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[20:14] <@ GWRD> Our story resumes in a temple in a distant unknown land. A group of strangers, pulled here by an unknown entity, seeks to discover a way home and escape the madness they have been flung into.
[20:16] <@ GWRD> It has been suggested that 6 keys, 2 per land hold the answer to their escape from this land. As they explored their first choice, they came across a temple besieged by a wrathful druid. It is here we resume our story, as they try to get more information on what's going on.
[20:16] <@ GWRD> Game resumes on this mid-day as the group attempts to rest and recouperate.
[20:19] * Sentagur ( has joined #grovewood
[20:19] * TolBot smiles at Sentagur
[20:19] <@ GWRD> The guard goes back to standing around watching your group, and occasionally surveying the walls around the training yard outside of your Tien (Asian) style guest house.
[20:19] <Sentagur> (sorry, just got home and i am tired as hell)
[20:20] <@ GWRD> (We just started, so it's OK.)
[20:20] * Dragoon_Kevoyan watches the guards out of the corner of his eye.
[20:20] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “We should also consider that the woodsman might have confederates.”
[20:20] <@Tindai_Edo> (so, what was my character assumed to have been doing during last session?)
[20:20] * Sentagur is now known as Garun_Degiron
[20:21] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (the hokey pokey)
[20:21] <Garun_Degiron> (i will try to stay awake)
[20:21] <@ GWRD> (Probably resting, because they asked one of the guards questions.)
[20:23] * +Animal went from sharping her dagers to begin shaprening one of her axes.
[20:24] <@ GWRD> (At this point you can fast forward to dinner, a different time when people are fully recovered, or do something of your choosing)
[20:24] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (sure)
[20:24] <Garun_Degiron> (i will rest)
[20:25] <@ GWRD> (Sure is not very descriptive.)
[20:27] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (I will check on my horse, and try to get the lay of hte land for amush spots, choke points and places to stash ammo)
[20:28] * @Ptolamir stows his stuff in his sack.
[20:28] * @Ptolamir moves over to Dragoon, “Are we done questinging the guards?“
[20:29] <@ GWRD> Kevoyan, you make your way across the temple grounds to the stables, where Animal has been busying herself and giving the guard a dirty look. Ptolamir accompanies you, at least part of the way.
[20:29] * @Ptolamir follows.
[20:30] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “For now. Let's try to stay…coldly polite to some of them. The woodsman might have allies among them.”
[20:30] <@Tindai_Edo> (yea, I was doing preventative care on my weapons last session)
[20:32] * Dragoon_Kevoyan walks into the stables, looking for his horse.
[20:32] <@ GWRD> Your horse is stabled opposite Animal's steeds, and is being fed fresh hay from a through.
[20:32] * +Animal waves to Dragoon. “I rubbed your horse down, and gave him food.”
[20:33] <@ GWRD> (trough)
[20:33] <Garun_Degiron> (i am sorry guys i am just too tired, cant focus on the game. I am going to go and pass out)
[20:33] * @Tindai_Edo heads over to check and maintain Rhykir's gear in the stables as well
[20:33] <+Animal> (take care sent)
[20:33] <Garun_Degiron> (have fun)
[20:33] <@ GWRD> (Night Sent)
[20:33] <@Tindai_Edo> (take care, burning the candle at both ends isn't a wise choice)
[20:33] * Garun_Degiron ( Quit (Quit: )
[20:33] * TolBot starts to say something to Garun_Degiron
[20:35] * Dragoon_Kevoyan smiles and nods to Animal. he walks up to his horse's stable.
[20:35] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “How're you doing, old man? Getting soft while I'm not looking?”
[20:36] <@ GWRD> Horse: “Neigh”
[20:36] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (“Nay, I tell you!”)
[20:36] * Dragoon_Kevoyan snorts
[20:36] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “Don't let it go to your head. We're going to have business soo enough.”
[20:36] * Dragoon_Kevoyan pats his horse on the nose.
[20:37] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “I assume he's been eating well and getting plenty of water, Animal?”
[20:37] <+Animal> “Of course. Same with your mount” she says the last part to Tindai.
[20:38] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “Good.”
[20:39] * Dragoon_Kevoyan gives the horse another pat and reaches into his pocket to hand Animal a gold coin.
[20:40] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “For your troubles.”
[20:40] * +Animal shook her head. “I have plenty, keep your coin, but thank you.”
[20:41] * Dragoon_Kevoyan pockets his coin.
[20:41] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “Thank you for looking after the old man.”
[20:41] <+Animal> “of course. you didn't think I would leave them soley in their care did you?” she eyed the gaurd near her.
