24 PM <DM_Tol> The rings burn hotter that normal flames, it feels to you, though perhaps it is just a sensation of the closed tunnel. (it???s not)
8:17:22 PM * *Khophus punches the door – maybe I can break it down…
8:17:25 PM <DM_Tol> Terres, the ring of jets of flames comes from all around, floor walls and ceiling. There is a slightly recessed carved out niche all the way around.
8:17:57 PM <DM_Tol> As the ring sporadically flickers for a fraction of a second, it looks like there are small holes all the way around that the fire jets out of.
8:18:04 PM * *Dylan| looks around
8:18:06 PM <Kayalia> “I won't do anything like that unless everyone else thinks it is a good idea. There is a lot of soot here, we'd probably have issue breathing.”
8:18:37 PM <Terres> “Maybe we can use the soot to plug up those holes at least temporarily to pass
8:18:40 PM <Terres> ”
8:19:00 PM <Ash> “So there should be something to disable this…look harder.”
8:19:41 PM * *Khophus looks for a lever or switch
8:20:03 PM * *Miri looks around as well.
8:20:44 PM <DM_Tol> (Beside the door, you notice a small lever: ON \_ Off )
8:20:50 PM <DM_Tol> (jk hehe)
8:21:22 PM <Miri> (is there ash that we could reach without taking any damage?)
8:21:31 PM <DM_Tol> (yes)
8:21:50 PM * *Miri picks up a bit of ash, and tosses it at the flames to see if anything happens.
8:23:44 PM <DM_Tol> The ash dissapears in/through the flames. Your hand is covered in soot.
8:23:52 PM * *Khophus curses his stupidity
8:23:56 PM <Miri> (the flames don't react at all tho?)
8:25:11 PM * *Kayalia waves her fan to cool herself whilst walking closer to where Terres stands. “You think I should try blowing out the flames and kicking up soot into the air?”
8:25:42 PM <Miri> “we can always cover our mouths and noses with fabric first, and be prepared to run like mad if it works”
8:26:06 PM <Dylan|> “I suppose, but don't you think there might be a pattern like the last time?”
8:26:17 PM <Ash> “I suspect that won't be an effective method of working.
8:27:14 PM <Miri> “no trap has worked the same, and last trap had a pattern to it.”
8:27:34 PM <Kayalia> “I could only take out one or two even if it did work. It looks like the hall is as long as the last, as well, we wouldn't get very far.”
8:28:00 PM <DM_Tol> After studying for a bit, Dylan, you discern no pattern. Also, the time each occassionally flickers out it less than the time it would take to jump through.
8:29:28 PM <Ash> “Well if we wanted to advance, we should cover ourselves in ash and jump when the flames go out. That's the least chance of exposure to the flames.”
8:29:41 PM <Kayalia> “what if there's a trigger on the floor, just that we cannot see it due to all the soot?”
8:30:18 PM <Miri> “so what if you use your fan to clear the soot?”
8:31:34 PM <DM_Tol> ( this is a lame closeup of the flames??? source )
8:32:26 PM * *Terres takes some ash and uses a bit of water from his waterskin to try and make a paste(sludge)
8:32:42 PM <DM_Tol> Terres, you manage to make a gooey mess.
8:33:05 PM * *Miri will start covering herself in ash as well unless someone can think of something beetter.
8:33:38 PM * *Kayalia sighs, looking about the chamber for any sort of clue toward disabling the trap.
8:33:42 PM * *Terres fills one of the vials with the goop and then casts magehand and hands the vial to it
8:34:16 PM <Terres> ( i want to get the mage and to pour the vial into one of the fire jets to see if it cloggs up)
8:34:25 PM <Terres> (*hand)
8:34:26 PM * *Ash glances around, to see if he can see anything out of place in the area.
8:36:05 PM * *Khophus looks around – there has to be something…but now he has a good idea why he wouldn't make sargent-major…
8:36:10 PM <Terres> (thats as clever as i am gonna get tonight, i am dead tired and half asleep)
8:37:40 PM <DM_Tol> Terres maneuvers a soot mixture into the first fire ring. In a split second, the glass vial [melts or shatters, no sure which is appropriate]. The goop falls into the crevice.
8:38:01 PM <DM_Tol> One of the jets stalls.
8:39:09 PM <DM_Tol> After five seconds, that jet pops and resumes.
8:39:29 PM * *Terres blinks a few times surprised
8:40:15 PM <Dylan|> “I think we have a lead”
8:40:27 PM <Khophus> “WHAT'S HAPPENING?”
8:40:53 PM <Miri> “It would be great if we could do that to every jet around the circle at once.”
8:41:14 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus, you strain, but while there???s light, the flames block your view of the groups activities. Hearing them is very difficult even shouting.
8:41:43 PM <Terres> “or if we could block a few bottom ones to let us sneak through”
8:42:19 PM <Miri> “You'd still have the side ones burning you.” She shrugs her shoulders. “I don't know.”
8:43:20 PM * *Kayalia frowns. “don't suppose another 'key' is needed here, like one of those seals from before?”
8:43:35 PM * *Ash looks around some more on this side for any marks or clues that may indicate how to turn these off.
8:44:49 PM * *Terres shrugs
8:44:54 PM <DM_Tol> As you look at the flame pattern, blocking the jets from one side (be it bottom or left or right or above), doesn???t seem it would reduce damage much if at all.
8:45:32 PM <Kayalia> “I'm going to try clearing out the floor to see if there's anything interesting buried under the soot. Maybe a soot cloud will impair the flames, too.”
