Grovewood Saga

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[19:40] <@GWRD> Our story begins on the 34th day on the Smuggler's Shiv, with our band of castaways celebrating a victory against the dreaded Red Mountain Devil, whose lair they discovered near a quartet of strange monoliths.
[19:40] * Wyran is going to take alook at the creature's lair to see if there is anyhting useful within
[19:41] * Grikk will go with Wyran
[19:41] <@GWRD> Game on I guess.
[19:41] * Darenel checks if anyone needs healing
[19:41] * Timandra_Eskander rushes down and tends to Katilyn, putting her bow back in the quiver.
[19:42] <@GWRD> Rickety rope bridges connect the bluffs leading down to the cleff that the chupacbra made its nest.
[19:42] * Katilyn smirked up at timandra “at least you remembered my bow, thank you.” [19:43] <Timandra_Eskander> “You'll have many chances to be a menace to everyone close to your target.” [19:43] <@GWRD> Wyran and Grikk you start crossing the bridge to get to it's nest, but the bridge starts to creak loudly in protest.
[19:43] * Timandra_Eskander lays her hands on Katilyn to heal her.
[19:43] * Tasso is now known as Valio
[19:44] * Wyran will be treating this bridge like the previous one that they had to cross
[19:44] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d6
[19:44] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d6(4)]: 4
[19:44] * @Theon_Tokko goes back searching around the creatures nest
[19:44] <Katilyn> (so add 4 hp?)
[19:45] <Wyran> 1) [19:45] <Timandra_Eskander> (remove 4 points of damage)
[19:45] <@GWRD> Theon joins the others making their way towards the nest, while Wyran backtracks to let Grikk cross first.
[19:45] <@GWRD> (Waiting for Grikk to cross or going to cross also Theon?)
[19:45] * Grikk slowly crosses the bridge
[19:45] <Timandra_Eskander> “Are you well now? Can you move?” [19:45] * Valio looks for his thrown javelin.
[19:45] <@Theon_Tokko> (Yea, didn't realize it was on the other size lol)
[19:46] * Katilyn stood up slowly and nodded“ i'm well enough. shall we go save the men from their own stupidity?” [19:46] <@GWRD> The bridge creaks softly as you cross. Wyran's mid-section must have been getting too fat for the bridge you think.
[19:46] <Darenel> (i think he called you fat)
[19:46] <Timandra_Eskander> “Again?” [19:46] <Katilyn> Well, it has been a whole five minutes.
[19:47] <Wyran> 2) [19:47] <@GWRD> Grikk, you get to the other side without any issues, and reach the nest without any problems. (Would you like the loot public, or private (so you can steal some?))?
[19:47] * Timandra_Eskander helps Katilyn to her feet and looks around to see if there's anyone else needing healing.
[19:47] <Grikk> [private]
[19:47] <Timandra_Eskander> “Head on towards the bridge. Things get bad head across it and make your way to the lighthouse.” [19:48] <Wyran> 3) [19:48] <@Theon_Tokko> (brb)
[19:49] * Tolman is now known as Ptolamir
[19:50] * Timandra_Eskander gets her bow out, hands Katilyn hers and takes up a position to cover.
[19:51] * Katilyn grabs her bow and moves to take up a cover possition across from Timandra.
[19:51] <@GWRD> Wyran you are next to cross, and can see Grikk poking through the nest.
[19:51] * Wyran moves up next to grikk “Was anythign found thats of use?” he then looked around the nest with his eyes
[19:52] * Valio continues to search for his javelin.
[19:52] <Grikk> “Nothing I can use.” [19:52] * @Ptolamir peers out looking at the bridge for any signs of weakness.
[19:53] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+2 perception
[19:53] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(19)+2]: 21 perception
[19:53] <@GWRD> The bridge looks rickety, much like the one you crossed yesterday.
[19:53] <@Ptolamir> “We should only have as many as necessary cross this.“ [19:54] <@Ptolamir> “I am fairing better, Timandra, my wound closed up.” [19:54] <@GWRD> Treasure: 246 sp, 234 gp, 13 pp, a mithral hook designed to be worn on an arm stump, a fine brass sextant , a buckler decorated with a skull and crossbones, and an quiver containing 29 arrows, and nine cold iron arrows, a javelin, and a masterwork composite longbow (+3 Strength).
[19:54] * Grikk grabs the buckler,however
[19:55] <Timandra_Eskander> (has everyone crossed over?)
[19:56] <Darenel> (just a few i reckon)
[19:56] <Katilyn> (i haven't.)
[19:57] * Wyran Doesnt see anything there he would use ether. The gold doesnt interest him at the moment but will survey the items with Detect Magic!
[19:58] <@GWRD> (Magic: Buckler, Quiver, 9 arrows, javelin)
[19:58] <Valio> (I'm still wandering the original area…)
[19:58] <Timandra_Eskander> “Kat – go on ahead. I'll cover.” [19:58] <@GWRD> (Going to check out the monoliths again while you are up there?)
[19:58] * Wyran is going to study the items “I see magic items, One of that buckler, a quiver, arrows and the javelin” [19:59] <@Theon_Tokko> (ok back)
[19:59] <Timandra_Eskander> (We should…)
[19:59] <Darenel> (who got dibs on the hook)
[19:59] <@GWRD> (The captain did)
[19:59] * Katilyn looked to Timandra “are you sure?” [19:59] <Timandra_Eskander> “Yes. go.” [19:59] * Grikk examines the buckler he took “It's magic?” [19:59] <Wyran> 4) [19:59] * @Ptolamir remains with Timandra, “I’m wondering about those temple stones, still.“ [19:59] <@GWRD> (5)
[19:59] * Katilyn nodded and moved her bow to her back and then made her way across the bridge.
