Grovewood Saga

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[20:05] <@GWRD> MAP: [20:06] <@GWRD> Judging from this cathedral-like chamber’s decor, this area must have once been a significant temple dedicated to some vile god. To the west, a few steps lead up to a shrine presided over by a ten-foot-high statue of a beautiful, fanged woman, save that instead of arms she possesses two upraised bat-like wings and instead of feet her legs end in talons.
[20:06] <@GWRD> She looms over a glistening altar of blood-red stone that seems to weep blood into a trough below; this trough of blood runs the length of the room before disappearing to the east through a set of bronze bars in front of a wide opening in the wall that drops away into darkness.
[20:07] <@GWRD> Stone pillars support the roof 25 feet above, and two dry fountains sit opposite each other against the walls in the middle of the room. Three large alcoves, one to the south and two to the north, contain complex wall carvings. The entire chamber feels unnaturally cold, and now and then strange disembodied whispers slither through the air.
[20:07] <@GWRD> A female humanoid serpent, dressed in the scholarly robes of the Varisian Ieana from the Jeneviere turns, flanked by skeletons.
[20:07] <Katilyn> (i'm infront?! what idiot let that happen?!)
[20:07] <Darenel> (go git her)
[20:07] <@GWRD> Ptolamir is trapped under one of the bronze plates, a casuality of bad timing, as this session comes to a start.
[20:08] <@GWRD> (I let it happen, or you could have enjoyed more time with the traps.)
[20:08] <@GWRD> Game On
[20:08] * @Theon_Tokko goes about trying to lift the plate back up
[20:08] <@GWRD> `init rolls please
[20:08] <TolBot> Please make an initiative roll (1d20+modifier).
[20:08] <Skeleton> 1d20+6
[20:08] <TolBot> [Skeleton's 1d20(18)+6]: 24
[20:08] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3 Init
[20:08] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[20:08] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(9)+6]: 15
[20:08] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(20)+3]: 23 Init (Yeah, baby)
[20:08] <Darenel> 1d20+1 Init
[20:08] <Grikk> 1d20+2
[20:08] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(3)+1]: 4 Init
[20:08] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(17)+2]: 19
[20:08] <@GWRD> 1d20+6
[20:08] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(20)+6]: 26 (Excellent)
[20:08] <Wyran> 1d20+0 init
[20:08] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(1)+0]: 1 init (Not good.)
[20:08] <Katilyn> 1d20+6
[20:08] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(9)+6]: 15
[20:09] <Wyran> 1) [20:09] <@GWRD> (Sure)
[20:09] <@GWRD> (Need Tolman's nick change and init roll anyway)
[20:09] * Tolman is now known as Ptolamir
[20:09] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+2
[20:09] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(19)+2]: 21
[20:10] <@GWRD> `init report
[20:10] <TolBot> Initiative Order: GWRD, 26, Skeleton, 24, Theon_Tokko, 23, Ptolamir, 21, Grikk, 19, Katilyn, 15, Timandra_Eskander, 15, Darenel, 4, Wyran, 1
[20:10] * Wyran looks around at the others after spotting the serpant woman. “We we're spoted, try not to leave myside until I touch to with protection…..” [20:10] <@Theon_Tokko> (Hey, I critted that Init lol)
[20:10] <Timandra_Eskander> “What?” [20:10] <Wyran> 2) [20:11] * Timandra_Eskander nocks an arrow
[20:12] <@GWRD> Serpentfolk Ieana: “Well, I must say I am surprised that you inferior creatures managed to make it this far. Behold the key to the resurrection of the serpentfolk race.
[20:12] <@GWRD> (Skeletons hold action)
[20:12] <@GWRD> (Theon, Ptolamir, Grikk, Kat)
[20:12] * @Theon_Tokko works on lifting that door off of Ptolamir
[20:13] * Grikk assists in lifting the door
[20:13] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3 STR
[20:13] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(7)+3]: 10 STR
[20:13] <Grikk> 1d20+4 str
[20:13] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(8)+4]: 12 str
[20:13] * Katilyn will keep them covered.
[20:13] * Darenel assists with the door
[20:13] <Darenel> 1d20
[20:13] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(16)]: 16
[20:13] <@GWRD> Combined, the two of you find it difficult to get a good grip in the very crowded and cramped quarters.
[20:14] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, Kat, Timandra, Wyran)
[20:14] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+2 escape artist
[20:14] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(10)+2]: 12 escape artist
[20:16] <Darenel> (lookslike you are stuck… might as well build a house around you and call it home)
[20:16] <@GWRD> Even with the others trying to lift, the plate still holds fast to your leg.
[20:16] <Katilyn> (is it just the lizard bitch that is seen?)
[20:16] <@GWRD> (No, you see 4 skeletons with her)
[20:17] <Darenel> (if we onl had a loaded Ptolamir)
[20:17] <@GWRD> (Kat, Timandra, Wyran)
[20:17] <Skeleton> (alcohol makes everything better)
[20:18] * Katilyn will hold as the mun has no idea what to do.
[20:18] * Timandra_Eskander fires an arrow at the robed snake-lady
[20:18] <Timandra_Eskander> “Rise up once, get smacked down twice.” [20:18] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+5
[20:18] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(20)+5]: 25 (Sweet!)
[20:18] <@Theon_Tokko> (nice!)
[20:18] <Timandra_Eskander> (BOOM!)
[20:18] <@GWRD> (Roll to confirm)
[20:19] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+5
[20:19] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(7)+5]: 12
[20:19] * Darenel looks at the skeletons and says” They don't look serpent like, they look like skeletons!“ [20:19] * Wyran speaks again in a whisper “wait still, I need to wait until the last moment to cast this spell….” (readies action to cast a spell once Ptolamir is free)
[20:19] <@GWRD> (miss confirmation, normal damage)
[20:19] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d8
[20:19] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d8(5)]: 5
[20:19] <Timandra_Eskander> (finally, an action line goes along with the action)
[20:20] <@GWRD> You hit her along the side of her arm, as she tries to dodge out of the way, but still getting grazed.
[20:20] * Skeleton defenders shift into readiness as the attack strikes
[20:20] <@GWRD> (Kat, Readied action: Wyran)
[20:20] <Katilyn> (can i get into short sword range of one of the skellys?)
[20:20] <@GWRD> (DM moves Timandra out so she can shoot)
[20:20] <@GWRD> (yes)
[20:21] * Katilyn will attempt to wack the nearest skeleton.
[20:21] <Zionia> <so she can get shot>
[20:21] <Katilyn> 1d20+3
[20:21] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(8)+3]: 11
[20:21] <@GWRD> (Miss
[20:21] <@GWRD> (Serpentfolk AC: 20, Skeleton AC: 16)
[20:22] <@GWRD> (Round 2 - DM's turn, DM's lacky's turn)
[20:22] <Wyran> 3) [20:22] <@GWRD> (Timandra: DC 18 mind affecting WILL SAVE)
[20:22] <Timandra_Eskander> 4) [20:22] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[20:22] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(13)+6]: 19
[20:23] <Timandra_Eskander> (if this is enchantment, I also get a +2 – so, 21)
[20:23] * Skeleton returns a strike as the one behind steps forward to strike as well. The other two continue to stand guard.
[20:23] <Skeleton> 2#1d20
[20:23] <TolBot> [Skeleton's 1d20(8)]: 8
[20:23] <TolBot> [Skeleton's 1d20(9)]: 9
[20:23] <@GWRD> Timandra, you lock gaze with the serpent folk woman briefly, and you hear compelling whispers of treason in your mind, but manage to break free of it's compelling grasp.
[20:24] <Darenel> (mind control? oh great)
[20:24] * Timandra_Eskander snarls and gets another arrow ready.
[20:25] <Katilyn> (if those strikes were at me from the skeletons they missed)
[20:26] <Skeleton> (I figured as much)
[20:26] <@GWRD> (Theon, Ptolamir, Grikk, Kat - Wyran holding)
[20:26] * Sklyla ( has joined #grovewood
[20:27] * Grikk attempts to lift the plate again
[20:27] <Grikk> 1d20+4 str
[20:27] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(20)+4]: 24 str (Sweet!)
[20:28] * @Theon_Tokko lifts the plate again too
[20:28] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3
[20:28] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(10)+3]: 13
[20:28] * Katilyn will attempt another wack at the skeleton.
[20:28] <Katilyn> 1d20+3
[20:28] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(8)+3]: 11
[20:28] <@Theon_Tokko> (I see you planting those snakes..)
[20:28] <Katilyn> (i'd probably do better if i was lol)
[20:28] * Skeleton shrugs the attack off
[20:28] <Timandra_Eskander> (That's a hell of a crop)
[20:29] <@GWRD> The combined effort of Grikk and Theon is enough this time to lift the plate.
