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[20:45] <@GWRD-QB> Last session, our band of castaways turned adventurers continued their push into a creepy underground temple.
[20:46] <Darenel> (yeah creepy is a bit of an understatement)
[20:47] <@Theon_Tokko> (*pulls a pizza out of the PIzza oven*)
[20:47] <@GWRD-QB> Already facing hoardes of skeletons, they now have discovered a pit trap. Having some difficulty getting out, it gave one of the underground dwellers time to advance on their position… strange creepy dolls.
[20:48] <@GWRD-QB> Dolls: [20:48] <Grikk> [right,the little balls of NOPE]
[20:49] <@Theon_Tokko> (They're Grikk's girlfriends!)
[20:49] <@GWRD-QB> As Grikk tries to scurry up the pit side with a rope tied around his waist, our session begins.
[20:49] <@GWRD-QB> Game On
[20:49] <Grikk> [nah,im strictly attracted to other half-orcs]
[20:49] <@GWRD-QB> `init rolls please
[20:49] <TolBot> Please make an initiative roll (1d20+modifier).
[20:49] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3
[20:49] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(19)+3]: 22
[20:49] <Valio> 1d20+4
[20:49] <TolBot> [Valio's 1d20(12)+4]: 16
[20:49] <Grikk> 1d20+2
[20:49] <Katilyn> 1d20+8
[20:49] <@GWRD-QB> 1d20+6 for Dolls
[20:49] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(5)+2]: 7
[20:50] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(6)+6]: 12 for Dolls
[20:50] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(19)+8]: 27
[20:50] <Darenel> 1d20+1 init
[20:50] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(6)+1]: 7 init
[20:51] <@GWRD-QB> `init report
[20:51] <TolBot> Initiative Order: Katilyn, 27, Theon_Tokko, 22, Valio, 16, Dolls, 12, Grikk, 7, Darenel, 7
[20:51] <Katilyn> (ooh look, the most innefective person won init)
[20:52] <@GWRD-QB> (Kat, Theon, Valio, then Dolls
[20:52] * @Theon_Tokko works on pulling Grikk and Timandra up out of the pit (STR Check?)
[20:53] <@GWRD-QB> (I'll say it takes a round to pull him up)
[20:53] * Katilyn will use her cross bow to help cover theon grikk and timandra.
[20:53] <Katilyn> (how far away am i?)
[20:53] <Darenel> (Ptolamir , i say time to panic is now and just drown everything in that pit in flames until nothing moves)
[20:54] <@Ptolamir> (sorry)
[20:54] <@GWRD-QB> (You are 10' behind the front lines, and can't see into the pit)
[20:54] <@Ptolamir> (was afk, missed init)
[20:54] <@GWRD-QB> (No worries)
[20:54] <Katilyn> (right…strike my action then)
[20:55] <@Ptolamir> (I need to watch last 1:50 of the game with my daughter, so a little distracted.)
[20:55] * Katilyn will just hold her torch up to give Theon and group more light.
[20:55] <@GWRD-QB> (Valio, then Dolls
[20:55] * Valio helps on the rope and makes sure the lights are strong.
[20:58] <@GWRD-QB> 1d20+3 vs Tima
[20:58] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(3)+3]: 6 vs Tima
[20:58] <@GWRD-QB> 1d20+3 vs Grikk
[20:58] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(16)+3]: 19 vs Grikk
[20:59] <@GWRD-QB> 1d2-2 damage and save vs. Poison DC 14
[20:59] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d2(2)-2]: 0 damage and save vs. Poison DC 14
[21:00] <@GWRD-QB> (1 damage)
[21:00] <Grikk> [if i can pull up my sheet,ill gladly do so]
[21:00] <@GWRD-QB> (We'll see Harl shortly, Seahawks just got their ball intercepted by the Pats)
[21:01] <Katilyn> (wooooohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances*)
[21:02] <@GWRD-QB> (Kat gets +1 cool point)
[21:03] <Grikk> [fort save?]
[21:03] <Katilyn> (i do? why?)
[21:03] <@GWRD-QB> (Yes please)
[21:03] <Grikk> 1d20+5
[21:03] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(10)+5]: 15
[21:06] <@GWRD-QB> Tthe dolls get into Tima's and Grikk's space and start stabbing at the two of them, one of them connects with Grikk with a light graze.