[20:00] <Wyran> 1d20+7 spellcraft
[20:00] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(6)+7]: 13 spellcraft
[20:00] <Wyran> 1d20+7 spellcraft
[20:00] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(11)+7]: 18 spellcraft
[20:00] <Wyran> 1d20+7 spellcraft
[20:00] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(15)+7]: 22 spellcraft
[20:00] <Wyran> 1d20+7 spellcraft
[20:00] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(8)+7]: 15 spellcraft
[20:00] <Wyran> 1d20+7 spellcraft
[20:00] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(19)+7]: 26 spellcraft
[20:00] <Timandra_Eskander> “We can check them out if you want, I want to make sure everyone is well before we do anything else.” [20:00] <Timandra_Eskander> (Mage, do we have a map?)
[20:00] * Valio walks over to the monoliths and spends some time examining them, while the others talk loot.
[20:01] * Darenel takes a look as well
[20:01] * Timandra_Eskander follows Ptol to the monoliths.
[20:02] <@GWRD> (No clue on buckler or quiver, 7 arrows +1, 2 ??? arrows, Javelin of Lightning)
[20:02] <@GWRD> (You have a map, but I'm not making it available yet for this area.)
[20:03] <@GWRD> Four stone monoliths appearing as jagged stalagmites of rock protrude from the grass at the edge of this bluff. A weathered, snakelike rune is carved into the inner face of each of these stones, all facing a three-foot-high pyramid-shaped block of stone at the center of the four surrounding spires.
[20:03] <@GWRD> The vegetation and soil surrounding this pyramid has been trimmed back and excavated to expose the strange block fully to view. The peak of the central pyramid has a cup-shaped indentation—channels run down the four sides into empty basins at the base of the pyramid.
[20:03] * Wyran frowns alittle “I cannot tell what the Buckler does, or the quiver. There are 9 magic arrows, 7 of them seem to be just magic. And there is a javelin of Lightening.” [20:04] <Grikk> “That's disappointing.” [20:04] <Grikk> “That you can't tell, I mean.” [20:04] <Katilyn> (did kat make it across the bridge to where grikk and wyran are?)
[20:04] <@GWRD> (probably)
[20:04] <Wyran> I understood. Maybe one of the others can determine it.
[20:04] <Wyran> “I understood. Maybe one of the others can determine it.” [20:04] * Katilyn walks over to where grikk and wyran are. “Ooooh can i have the arrows?” [20:05] * Grikk holds out the shield to Katilyn “Can you tell what kind of magic this does?” [20:05] <Wyran> “7 of them are magic. These 2 Im not sure what they do” [20:06] <@Ptolamir> “What do we make of these?”
[20:06] * Katilyn shakes her head “magic isn't my area, i just am running a little low on arrows.” [20:06] <Darenel> (Ptol, cant you give those items a once over too?)
[20:06] <Timandra_Eskander> “I'm getting the idea this is not where everyone holds hands and chants prayers for a warm hearth.” [20:06] <@Ptolamir> (yep)
[20:06] * @Ptolamir nods.
[20:07] * @Theon_Tokko heads over with the rest
[20:07] * Darenel follows the others
[20:07] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+8 Knowledge history check
[20:07] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(1)+8]: 9 Knowledge history check (That stinks.)
[20:07] <Timandra_Eskander> “We need to take this apart – stone by stone.” [20:08] <@GWRD> Ptolamir, it looks like a miniture pyramid. Perhaps somebody intended on entombing a small mummy here?
[20:08] <@Ptolamir> (lol)
[20:08] * @Ptolamir looks at Timandra.
[20:08] <@Ptolamir> “I’ve no problem with that.” [20:08] <Timandra_Eskander> (a halfling mummy?)
[20:09] * Wyran nods “Lets rejoin the others? take the items with us and see what is holding them up?” [20:09] * Grikk goes to where the rest of the party is and asks the nearest person that looks like they might know something about magic to look at the buckler
[20:09] * Timandra_Eskander points to Ptolamir.
[20:09] * Katilyn nods and took the bow and arrows unless someone stopped her, she would take the spear too unless someone else did. “Let's go.” [20:10] * @Ptolamir watches the others return.
[20:10] * Valio wanders over to those returning from the other side of the bridge.
[20:10] <Darenel> (so the bow was +3 STR?)
[20:10] <@Ptolamir> “We’re thinking of blaspheming some evil deity. Whose in?“ [20:10] <@Ptolamir> “Good loot from the nest?”
[20:10] <Timandra_Eskander> “When you put it like that – who can say no?” [20:11] <@GWRD> (There was no spear. Yes the bow was a masterwork composite longbow rated for a +3 str)
[20:11] <Wyran> “Some good items, some items i couldnt identify. A buckler, quiver and 2 arrows.” [20:11] <Katilyn> (wait, i thought…grrr )
[20:11] <Valio> (It was a javelin)
[20:11] <Grikk> “Oh,that sounds fun. Can you take a look at this first? It has magic.” [20:11] * @Ptolamir points to the ground.
[20:11] <Katilyn> (meant the javelin)
[20:11] <@Ptolamir> Set the items down here and I’ll have a look.