8:45:46 PM <Ash> “We could block two or three sides, with shields, which may give enough coverage to get through.”
8:47:30 PM <Kayalia> “Stand back, cover your mouths.”
8:48:03 PM * *Miri uses part of her shirt to cover her mouth with, and shields her eyes a bit with her hand.
8:48:11 PM * *Terres stepps back
8:48:19 PM * *Kayalia covers her mouth with part of her shawl, then whispers a magic trigger word to her war fan. She reels back for a long, underhanded sweep as she triggers the force wind spell against the floor of the corridor up to 20 ft ahead.
8:48:44 PM * *Dylan| covers mouth
8:48:53 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia sends a force wind down the tunnel.
8:49:01 PM <DM_Tol> The flames before you blow out.
8:49:24 PM * *Terres gets ready to follow the others through
8:49:34 PM <DM_Tol> Soot fills the air, making it difficult to see or even breath.
8:50:13 PM * *Kayalia coughs, despite her attempt to cover her mouth and nose with her shawl.
8:50:16 PM <Ash> “Good thinking.”
8:50:22 PM <DM_Tol> * * 1 second passes * *
8:50:29 PM * *Ash advances down 20'
8:50:30 PM <DM_Tol> * * 2 seconds pass * *
8:50:37 PM * *Kayalia hops through.
8:50:38 PM * *Miri advances as well.
8:50:40 PM * *Terres moves forward through
8:50:45 PM <DM_Tol> It looks that some flame rings downt the tunnel remain.
8:50:52 PM <DM_Tol> * * 3 seconds pass * *
8:51:14 PM <DM_Tol> * * 4 seconds pass * *
8:51:14 PM <Kayalia> (how far do we get?)
8:51:36 PM <Kayalia> (how many rings blew out?
8:51:39 PM * *Khophus gets down on his hands and knees and tries to find a catch that way
8:51:50 PM <DM_Tol> The group moves forward, past two rings of flame that blew out.
8:52:01 PM * *Kayalia keeps running through until she encounters an intact wall of flames.
8:52:15 PM <Khophus> (brb)
8:52:19 PM <DM_Tol> In the nick of time it seems, as the rings behind you begin to flicker, and sputter back to life.
8:52:31 PM <DM_Tol> (three rings, sorry. you past three rings)
8:52:35 PM * *Dylan| follows
8:53:01 PM <DM_Tol> The thick soot in the air is unsettled and unsettling.
8:53:12 PM <Terres> “Got any more of those in you, cough”
8:53:36 PM * *Kayalia coughs. “One more. Here goes! Get ready!”
8:53:46 PM * *Miri gets ready to run.
8:53:48 PM <DM_Tol> (wait)
8:54:00 PM <DM_Tol> (sorry, gimme second)
8:54:22 PM <Kayalia> (that's fine… I'm painting my nails anyway)
8:54:28 PM <Ash> (The flames go super nova and start filling the halls with atomic fire!)
8:54:45 PM <DM_Tol> The 5 of you huddle in a space between two rings of flame.
8:54:59 PM * *Terres tries to look at the walls in this section for any off switches while Kayalia gets ready anohter one
8:55:00 PM <Kayalia> nhnnnnnnnnnnnnbngbn m”,.
8:55:00 PM <Kayalia> “?:NHJB”?
8:55:05 PM <DM_Tol> (everyone make Con Save dc12 to avoid passing out from suffocation)
8:55:06 PM <Kayalia> (OOPS)
8:55:21 PM <Dylan|> oh lemme find bonus
8:55:23 PM <Dylan|> )
8:55:31 PM <Kayalia> (was trying to clean nail polish off my keyboard)
8:55:36 PM <Terres> 1d20+2 vs dc12
8:55:36 PM <TolBot> [Terres's 1d20(2)+2 'vs dc12']: 4 (Fail)
8:55:40 PM <Miri> 1d20+5 vs dc12
8:55:40 PM <TolBot> [Miri's 1d20(20)+5 'vs dc12']: 25 (Critical success)
8:55:43 PM <Dylan|> 1d20+1
8:55:43 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(20)+1]: 21 (Perfect!)
8:55:58 PM <Ash> 1d20-1 vs dc12
8:55:58 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(20)-1 'vs dc12']: 19 (Critical success)
8:56:09 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+1 vs dc12
8:56:09 PM <TolBot> [Kayalia's 1d20(20)+1 'vs dc12']: 21 (Critical success)
8:56:15 PM <DM_Tol> (you guys are wasting these 20???s. should save for the dragon below)
8:56:19 PM <Ash> (Ha, nice try Grovewood…trying to kill me.)
8:56:20 PM <Terres> ( i broke the bot)
8:56:24 PM <Khophus> 1d20+4 DC 12
8:56:24 PM <Kayalia> (sad…face…)
8:56:25 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(9)+4 'DC 12']: 13
8:56:48 PM <DM_Tol> One of you catches Terres, who falls towards the ground.
8:57:05 PM * *Miri catches Terres and flings him over her shoulder in a fireman style carry.
8:57:09 PM <DM_Tol> 1d4 minutes before he comes to, clear headed.
8:57:09 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d4(1) 'minutes before he comes to, clear headed.']: 1
8:58:05 PM <Miri> (what race is terres? i forget)
8:58:17 PM <Terres> (dwarf)
8:58:25 PM <Miri> (ok)
8:58:50 PM * *Kayalia whispers the command word again and triggers another low sweep at the corridor floor.
