Grovewood Saga

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[20:06] <@GWRD> Evil has many shapes, as the castaways found out as they faced a horrific creature with a twisting blob body with many mouths at the bottom of a pit. Though they fought bravely, Valio unfortunately succumbed to the creature's attacks and was engulfed whole.
[20:06] <Wyran> 1) [20:07] <@GWRD> As this session begins, we find Darenel, Wyran, and Theon Tokko at the bottom of a pit, with the others looking on.
[20:07] <@GWRD> Game on
[20:07] <@GWRD> Map: ( )
[20:07] <@Theon_Tokko> (I'm not at the bottom if I recall I started to climb out lol)
[20:08] * Wyran Looks over everyone down in the pit wiht him “Does anyone need healing that cant wait until we're out?” [20:09] <@GWRD> (ok half way up, so make a Climb check, DC 20)
[20:09] * Darenel looks weary from the battle
[20:09] <@Theon_Tokko> (yea, I was like 20ft up already, one sec)
[20:09] <Darenel> 1d20+5 Climb
[20:09] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(19)+5]: 24 Climb
[20:09] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+5 vs DC20
[20:09] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(11)+5]: 16 vs DC20 Fail
[20:10] <@Theon_Tokko> (wow…)
[20:10] <Darenel> (i need to make two check right)
[20:10] <Darenel> (or does one count now that combat is over)
[20:10] <Wyran> 1d20+1
[20:10] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(12)+1]: 13
[20:11] * Wyran I dont think Im making it out easily
[20:11] <Wyran> 2) [20:11] <Sklyla> (Back, for what its worth :3)
[20:12] * Wyran reaches over to Darenel while they try to climb up and casts Cure Light Wounds.
[20:12] <Wyran> 1d8+3
[20:12] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d8(6)+3]: 9
[20:13] * Grikk will move forward to help people out of the pit
[20:13] <@GWRD> (1 is fine Darenel)
[20:13] <@GWRD> Theon struggles to make ground on the wall as Darenel passes him on his left.
[20:14] <@GWRD> (Theon is climbing the right side, not sure about Darenel)
[20:14] * Wyran seem to have some trouble climbing out of the whole
[20:14] <@Theon_Tokko> (well I was near death when i started teh climb so it makes sense lol)
[20:14] <Wyran> 1d20+1
[20:14] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(7)+1]: 8
[20:14] <Wyran> “I, could use some assistance….” [20:14] <Darenel> (in direction where we were going originally before the mouth freak killed us)
[20:15] * Timandra_Eskander goes over to Wyran.
[20:15] <Timandra_Eskander> “What do you need?” [20:15] <Wyran> “How about a rope so i can climb out of this hole?” [20:16] <@GWRD> (Another roll Theon)
[20:16] * Timandra_Eskander goes through her pack
[20:16] * @Ptolamir leans against the wall.
[20:16] <@Ptolamir> “Balio is gone now, too.”
[20:17] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+5 vs DC20
[20:17] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(11)+5]: 16 vs DC20 Fail
[20:17] <@Ptolamir> “This horrid cave may see the end of us all one by one.
[20:17] <@Theon_Tokko> (wow the EXACT same roll…)
[20:17] * Timandra_Eskander hands Wyran a coil of rope.
[20:17] <@GWRD> (You get to try again, you didn't fail by more than 5)
[20:18] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+5 vs DC20
[20:18] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(17)+5]: 22 vs DC20 Success
[20:18] <Grikk> [itd be funny if you got the same roll again]
[20:18] * Wyran uses the rope to try and climb out
[20:18] <Wyran> 1d20+1
[20:18] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(13)+1]: 14
[20:18] <Darenel> (thanks on the heal Wyran, i am back to full again according to my dmg sheet)
[20:19] <@GWRD> Wyran climbs up the wall with the aid of the rope to rejoin the others.
[20:19] <Wyran> 3) [20:19] <Darenel> (i am all spent with spells, and we just handled two trap pits)
[20:20] * Wyran Nods in thanks to Timandra_Eskander as she leans against the wall. Then realises, as he looks at Theon_Tokko that he's got to do this again
[20:20] <Timandra_Eskander> “Who needs healing?” [20:20] <Wyran> 4) [20:25] * Sklyla ( has left #grovewood (Leaving)
[20:25] * Sklyla ( has joined #grovewood
[20:25] <Wyran> 5) [20:25] <Timandra_Eskander> (who's still in the pit? Just Theon?)
[20:25] <Wyran> 6) [20:26] <@Theon_Tokko> (I rolled again and got a 22, unless Mage wants me to roll again)
[20:26] <@GWRD> (Nobody is in the pit)
[20:26] <Timandra_Eskander> (ok)
[20:27] * Wyran motions towards Theon_Tokko and Darenel “So,..we need to be over there” [20:27] <Sklyla> (Im totally waiting for the second pit.)
[20:27] * Darenel looks over there then down into the pit and remember climbing it“ maybe they need to be over here” [20:28] <@GWRD> (They already found the 2nd pit)
[20:28] <Darenel> (the second second pit)
[20:28] <Timandra_Eskander> “We could…no…the last time I swung on a rope I knocked over my cousin.” [20:28] <@GWRD> (oh well yeah, you haven't found that pit yet.)
[20:28] <Sklyla> (*cackles*)
[20:29] * Darenel looks again down into the pit and says “Are we going to continue this way or are we going back?” [20:30] <@Theon_Tokko> “Maybe we could make some sort of makeshift rope bridge?” [20:31] <Wyran> “I dont think we have enough rope for that. We also need at least 3 point sto tie it off at” [20:31] <Darenel> (oh i looked up that ugly thing we fought last week, and i think DM saved us and killed it while it still had 1 HP left)
[20:32] <Darenel> “Or try to jam the trap up again.” [20:32] <Timandra_Eskander> “I don't think that's going to work.” [20:33] <Wyran> “only option I see is climbing down and back up again. The question remains though, Continue or turn back?” [20:33] <Timandra_Eskander> “We should continue
[20:33] <Timandra_Eskander> .” [20:34] * Grikk shrugs,tries climbing down into the pit and up the other side
[20:35] * Wyran is going to need to use the damn rope again
[20:35] * Timandra_Eskander hands Wyran the rope.
