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8:17:00 PM * *Khophus looks up from his shield.
8:17:03 PM <DM_Tol> The tunnel is quiet, as some of you tend to your wounds, mostly minor.
8:18:02 PM * *Miri will yell to the group on the other side. “we made it, but we can't find how to shut the trap down! There is a slot in the door, but i'm not sure what to do!”
8:18:14 PM <Terres> (so did Miri and Kaylia trigger all the traps or do they still trigger if someone tries to go after them?)
8:18:22 PM <DM_Tol> (As you discuss amongst yourself how to proceed with the trap, you can roll an Insight check for help)
8:18:28 PM <Khophus> “JAM A KNIFE IN IT!”
8:18:40 PM <DM_Tol> (are you asking me?, Terres?)
8:18:42 PM <Khophus> (I'll roll)
8:18:53 PM <Ash> 1d20 plus whatever my insight was…2?
8:18:54 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(8) 'plus whatever my insight was…2?']: 8
8:18:56 PM <Terres> (did anyone try to go after them and get attacked?)
8:19:15 PM <Terres> 1d20+2 insight
8:19:16 PM <Khophus> 1d20+2 Insight check…stop laughing, there's a chance
8:19:16 PM <TolBot> [Terres's 1d20(15)+2 'insight']: 17
8:19:16 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(6)+2 'Insight check…stop laughing, there's a chance']: 8
8:19:21 PM <DM_Tol> (well, yes, Khophus backed up, and it triggered again as he advanced)
8:19:22 PM <Miri> 1d20 insight
8:19:22 PM <TolBot> [Miri's 1d20(18) 'insight']: 18
8:19:29 PM * *Kayalia searches the ground carefully for the residue of the darts that hit Miri.
8:19:32 PM <Khophus> (I tried, now I'm pinned down in the hallway)
8:19:37 PM <Theirand> 1d20-1
8:19:37 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(13)-1]: 12
8:20:01 PM <Terres> (thanks)
8:20:05 PM <Miri> (miri backed up and advanced after she made it and it still attacked)
8:20:10 PM <DM_Tol> Miri, mostly, it seemed like the knives that flew threw the hall, disintegrated into sand/dust.
8:20:23 PM <DM_Tol> (sorry, yes, Miri)
8:20:28 PM <Kayalia> (wants to collect the sand)
8:20:35 PM * *Theirand invesigates the traps to try to identify the trigger mechanism so he can make his way down the hall without triggering them (I do have darkvision)
8:21:02 PM <Theirand> 1d20+3 Investigation (if needed)
8:21:02 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(11)+3 'Investigation (if needed)']: 14
8:21:06 PM <DM_Tol> (Your darkvision lets you see as dim light for 60ft. noted. The hall is well over 100ft)
8:21:23 PM * *Miri bites her lip “maybe if we scoop up some sand, and pour it into the slot like we did with the acid above?”
8:21:35 PM <Theirand> (want to walk down the hall, watching my step basically, trying to avoid the traps if I see them)
8:21:38 PM <Kayalia> “That's kind of what I was thinking… yeah.”
8:21:38 PM * *Miri will join kayalia in looking for some sand, hopefully near by, she got stuck enough.
8:22:09 PM <DM_Tol> (Miri, that is sorta possible, though it is so fine, that it???s closer to dust/ash that dissipates, not so much little piles of sand.)
8:22:35 PM * *Khophus looks around, frightened to move and cause harm to his friends.
8:22:43 PM <Miri> (ooh, i thought yo usaid sand last game, i'm sorry)
8:22:46 PM <DM_Tol> Miri and Kayalia gather some sand from the dissipated flying knives and pour it onto the slot on the door.
8:22:48 PM * *Theirand casts his dancing lights and merges them into a single light source as well
8:22:49 PM <DM_Tol> Nothing happens.
8:22:49 PM * *Kayalia scours the ground while crouching, but also pulls out a case of crossbow bolts.
8:23:21 PM <Miri> “everyone duck, i'm gonna try something possibly stupid!”
8:23:21 PM <DM_Tol> Theirand, you do not see anything that looks like a trigger.
8:23:23 PM <Dylan|> (i need glasses, brb)
8:23:43 PM <Theirand> (I could throw a firebolt down the hall… * *grin*
8:23:45 PM <Theirand> )
8:23:48 PM * *Miri will pull out one of the daggers she found in the secret room earlier, and slide it into the slot.
8:24:23 PM * *Dylan| looks around
8:24:32 PM <DM_Tol> Miri, one of your daggers fits easily enough, though not a precise fit.
8:24:35 PM <DM_Tol> Nothing happens.
8:24:37 PM * *Kayalia rises, on edge. “I was going to try that with a crossbow bolt rolled in the sand.”
8:24:51 PM <Terres> (can i do an arcana check to see if the traps are triggered magicly?)
8:25:35 PM <DM_Tol> (yes)
8:25:46 PM <Terres> 1d20+2 arcana
8:25:47 PM <TolBot> [Terres's 1d20(14)+2 'arcana']: 16
8:26:05 PM * *Miri pulls her blade out “you can certainly try…either that or one of us hope we can shove a dagger in there before it poofs.”
8:26:06 PM * *Kayalia puts more oil into her lantern and lights it again, then holds it close to the door's slot to see if there is anything visible beyond.
8:26:29 PM <Ash> ???Did you try putting some of the sand into the door mechanism????
8:26:30 PM * *Miri starts looking at the slots the blades came out of.
8:26:36 PM <Miri> “yes!”
8:26:46 PM * *Ash calls out obvious to the fact they???ve done that.
8:26:49 PM <DM_Tol> Terres, you suspect that there could be magical aspects to the trap, but if so, high level ancient deeper magic than you can discern anyting about.
8:27:39 PM <Ash> ???What about some found on the body we discovered in the acid pit, like the amulet????
8:27:47 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia, you don???t see anything through the slot. It doesn???t seem to you it goes all the way through.
8:27:58 PM <Miri> “What amulet?”
8:28:41 PM <Ash> ???Whatever that amulet or thingy was that you picked up off the body.
8:28:55 PM <Miri> “oooh!”
8:28:55 PM * *Kayalia rolls the tip of a crossbow bolt in the sand and then tries to slowly push the sandy arrow into the door's slot.
8:29:17 PM * *Miri hunts in her pocket for the amulet she retrieved earlier while kayla tries the crossbow bolt.
8:29:30 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia covers a bolt in sand and inserts it.
8:29:33 PM <DM_Tol> Nothing happens.
8:29:36 PM <Kayalia> “You found an amulet? From before I joined, I assume?”
8:29:48 PM <Khophus> “WHAT SHOULD I DO? I NEED ORDERS!”
8:29:55 PM <Ash> ???YES???
8:30:03 PM <Miri> “yes it was” she then tries sliding the amulet in the slot “stay put for now khophus!”
8:30:13 PM <DM_Tol> (I???m trying to keep up, so sorry if I???m missing responding to anyonen???s action)
8:30:14 PM <Miri> (miri is supposed to be the impatient one :P)
8:30:15 PM * *Kayalia returns the crossbow bolt to the bolt case and puts it back in her pack.
8:30:17 PM <Ash> ???You stay where you are, so you don???t skewer everybody again with more traps.???
8:30:31 PM <DM_Tol> The amulet does not seem to fit in any special way.
8:30:33 PM <DM_Tol> Nothing happens.