[20:42] <@Tindai_Edo> “Thanks,” he glances over at Rkykir, “Now don't be getting too friendly with the other horses my friend, don't need you distracted on the field,” he grins as he goes about checking Rhykir's saddle.
[20:43] <@ GWRD> The guard returns the look.
[20:44] * Dragoon_Kevoyan looks to the guard.
[20:49] <@Tindai_Edo> “Alright, so do we want to hunt down this Druid, or what?”
[20:49] <+Animal> “nothing better to do.”
[20:50] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “Let's get some food in our bellies first.”
[20:50] <@Tindai_Edo> “I've had enough sitting around, I want to be done with this place.”
[20:51] <@ GWRD> (You've only been here about 3 hours)
[20:51] <@Tindai_Edo> (plus a night I thought)
[20:51] <@ GWRD> (nope)
[20:52] <@ GWRD> (Unless I'm mistaken)
[20:52] <@Tindai_Edo> (well hell, oh well… Tindai is a man of action… :P )
[20:52] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “We need to develop a strategy.”
[20:55] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “Woodsmen can be treacherous in their environment.”
[20:55] <+Animal> (brb)
[21:00] <@ GWRD> A single bell tolls from the direction of the temple.
[21:00] <@Tindai_Edo> “Well, we go in, respectfully, and see if they'll listen to reason.. I'd like to hear the Druids side, and if he's agressive… we settle it with Agressive Negotiations…“
[21:00] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> ”…or we just snipe him.”
[21:02] <@Ptolamir> “”What will that accoplish? Do we think they will respond?”
[21:02] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “It accomplishes that the woodsman will no longr be a concern.”
[21:03] <+Animal> (back)
[21:04] <@Ptolamir> “Indeed. Ok then“
[21:05] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (brb – if in doubt, my standing orders are to shoot first)
[21:07] <@ GWRD> The guard looks at the lot of you questioning.
[21:08] <@ GWRD> Stable Guard: “It's dinner, get a move on.”
[21:08] <+Animal> “go get your food if you are so hungry. Not like i'm moving from here now is it?”
[21:08] <@ GWRD> He glares.
[21:10] * +Animal glares back.
[21:10] <@Ptolamir> “Take it easy, now”
[21:10] <@Tindai_Edo> “Whats for Dinner? More fruit?”
[21:11] <@ GWRD> Stable Guard: “How would I know, I'm stuck guarding you chumps.”
[21:11] <@Tindai_Edo> “You know, the woodsman, makes all these plants and tries to kill you all.. yet you still have fruit. . . Why doesn't he just kill off your food supply…“
[21:12] <+Animal> “Then we are at an impasse, as I don't trust you with my horses, or my supplies.”
[21:12] * @Tindai_Edo leans over to Rhykir, “If any but Animal tries anything without her permission. Give them a hearty kick,” he gives Rhykir a pat on the side.
[21:13] * Dragoon_Kevoyan motions to the guard. “Tell you what, Animal. Go get some food. I'll watch this…“
[21:13] <@ GWRD> The guard rolls his eyes. “We keep him out of the grove, that's why.”
[21:14] * +Animal arched a brow at the gaurd and cut her eyes to him before she could answer dragoon. “And how exactly, do you manage that?”
[21:15] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “I'm going to assume 'poorly'.”
[21:16] <@Tindai_Edo> “You know, lets not look a gift horse in the mouth, before we kill it. Atleast there is food, as questionable as I am about it…“
[21:17] <@ GWRD> He snorts defiantly at Kevoyan's response. “It's defensible and under constant overwelming guard.”
[21:19] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “So, you don't really need us to go out, then? You can take care of it?”
[21:22] <@ GWRD> “Huh, they asked you to take care of it?” He begins to laugh.
[21:24] * +Animal snapped fire, her right hand twitching faintly. She sat her axe aside before she gave into the impulse to split the guard's skull open.
[21:24] * Dragoon_Kevoyan steps close to the man. “Since you can't be bothered to be pro-active, it falls to us, shire reeve.”
[21:26] <@ GWRD> He looks you up and down briefly, then laughs some more.
[21:26] <@ GWRD> “That druid will destroy you.”
[21:26] <@Tindai_Edo> “Sometimes I wonder, as there is so much of this place that we're not permitted, that if there is another reason that the druid is so keen on destroying this place that is being hidden from us.”
[21:27] <@Ptolamir> “We gonna be ok here?”
[21:27] * Dragoon_Kevoyan steps closer. “I'll bet you're the 'rather live on your knees than die on your feet' sort. No wonder you're here.”