8:59:17 PM <DM_Tol> (are you waiting for Terres to come to?)
8:59:25 PM <Miri> (nope, i'm carrying his butt)
8:59:34 PM <Kayalia> (miri picked him up)
8:59:38 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia sends the wind gust forward.
9:00:15 PM <DM_Tol> The last two rings of flame blow out.
9:00:26 PM * *Ash advances again.
9:00:30 PM * *Miri rushes forward with Terres on her back.
9:00:49 PM <DM_Tol> The soot circles around the tunnel and fills your orrifices.
9:00:50 PM * *Kayalia dashes forward, joining Khophus at the end, then everyone else.
9:01:06 PM <Ash> (Also going to hold my breath on this one.)
9:01:07 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus, you see the fire near you go out, as a wall of soot bowls you over violently.
9:01:08 PM * *Khophus coughs and looks at everyone else.
9:01:30 PM * *Khophus hacks and falls over his own tail.
9:01:39 PM <Khophus> “GODS!”
9:01:51 PM * *Kayalia turns Khophus into a soot monster.
9:02:14 PM <Terres> (i call this cheating)
9:02:34 PM <Ash> (I call this 'Alternative Puzzle Solving')
9:03:12 PM <Terres> (well if you have a hammer you can meak all the puzzle pieces fit)
9:03:12 PM * *Kayalia waves her fan around the normal way, to try and move the soot away from her staked out area of the corridor, so that she can breathe a bit.
9:03:44 PM <DM_Tol> You rush to the end of the hall. After a few seconds, the flames resume.
9:03:45 PM * *Dylan| is still following
9:03:47 PM * *Miri sets Terres down in the safe area “what the hell has that dwarf been eating? feels like he weighs a ton.”
9:03:58 PM <DM_Tol> (Con saves again, DC12)
9:04:05 PM <Ash> 1d20-1 vs dc12
9:04:05 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(10)-1 'vs dc12']: 9 (Fail)
9:04:08 PM <Miri> 1d20+5
9:04:08 PM <TolBot> [Miri's 1d20(20)+5]: 25 (Marvelous)
9:04:19 PM <Miri> (really?!)
9:04:29 PM <Terres> 1d20+2 vs dc12
9:04:30 PM <TolBot> [Terres's 1d20(2)+2 'vs dc12']: 4 (Fail)
9:04:35 PM <Khophus> 1d20+4 DC 12
9:04:35 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(18)+4 'DC 12']: 22
9:04:37 PM <Kayalia> 1d20+1 vs dc12
9:04:37 PM <TolBot> [Kayalia's 1d20(16)+1 'vs dc12']: 17 (Success)
9:05:12 PM <DM_Tol> Terres, you begin to regain conciousness but slip back into darkness.
9:05:16 PM <DM_Tol> Ash, you hit the ground.
9:05:26 PM <DM_Tol> 1d4 minutes for Ash
9:05:26 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d4(2) 'minutes for Ash']: 2
9:05:28 PM <Kayalia> (somehow the frail dancer chick is one of the only ones able to withstand the suffocating soot…)
9:05:31 PM <DM_Tol> 1d4 minutes for Terres
9:05:31 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d4(2) 'minutes for Terres']: 2
9:05:39 PM <Terres> ( hard fail at dungeoneering, my grampa would be ashamed)
9:05:55 PM <Ash> (You're rolling a +5 on your saves…you're not frail)
9:06:12 PM <Kayalia> (+1 is not +5…)
9:06:57 PM * *Khophus picks up Ash
9:07:19 PM <Miri> (mine is plus 5)
9:07:22 PM <DM_Tol> After a short rest, the soot has in large part settled, and all have come back to their senses.
9:07:56 PM <Ash> (Sorry, looked at the wrong save. I'm still a -1 though.)
9:08:11 PM <Terres> “What Happened, i must have dozed of back there?”
9:08:44 PM <Khophus> “Choking.”
9:09:05 PM <DM_Tol> Around you is a stone door, much like you???ve seen before, including an area lower in the middle that is of a different stone than that around.
9:09:06 PM * *Miri sits down in a safe place and takes a few sips of water to clear her throat.
9:10:31 PM <Miri> (oh also assume i gave khophus all his things back)
9:10:37 PM <Terres> “Well the acid door was opend using acid, maybe this one gets open using fire”
9:10:50 PM <Miri> “or maybe ash”
9:10:51 PM * *Khophus turns to face the door…
9:11:05 PM <Khophus> “Try ash first. If that doesn't work, then I can blow my flame on it.”
9:11:21 PM * *Ash groans
9:11:37 PM <Ash> “I think I breathed too much of that crap in.”
9:12:05 PM <Terres> (i am sure Tol used non cancerogenic material when making this dungeon)
9:12:43 PM <Khophus> (Power Word: OSHA)
9:12:48 PM * *Kayalia sips water from her own waterskin and sinks down against a wall. She coughs. “I won't miss this room at all.”
9:13:09 PM * *Khophus looks around for some soot, and smears it on the door.
9:13:26 PM <Khophus> “I don't know what everyone is compaining about. I feel warm for a change.”
9:13:50 PM <Miri> “Not all of us feel at home in fire.”
9:13:58 PM * *Kayalia gathers up a handful of soot and throws it at Khophus.
9:15:57 PM * *Khophus grins – bright white teeth against the char black soot.
9:15:58 PM * *Terres takes a better look at the different colored stone (can use stonecunning if it helps)
9:16:18 PM <Khophus> “The door hasn't opened from the soot…should I try fire?”