[21:06] <@GWRD-QB> (Grikk, 7, Darenel, 7, Ptolamir: 1)
[21:07] <Grikk> [i can retaliate? or am i just dangling in mid-air?]
[21:08] <@GWRD-QB> (Dangling, but you could make an attack, if you have a weapon drawn.)
[21:08] * Darenel steps up to the trap and tries to help the others get out
[21:08] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[21:08] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(17)+7]: 24
[21:09] <Darenel> (i hope you murderate that creepy sob)
[21:09] <@GWRD-QB> (hit)
[21:09] <Grikk> 1d6+4
[21:09] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d6(3)+4]: 7
[21:09] <@Ptolamir> (we have 2 teammates in the pit with the 3 dollcreatures?)
[21:10] <Katilyn> (yes)
[21:10] <Grikk> “Let me down you idiot!” [21:10] <@GWRD-QB> (Yes, but Grikk is being pulled out, and will be out shortly)
[21:10] <@Ptolamir> (how deep is the pit?)
[21:10] <@GWRD-QB> (Grikk, is your weapon magical?)
[21:10] <@Ptolamir> “Get them out of there!”
[21:10] * @Ptolamir readies to fill the pit with flame.
[21:10] <Grikk> [nope]
[21:11] <Darenel> (i thought we are trying to get everyone out so ptol can nuke the pit)
[21:11] <@GWRD-QB> You strike a decent hit, however the hit doesn't seem to do as much damage as you expected it would do.
[21:11] <@Theon_Tokko> (The Ptol-bomb is Armed, 1 round until global thermo-ptolamir war!)
[21:12] <@GWRD-QB> (Ptolamir: 1, Katilyn, 27, Theon_Tokko, 22, Valio, 16)
[21:12] <Grikk> [an interesting game. the only winning move is not to play]
[21:12] <Katilyn> (what movie is that from?)
[21:12] <@Ptolamir> (both of ours are still in the pit?)
[21:12] <@Theon_Tokko> (WarGames)
[21:13] <Katilyn> (thank you)
[21:13] <Valio> (/me goes to find WOPR)
[21:13] * Katilyn will merely continue to hold her torch aloft as she's too far back to do any good.
[21:13] * @Ptolamir looks on from the back, too far back to act.
[21:15] <@GWRD-QB> Grikk is pulled out of the pit, leaving only Tima. still in the pit.
[21:15] * @Theon_Tokko drops the rope back in to pull Timandra out
[21:15] <@GWRD-QB> 1d20 for Tim
[21:15] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(15)]: 15 for Tim
[21:16] <@GWRD-QB> 1d8+1
[21:16] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d8(2)+1]: 3
[21:16] * Valio keeps an eye on the rear, as he's too far back to do anything else.
[21:17] <Darenel> (looks like those things need to be destroyed my magic weapons or spells)
[21:18] <@GWRD-QB> (Katilyn, 27, Theon_Tokko, 22)
[21:18] * @Theon_Tokko starts to pull Timandra out as soon as she grabs the rope
[21:18] <Katilyn> (i'll just hold as there isn't much she can do atm, and brb)
[21:19] <@GWRD-QB> (Grikk is tied to one yet, it will take a round to get down it down to her.)
[21:19] <@GWRD-QB> (tied to one end still…(
[21:20] <@Theon_Tokko> (Well, soembody else can untie him I'll lower the other end down lol)
[21:22] <@GWRD-QB> Theon spends his time getting the other end of the rope from the back of the group so he can throw it down to Timandra.
[21:22] <@GWRD-QB> 2#1d20+3 vs Timandra
[21:22] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(13)+3]: 16 vs Timandra
[21:22] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(6)+3]: 9 vs Timandra
[21:22] <@GWRD-QB> 1d20+5 vs poison
[21:22] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(3)+5]: 8 vs poison
[21:23] <@GWRD-QB> One of the creepy dolls sticks Timandra in the calf.
[21:23] <Katilyn> (back)
[21:24] <@GWRD-QB> (Grikk, 7, Darenel, 7, Ptolamir: 1, Timandra)
[21:24] * Grikk will help pull Timandra up
[21:25] <@GWRD-QB> (Darenel, 7, Ptolamir: 1, Timandra)
[21:25] <Darenel> (can i cast flare on one of those things atacking us?)