8:30:39 PM * *Theirand looks around for anything of interest while he waits
8:31:25 PM * *Miri sits and sighs “that didn't work! I'm not sure what to do now.” she goes back to looking at the trap to see if she can glean anything from it.
8:32:20 PM <DM_Tol> (Ash, what did you mean when you saying ???What about some found on the body in the acid pit????)
8:32:21 PM <Ash> ???Did we get anything else from the bodies, that I???m not recalling at the moment????
8:32:21 PM * *Ash yells
8:32:56 PM <Miri> “I don't think so, but i don't remember!”
8:32:56 PM <Terres> (i think we got a sword or something with a similar carving)
8:32:57 PM <Ash> (See last statement. I know we got an amulet, I forget if we got something else too.)
8:33:04 PM <DM_Tol> The door has a slot in it. Above the door is a simple symbol faded and carved above it.
8:33:53 PM * *Miri tries to reach up to the symbol to get a better look at it. “there's a symbol here that looks familar, but i can't place it!”
8:33:53 PM <DM_Tol> (Khophus, so you are hanging out 20ft down the passage, right?)
8:34:37 PM <Ash> ???What???s it look like????
8:34:47 PM <Terres> “Can you describe the symbol?”
8:35:07 PM <Khophus> (Yes)
8:35:12 PM * *Terres remembers the ancien dwarven symbol at the acid pit door
8:35:15 PM <Miri> (can i see the symbol enough to describe it to them?)
8:36:59 PM <Khophus> (brb)
8:37:45 PM <DM_Tol> Miri???s description reminds you of the symbol you saw on the door in the acid pit room, as well as on the hilt of the acid-eaten sword you saw in the bottom of the pit.
8:38:03 PM <DM_Tol> (From that game sesison: [20:54] DM_Tol Terres you notice that a shape similar to the stone piece Miri holds, is carved on the hilt of the rusted, nearly destroyed sword.)
8:38:24 PM <Miri> (didn't someone pick that up?)
8:38:26 PM <DM_Tol> ([20:54] * * Terres points to the sword and says ???The shape seems to be matching that hilt???)
8:38:40 PM <DM_Tol> ([20:57] * * Miri shrugs ???never know what might come in handy, lets take them both just in case.???)
8:38:57 PM <DM_Tol> ([21:00] Terres ???Maybe we should grab those two just in case???)
8:40:11 PM <DM_Tol> (Miri grabbed the medallion??? I???ll allow the implication that Terres grabbed the sword, fwiw)
8:40:12 PM <Kayalia> (stone piece?)
8:40:12 PM <DM_Tol> (that???s what she???s calling a medallion)
8:40:12 PM <Terres> (so Miri has the medalion, she can compare them and make sure they match)
8:40:22 PM * *Miri smacks her forehead. “Wait, there was a sword too! who picked it up?!”
8:40:56 PM <Terres> “Apparently i have it”
8:41:46 PM * *Dylan| waits an observes
8:41:48 PM <Terres> (why would you guys let a warlock pick up something sharp like a sword… you know we are not responsible people!)
8:42:02 PM <Khophus> (for teh lulz)
8:42:19 PM * *Miri looks to the medallian, and then the symbol above the door. (do they match?)
8:42:42 PM <DM_Tol> (yes, basically. just old and worn on the stone piece)
8:43:12 PM * *Ash looks at Terry???s
8:43:23 PM * *Miri calls out to terres “The symbols match….do you think you can make it through the gauntlet?”
8:43:24 PM <Ash> (Terres, stupid auto-correct)
8:43:31 PM <DM_Tol> (Miri and Terres rolled an insight on the trap that got them this nudge: You consider its worth looking at how the trap behaved, since you have seen it in action now for 20+ triggers each time Miri and Kayalia advanced in turn.)
8:43:43 PM <Ash> ???Can we throw it to you????
8:44:38 PM <DM_Tol> One look at the sword and you see it is brittle from the laying on an acid pit floor, and would easitly shatter. (plus it???s >120ft )
8:44:57 PM <Kayalia> “Did you try your medallion in the door slot already?”
8:45:10 PM <Miri> “yes i did, and it didn't work.”
8:45:44 PM * *Kayalia quietly sighs and starts checking the wall surfaces at the end of the corridor methodically.
8:46:34 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia, just past the end of the danger zone, you can perhaps make out a couple slots on the side walls where some of those flying knives perhaps fly out of.
8:47:12 PM <Ash> ???What if we swaddle it in cloth, and slide it down to Khophus, then have somebody at the end back track while Khophus slides it down towards the door????
8:47:53 PM <Theirand> (I could catapult it… lol)
8:48:11 PM <Theirand> (throws object less than 5 pounds up to 90 ft lol)
8:48:12 PM <Miri> (lets not break the thing we need, k thx :P)
8:48:34 PM <DM_Tol> (lol)
8:48:44 PM <Kayalia> (how big is the slot on the door, diameter-wise?)
8:48:54 PM * *Terres yells down the hall towards Miri and Kaylia “ Do you guys remember any pattern how the traps were triggered and when the blades shot at?”
8:49:02 PM <DM_Tol> (Theirand, the ceiling is 8ft high)
8:49:14 PM <Theirand> (it launches it in a straight line)
8:49:28 PM <Terres> “I seem to remember allot of daggers flying low and hitting you at the legs”
8:49:34 PM <DM_Tol> (The group observed the triggers for the first 60ft (6 triggers))
8:49:34 PM <Dylan|> “Did you try knocking?”
8:49:46 PM <Miri> “We moved foward, we got hit!”
8:49:52 PM <DM_Tol> (nice, Dylan. ooh, ooh, try ???bellock???)
8:50:54 PM <Khophus> (if that works, I'm leaving)
8:51:37 PM <DM_Tol> (hehe)
8:51:37 PM * *Kayalia investigates how wide and deep the slots are on the door and to its sides.
8:52:05 PM <DM_Tol> (The slots do not seem to be of the same ilk)
8:52:55 PM <DM_Tol> (As you, you suspect they serve different functions. ie. you do not suspect a knife shoots out of the door slot. It???s bigger than the knives you???ve seen.)
8:54:01 PM <Kayalia> (I am not somparing them, I want measurements so I know what can fit in the door and what can plug up the dart slots).
8:54:31 PM <Terres> “I think there was a pattern to thedaggers and blades, they shot low then middle and after that at the head. Anyone remembers anything different?”
8:56:37 PM <Ash> “I just remember getting hit by them, I wasn't paying attention to where they were coming from, except the legs.”
8:57:37 PM <Miri> “I just remember a lot of pain”
8:57:46 PM <Dylan|> “Uhmm a blade, and then two aerial weapons?”
8:58:15 PM <DM_Tol> (Each advance triggered one blade from teh wall with an accompanying flying knife)
8:59:04 PM * *Miri yells out “khophus, walk foward nine feet! nine feet exactly!”
8:59:44 PM <Khophus> “Right!”
9:00:00 PM <Miri> “do it!”
9:00:07 PM * *Ash takes cover
9:00:12 PM <Terres> (the first one ruined my haircut, and the next one seems to have gone for the calves)
9:00:13 PM * *Khophus stands up and carefully counts out nine feet – taxing both his math and measurement abilities.
9:00:27 PM <Khophus> “Nine feet!”
9:00:36 PM <Miri> “Now take one step to the side!”
9:00:39 PM <Miri> “either side”
9:00:40 PM <DM_Tol> Khohpus moves forward and a blade swipes at his calf from the wall.
9:00:43 PM * *Khophus crouches back down, head swimming from counting.