9:16:38 PM <Ash> “Yes”
9:17:13 PM <Dylan|> (afk)
9:18:13 PM * *Ash coughs and spits some black soot
9:18:22 PM * *Khophus ushers everyone behind him and takes a deep breath.
9:18:45 PM * *Dylan| is behind Khompus
9:18:51 PM <DM_Tol> (uhm, are we still playing?)
9:19:09 PM <Dylan|> (pardon?)
9:19:16 PM <DM_Tol> (ack??? my feed was scrolled up and I didn???t know it??? lol. I thought y
9:19:25 PM <DM_Tol> ???all had been dormant for 10 minutes)
9:19:40 PM <Ash> (lol)
9:19:54 PM <Miri> (lol)
9:19:59 PM <Khophus> (heh – well…did the soot work before I blow flames?)
9:20:14 PM <DM_Tol> You all attempt to recover from the soot. Khophus rubs some on the space in the door.
9:20:17 PM <DM_Tol> Nothing happens.
9:21:36 PM <Khophus> (Now I light it up…)
9:21:41 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus blows flame onto the spot on the door.
9:21:47 PM * *Khophus takes another deep breath…
9:22:08 PM <Khophus> (anything?)
9:22:14 PM <DM_Tol> * *click* * *shwoop* A mechanism inside the door shifts, as it pops open a few inches.
9:22:50 PM <DM_Tol> As the door cracks open, a gust of air blows by you, compensating for the heat differences.
9:23:17 PM * *Khophus pushes the door open.
9:23:26 PM <Khophus> “Everyone inside! Go! Go!”
9:23:29 PM * *Terres unsuccessfully dusts some ash from his clothes and then gets ready to continue
9:23:42 PM * *Miri gets up and slides inside the door.
9:23:44 PM <DM_Tol> With effort, the old door moves slowly. In front of you is a landing, and then to the right, a straight stairwell down.
9:23:59 PM * *Kayalia would knock down her own grandmother to get through this door and moves accordingly.
9:24:26 PM * *Khophus follows in last, closing the door behind him.
9:24:30 PM * *Khophus shivers
9:25:11 PM * *Ash checks for a way to turn off the flames, now that the door has been triggered.
9:25:49 PM <DM_Tol> Ash, you do not see any way to turn off the flames.
9:26:08 PM * *Kayalia waits for Ash on the other side of the door, trying to dust herself off vigorously.
9:26:58 PM * *Ash withdraws to the stairwell, and checks that side.
9:27:56 PM <Khophus> “May I have my clothes back? I'm a little chilly.”
9:28:21 PM <Miri> “thought i already gave them to you, sorry” * *tosses him his clothes back*
9:28:43 PM <DM_Tol> In the landing, you see the back side of the door, a small room with rough cut walls, to the right a stairwell down, and a nake dragonborn.
9:29:02 PM * *Terres follows the others
9:29:14 PM <Terres> (trying not to stare at a naked dragonborn)
9:29:24 PM <Khophus> (Drink it all in, ladies…)
9:29:47 PM * *Khophus takes the clothes and slips into the quilting, then the armor.
9:30:13 PM <Khophus> “I ma dressed now, Terres. I appreciate your modesty.”
9:31:10 PM <DM_Tol> (???Terres follows the others??? = classic sign of player who was afk)
9:31:26 PM <DM_Tol> (seeing how as nobody was going anywhere for him to follow)
9:31:30 PM <Dylan|> (lol)
9:32:02 PM <DM_Tol> (I know the drill. 1. return to computer, 2. type ???/me follows as well???, THEN 3. read upstream.)
9:32:20 PM <Ash> (Naturally)
9:32:30 PM * *Ash follows the group as well.
9:32:32 PM <Miri> “Well girls, down we go?” * *points to the stairs*
9:32:38 PM <Terres> (just making sure i am not the first one who walks into a mace)
9:32:41 PM <DM_Tol> You remain on the landing. Khophus, injured still from the fires.
9:32:43 PM <Ash> “And what about the men?”
9:33:01 PM * *Khophus staggers along.
9:33:06 PM * *Miri looks to ash “i haven't seen any yet.” smirks.
9:33:39 PM * *Ash raises a brow
9:33:50 PM * *Ash looks insulted.
9:34:11 PM <Miri> awww…would it make you feel better if i said i feel sorry for who ever makes it with the dragonborn?
9:34:16 PM * *Khophus shrugs his shoulders slowly.
9:34:37 PM * *Kayalia coughs.
9:34:41 PM * *Ash chuckles
9:34:44 PM <Khophus> “Could we rest for a short while?”
9:34:55 PM <DM_Tol> (you just did a short rest)
9:34:58 PM <Khophus> “I'm a little…ahh…tender.”
9:35:06 PM <Khophus> (I'm still hurt)
9:35:19 PM <Ash> (A short rest lets you heal with HD)
9:35:48 PM <Khophus> (When did we do a short rest?)
9:35:55 PM <Ash> (When the DM said we did.)
9:36:07 PM <Khophus> (ok)
9:36:10 PM <DM_Tol> (as in, you are currently still doing it, hehe)
9:36:20 PM <DM_Tol> (until you decide to more along)
9:37:07 PM <Khophus> (ok – better now)
9:37:41 PM * *Khophus continues along with the others, his wounds slowly healing and radiating less heat.
9:37:51 PM <Khophus> “What do we expect to find here?”
