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New release available: 2024-02-06 "Kaos". upgrade now! [55] (what's this?)

6:28:13 PM Ryu Another one bites the dust! 6:28:22 PM Ryu Does Theriand bite the dust? 6:28:23 PM Shaddow ? 6:28:32 PM Ryu What about ( OOC-ness?) 6:28:40 PM Shaddow i donno 6:28:43 PM **Ryu ACTION dances 6:28:46 PM Ryu woot~ 7:37:17 PM <Ryu> Groovy 7:37:24 PM <Ryu> (Groovy #2) 7:37:29 PM <Ryu> Noice~ 7:37:32 PM **Ryu ACTION dances


7:40:28 PM <Ryu> Am I (OOC) here? 7:40:31 PM <Ryu> good 7:40:32 PM * *Ryu dances 7:40:42 PM <Ryu> looks like thats fixed 7:41:08 PM <Theriand> OK theres a bug 7:41:15 PM <Theriand> But this almost owrks! 7:43:29 PM <Theriand> OK hows this 7:43:33 PM <Theriand> Better~ 7:44:58 PM <Theriand> haha 7:45:01 PM <Theriand> it works but meh

–update 2

7:43:29 PM <Theriand> OK hows this 7:43:33 PM <Theriand> Better~ 7:44:58 PM <Theriand> haha 7:45:01 PM <Theriand> it works but meh 7:46:47 PM <DM_Tol> rawr 7:46:53 PM <Ryu> Think that got it 7:50:57 PM <DM_Tol> testing 7:51:02 PM <DM_Tol> still a player icon 7:51:07 PM <DM_Tol> hmm 7:51:10 PM <Tolbot> testing 7:51:17 PM <Tolbot> that one too… wtf 7:57:16 PM <DM_Tol> test 7:57:30 PM <DM_Tol> test 2 7:57:35 PM <DM_Tol> gotcha 7:57:43 PM <Tolbot> Now do I get to eatcha 7:57:50 PM <Tolbot> f00king bot 7:58:11 PM <Tolbot> it wants to be case sensitive 7:58:13 PM <Tolbot> there we go 7:58:18 PM <Ryu> bastahd! 7:58:27 PM <Ryu> I'm not a player dickwad 8:01:41 PM <Ryu> ok are you still being a fucktard now? 8:01:43 PM <Ryu> Good 8:01:50 PM <Theriand> Did I break you? 8:01:54 PM <Theriand> Nope?! Good 8:01:54 PM <Shaddow> prolly

12-24-2017 Tests

Session Log for: 12/24/2017 4:53:04 PM <Ryu> So yesh. Theriand is a pain in my arse, as is Miri 4:53:24 PM <Ryu> Tolbot as well, and DM_Tol too! 4:53:49 PM <Shaddow> why miri?! 4:53:51 PM <Ryu> intersting didn't catch their names, but not really a big deal. Since most likely they're not going to be refrenced mid sentence 4:54:08 PM <Ryu> jus' making sure it picks up more than one character name per sentence :P 4:54:19 PM <Shaddow> aaah 4:54:49 PM <Ryu> May leave it going for a bit to see if it remains stable. 4:54:56 PM <Shaddow> good luck 4:55:10 PM <May> fun 4:55:28 PM <Ryu> Right now its logging in both Text and Wiki formats 4:55:37 PM <Shaddow> lovely 4:55:50 PM <May> what is the wiki format? 4:55:57 PM <Ryu> the one that the website uses 4:56:21 PM <Ryu> where it has the little graphics, the names are hot clickable to go to character pages, etc. But most people never gave me the information for their characters so they never got established. 4:56:43 PM <Theriand> OK~ Now lets break things 4:56:48 PM <Theriand> ^-^ 4:56:52 PM <Theriand> (Testing OOC) 4:57:05 PM <Theriand> oh, thats an interesting bug but I like it… 4:57:10 PM <Shaddow> ? 4:57:17 PM <Theriand> I'll post it up on the debug section shortly

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