9:00:45 PM <DM_Tol> (save Dex dc13)
9:00:46 PM <Terres> (then it seems to rotate, mid, high, low mid, high and so on)
9:00:52 PM <Miri> (damn)
9:01:09 PM <DM_Tol> 1d4
9:01:09 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d4(3)]: 3
9:01:14 PM <Khophus> 1d20+1
9:01:14 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(19)+1]: 20
9:01:18 PM <Khophus> (Ha!)
9:01:31 PM * *Kayalia places her folded war fan onto the inside of the door hole and pushes in to see how far it will go.
9:01:32 PM * *Khophus steps to the left one step
9:01:37 PM <Miri> “Never mind, that didn't work!”
9:01:43 PM <DM_Tol> A knife also flies down the hall, right at Dylan. (roll Dex save Dylan, DC13)
9:01:58 PM <Khophus> “What didn't work? The knife came right at me!”
9:02:12 PM <Miri> “I was hoping nothing would come at you. Go back to sitting still!”
9:02:30 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus shuffles as the blade swings past his knee.
9:02:49 PM <DM_Tol> A flying knife soars at Dylan.
9:02:56 PM <DM_Tol> ( Dylan| are you here?)
9:03:03 PM <Dylan|> 1d20
9:03:04 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(20)]: 20 (Excellent)
9:03:22 PM <Theirand> (and he snatches it out of the air while dodging lol)
9:03:25 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan deftly hops over the low-flying knife with shatters into dust as it hits the wall.
9:03:54 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia fiddles with her war fan.
9:03:57 PM <DM_Tol> Nothing happens.
9:04:10 PM <Kayalia> (how… far…)
9:04:15 PM <DM_Tol> (how long and thick is your war fan when folded up?)
9:04:15 PM * *Khophus plops down in the sand, keeping his shield up ahead of him
9:04:48 PM <DM_Tol> (There is not much sand Khophus. It is a finely cut, though dusty tunnel.)
9:04:54 PM <Dylan|> (dylan|)
9:05:04 PM <Dylan|> ( dylan )
9:05:08 PM <Dylan|> ( dylan| )
9:05:19 PM <Dylan|> (can someone try typing my name out please)
9:05:33 PM <DM_Tol> ( Dylan| )
9:05:38 PM <DM_Tol> ( Dylan| )
9:05:45 PM <Khophus> (Dylan)
9:05:48 PM <Dylan|> (perfect)
9:05:50 PM <DM_Tol> (first one was tab autocomplete, second was me typing it)
9:06:14 PM <Dylan|> (one more time)
9:06:21 PM <Terres> (so did the first trap shot at their legs?)
9:06:52 PM <DM_Tol> ( Dylan| autocompleted )
9:06:58 PM <Kayalia> (I'm not sure, probably like 10 inches long, 1 wide, 1/2 thick?)
9:07:00 PM <DM_Tol> ( Dylan| typed out )
9:07:14 PM <Dylan|> (cool, thanks)
9:07:19 PM <DM_Tol> The slot seems longer than your fan.
9:07:45 PM <Ash> (Anybody have a 10' pole?)
9:07:53 PM <Kayalia> “Hmm, this hole on the door is pretty deep….”
9:08:16 PM <Khophus> (That's a third date question, Ash)
9:08:25 PM <Miri> “terres has a blade that i think will fit, but he's on the other side of the cooridor.”
9:09:18 PM * *Dylan| moves to join the rest of the group at the door
9:10:05 PM <Miri> (ash, teres, dylan, and khophus are not at the door, kay and i are the only ones at the door)
9:10:06 PM <DM_Tol> (Dylan| , you are walking forward into the blade trap with no specific plan?)
9:10:30 PM <Ash> “Where are you going?”
9:10:31 PM <Theirand> (A Tessen [Japanese War Fan], is roughly 9.4“ long, 1.75” wide, and 1.25“ thick when folded)
9:11:02 PM <Kayalia> “Miri, maybe you can block one of these holes with your shield, and have them walk on one side of the corridor?”
9:11:20 PM <Dylan|> (hmm)
9:11:32 PM <Kayalia> (yay my guess was close)
9:11:37 PM <Dylan|> (no)
9:11:42 PM <Miri> “I don't have a shield. But i can block some slots with my body for a round.”
9:11:53 PM <Theirand> (I have a shield… lol)
9:11:54 PM <Dylan|> (i'm gonna try edging along the wall)
9:12:15 PM * *Ash touches Dylan before he goes…
9:12:25 PM * *Ash mutters some sort of incantation.
9:12:28 PM <Khophus> “I have a shield.”
9:12:33 PM <Ash> “I think this might help.”
9:12:39 PM <Dylan|> “Thank you”
9:12:41 PM <Terres> “if you are going to go take this sword”
9:12:43 PM <Ash> (Guidance)
9:12:50 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan moves foward . After about 10ft, a circlular blade triggers and swipes at him.
9:12:55 PM <Dylan|> 1d20
9:12:55 PM <DM_Tol> 1d2 1 = your side
9:12:56 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(13)]: 13
9:12:56 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d2(1) '1 = your side']: 1
9:13:06 PM * *Terres passes the sword to dylan
9:13:09 PM <Ash> (1d4 to an attribute check, lasts 1 minute)
9:13:11 PM <DM_Tol> (Dylan rolls save with disadvantage)
9:13:13 PM <Dylan|> (dc 13 right?)
9:13:22 PM <DM_Tol> (Yes. but roll again)
9:13:35 PM <Dylan|> (whats the disadntag mod?)
9:13:59 PM <DM_Tol> (it means roll twice and take lower result)
9:14:05 PM <Dylan|> 1d20
9:14:05 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(10)]: 10
9:14:11 PM <DM_Tol> A circular blade slices at Dylan???s midsection, as he unfortuaetely was leaning against the wall the blade came out of.
9:14:15 PM <DM_Tol> 1d8 slicing damage.
9:14:15 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d8(1) 'slicing damage.']: 1
9:14:22 PM <DM_Tol> A knife flies through the air.
9:14:24 PM <DM_Tol> 1d4
9:14:24 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d4(2)]: 2
9:14:45 PM <Dylan|> (so the knife still flys towards me even though I am against a wall?)
9:14:49 PM <DM_Tol> Theirand feels the dirk flies at his torso. (roll save )
9:15:00 PM <Dylan|> (or is the corridor just too small for that to make a difference)
9:15:07 PM <Ash> (Well I tried. /me wipes Dylan's blood from his hands)
9:15:07 PM <Theirand> 1d20+3 dex save
9:15:08 PM <Terres> “See the traps are alternating, the last one attacked the legs”
9:15:08 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(8)+3 'dex save']: 11
9:15:08 PM <DM_Tol> A circular blade comes out of the wall and slices at Dylan???s midsection, as he unfortuaetely was leaning against the wall the blade came out of.
9:15:22 PM * *Terres yells the next trap will attack high
9:15:24 PM * *Dylan| stops
9:15:33 PM <DM_Tol> 1d6 The flying knife sticks in Theirand???s stomach.
9:15:33 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d6(4) 'The flying knife sticks in Theirand???s stomach.']: 4
9:15:48 PM <Theirand> (does it still burst into dust?)
9:15:51 PM <Dylan|> “THere has to be more to this?”
9:16:04 PM <DM_Tol> (After a few seconds, or when you pull it out, it poofs.
9:16:12 PM * *Kayalia fans her weapon and covers the hole on the right, facing the door. “Have them stick to the right-side of the hall while I hold this over the opening.”