9:38:13 PM <Terres> ( if we decide we are done resting, i will follow someone with armor)
9:38:41 PM * *Kayalia heads further down the stairs, looking around. She still hasn't given up on dusting off her tunic and sleeves, either.
9:38:47 PM <Ash> “Well that was the fire room, so I suspect the spikes falling from the ceiling is coming up.”
9:39:13 PM <Miri> “Look on the bright side, we could drown next”
9:39:20 PM <Terres> (wasnt spikes from ceiling the room with the rock monster door)
9:39:25 PM * *Khophus raises his shield up over his head
9:39:44 PM <Kayalia> Kayalia sighs. “I hate complaining, but every room sucks, you know? No sense in trying to guess or hope for what's ahead, cause its probably going to be annoying.”
9:39:46 PM <DM_Tol> You move down the stairs.
9:40:39 PM <Khophus> 1d10 short rest hd
9:40:40 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d10(4) 'short rest hd']: 4
9:40:48 PM <DM_Tol> The length is similar to the others, though the steps seem to be slightly is less better (sic) shape.
9:42:37 PM <DM_Tol> Darkness overtakes you as you leave the lit area of the fire room. Your torchlight and darkvision assists 60ft off, but no more.
9:42:52 PM * *Miri lights her sword.
9:42:55 PM <Kayalia> (would like to point out that even thouigh Kaya is dirty with soot, her weapon is spotless and shiny! yay gleaming property…)
9:42:56 PM <DM_Tol> At the bottom of the stairs, there is rubble.
9:43:39 PM * *Terres looks above the rubble at the ceiling
9:44:13 PM <DM_Tol> As you turn to the right, a large cavern opens up before you, at least 40ft wide, and stretchign on (you guessed it) farther than you can see.
9:44:27 PM * *Khophus lowers his shield.
9:44:51 PM <Khophus> “At least it's not more flames. Being nakes this often is rather undignified.”
9:44:53 PM <DM_Tol> On the wall at the bottom of the stairs is carved ??? | | | | | ???
9:44:53 PM <Ash> “Well, this looks 'inviting'.”
9:44:57 PM <DM_Tol> You have to walk over piles of rubble to enter the room.
9:45:19 PM <Miri> “Well…who wants to be the guinea pig this time?”
9:45:26 PM <Dylan|> “Inviting is a word for it”
9:46:01 PM * *Kayalia re-lights her lantern.
9:46:31 PM <DM_Tol> As you move into the space, as your eyes adjust, you make out some glowing moss, spotty down the cavern.
9:47:33 PM * *Kayalia stands in front of the marking at the bottom of the stairs. “On the bright side, if you forget how far you've gone down, there are these super useful symbols to help you count.”
9:47:40 PM <DM_Tol> The walls are rough cut. the ceiling at least 40ft up. A patch of glowing moss is directly above you.
9:48:03 PM * *Ash looks up at the moss to see if he can identify what kind it is.
9:48:11 PM * *Miri looks up at the glowing moss “this can't be good.” looks to find a safe place to stand that isnt directly underneath it.
9:48:29 PM <DM_Tol> For a second, Terres, with your darkvision and the glowing moss more than 60ft downt he cavern, you think you see something is the air.
9:49:01 PM <DM_Tol> (anyone can roll nature check to id the moss)
9:49:15 PM <Ash> 1d20+2
9:49:15 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(14)+2]: 16
9:49:27 PM <Kayalia> (whelp I am not trained in nature…)
9:49:27 PM <Terres> (can you clarify?)
9:49:50 PM <Terres> (because i think this is a perfect spot for a galtious cube and i have an itchy trigger finger now)
9:49:59 PM <Miri> 1d20+1
9:49:59 PM <TolBot> [Miri's 1d20(4)+1]: 5
9:50:15 PM <Terres> 1d20 Nature
9:50:16 PM <TolBot> [Terres's 1d20(1) 'Nature']: 1 (Better luck next time.)
9:50:22 PM <Kayalia> 1d20 Nature
9:50:22 PM <TolBot> [Kayalia's 1d20(9) 'Nature']: 9
9:50:31 PM <DM_Tol> Ash, you recognize the patch above as a typical benign luminescent moss common deep under the earth.
9:50:32 PM <Terres> “It's some kind of moss”
9:50:48 PM <Kayalia> “It glows!”
9:50:50 PM <DM_Tol> ( Terres: ???I think it???s ketchup??? )
9:50:56 PM <Khophus> 1d20-1 Nature check (why not?)
9:50:56 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(17)-1 'Nature check (why not?)']: 16
9:51:09 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus, you recognize the patch above as a typical benign luminescent moss common deep under the earth.
9:51:19 PM <Ash> “That moss is safe. It's a common glowing moss I've seen in a few alleys in my day.”
9:51:24 PM <Terres> ( i am distracted by whatever you mention down 60ft from us)
9:51:50 PM <Khophus> “I've seen this – common moss, found in caves deep in the earth. Fairly harmless.”
9:51:50 PM <Kayalia> (bats or something prolly… like giant blood sucking ones)
9:52:13 PM <Khophus> (…and everyone turns to look at Khophus like he's spouted a second and much smarter head)
9:52:47 PM * *Terres ignores the shiney moss and focuses his attention deeper into the cavern where he thought he spoted something
9:52:56 PM <Kayalia> “Wait, aren't you the guy who thought it'd be smart to walk through the fire?”
9:53:02 PM <Terres> 1d20+2 perception
9:53:02 PM <TolBot> [Terres's 1d20(20)+2 'perception']: 22 (Nailed it!)