[20:29] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+2 escape artist
[20:29] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(12)+2]: 14 escape artist
[20:29] <@GWRD> (No escape artist needed)
[20:30] <Wyran> 5) [20:30] * @Ptolamir scoots out, “Thanks. Mind me no more. I am of little help now.” [20:30] <Sklyla> (Y'all getting squooshed again this week?)
[20:30] <@GWRD> (yes)
[20:31] <Sklyla> (Excellent)
[20:31] <@GWRD> (Wyran, Ptolamir, Timandra, Darenel)
[20:32] * Wyran Casts Protection from Evil Communial on Timandra_Eskander, Gikk and Theon_Tokko, granting 1min of +2 to AC and +2 to saves against Evil Creatures. This also prevent touch attacks or attacks made with natural attacks by evil creatures
[20:32] <Wyran> 6) [20:32] <Grikk> [oooh]
[20:33] * Darenel seeing that Ptolamir is free prepares his sling to attack
[20:33] <@GWRD> (That's prevents summoned creatures, not normal creatures, from natural attacks)
[20:33] <@Ptolamir> (Whose our main tank?)
[20:34] <@Theon_Tokko> (Me or Grikk would be my guess?)
[20:34] <Grikk> [prolly me or theon]
[20:34] <Grikk> [lol]
[20:34] <Darenel> (well so far it seems to be Kat)
[20:34] * @Ptolamir moves forward to reach out and touch whomever is closer Theon or Grikk.
[20:34] <@GWRD> (both are equal distance)
[20:34] <Zionia> <works if they were summoned skelles…which technically…arent all skelles summoned in some fashion?>
[20:34] <Darenel> (i will also make a few steps into the Z8 chamber)
[20:34] <@Ptolamir> 1d2
[20:34] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d2(1)]: 1
[20:35] * @Ptolamir touches Theon with Mage Armor.
[20:35] <@Ptolamir> (An invisible but tangible field of force surrounds the subject of a mage armor spell, providing a +4 armor bonus to AC, for duration 3 hours)
[20:35] <@GWRD> (Note: Mage Armor does NOT stack with regular armor, so you may want to rethink that casting)
[20:35] <@Ptolamir> (oh, of course)
[20:36] <@Theon_Tokko> (so that woudln't change my AC it'd be the same either way)
[20:36] <@Ptolamir> (I forgot that)
[20:36] <@Ptolamir> (strike that)
[20:36] <@GWRD> (May want to cast it on yourself)
[20:36] <@Ptolamir> (I don’t have a sense of all the characters to know who would, like a rogue with no armor but good dex)
[20:36] <Darenel> (me pulls of his face and to suprise of everyone its a Dwarf paladin)
[20:36] <@Ptolamir> (it DOES stack with Dex mod, right?)
[20:37] <@GWRD> (Yes it does)
[20:37] <Zionia> <it essentially replaces the Armor block in the AC configuration>
[20:37] <@GWRD> (So best targets are you, Darenel, Timandra (maybe)
[20:37] <@Ptolamir> (What you wearing for armor, timandra?)
[20:37] <Timandra_Eskander> (AC 14 with leather armor)
[20:38] <@GWRD> (So 2 point improvement)
[20:38] * @Ptolamir cast on himself
[20:38] <@Ptolamir> (clearly only helpful to mages, hehe. hence the name)
[20:38] <@Ptolamir> (though I’m mostly done for)
[20:38] <Darenel> (does resistance spell stack with armor, its a +1 on saves)
[20:39] <@GWRD> (Timandra)
[20:39] * Timandra_Eskander fired another arrow that the lizard…woman?
[20:39] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+5
[20:39] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(17)+5]: 22
[20:39] <@GWRD> (Yes, because those are different bonuses entirely. Resistance does not stack with a cloak of resistance however)
[20:39] <@GWRD> (hit)
[20:39] <Timandra_Eskander> (about time…)
[20:39] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d8
[20:39] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d8(1)]: 1
[20:39] <Timandra_Eskander> (well, I still hit.)
[20:40] <Darenel> (so fort reflex and will saves)
[20:40] <@GWRD> She anticipates the second hit, but is not fast enough to escape getting grazed again.
[20:40] <@GWRD> (Round 3 - DM & Friend's turn)
[20:40] <@GWRD> 1d3
[20:40] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d3(3)]: 3
[20:42] <@GWRD> Three vipers with fiendishly evil looking horns and dark red scales appear around Timandra
[20:43] <Timandra_Eskander> (Cool – I needed new carry on luggage anyways)
[20:43] <Katilyn> (lol)
[20:43] <@GWRD> 3#1d20+3 vs Darenel
[20:43] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(7)+3]: 10 vs Darenel
[20:43] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(9)+3]: 12 vs Darenel
[20:43] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(4)+3]: 7 vs Darenel
[20:43] <Darenel> (AC?)
[20:43] <Katilyn> (something has to carry all that alcohol)
[20:43] <@GWRD> They snap and hiss at Darenel
[20:44] <@GWRD> (oops that should have been +5 not +3. 1 hit)
[20:44] <Darenel> (i wish i had my badger)
[20:44] <Timandra_Eskander> (only if you want to make pit stops every four minutes, yes – something else should carry the alcohol)
[20:44] * Skeleton 1 shifts towards Kat while 3 and 4 strike at Kat again. #2 moves towards the party of infiltrators.
[20:44] <Skeleton> 3#1d20
[20:44] <TolBot> [Skeleton's 1d20(17)]: 17
[20:44] <TolBot> [Skeleton's 1d20(1)]: 1 (Better luck next time.)
[20:44] <TolBot> [Skeleton's 1d20(12)]: 12
[20:44] <Katilyn> (one hit)
[20:44] <Skeleton> 1d6
[20:44] <TolBot> [Skeleton's 1d6(4)]: 4
[20:44] <@GWRD> (DC 9 fort save vs. poison for Darenel)
[20:45] <Darenel> 1d20+4
[20:45] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(6)+4]: 10
[20:45] * Skeleton 2 strikes at Timandra with it's broken scimitar
[20:45] <Skeleton> 1d20
[20:45] <TolBot> [Skeleton's 1d20(5)]: 5
[20:46] <@GWRD> (Theon, Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk)
[20:46] * @Theon_Tokko rushes forward and attempts to clobber Skele (2) with his blade
[20:47] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+7
[20:47] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(15)+7]: 22
[20:47] <@GWRD> (That will provoke an AoO)
[20:47] <@Theon_Tokko> (from 1 of the snakes right?)
[20:47] <@GWRD> (The skeleton)
[20:47] <@Theon_Tokko> (oh well… lol)
[20:47] <Darenel> (i never got for how much dmg that snake hit me for?)
[20:48] <@GWRD> (1 damage)
[20:48] <@Theon_Tokko> (if he hits, I'll go into Rage, then things get fun)
[20:48] <Skeleton> 1d20
[20:48] <TolBot> [Skeleton's 1d20(2)]: 2
[20:48] <@GWRD> (Roll damage Theon)
[20:48] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d10+4
[20:48] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d10(4)+4]: 8
[20:48] <Timandra_Eskander> (that reminds me, I haven't used smite evil, yet…)
[20:48] <Wyran> 7) [20:48] <Wyran> 8) [20:49] <@GWRD> (No, it's a pillar)
[20:49] <@GWRD> (Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk, Kat)
[20:49] * Wyran charges forward and moved to be right behind Kat before unleashing a Positive Channel Energy, targeting only the undead
[20:50] * Katilyn will wack at the nearest skeleton again.
[20:50] <Wyran> 2d6+3
[20:50] <TolBot> [Wyran's 2d6(5)+3]: 8
[20:50] <Wyran> 9) [20:50] <Katilyn> 1d20+3
[20:50] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(2)+3]: 5
[20:50] <Katilyn> (tol, your bot hates me)
[20:50] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4 firing an arrow at the nearest foe.
[20:50] <Wyran> 10) [20:50] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(11)+4]: 15 firing an arrow at the nearest foe.
[20:50] <Katilyn> (rethink it to what?)
[20:51] <Wyran> 11) [20:51] <@GWRD> Ptolamir's arrow strikes a viper… [20:51] <@Ptolamir> 1d8+1
[20:51] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d8(7)+1]: 8
[20:51] <Katilyn> (wait, ok, hold kat's action)
[20:51] <@GWRD> …slaying it.