[21:26] <@GWRD-QB> (You are in the 2nd row, and can't see in the pit unless somebody lets you move up)
[21:27] * Darenel touches Theon and casts Resistance on him
[21:27] * @Ptolamir with his delayed action attempts to move forward to the edge of the pit.
[21:27] <Darenel> (thats +1 on saving throws for a minute)
[21:27] <@GWRD-QB> (Ptolamir: 1, Timandra. Kat)
[21:28] * @Ptolamir lays down fire on the right side of the pit.
[21:28] <@GWRD-QB> (Somebody will have to move out of your way so you can advance)
[21:28] <@GWRD-QB> (Otherwise your action will be readied until such time as you can get to the front of the pit.)
[21:28] <Darenel> (can i shuffle back to let ptol into my spot on my turn)
[21:29] <Darenel> (i dont have any offensive spells and dont want to cast my companion just yet)
[21:29] * Katilyn will move out of whoevers way to the back of the group.
[21:29] <Katilyn> (not that she really has to move much for that lol)
[21:30] <@GWRD-QB> 1d20+5 poison for Timandra
[21:30] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(10)+5]: 15 poison for Timandra
[21:30] <@GWRD-QB> 1d2
[21:30] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d2(1)]: 1
[21:31] <@GWRD-QB> (Theon_Tokko, 22, Valio, 16 - Readied: Ptolamir)
[21:31] * Valio backs onto the bridge while sending the lights to hover over the hole.
[21:31] <Valio> (10-15' back)
[21:31] * @Theon_Tokko goes about trying to get Timandra out
[21:32] <@Ptolamir> (If I can get up there my fan will miss her.)
[21:32] <@GWRD-QB> You all haul Timandra out, who hangs over the edge, because there is no place to put her.
[21:33] * @Theon_Tokko scoots back to give her room
[21:35] <@GWRD-QB> The 2 lead creepy dolls, not wanting to let their prey get away, actually start levitating up to the top of the pit, their little hair faces twisting into sinister grins, their daggers ready to strike.
[21:35] <@GWRD-QB> (Grikk, 7, Darenel, 7, Readied: Ptolamir)
[21:35] <Darenel> (yeah floating creep dolls, why not)
[21:36] <Grikk> [are they at a height where i can attack them?]
[21:36] <@GWRD-QB> (yup, hovering right at ankle level)
[21:37] <Grikk> [cleave]
[21:37] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[21:37] <@GWRD-QB> (roll)
[21:37] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(10)+7]: 17
[21:37] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[21:37] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(6)+7]: 13
[21:38] <@GWRD-QB> (1 hit, 1 miss)
[21:38] <Grikk> 1d6+4
[21:38] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d6(1)+4]: 5
[21:39] <@GWRD-QB> The hit connects, but is not solid on the damage side.
[21:39] <@GWRD-QB> (Darenel, 7, Ptolamir, Timandra)
[21:40] <Darenel> (so can i attack those things with my sling or are they covered by the first row?)
[21:40] <@GWRD-QB> (You can attack, but they have cover -4 to hit)
[21:41] <Darenel> (in that case i will jsut give Grikk Resistance as well)
[21:41] * Darenel touches Grikk and casts resistance on him too
[21:42] <@GWRD-QB> (Ptolamir, Timandra, Kat, Theon, Valio)
[21:42] <Grikk> [whats that do?]
[21:42] <Darenel> (thats a +1 to save rolls for a minute for you too)
[21:42] <Grikk> [cool,thanks]
[21:42] <Darenel> (they attack with poison right?)
[21:43] * @Ptolamir holds without other option.
[21:43] <@GWRD-QB> (Nobody has seen signs of poison)
[21:43] <@GWRD-QB> (Kat, Theon, Valio - Holding: Ptolamir)
[21:43] <Valio> “Shift back if you need healing, no fighting to the death!” [21:44] <@GWRD-QB> 1d20+4 for Timandra
[21:44] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(11)+4]: 15 for Timandra
[21:44] <@GWRD-QB> 1d8+1
[21:44] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d8(5)+1]: 6
[21:44] <Katilyn> (am i still too far back to see anything/act?)