9:53:02 PM <Ash> “He is.”
9:53:29 PM <Kayalia> “Just… checking.”
9:53:48 PM <Terres> (this might be interesting)
9:53:58 PM <DM_Tol> Terres, as you stare, your keen senses make out clear as anything??? Sixty fee ahead of you is a 10 pound rock floating, still in midair.
9:54:22 PM <Khophus> “What? I can't have any interests beyond eating, sleeping and constabulary work?”
9:54:29 PM <DM_Tol> (*fee is a DnD measurement equalling two thousand cubits)
9:54:47 PM <Miri> (lmao)
9:55:00 PM <DM_Tol> (ok, jk. * *fee = feet)
9:55:25 PM * *Terres points at the rock and says “There is a rock floating in the air down there”
9:55:52 PM <DM_Tol> As Terres points, some of you are able to see it.
9:55:53 PM * *Kayalia nudges the debris near the stairwell with a toe, seeing if there is anything buried under there while waiting for the members with darkvision to investigate the room.
9:56:01 PM <Khophus> “It was smart for me to walk through the fire, as I am more resistant to flame than you are.”
9:56:13 PM <Khophus> “Wait, what?”
9:56:17 PM <Dylan|> “This is true, but ..”
9:56:50 PM <Ash> “Huh… floating rock. That's different.”
9:57:01 PM <Miri> “is it a creature or a rock waiting to fall when something moves under it?”
9:57:08 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia, you dont??? uncover anything under the pebbles and stones, though it seems to you the debris and rubble pattern is as if it were piled there, or dropped there, as opposed to pushed around on the cavern floor or soemthing.
9:57:16 PM <Kayalia> “You got yourself pretty hurt, didn't you Khophus?”
9:57:26 PM <DM_Tol> The stone is about 15t up.
9:57:55 PM * *Kayalia looks up toward the ceiling, wondering if the rocks fell from up there. She holds up her lantern while squinting.
9:58:05 PM <Khophus> “It was nothing. Just a few loosened scales.”
9:58:33 PM <Kayalia> “Well, it was brave, anyway…”
9:58:47 PM <Terres> (its not the rock we have to worry about, its the invisible giant holding it)
9:58:52 PM * *Khophus looks at the floating stone…are there wires?
9:58:59 PM * *Miri picks up a pepple “Unless someone has a better idea i'm chucking this towards the cavern.”
9:59:07 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia, the ceiling above does not look particularly ???fallen in???, however there is a spot on the wall about 15 ft above the doorway you just came in through, that looks worn and a bit pummelled.
9:59:10 PM * *Terres looks for any mroe rocks floating around
9:59:18 PM <Khophus> “Thank you, but I think next time I might think before walking into fire.”
9:59:36 PM <DM_Tol> You see no other floating rocks.
9:59:55 PM <Miri> (Pebble even)
10:00:26 PM <Kayalia> “I swear, the debris here is like someone hurled it at the entryway and it struck just above the stairwell and fell down here…”
10:00:39 PM <DM_Tol> (that???s funny that I didn???t even notice the typo. my brain just rotated and flipped the p???s without even notifying me of the discrepancy)
10:00:54 PM <DM_Tol> (throwing, Miri?)
10:01:02 PM <Ash> “Hmmm”
10:01:36 PM * *Kayalia gets an uneasy feeling about why this debris is here and decides to move away from it.
10:01:57 PM * *Miri throws the pbble as far as she can since no one stopped her. “Fore?”
10:02:03 PM <DM_Tol> Miri tosses a pebble forward into the cavern.
10:03:13 PM <DM_Tol> 20ft ahead the pebble dramatically changes course, flying higher in trajectory, and then forward and to the right. It slowly floats to the left and forward another 20ft and then down and right and then out of sight forward.
10:03:39 PM <Ash> “Whoa”
10:03:51 PM <Miri> “I don't think it was supposed to do that.”
10:04:21 PM <Khophus> “Do pebbles normally do that underground?”
10:04:27 PM <DM_Tol> Three seconds later, you hear something whiz by overhead as the pebble smashes against the wall from somewhere up ahead and then fall onto the pile beside Kayalia.
10:04:33 PM <Ash> “And suddenly you're dumb again.”
10:04:56 PM <Khophus> (*snirk*)
10:05:03 PM * *Miri ducks and blinks as it hits the pile. “well, so much for running for it.”
10:05:13 PM <Miri> (funky gravity yay)
10:05:20 PM <Terres> “Should i try to shoot the rock with a spell and see if it does the same?”
10:05:49 PM <Dylan|> “What kind of spell?”
10:06:00 PM <Terres> “Eldritch Blast”
10:06:18 PM <Khophus> “That doesn't sound good…”
10:06:29 PM <Ash> “If you do, I'm going to back up first.”
10:06:34 PM <Dylan|> “Uhmm.. i don't know what that does?”
10:06:44 PM * *Miri thinks she will just slide out of the way just cause it sounds bad.
10:07:09 PM <DM_Tol> (Dylan gets an inspiration point for not meta-gaming, and actually role playing he doesn???t know about someone???s spell)
10:07:34 PM <Miri> (i don't know what it does, but blast sounds painful)
10:07:52 PM * *Terres shrugs and lets the others back off a bit then ducks a bit out of the way too and casts the spell at the rock in the air
10:08:05 PM * *Kayalia wipes the sweat from her brow, glad she chose to move away from the debris.
