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[20:07] <DM_Tol> * Game Recap *
[20:07] * Wayfarer2 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
[20:07] <Ash> (Still need to file my application)
[20:07] <Theriand> (Oh! Tol, only time a log needs sent to me is if I'm offline, you can always check if I'm logging by doing: !log other than that I log 24/7)
[20:08] <DM_Tol> Our band of mighty, newly created heroes ventured to the ancient castle ruins, in search of the Demon Lord’s influence and where it has come from, or how.
[20:09] <DM_Tol> They found that the main central building of the castle grounds was an abandoned , long ago, series of barracks and living spaces and communal spaces.
[20:10] <DM_Tol> Three of the group then investigated the two-story building to the left (last week’s side adventure), and then the whole group examined the large and tall intact tower at the back of the castle grounds.
[20:10] <DM_Tol> The group then noticed a couple corpse back and to the left in the rubble of a fallen structure. Both look eaten on, one actually still alive.
[20:11] <DM_Tol> The barely-still a man winces and screams silently, as ancient curses constrict at the holy magic.
[20:11] <DM_Tol> He muttered: “… below …. must seal the … “
[20:12] <DM_Tol> And then, honoring his wish of “kill me”, his entrails hanging out, Miri and Khophus ended the creature’s life, as a demon above shrieks and then plummets toward you.
[20:12] <DM_Tol> * As this session 11 of Heroes of Azod begins *
[20:13] <Ash> “What the 9 hells is that?”
[20:13] <DM_Tol> The demon that flew out a window up high is descending.
[20:13] <Miri> “death from above?”
[20:14] * Khophus starts sprinting to move the rest of the part out of the way…
[20:14] <Miri> (brb)
[20:14] <DM_Tol> ( map if you like: )
[20:15] * Theriand readies a firebolt
[20:15] <DM_Tol> -init rolls plz
[20:15] <TolBot> Please make an initiative roll: 1d20+modifier. (You can make a roll 'for AnotherCharacter')
[20:15] <Theriand> 1d20+2
[20:15] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d20(3)+2]: 5
[20:15] <DM_Tol> 1d20+3 for FlyingDemon
[20:15] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(13)+3 'for FlyingDemon']: 16
[20:15] <Ash> 1d20
[20:15] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(12)]: 12
[20:16] <Khophus> 1d20+1
[20:16] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(9)+1]: 10
[20:16] <Dylan> 1d20+2
[20:16] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(16)+2]: 18
[20:18] <DM_Tol> -init end
[20:18] <TolBot> Initiative Order: Dylan 18, FlyingDemon, 16, Ash 12, Khophus 10, Theriand 5
[20:18] <Ash> “I think it's time to leave.”
[20:18] <Miri> (back)
[20:18] <Miri> 1d20-1
[20:18] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(13)-1]: 12
[20:18] <Ash> (Is this a BIG demon, a little demon. or medium sized demon?)
[20:19] <DM_Tol> -init set Miri 15
[20:19] <TolBot> Miri's init set to 15
[20:19] <DM_Tol> -init set Miri 12
[20:19] <TolBot> Miri's init set to 12
[20:19] <DM_Tol> The tiny winged creature descends ferociously.
[20:21] <Khophus> “MOVE!”
[20:22] <DM_Tol> The creature is 30 ft high.
[20:22] <DM_Tol> (Dylan)
[20:24] <Dylan> (is it 30 feet tall or 30 feet in the air?)
[20:24] <Khophus> (please, dear God say 'in the ar')
[20:25] <DM_Tol> (It is a tiny creature, so, two sizes below medium. It is 30ft in the air)
[20:25] <DM_Tol> (lol, kh)
[20:25] <DM_Tol> (It is stay-puff-mashmellow-man-size)
[20:26] <Dylan> (can i ready for a AOO?)
[20:26] * Dylan readies his sword
[20:26] <Dylan> (sorry no ranged weapons)
[20:26] <Miri> (you can hold your attack until it comes in range)
[20:26] * Dylan holds his attack until it comes in range
[20:27] <DM_Tol> (yes, but you don’t have to ready it. You can parry/dodge.)
[20:27] <DM_Tol> The creature swoops down.
[20:28] <Theriand> (brb, need to go re-glue my teeth rofl)
[20:28] <DM_Tol> 1d3
[20:28] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d3(2)]: 2
[20:28] <DM_Tol> It attack Dylan.
[20:29] <DM_Tol> 1d20+4
[20:29] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(11)+4]: 15
[20:30] <DM_Tol> (your ac?)
[20:30] <DM_Tol> You hear another shriek, as a second bat-like tiny demon descends.