[20:52] <@GWRD> (Grikk, Kat, Timandra, Darenel)
[20:52] * Grikk goes to whack the other vipers [cleave]
[20:53] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[20:53] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(19)+7]: 26
[20:53] * Katilyn will turn to throw one of her silver work daggers at the lizard lady.
[20:53] <@GWRD> (hit)
[20:53] <Katilyn> (i need distance)
[20:53] <Grikk> 1d20+7 second one
[20:53] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(4)+7]: 11 second one
[20:53] <Timandra_Eskander> (!)
[20:53] <@GWRD> (miss)
[20:53] <Grikk> 1d20+7 crit confirm
[20:53] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(9)+7]: 16 crit confirm
[20:53] <Katilyn> 1d20+6
[20:53] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(13)+6]: 19
[20:54] <@GWRD> Grikk swings low, causing Darenel to jump a little as he cuts one of the vipers through the mid-section, causing it to disappear in a puff of smoke.
[20:54] <Grikk> [lol]
[20:54] <@GWRD> Katilyn throws one of her daggers, coming close, but not close enough to the mark.
[20:55] <@Theon_Tokko> (can we see whats to the south of Kat now?)
[20:55] <@GWRD> (Timandra, Darenel)
[20:55] <Darenel> (so is there still a snake where i am at?)
[20:55] <@GWRD> (Yes, 1 snake)
[20:56] * Darenel swings his staff at the remaining Viper
[20:56] <Darenel> 1d20+2
[20:56] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(14)+2]: 16
[20:56] <@GWRD> (hit)
[20:56] <Darenel> 1d6
[20:56] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d6(1)]: 1
[20:56] <@GWRD> Darenel smacks the viper in the head, and only manages to piss it off.
[20:56] <@GWRD> (Timandra)
[20:57] * Timandra_Eskander fires another arrow
[20:57] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+5
[20:57] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(4)+5]: 9
[20:57] <Timandra_Eskander> (…and we're back!)
[20:57] <@GWRD> Timandra's shot this time goes wide.
[20:57] <@GWRD> (Round 4 - DM and friend)
[20:58] * Skeleton is now known as viper
[20:58] <@GWRD> The serpentfolk woman dressed as Ieana summons forth another fiendish viper to attack
[20:58] * viper 2 strikes at darenel while 4 strikes at wyran
[20:59] <@Theon_Tokko> (the steram of blood in the ) shape around the dias, is it something that would have to be jumped or what? trying plan my next action)
[20:59] <viper> 2#1d20
[20:59] <TolBot> [viper's 1d20(18)]: 18
[20:59] <TolBot> [viper's 1d20(11)]: 11
[20:59] <@GWRD> She then steps to the side in order to use the altar as cover against the archers.
[20:59] <@GWRD> (You don't know, as you can't see the bottom of it.
[20:59] <viper> (another Fort save, Dar)
[21:00] <@GWRD> (1 damage to Darenel, DC 9 fort save)
[21:00] <Darenel> 1d20+4 fort
[21:00] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(13)+4]: 17 fort
[21:00] <@GWRD> (Theon, Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk)
[21:00] <viper> (oh, duh. Wyran, AC 16 to hit? I forgot the bonus to the attack)
[21:00] * @Theon_Tokko beats feet towards “Leana” his rage boiling within (double move most likely, if I can manage some sort of attack I'll do it)
[21:01] <Wyran> 12) [21:01] <@Theon_Tokko> (the rage boiling means, I have entered rage as well)
[21:01] <viper> (Fort DC 9, 1 dmg)
[21:01] <@GWRD> (Theon double moved)
[21:01] <Wyran> roll 1d20+5 fort save
[21:01] <Wyran> 1d20+5 fort save
[21:01] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(9)+5]: 14 fort save
[21:02] <@Theon_Tokko> (action point! one of the things I miss from 4e lol)
[21:03] * Wyran takes a step away from the viper and casts Spiritual Weapon, making it appear on the left side of the Serpent Pristess.
[21:03] <Wyran> 13) [21:03] <@GWRD> (Theon is also covered in about knee high warm blood)
[21:04] <Wyran> 14) [21:04] <Wyran> 1d20+4 Spiritual Weapon attack
[21:04] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(19)+4]: 23 Spiritual Weapon attack
[21:04] <@GWRD> (Roll against Spell resistance)
[21:05] <@GWRD> (1d20+your level+bonuses if any vs. DC 19)
[21:05] <Wyran> 1d20+3
[21:05] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(9)+3]: 12
[21:05] <Wyran> 15) [21:06] <@GWRD> Your spiritual weapon strikes true, but the magic breaks apart and fizzles as it comes in contact with her body. You've heard of creatures resistant to magic that this can happen to, but have never seen it until now.
[21:06] <@Theon_Tokko> (Oh, my spirit totems! they make one slam attack each around against any adjacent baddy… 1d4 negative energy damage)
[21:06] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, Grikk, Katilyn, Timandra, Darenel)
[21:06] <Wyran> “She has protetcion from spells!'
[21:06] <@Theon_Tokko> (Good thing Theon is jus' uber-pissed lol)
[21:06] * @Ptolamir moves to the back.
[21:07] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4 firing an arrow at the nearest foe.
[21:07] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(6)+4]: 10 firing an arrow at the nearest foe.
[21:07] * Grikk will swing at the viper near him
[21:07] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[21:07] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(11)+7]: 18
[21:07] <Timandra_Eskander> “But not arrows!” [21:07] <Grikk> 1d6+4 if hit
[21:07] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d6(6)+4]: 10 if hit
[21:08] * viper 2 vanishes
[21:08] * Katilyn will attempt to flip across the river of blood towards where the baddy is.
[21:08] <Katilyn> 1d20+9
[21:08] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(7)+9]: 16
[21:08] <@GWRD> Ptolamir enters the room and moves to the back by the river of blood and let's loose an arrow that goes wide.
[21:09] <@GWRD> (Where would you like to be Kat)
[21:09] * viper 4 swings back at Kat as she leaves
[21:09] <Katilyn> (wherever her dagger landed)
[21:09] <viper> 1d20+5
[21:09] <TolBot> [viper's 1d20(20)+5]: 25 (Perfect!)
[21:09] <@GWRD> (Viper doesn't get an AoO)
[21:09] <@GWRD> (It doesn't have the range to attack :( )
[21:09] <viper> (crap. crit, too…)
[21:10] <@GWRD> You see your dagger lying on the ground behind the woman.
[21:10] <@GWRD> (Timandra, Darenel)
[21:10] <Katilyn> (so if kat goes for it she gets an aoo from the woman?)
[21:10] * Timandra_Eskander aims an arrow high to make it over the altar.
[21:10] <@GWRD> (yup)
[21:10] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+5
[21:10] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(13)+5]: 18
[21:11] <@GWRD> The arrow bounces off the front of the altar.
[21:11] <@GWRD> (Darenel)
[21:11] <Timandra_Eskander> “Fine – I'll get you the old fashioned way.” [21:11] <Darenel> (mm i will try to sling shoot the snake)
[21:11] <Darenel> 1d20+3
[21:12] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(13)+3]: 16
[21:12] <@GWRD> The stone goes a little above her head, landing in the back.
[21:12] <@GWRD> (Round 5 - DM & friend)
[21:12] <@GWRD> 1d20+9 defensive casting.
[21:12] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(17)+9]: 26 defensive casting.
[21:13] <@Theon_Tokko> (Does that one trigger an AoO?)
[21:14] <@GWRD> The serpentfolk woman shifts 5' to behind the altar and defensively casts a spell on herself.
[21:14] <@GWRD> (no)
[21:14] * viper 4 lashes out at Wyran again
[21:14] <viper> 1d20+5
[21:14] <TolBot> [viper's 1d20(4)+5]: 9
[21:14] <@GWRD> In the background you hear the bronze plate rising back up to the ceiling.
[21:15] <@GWRD> (Theon, Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk)
[21:15] * @Theon_Tokko moves forward and lets his rage loose on Leana (along with his Spirit Totem)
[21:15] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+9
[21:15] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(8)+9]: 17
[21:15] <@GWRD> (miss)
[21:15] <@Theon_Tokko> (do I need to roll a tohit for the totem? its a slam attack)
[21:16] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3 tohit for totem
[21:16] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(2)+3]: 5 tohit for totem
[21:16] <@Theon_Tokko> (its a miss anyways lol)
[21:16] <@GWRD> (Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk, Katilyn)
[21:16] * Katilyn will wack at the woman with her short sword.
[21:16] <Katilyn> 1d20+3
[21:16] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(16)+3]: 19
[21:16] <Grikk> [can i double move to get into flanking with theon?]
[21:17] <Wyran> 16) [21:17] <@GWRD> Katilyn's swing is just shy of breaking skin as it slides along the scales of her body.