9:16:30 PM <Miri> (isn't there more than one hole?)
9:16:35 PM <Kayalia> (my fan is indestructible as its magic power so that's a plus…)
9:16:41 PM <DM_Tol> (in the door, Miri?)
9:16:47 PM <Dylan|> (anyone wanna try catching an arrow?)
9:16:49 PM <Miri> (where the blades come from)
9:17:11 PM <Kayalia> (I'm only blocking the dart… it will halve the number of things people have to dodge.)
9:17:22 PM <DM_Tol> (you two basically saw none of this. the blade came from the wall further back down the hall)
9:17:45 PM <Dylan|> (did the people ahead see the place the projectile came from?)
9:18:09 PM <DM_Tol> (so like, seemed to you, that as blades flew as you made your way downt he hall, the came out of the walls 20-40ft up ahead of you always)
9:18:40 PM <DM_Tol> (hard to say, Dylan??? was fast. and at the edge of light.)
9:18:53 PM <DM_Tol> (But for sure, Kayalia and Miri did not)
9:19:13 PM * *Terres ducks a bit and starts down the corridor
9:19:36 PM <DM_Tol> Terres enters the corridor, moving up alongside Dylan.
9:20:03 PM * *Kayalia yells down the hall “Try keeping to the right-hand side, I'll see if I can block the darts! Watch out for the blades, though!”
9:20:19 PM <Khophus> “Me?”
9:20:20 PM <DM_Tol> An anvil blade swings down upon him. (Terres, roll a save +10 bonus)
9:20:33 PM <DM_Tol> (Dex save DC13)
9:20:40 PM <Terres> 1d20+10
9:20:40 PM <TolBot> [Terres's 1d20(11)+10]: 21
9:21:07 PM <DM_Tol> Terres ducks easily, anticipating the blade as a dagger flies by.
9:21:11 PM <DM_Tol> 1d5
9:21:12 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d5(1)]: 1
9:21:22 PM <Terres> (did this one go high?)
9:21:41 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan, the flying knife soars at your head. (DC13 dex save)
9:22:00 PM <DM_Tol> (Yes. ??? anvil blade swings down upon him???)
9:22:26 PM <DM_Tol> ( Dylan| a Dex save dc13 plz )
9:22:42 PM * *Terres waits for dylan to finish dodging the blade then explains his trap theory to him
9:23:08 PM <Dylan|> 1d20
9:23:08 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(4)]: 4
9:23:14 PM <DM_Tol> 1d6
9:23:14 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d6(1)]: 1
9:23:35 PM <DM_Tol> A dagger grazes Dylan???s neck (1 hp) and then poofs against the wall.
9:23:53 PM <Ash> “I am completely surprised there isn't a way to disable this trap from this end of the hall.”
9:24:15 PM <Terres> “next trap will shoot for the legs”
9:24:26 PM <Kayalia> (so… the darts are coming from somewhere else now? ._.)
9:24:35 PM <DM_Tol> (what Kayalia?)
9:24:37 PM <Miri> “We really suck at these traps by the way!”
9:24:48 PM <DM_Tol> * * game pause * *
9:24:56 PM <Dylan|> “I feel like there should be a way to avoid this trap, so the creators could go down this hallway if they wanted to”
9:25:02 PM <Terres> (are you guys seeing what i wrote?)
9:25:14 PM <Theirand> (Sorry about that, kiddo needed my attention)
9:25:18 PM <DM_Tol> (Kayalia??? as always, anytime someone moved forward, it triggered to ???attacks???)
9:25:20 PM <DM_Tol> (hush)
9:25:55 PM <Kayalia> (well I blocked the hole and he still got a dart so obviously there's more places they come from… sigh)
9:26:29 PM <DM_Tol> (one was a blade swinging at where you are, protruding from the walls or sometimes down from the ceiling. the other was a flying knife/dirk/dagger that flew from somewhere up ahead of your triggering position, like from the wall or ceiling 20-40ft ahead of you)
9:27:02 PM <DM_Tol> (The flying dagger slots close to the door where Kayalia is, only shot knives as you neared the end of the hall)
9:27:07 PM <DM_Tol> * *game unpaused * *
9:27:27 PM <Miri> (but Terres and i were able to discern a pattern?)
9:27:39 PM <Terres> (we cant block the knives but we can predict how they will attack)
9:27:40 PM * *Kayalia sits down and rests against the wall. “I'm feeling like it was pointless coming down here.”
9:28:40 PM <DM_Tol> (Terres, i don???t understand why the party has spent the entire session ignoring you)
9:28:48 PM <Miri> “The wrong people came down here that's all, but we all need to make it here sooner or later, either that or we all leave and go back and say we failed.”
9:28:51 PM <Terres> “Every time a trap is triggered it will attack in sequence, low, mid, high and repeat”
9:29:05 PM * *Dylan| pauses
9:29:17 PM <Dylan|> “Ok”
9:29:25 PM <Terres> (well i am a dwarf and very short, maybe my voice doesnt carry far)
9:29:26 PM <Dylan|> “So I should try going 10 feet and jumping?”
9:29:34 PM <Ash> “Well then, that should make dodging them easier.”
9:29:53 PM <Terres> “Next one will go for the feet”
9:30:04 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan advances. A blade triggers. (Roll Dex save, DC13 with +10 bonus)
9:31:26 PM <Terres> (if i see him move can i move together with him or should i wait for him to finish)
9:31:34 PM <DM_Tol> ( Dylan| plz roll a Dex save dc13 with a +10 bonus for anticipating the blade )
9:32:13 PM <Ash> “Anybody else planning on going across, let me know so I can attempt to give you minor protections.”
9:32:23 PM <DM_Tol> * *sigh*
9:32:29 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20+10 dc13
9:32:30 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d20(5)+10 'dc13']: 15 (Success)
9:32:36 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan avoid the trap.
9:32:41 PM <DM_Tol> 1d4
9:32:42 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d4(1)]: 1
9:33:13 PM <DM_Tol> Ash, a knife flies at your head. (roll dex save dc13 with +10 bonus if you???ve started paying attention to Terres)
9:33:23 PM <Dylan|> 1d20
9:33:24 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(19)]: 19
9:33:31 PM <DM_Tol> (too late, dylan)
9:33:37 PM <DM_Tol> (already rolled for you)
9:33:39 PM <Dylan|> (sorry got distracted)
9:33:46 PM <DM_Tol> Ash, a knife flies at your head. (roll dex save dc13 with +10 bonus if you???ve started paying attention to Terres)
9:33:54 PM <Ash> 1d20+10
9:33:54 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(8)+10]: 18
9:34:02 PM <Ash> (Though I have been taking cover by the stairs)
9:34:11 PM <Dylan|> (im still making dc checks even though im not moving?)
9:34:20 PM <DM_Tol> (I assumed you came out since you were interacting, sorry, ash)
9:34:30 PM <DM_Tol> ( * *sigh* )
9:34:36 PM <Terres> (DM tried to move things allong)
9:34:41 PM <Ash> (No worries, I pop out every so often.)
9:34:48 PM <DM_Tol> (The flying blade came in your direction randomly after someone else moved)
9:35:17 PM <DM_Tol> (oh wait, yes, I moved you. hehe)
9:35:36 PM <DM_Tol> (YOu said, ???Dylan|: “So I should try going 10 feet and jumping?”??? so I moved you)
9:36:06 PM * *Terres explains how the trap works again after seeing confirmation
9:36:08 PM <DM_Tol> (Terres, would you like to advance 8# ? with bonus?)