[20:31] <DM_Tol> 1d3
[20:31] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d3(3)]: 3
[20:31] <Dylan> lemme check)
[20:31] <Theriand> (ok back)
[20:31] <Miri> (wb)
[20:31] <DM_Tol> It plummets to 20ft above and shrieks at Khophus.
[20:32] <DM_Tol> Khophus you feel fright come upon you, save Wisdom DC10)
[20:32] * Khophus roars back
[20:32] <Dylan> (12 I think)
[20:32] <Khophus> 1d20
[20:32] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(14)]: 14
[20:32] <DM_Tol> Khophus you shake off the prickles on your skin.
[20:32] <DM_Tol> 1d4+3 piercing bite damage to Dylan.
[20:32] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d4(4)+3 'piercing bite damage to Dylan.']: 7
[20:33] <DM_Tol> Dylan make a Con save DC10)
[20:33] <Dylan> 1d20 dc 10
[20:33] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(20) 'dc 10']: 20
[20:33] <DM_Tol> The Demon by Dylan flies back up 10 ft. (AO for Dylan)
[20:33] <Dylan> 1d20+2
[20:33] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(3)+2]: 5
[20:34] <DM_Tol> Dylan swipes at and misses the Demon.
[20:34] <DM_Tol> Ash and Miri)
[20:34] * Ash sees that his group is not fleeing, decides to hit it with a Sacred Flame, and reenchants his club with Shillelagh.
[20:34] <Ash> 1d20+4
[20:34] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(1)+4]: 5 (That stinks.)
[20:34] <Dylan> (i finally found my sheet in the gen)
[20:34] <DM_Tol> (yay)
[20:35] * Ash lets loose a wild shot.
[20:35] <DM_Tol> Ash misses.
[20:35] * Miri mutters as they move out of the way and backs up.
[20:35] <DM_Tol> Miri then Khophus and Theriand)
[20:36] <Khophus> (is one of those things in front of me?)
[20:38] <DM_Tol> (yes, and 20ft up)
[20:38] <Khophus> (muahhaa)
[20:39] <DM_Tol> (action? other than maniacal laughter)
[20:40] * Khophus takes a deep breath, then lets loose a ribbon of brazen flame
[20:40] <Khophus> 1d20
[20:40] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(18)]: 18
[20:41] <DM_Tol> (range?)
[20:41] <Khophus> 30 ft
[20:41] <DM_Tol> (hit)
[20:42] <Khophus> (he needs to make a Dex save DC 12)
[20:42] <DM_Tol> 1d20+3 DC12 to save vs Khophus’ bad breath
[20:42] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(17)+3 'DC12 to save vs Khophus’ bad breath']: 20 (Success)
[20:43] <Khophus> 2d6
[20:43] <TolBot> Khophus's 2d6(4)]: 4
[20:43] <Khophus> (he takes 2)
[20:43] <Khophus> (dang it)
[20:43] <DM_Tol> The fire barely reaches the demon, and it seems to do even lessa damage than your weak attack should.
[20:43] <DM_Tol> (Theriand)
[20:44] * Theriand throws a firebolt at the one near Khophus
[20:44] <Theriand> 1d20+5
[20:44] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d20(20)+5]: 25 (Sweet!)
[20:44] <Theriand> (how do crits work with spells? lol)
[20:44] <Miri> (same as normal)
[20:44] <DM_Tol> (hit… same, just roll the die twice. so if its 2d4+1, then roll 4d4+1
[20:44] <Theriand> 2d10
[20:44] <TolBot> Theriand's 2d10(16)]: 16
[20:44] <Theriand> (fire damage of course)
[20:45] <DM_Tol> Theriand gets off a critical strike with his fire bolt. It damages the demon severly, though less than he thought it would.
[20:45] <DM_Tol> -init report
[20:45] <TolBot> Initiative Order: Dylan 18, FlyingDemon, 16, Miri 12, Ash 12, Khophus 10, Theriand 5
[20:47] <DM_Tol> ( Dylan ?)
[20:48] <DM_Tol> 1d2
[20:48] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d2(1)]: 1
[20:48] <Dylan> 1d20+2
[20:48] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(19)+2]: 21
[20:48] <DM_Tol> (state action before rolling anything)
[20:48] * Dylan still holds attack for opportunity
[20:48] <Dylan> (brb glasses)
[20:49] <DM_Tol> ONe demon swoops on to Dylan.
[20:49] <DM_Tol> 1d20+3
[20:49] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(6)+3]: 9
[20:49] <DM_Tol> and returns to the aird. (attack, Dylan)
[20:49] <Dylan> 1d20+2
[20:49] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(2)+2]: 4
[20:49] <Dylan> (miss)
[20:50] <DM_Tol> The other attacking Khophus.