10:08:14 PM <DM_Tol> ( )
10:08:37 PM * *Khophus raises his shield up slightly
10:09:00 PM <Terres> (range is 120 so i should be able to get to it.. if my aim works)
10:09:14 PM <DM_Tol> Terres sends a blast at the rock 60ft ahead.
10:09:15 PM <Terres> 1d20+5
10:09:16 PM <TolBot> [Terres's 1d20(15)+5]: 20
10:09:39 PM <DM_Tol> The rock tumbles forward and then drifts to the left and then up and out of sight.
10:09:56 PM * *Kayalia grows wide-eyed at the sight of magical energy discharged. “The heck is that?!” She backs further to the side of the corridor, looking for cover.
10:10:13 PM <Khophus> “I don't like magic.”
10:10:15 PM <DM_Tol> A few seconds later, you hear the rock whiz by overhead from up and forward, and smash atgainst the wall above the door and fall down onto the pile of rubble beside Kayalia.
10:10:18 PM <Terres> “Definitely strange”
10:10:46 PM <Kayalia> (No matter how far away she moves, its beside her! creepy… its targetting me!)
10:10:54 PM <Miri> “So…who wants to be the boomerang?”
10:11:18 PM * *Khophus fights the urge to raise his hand
10:11:27 PM <Dylan|> (is a boomerang something that is common in this world?)
10:11:33 PM <DM_Tol> (lol, sorry, didn???t see that yu moved)
10:11:33 PM <Terres> ( is the floor just covered with debris or are there individual piles)
10:12:00 PM * *Kayalia looks toward the inky dark area everyone else is musing over, wondering what they're doing that's causing all these stones to come flying at the entryway.
10:12:31 PM <Dylan|> (scrolling up)
10:12:41 PM <DM_Tol> There appears to be one main pile though a couple others are discernable among the general rubble. Maybe hitting the wall at a slightly different place, from a slightly different angle. But nothint dramatically different.
10:12:46 PM <Miri> (prolly not…i forget that sometimes)
10:13:07 PM <DM_Tol> (dunno. I never see boomerang in Dnd)
10:13:25 PM <DM_Tol> (or do I: )
10:13:27 PM <Dylan|> “boom her what?”
10:14:13 PM * *Miri shrugs her shoulders “No clue, guys in bars use all kinds of weird terms.”
10:14:14 PM <DM_Tol> (The answer is yes. There are boomerangs)
10:14:15 PM <Kayalia> “Stop it with the sexual innuendo and let's get out of here, everyone.”
10:14:18 PM <Dylan|> (lemme understand this, there is a floating rock like… how many feet ahead of us? 60? or ahead and above? or above?)
10:14:29 PM <Terres> (can i do an arcana check to see whats funky with gravity here?)
10:14:42 PM <Kayalia> (air currents maybe)
10:15:06 PM <Miri> “have you met me? All i am is sexual innuendo and rage.”
10:15:23 PM <Kayalia> “Oh my.”
10:15:24 PM <Khophus> “I don't get it…what does this have to do with curved sticks and women?”
10:15:25 PM <DM_Tol> (there WAS a floating rock. Terres blasted it and moved it out of the gravity stasis spot it was hovering in, and into an new gravity stream.)
10:16:21 PM <Dylan|> (how high is the cieling?)
10:16:23 PM * *Ash leans down and grabs a few rocks, and tosses them in front of him in an arch from left to right to see how they react.
10:16:51 PM <DM_Tol> Ash tosses a few rocks.
10:17:33 PM * *Khophus walks down to the floating rock
10:17:33 PM <DM_Tol> They move forward but the force of his throw eventually give way to other gravitational influences. They head off in different directions.
10:17:54 PM <DM_Tol> You hear a rock hit the wall up ahead.
10:18:30 PM * *Khophus looks up
10:18:35 PM <DM_Tol> After a few seconds, the rocks begin to hurl against teh wall above the door, falling onto the rubble in different places.
10:18:58 PM <Khophus> “Is there a hole, you think?”
10:19:06 PM <Ash> “That's what I'm looking for.”
10:19:33 PM * *Ash picks up some more rocks and tosses them a few feet in front of himself in another arch.
10:19:49 PM <DM_Tol> You toss several rocks in the discovery phase. (roll investigation)
10:20:03 PM <Ash> 1d20+2
10:20:04 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(12)+2]: 14
10:20:54 PM * *Kayalia watches Ash for a bit, thinking she understands what he is doing after a time.
10:21:13 PM * *Miri yawns and finds a corner to kip in while people figure out what to do.
10:21:28 PM <DM_Tol> You discern:
10:21:28 PM <DM_Tol> 1. Ahead of you 20ft is the first gravitational stream, with very slowly pushes upwards. You have a pebble you tossed still slowly floating up.
10:22:22 PM <DM_Tol> 2. Different areas horizontal or vertical to the same 5ft square can have different gravitational streams.
10:23:00 PM <DM_Tol> (ie. »»»^^^^^^^^»»»««««< is possible going up and down or left and right from a square)
10:24:14 PM * *Terres also picks up a few pebles and treis to assist Ash
10:24:20 PM <DM_Tol> 3. Many streams seem to be gentle (floating). you really didn???t see any that were strong, with the exception of whichever stream the majority of the stones end up in that smash them against the wall above the door.
10:24:22 PM * *Khophus sighs and misses the times where he just had to hack at things.
10:24:31 PM <Dylan|> (whats missing from my mental picture is the room, is there a hole in front of us? Is there no exit other than the one we came through)
10:24:53 PM <DM_Tol> 4. Like 1 in 8 pebbles/stones settles somewhere else ahead, not streaming against the wall above you.