[20:35] <Timandra_Eskander> “I should go last.” [20:36] * Wyran climbs down the rope
[20:36] <Wyran> 1d20+1
[20:36] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(14)+1]: 15
[20:37] <@GWRD> (No you actually killed it legit. I just didn't increase the encounter for the extra players over 4 in the group, so in a way I did save most of you.)
[20:37] * @Ptolamir moves in front of Timandra.
[20:37] <@Ptolamir> “Me next?”
[20:38] <Timandra_Eskander> “Sure.” [20:38] <Darenel> ( and 4 people were supposed to kill that thing? seems a bit tough)
[20:38] <@Ptolamir> (roll?)
[20:38] * Timandra_Eskander looks down the other way to make sure there is no coming ambush.
[20:38] <@GWRD> Wyran is the first to make it back into the pit with ease, using the rope for aid (DC 5 with the rope)
[20:39] <Darenel> “ We can hold the rope on our end to help you guys climb up” [20:39] <@Ptolamir> (CLIMB? or ACRO?)
[20:40] <Timandra_Eskander> “Thanks to the Hearth that my brother wasn't here to hear that. The last thing I need is more fat jokes.” [20:40] <Wyran> “Sounds good, Do you have any rope On yourside already?” [20:41] <@GWRD> (CLIMB for climbing down the rope into the pit. You'll need a rope on the Theon/Darenel side if you don't want the DC20 check)
[20:41] <Darenel> (well last person to climb down should untie the rope, then on throw it up on our side)
[20:41] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+6 to climb down with rope.
[20:41] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(8)+6]: 14 to climb down with rope.
[20:42] <Darenel> (we aint leaving valuable rope to rot here, rope is like currency on this island)
[20:43] <@GWRD> Ptolamir joins Wyran in the pit, leaving Kat, Grikk, and Timandra on the other side.
[20:44] <Timandra_Eskander> “Grikk, up next.” [20:44] * Grikk climbs down the rope next
[20:44] <Grikk> 1d20-1
[20:44] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(12)-1]: 11
[20:44] <Timandra_Eskander> “Or down…whatever.” [20:44] <@GWRD> Grikk makes it down with ease.
[20:45] <@GWRD> Katilyn follows next down the pit using the rope (and auto passes as her bonus is higher than +4)
[20:46] * Timandra_Eskander starts going down the rope.
[20:46] <@GWRD> Leaving a lonely Timandra alone with just her rope.
[20:46] <Timandra_Eskander> “no amushes, no ambushes, no ambushes.” [20:47] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20
[20:47] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(2)]: 2
[20:47] <Grikk> [big roll,big roll,no ambush,STOP!]
[20:47] <Timandra_Eskander> (no purchase, either)
[20:47] <Darenel> (that was to untie the rope right)
[20:47] <@GWRD> (WAMMY!)
[20:47] <Timandra_Eskander> (no whammy, no whammy, no whammy – Stop!)
[20:47] <@GWRD> (She was holding the rope, nothing to tie it to.)
[20:47] <@GWRD> Timandra finds her way to the bottom of the pit… the hard way.
[20:47] <@GWRD> 3d6
[20:47] <TolBot> [GWRD's 3d6(11)]: 11
[20:48] * Timandra_Eskander says several unpaladin-like things as the knit she used to wedge to rope tight gives away.
[20:48] <Darenel> (did the mouthy thing at least cushion her fall?)
[20:49] <@GWRD> (Yes, her face is fine, because the hot air caused it to rise.)
[20:49] <Timandra_Eskander> “ow…OW…AUUUGH!!” [20:49] * Timandra_Eskander rolls on her side, clutching her hip.
[20:49] * Wyran winces “When we get up,..I will channel the energy of my goddess to heal those around me alittle more
[20:49] * Darenel cringes at the sound of armor and a person splattering on the bottom of the pit
[20:50] <Timandra_Eskander> (using laying on hands on myself – those of you with decency will avoid the obvious jokes)
[20:50] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d6
[20:50] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d6(3)]: 3
[20:51] <Grikk> [shouldnt you touch yourself in private?]
[20:52] <Wyran> “PAss the rope forward so Someone can toss it up” [20:52] <Timandra_Eskander> (that was fast)
[20:52] * Timandra_Eskander tries to throw up the rope.
[20:53] <Wyran> “Better idea, lets have Kat climb up and hand the rope off to them,….” [20:54] <@GWRD> You throw up the rope after a few attemmpts, and the two men folk hold it on their end.
[20:54] <Timandra_Eskander> ”…and someone could help me up…“ [20:54] * @Ptolamir sighs when he sees the rope caught.
[20:54] <@GWRD> (If you have a +4 or better climb check bonus, you auto pass)
[20:54] <Wyran> ” Ptolamir, Go on ahead of me.“ [20:54] * @Ptolamir nods.
[20:55] <Grikk> [-1 is better than +4,right?]
[20:55] <@GWRD> (no)
[20:55] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+6 to climb.
[20:55] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(7)+6]: 13 to climb.
[20:55] <@GWRD> Kat scurries up the rope after Ptolamir.
[20:56] * Wyran stands next to the rope, allowing others to go ahead of him
[20:56] <Timandra_Eskander> (Why couldn't I have been atheltic instead of good looking?)
[20:58] * Timandra_Eskander makes sure she's the only one in the pit before leaving.
[20:58] * Wyran will climb up now
[20:58] <@Theon_Tokko> (Shaddow is sick btw)
[20:58] <Wyran> 1d20+1
[20:58] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(8)+1]: 9
[20:59] <@GWRD> Wyran is the next to get up, leaving Grikk alone with the graceful Timandra
[20:59] <@GWRD> (unacceptable, she can still type sick!)
[21:00] * Wyran the moment everyone is out of the pit he is going to channel enegry to heal everyone, including himself, as much as he can with a burst of positive energy.
[21:01] * Grikk will try to go up next
[21:01] <Grikk> 1d20-1
[21:01] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(2)-1]: 1
[21:01] <Grikk> [lol]
[21:01] <@GWRD> Grikk struggles to get up the rope.