[20:50] <DM_Tol> 1d20+3
[20:50] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(15)+3]: 18
[20:50] <Khophus> (miss)
[20:51] <DM_Tol> (oops, it’s +4… hehe)
[20:51] * Ash takes a moment to aim and tries to sacred flame again.
[20:51] <Ash> 1d20+4
[20:51] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(13)+4]: 17
[20:51] <DM_Tol> 1d4+3
[20:51] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d4(3)+3]: 6
[20:51] <DM_Tol> (6 piercing damage as you are bitten, Khophus and roll a Con save DC10)
[20:52] <Khophus> 1d20+4
[20:52] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(15)+4]: 19
[20:52] <Khophus> “GRRAH!”
[20:52] <DM_Tol> The creature disappears.
[20:53] <DM_Tol> (MIri, then Ash)
[20:53] <Miri> (they are both in the air, yes?)
[20:54] <DM_Tol> (one is gone. one is 15t in theair
[20:54] * Miri will hold her turn until something comes into range that she can hack at.
[20:55] <Ash> (Correction, Sacred Flame is a Dex save, not a “to-hit)
[20:55] <DM_Tol> (ash, Khoph, Ther)
[20:55] <Ash> (So Dex save DC 12 please)
[20:55] <DM_Tol> 1d20+3 DC12 save
[20:55] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(2)+3 'DC12 save']: 5 (Fail)
[20:55] <Ash> 1d8 radiant damage
[20:55] <TolBot> Ash's 1d8(1) 'radiant damage']: 1
[20:55] <DM_Tol> (range?)
[20:55] <Dylan> (i'm gonna use my sword for +2 ac so im at 16 AC)
[20:55] <Ash> (60')
[20:56] <DM_Tol> 1d20+3 DC12 save
[20:56] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(16)+3 'DC12 save ']: 19 (Success)
[20:56] <DM_Tol> (it had advantage… doesn’t matter. still just 1)
[20:56] <DM_Tol> Ash nails the demon with a sacred flame.
[20:58] <Ash> (Nail is such a strong word)
[20:58] <Dylan> (do you remember if i had gotten hide or splint?)
[20:59] * ^ThEeYe^ ( has joined #grovewood
[20:59] <DM_Tol> Khophus ther)
[20:59] <^ThEeYe^> (howdy folks)
[21:00] <Miri> (hi sent)
[21:00] * Khophus looks around for a rock or something to throw at it.
[21:00] <DM_Tol> (You can find a rock)
[21:01] * Khophus hurls it at the little flitter…
[21:01] <Khophus> 1d20+1
[21:01] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(7)+1]: 8
[21:01] <DM_Tol> (roll, improvised weapon… . ok. miss)
[21:01] <DM_Tol> (Theriand)
[21:01] * Theriand throws another firebolt
[21:01] <Khophus> (…and breaks a window pane from Old Man McGullicuty's house)
[21:01] <Theriand> 1d20+5
[21:01] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d20(3)+5]: 8
[21:01] <DM_Tol> Theriand throws a stray firebolt.
[21:01] <DM_Tol> -init report
[21:01] <TolBot> Initiative Order: Dylan 18, FlyingDemon, 16, Miri 12, Ash 12, Khophus 10, Theriand 5
[21:01] <Khophus> (for my action surge, I'm using Second wind)
[21:02] <Khophus> 1d10+2
[21:02] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d10(8)+2]: 10
[21:03] <DM_Tol> ( Dylan ?)
[21:03] <DM_Tol> A demon appears and swoops, biting Theriand.
[21:03] <DM_Tol> 1d20+4
[21:03] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(3)+4]: 7
[21:04] <DM_Tol> (missing, and then flies up 5 ft right above Ther)
[21:05] <DM_Tol> Another attacks …
[21:05] <DM_Tol> 1d2
[21:05] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d2(2)]: 2
[21:06] <DM_Tol> 1d20+4 at Khophus
[21:06] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(1)+4 'at Khophus']: 5 (Sorry.)
[21:06] <DM_Tol> Khophus ao)
[21:07] <Khophus> 1d20+5
[21:07] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(6)+5]: 11
[21:07] <Khophus> (hit?)
[21:08] <DM_Tol> Khopnus misses.
[21:08] <DM_Tol> (MIri, Ash khop)
[21:08] * Miri will move next to Ther and then wait for the demon to come into range to attack.