[21:17] <Wyran> 1d20+3 vs Snake
[21:17] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(8)+3]: 11 vs Snake
[21:17] <@GWRD> (Yes, I double moved you)
[21:18] <@GWRD> Meanwhile Wyran and the last viper dance the forbidden dance of combat, lunging and dodging each other.
[21:18] <Grikk> [the snake LIVES!]
[21:19] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, Timandra, Darenel)
[21:20] * @Ptolamir firs another arrow
[21:20] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4
[21:20] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(14)+4]: 18
[21:20] <@GWRD> (Viper or serpentfolk?)
[21:21] * Zionia ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:21] <@Ptolamir> (the thing close is a viper?)
[21:21] <@Ptolamir> (or serpentfolk?)
[21:21] <@Ptolamir> (at closer thing)
[21:22] <@GWRD> (Viper: Hit)
[21:22] <@Ptolamir> 1d8+1
[21:22] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d8(7)+1]: 8
[21:22] <@GWRD> Ptolamir ends the forbidden dance of death with a timely arrow to the viper's torso.
[21:22] <@GWRD> (Timandra, Darenel)
[21:23] * Timandra_Eskander rushes to the altar with sword and shield aised
[21:23] <Wyran> 17) [21:23] * Darenel lobs another rock at the snake person
[21:23] <Darenel> 1d20+3
[21:23] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(6)+3]: 9
[21:24] <@GWRD> Timandra fords the through of blood, feeling the warm slick blood seep into her boots and leggings, as a rock goes wizzing by.
[21:24] <@GWRD> (Round 6 - DM)
[21:25] <@GWRD> She shifts to the side and snaps at Kat with her fangs.
[21:25] <@GWRD> 1d20+16 vs AC
[21:25] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(12)+16]: 28 vs AC
[21:26] <Darenel> (+16)
[21:26] <@GWRD> 1d6+3 damage + DC 19 Fort save vs. poison
[21:26] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d6(5)+3]: 8 damage + DC 19 Fort save vs. poison
[21:26] <@GWRD> (You read that correctly)
[21:26] <Katilyn> (so i got hit, AND poisoned?!)
[21:26] <Grikk> [+16 dc 19 fort vs poison, were dead]
[21:26] <Wyran> 18) [21:26] <@GWRD> (You get a save vs. the poison)
[21:26] <Katilyn> (how do i do the save?)
[21:27] <@GWRD> (Fort save: 1d20+your bonus+any extra bonuses you have)
[21:27] <@GWRD> (So looks like your fort bonus is +2)
[21:27] <Katilyn> 1d20+2
[21:27] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(14)+2]: 16
[21:27] <@GWRD> 1d2 strength damage
[21:27] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(2)]: 2 strength damage
[21:27] <Katilyn> (so how much total damage am i taking?)
[21:28] <@GWRD> (8 damage, -2 str)
[21:29] <Katilyn> (so -2 on any strength attack?)
[21:29] <@GWRD> (Theon, Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk)
[21:29] * @Theon_Tokko moves forward and attacks again
[21:29] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+9
[21:29] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(17)+9]: 26
[21:29] <@GWRD> (-1 to hit and damage right now on melee attacks)
[21:29] <@GWRD> (hit)
[21:29] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d10+7
[21:29] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d10(4)+7]: 11
[21:30] <@GWRD> Theon lands a good solid hit on the serpentfolk, making her very unhappy.
[21:30] <@Theon_Tokko> (Oh!)
[21:30] <@GWRD> (Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk, Kat, Timandra, Darenel)
[21:30] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3 slam attack
[21:30] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(10)+3]: 13 slam attack
[21:30] * Wyran takes a 5ft step north and releases a Bolt of Fire from his hand towards the Snake lady
[21:30] <@GWRD> (Roll to hit)
[21:30] <Katilyn> (can kat pick up her dagger without provoking an Aoo now?)
[21:30] <@GWRD> (yes)
[21:30] <Wyran> 19) [21:31] <@GWRD> (It does not)
[21:31] <Wyran> 1d20+3 vs SR
[21:31] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(9)+3]: 12 vs SR
[21:31] <Wyran> 20) [21:31] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, Grikk, Timandra, Darenel)
[21:32] * Grikk swings his scimitar at the snake woman
[21:32] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[21:32] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(18)+7]: 25
[21:32] <@Ptolamir> (are those skeletons in our room? I’m confused by their placement)
[21:32] <Grikk> 1d20+7 crit confirm
[21:32] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(11)+7]: 18 crit confirm
[21:32] <@GWRD> (No confirm)
[21:32] <Grikk> 1d6+4
[21:32] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d6(6)+4]: 10
[21:32] <@GWRD> (No Tol, I put them there in case I needed them again)
[21:33] * @Ptolamir moves within 30’ and fires an arrow at the thing.
[21:33] <@GWRD> Grikk joins Theon in landing a good hit.
[21:33] <Wyran> 21) [21:33] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4
[21:33] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(2)+4]: 6
[21:33] <@Theon_Tokko> (Yea, I do)
[21:33] <@Ptolamir> (Yes!)
[21:34] <Timandra_Eskander> (I am protection from evil)
[21:34] <Grikk> [that was +2 to AC,right?]
[21:34] <@GWRD> (Timandra, Darenel)
[21:34] <@GWRD> (Yes)
[21:34] * Timandra_Eskander wades into combat with a prayer on her lips
[21:34] <Wyran> 22) [21:34] <Timandra_Eskander> (Smite Evil, Make Money)
[21:35] <@GWRD> 1d20+16 AoO vs Timandra's AC
[21:35] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(5)+16]: 21 AoO vs Timandra's AC
[21:35] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+7
[21:35] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(3)+7]: 10
[21:35] <@GWRD> 1d6+3 damage
[21:35] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d6(6)+3]: 9 damage
[21:35] <@GWRD> (DC 19 Fort save vs. poison for Timandra)
[21:36] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[21:36] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(15)+6]: 21
[21:36] <@GWRD> (Darenel)
[21:36] * Darenel tries to fire a flare at the Snake
[21:37] <Katilyn> (brb)
[21:37] <Darenel> (says DC 13 fort negates)
[21:37] <@GWRD> 1d20+8
[21:37] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(12)+8]: 20
[21:37] <@GWRD> (Round 7 - DM)
[21:37] <Sklyla> (This lady needs a serious hiss-terectomy)
[21:38] <Wyran> 23) [21:38] <@GWRD> 1d20+16 vs. Timandra's AC
[21:38] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(19)+16]: 35 vs. Timandra's AC
[21:38] <@GWRD> 1d6+3 damage
[21:38] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d6(4)+3]: 7 damage
[21:38] <@GWRD> (Saving throw Timandra, Fort DC 19)
[21:38] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[21:38] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(5)+6]: 11
[21:39] <Darenel> (might as well pick up my cheer leading gear and jump up and down)
[21:39] <@GWRD> Timandra is bit in the throat as she does down. (I have you under hps now)
[21:39] <@GWRD> (Theon, Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk, Katilyn)
[21:39] * @Theon_Tokko growls as Timandra goes down and lays to the beast
[21:40] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+9
[21:40] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(6)+9]: 15
[21:40] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3 slam attack
[21:40] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(3)+3]: 6 slam attack
[21:40] <@Theon_Tokko> (*lets Zio loose on Tolbot*)
[21:40] * TolBot perks up.
[21:40] <Grikk> [you would perk up at that]
[21:40] <Katilyn> (back)
[21:40] <@GWRD> Your blows are easily dodged, as fresh blood drips from Ieana's fangs.
[21:41] <@GWRD> (Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk, Katilyn)
[21:41] * Wyran fires off another Bolt of Fire at the Serpent
[21:41] <Wyran> 1d20+3
[21:41] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(18)+3]: 21
[21:41] <Wyran> 24) [21:41] <@GWRD> (Hit)
[21:41] <Wyran> 1d20+2 vs touch ac
[21:41] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(6)+2]: 8 vs touch ac
[21:41] <@GWRD> (miss)
[21:41] <Wyran> 25) [21:42] <Wyran> 26) [21:42] * Grikk swings his scimitar again
[21:42] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[21:42] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(20)+7]: 27 (Marvelous)
[21:42] <Grikk> 1d20+7 confirm
[21:42] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(3)+7]: 10 confirm
[21:42] <Wyran> 27) [21:42] * Katilyn growls “timandra!” moves over to her and attempt to heal her what little she can. (unles tim is dead)
[21:42] <Grikk> [booo]
[21:42] <Grikk> 1d6+4
[21:42] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d6(4)+4]: 8
[21:42] <Katilyn> 1d20+2
[21:42] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(15)+2]: 17
[21:42] * @Ptolamir rubs his bonded object and casts Gravity Bow.