[21:27] * +Animal heh'd. “he's already destroyed you. cowering here, wasting away to nothing. You are already dead and don't even know it.”
[21:27] * @Ptolamir looks at Animal.
[21:28] * +Animal looked to Ptolamir “i sat the axe down didn't i?”
[21:28] * @Ptolamir glances at Tindai then back Animal and nods.
[21:28] <@ GWRD> This guard has that 'young and cocky' look to him. The type that can take on the world solo and kick its butt.
[21:29] * @Tindai_Edo walks up to the guard, and gives him a hard slap on the shoulder as he looks over, “When you get a few years under your belt, and have an Empire at your heels, you can talk to me about what will destroy us,” he walks away down towards the mess hall (or dining hall, whatever it was called)
[21:31] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “Green.”
[21:31] * Dragoon_Kevoyan walks past him, making sure his shoulder *barely* brushes his.
[21:32] <@ GWRD> He scoffs as you 'brush by'.
[21:34] * Crichton is now known as Aldric
[21:34] * +Animal sat back down on her cart and resumed sharping her axe. “I won't move, i promise. Go get food if you want it.” she glanced at the guard.
[21:35] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “I'll come back with something for you.”
[21:36] <@ GWRD> The bells from the temple start ringing constantly as there is some shouting coming from the southern entrance.
[21:36] * @Tindai_Edo sighs, shakes his head, draws his blades, and beats feet for the gate
[21:37] * Dragoon_Kevoyan diverts his path towards teh gate, unshouldering his musket
[21:38] <@ GWRD> There is a man floating over the gate, looking down on two guards at the grave-digger.
[21:38] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (The druid's here…)
[21:39] <@ GWRD> The have begun to load crossbows and are training them on the man.
[21:39] <@Tindai_Edo> “C'mon now, thats cheating.. Get down here and fight like a man!”
[21:39] * +Aldric raises his hands quickly “for fucks sake. STOP! Dont Shoot!”
[21:40] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (crossbows…how cute)
[21:42] <@ GWRD> The guards pause, but keep their crossbows trained on the newcomer.
[21:42] * @Tindai_Edo sheaths his blades, and pulls his bow as he shouts, “Friend or Foe!”
[21:44] * Dragoon_Kevoyan raises his musket and aims at the newcomer.
[21:45] * +Aldric grips his long spear on both hands now and raises it above his head as he slowly decends back to the ground. “Will you accept confused as an answer?” Spoke the very wild looking Aasimar. He was dressed much like a a druid or shaman would. Once he touched down to the ground a fox head suddenly poked out from overs left shoulder, gave one quick look around and dove back into what could
[21:45] * +Aldric only be a cylinder traveling bag for it.
[21:46] * @Tindai_Edo tosses his bow back onto his back, and sets his hands on the Tsukas of his blades, “Are you the woodsman? Or some other poor soul sucked into this madness.”
[21:47] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “Who are you?”
[21:47] * Dragoon_Kevoyan kneels down for stability.
[21:51] * +Aldric opened his mouth about to answer and paused before looking back to the over his left shoulder “Look, it was your idea to fly not mine!” he turned back to the others “yeah, the man at the crossroads said others were here.” he lookes pointedly at Kevoyan and Tindai. “Guess you're them.” he said before glancing at the crossbows aimed at him. “You really think if I was going to attack
[21:51] * +Aldric I would be so obvert?”
[21:52] <+Animal> (warning, is lightening here, not too close yet but is getting there)
[21:52] <@ GWRD> (Noted)
[21:53] <@Tindai_Edo> “You have a point. . .” he glances at the guards, “Get the Abbot and lets hear him out.”
[21:53] <@Ptolamir> “Uh”
[21:53] * @Ptolamir peers.
[21:53] <@ GWRD> The two guards look over at the gravedigger, who lets out a sigh and runs to fetch the abbot.
[21:55] <@ GWRD> (AFK a moment, bio. Continue with RP)
[21:57] * +Aldric slowly lowers his arms and rests the spear point to the ground and keeps his other hand up and to the side. “Name is Aldric, and the coward in the bag is Myrrdin.” He paused a moment and looked back over his shoulder “If you werent one you'd be out of the bag already, trying to defend….” he paused again. “Now you're just lazy. Fine go on and sleep….” and turned his attention back
[21:57] * +Aldric to the group at hand like nothing was wrong
[21:57] <@ GWRD> There is an akward silence, as you all wait for the abbot to arrive.