[21:08] * Ash Sacred Flames another one (Dex DC 12)
[21:10] <DM_Tol> 1d20+3 advantage DC12
[21:10] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(7, 2)+3 'advantage DC12']: 10 (Fail)
[21:10] <Ash> 1d8
[21:10] <TolBot> Ash's 1d8(4)]: 4
[21:11] <DM_Tol> Ash hits the demon bat creatures and it falls to the ground. It dissipates is a puff of smoke as it hits the ground.
[21:11] <DM_Tol> Khophus Theriand)
[21:12] <Ash> “We should try to capture one of these things alive to bring it back with us.”
[21:12] * Khophus scoops up another rock and hurls it at the remaining one
[21:12] <Khophus> 1d20+1
[21:12] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(9)+1]: 10
[21:13] <DM_Tol> Khophus hurls another rock into the air. (Theriand)
[21:13] * Theriand throws again
[21:13] <Theriand> 1d20+5
[21:13] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d20(14)+5]: 19
[21:13] <Theriand> 1d10
[21:13] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d10(4)]: 4
[21:13] <DM_Tol> (what is that attack, Theriand a firebolt?)
[21:13] <Theriand> (yup)
[21:14] <DM_Tol> Theiand hits the creature with a firebolt, which does less damage apparently than he thought the attack should.
[21:14] <DM_Tol> -init report
[21:14] <TolBot> Initiative Order: Dylan 18, FlyingDemon, 16, Miri 12, Ash 12, Khophus 10, Theriand 5
[21:17] <DM_Tol> The remaining demon swoops again.
[21:17] <DM_Tol> 1d20+4 at Theriand
[21:17] <TolBot> <[DM_Tol's 1d20(2)+4 'at Theriand']: 6
[21:18] <DM_Tol> It misses with his bite.
[21:18] <Miri> (did it come into range where i could hit it?)
[21:18] <DM_Tol> Dylan and Miri yes, in range)
[21:18] <DM_Tol> (technically, you need to be right underneath it, but it’s all good)
[21:19] <Miri> (so i my held attack happens then?)
[21:19] <Dylan> (ok)
[21:19] <Dylan> 1d20
[21:19] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(10)]: 10
[21:19] <DM_Tol> (you can attack now, Miri it’s you in the rotation)
[21:19] <DM_Tol> Dylan what was that?)
[21:19] <Miri> 1d20+4
[21:19] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(17)+4]: 21
[21:20] <Miri> 2d6+4
[21:20] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(7)+4]: 11
[21:20] <DM_Tol> Dylan you can have attacked if you move to it)
[21:20] <DM_Tol> Miri destorys the demon bat, as it dissipates into smoke.
[21:20] <DM_Tol> Things go quiet.
[21:21] * Miri mutters “that was disapointing. I hardly got to attack at all.”
[21:21] * Ash looks around for any signs of remains.
[21:21] <Dylan> (oh i didn't open the grid lemme find it)
[21:21] * Theriand looks around as well
[21:21] <DM_Tol> Ash it seems all the remains disappated into smoke and died off.
[21:22] <DM_Tol> ( )
[21:23] * Ash looks a bit disappointed.
[21:23] <Ash> “We should withdraw and report our findings. The room over there…
[21:23] * Ash points back to the side room they explored.
[21:23] <Ash> ”… has a hidden passage that goes down under the earth.”
[21:24] <Khophus> “And corpses.”
[21:24] <DM_Tol> Miri and Theriand you recall that the other 3 explored that side structure without you.)
[21:24] <DM_Tol> (it was stairs that lead up)
[21:26] <DM_Tol> (from last session: Before you eyes, a set of winding stair grows from the wall and an opening in the ceiling above.)
[21:27] <Dylan> “Yes, we should. I'm not sure if we can really take this on at this moment”
[21:27] <Theriand> “I think we should go back and report”
[21:28] <Dylan> “I agree”
[21:30] <Miri> “what all do we have to report?”
[21:30] <Khophus> “Umm…“
[21:31] <Dylan> “What we've seen and encountered?”
[21:31] * Khophus taps his forehead, trying to remember what he's seen
[21:31] <Miri> “and what were we sent here to do?”
[21:31] <Dylan> “gather information on whats here”
[21:32] <Miri> “well, if you all think we have enough to report, lets go.”
[21:32] <DM_Tol> (ash, did you get the correction?)
[21:32] <Ash> (I did)
[21:33] <DM_Tol> As you move toward the front of the castle grounds, away from the menacingly and in-better-shape tower, you see the building you previously explored on the left.
[21:33] <DM_Tol> The two story structure is where you revealed hidden stairs and then left.
[21:34] <DM_Tol> Hidden stairs presumably to the second story you never climbed up to.