[21:01] <@GWRD> (Roll again, don't roll a -1)
[21:02] <Grikk> 1d20-1
[21:02] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(18)-1]: 17
[21:02] <@GWRD> But eventually gets a good start with a helpful push from behind.
[21:02] <@GWRD> (Miss Grace's turn)
[21:02] * Timandra_Eskander rubs her hands together and hops up the rope.
[21:02] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20
[21:02] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(8)]: 8
[21:03] <Wyran> 2d6 Positive Channel Heal. Everyone gets some Heals
[21:03] <TolBot> [Wyran's 2d6(4)]: 4 Positive Channel Heal. Everyone gets some Heals
[21:03] <@GWRD> Timandra hops up easily enough.
[21:03] <Wyran> 7) [21:05] <@Ptolamir> (Double take on realizing we just spend 1 hour roleplaying climbing into and out of a single pit.
[21:05] <@Ptolamir> (You may need to alter your sessions remaining estimate, Mage. :)
[21:05] <@GWRD> (Yeah you guys like to take your time on easy stuff)
[21:05] <Timandra_Eskander> (Just wait until we try to leave!)
[21:05] <Wyran> 8) [21:05] <@GWRD> (Marching order?)
[21:06] <Grikk> [first]
[21:06] <Timandra_Eskander> (middle)
[21:06] <Wyran> 9) [21:06] <@Ptolamir> (next to last)
[21:06] <@GWRD> (Theon, Kat, Darenel left)
[21:07] <Darenel> (middlis)
[21:07] <@Theon_Tokko> (stick me in the middle with some light lol)
[21:08] <@GWRD> (Kat in the front or back?)
[21:08] <Wyran> 10) [21:09] <@GWRD> The hallway turns to the left and you accend a set of stairs until you are at the same level as the bridge. Ahead of you is a double set of doors.
[21:09] <Darenel> (sorry guys, i am stuck on a phone call , i might have to go back to work to get a few things done)
[21:09] <@GWRD> 1d20+7
[21:09] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(2)+7]: 9
[21:09] * Grikk will wait for kat to check the doors before opening them
[21:10] <@GWRD> Kat does not notice the third trap… (DC 15 reflex save Grikk)
[21:10] <Wyran> “Lets not rusha head, there could be mroe traps” [21:10] <@GWRD> 1d20+7 for Kat
[21:10] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(15)+7]: 22 for Kat
[21:10] <Grikk> 1d20+1
[21:10] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(4)+1]: 5
[21:10] <Grikk> [lol]
[21:10] <Wyran> 11) [21:10] <@GWRD> Kat hops back as the floor opens beneath Grikk's feet.
[21:10] <@GWRD> 3d6
[21:10] <TolBot> [GWRD's 3d6(8)]: 8
[21:11] <Grikk> “Oof.” [21:11] <Grikk> “You'd think I would learn by now.” [21:11] <@GWRD> Yet again you find yourself at the bottom of a 30' pit with two narrow passageways on the side walls about 2 feet wide.
[21:11] <Wyran> 12) [21:12] <@GWRD> (Climb DC 20, DC 5 with rope, OR Acrobatics DC 10 to jump the pit.)
[21:12] <Darenel> “quick… Get out” [21:12] <Grikk> 1d20-1 climb
[21:12] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(8)-1]: 7 climb
[21:12] * Wyran grabs the rope and moves to toss it down to Grikk
[21:12] <Grikk> “A little help here?” [21:13] * @Ptolamir looks out.
[21:13] * Grikk grabs the rope and tries again
[21:13] <Timandra_Eskander> (LOL)
[21:14] <Timandra_Eskander> (now Nancy's laughing…)
[21:14] <Grikk> [lol]
[21:14] <Grikk> 1d20-1 climb with rope,if i get to try again
[21:14] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(7)-1]: 6 climb with rope,if i get to try again
[21:14] * @Theon_Tokko goes for the jump
[21:14] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+2 vs DC10
[21:14] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(4)+2]: 6 vs DC10 Fail
[21:14] <@Theon_Tokko> (ROFL!!! I'm so dead! :D)
[21:14] <Wyran> 13) [21:14] <@GWRD> Grikk climbs out of the pit, as Theon hits him at the start of his leap.
[21:14] <@GWRD> 3d6
[21:14] <TolBot> [GWRD's 3d6(8)]: 8
[21:14] <Sklyla> (I.. cant… breathe)
[21:14] <Grikk> [theon lands on his head]
[21:15] <@Theon_Tokko> (Maybe not, down to 2HP again…)
[21:15] <Wyran> 14) [21:15] <Grikk> [did you forget theon is immortal?]
[21:15] <@Theon_Tokko> (Yea, 6+4=10-8=2)
[21:15] * Wyran is still holding the rope
[21:16] * Timandra_Eskander tries to climb out with the rope.
[21:16] <@GWRD> Kat leaps the pit with ease, and begins to examine the door while she waits.
[21:17] <@GWRD> (She couldn't fail with a +9 bonus)
[21:17] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+5 (climbing out the other side)
[21:17] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(9)+5]: 14 (climbing out the other side)
[21:17] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20
[21:17] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(20)]: 20 (Stunning.)
[21:17] <Timandra_Eskander> (finally)
[21:17] <@GWRD> Theon slips on his own blood.
[21:17] <@GWRD> (What are you rolling Harl?)
[21:18] * Darenel tries to jump too
[21:18] * @Theon_Tokko grumbles and wipes his hands and tries again
[21:18] <Darenel> 1d20+2 vs DC10
[21:18] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(19)+2]: 21 vs DC10 Success
[21:18] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+5 vs DC20
[21:18] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(17)+5]: 22 vs DC20 Success
[21:18] <Grikk> [dont know why i climbed out,im just going to have to climb in again…-5 to acro,theres no jumping the pit for me xD]
[21:19] <@GWRD> Theon climbs up to the other side of the ledge, but sits on the edge, as there is no more room.
[21:19] * Wyran is going to try and jump it, when there is room
[21:19] * @Theon_Tokko checks his wounds while he waits
[21:19] <@GWRD> Kat: “Door looks safe… I think.