[20:12] * Grikk sets it down
[20:12] <Valio> “I'll take a look if something isn't identified. I may have a chance of identifying it. Unlike this wand.” [20:12] * Valio pulls out the hag's wand as well.
[20:12] * Wyran will set those items down and then lays out the javelin “This is a javelin of lightening, Im not sure who could use this.” [20:12] * Katilyn sat down the stuff she carried “i don't think i can use the bow, it's almost as big as me but you might be able to to timandra.” [20:13] * Wyran wouldnt set down the buckler because grikk has it
[20:13] <Darenel> (so who can reforge the mithral hook into a nice dagger?)
[20:13] <@Theon_Tokko> (I actually don't have any ranged… lol so if nobody else needs it…)
[20:13] <Wyran> 5) [20:13] <Katilyn> (oddly kat might be able to)
[20:14] <Katilyn> (but yeah, need a forge)
[20:14] <Darenel> (we dont need a forge we have Ptol)
[20:14] <Valio> (I have craft(weapons) at +9…)
[20:14] <Timandra_Eskander> “So – if we're going to do this right, we need to get rid of the priesthood.” [20:14] <@GWRD> (Bow requires a min. 16 str to use effectively)
[20:14] * @Ptolamir points to set the wand down alongside the bracer.
[20:14] * @Ptolamir nods at Wyran, verty good.
[20:14] * Valio places the wand down.
[20:14] <@Ptolamir> (buckler, sorry)
[20:15] <@Ptolamir> “Just these two items we need to know more about?” [20:15] <@Ptolamir> (poke or the quiver)
[20:15] * Katilyn arches a brow at timandra “so we have to off the new guy?” [20:16] <Timandra_Eskander> “No…just the priests who work this particular abomination.” [20:16] <Timandra_Eskander> “If it ends up he was in on it – we'll get rid of him if we need to.” [20:16] <@Ptolamir> (isn’t there a quiver too that needs to id?)
[20:16] <Katilyn> (yes, i thought so)
[20:16] * Wyran nods to Ptolamir “And these 2 arrows.” (buckler, quiver, and 2 magic arrows of ??????)
[20:17] * @Ptolamir casts Detect Magic.
[20:17] * Katilyn nods “usually just defrocking them does it.” she shrugged a bit. “but then again, what would i really know?” she chuckled a bit.
[20:17] <Timandra_Eskander> (Ship building. Arrows of ship building)
[20:17] <@Ptolamir> (roll 1 arcana for each?)
[20:17] <@GWRD> The monoliths radiate Strong Transmutation magic.
[20:17] <@GWRD> (Spellcraft, one for each)
[20:17] <@Ptolamir> (I plan on moving towards the monoliths when done with items.)
[20:18] <Timandra_Eskander> (I'll follow Ptolamir to save his bacon.)
[20:18] <@Ptolamir> (how many rolls?)
[20:18] * Wyran is going to let Ptolamir work and goes on to the monoliths to see if he is needed there.
[20:18] <@GWRD> (1 for each item. Buckler, Quiver, Arrows, Wand)
[20:18] <@Ptolamir> (we’re besie the monoliths I belive)
[20:19] <@Ptolamir> 4#1d20+11 Spellcraft to ID magic items
[20:19] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(11)+11]: 22 Spellcraft to ID magic items
[20:19] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(13)+11]: 24 Spellcraft to ID magic items
[20:19] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(19)+11]: 30 Spellcraft to ID magic items
[20:19] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(13)+11]: 24 Spellcraft to ID magic items
[20:19] <Timandra_Eskander> (ok – you get the detcord and I'll prime the TNT)
[20:19] <Wyran> 6) [20:19] <Darenel> (BAM headshot)
[20:20] <Grikk> [holy carp]
[20:20] <Katilyn> (daaang)
[20:20] * @Ptolamir focusses on each item in turn, then the monoliths behind following.
[20:20] <@GWRD> (Buckler+1, Efficient Quiver, 2 arrows +2 of aberration slaying, Wand of Vampiric touch (Charges to be looked up by DM)
[20:20] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+11 on monoliths
[20:20] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(1)+11]: 12 on monoliths (Better luck next time.)
[20:21] * Wyran moves up to Timandra_Eskander “Is there anything i could be of use here?” [20:21] <Darenel> (you failed me for the last time starscream)
[20:21] * Valio checks thhe monolith over as well.
[20:21] <Valio> 1d20+1
[20:21] <TolBot> [Valio's 1d20(19)+1]: 20
[20:21] <@GWRD> (4 charges)
[20:21] <@Ptolamir> (i get a +2 bonus to spellcraft when IDing magic, which is really helpful)
[20:21] <Timandra_Eskander> (not really – we all know he's going to come back by the credits roll)
[20:21] <@Ptolamir> (except when I roll a one… stupid monoliths)
[20:22] <Timandra_Eskander> (can I roll an untrained knowledge?)
[20:22] <@GWRD> (no)
[20:22] <@Ptolamir> (no untrained knowledges)
[20:22] <@GWRD> (I'll take trained History or Arcana on the monoliths however)
[20:22] * Katilyn just slowly moved away from the monoliths, not far enough away to be away from the group, just so she wasn't so close to the things that gave her the heeby jeebies.
[20:22] <Valio> 2#1d20+2
[20:22] <TolBot> [Valio's 1d20(6)+2]: 8
[20:22] <TolBot> [Valio's 1d20(18)+2]: 20
[20:22] <Timandra_Eskander> (I'll just sit here and make daisy chains, then)
[20:23] <@Ptolamir> ( tried History and crit failed. Can I try arcana?)