[21:34] <Ash> “Perhaps we might want to look at that second floor first, in case there's more survivors.
[21:35] <Khophus> “Yes.”
[21:35] <DM_Tol> You head to the standing structure, the door ajar.
[21:37] * Dylan agrees
[21:37] <Miri> (building 2?)
[21:37] <DM_Tol> (Yes, building 2)
[21:38] <Miri> (k)
[21:38] * Miri follows along.
[21:38] * Khophus trails along…trying to remember something other than toasted peanut butter sandwiches…
[21:40] <DM_Tol> You push the door open (yes?).
[21:40] <Khophus> “Sandwiches? No…come now, Khophus…what was it? What was I supposed to remember? A fingerful of peanut butter – no! Focus, you damnable lizard!”
[21:40] * Ash pauses to look at Khophus for a moment.
[21:40] <Ash> “What's wrong with you?”
[21:41] <Khophus> “I'm trying to remember something! All that's in my head is my papa's toasted sandwiches!”
[21:41] * Theriand gives Khophus a hearty slap to the back of the head, “That help any?”
[21:41] <Ash> “Uh…ok.”
[21:42] <DM_Tol> You push the door open (yes?).
[21:42] <DM_Tol> (sigh)
[21:42] <Miri> (yes)
[21:42] <DM_Tol> Inside you seed once again, a couple humanoid corpses, nearly bone only, thrown over and under a small table, cobwebs still in all the room corners.
[21:42] <DM_Tol> There are writings, carvings on the wall.
[21:42] <DM_Tol> On three walls are scenes carved and painted.
[21:42] <DM_Tol> The scenes are: 1. A set of of figures descending stairs. 2. a wall of flames engulfing a long hall, followed by a spikes falling from a ceiling, and 3. a glowing obelisk with figures around it bowing down.
[21:42] <Khophus> “oh! Oh! Crescent, square and…and…bread?”
[21:43] <Dylan> “Can someone copy those paintsing and writings?”
[21:44] <Ash> “Chaos.”
[21:44] * Ash sighs.
[21:44] <Theriand> (*whips out is psionic phone and snaps a mental photo*)
[21:44] <DM_Tol> On the third, shorter wall, there are three symbols.
[21:44] <DM_Tol> a crescent moon, a square, and a chaos symbol
[21:44] <DM_Tol> There is no sign of any staris.
[21:44] <Khophus> “That's not bread.”
[21:45] <DM_Tol> On the back left of the room, there is a dais.
[21:45] * Theriand tries to commit all of this to memory to relay it to she-whos-name-slipped-my-mind
[21:45] <DM_Tol> (Neoma)
[21:46] <Miri> (Neo's ma! hehehe)
[21:47] <DM_Tol> Atop the dais, there is a shallow bin with layer of sand inside.
[21:47] <Ash> (Is the passage open at the moment?)
[21:47] <Ash> (nevermind)
[21:47] * Ash draws all 3 symbols in the sand.
[21:47] <DM_Tol> There is no sign of any stairs.
[21:47] <DM_Tol> You sketch out a crescent, an after removing your finger, you hear and feel a sound of a warping force vibration. The crescent then fades into the level sand.
[21:48] <DM_Tol> The same for the Square and chaos symbol.
[21:48] <DM_Tol> Behind the dais, a set of winding stair grows from the wall and an opening in the ceiling above.
[21:48] <Khophus> “All three at the same time.”
[21:49] <DM_Tol> (no… one at a time is what worked)
[21:49] <Ash> “There you go, though one of us should figure out if there is a way to open the stairs before we all go up there and get stuck.”
[21:49] <Dylan> “That's a good idea…“
[21:51] <Theriand> (/me draws an icosahedron in the sand)
[21:53] <Ash> “I'll wait here, while you all check to see if there is a means of exit.”
[21:53] * Khophus marches up the stairs
[21:53] <DM_Tol> (i feel like i spend so much time waiting for y’all to “go through the door” or “head to the building” or “go up the stairs”.:)
[21:53] <Dylan> “I guess Khompus is going up”
[21:53] <Khophus> ”Khophus.”
[21:54] <DM_Tol> The group heads up the stairs, with Ash stopping halfway up for safety.
[21:54] <DM_Tol> Upstairs you find a supply room the same size, 25ftx25ft. Equipment is round the walls hanging on hooks and shelves.
[21:55] <DM_Tol> There are slits in the wall for looking out through the castle walls.
[21:55] <Khophus> (what sort of equipment?)
[21:55] * Miri takes a look at all the equipment.
[21:56] <DM_Tol> There is also a slit that looks out towards the companion building that is now mostly fallen (building 3).