[21:19] * Wyran moves back 5ft for a good running start
[21:20] <Sklyla> (Door's gonna have a spring loaded boxing glove behind it)
[21:20] * Timandra_Eskander steps away frmo the sdge of the pit.
[21:20] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well, hopefully this is the last of the pits.” [21:20] <@GWRD> Timandra takes a couple more steps back away from the pit 15' in front of her.
[21:21] <@GWRD> (Theon & Darenel going in the doors or waiting on the others?)
[21:21] <@Theon_Tokko> (Sure, why not, Theon can't die.. I've tried to kill him off)
[21:22] <Darenel> (i got your back partner)
[21:22] * @Theon_Tokko opens the door slightly and peeks in
[21:22] <@GWRD> An oval pool of what looks like softly rippling blood sits at the center of this octagonal room, filling the air with a metallic tang. Four round pillars support a ceiling decorated with crisscrossed supports and grooves, while ten two-foot-wide circular holes decorate the walls at chest level.
[21:23] <@GWRD> There appear to be no creatures inside.
[21:23] <Darenel> (oh what could go wrong, this place is son inviting, all inclusive a blood Jacuzzi)
[21:23] <@GWRD> (Exactly)
[21:23] * @Theon_Tokko glances at the holes and pool of blood, then slaps Darenel on the shoulder, “You can go first my friend.” [21:24] <Timandra_Eskander> (it a spa for the Kindred)
[21:24] * Darenel steps in but keeps close to the left wall
[21:24] <@GWRD> (Well the entrance of the temple did have vampire motifs all over the doors.)
[21:25] <Darenel> (so that is what they did with all the monkey blood they drained)
[21:25] * Timandra_Eskander creeps towards the door, hand on her sword handle.
[21:25] <@GWRD> (ROUND 1… We're now on round by round actions, because it matters.)
[21:25] <Timandra_Eskander> “Unholy doesn't even cover it.” [21:25] <Darenel> (he didnt say roll initaitive)
[21:26] * Timandra_Eskander moves into the room
[21:26] <@GWRD> (Timandra will have to jump a pit, or climb down it and back up it.)
[21:26] * Wyran takes a running start and jump the pit
[21:27] <@GWRD> Kat enters the building and hugs the right wall, to get out of the way.
[21:27] <Wyran> 1d20+1 Running Jump
[21:27] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(4)+1]: 5 Running Jump
[21:27] <@GWRD> 3d6
[21:27] <TolBot> [GWRD's 3d6(8)]: 8
[21:27] <@GWRD> Wyran ends up in the pit.
[21:27] <Wyran> 15) [21:27] <@GWRD> (Theon, Grikk, Timaandra, Ptolamir)
[21:28] * Timandra_Eskander climbs down the pit with the rope.
[21:28] <Timandra_Eskander> (brb)
[21:28] <Grikk> [does having a running start give me a bonus to acro roll?]
[21:28] <@GWRD> (When you get back, roll your DC 20 climb check Harl)
[21:28] <@GWRD> (No, you don't get the double DC penalty if you run.)
[21:29] <Darenel> (and if you fail with the running start you land in the blood ool)
[21:29] <@GWRD> (Theon, Grikk, Ptolamir - Timandra: Waiting on DC 20 Climb)
[21:29] * Grikk will climb down the pit
[21:29] <Grikk> 1d20-1
[21:29] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(11)-1]: 10
[21:29] <@GWRD> 3d6
[21:29] <TolBot> [GWRD's 3d6(6)]: 6
[21:30] <@GWRD> Grikk's fall into the pit is the most graceful thus far of all the falls.
[21:30] <@GWRD> (Ptol, Timandra's check)
[21:30] <Grikk> [i fall with style. im buzz lightyear now]
[21:31] <Sklyla> (I'll get you in touch with my licensing department, Grikk)
[21:32] <@GWRD> 1d20+1 climb check for Timandra
[21:32] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(15)+1]: 16 climb check for Timandra
[21:32] <Grikk> [sounds good,my number is 555-55555]
[21:32] <@GWRD> (Round 2)
[21:32] <@GWRD> (Round 2)
[21:33] * @Theon_Tokko moves just inside the door
[21:34] * Darenel takes a look around the room but does not move away from the wall
[21:34] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20
[21:34] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(10)]: 10
[21:34] <@GWRD> You notice a narrow 2' wide passage is carved in the west most alcolve.
[21:34] <@GWRD> 3d6
[21:34] <TolBot> [GWRD's 3d6(7)]: 7
[21:35] <@GWRD> Timandra joins the others in the pit.
[21:35] <Timandra_Eskander> (gracefully as always)
[21:35] <@GWRD> (Wyran, Grikk, Timandra, Ptolamir)
[21:35] * @Theon_Tokko moves behind Kat, weapon drawn ready for whatever jumps out of the bloodpool
[21:36] <@GWRD> (DC 20 presently to climb out of the pit, because there is no rope)
[21:36] * Grikk will try to climb out
[21:36] <Grikk> 1d20-1
[21:36] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(4)-1]: 3
[21:36] <Grikk> [and fail miserably]
[21:36] <Wyran> 16) [21:36] * Timandra_Eskander tries to take a running jump to get a handhold and climb out of the pit.
[21:36] <Wyran> 1d20+1
[21:36] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(13)+1]: 14
[21:37] <@GWRD> You and Wyran both can't find a hand hold to help get out.
[21:37] <@GWRD> (Timandra, Ptolamir)
[21:37] <Timandra_Eskander> (climbing out)
[21:37] <@GWRD> (roll)
[21:37] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20
[21:37] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(6)]: 6
[21:37] <Timandra_Eskander> (aieeeeee)
[21:38] <@GWRD> The three of you try to climb out, but find no hand holds.
[21:38] <@GWRD> (Round 3)
[21:38] <@Ptolamir> (was I supposed to ‘act’?)
[21:38] <@GWRD> (You get 2 rounds of actions if you want them)
[21:39] <@Ptolamir> (I don’t have anything in mind, other than keeping up with the others.)