[20:23] <Valio> (bards. We have a total of 8 (or so) non-class skills)
[20:23] <@GWRD> (yes)
[20:23] <Darenel> (doesnt Wyr also have history)
[20:23] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+9 Arcana on monoliths
[20:23] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(1)+9]: 10 Arcana on monoliths (Ugh.)
[20:23] <Wyran> 7) [20:24] <@Ptolamir> ( !!! )
[20:24] <Wyran> 1d20+5 History check on monoliths
[20:24] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(6)+5]: 11 History check on monoliths
[20:24] <@GWRD> (Tolbot does not want to you know about these)
[20:24] * TolBot perks up.
[20:24] <Timandra_Eskander> (I'm sorry, Ptol – your answer must in the form of a question)
[20:24] <@Ptolamir> (I just rolled THREE 1’s examining these stupid stones)
[20:24] <Darenel> (at this point are we even sure they are made of stone?)
[20:25] <Wyran> 1d20+5 Arcane check on monoliths
[20:25] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(11)+5]: 16 Arcane check on monoliths
[20:25] <Wyran> 8) [20:25] <Timandra_Eskander> (*gasp* – it's oatmeal!)
[20:25] <@GWRD> The monoliths are beyond frustrating for the poor fire wizard, perhaps it is because they deal with his opposed element of water, that he finds them so hard.
[20:25] <Valio> “I bet this is what gets struck by lightning.” [20:25] * @Ptolamir reports to the others, this buckler is a simple magical aid (+1), the Quiver is an Efficient Quiver, these 2 arrows are especially magically adept versus aberrations ( +2 of aberration slaying)”
[20:25] <Timandra_Eskander> “I suppose this is a bad time to wish I had paid more attention to the loremaster and not his son.” [20:26] * Grikk nods,picks the buckler back up
[20:26] <@Ptolamir> “The wand is of vampiric magic, very powerful. But I can not make anything out of these stones.“ [20:26] <Katilyn> “and again with the sex.” [20:26] <Timandra_Eskander> (What is an Efficient Quiver?)
[20:26] * Timandra_Eskander looks over at Kat
[20:26] <@GWRD> ( )
[20:26] <Darenel> (its bigger on the inside)
[20:26] <Wyran> 9) [20:26] <Timandra_Eskander> “Funny – he said the same thing.” [20:27] * Katilyn gasps “a man you managed to wear out? or was that just the way he let you know he was good to go again?” [20:27] * Valio returns the wand to his pack.
[20:27] <Timandra_Eskander> (Ohh – they left off Elhonna in the name)
[20:27] <Wyran> “I'm not recalling anyhting like these stones right now.” [20:28] <Wyran> 10) [20:28] <Timandra_Eskander> “No – towards the end, he kept saying how he just wanted to take long walks, drink tea and watch the moon rise. I thought those were euphamisms. I was shocked to find out that's what he really wanted to do. We broke up after that.” [20:29] <@Ptolamir> “This quiver is a magical container, holding many arrows, and spears and even bows.” [20:29] <@Ptolamir> “Very helpful.“ [20:29] * Timandra_Eskander nods towards Kat.
[20:29] <Timandra_Eskander> “She could use it.” [20:30] * Katilyn shook her head, even though she chuckled. “only if no one else could make more use of it.” [20:30] <Valio> “Perhaps when we find or make a forge, I can refill the quiver.” [20:30] <@Ptolamir> “I am running low on arrows, so would help.”
[20:30] <@Ptolamir> “We also have this amulet from before.” [20:30] * @Ptolamir holds up the amulet around his neck.
[20:32] * Timandra_Eskander looks back to the monolith.
[20:32] <Timandra_Eskander> (are there any other structures near by for the priesthood to sleep, hang out or share beheading tips?)
[20:33] <@GWRD> (No)
[20:33] <@GWRD> (Or at least not that you can see)
[20:33] <Valio> “I have a magical shield already, and the wand for however many charges remain within. If anyone else can use these, they should have first pick.” [20:33] * Wyran takes alook at the amulet for a moment (any checks I can do on the amulet?)
[20:33] <Valio> (the new things, not my stuff.)
[20:34] <@GWRD> (4 charges)
[20:34] <Timandra_Eskander> “I could use the buckler if no one else claims it.” [20:34] <Grikk> [already took it]
[20:35] <Valio> (yes, I took note. But IC would I know?)
[20:35] <@GWRD> (Yes, because I told you.. well the identifier of the wand, whom I assume would tell you.)
[20:35] <Timandra_Eskander> (ok – brb)
[20:35] <@Ptolamir> (I know what the amulet is)
[20:36] <Wyran> 11) [20:36] <Wyran> 12) [20:36] <Katilyn> (who took the bow, arrows, and quiver and javelin?)
[20:36] <Valio> (noted)
[20:36] * Zionia (webchat@6ca5f040.14055ad5.73.12.imsk) Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[20:37] <Darenel> (i take it javelin was already claimed)
[20:37] <Katilyn> (that's what i'm wondering, along with the bow arrows and quiver)
[20:39] <@Ptolamir> (someone needs to put each thing on their sheet so its not lost to memory)
[20:39] <Darenel> (dont matter it would be a pain to update my char sheet)
[20:39] <@Theon_Tokko> (If nobody needs a new bow, I'll take it, as I have no ranged weapons anyways)
[20:39] <@Ptolamir> (grik has buckler, who has arrows? quiver, javelin & bow?)