[21:56] <DM_Tol> You see lots of differed humanoid armor and weapons.
[21:56] <Khophus> (anything better than chain that would fit me?)
[21:56] * Theriand looks around carefully for anything that may be useful to him
[21:57] <DM_Tol> Padded, Leather, Studded, Hide, Chain shirt, Chain mail, ring mail, Scale mail.
[21:57] * Miri loks for something that she could use for an extra weapon.
[21:57] <Miri> (*looks)
[21:57] <DM_Tol> Clubs, daggers, handaxes, hammers and maces an swoards.
[21:58] <DM_Tol> Arrows and needles and bolts and sling bullets
[21:59] <Theriand> (light crossbows?)
[21:59] <DM_Tol> (Any item from PHB page 149, and page 145 under 100gp value)
[22:00] * Miri grabs some weapons and stashes them in her sack for now.
[22:00] * Theriand snags up a light crossbow and a fair amount of bolts
[22:00] <DM_Tol> (you’re gonna want to mind weight encumbrance here, if you start stockpiling random weapons)
[22:01] <DM_Tol> (20 bols, Ther)
[22:01] <DM_Tol> (*bolts)
[22:01] <DM_Tol> (i prefer you state in channel now what you acquire, for the record)
[22:02] <Theriand> (ok, I'm fine weight wise, I'm not carrying much)
[22:02] <Miri> (i'm looking stuff up now to make sure i can use it as a barbarian)
[22:02] <Ash> (I'll take the Vorpal Sword, the Holy Avenger, and the Staff of the Magi)
[22:02] <DM_Tol> (ok)
[22:02] <DM_Tol> Ash looks around and finds none of the weapons he looks for.
[22:03] <DM_Tol> This room is in impeccable condition, compared to what is below. Untouched it seems, for quite some time.
[22:03] * Dylan grabs some upgrades
[22:03] * Khophus grabs a long bow and 40 arrows and a quiver
[22:04] <Khophus> (…and a phased plasma rifle in the 40 Megawatt range…)
[22:04] * Miri grabs four daggers.
[22:04] * Dylan gets sling and ammo
[22:07] * Miri also grabs two hand axes.
[22:07] <Theriand> (*raids the case of health potions*)
[22:08] <Dylan> (huh i've been doing my damage wrong, it's 2d6+4 not 2d6+2)
[22:08] <DM_Tol> Theriand opens a case in the corner, and finds 5 potion vials.
[22:08] <DM_Tol> (bummer, dylan)
[22:08] <Ash> (lol)
[22:08] <Dylan> (live and learn)
[22:08] * Theriand eyes the potions, then carefully stows them away
[22:08] <^ThEeYe^> (no SOJ ring)
[22:08] <DM_Tol> You all see a case of potions.
[22:09] <Khophus> (Do I find a blue box that's bigger on the inside?)
[22:09] <Theriand> (I want the TARDIS :P)
[22:10] * Dylan looks around
[22:11] <Dylan> “Soo?”
[22:12] <DM_Tol> Sketches on the wall seem to draw attention to the slit in the wall that looks out at the companion building. (#3)
[22:12] <Theriand> (actually I'd take a bag of holding, or a handy haversack :P)
[22:12] * Dylan makes notes of all the buildings and symbols
[22:13] * Khophus peers through the slit to the companion building
[22:13] <DM_Tol> These symbols seem to be arrows and bolts and axes and stones hurling towards the slit in the wall that looks out at the companion building.
[22:14] <DM_Tol> Khophus the building is partially in ruin, so accessible. You surmise that it was only one story.
[22:14] <Khophus> “Should we look at this one?”
[22:14] * Khophus points to the building?
[22:14] * Theriand tries out the crossbow by shooting a bolt out the slit towards #3 like the symbols show
[22:15] <Ash> “That one looks a bit dangerous.”
[22:15] <DM_Tol> Theriand you send a bolt out the slit as it lands in the rubble beyond.
[22:16] <Theriand> (rough time of day?)
[22:17] <DM_Tol> (late afternoon)
[22:17] <DM_Tol> (today you have, awken at the cave, travleed half an hour, fought the trees, explored two buildings, fought the flying demon bats)
[22:18] * Dylan nods
[22:18] <Dylan> “So now what?”
[22:18] <Theriand> “I do not wish to be here of a night, perhaps we should head back to camp soon, or perhaps to Neoma and fill her in on what we've found thus far”
[22:18] <Khophus> (brb)
[22:18] <Ash> “Agreed”
[22:19] <DM_Tol> Theriand as you pull back from the window, you see another sketch on the side of the window in the stone… of a figure looking out the window.