9:36:21 PM <Terres> (sure)
9:36:39 PM <Terres> (how do i make it roll 8 times)
9:36:42 PM <DM_Tol> Now that Terres has explained that the trap quite apparently shoots low, mid, high, repeat, you can all advance with bonus)
9:36:51 PM <DM_Tol> 8#1d20+12 dc13
9:37:05 PM <DM_Tol> (that didn???t work hmm)
9:37:13 PM <DM_Tol> 1d20
9:37:13 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d20(13)]: 13
9:37:16 PM <Terres> 8#1d20+10 vs dc13
9:37:24 PM <DM_Tol> (not sure what???s up there)
9:37:34 PM <DM_Tol> 5#1d20+12 dc13
9:37:34 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d20(9)+12 'dc13']: 21 (Success)
9:37:35 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d20(6)+12 'dc13']: 18 (Success)
9:37:36 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d20(2)+12 'dc13']: 14 (Success)
9:37:37 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d20(8)+12 'dc13']: 20 (Success)
9:37:38 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d20(10)+12 'dc13']: 22 (Success)
9:37:52 PM <DM_Tol> (just do multiples of 5)
9:38:02 PM <Terres> (hmm it sent them to me in a message, i guess some sort of anty spam)
9:38:11 PM <DM_Tol> (8# for Khophus, dylan and Terres, 10# for the rest of you)
9:38:19 PM <DM_Tol> (ah)
9:38:20 PM <Terres> (should i reroll or take the results i got)
9:38:28 PM <DM_Tol> (yes, I see now)
9:38:29 PM <Ash> (Will cast guidance on whomever is next to go from the entrance side)
9:38:36 PM <DM_Tol> (it???s good)
9:38:49 PM <Khophus> 8#1d20+1”DC 13“
9:38:49 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(17)+1 '13”']: 18
9:38:50 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(3)+1 '13“']: 4
9:38:50 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(12)+1 '13”']: 13
9:38:51 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(19)+1 '13“']: 20
9:38:53 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(12)+1 '13”']: 13
9:38:54 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(19)+1 '13“']: 20
9:38:56 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(9)+1 '13”']: 10
9:38:57 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d20(17)+1 '13“']: 18
9:39:18 PM <DM_Tol> 2d8 damage to Khophus as he got hit twice.
9:39:18 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 2d8(14) 'damage to Khophus as he got hit twice.']: 14
9:39:43 PM <DM_Tol> (wait, khophus??? you didn???t add the bonus)
9:39:59 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus makes it through dodging unharmed.
9:40:00 PM <Khophus> (bonus?)
9:40:07 PM <DM_Tol> ( * *sigh* )
9:40:14 PM <Khophus> (Phew – considering I am at 8 HP)
9:40:20 PM <Theirand> (If its DC13, and I have a +13, do I even need to.. rofl)
9:40:27 PM <DM_Tol> (no)
9:40:38 PM <DM_Tol> (wait, yes??? any crit fail 1)
9:40:45 PM <Theirand> (aww :P
9:40:52 PM <Terres> (if those are acrobatics checks i get a+1 to it too so only 1 crit fail)
9:40:55 PM <Theirand> 10#1d20+13
9:40:55 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(4)+13]: 17
9:40:56 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(8)+13]: 21
9:40:56 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(1)+13]: 14 (Yowza)
9:40:57 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(4)+13]: 17
9:40:58 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(11)+13]: 24
9:41:01 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(5)+13]: 18
9:41:02 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(1)+13]: 14 (Oh, no)
9:41:02 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(19)+13]: 32
9:41:05 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(20)+13]: 33 (You da man.)
9:41:05 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d20(13)+13]: 26
9:41:07 PM <DM_Tol> repost: Now that Terres has explained that the trap quite apparently shoots low, mid, high, repeat, you can all advance with bonus
9:41:09 PM <Ash> (And there are 2 crit fails)
9:41:19 PM <Theirand> (and a nat20 lol)
9:41:24 PM <DM_Tol> 2d8 damage to Theirand
9:41:24 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 2d8(9) 'damage to Theirand']: 9
9:41:34 PM <Theirand> (and there goes half my health)
9:41:46 PM <DM_Tol> (they are not acrobat checks)
9:42:23 PM <Terres> (ok so i get 2 fails but 1 of them is crit fail)
9:42:37 PM <DM_Tol> 2d8 damage to Terres
9:42:37 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 2d8(9) 'damage to Terres']: 9
9:43:11 PM <DM_Tol> (everybody through? Ash?)
9:43:18 PM <Ash> (Note: I am casting guidance on people who leave the entrance area, gives you a 1d4 if you need it on one roll)
9:43:24 PM * *Terres makes it across the trap hallway but looks rough (like he has been through a trap hallways)
9:43:39 PM * *Ash sees he's the last to go, and mentally prepares himself.
9:43:44 PM <Ash> (guidance on myself)
9:43:49 PM <Ash> 5#1d20+10 DC13
9:43:49 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(12)+10 'DC13']: 22 (Success)
9:43:49 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(15)+10 'DC13']: 25 (Success)
9:43:50 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(12)+10 'DC13']: 22 (Success)
9:43:51 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(11)+10 'DC13']: 21 (Success)
9:43:51 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(10)+10 'DC13']: 20 (Success)
9:43:54 PM <Ash> 5#1d20+10 DC13
9:43:54 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(9)+10 'DC13']: 19 (Success)
9:43:55 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(13)+10 'DC13']: 23 (Success)
9:43:58 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(6)+10 'DC13']: 16 (Success)
9:43:58 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(17)+10 'DC13']: 27 (Success)
9:43:58 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d20(7)+10 'DC13']: 17 (Success)
9:44:00 PM <DM_Tol> (terres, your damage should be half of 9, so 5, cause of Ash)
9:44:11 PM * *Ash huffs and puffs.
9:44:13 PM * *Dylan| follows the group
9:44:17 PM <Terres> (thanks)
9:44:25 PM <Dylan|> (how many DC checks for me?)
9:44:28 PM * *Miri curls up in a safe area and waits.
9:44:36 PM <Ash> “If I ever meet the creator of this trapped hallway, we are going to have harsh words.”
9:44:36 PM <Terres> (me and you Dylan had 8 left)
9:45:38 PM <DM_Tol> The group gathers at the end of the hall.
9:45:54 PM <DM_Tol> (Inspiration point awarded to Terres)
9:46:08 PM <Ash> (/me claps)
9:46:08 PM <Terres> (already have one)
9:46:21 PM <DM_Tol> (oops, sorry then. can???t have two)
9:46:29 PM <Terres> ( i knew i would forget using it)
9:46:39 PM <Khophus> (brb – think the wife is destroying the house again)
9:46:52 PM <DM_Tol> (well, then kudos??? for discerning what I had designed to be a very easy pattern)
9:46:53 PM <Dylan|> (ok)
9:46:59 PM <Dylan|> (8,can ido them all at once)
9:47:19 PM * *Terres takes out the rusty acid sword and compares it to the sympbol above the door after everyone makes it accross
9:47:31 PM <DM_Tol> (if you read the log from last week the constant and oddly specific mentions of low middle high as the trap triggers is constant)
9:47:40 PM <DM_Tol> ( yes, dylan)
9:47:51 PM <DM_Tol> ( 8# )
9:47:56 PM <Miri> (to be fair, miri spent the whole time moving with rage, she aint gonna discern shit)
9:48:19 PM <DM_Tol> (i???m not talking about miri, I???m talking about May * *shrug* )
9:48:47 PM <Kayalia> (what about me?)