[20:39] <Wyran> 13) [20:39] <Darenel> (bow is an item for Str heavy character anyway)
[20:39] <Wyran> 14) [20:39] <@Theon_Tokko> (aight)
[20:39] <Grikk> [i could use the bow,but i have no dex to shoot it with,you take it]
[20:40] <Wyran> kat already claimed the 7 +1 arrows
[20:40] <Wyran> 15) [20:40] <Katilyn> (i can give them over though cause i have a cross bow, not a regular bow)
[20:40] <Wyran> 16) [20:41] * Valio looks at the bridges along the cliff face, wondering why it goes all the way down.
[20:41] <Wyran> 17) [20:41] <Katilyn> (who go the javelin?)
[20:41] <Wyran> 18) [20:42] <Katilyn> (and what about the money? did we leave it?)
[20:42] <@GWRD> The bridges criss-cross from ledge to ledge down to a slope into the water.
[20:42] <Timandra_Eskander> (I can use the arrows)
[20:42] <Wyran> 19) [20:43] <Wyran> “The javelin will turn into a bolt of lightening, it only has one use” [20:43] <Valio> “Who builds a bridge below water level, unless the tides shift enough for use?” [20:44] <Timandra_Eskander> “Umm…if not one has claimed the arrows, I can use them.” [20:44] <Katilyn> “I can hold the javelin until we need it and then pass it to whoever.” [20:44] <Timandra_Eskander> “As for the bridge…makes sense. It's a natural defense.” [20:45] <Valio> “Are we to wait for the tide to change and explore? We will need to watch the tides carefully if we want to make it back here.” [20:46] <@GWRD> It appears to be low tide at the moment.
[20:46] <Katilyn> “Anyone who goes down there should be a good swimmer, and they shouldn't be alone.” [20:46] <Grikk> “I can't swim.” [20:47] <Darenel> (so everyone gets aprox 1Plat 23Gold and 24Silver)
[20:47] <Valio> “I lived alongside a river, but I never really swam beyond the shallows. Too much time away from my music lessons.” [20:47] <Valio> (1/23/24? I can do that)
[20:48] <Darenel> (i divided by 10 and assumed the rogue would pocket the rest)
[20:48] <Timandra_Eskander> “I can keep from drowning… that's about it.” [20:48] <Katilyn> (which rogue?)
[20:48] <Darenel> (the sneaky one)
[20:49] * Katilyn sighed “Am i the only one that's a decent swimmer?” [20:49] * Wyran nods
[20:49] <Grikk> “Looks like.” [20:49] <Timandra_Eskander> “Good luck.:
[20:50] <Valio> “We're not sending Katilyn down on her own. We either don't go, or we find a different way.” [20:50] <@Ptolamir> “Don’t neglet that ring of swimming.” [20:51] <Wyran> “Thats true but that would still only bring us to 2.” [20:51] * Katilyn paused in the middle of stripping off her gear. “am i going or aren't i? Cause i'm not taking off all this armor if i'm not going.” [20:51] <@Theon_Tokko> (that'd be what, 35.4gp?)
[20:52] <Darenel> (my swim is +4 but i dont trust my rolling to test that theory)
[20:52] <Wyran> 20) [20:52] <Valio> (yes, theon)
[20:52] <@Theon_Tokko> (I have +9 swim with Armor on…)
[20:52] <Katilyn> (mine is +6, i assume that's with armor on, but cloth in water…hell no)
[20:53] <Timandra_Eskander> (I've got +1… I'm not chancing that with TolBot the Everhungry)
[20:53] * TolBot perks up.
[20:53] <Grikk> [mine is +4 with armor]
[20:53] <@Theon_Tokko> (+12 without armor…)
[20:53] <Timandra_Eskander> (I say we shove Theon in first)
[20:53] <Wyran> 21) [20:53] <Darenel> (he is nearly indestructable)
[20:54] <Katilyn> (how does it go up without armor on?)
[20:54] <Grikk> [armor sinks :p]
[20:54] <@Theon_Tokko> (I have +8 climb)
[20:54] <Wyran> 22) [20:54] <@Theon_Tokko> (again, without armor…)
[20:54] <@Ptolamir> (Theon has the ring of water freedom right?)
[20:54] <@GWRD> (Armor has armor check penalities to skill that require physical movement… like swimming)
[20:54] <Katilyn> (my climb is +7 i'm assumming ammounts listed are with armor on, but i donno how to figure without armor)
[20:54] <@GWRD> (Ring of swimming)
[20:55] <@Theon_Tokko> (Yea, my swimming was including that)
[20:58] * Timandra_Eskander looks around again, taking in the tides and seeing if the priests are going to look for their now-dead mascot.
[20:59] <@GWRD> (What priests?)
[20:59] <Timandra_Eskander> “What are we doing?” [21:00] <Wyran> “I would feel better finding another way but if everyone wants to try swimming we can.
[21:01] * Valio shrugs. “A quick glance down the cliffs would allow us to know if it's worth all of us going down or not.” [21:01] * Timandra_Eskander inches towards the cliffs and looks over.
[21:01] * Katilyn put all her gear back in place and waited.
[21:02] <@GWRD> Below you see water that flow in and out of this area.
[21:02] * Darenel looks around ” So what do we do now?“ [21:02] * @Ptolamir stays in the back, clearly not interested in joining the exploration of the water.