[21:41] <@GWRD> (Your on the edge of the pit right now, you can jump across (DC10) or climb down (DC20)
[21:42] * @Ptolamir attempts to leap accross
[21:42] <Timandra_Eskander> (Jump! Jump! Jump!)
[21:42] <@GWRD> Nothing emerges from the pool of blood.
[21:42] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+1 DC10
[21:42] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(20)+1]: 21 DC10 Critical success
[21:42] <@Ptolamir> (woot!)
[21:42] <Wyran> 17) [21:42] <@Ptolamir> (May I point out I’ve STILL NEVER got a crit in combat)
[21:42] <@GWRD> Ptolamir leaps like a gazelle over the heads of those of you in the pit.
[21:42] <Grikk> [you may not :p]
[21:43] <@Ptolamir> ( /me looks down “suckas”)
[21:43] <@GWRD> (Since this is round 3, you still have 2 more actions Ptol. Everybody else has 1)
[21:43] <Timandra_Eskander> “I almost hate him for that.” [21:43] <Grikk> “Well good, now help us out.” [21:44] * @Ptolamir enters the rounded room and over towards Daranel to inspect the passage.
[21:44] <@Ptolamir> “I’m worried something’s gonna come out from this.
[21:44] <Wyran> 18) [21:44] <Grikk> [abandoned D:]
[21:44] <@GWRD> (LOL)
[21:44] <Wyran> 19) [21:45] <@GWRD> (All have 1 action left)
[21:45] * Grikk tries once more to get out
[21:45] <Grikk> 1d20-1
[21:45] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(11)-1]: 10
[21:45] * Wyran is going to help someone else climb out of the pit
[21:45] * @Theon_Tokko continues to guards kat's backside
[21:45] <Wyran> 20) [21:45] <Timandra_Eskander> (Thanks)
[21:45] <@Ptolamir> (Wait, they’re stuck in the pit?)
[21:45] <@GWRD> (yup)
[21:45] <@Ptolamir> (sorry, missed that)
[21:45] <Wyran> 21) [21:45] <@GWRD> (Want to go back and help them?)
[21:45] <@Ptolamir> (yes of course)
[21:45] <Darenel> (really sorry guys, i need to go afk for a while, not sure how long)
[21:45] <Grikk> [i assume you knew,since you “suckas” us]
[21:45] * @Ptolamir looks for something to tie off a rope.
[21:46] * Timandra_Eskander waits for Wyran to extend his helping…hand? Appendage?
[21:46] <Wyran> 1d20+1
[21:46] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(15)+1]: 16
[21:46] <@GWRD> Ptolamir ties off the rope to a pillar…\
[21:46] * Wyran is a helper, Im helping
[21:46] <@GWRD> (PERCEPTION CHECK Ptolamir)
[21:46] <Grikk> […as five pit fiends emerge from the pool of blood]
[21:46] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+3
[21:46] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(14)+3]: 17
[21:47] <Timandra_Eskander> {Just five? Phew…Mage is taking mercy on us)
[21:47] <@GWRD> Ptolamir lowers a rope for the rest of you.
[21:47] <@GWRD> (Timandra's turn)
[21:47] * Timandra_Eskander climbs up with Wyran's help.
[21:47] <@GWRD> (+2 bonus on your DC 5 climb check)
[21:48] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+2
[21:48] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(12)+2]: 14
[21:48] * Darenel is now known as Darenel-AFK
[21:48] * Timandra_Eskander climbs up and dusts off her leggings.
[21:48] <Timandra_Eskander> “After this, Isolde can kill her own moles.” [21:48] <@GWRD> (ROUND 4 - DM's turn)
[21:49] <Sklyla> ( /me munches loudly on popcorn)
[21:49] <Wyran> 22) [21:49] <Grikk> [/me has his own]
[21:49] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir and Timandra get an OPTIONAL reflex save in a moment)
[21:50] <Wyran> 23) [21:50] <@GWRD> As you are poking around in the chamber sheets of previously concealed bronze decend from the ceiling, threatening to seal off the room with the pit of blood from the others.
[21:50] <Timandra_Eskander> (I think I'll take that save)
[21:51] <@GWRD> (If Ptolamir and/or Timandra wish to reflex to get into the blood pool room, they may roll a reflex save. If they want to stay put they don't need a save.)
[21:51] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4 REfl
[21:51] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(10)+4]: 14 REfl
[21:51] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+5 Reflex
[21:51] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(2)+5]: 7 Reflex
[21:52] <Timandra_Eskander> (…*sigh*…)
[21:52] <@GWRD> (Sorry the DC was 15)
[21:52] * Wyran decides to heal Grikk with a spell
[21:52] <Wyran> 1d8+3
[21:52] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d8(3)+3]: 6
[21:53] <@GWRD> Timandra and Ptolamir try to dive into the room before the plate cuts them off. Ptolamir almost makes it, but Timandra is nowhere close as a bronze wall pins them in the doorway… [21:53] <@GWRD> 3d6 damage
[21:53] <TolBot> [GWRD's 3d6(9)]: 9 damage
[21:53] <@Ptolamir> (me damage?)
[21:53] <Sklyla> (Jill Sandwich)
[21:53] <@GWRD> (Yes, you and Timandra both)
[21:53] <@Ptolamir> (What damaged me?)
[21:54] <@GWRD> (The bronze sheet that just decended from the ceiling.)
[21:54] <Timandra_Eskander> (9 damage? Yikes – I'm bisected)
[21:54] <@GWRD> (Blocking off the blood room from where you just were.)
[21:54] <@Ptolamir> (ok. I thought it was a door dropping)
[21:54] <@GWRD> (Bronze sheet wall over the door.)
[21:55] <@GWRD> Grikk and Wyran, you hear something crash from above you just out of sight of the pit.
[21:55] <@Ptolamir> (ok. Not visualizing then why I’m damaged)
[21:55] * @Ptolamir falls to the ground, wounded.
[21:55] <Sklyla> (You dove under a descending guillotine of metal and didnt clear it)
[21:55] <@GWRD> (You did an Indiana Jones dive through a doorway that was about to be sealed by a bronze plate wall, and 'almost' made it.)
[21:56] * Timandra_Eskander is pinned by her leg, severing her femoral artery.