[21:42] <Timandra_Eskander> (-6 I think)
[21:43] <@Ptolamir> (it increases my arrow damage by one size)
[21:43] <@GWRD> (correct)
[21:43] <@GWRD> (Also correct)
[21:43] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, Katilyn(save), Timandra(2 saves), Darenel)
[21:43] <@GWRD> (Katilyn(save), Timandra(2 saves), Darenel)
[21:43] <Katilyn> (fort save right?)
[21:43] <@GWRD> (DC 19 fort save for Kat and Timandra, DC 16 fort save for Timandra)
[21:43] <Timandra_Eskander> (would this count as rest for regaining smite evil?)
[21:44] <@GWRD> (no)
[21:44] <Katilyn> 1d20+2 DC 19 save
[21:44] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(7)+2]: 9 DC 19 save
[21:44] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[21:44] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(3)+6]: 9
[21:44] <@GWRD> 1d2
[21:44] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(2)]: 2
[21:44] <@GWRD> (-2 strength. That brings your melee hit and damage down to -2 now)
[21:44] <@GWRD> (Katilyn, Timandra(2 saves), Darenel)
[21:45] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[21:45] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(19)+6]: 25
[21:45] <Katilyn> (ok, i tried to heal timandra some, do i need to roll that again?)
[21:45] <Timandra_Eskander> (got one, blew one)
[21:45] <@GWRD> (Yes you do Kat)
[21:45] <Darenel> (was someone down?_
[21:45] <Darenel> )
[21:45] <Wyran> 28) [21:45] <Katilyn> 1d20+2
[21:45] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(14)+2]: 16
[21:45] <@GWRD> 2d2 strength damage for Timandra
[21:45] <TolBot> [GWRD's 2d2(2)]: 2 strength damage for Timandra
[21:46] <@GWRD> (No, it's poison, not a spell)
[21:46] <Darenel> (i mean to say does anyone need to be stabilized?)
[21:46] <@GWRD> Katilyn stablizes Timandra's wounds, so she doesn't bleed out.
[21:47] <@GWRD> (Darenel)
[21:47] <Katilyn> (yay i was finally useful hehe)
[21:47] <Darenel> 1d20+3 slingshoot
[21:47] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(13)+3]: 16 slingshoot
[21:47] <@GWRD> Darenel's shot is dodged..
[21:48] <@GWRD> (Round 8 - DM)
[21:48] <@GWRD> 1d2
[21:48] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(2)]: 2
[21:48] <@GWRD> 1d20+16 vs Grikk's AC
[21:48] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(16)+16]: 32 vs Grikk's AC
[21:48] <@GWRD> 1d6+3 damage and Fort DC 19 poison save
[21:48] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d6(6)+3]: 9 damage and Fort DC 19 poison save
[21:49] <Grikk> 1d20+5
[21:49] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(14)+5]: 19
[21:49] <@GWRD> (Success)
[21:49] <Grikk> [huzzah!]
[21:49] <@GWRD> (Theon, Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk)
[21:49] * @Theon_Tokko attacks yet again… [21:49] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+9
[21:49] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(7)+9]: 16
[21:50] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3 slam
[21:50] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(7)+3]: 10 slam
[21:50] <@GWRD> Theon has a bad angle of attack now that Timandra is down and Grikk is in his arch.
[21:50] <@GWRD> (Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk)
[21:50] * Grikk continues to slash
[21:50] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[21:50] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(8)+7]: 15
[21:50] <@GWRD> (miss)
[21:51] <Timandra_Eskander> (Yeah, sure – blame me)
[21:51] <@Theon_Tokko> (if I can for my move action, get me behind Leana in that curved area to give Grikk flanking)
[21:51] <@GWRD> (You can't, unless you try an Acrobatics check)
[21:51] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+2 Acro
[21:51] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(17)+2]: 19 Acro
[21:52] <@GWRD> (Oh and note if you fail, she gets an AoO. I'll let you decide if you still want to try.)
[21:52] <@Theon_Tokko> (I rolled a 19… )
[21:52] <@GWRD> (So you want to try?)
[21:53] <@Theon_Tokko> (A lesson learned, when the DM asks a 2nd time, you say no…)
[21:53] <Grikk> [lol]
[21:53] <@GWRD> (Was just looking for clarification.)
[21:53] <Timandra_Eskander> (I thought it was three times – or that just a Southern thing?)
[21:53] <@Theon_Tokko> (but hell, its me… Theon can't die to hell ya!)
[21:54] <@GWRD> 1d20+16 vs Theon's AC
[21:54] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(20)+16]: 36 vs Theon's AC (Stunning.)
[21:54] <@GWRD> 1d20+16 vs Theon's AC
[21:54] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(7)+16]: 23 vs Theon's AC
[21:54] <@Theon_Tokko> (Haha!)
[21:54] <@GWRD> 2d6+6 Plus save
[21:54] <TolBot> [GWRD's 2d6(6)+6]: 12 Plus save
[21:54] <Grikk> [i think theon will die]
[21:55] <@Theon_Tokko> (well since I have the +6 HP from Rage, that puts me at 2)
[21:55] <@GWRD> Theon tries to manuver past her, but is deftly blocked and biten hard.
[21:55] <@Theon_Tokko> (err 4)
[21:55] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+6 Fort
[21:55] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(2)+6]: 8 Fort
[21:55] <@GWRD> (Just keep track of how many rounds of rage you have left)
[21:55] <@GWRD> 1d2 str damage
[21:55] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(2)]: 2 str damage
[21:55] <Timandra_Eskander> (The Company of Perseus!)
[21:56] <@GWRD> (Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk)
[21:56] <@GWRD> (Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk, Kat (save), Timandra(save), Darenel)
[21:56] * Wyran moves next to Kat before releasing another bolt of fire
[21:56] <Timandra_Eskander> (Told my wife that I was not quite dead yet – she asked me if I was going to go for a walk. I told her I feel happy…)
[21:56] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[21:56] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(10)+6]: 16
[21:56] <Katilyn> 1d20+2
[21:57] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(20)+2]: 22 (Way to go!)
[21:57] <Timandra_Eskander> (got a 16)
[21:57] <Wyran> 1d20+3 vs SR
[21:57] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(8)+3]: 11 vs SR
[21:57] <@GWRD> (ROFL)
[21:57] <@GWRD> 1d2 str damage for Tima
[21:57] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(1)]: 1 str damage for Tima
[21:57] <Wyran> 29) [21:57] <@GWRD> (Can you move more than 30'?)
[21:58] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, Grikk, Kat, Darenel)
[21:58] * Grikk continues to slash
[21:58] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[21:58] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(19)+7]: 26
[21:58] <@GWRD> (hit)
[21:58] <Wyran> 30) [21:58] <Grikk> 1d20+7 crit confirm
[21:58] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(10)+7]: 17 crit confirm
[21:58] * @Ptolamir fires again
[21:58] <Grikk> 1d6+4
[21:58] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d6(3)+4]: 7
[21:58] * Katilyn will drag timandra out of the way.
[21:58] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4
[21:58] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(20)+4]: 24 (Yahoo!)
[21:58] <@GWRD> (The red squares are difficult, because your travelling in a through of blood, twice)
[21:58] <Grikk> [quit teasing me,tolbot :/]
[21:58] * TolBot perks up.
[21:59] <Wyran> 31) [21:59] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4 to crit
[21:59] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(18)+4]: 22 to crit
[21:59] <@GWRD> (Hit Ptolamir, with Crit)
[21:59] <@Ptolamir> (Hit? That’s my first combat crit)
[21:59] <@Ptolamir> 2d6
[21:59] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 2d6(7)]: 7
[21:59] <@GWRD> (CONGRATULATIONS, with a bow that's x3)
[21:59] <@Ptolamir> 2d6
[21:59] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 2d6(12)]: 12
[22:00] <Katilyn> (isn't it just max damage?)
[22:00] <@Ptolamir> (woot)
[22:00] <@GWRD> (no that's 5th edition)
[22:00] <@Ptolamir> (It’s x2)
[22:00] <Katilyn> (ooooh ok)
[22:00] <@GWRD> (no sir, a longbow is x3)
[22:01] <@Ptolamir> (woo!)
[22:01] <@Ptolamir> 2d6
[22:01] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 2d6(7)]: 7
[22:02] <Wyran> 32) [22:02] <@GWRD> Out of nowhere this thick arrow plunges itself into one of her lungs, and she spits up blood in Grikk's face, as she struggles to stay standing.