[21:58] * @Tindai_Edo just gives Aldric that 'oh god, another crazy' look
[21:58] <@ GWRD> A very rotund man with greasy slick hair, the abbot, greets you as you enter. Two other men, nearly as fat, watch you carefully in splint mail that almost busts at the seams, with maces at the ready. The ditch digger, a man with a pot belly and sweaty tunic, stares at you at the Abbot's side.
[21:59] * +Aldric tilted his head for a moment then sighed looking over his shoulder and muttered “You did that on purpose….”
[21:59] <@ GWRD> Abbot “What is the meaning of all of this, and who is this minion of the druid?”
[21:59] <+Aldric> “What Druid?'
[22:00] <@Tindai_Edo> “I have the feeling another poor soul has arrived to undertake this task. . .”
[22:00] <@ GWRD> Abbot “You know perfectly well what druid, your master, you tree worshipping heathen!”
[22:01] <@ GWRD> The two guards tense up and steady their crossbows on Aldric again.
[22:01] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “Why don't they call him a woodsman? That's what he is.”
[22:03] <@Tindai_Edo> “I'd suggest putting your crossbows down, I mean, if he truely is a member of this woodsman group, and he's sooo strong, do you think you'd really stand a chance, do you want to make him mad so soon?” he grins a little, “or you could just talk to him and maybe realize that hey maybe he isn't with and got suckered into this whole think like we did by whatever brought US here..”
[22:04] <@ GWRD> Abbot “So you're claiming this man came by the same means as you all have? This could be used to our advantage. You there, did any animals see your approach?”
[22:04] * +Aldric mutters in Celetsial (translation: “This is not my day”) “Again I have no idea what you're talking about. I only arrived here maybe an hour ago and after talking to the old elf at the cross roads I flew right here to catch up with the others that were stranded here. But hell, I can leave and find my own way out of here..” he paused and looked over his shoulder “You know only I hear
[22:04] * +Aldric you right?” before looking back to the others…” He blinked alitlte and paused as he tried to recall.
[22:07] <+Aldric> 1d20+1 intell check
[22:07] <TolBot> Aldric's 1d20(11)+1 'intell check']: 12
[22:07] <+Aldric> “None that I recall, I was traveling pretty fast honestly…“
[22:08] <@ GWRD> Abbot “Good, perhaps you can trick the druid into revealing himself by posing as a potential ally.”
[22:09] <@ GWRD> The Abbot rubs his hands together as this plan starts playing out in his head.
[22:09] <+Aldric> “And umm,..How about no instead?”
[22:09] <@Ptolamir> “Does this sound legit?”
[22:09] * Dragoon_Kevoyan raises his musket up out of the way and stands up.
[22:09] <@Tindai_Edo> “I don't know if you want to help the Abbot though, theres too much about this place that is 'off-limits' and I want to know why.”
[22:10] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (brb, legs twitching)
[22:10] <@Tindai_Edo> “as I have no desire to protect something when I don't even know if its worth protecting.”
[22:11] <@ GWRD> The Abbot looks taken a back by your comment.
[22:12] <@ GWRD> Abbot “We provide you food and shelther in our home, and this is how you return our generousity? If you invite somebody new and armed into your home, do you allow them to roam freely?”
[22:12] <@Tindai_Edo> “If this was a home, and not a temple, I would agree.”
[22:14] <@Tindai_Edo> “but where I come from, when you have a guest, you treat them to a tour of the grounds at the very least, and not a, you sleep here, and everywhere else is off limits.”
[22:15] <@ GWRD> Abbot “Obviously your culture is different.”
[22:16] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “I return your generosity by taking up arms against one that looked to be a threat. Don't claim inhospitality.”
[22:17] * +Aldric looked around a little as he listened to the conversation going on before him. he was just guaging the situation and already not liking that Abbot man. “Honestly I dont like this. Culture is differnt but where I'm from you dont plan to send someone that just arrived into the lions jaws with out at least talking to him. I'm thinking I would have a better shance on my own than in this
[22:17] * +Aldric place right now..” He looked skyward as if pondering taking flight once more.
[22:17] <@ GWRD> The Abbot once more appears taken aback.
[22:17] <@Ptolamir> “That was a bit much, don’t you think?”
[22:19] <@Tindai_Edo> “To be frank, it is not sitting well with me, as its obvious my culture has had some influence here, as our quarters are constructed in their style. I appologize for the disrespect, but too many questions are unanswered.”
[22:20] <@ GWRD> Abbot “You come to my temple, unknown and for all I know conspiring with my enemy, but I break bread with you out of kindness, and this is how you treat us.”
[22:21] <@Ptolamir> “You are right to be angered. We apologieze”
[22:22] <+Aldric> “Look, we're all stressed, tired, hungry, maybe even alittle smelly. Obviously my arrival just sparked up some stuff but lets talk? There is no need to go to violence so quickly is there?”