[21:56] * Wyran looks up towards teh sound “Whats that sound? is something Happening here?” [21:56] <@GWRD> (Round 4 - Players)
[21:56] <Grikk> “One way to find out.” [21:57] <Wyran> Help me up, lets see if I get make it up there
[21:57] <Grikk> [is the rope still available to climb with?]
[21:57] <@GWRD> (Wyran already acted with his healing)
[21:57] <Wyran> 24) [21:57] <Wyran> 25) [21:57] <Timandra_Eskander> (-1…)
[21:57] <@GWRD> (Yes it wasn't severed by the plate, because 2 people jammed the plate open enough for the rope not to get cut)
[21:58] <Wyran> 26) [21:58] * Grikk climbs up the rope
[21:58] <Grikk> 1d20-1
[21:58] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(15)-1]: 14
[21:58] <@GWRD> Timandra blacks out, possibly slain by the plate.
[21:58] <@GWRD> Grikk, at the top of the trap you see a bronze sheet wall blocking the doorway, with legs sticking out.
[21:59] <@GWRD> (no ruby slippers though)
[21:59] <Grikk> [what about silver slippers?]
[21:59] <@GWRD> (no)
[21:59] <Wyran> 27) [21:59] <Grikk> [damn]
[21:59] <@GWRD> (Darenel, Theon, Ptolamir)
[22:00] <@GWRD> (Theon, Ptolamir)
[22:01] <@Theon_Tokko> (holding)
[22:01] <@Ptolamir> (I’m stuck under the bronze sheet?)
[22:01] <@GWRD> (Correct)
[22:02] <@Ptolamir> (I somehow missed this little detail)
[22:02] <@GWRD> (Will require an Escape Artist or Strength check to escape)
[22:02] <@Theon_Tokko> (actually is the sheet fully against the ground or could one get ahold and lift it?)
[22:02] <@GWRD> (one could get a hold of it and try to lift it)
[22:03] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+2 Escape artist to wiggle free
[22:03] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(13)+2]: 15 Escape artist to wiggle free
[22:03] * @Theon_Tokko moves back to the now sheeted door and tempts to lift it
[22:03] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3 str
[22:03] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(14)+3]: 17 str
[22:03] <Timandra_Eskander> (so am I…well part of me…)
[22:03] <@GWRD> Ptolamir attempts to pull himself free, but finds he can't. Theon has no luck lifting the bronze plate wall up.
[22:04] <@GWRD> (Round 5 - DM)
[22:04] <@GWRD> 1d3
[22:04] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d3(1)]: 1
[22:04] <@GWRD> 1d20+5 vs Kat's AC
[22:04] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(18)+5]: 23 vs Kat's AC
[22:04] <@GWRD> 1d6+4
[22:04] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d6(2)+4]: 6
[22:04] <Timandra_Eskander> (Don't mind me, I'll quietly bleed to death)
[22:05] <Wyran> 28) [22:05] <@GWRD> A pendulum tipped with a razor-sharp axe blade swings down from one of the grooves and ridges in the ceiling, sweeping the room, hitting Kat, who screams out in surprise and pain.
[22:05] <@GWRD> (Round 5 - Players)
[22:06] * @Theon_Tokko adjusts his stance and tries to lift again
[22:06] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3
[22:06] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(18)+3]: 21
[22:07] <@GWRD> Theon tries harder this time, putting his knees into it. It budges ever so slightly, but not enough without help.
[22:08] <Timandra_Eskander> (can I lay on hands to at least get myself above zero?)
[22:08] <Grikk> [do i see it budge?]
[22:08] <@GWRD> (Not if you are at negative hps)
[22:08] <@GWRD> (Not really Grikk, but it looks like somebody is trying to lift it)
[22:08] <@Theon_Tokko> “If you can hear me!” he grunts, “Help lift this damned wall!” [22:08] <Grikk> [then i will help them lift]
[22:09] <Grikk> 1d20+4 str
[22:09] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(18)+4]: 22 str
[22:09] <@GWRD> The wall moves a little more, but not enough yet to make a difference.
[22:10] * Wyran climbs up to the rope and if he makes it up there will Channel Positive energy to help Timandra_Eskander's condition
[22:10] <Wyran> 1d20+1
[22:10] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(20)+1]: 21 (Nailed it!)
[22:10] <@GWRD> (Channel away)
[22:10] <Wyran> 2d6
[22:10] <TolBot> [Wyran's 2d6(8)]: 8
[22:10] <@GWRD> 1d20 strength for Darenel
[22:10] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(4)]: 4 strength for Darenel
[22:11] <Timandra_Eskander> (I get eight back)
[22:11] <@GWRD> Darenel tries to lend a hand, but can't get a good grip with all of Timandra's blood on the plate.
[22:11] <Wyran> 29) [22:11] <Wyran> 30) [22:12] <@GWRD> (Theon too.)
[22:12] <@Theon_Tokko> (back to 10 lol)
[22:12] <Wyran> 31) [22:12] <@GWRD> (you even hit Kat, good job)
[22:13] <Grikk> [23/31]
[22:13] <@GWRD> (ROUND 6 - DM)
[22:13] <@GWRD> 1d3
[22:13] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d3(2)]: 2
[22:13] * Timandra_Eskander sits upright with renewed vigor
[22:13] <@GWRD> 1d20+5 vs Darenel's AC
[22:13] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(8)+5]: 13 vs Darenel's AC
[22:13] <@GWRD> 1d6+4
[22:13] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d6(5)+4]: 9
[22:14] <@GWRD> Darenel gets hit by the swinging axe blade.
[22:14] <@GWRD> (ROUND 6 - Players)
[22:14] * @Theon_Tokko grunts and keeps trying to lift
[22:14] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3
[22:14] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(17)+3]: 20
[22:14] * Grikk also continues to lift the door
[22:14] <Grikk> 1d20+4 str
[22:14] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(19)+4]: 23 str
[22:15] <@GWRD> Theon and Grikk combined manages to get the bronze plate up, so people can leave or enter the room at will.