10:24:58 PM <Dylan|> (glowing moss)
10:25:20 PM * *Ash lays out stones along the ground in a border to show “a safe area”
10:25:41 PM <DM_Tol> 5. You do not detect any hole through the area.
10:26:43 PM <DM_Tol> (that???s it)
10:26:54 PM * *Khophus looks at the “safe area”, then looks around for any other sort of indicators for “safe areas” or “ambush areas”.
10:27:18 PM <DM_Tol> (The cavern is a 40-60ft wide and tall cavern that goes on further than 80ft ahead.)
10:27:32 PM <Ash> “So, looks like we may end up in some of these… what did you call it, gravity fields… and travel to other parts of the room.”
10:27:35 PM <Dylan|> “If someone jumped into that area ahead of us, would they float to the top?”
10:28:11 PM <Miri> “should we rope ourselves together?”
10:28:50 PM <DM_Tol> The pebble 20ft ahead of you has now slowly floated 40ft high. It moves to the right, then forward, then floats down and then leftward and then up and out of sight.
10:29:04 PM <Terres> “I dont fancy being smashed against the wall”
10:29:12 PM <DM_Tol> three seconds later, that pebble smashes against the wall above and and lands nowhere near Kayalia.
10:29:21 PM <Kayalia> (lol)
10:29:39 PM <Ash> “Did somebody have a light spell they could put on a rock, sunrod, or a torch?”
10:29:44 PM <Dylan|> (how hard does it smash against the wall?)
10:29:53 PM <DM_Tol> (hard)
10:30:10 PM <DM_Tol> (It looks to you like the standard falling rate)
10:30:30 PM * *Miri holds up her flaming sword.
10:31:19 PM <Ash> “Something I can toss into the room.”
10:31:32 PM <Miri> “not this.”
10:31:33 PM * *Kayalia thinks Miri looks divine holding a flaming sword ina dark corridor.
10:31:36 PM * *Ash looks at Miri's sword, expecting her to refuse it's throwing“
10:32:19 PM <DM_Tol> (???Throw my precious magic sword into the gravity maze, he said. It???ll be fine, he said.???)
10:32:33 PM <Miri> “Definately, not this.”
10:32:40 PM <Ash> “I didn't think so.”
10:33:05 PM <Kayalia> (its not indestructible is it? lol)
10:33:31 PM <DM_Tol> (A magic sword won???t damage from a typical fall.)
10:34:13 PM * *Kayalia gathers up sand from the floor and blows it into the space ahead, seeing how it separates in the air due to gravity.
10:34:40 PM * *Khophus sits down
10:34:56 PM <DM_Tol> The sand behaves much as you saw the pebbles. In clouds, floating up and sideways for 60ft out of sight.
10:35:13 PM <DM_Tol> In a few seconds, you are dusted with sand that returns to your area from above.
10:35:14 PM * *Kayalia points her closed up war fan at Khophus, like a baton. “No sitting on the job!”
10:36:13 PM <Ash> “Nobody has a light source?”
10:36:33 PM * *Kayalia looks at her lantern, then back at Ash. “Guess not?”
10:36:49 PM * *Khophus scrambles to his feet, standing stiffly at attention.
10:37:15 PM <Khophus> “If you have a stick and a rag, we can make a torch.”
10:38:16 PM <DM_Tol> (you have torches in the party inventory, I believe)
10:38:22 PM * *Kayalia rolls a rock across the ground rather than tossing it to see how long it sticks to the ground.
10:38:44 PM <Terres> (i think my adventuring kit has a few)
10:39:07 PM * *Terres lights up a torch then tosses it into the gravity stream
10:39:58 PM <Khophus> (one word: philogiston)
10:40:32 PM <DM_Tol> 20ft ahead, the rock you rolled begins to float upwards. It???s momentum takes it forward some still, as it then shifts and begins to float to the right, then up, then left and down and forward, etc.
10:40:36 PM <DM_Tol> 1d8
10:40:37 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d8(4)]: 4
10:40:53 PM <DM_Tol> As in a few seconds it smashes against the wall above the door and falls near the rubble pile.
10:41:22 PM * *Ash takes some stones and makes an X denoting that direction is probably not safe.
10:41:30 PM <DM_Tol> Terres, you toss the torch forward. It also makes motions up and down and left and right anf forward and back etc.
10:41:31 PM <DM_Tol> 1d8
10:41:32 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d8(3)]: 3
10:41:54 PM <DM_Tol> You note that it makes it more than 60ft ahead, before falling and smashing against the wall above you.
10:42:46 PM <DM_Tol> You note that the torch makes it more than 60ft ahead, before falling and smashing against the wall above you.
10:43:06 PM <Khophus> (like it has more mass?)
10:43:22 PM * *Ash marks off that direction.
10:45:01 PM <DM_Tol> (huh? what has more mass?)
10:45:17 PM <Ash> (I think velocity was the word that should have been used)
10:45:24 PM <DM_Tol> Ash attempts to mark the direction the torch entered the reverse gravity.
10:46:29 PM <Khophus> (the torch)
10:46:37 PM <DM_Tol> (falling speed)
10:46:43 PM <DM_Tol> (same as other things)
10:46:45 PM <Khophus> (ok)
10:47:55 PM <DM_Tol> You stare into the dimly lit cavern, empty, save for an unseen threat a mere 20ft away.
10:48:07 PM <DM_Tol> * * As this session of Heroes of Azod comes to a close * *

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