[21:44] * @Theon_Tokko shifts back to let Ptol get closer to blast them
[21:44] <@GWRD-QB> Timandra stabs one of the dolls and then withdraws to the back row.
[21:45] <@GWRD-QB> (You see 2 dolls levitating at the edge of the pit.)
[21:45] * Katilyn debates briefly, but will allow ptol. to deal with them while she sees how timandra is.
[21:48] <@GWRD-QB> (Theon, Valio - Holding: Ptolamir)
[21:48] <@Theon_Tokko> (jus' moving away and holding)
[21:48] <Valio> (anyone near me need healing? If not, I pass my turn)
[21:49] <@GWRD-QB> Theon moves back, opening up more room in the front lines.
[21:51] <@Theon_Tokko> (afk, checking on the kidlets and going potty)
[21:52] <@GWRD-QB> (Anything Valio?)
[21:52] <Valio> (nobody said they needed healing, so… pass)
[21:54] <@GWRD-QB> Both the lead dolls advance on Grikk, while the third one levitates to the top of the pit.
[21:54] <@GWRD-QB> 2#1d20+3
[21:54] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(9)+3]: 12
[21:54] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(7)+3]: 10
[21:55] <@GWRD-QB> They hack at Grikk's footwear, but only strip off pieces of armor.
[21:55] <@GWRD-QB> (Grikk, 7, Darenel, 7, Ptolamir: 1)
[21:56] * Darenel moves to the back
[21:56] * @Ptolamir cracks his knuckles as the scene in front begins to open up.
[21:58] <@Ptolamir> (Are Grikk and that doll occupying the same space? It hovering over him?)
[21:58] <@GWRD-QB> (Yes, Grikk and 2 dolls are all in the same space, while the third is hovering behind him.
[21:58] <Darenel> (just light them up, grikks got a resiastance bonus)
[21:58] <@Ptolamir> (These are tiny creatures?)
[21:59] <@GWRD-QB> (Yes sir)
[21:59] <Grikk> [do it,burn them all]
[22:00] <@Ptolamir> (Grikk can step back one space and move a colleague one space back if they accept it, right?)
[22:00] * Grikk swings his sword again [cleave]
[22:00] * @Ptolamir moves up beside Darnel, and fires at the dolls.
[22:00] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[22:00] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(6)+7]: 13
[22:00] <@GWRD-QB> (Grikk can 5' back, but not move a colleague)
[22:00] <@GWRD-QB> (Miss. Their AC is 14)
[22:01] <Grikk> [then i will 5' step back]
[22:01] <@Ptolamir> 4d4 Burning Hands with DC15.
[22:01] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 4d4(12)]: 12 Burning Hands with DC15.
[22:02] <@GWRD-QB> (Moving you up, unless you want to burn through allies?)
[22:02] <@GWRD-QB> 3#1d20+3 reflex
[22:02] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(7)+3]: 10 reflex
[22:02] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(3)+3]: 6 reflex
[22:02] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(10)+3]: 13 reflex
[22:02] <@Ptolamir> (yay)
[22:02] <@Ptolamir> (FAIL!)
[22:03] <@Ptolamir> (I love the smell of melting plastic in the morning)
[22:04] <Darenel> (the dolls burst int flames , embers flying through the air they disintegrate slowly until the only thing remaining is the “Made in China” label)
[22:05] <@GWRD-QB> (Katilyn, 27, Theon_Tokko, 22, Valio, 16,)
[22:06] <@Theon_Tokko> (I'm back)
[22:06] <Katilyn> (wb)
[22:06] * @Theon_Tokko holds
[22:06] * Katilyn holds as well.
[22:06] <@GWRD-QB> Flames dance over the hair and bone bodies of the dolls, as one of them dies.
[22:07] <@GWRD-QB> (Valio, 16,)
[22:08] <Darenel> (can anyone tell me how exactly echoing spell feat works)
[22:08] <@Ptolamir> (No, I can’t… can’t… can’t… can’t…)
[22:09] <Darenel> (all i know is that spell is suppsed to be 3 level higher but i am not sure what that means)
[22:09] <@GWRD-QB> (lets you cast a spell twice before it's forgotten)
[22:09] <@GWRD-QB> (So a level 1 spell, would take up a level 4 slot)
[22:09] <Darenel> (so that feat is useless until level 5 or something)
[22:10] <Valio> “Good job!” [22:10] <@GWRD-QB> (Yes)
[22:10] <@GWRD-QB> (Doing anything Valio?)