[22:15] <Grikk> “Oh, so that's where you were hiding.” [22:16] <@Theon_Tokko> “Get this held in place!” [22:16] <Grikk> [will it stay up,or do we need to brace it with something?]
[22:16] * Timandra_Eskander crawls through, slicked by her own blood.
[22:17] <@GWRD> (The two of you will have to hold it up or find something to brace it open.)
[22:18] <Grikk> “I don't think I can leave just you to hold it. Someone find something to put under it.” [22:18] <@GWRD> (Wyran, Ptolamir)
[22:19] * Wyran moves into the room to try and find something to prop the door up with
[22:19] * @Ptolamir attempts to get out again.
[22:19] <@Ptolamir> (bonus for them lifting?)
[22:20] <Wyran> 1d20+5 preception check to find something to prop up the metal sheet
[22:20] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(1)+5]: 6 preception check to find something to prop up the metal sheet (Better luck next time.)
[22:21] <@GWRD> (You don't need to make a roll to move now Ptolamir)
[22:21] * @Ptolamir gets to his feet.
[22:23] <@GWRD> (ROUND 7 - DM)
[22:24] <@GWRD> 1d5
[22:24] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d5(3)]: 3
[22:24] <@GWRD> 1d20+5 vs Darenel's AC
[22:24] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(18)+5]: 23 vs Darenel's AC
[22:24] <@GWRD> 1d6+4
[22:24] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d6(4)+4]: 8
[22:24] <@GWRD> The axe blade decends from the ceiling once more and swings around the room before hitting Darenel again.
[22:25] <@GWRD> (ROUND 7 - Players)
[22:25] <@GWRD> He does not look to be in the best of shape presently (since I don't know his current hps)
[22:25] * Timandra_Eskander crawls to Darenel and lays hands on him
[22:26] * @Theon_Tokko glances around looking for something to hold the door up while holding it up himself
[22:26] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d6
[22:26] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d6(5)]: 5
[22:26] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+7 Perception
[22:26] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(18)+7]: 25 Perception
[22:26] <@GWRD> There appears to be no loose objects in the room that could hold up the door.
[22:27] * Wyran eyes the ceiling, wary of the blade that comes down from it.
[22:28] <@Theon_Tokko> (is there a crack between the sheet and the wall or whatnot, something that could have something jammed in it?)
[22:28] <@GWRD> (It's fairly flush with the wall)
[22:29] <@GWRD> (You could have somebody try to jam something in, but it might not be strong enough)
[22:31] <@GWRD> (Anybody body else acting?)
[22:31] <@Theon_Tokko> “Torches! Use the torches, one on each side!” [22:32] <Wyran> 32) [22:32] * Grikk continues to hold the door
[22:32] * Timandra_Eskander is going to help with looknig for something
[22:32] <@GWRD> (Perception Timandra)
[22:32] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+4
[22:32] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(9)+4]: 13
[22:32] <@GWRD> (ROUND 8 - DM)
[22:33] <@GWRD> The bronze sheet walls ascend back into the ceiling, and the axe blade does not return from the grooves in the ceiling.
[22:33] * @Theon_Tokko just stands there dumbfounded
[22:33] <@GWRD> (ROUND 8 - Players)
[22:34] <Wyran> “That makes me more nervious now..” [22:34] <Grikk> “Er….what?” [22:34] <Timandra_Eskander> “that this whole place is trapped?” [22:35] * Grikk cautiously steps into the room
[22:35] * Timandra_Eskander stands up and looks around to see if anyone else is injured.
[22:36] <@GWRD> Darenel still has a few wounds.
[22:36] * Wyran turns on Detect Magic and Looks around the room
[22:36] <@GWRD> (Perception check Wyran)
[22:36] <Wyran> 1d20+1
[22:36] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(13)+1]: 14
[22:36] * Timandra_Eskander casts cure light wounds on Darenel.
[22:37] <@GWRD> The ceilings glow with transmutation magic
[22:37] * Wyran motions to the ceiling “I see Magic in the ceiling!!!” [22:38] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d6
[22:38] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d6(4)]: 4
[22:38] <@GWRD> (you mean 1d8)
[22:38] <@GWRD> (you mean 1d8+lvl)
[22:38] <Timandra_Eskander> (I can't cast spells yet.)
[22:38] <@GWRD> (noob)
[22:39] <@GWRD> (ROUND 9 - Players)
[22:40] * Wyran looks around the room now to see if the aura he found in the ceiling links with anything else
[22:40] * Timandra_Eskander spends her final lay on hands on herself.
[22:40] <@GWRD> (Perception check)
[22:40] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d6
[22:40] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d6(3)]: 3
[22:41] <Wyran> 33) [22:41] <Wyran> 1d20+5
[22:41] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(3)+5]: 8
[22:41] * Grikk will go to the door and wait for kat to check it before opening it,avoiding the pool and the pillars
[22:41] * @Ptolamir sighs.
[22:41] <@GWRD> You don't find anything out of the ordinary.
[22:41] <@GWRD> Kat tells you that aside from the bronze plate she didn't find anything.
[22:42] <Wyran> “So we deal with this room or whats on the other side of the door.” [22:42] <Grikk> [bronze plate?]
[22:42] <@GWRD> You also see she wedged some stuff into the stone above the door to try to catch the plate, but you're not sure how well it will work after her last attempt to stuff things into the pit.
[22:43] <Wyran> 34) [22:43] <Grikk> [oh,that]
[22:43] <@GWRD> (2 plates, one on each set of doors)
[22:44] <Grikk> [its gone now,tho,right?]
[22:44] <@Theon_Tokko> (stuff something in and wedge it via hammer lol)
[22:44] <@GWRD> (It's back in the ceiling, yes)
[22:44] <Timandra_Eskander> “I need to rest. I have no more healing left in me.” [22:44] <@GWRD> (ROUND 10 - Players)
[22:45] * Grikk braces himself,and opens the door
[22:45] <@GWRD> A small 10' x 10' room lies beyond, with another set of double doors.
[22:46] <Grikk> ”….That's it?” [22:46] * Wyran will give the room another look over with detect magic before walking to grikk.
[22:46] <@GWRD> Kat and Darenel waste no time going into the new room.