[22:02] <Grikk> [sidenote,when the DM says you do more damage against the big boss monster thats going to kill us all,you dont argue xD]
[22:02] <@GWRD> (Darenel)
[22:02] <@Ptolamir> (hehe)
[22:02] <Timandra_Eskander> (Haw-haw)
[22:02] <Darenel> 1d20+3
[22:02] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(7)+3]: 10
[22:02] <@Ptolamir> (I’m SO glad I spelled my bow. woo hoo)
[22:02] <Darenel> (/me sits down and starts twidling his thumbs)
[22:02] <Wyran> 33) [22:02] <@GWRD> (ROUND 9 - DM)
[22:04] <@GWRD> Ieana runs her bloody palm against the lips of the statue she's standing next to and turns into a cloudy mass and starts floating up to a hole in the ceiling.
[22:04] <@GWRD> (Everybody else. Saves for Kat and Timandra)
[22:04] <Timandra_Eskander> (afk fora couple of seconds)
[22:04] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[22:04] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(12)+6]: 18
[22:04] <Katilyn> 1d20+2
[22:04] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(3)+2]: 5
[22:04] <@Theon_Tokko> (can I get an attack in before she poofs?)
[22:04] <@GWRD> 1d2 str for Tima
[22:04] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(1)]: 1 str for Tima
[22:04] <@GWRD> 1d2 str for Kat
[22:04] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(1)]: 1 str for Kat
[22:04] <@GWRD> (No)
[22:05] * Wyran will going to move in and tend to the wounded
[22:06] <@GWRD> (Theon, Ptolamir, Grikk, Katilyn, Timandra, Darenel)
[22:06] <Grikk> [hmm.]
[22:07] <Katilyn> “did she just save herself?” [22:07] <Grikk> [can i wipe the blood she coughed up on me on my hand and then do what she did with the statue?]
[22:08] <Wyran> 34) [22:08] <@GWRD> (Yes you can)
[22:08] <@GWRD> (ok)
[22:08] <Grikk> [i will do that,then]
[22:09] <@GWRD> Grikk rubs his blood across the statue of the alluring fanged bat woman and turns into a cloud of gas.
[22:09] <Katilyn> (lol)
[22:10] <Grikk> [sorry,i farted]
[22:10] <@GWRD> (Theon, Ptolamir, Katilyn, Timandra, Darenel)
[22:10] * @Theon_Tokko follows Grikks example in a bout of everburning rage
[22:10] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, Katilyn, Timandra, Darenel)
[22:10] <Darenel> (umm do you know how to turn back, living rest of your life as a gas cloud could be difficult)
[22:10] <@Theon_Tokko> (I'm immortal! lol)
[22:10] <Grikk> [not a clue,im sure its fine]
[22:10] * @Ptolamir fires again.
[22:11] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4
[22:11] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(16)+4]: 20
[22:11] <Wyran> 35) [22:11] <@Ptolamir> (I freaked for a second, thinking was another 20. hehe)
[22:11] <Grikk> [the darkness screams]
[22:11] <@GWRD> Ptolamir shoots the gas cloud hitting it squarely in the gas… and his shot goes through.
[22:11] <Grikk> [lol]
[22:11] <Wyran> 36) [22:11] <@Ptolamir> (oh, it’s gas? I missed that)
[22:11] <@GWRD> (Katilyn, Timandra, Darenel)
[22:12] <Grikk> [its gas,im gas,theon's gas]
[22:12] <@Ptolamir> (ah, you didn’t color that message)
[22:12] <Katilyn> (pass, no idea what do do)
[22:12] <@Ptolamir> (Can I redo?)
[22:12] <@GWRD> (My bad)
[22:12] * @Theon_Tokko follows after the female snake-fart
[22:12] <@GWRD> (Sure)
[22:13] * Grikk is also following
[22:13] * @Ptolamir moves forwad and sends a fire jet.
[22:13] <@Theon_Tokko> (sorry, assuming thats what I was doing after going flaggulent… I jus' had to say it lol)
[22:13] <@Ptolamir> (It moves 20’, can it reach?)
[22:13] <@GWRD> Ptolamir shoots the gas cloud with fire, hitting it squarely in the gas… and his shot goes through.
[22:13] <Timandra_Eskander> (quietly dying – don't mind me)
[22:13] <Sklyla> (Hurrying to register
[22:13] <@Ptolamir> (thanks)
[22:13] <@GWRD> (You were stablized, quit whining)
[22:13] <Grikk> [lol]
[22:14] <@GWRD> (Katilyn, Darenel)
[22:14] <Katilyn> (yeah! :P)
[22:14] * Katilyn pull out her cross bow and shoot into the gas. (maybe)
[22:14] * Darenel moves to the rest of the group to see what is happening(trying to avoid splashing through the blood)
[22:15] <Katilyn> (so do i shave 3 off of the mod for the cross bow?)
[22:15] <Darenel> (can i try to capture some of the gas into one of my potion bottles)
[22:15] <@GWRD> Darenel hops over the blood through, as Katilyn shoots the gas.
[22:15] <Grikk> [lol,essence of snake lady]
[22:15] <@GWRD> (ROUND 10)
[22:15] <Darenel> (hoping she will rematerialize without a liver or something)
[22:16] <@GWRD> Theon, Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk, Kat (1 save), Timandra (1 save), Darenel)
[22:16] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[22:16] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(14)+6]: 20
[22:16] <Katilyn> 1d20+2
[22:16] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(7)+2]: 9
[22:16] <Timandra_Eskander> (20 save)
[22:17] <@GWRD> (that's good)
[22:17] <Wyran> 37) [22:17] <@GWRD> Theon, Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk, Kat, Timandra, Darenel)
[22:17] <@GWRD> (Make your heal check)
[22:17] <Wyran> 1d20+7
[22:17] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(18)+7]: 25
[22:17] * @Theon_Tokko follows after the snake-fart
[22:17] <@GWRD> 1d2 strength damage, because the +4 bonus won't help Kat's save.
[22:17] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(1)]: 1 strength damage, because the +4 bonus won't help Kat's save.
[22:18] * @Ptolamir holds action.
[22:18] * Grikk follows after the gaseous snake as well
[22:19] <@GWRD> Ptolamir, Kat, Timandra, Darenel)
[22:19] * @Ptolamir holds action.
[22:20] <Darenel> (so can i try to snag some gas in a potion bottle?)
[22:20] <@GWRD> (Kat, Timandra, Darenel - Ptolamir: Holding)
[22:20] <@GWRD> (No, the gas clouds have flown away)
[22:20] <Wyran> 38) [22:21] <Katilyn> (pass)
[22:22] <Wyran> 39) [22:22] <Katilyn> (timandra needs it worse doesn't she?)
[22:22] <Darenel> “Where are they gone?” [22:23] <Timandra_Eskander> (Yeah…it would be nice)
[22:23] <@GWRD> (Kat looks like she took a good hit, but will be fine, Timandra looks like she's not doing well)
[22:23] <Wyran> “Unsure,..but we should try to be as ready as we can incase something comes back” [22:23] <Wyran> 40) [22:24] <@GWRD> (You're a cleric are you not? Clerics can convert their spells into cure spells)
[22:24] <Wyran> 41) [22:25] <viper> (lol, that's funny.)
[22:25] <@GWRD> (Then cauterize the wounds)
[22:25] <@GWRD> (ROUND 11)
[22:25] <Wyran> 42) [22:25] <Timandra_Eskander> (“This is going to sting…a lot…”)
[22:25] <@GWRD> 2d8+9
[22:25] <TolBot> [GWRD's 2d8(7)+9]: 16
[22:25] <Grikk> [xD]
[22:26] <Wyran> 43) [22:26] <@GWRD> (Theon, Wyran, Ptolamir, Grikk, Katilyn, Timandra, Darenel)
[22:26] <@GWRD> 1d2
[22:26] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(2)]: 2
[22:26] <Darenel> (can we follow the gases on foot or do we need to turn into gas?)
[22:27] * @Theon_Tokko is still following after snake-fart
[22:27] * Grikk continues to chase after snake gas
[22:27] <Wyran> 44) [22:27] <@GWRD> (The gases escaped into a small hole in the ceiling)
[22:27] <@Ptolamir> “Where do we go?”
[22:27] <Katilyn> “does anyone have any heals left? i dont fancy having to cary timandra through that blood pool.” [22:28] <Timandra_Eskander> (I have one lay on hands, but I seem to be a little…unconscious…)
[22:28] <Darenel> (im all spent)
[22:28] <Wyran> “I am spent. All i can do his mend wounds naturally.” [22:28] <@GWRD> Theon and Grikk: This X-shaped room has a low ceiling and walls dense with ancient carvings and bas-reliefs of a bat-winged demonic woman, including a particularly large one on the northeast wall whose lips are smeared with dried blood. A number of supplies—food, discarded clothes, a few waterskins, and a well-used bedroll— lie in the center of the room.