[22:12] <Valio> “Anyone need healing?” [22:12] <Darenel> (Grekk might need a hp blast)
[22:12] <@Theon_Tokko> (Grikk or Timandra are the only two that've been hit I believe)
[22:13] <@GWRD-QB> The two creepy dolls advance on Ptolamir, after the damage he caused them.
[22:13] * Grikk responds with an “I'm fine!” as blood drips from various wounds
[22:13] <@GWRD-QB> 2#1d20+3
[22:13] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(19)+3]: 22
[22:13] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(5)+3]: 8
[22:13] <@GWRD-QB> 1d20+3 confirmation
[22:13] <TolBot> [GWRD-QB's 1d20(18)+3]: 21 confirmation
[22:13] <Darenel> (bit grekk possibly just needs to buff his armor )
[22:13] * Valio sighs at Grikk's enthusiasm and heals him anyway.
[22:13] <Valio> 1d8+3
[22:13] <TolBot> [Valio's 1d8(3)+3]: 6
[22:14] <@GWRD-QB> (2 damage and DC 14 Poison Save for Ptolamir)
[22:15] <@GWRD-QB> (Grikk, 7, Darenel, 7, Ptolamir: 1)
[22:17] [@GWRD-QB:#grovewood PING]
[22:17] <Grikk> [can i get to them to attack?]
[22:17] <@GWRD-QB> (They just attacked Ptolamir)
[22:17] <@GWRD-QB> (Yes you can attack them)
[22:18] * Grikk will do so [cleave]
[22:18] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[22:18] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(13)+7]: 20
[22:18] <Grikk> 1d20+7
[22:18] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(7)+7]: 14
[22:18] <Grikk> 1d6+4
[22:18] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d6(5)+4]: 9
[22:18] <@GWRD-QB> (Hit x2)
[22:18] <Grikk> 1d6+4
[22:18] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d6(6)+4]: 10
[22:18] <Grikk> [9 to one,10 to the other]
[22:19] <@GWRD-QB> Grikk manages to destroy both of them.
[22:20] <@GWRD-QB> Things start to quiet down for a moment, as the last of the creepy dolls lies in pieces on the ground.
[22:20] <Valio> (thunder/lightning started outside… Being distracted.)
[22:20] <@Ptolamir> (sorry, was afk. ok, fort?)
[22:20] <@GWRD-QB> (Yes please)
[22:21] <Darenel> ( so where did the dolls come from? there are wall cracks in the pit wall?)
[22:21] <@GWRD-QB> (There are holes in the pit walls, yes.)
[22:21] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+1 Fort vs DC14
[22:21] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(20)+1]: 21 Fort vs DC14 Critical success
[22:21] <@GWRD-QB> The wound stings, but is nothing severe.
[22:21] <@Ptolamir> (my first 20 EVER in combat… and pointless)
[22:21] <@GWRD-QB> (But you made your save)
[22:24] <@Ptolamir> (yes but WASTED a 20. I woulda settled for a 14)
[22:24] <@Ptolamir> (or a 13 even)
[22:24] * Darenel makes sure the dolls are truly dead then looks into the pit to see if there is a good way to close it or to get to other side
[22:25] <Grikk> “Should we maybe explore the tunnels these things came out of?” [22:25] <Valio> “I would think it better to explore the easier to access places first.” [22:25] * Darenel pokes the dolls with hist staff and says “What foul magic made those?” [22:25] <@GWRD-QB> (Note, very squishy tunnels.)
[22:26] <@Theon_Tokko> (nuke the tunnels Rico!)
[22:26] <Grikk> [good,the tunnels will die easy,then]
[22:26] <Darenel> (yeah lets not risk a cave in maybe further down the path or back to that secret door we found near entrance)
[22:29] <@GWRD-QB> (So what's the plan, before I throw another encounter your way)
[22:30] <@Theon_Tokko> (to hit the head again… lol)
[22:31] <@GWRD-QB> (In that case)
[22:32] <@GWRD-QB> With the defeat of the soul dolls, the group now has to assess their next move… [22:32] <Grikk> [incoming cthulhu in power armor?]
[22:32] <@GWRD-QB> As this session comes to a close.

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