[22:46] <@GWRD> (Perception check)
[22:46] <Wyran> 1d20+5
[22:46] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(6)+5]: 11
[22:46] <Grikk> [and plunging to their deaths?]
[22:46] <@GWRD> (Going into the room or standing by Wyran?)
[22:46] * @Theon_Tokko follows slowly, checking for more traps along the way (perception?)
[22:47] * Grikk will go into the room as well
[22:47] <@GWRD> (Errr standing by Grikk I mean)
[22:47] <@GWRD> (Perception)
[22:47] <Wyran> 35) [22:47] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+7 perception
[22:47] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(19)+7]: 26 perception
[22:47] <@GWRD> (Timandra & Ptolamir)
[22:48] * Timandra_Eskander follows in next to Theon
[22:48] <Timandra_Eskander> (perception?)
[22:48] * Timandra_Eskander puts on her sword and shield.
[22:48] <@GWRD> (nope, you're not searching for anything)
[22:48] * @Ptolamir moves forward with the others, eyes open.
[22:48] <Timandra_Eskander> (True – death will seek me out regardless)
[22:49] <@GWRD> (ROUND 11 - DM)
[22:50] <@GWRD> (OPTIONAL Reflex saves for Ptolamir, Timandra, and Theon to get into the small room before the plate falls down, or an OPTIONAL reflex for Wyran to leave the small room before the plate falls.)
[22:51] <@Theon_Tokko> (I get a +1 to reflex for traps…)
[22:51] <Wyran> 36) [22:51] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3 reflex
[22:51] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(15)+3]: 18 reflex
[22:51] <@GWRD> The bronze plates start to decend once more, with Kat's “stuff” stuffed into the walls snapping out from the weight of the plate.
[22:51] <Timandra_Eskander> (reflex save)
[22:51] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4 Refl
[22:51] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(10)+4]: 14 Refl
[22:51] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+5
[22:51] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(10)+5]: 15
[22:52] <@GWRD> 3d6 damage to Ptolamir
[22:52] <TolBot> [GWRD's 3d6(11)]: 11 damage to Ptolamir
[22:52] <Grikk> [suddenly its very crowded in here]
[22:52] <@Theon_Tokko> (*gets a little friendly with both Timandra and Katilyn*)
[22:52] <Wyran> 37) [22:52] <@GWRD> Theon and Timandra dive through the opening, making the little room quite crowded. Ptolamir once more tries to get in, but is crowded out by the others and gets hit by the plate.
[22:53] <Timandra_Eskander> (Hey! I bathed last week, thank you!)
[22:53] <@Ptolamir> (I’d be dead if not for the earlier heal Wyran)
[22:53] <@GWRD> (ROUND 11 - Players)
[22:53] * @Theon_Tokko looks in the overly-crowded room for some way to shut the trap off in th eprevious room
[22:53] <Grikk> [what's this…bath,you speak of?]
[22:53] * @Ptolamir moans in pain, losing conciousness nearly.
[22:53] <@GWRD> (Perception)
[22:53] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+7
[22:53] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(10)+7]: 17
[22:54] <@GWRD> You find nothing as you squish against Darenel.
[22:54] * Grikk will quickly open the doors “The rest of you go on ahead, Theon, lift that thing!” [22:54] * @Theon_Tokko goes back to helping lift in what little room he can muster
[22:54] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3
[22:54] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(3)+3]: 6
[22:54] <@Theon_Tokko> (rofl)
[22:54] <Wyran> I'll remain near by. Ptolamir needs healing
[22:55] <Grikk> [lol]
[22:55] * Timandra_Eskander moves ahead
[22:55] <Wyran> “I'll remain near by. Ptolamir needs healing” [22:55] <@GWRD> and two dry fountains sit opposite each other against the walls
[22:55] <@GWRD> in the middle of the room. Three large alcoves, one to the south
[22:55] <@GWRD> and two to the north, contain complex wall carvings. The entire
[22:55] <@GWRD> chamber feels unnaturally cold, and now and then strange
[22:55] <@GWRD> disembodied whispers slither through the air.
[22:56] <@GWRD> Judging from this cathedral-like chamber’s decor, this area must have once been a significant temple dedicated to some vile god. To the west, a few steps lead up to a shrine presided over by a ten-foot-high statue of a beautiful, fanged woman, save that instead of arms she possesses two upraised bat-like wings and instead of feet her legs end in talons
[22:56] <@GWRD> She looms over a glistening altar of blood-red stone that seems to weep blood into a trough below; this trough of blood runs the length of the room before disappearing to the east through a set of bronze bars in front of a wide opening in the wall that drops away into darkness.
[22:57] <@GWRD> Stone pillars support the roof 25 feet above, and two dry fountains sit opposite each other against the walls in the middle of the room. Three large alcoves, one to the south and two to the north, contain complex wall carvings. The entire chamber feels unnaturally cold, and now and then strange disembodied whispers slither through the air.
[22:58] <@GWRD> A female humanoid serpent, dressed in the scholarly robes of the Varisian Ieana from the Jeneviere turns, flanked by skeletons… [22:58] <@GWRD> As this session comes to a close.

and probably tasted like chicken
I dont think Im making it out easily
NP, had to kiss the Diagnos Desiese spell but worth it
I just used my frist spell, and I have 3 more channels left.
everyone is out but we're on seperate sides now
so everyone gets 4hp back
we should just leeroy jenkins this,..nothing ever goes wrong when that happens
I want to say Front. My character knows we've had 2 traps and there could be more at this point
this seems fitting right now.
you did heal that 4hp right?
with the rope
tries to climb out too
like a boss too
and we're stuck down here
never split the party!
ok so Timandra_Eskander Im helping you
care to share?
me too but i'd have to make it and leave whats about to happen here
scrach what I said
well ther eis blood in the next room. We can fix this lack of ruby slippers
cant do anything yet
Grikk you get healed too as does Ptolamir
not sure about Theon
is back to 24 lol
I was just watching and observing the ceiling
…why did I roll a +1 on my last perception check lol
the bronze plate that you where holding up a moment ago that was covering the doors in the room
You moved me right :)
Im not going anywhere !
luckly we all smell as bad as the person on our right
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