9:49:03 PM <DM_Tol> (lol.. oops)
9:49:10 PM <DM_Tol> (i???m not talking about miri, I???m talking about Shaddow * *shrug* )
9:49:32 PM <Miri> (shaddow was freaking lost, even your nudge didn't help, i'm terrible at these kinds of things!)
9:50:10 PM <DM_Tol> You all stand at the end of the corridor, before a large stone door.
9:50:21 PM <Dylan|> (ok)
9:50:32 PM <Theirand> (wheres Zio when we need somebody to unf the door to lubricate it…)
9:50:51 PM <Dylan|> (why did Ash have the +10 bonus?)
9:50:55 PM * *Terres tries to fiddle with the rusty sword clearly not used to the weapon
9:51:09 PM <Ash> (Because I followed the pattern)
9:51:28 PM * *Miri grabs the blade from terres gently, and slides it into the slot.
9:51:50 PM * *Khophus looks nervously over his shoulder down the alley
9:52:01 PM <DM_Tol> Re-repost: Now that Terres has explained that the trap quite apparently shoots low, mid, high, repeat, you can all advance with bonus
9:52:17 PM * *Dylan| follows the pattern
9:52:27 PM <Dylan|> 8#1d20+10 DC 13
9:52:28 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(16)+10 'DC 13']: 26
9:52:28 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(16)+10 'DC 13']: 26
9:52:30 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(5)+10 'DC 13']: 15
9:52:31 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(6)+10 'DC 13']: 16
9:52:33 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(6)+10 'DC 13']: 16
9:52:34 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(13)+10 'DC 13']: 23
9:52:35 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(6)+10 'DC 13']: 16
9:52:36 PM <TolBot> [Dylan|'s 1d20(13)+10 'DC 13']: 23
9:52:52 PM <DM_Tol> Dylan deftly dodges down the corridor joining the rest of you.
9:53:54 PM * *Dylan| catches his breath
9:54:00 PM <Dylan|> “That was … something”
9:54:26 PM * *Miri grabs the blade from terres gently, and slides it into the slot.
9:54:29 PM <Terres> “I am beggining to thing we are not welcome here!”
9:54:43 PM <DM_Tol> Terres pulls out the rusty sword from the acid pit. The symobl on the hilt matches the symbol above the door.
9:55:27 PM * *Khophus waits anxiously in the rear with the others.
9:55:29 PM <DM_Tol> Miri, as you slide the blade into the door slot, you hear a click and the door pops open a few inches.
9:55:36 PM <DM_Tol> The blade dissovles into dust.
9:55:49 PM * *Miri starts pulling on the door to open it more.
9:56:01 PM <DM_Tol> The heavy door slowly swings wider.
9:56:25 PM <Kayalia> “I'm surprised it can swing like that given how thick it apparently was…”
9:56:48 PM <Khophus> “I would much rather get to the other side of that door.”
9:57:01 PM <DM_Tol> (All the doors have been over 2 feet thick.)
9:57:05 PM <Miri> “you sure you want to considering the cooridor you just came through?”
9:57:27 PM * *Miri pulls the door open enough for us all to pass through.
9:57:46 PM <Kayalia> “If every corridor is going to be like this one, I need a drink.”
9:57:46 PM * *Terres looks around for a way to disable the traps in case we need to make a hasty retreat
9:57:54 PM <Ash> “Before we move forward, let's take some time to heal up.”
9:58:19 PM <Miri> “if you walk backwards from the door nothing happens, i checked already. it was only moving foward that mattered.”
9:59:03 PM <Terres> “oh good, i wouldnt want to have to do that again”
9:59:23 PM <Ash> (Anybody not injured, or not injured severely)
9:59:50 PM <Theirand> (I'm at 5/18 lol)
9:59:53 PM <Miri> “I'm just glad you figured out the pattern.”
9:59:55 PM <DM_Tol> (terres you can roll investigation)
10:00:03 PM <Khophus> (I'm at 8/29)
10:00:05 PM <Miri> (i'm at 9 of 35)
10:00:14 PM <Terres> 1d20+2 investigation
10:00:14 PM <TolBot> [Terres's 1d20(18)+2 'investigation']: 20
10:00:34 PM <Kayalia> (19/22 here)
10:00:38 PM <Terres> (i am down 5 i think)
10:00:41 PM <DM_Tol> You move through the door and there a small space with a stair descending to the right.
10:01:15 PM * *Ash begins a very long chant (10 minutes), incanting some sort of magical mumbo jumbo. Wounds start to knit and heal on everybody, except Kayalia (sorry only 6 targets)
10:01:16 PM * *Terres returns to the group not wanting to explore on his own
10:01:21 PM <DM_Tol> (There is enough room with the space on both sides of the door to rest.)
10:01:28 PM <DM_Tol> You are feeling tired, and some of you wounded.
10:01:37 PM <Ash> 2d8+2 hps healed to everybody except Kayalia.
10:01:37 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 2d8(6)+2 'hps healed to everybody except Kayalia.']: 8
10:01:51 PM <DM_Tol> Terres, you find no triggers or mechanisms for the blade trap.
10:02:15 PM <Kayalia> (well given I am the only one not bleeding buckets all over the place I don't blame you)
10:02:22 PM <Ash> (I also recommend a short rest.)
10:03:09 PM <DM_Tol> As everyone rests for a bit, ash invokes a healing ritual.
10:03:45 PM <Terres> (we didnt have a long rest since we we fought the rock monsters?)
10:03:48 PM <Kayalia> (well I get my force wind use back at least if we short rest…)
10:03:51 PM <Theirand> 1d6+2
10:03:51 PM <TolBot> [Theirand's 1d6(3)+2]: 5
10:04:11 PM <Theirand> (sweet, that took me back to full lol)
10:04:14 PM <DM_Tol> (when dm says you???re getting tired, that means you can take a long rest)
10:05:37 PM <Terres> (motion for long rest, anyone for aye?)
10:05:59 PM <Khophus> (Yes, long rest)
10:05:59 PM <Kayalia> 1d8+1 hit die heal
10:05:59 PM <TolBot> [Kayalia's 1d8(6)+1 'hit die heal']: 7
10:06:08 PM <Ash> (Well then, if we are long resting…)
10:06:16 PM * *Ash chants again, just in case.
10:06:24 PM <Miri> (long rest)
10:06:25 PM <Khophus> (let me get my iPad)
10:06:27 PM <Ash> 2d8+2 hps healed to everybody except myself.
10:06:29 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 2d8(8)+2 'hps healed to everybody except myself.']: 10
10:06:51 PM <DM_Tol> You each roll our your bedrolls and find a place to rest.
10:06:59 PM <DM_Tol> Eight hours pass.
10:07:13 PM <Terres> (we wake up dead)
10:07:15 PM <Ash> (And the demon lord murders us in our sleep)
10:07:17 PM <Theirand> (You have died… GAME OVER)
10:07:46 PM <Kayalia> (oh we're long resting instead now..)
10:07:53 PM * *Dylan| reads brieflyfrom a book before going to sleep
10:08:11 PM <Khophus> (*Sad trombone*)
10:08:32 PM * *Kayalia performs a tarrot card reading with her dragon's ante set.