[22:29] <Katilyn> “Well, i've already done what i can to help her. I don't know what else to do.” [22:29] <@GWRD> In it, you see a badly wounded Sasha trying to patch up a wound.
[22:29] <Wyran> 45) [22:29] <Grikk> [ohshit,sasha's alive?]
[22:29] <Timandra_Eskander> (Knew it! She's behind this all along!)
[22:30] <@GWRD> (Anybody with the HEAL skill can attempt to treat deadly wounds. DC 24)
[22:30] <Darenel> (didnt we see sasha being decapitated)
[22:30] <Katilyn> (can we all take a rest then while grikk and theon do the heavy lifting then?)
[22:30] <Timandra_Eskander> (someone prop me up)
[22:30] <Wyran> 46) [22:30] <Darenel> 1d20+11 Heal
[22:30] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(5)+11]: 16 Heal
[22:30] <Timandra_Eskander> (She must have rolled really high)
[22:31] <Grikk> [theon is about to go down,and im not far behind him]
[22:31] <@GWRD> Darenel, you find that Timandra's wounds are too severe to treat effectively with your skill.
[22:31] * @Theon_Tokko charges at the wounded Sasha, as he remembers Sasha being killed and eaten. (Move & attack if I can)
[22:31] <Wyran> 47) [22:31] <Grikk> [are we still gas,or did we change back?]
[22:31] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, Grikk, Katilyn(save), Timandra(save))
[22:31] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[22:31] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(1)+6]: 7 (O the agony.)
[22:31] <@GWRD> (You would have changed back this round)
[22:31] <Katilyn> 1d20+2
[22:31] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(1)+2]: 3 (That stinks.)
[22:31] * @Ptolamir see’s him charge, so let’s fly an arrow.
[22:32] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4
[22:32] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(6)+4]: 10
[22:32] <@GWRD> 1d2 str to Tima
[22:32] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(1)]: 1 str to Tima
[22:32] <@GWRD> 1d2 str to Kat
[22:32] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(2)]: 2 str to Kat
[22:32] <viper> (welcome, Timandra)
[22:32] <Darenel> (only Grikk and Theo see this sasha?)
[22:32] * Grikk shrugs,and follows Theon_Tokko's lead
[22:32] <@Theon_Tokko> (yea)
[22:32] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[22:32] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(9)+7]: 16
[22:32] <@Theon_Tokko> (I dunno if I can attack which is why I haven't rolled yet)
[22:33] * Darenel shrugs and then tries to repeat the steps to become a gas and follow the others
[22:33] <@GWRD> (You can't, next round you can)
[22:33] <Wyran> 48) [22:34] <@GWRD> Darenel rubs blood on the statue's lips and turns into a cloud of gas.
[22:34] <@Theon_Tokko> (After next round I'm going to be out of Rage and therefore down)
[22:34] <@GWRD> (DC 20 for the heal kit at the cost of 2 charges from it)
[22:34] <Wyran> 1d20+9 Treat Deadly Wounds
[22:34] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(13)+9]: 22 Treat Deadly Wounds
[22:34] <Wyran> 49) [22:34] <Timandra_Eskander> (Ouch!)
[22:34] <@GWRD> (Success, Timandra gets back 3 hps, to put her at -3)
[22:35] <Wyran> 50) [22:35] <@Theon_Tokko> (Correction, I have one more round after that, after Round 13 if I'm right)
[22:35] <@GWRD> (She was stablized, but in Pathfinder that doesn't put your hps back at 0)
[22:36] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, Katilyn)
[22:36] <Katilyn> (pass)
[22:36] <Wyran> 51) [22:36] * @Ptolamir lays down another fire jet at her.
[22:36] <Katilyn> (brb)
[22:36] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, they are in a hole in the ceiling where you can't see them)
[22:37] <@Ptolamir> (ok. then why didn’t you say I didn’t follow them the last round?)
[22:37] <@Ptolamir> (then last round I would rub and gas up)
[22:37] <@Ptolamir> (I fired an arrow last round)
[22:37] <@GWRD> (Ok, so you're rubbing and gassing up with Darenel this round)
[22:38] <@GWRD> (ROUND 12)
[22:38] <@GWRD> 1d20+9
[22:38] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(20)+9]: 29 (Yeah, baby)
[22:38] <@GWRD> Sasha incants a spell, wary of the two of you, healing some of her wounds.
[22:39] * @Theon_Tokko charges at the wounded Sasha, as he remembers Sasha being killed and eaten. (since I couldn't last round)
[22:39] <Grikk> [and of course she crits on it]
[22:39] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+9
[22:39] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(19)+9]: 28
[22:39] <@Theon_Tokko> (CRIT baby!)
[22:39] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+9 confirm
[22:39] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(17)+9]: 26 confirm
[22:39] <Timandra_Eskander> (You can kill her after she's healed us!)
[22:39] <@GWRD> Sasha: “Thank goodness the two of you are here. This crazed snake woman came in here and touched that … [22:39] <@Theon_Tokko> (And confirmed!)
[22:39] <Wyran> 52) [22:39] <Timandra_Eskander> (*Thunk*)
[22:39] <@GWRD> (Hit and confirm)
[22:39] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d10+7
[22:39] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d10(5)+7]: 12
[22:39] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d10+7
[22:39] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d10(9)+7]: 16
[22:40] <@GWRD> You run Sasha through the chest. Her eyes roll back in her head, before she collapses on the end of your blade, changing back into the serpentfolk as she does.
[22:40] <Grikk> [was grikk around for sasha,or was i janken then?]
[22:40] <@GWRD> (end init)
[22:41] <Darenel> (shapeshifting too)
[22:41] <@Theon_Tokko> “Fool, took the form a person I knew to be dead…” [22:41] <@GWRD> (Ieana was around for whomever started this adventure path)
[22:41] <@GWRD> (A fact she did not know)
[22:41] <Katilyn> (back)
[22:42] * @Theon_Tokko drops as his rage ends
[22:42] <@GWRD> (Timandra save)
[22:42] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[22:42] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(10)+6]: 16
[22:42] <@GWRD> 1d2
[22:42] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(2)]: 2
[22:42] <@Theon_Tokko> (at -2 HP)
[22:42] <@GWRD> (When you finally revive, Timandra, you'll be down 7 strength. Kat is down 8)
[22:43] <Katilyn> (ooh i kept track right, yay)
[22:43] <@GWRD> (oh I forgot poison damage for Theon. You get 2 saves Theon)
[22:43] <Wyran> 53) [22:43] <@GWRD> (Actually 3, my bad)
[22:43] <@Ptolamir> (eek)
[22:43] <@Theon_Tokko> (all from when I was in rage right?)
[22:43] <@GWRD> (yes)
[22:43] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+6
[22:43] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(8)+6]: 14
[22:43] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+6
[22:43] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(8)+6]: 14
[22:43] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+6
[22:43] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(3)+6]: 9
[22:44] <@GWRD> 3d2
[22:44] <TolBot> [GWRD's 3d2(4)]: 4
[22:44] <@GWRD> (She's still dead)
[22:44] * Darenel checks the scene before him then tries to see if anyone needs help with poisons or healing again
[22:44] <@GWRD> Ptolamir and Darenel arrive in the X shaped room a round after Ieana is slain and Theon collapses.
[22:44] * Wyran is going to search around for any kind of healing supplies but only around the alter
[22:44] <@GWRD> (Save Theon)
[22:45] <@Ptolamir> “Woah”
[22:45] <@Ptolamir> “What happened?{” [22:45] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20
[22:45] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(7)]: 7
[22:45] <@GWRD> 1d2
[22:45] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(1)]: 1
[22:45] <@Theon_Tokko> (not sure what modifiers I need, if its Fort add +4 to that)
[22:45] <@GWRD> (Save for death, DC 12)
[22:45] * Grikk shrugs
[22:45] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20 vs DC12
[22:45] <Darenel> (can i help with that save)
[22:45] <@GWRD> (DC 12 fort vs death)
[22:45] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(2)]: 2 vs DC12 Fail
[22:45] <@Theon_Tokko> (ouch)
[22:45] <@GWRD> (-1 hp)
[22:46] <Grikk> “We came in and found a woman, he killed her, she turned into the snake lady.” [22:46] <@GWRD> (checking treasure for Wyran)
[22:47] <Wyran> 1d20+5 perception
[22:47] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(1)+5]: 6 perception (Sorry.)