[22:19] * Theriand watches it as he moves away, before drawing the others attention to it
[22:19] <DM_Tol> Beside him is two buildings, one behind him taller, the other in front of him, the direction he looks, is shorter.
[22:21] <Ash> “Odd picture. This must be the building we are in and the one across the way.”
[22:21] * Theriand walks around the tower looking out to see if he can find the place that it refrences
[22:21] * Ash points to the big then small building.
[22:21] * Khophus looks around, starting to get a little bored…
[22:22] <DM_Tol> Theriand you suspect Ash is correct since the figure is looking out the window, that the taller building is the one you are in, and the other (#3) is the one he is watching.
[22:25] * Theriand looks around for any more drawings (Investigation?)
[22:25] <DM_Tol> That is all the drawings in the room.
[22:25] <DM_Tol> (i used passive)
[22:25] <DM_Tol> (and you found it all)
[22:26] <DM_Tol> (well, except you didn’t find the secret door to the vault where the magical equipment is)
[22:26] <Khophus> (I start knocking down random walls)
[22:26] <Theriand> (you best be kidding, because I will roll for that :P )
[22:26] <Theriand> 1d20+3 Investigation because I don't trust you :P
[22:26] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d20(16)+3 'Investigation because I don't trust you :P']: 19
[22:27] <Khophus> (Remember that time we collapsed the building and killed us all because Tollers told us there was a secret room with magic gear? Good times…good times…)
[22:27] <Theriand> (aaaand Theriand finds a secret alright, the trap that levels the tower…)
[22:27] <DM_Tol> You see no more drawings (or doors)
[22:27] <Theriand> “Alright, lets move on… Atleast we have a place to resupply now, and I think Neoma may be able to identify these potions. Hate to find out their poison by taking them.”
[22:29] * Dylan nods
[22:29] * Wayfarer ( Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
[22:29] <Dylan> “And I have all of these things written down she can look at”
[22:29] <Theriand> “Wait, you can write?” he grins.
[22:29] <Khophus> “And…no…that how you toast the bread. Cursed memory!'
[22:30] <DM_Tol> Theriand in your investigating, you do see through the window a drawing on a remaining wall at the companion building (#3).
[22:30] <Theriand> “Hey, theres a drawing on the building there.”
[22:30] <^ThEeYe^> (good night all, going to go pass out)
[22:31] * ^ThEeYe^ ( Quit (Quit: )
[22:31] <Ash> “Are you sure?”
[22:31] <Dylan> “I know some letters.. but mostly i just copied the shapes”
[22:32] <Theriand> “Pretty sure”
[22:33] * Khophus shrugs
[22:36] <Ash> “Ok, we'll go check, then leave.”
[22:36] * Khophus nods
[22:39] * Ash leads the way, since it doesn't look like anybody else is taking charge at the moment.
[22:39] * Miri follows along.
[22:40] <DM_Tol> As you exit the upper room, you see a push stone at the top of the stairs to activate them. Down and outside, you approach the ruined room.
[22:40] * Khophus follows along as well
[22:40] * Khophus shivers once at the sight of the corpses
[22:41] <DM_Tol> As you approach, walking around the rubble (feel free to roll investigate), you suspect the interior looked much like the other building.
[22:41] <DM_Tol> The stone floor in places is the same. Two remaining walls have scenes like in the other building.
[22:41] <Ash> 1d20+2 investigate
[22:41] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(8)+2 'investigate']: 10
[22:42] <Miri> 1d20+2
[22:42] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(9)+2]: 11
[22:42] <Khophus> 1d20-1 (Why not?)
[22:42] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(12)-1 '(Why not?)']: 11
[22:42] <DM_Tol> One is a of an obelisk rising. Another is of someone falling into a hole or pit.
[22:42] <DM_Tol> There is no ceiling, as it has all come down. Blocks of stone and wall are laying about, some large, some small.
[22:43] <Theriand> 1d20+3 might as well join in
[22:43] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d20(20)+3 'might as well join in']: 23 (Fabulous)
[22:43] <DM_Tol> Theriand you notice subtly from scratch marks on the stone ground that one chunk of ceiling seems to have been drug a few feet.
[22:44] <Theriand> “Hey, this one's been moved”
[22:46] <Ash> “Well what's it look like?”
[22:46] <DM_Tol> (how does Theriand say that, and then 120 seconds pass with nothing?)
[22:46] <DM_Tol> (sigh)
[22:46] <Khophus> “Moved? How?”
[22:46] <Theriand> “Looks like it's been drug”
[22:46] <DM_Tol> You see the scratch markes that Theriand points out.