10:08:48 PM * *Khophus curls up and falls asleep
10:09:22 PM <Miri> (and when they awoke they were all dead corpses)
10:09:43 PM <DM_Tol> You wake up to what feels to your body as morning(-ish).
10:10:28 PM * *Khophus stretches with a toothy grin. “Now, I feel human!”
10:10:40 PM <Ash> “You don't look it still.”
10:11:01 PM * *Kayalia wakes, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and thinking about the hazy reading she did last night before going to bed. She speaks quietly to herself, “Our path is as uncertain as ever, huh?”
10:11:02 PM <Miri> “I never feel human anymore.”
10:11:32 PM <Theirand> “I don't know what it feels like to be human…”
10:12:01 PM <Theirand> “Well, I guess I'm half human… but alas, I'll know what it feels like to be fully human…”
10:12:39 PM * *Khophus does some quick stretches and dons his armor.
10:12:39 PM <Terres> “I heard it feels taller.”
10:13:59 PM * *Khophus digs in his pack for some food and water.
10:14:11 PM * *Theirand chews on a ration
10:14:12 PM * *Terres takes some of the rations to snack on while everyeone prepares to continue
10:14:41 PM * *Kayalia looks over her party, not fully familiar with just anybody. What does everyone look like, anyway?
10:15:09 PM * *Ash chews quietly on one of his own rations, while people comment about being human.
10:15:52 PM * *Dylan| eats
10:16:35 PM <Ash> (Ash picture:
10:17:09 PM <Theriand> (jus' realized I typoed my name lol)
10:18:46 PM <Terres> ( i look similar to this but less insane :
10:19:09 PM <Khophus> ( – the picture I am using for Khophus)
10:20:12 PM <DM_Tol> The dark tunnel is quiet.
10:20:43 PM <Miri> (i'm looking for the descript i used, hang on)
10:20:44 PM <Theriand> ( )
10:20:46 PM * *Terres gets up after he eats his ration ” Shall we continue“
10:21:42 PM * *Khophus takes a swig of water. “Yes.”
10:22:38 PM <Miri> (still no light here, correct?)
10:22:45 PM * *Terres grinns “well you look like you can take a hit, so After you”
10:22:52 PM * *Ash rises.
10:22:54 PM <Kayalia> (I am thinking Kayalia looks like this: )
10:24:16 PM <DM_Tol> (no light)
10:24:22 PM <DM_Tol> Repost: The dark tunnel is quiet.
10:24:26 PM * *Terres refreshes Mage Armor on himself before continuing
10:25:02 PM <Miri> ( – miri probably looks close to that)
10:25:07 PM <DM_Tol> ( I have: Dungeon marching order: Dylan, Khophus, Terres, Ash, Theriand, Kayalia, Miri
10:25:08 PM <DM_Tol> )
10:25:21 PM * *Miri whispers 'marshmallow' and lights her blade.
10:25:31 PM * *Kayalia collects her things, stretches and siddles up to Theriand and Miri.
10:25:49 PM <DM_Tol> You begin descending the stairs. They look as the others, and go on for a similar distance.
10:26:19 PM <Terres> (did we pass a room with all the fire?)
10:27:17 PM <Ash> (nope)
10:27:57 PM <DM_Tol> Unlike the other passages, you see light at the end of the stairs.. faint.
10:28:16 PM <Dylan|> “That's different”
10:28:25 PM <Ash> “That's worrisome.”
10:28:28 PM <DM_Tol> As you descend, the temperature feels a bit warmer.
10:28:33 PM <Theriand> (do not go into the light!)
10:28:48 PM <Khophus> “Now, this is getting nice…”
10:29:18 PM * *Miri douses the light of her sword.
10:29:29 PM * *Terres remembers the Glyps carved near the entrance and the wall of flames engulfing the hallway
10:29:36 PM <DM_Tol> You reach the bottom of the stairs. To the right is a doorway into a cavern, lit with torchlight it seems, as you recognize the flicker.
10:31:13 PM <DM_Tol> As you turn to look into the space, you see that it is not torches, but an array of walls of flame spanning the cavern.
10:32:00 PM <Ash> “Well I knew this was coming sooner or later.”
10:32:28 PM <Khophus> “No problem.”
10:32:58 PM * *Khophus starts to step out of his armor, handing his shield and sword to Miri absent-mindedly.
10:33:10 PM * *Terres looks up at Khophus and shakes his head
10:33:17 PM <DM_Tol> On the wall you see ??? | | | | ???
10:33:23 PM <Terres> “This is going to be interesting”
10:34:19 PM * *Khophus continues taking off his clothing.
10:34:28 PM <Miri> “so we are just handing the metal to me now?” looks at khophus confused.
10:34:34 PM <DM_Tol> Ahead of you, is a rough cut cavern, similar to the size of the level with the rock monsters. all the surroundings are covered VERY thick in soot.
10:34:39 PM <Khophus> “Now – what should I do at the end of the hallway?”
10:34:50 PM * *Terres takes a look at the flaming walls and then checks the ceiling
10:34:56 PM <DM_Tol> Rings of flame go off sporadically in different parts down the hall, randomly.
10:35:22 PM <Ash> “Well first off, put your damn clothes back on.”
10:35:31 PM <Ash> “nobody wants to see that!”
10:35:37 PM <Terres> (rings of flame?)
10:37:11 PM <Khophus> “Fire doesn't hurt me like it hurts the rest of you. I'll be fine.”
10:37:23 PM <DM_Tol> (so, you know like the burner in a heater? a bar with little holes that when it fires up, the flames come out of???. think of that, but recessed into the floor, walls and ceiling, such that the flames fill the space. five of these ahead.)
10:38:00 PM <Terres> “what if its a magic flame?”
10:38:27 PM <Terres> “Previous traps had hints of ancient magic”
10:38:32 PM <Ash> “Uh excuse me. I'm tollerant to it as well, and also to magic.”
10:39:30 PM <Dylan|> “I don't think I am”
10:39:49 PM <Terres> “well if you make it to the other side look for a way to disable the traps, and maybe you should take the medalion with you as well”
10:40:47 PM <DM_Tol> The rings of flame burn constantly, only occassionally sputtering randomly from time to time.
10:41:16 PM * *Khophus takes the medallion in one hand, and stands at the mouth of the hallway.
10:42:51 PM * *Khophus takes a careful step forward.
10:43:08 PM <DM_Tol> (you can clearly see where each ring is.)
10:43:25 PM * *Ash waits to see what happens, while fishing into his pocket for his ioun stone.
10:43:48 PM * *Khophus walks forward, stopping before the first ring.
10:44:53 PM * *Khophus walks over to the far side of the hallway to minimize the fire's affect and walks forward.
10:45:43 PM <DM_Tol> As you step forward, your feet sink in the soot, like walking in snow.
10:45:54 PM <DM_Tol> Khphus steps through a ring.
10:45:59 PM <DM_Tol> 2d8 fire damage
10:45:59 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 2d8(12) 'fire damage']: 12
10:46:10 PM <Khophus> (“Hey – what smells like summer sausage?”)
10:46:10 PM <DM_Tol> The intense heat pours over him.
10:46:23 PM <Khophus> (taking six because resistance)
10:46:56 PM <DM_Tol> (you bringing your belongings? anything flammable like a pack will ignite.)
10:47:08 PM * *Khophus grits his teeth and walks quickly through – not yelling because he doesn't want to disenhearten the others
10:47:20 PM <Miri> (he handed me his clothing and stuff)
10:47:27 PM <Khophus> (Nope, just me and my swinging codpiece)
10:47:34 PM <DM_Tol> (ok)
10:47:36 PM <Miri> (and he has the medallian)
10:47:40 PM <DM_Tol> (you???re moving forward?)