[21:04] <Valio> “Did we travel three days to kill a beast, shrug at the lighning problem, and decide to head back?” [21:04] <Katilyn> (brb)
[21:05] <Timandra_Eskander> “No, we just need to figure out what to do next.” [21:05] * Katilyn moved towards the others “i could just climb down and take a look into the water to see if i could see anything.” [21:06] * @Theon_Tokko just shrugs and waits to see what everybody else decides
[21:06] <Darenel> (could we get a recap of where we stand)
[21:07] <Valio> “I would feel better if we had more rope. I wonder how hard it would be to make more.” [21:07] <Katilyn> (back)
[21:08] <Wyran> 23) [21:08] <@GWRD> You presently stand atop a bluff with a quartet of monoliths, looking down upon a series of connected bluffs that abruptly ends at the water. You are presently trying to either figure out how to activate the monoliths (UMD anybody?), and figure out how to get off the island.
[21:08] <Katilyn> (would it be possible for someone to 'liberate' the rope bridges?)
[21:09] <Wyran> 24) [21:09] <Katilyn> (true)
[21:09] <Darenel> (maybe we need to wait for low tide to see where those bridges lead)
[21:09] <Katilyn> (it was low tide)
[21:10] <Valio> (UMD? seriously?)
[21:10] <@GWRD> (Hey it is a magical device)
[21:10] <Katilyn> (what's umd?)
[21:10] <Wyran> 25) [21:11] <Wyran> 26) [21:11] <Katilyn> (aaah)
[21:11] <Grikk> [i dont have that skill]
[21:12] <Valio> (yeah, but I do…)
[21:12] <Valio> “Does anyone think it a good idea to attempt using the monoliths?” [21:12] * Valio glances around at the others.
[21:12] * Grikk shrugs
[21:13] <Grikk> “Only one way to find out.” [21:13] * Wyran shrugs alittle “We're already at lowtide and the birdges already go down below the low tide waterline,…ether we're swimming or something makes the water go away.” [21:13] <@Theon_Tokko> (I think I'm tired, I read UMD as 'Universally Mutual Destruction')
[21:13] <Timandra_Eskander> “No.” [21:13] <Timandra_Eskander> (University of Maryland)
[21:13] <Timandra_Eskander> “That thing should be destroyed.” [21:13] <Katilyn> (crap brb)
[21:13] <Grikk> [universal media disc]
[21:14] <Valio> “Just a thought.” [21:15] <Timandra_Eskander> “Certainly.” [21:15] <Darenel> (i think the pylons are Universal matter displacer… meaning we can teleport from this island)
[21:16] <Wyran> 27) [21:16] <Timandra_Eskander> (Or disintegrate)
[21:17] <Timandra_Eskander> “Let's pretend for one minute that I'm not morally opposed to using a tool of evil. How would we use it?” [21:18] <@Ptolamir> “I do not think we should neglect this spot.” [21:18] <@Ptolamir> “If it takes us a day to figure out the significance of these stones, then we should do that.
[21:18] <Valio> “I have a nack for making random magical items work. Not sure how, but…” [21:18] <Katilyn> (back)
[21:18] <@Ptolamir> “Tarry. Exp;ore the water perhaps. Try again on the morrow.“ [21:19] * Grikk shrugs
[21:19] <Grikk> “Whatever we do, we should do it soon.” [21:19] <Darenel> “Good idea, maybe some time will gives us a better perspective about those stones.” [21:20] <Timandra_Eskander> “Let's set up camp, then.” [21:20] <Wyran> “Away form the stones,…” [21:20] <Katilyn> “Far enough away they can't fall on us would be nice.” [21:20] <Timandra_Eskander> “Yeah.” [21:21] * Timandra_Eskander looks around for a suitable campfire.
[21:21] * Timandra_Eskander looks around for a suitable camp place.
[21:21] <Valio> “We will need to find more food, soon.” [21:21] <Darenel> “I could look for some food.” [21:22] <Grikk> “As could I.” [21:22] <Timandra_Eskander> “I can help with that.” [21:22] <Katilyn> “If we are going to be here for a couple of days i could make a trap or two to set for game” [21:22] <Wyran> “I will remain here and setup camp.” [21:23] <@GWRD> The group decides to setup camp at the stone, at 8 in the morning.
[21:23] <Wyran> 28) [21:23] <Darenel> (early bird gets the worm)
[21:24] * @Ptolamir helps with camp.
[21:24] <Darenel> (or should say, early chickenbat gets the killer lizard)
[21:24] <@Ptolamir> “I’m in the mood for a good fire.
[21:24] <Timandra_Eskander> (early worm was set up)
[21:24] <Valio> (gah, biab)
[21:28] * Darenel goes exploring the bluffs for any signs on how to use the monoliths or anything else of interest
[21:29] * Timandra_Eskander pokes around to see what needs to be shored up for defense and places to fall back.
[21:30] * Valio helps build a defensible camp and then searches for food for a few hours.
[21:30] <@GWRD> (At this point, you have a couple options. You can do normal camp stuff (hunt, make traps, guard, etc.), you can spend the day studying the stones, you can try swimming and seeing what happens.)
[21:30] * Grikk will hunt
[21:30] * Wyran will study the stones
[21:31] <Timandra_Eskander> (I will get some caffeine…)
[21:32] * Katilyn will make traps.