[22:22] <+Aldric> 1d20+12 Diplomacy
[22:22] <TolBot> Aldric's 1d20(18)+12 'Diplomacy']: 30
[22:22] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “You think I'm with the enemy?”
[22:22] <+Aldric> 1)
[22:22] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (dang, son)
[22:22] <+Aldric> 2)
[22:22] * Dragoon_Kevoyan starts striding towards the abbot.
[22:22] <@Tindai_Edo> “I just want to be done with this place, undead swarming a temple gives me the creepers.”
[22:23] <@ GWRD> The Abbot signals for his guards to lower his weapons on the newcomer, but they almost instintively start moving them in Kevoyan's direction.
[22:25] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “You insult me as I plan to ride against your enemies? Doing the task you can't do on your own?”
[22:26] <@ GWRD> Abbot “As your companion just insulted us.”
[22:27] <@ GWRD> Tensions start to increase again, but this time between the two parties you've just encountered Aldric.
[22:27] <@Tindai_Edo> “I have already appologized as such. Let us call it Culture shock and leave it at that.”
[22:27] <@Ptolamir> “Yes, lets’
[22:27] <@Tindai_Edo> 1d20+5 diplomacy
[22:27] <TolBot> Tindai_Edo's 1d20(2)+5 'diplomacy']: 7
[22:27] <@Tindai_Edo> (*sigh*)
[22:28] <@ GWRD> Your words seem too late, and desperate, as the Abbot and Kevoyan tense up.
[22:29] * @Tindai_Edo sighs, “let me retreive my horse, and I will be done of this place.”
[22:29] * +Aldric rubbed his nose birdge “Again, please just stop this already? Insults were said. Someone called me a Druid of a minion. Thats an insult to me, I'm not druid.” ok maybe he was lying there but he took his hand thumped it against the metal breastplate he wore. “Both of you please cool down other wise you will play into the hands of the enemy. Fight among ourselves only makes them that
[22:29] * +Aldric much stronger.”
[22:29] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “Agreed. There's too much yellow here.”
[22:30] <+Aldric> 1d20+12 Diplomacy
[22:30] <TolBot> Aldric's 1d20(17)+12 'Diplomacy']: 29
[22:30] * @Tindai_Edo turns and heads towards the stables, “There is no point staying if answers are not to be had.”
[22:32] <@ GWRD> Abbot: “We shall not stop you from leaving, if that is your wish.”
[22:36] <@Tindai_Edo> “You know, I never found out what Diety this Temple belongs to,” he says as he's walking away, “it would have been nice to atleast pay my respects; but, alas the shrine is probably off-limits as well.”
[22:36] <@ GWRD> (The shrine was where you had lunch.)
[22:37] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (The Great and Holy Scottish Clown?)
[22:38] <@Tindai_Edo> (he's jus' being a smartass about all the off limit crap in a temple lol)
[22:39] <@ GWRD> They open the gates for you after you collect your mounts (and I assume Animal)
[22:39] <@Tindai_Edo> (so far I think I'm the only one leaving)
[22:39] <+Animal> (animal will leave too, she dont like these people)
[22:39] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (Nope, I'm gathering my crap and heading out.)
[22:40] * +Aldric ponders for a moment, thinking about this before watching the abbot. “I'm sorry but I feel I should go too. You've already accused me and i fear that accusation will not stop among the villagers here so I will depart with them.” he glanced around to the party to see if they accept him?
[22:40] <@Ptolamir> (can I tell the deity?)
[22:40] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+8 (religion)
[22:40] <TolBot> Ptolamir's 1d20(6)+8 '(religion)']: 14
[22:41] <@ GWRD> (I think I gave you a roll for this when you originally arrived in the dining hall)
[22:41] <@ GWRD> (But you aren't sure with that roll, you kinda think it's on the tip of your tounge, but can't recall it)
[22:42] * +Animal looks at Aldric “you are welcome as far as I am concerned.” With that spoken she guided her horses and camel through the gates.
[22:42] * Dragoon_Kevoyan takes out his horse, saddles him and rides him out.
[22:44] * @Tindai_Edo pats Rhykir as they walk out the gates, “I know my friend, Walls are not for us.”
[22:44] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> “Come on, old man. Let's earn all the money today.”
[22:44] <Dragoon_Kevoyan> (brb)
[22:44] <@ GWRD> Having upset their newest allies, the party exits the inner sanctim of the walled and secure temple, back into the plant and undead infested outer walls, where unknown horrors await…
[22:44] <@ GWRD> THE END

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