[22:46] * Dylan follows along
[22:46] * Dylan looks at the scratch mark
[22:47] <Miri> (sorry, i'm battling a headache)
[22:49] * Khophus follows Dylan hand ready to pull him back.
[22:49] * Miri puts her new toys away and loks to the block “do we need move it?”
[22:49] * Dylan traces the scratches
[22:49] <Dylan> “I wonder what made these?”
[22:50] <DM_Tol> The scratches were clearly made from dragging this 100lb bock of stone a few feet.
[22:50] <Theriand> “The rock maybe”
[22:50] * Theriand tries to flip the rock to see if anything is under it
[22:50] <Theriand> 1d20 str
[22:50] <TolBot> Theriand's 1d20(5) 'str']: 5
[22:50] <Theriand> (oh, to be weak :D)
[22:50] <DM_Tol> Theriand does not budge the stone.
[22:50] * Miri also helps
[22:50] <Khophus> “Do you want help?”
[22:50] <Miri> 1d20+2
[22:50] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(18)+2]: 20
[22:50] * Ash lends aid.
[22:50] <Khophus> 1d20+3
[22:50] <TolBot> Khophus's 1d20(19)+3]: 22
[22:51] <Ash> 1d20+1
[22:51] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(16)+1]: 17
[22:51] <DM_Tol> Three of you easily move the stone, sliding it away.
[22:51] * Dylan looks under
[22:51] <DM_Tol> Underneath where the stone was, you see more of the same stone floor.
[22:51] * Theriand looks on the underside of the stone
[22:51] <DM_Tol> But in one place, a shallow tray has been skillfully cut. An even layer of sand is in the tray.
[22:52] <Theriand> “Draw the symbols”
[22:52] * Khophus draws the crescent moon in the tray
[22:52] * Khophus draws the three symbols
[22:52] <DM_Tol> (Tell me what symbol specifically what you draw)
[22:53] <DM_Tol> You draw the crescent moon in the sand.
[22:53] <DM_Tol> After you remove your finger, teh sand levels out, nothing else happening.
[22:53] * Ash draws the other 2
[22:54] <Miri> “try them in reverse”
[22:54] * Khophus draws the crescent, square and chaos symbol
[22:54] <DM_Tol> You draw each symbol, and receive the same result, one after the other.
[22:54] <DM_Tol> ( ie. no result )
[22:54] * Theriand draws arrows, bolts, axes, and stones
[22:54] * Dylan draws a smiley face
[22:54] <DM_Tol> Theriand each of those symbols produce no result.
[22:55] * Miri draw the chaos symbol
[22:55] <DM_Tol> No result.
[22:55] * Dylan draws a phallus
[22:55] <DM_Tol> No result.
[22:55] * Ash looks around the broken walls for signs of symbols.
[22:56] * Khophus draws a circular shape – like the pit.
[22:56] <DM_Tol> Ash you move towards the area in this space, that would be comparable to the wall of symbols in the other building. The wall has toppled down here, howerver.
[22:56] <Theriand> (did I find anything on the underside of the stone that was dragged?)
[22:56] <DM_Tol> You do notice, though, that the stones of that wall, are scattered about here on the ground, and you see markings on them.
[22:56] <DM_Tol> (no, Ther)
[22:56] * Dylan looks at the markings on the stones and copies them onto paper
[22:57] * Ash examines then, while asking the others to lift the toppled wall.
[22:57] * Dylan copies one of the markings on the stone into the sand
[22:57] <Khophus> “This?”
[22:57] <DM_Tol> ( On the battlegrid, the markings on the stone wall fragments are on tabe “Wall carvings” )
[22:57] * Khophus points to the rubble
[22:58] * Ash draws a star and a door.
[22:58] <Khophus> (aww….man…)
[22:58] <DM_Tol> No results.
[22:58] <DM_Tol> (feel free to move the rubble around)
[22:58] <DM_Tol> (feel free to move the rubble around)
[22:59] <Theriand> (my internet crapped out)
[22:59] * Ash then drawns an ankh.
[22:59] * Khophus draws a star, a door, an archway and the letter omega
[23:00] * Dylan shrugs
[23:00] <Dylan> “Got me”
[23:00] <DM_Tol> When you drawn an ankh, Ash you hear and feel a sound of a warping force vibration around you. The Ankh then fades into the level sand.
[23:01] <Ash> “Well I figured out one of them.
[23:01] <Khophus> (oooh…well played)
[23:02] <Khophus> (ankh, then star)
[23:02] <DM_Tol> * As this session of Heroes of Azod comes to a close *

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