[21:32] <Darenel> 1d20+15 Survival-find food
[21:32] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(1)+15]: 16 Survival-find food (Tsk, tsk)
[21:32] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+6 Survival
[21:32] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(17)+6]: 23 Survival
[21:32] <Grikk> 1d20+4 hunting
[21:32] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(11)+4]: 15 hunting
[21:32] <Katilyn> 1d20+4 make traps
[21:32] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(19)+4]: 23 make traps
[21:32] <@Theon_Tokko> (so yea, hunting for me)
[21:32] <Valio> 1d20
[21:32] <TolBot> [Valio's 1d20(8)]: 8
[21:33] * @Ptolamir spends teh day remaining studying the stones.
[21:34] <@GWRD> (What's Timandra doing for the day?)
[21:35] <Timandra_Eskander> (checking out the terrain for defenses)
[21:36] <Timandra_Eskander> (what should I roll? Nature?)
[21:36] <@GWRD> A day passes… the hunters bring back lots of fish (enough to feed 32 people). Wyran and Ptolamir study the monoliths for the day, while Kat and Tima shore up defenses.
[21:37] <Wyran> 29) [21:37] <Katilyn> (enough of a time pass to get any hp back?)(
[21:38] <@GWRD> (Your level in hp)
[21:38] <Katilyn> (yay!)
[21:39] <Timandra_Eskander> (I'm whole!)
[21:39] <Katilyn> (i'm not lol)
[21:39] <Timandra_Eskander> (How low are you?)
[21:39] <@GWRD> The sun rises to a new day, Wyran and Ptolamir feel a little more confident in the monolith, determining that the basin at the top that feeds into the 4 monoliths, and the snake sigils have something to do with the specific magic needed to run this.
[21:39] <Katilyn> (5 down, not bad at all)
[21:40] * Wyran is going to use positive energy at dinner time to bring more health to everyone
[21:40] * @Ptolamir studies his book.
[21:40] <Wyran> 2d6
[21:40] <TolBot> [Wyran's 2d6(9)]: 9
[21:40] <@GWRD> (Ptol and Wyran, may make new knowledge checks, and may use UMD untrained to attempt to assist Valio if he wishes to try to blindly activate the monoliths again.)
[21:41] <Wyran> 30) [21:41] <Katilyn> (yay!!)
[21:41] * @Ptolamir finishes reading and goes and walks aroudn the stones again.
[21:41] <Wyran> 31) [21:42] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+9 arcana
[21:42] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(19)+9]: 28 arcana
[21:42] <Timandra_Eskander> (wow)
[21:42] * Wyran rubs his chin while examining the stones one last time.
[21:42] <@Ptolamir> (suck it, monoliths)
[21:42] <Wyran> 1d20+5 History
[21:42] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(16)+5]: 21 History
[21:42] <Wyran> 32) [21:43] * @Ptolamir walks around beside Wyran.
[21:43] * Timandra_Eskander looks around for priests.
[21:43] <Darenel> (if thsoe things start humming and crackling with unholy energies i am outta here)
[21:44] <@GWRD> The two of you believe that these stones are known as a Tide Stone. History foretells that they were used to control the very oceans around the island and area. Ptolamir believes he's also figured out how to activate the monoliths properly… [21:44] * @Ptolamir whispers to Wyran, “They face the tide.”
[21:45] <@Ptolamir> “It’s from here… controlling the tide, from here they’ve wrecked the ships.”
[21:46] <@GWRD> To trigger the Tide Stone, a relatively simple ritual must
[21:46] <@GWRD> be performed. First, the four serpentine runes on the
[21:46] <@GWRD> surrounding spires must be splashed with blood from an
[21:46] <@GWRD> intelligent creature—this doesn’t need to be a lot of blood,
[21:46] <@GWRD> and if the PCs wish to use their own blood, they can do
[21:46] <@GWRD> so at a cost of 1d3 points of damage per stone. Second, a
[21:46] <@GWRD> poisonous snake must be held before each bloody patch
[21:46] * Wyran nods in agreement “Indeed, so if we figure out how this works we can move further down. I dislike using an unholy device like this but I see no better way to move forward now.” [21:46] <@GWRD> so that it licks the blood
[21:46] * Timandra_Eskander tries to shake off the feeling that there is something highly wrong with this.
[21:46] <@GWRD> Third, sea water must be gathered in a metal container and then poured onto the central stone pyramid so the water runs down nto the four basins around its base. Finally, the word “Ydersius” must be shouted out to the sky by any creature standing within at least 10 feet of the central pyramid.
[21:46] <Valio> “And if we were to activate it?” [21:47] <Katilyn> “should we not destroy it instead of use it?” [21:48] <@Ptolamir> “I remember… blood offerings.” [21:48] <Darenel> “we can not let anyone use this to wreck more ships on this island” [21:48] <@Ptolamir> “Blood from a wound on each stone, here, see?”
[21:48] <@Ptolamir> “On the runes.“ [21:49] <@Theon_Tokko> “But couldn't we use to help us get off the island?” [21:49] <@Ptolamir> “Serpentines…” [21:49] <@Ptolamir> “So a snake must like the blook off each stone.”
[21:49] * @Ptolamir shivers.
[21:50] <@Ptolamir> “The central pyramid, that needs to have water poured as the command word is shouted.“ [21:50] <Valio> (argh! why must I be called away again? I can't do anything without interruptions these days)
[21:50] * Wyran nods watching Ptolamir with a frown. “Yes I see now, its making sense. Not that I like this any better now than when we first saw these stones.” he ponders “Do you know of another way to move forward without using this device?” [21:51] * @Ptolamir shakes his head, “I do not.” [21:51] <@Ptolamir> “And I do not like participating in such an awful ritual.“ [21:51] * @Ptolamir turns to look at the others.