[22:47] <@GWRD> Wyran, it looks like there are a lot of notes and rubbings near the altar taken from the surrounding markings and carvings on the walls in this chamber.
[22:48] <@GWRD> (round 13) (2 saves for Theon DC 19 Fort-poison, DC 13 Fort - death)
[22:48] <Timandra_Eskander> (“Grocery…eggs…milk…coffee…souls of the innocent…”)
[22:48] <@GWRD> (Mmmm souls of the innocent)
[22:48] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+4 vs DC19
[22:48] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(1)+4]: 5 vs DC19 Critical fail
[22:48] <@GWRD> 1d2
[22:48] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d2(1)]: 1
[22:48] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20 vs DC13
[22:48] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(14)]: 14 vs DC13 Success
[22:48] <Wyran> 54) [22:49] <viper> (join me…. JOIN meeeee…)
[22:49] <@GWRD> (Knowledge DC 25 Wyran)
[22:49] <@GWRD> (History)
[22:49] <@GWRD> (If you make it, you get appraise to follow)
[22:50] <Wyran> 1d20+5 History
[22:50] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(6)+5]: 11 History
[22:50] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+8 history
[22:50] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(2)+8]: 10 history
[22:50] <Wyran> 55) [22:50] <@GWRD> Theon seems to stop bleeding on the floor on his own, however his wounds look serious.
[22:50] <Darenel> 1d20+11
[22:50] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(16)+11]: 27
[22:51] <Darenel> (my heal check if it will help anyone)
[22:51] <@GWRD> Darenel treats Theon's wounds enough to bring him back to conciousness. (hps now at 0)
[22:52] <Wyran> “I would suggest moving Timandra_Eskander,..but it doesnt look like you'd beable to help in that
[22:53] * Darenel after making sure Theon is better looks around the room
[22:53] <Timandra_Eskander> (quietly snoring)
[22:54] <@GWRD> The food in the room appears to be locally caught or harvested, and all looks fresh still.
[22:54] <@GWRD> (Anybody in the X room from the Jenievere?)
[22:54] <Darenel> (isnt theon original)
[22:54] <@Theon_Tokko> (Yes, Me)
[22:55] <@GWRD> The bedroll and other supplies appear to be from the Jenivere, and the clothing in particular is recognizable as having belonged to Ieana.
[22:55] <@GWRD> The bedroll and other supplies appear to be from the Jenivere, and the clothing in particular is recognizable as having belonged to Ieana.
[22:55] <@Theon_Tokko> “Wonder if she came here with us…” [22:56] <@Theon_Tokko> (Sorry, I had to go check up on the kiddo.. heard a 'clunk' upstairs.. Jade took a tumble out of bed…)
[22:56] <@GWRD> (Darenel, perception check)
[22:56] <@Ptolamir> (Ptolamir is, right?)
[22:56] <Katilyn> (she ok?)
[22:56] <Darenel> 1d20+9 Perception
[22:56] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(12)+9]: 21 Perception
[22:56] <@GWRD> (Yes Ptolamir is)
[22:57] * @Ptolamir looks around. “I know this… was a human woman?>”
[22:57] <@Theon_Tokko> (Yea. When I walked in she was in the process of climbing back in and complaining the way a child does… 'mean bed, throw me out…')
[22:57] <@Ptolamir> “Ieana wore this.” [22:57] <@GWRD> Darenel, as you are searching you notice under the rather large carving of the alluring bat woman on the northeast wall, a hidden panel below it.
[22:57] <Katilyn> (awe, that's good)
[22:57] <@Theon_Tokko> “Wonder if they where one and the same?” [22:58] <@Ptolamir> “I don’t understand any of this.” [22:58] * Darenel tries to pry the panel open with his dagger
[22:58] <@GWRD> (DC 17 will save)
[22:58] <@Theon_Tokko> “Wonder if she is why we crashed here…” [22:58] <Darenel> (serious?)
[22:58] <@GWRD> (yes)
[22:59] <Darenel> 1d20+8
[22:59] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(14)+8]: 22
[22:59] <Darenel> (which one of you tried to mind control me)
[23:00] <Grikk> [it was me,the fighter]
[23:00] <@GWRD> Black energy crackles all over your dagger and almost reaches your arm. You pull away as the hair on your arm starts changing into a darker coarser form. You think if you had not pulled your hand away in time, it would have been far worse.
[23:01] * Darenel recoils and says “so nobody touch this, seems to be trapped” [23:01] <@GWRD> However it also looks like the magic has been discharged.
[23:01] * Darenel turns to Ptolamir “some sort of magic trap” [23:02] * @Ptolamir shrugs.
[23:02] * @Theon_Tokko slowly gets to his feet and cleans his blade, “The crazy bitch.. tried to hide in Sasha's form…” he stumbles, clearly exhausted.
[23:02] <Darenel> (oh in that case let look inside and get our “Rings of get outta here teleportation”)
[23:03] <@GWRD> (Note: On the body: a potion, 9 scrolls all in a waterproof scroll tube, a ring, some spell components, a silver serpent skull necklace, and 18 pp)
[23:03] <Darenel> ( i got alchemy, can i try to check what potion it is)
[23:04] <Timandra_Eskander> (you can dump me off at a temple…really…)
[23:04] <@GWRD> (In the trapped drawer: 2 scrolls, a playing card with a “chicken bat” like image on it (Peryton), a candle, and a block of incense)
[23:04] <@GWRD> (Sure Darenel)
[23:04] <@GWRD> (Though spellcraft would be more appropriate)
[23:05] <@GWRD> (You're in a temple, somebody dump her in the throughs of blood)
[23:05] <Darenel> 1d20+6 alchemy
[23:05] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(2)+6]: 8 alchemy
[23:05] <Darenel> (my work here is done, i let the mages identify this stuff)
[23:06] <Katilyn> (ya'll gotta get back to the other room lol)
[23:06] <Wyran> 56) [23:06] * @Ptolamir collects the scrolls
[23:06] <Wyran> 57) [23:06] * @Ptolamir looks around for something to rub.
[23:07] <Wyran> 58) [23:07] <Grikk> [rub the barbarian!]
[23:07] <@Theon_Tokko> (kinky)
[23:07] <@GWRD> There is a rather alluring bat-winged demonic woman in the northeast wall whose lips are smeared with dried blood
[23:07] <Timandra_Eskander> (Seriously? You've been on an island that long?)
[23:07] * @Ptolamir goes and rubs the statue
[23:07] <Wyran> 59) [23:08] <@GWRD> Ptolamir rubs fresh blood on the statue and turns into a gas cloud once more
[23:08] * @Theon_Tokko stumbles back against the wall and slides down it until he's sitting, “Probably best I rest for a bit…” [23:09] <@GWRD> s the party returns back to the lower left, triumpant in their battle, this session comes to a close for the evening.

do I have time enough to say something?
we = if
and no one listens to the cleric
What was that?
yay i get to go!
ok guys, go mess them up :D
the pool to theo's left, can i cross that?
kat rethink your action :)
I went before you, I was abl eto nuke the remaining skeletons
that would hit yes
a 5ft step
Spiritual Weapon attack time
the snake DIES!
NOOOO! Gastan! I will miss you and our beloved dance!
this is a Fire Domain Sp ability. dont know if that avoids SR or not
and im done
remember that 3 of you have protection form evil still :)
and saves against spells cast from evil people
no Sr roll?
that was against her SR
huh, wouldnt Prot from Evil give Timandra_Eskander a bonus to that save?
I can get closer to kat
no but the path i saw myself taking for my there in 5 squares
ok, did not know that
in 5th you roll another dice of damage
Gravity Bow is awesome:)
so next time kat makes a save I want to aid her using a Heal Check
you hit the darkness
the darkness then goes into a corner and writes some bad emo poetry about it being shot in the knee with an arrow
Im still holding my action to do a Heal Check on kat when she makes her save… or not
Prot from Evil is still in effect. Should last through Round 13
is it obvious Kat stil needs tender loving car?
ok,..but what do I do? The only spell I have left is Burning Hands….
its a domain spell. cant convert domain spells :(
That sounds like a great idea! FOOOSH!
and dont mind the smell of shard flesh
you have to be gass to follow the gass
we'd need to get long term care going to give you you're HP back at this point
I got this
treaking a Dealy Wound requires a healkit
Going to do a Deadly wounds treament on Tima with my healkit
so she wasnt stablized?
k,..saddly though thats all the healing we can do now
52) , 53)
Ok, what knowledge do I need to roll
I cant really too much else for Katilyn or Timandra_Eskander at this point
i recommend not rubbing the barbarian
maybe he swings that way?
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