10:47:49 PM * *Kayalia grimaces at the thought of trudging through a room full of soot.
10:48:04 PM <Khophus> (trying to stay out of the worst of the flames)
10:48:13 PM <DM_Tol> 2d8 He passes the second ring.
10:48:13 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 2d8(12) 'He passes the second ring. ']: 12
10:48:21 PM <DM_Tol> (again?)
10:48:42 PM <Ash> 1d4+2 healing word on Khophus.
10:48:42 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d4(2)+2 'healing word on Khophus.']: 4
10:48:48 PM <Ash> (4 hps back)
10:48:53 PM <Khophus> (how many rings am I going to have to go through?)
10:49:09 PM <DM_Tol> (YOu think there are 5 total)
10:49:25 PM <Terres> “We are brute forcing this, i am sure there is a way to get around them somehow”
10:49:31 PM <Ash> 1d4+2 healing word on Khophus.
10:49:31 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d4(1)+2 'healing word on Khophus.']: 3
10:49:39 PM <Ash> (Another 3 back, so that's up to 7 right now)
10:49:44 PM <DM_Tol> The soot stirs up and you move forward.
10:49:49 PM <DM_Tol> (as you move)
10:49:56 PM * *Ash yells out. Watch out for falling spikes from the ceiling at the end.
10:50:06 PM * *Kayalia fans herself with her weapon. Pheew.
10:50:30 PM <DM_Tol> (Kayalia: ???I DO declare it is baumy in here???)
10:50:49 PM <Kayalia> (hehe)
10:50:54 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia creates a small breeze with her fan.
10:51:31 PM * *Khophus , panting from the pain, continues on…
10:51:34 PM * *Terres checks the walls near this end of the hallway for any mechanisms that could disable the flames
10:51:42 PM <Kayalia> (and thus gains a +1 bonus on comfort checks vs. balminess)
10:52:31 PM <Terres> (also when you said the soot stirs up, is that as in something is beneath it?)
10:52:57 PM <DM_Tol> 2d8 Khophus passes the third ring.
10:52:58 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 2d8(12) 'Khophus passes the third ring. ']: 12
10:53:28 PM <DM_Tol> The breeze from Kayalia???s fan cools the heat off you Theriand as you stand nearby.
10:53:54 PM <Khophus> (I just see Khophus, crawling in misery, soot covering his face like a grim mask…we cut back to the opening and the others are eating ice cream or sipping on ice cold lemonade. 'Doing good, Khophus – keep it up!')
10:54:18 PM <Ash> (How far away is he, so I can continue healing him if needed?)
10:54:21 PM * *Theriand looks at Kayalia with a slight smile, “Interesting choice for a weapon, but serves another purpose as well I see.”
10:54:22 PM <Terres> (wawtch me find the off switch just as you pass the 5th ring)
10:54:51 PM <Ash> (/me casually reaches over…CLICK!…the flames recede.)
10:55:04 PM <DM_Tol> (Each ring is like 20 ft spread)
10:55:15 PM <Ash> 1d4+2 LAST healing word on Khophus.
10:55:15 PM <TolBot> [Ash's 1d4(2)+2 'LAST healing word on Khophus.']: 4
10:55:33 PM <Ash> (4 hps back.)
10:56:55 PM <Khophus> (oh, dammit)
10:56:57 PM <Kayalia> “That it does. It's actually got a purpose in its form.”
10:57:30 PM <DM_Tol> Kayalia shows off her fan and a breeze cools your warmed skin, staving off the heat.
10:58:28 PM * *Kayalia does a half bow while gracefully weaving her fan in the air. “I'd love to perform for everyone once things are over and done with.”
10:59:09 PM <Terres> (hey Khophus , hurry up man we are suffering and melting over here)
10:59:11 PM * *Khophus grimly pushes on – chanting something his adopted father taught him in the constabulary.
10:59:24 PM <DM_Tol> 2d8 Khophus passes the fourth ring.
10:59:24 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 2d8(4) 'Khophus passes the fourth ring. ']: 4
11:01:22 PM <DM_Tol> (again?)
11:01:37 PM * *Terres gets as clse to a ring of fire as comfortable then tries to discern a pattern in the flickering
11:01:49 PM <Khophus> (pushing on)
11:02:01 PM <DM_Tol> Terres, you see no pattern you can detect.
11:02:01 PM <Kayalia> “Exploring ruins isn't exactly my forte,” she looks mournfully at the flames. “I can't help but feel a little bit unhelpful.”
11:02:03 PM <DM_Tol> 2d8 Khophus passes the fifth ring.
11:02:03 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 2d8(11) 'Khophus passes the fifth ring. ']: 11
11:02:11 PM <Khophus> (My dad didn't raise a quitter…he also didn't raise the sharpest tool in the shed)
11:02:43 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus, the pain is searing, and you nearly pass out from it. Only your feet, covered thick in soot, are not aching in agony.
11:03:08 PM * *Khophus gets an idea…
11:03:25 PM * *Khophus takes the soot and spreads it all over him on the ground.
11:03:40 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus rolls on the ground, soiling himself.
11:03:42 PM <Ash> “What the heck is he doing?”
11:03:45 PM <Khophus> (also – using second wind)
11:03:48 PM <Kayalia> (flame retardant lizard)
11:03:58 PM <Khophus> 1d10+3
11:03:58 PM <TolBot> [Khophus's 1d10(4)+3]: 7
11:04:18 PM <Terres> (didnt you just pass all 5 rings)
11:05:15 PM * *Khophus stands up, inching towards the flame to test his brilliant idea.
11:05:38 PM <Ash> (He apparently has been hit with a confusion spell on that last ring.)
11:05:57 PM <Kayalia> (lol)
11:06:10 PM <Theriand> (nice, the DM broke the PC)
11:06:26 PM <Kayalia> “What is the scaley guy doing, anyway? He's playing in the dirt and purposely walking into fire…”
11:06:28 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus stands near the flame.
11:06:39 PM <Khophus> (with this group, it's usually the other way around)
11:06:44 PM <DM_Tol> (entering it?)
11:07:19 PM <Khophus> (Sure – to test if the soot makes me more resistant to fire)
11:07:24 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus hop in and out of the flame circle, covered in soot. It seems to reduce the extent of the fire damage.
11:07:28 PM <DM_Tol> 1d8 fire damage
11:07:28 PM <TolBot> [DM_Tol's 1d8(7) 'fire damage']: 7
11:07:46 PM <Dylan|> “It looks painful”
11:07:57 PM * *Khophus grins and continues on
11:08:05 PM <DM_Tol> Khophus, the pain still seaps in, as you move back to the end of the cavern. At the end is a large stone door.
11:08:12 PM <Ash> “This self-mutilation looks painful.”
11:08:29 PM * *Terres yells over the flames “Just try to disable the fires, i dont think any of us would make this”
11:08:38 PM * *Khophus examines the door for sigils, marks, off switches
11:08:52 PM <DM_Tol> The soot stings your eyes, as the rest of the party looks on wondering, a couple of you staving off the heat basking the air flow of Kayalia???s magic fan.
11:08:57 PM <Miri> (giant arrow and written, consice instructions)
11:09:04 PM <DM_Tol> YOu see no sigils, marks or switches.
11:09:13 PM <DM_Tol> * * As this session of Heroes of Azod comes to a close * *

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