[21:52] <@Ptolamir> “But we could manage it, if we must.” [21:52] * Darenel shakes his head
[21:52] * Katilyn shook her head as well. “I say we destory it and find another way. Aside from finding a way off of here what else are we trying to accomplish here anyway?” [21:53] * @Ptolamir looks at Katilyn.
[21:53] <Wyran> “These are called Tide Stones. We can lower the waters and let us walk to whereever the bridge path leads us.” [21:54] <Wyran> “I feel as those the waters are hiding more than just birdges at this point.” [21:54] <Darenel> (or to any of the small islands we have seen around but failed to swim to)
[21:54] <Timandra_Eskander> “But to lower the waters, we have to use the stones.” [21:54] <Timandra_Eskander> “I'm not happy with that.” [21:54] <Darenel> “We also need 4 snakes if am understand this right” [21:54] <Wyran> “I do not believe anyone is happy with using the stones” [21:54] <Katilyn> “Should I just swim down and see if it is worth it?” [21:55] * Timandra_Eskander sighs and looks around as if there is an answer somewhere else.
[21:56] * Wyran looks back to kat “If we send more with you I would be fine with that idea.” [21:56] <Katilyn> “Well we do need to get some water to pour in that thing either way right?” [21:56] <Wyran> “In a metal container.” [21:57] <Timandra_Eskander> “How much?” [21:58] * Wyran looks to Ptolamir for that answer
[21:59] <@Ptolamir> “Enough water to pour down to reach the four corner stones.“ [21:59] <Wyran> “I beleive Ptolamir also said he has a nack with magic devices. We could trick it into working for us instead….” [21:59] <@Ptolamir> “It would be best to use a metal container.” [22:00] <Timandra_Eskander> “Very well, does it have to be poured all at the same time?” [22:02] <Wyran> “I would think so.” [22:02] <Timandra_Eskander> “How much?” [22:02] <Katilyn> “Does anyone have a metal container?” [22:02] <Valio> “I would prefer fixing the lighthouse to using these stones.” [22:03] <Wyran> “I do, I have a mess kit with me.” [22:03] <@Theon_Tokko> “Surely somebody has a pan, or a container for coffee…” [22:03] <Valio> “I have my coffee pot.” [22:03] <Valio> “But are we certain we want to use this device?” [22:04] <Timandra_Eskander> “I have a cup.” [22:04] <Timandra_Eskander> “Metal cup – that's why I asked about how much we would need.” [22:04] <Wyran> 33) [22:04] <Wyran> “One of my cooking pots might be enough for it” [22:07] <Timandra_Eskander> “I'll help port it up.” [22:07] <Katilyn> “Alright, if we combine a few then we make sure we have enough, and I could swim about first to see if we even need those stones.” [22:08] * Timandra_Eskander looks to Kat, then to the stones.
[22:08] <Katilyn> “to use them that is” [22:09] * Wyran nods “I would be fine with that as long as we send others with you to be safe.” [22:09] <Timandra_Eskander> “I'll go.” [22:10] * Timandra_Eskander takes off her shield and hands her bow and arrows to Kat.
[22:10] <@Ptolamir> “I am not saying we need to use it. I’m saying that I think I’ve figured out how.“ [22:10] <@Ptolamir> “I’ll leave it up to all to decide.” [22:10] * Katilyn arches a brow “why are you handing your stuff to me if i'm going as well?” [22:11] <Timandra_Eskander> “Because I'm going with you if you need to swim, and I'm going to need both hands to do it.” [22:12] <Katilyn> “And i'm supposed to swim with all of your stuff and mine with me?” [22:12] <Valio> “So, a search below with three or four swimmers, then we make a plan from there.” [22:12] * @Ptolamir nods.
[22:12] * @Theon_Tokko lgances at Timandra and Katilyn, “Perhaps I should go?” [22:14] <Timandra_Eskander> “Yes – we'll need someone better at arms than me.” [22:14] <Timandra_Eskander> “Ptolamir, you figured out a way of using, can you figure a way of disabling it quickly if we need to?” [22:14] * Katilyn shook her head as timandra wasn't understanding what she was driving at, she turned and looked at theon. “if you want to go instead of me, be my guest. I can always hold everyone's stuff.” [22:14] <@Ptolamir> “Yes, if we engage it, we can control it.”
[22:15] <@Ptolamir> “I think.“ [22:15] * @Ptolamir smiles.
[22:15] <Timandra_Eskander> “You think…OK.” [22:15] <Wyran> “If all else fails we can hit it with something heavy untill it breaks.” [22:16] <Timandra_Eskander> “Regretfully, Erastil isn't very pragmatic.” [22:16] * @Theon_Tokko drops his pack and stretches
[22:16] <Timandra_Eskander> “Who's going swimming?” [22:17] <@Theon_Tokko> “I am I guess.” [22:17] <Timandra_Eskander> “Kat?” [22:18] * Katilyn held up the stuff timandra handed her. “I can't, i'm holding all your gear.” [22:19] <Wyran> “Kat, go swim. Those who lack the water legs can stay behind and guard the camp and stones.” [22:19] * Timandra_Eskander takes out her bow and arrows from the quiver.
[22:20] <@Theon_Tokko> “Swimming with two beautiful young ladies, must be my lucky day… ” he laughs quietly.
[22:20] <Darenel> (famous last words)
[22:20] * Timandra_Eskander hands her archery gear to Grikk.
[22:21] <Timandra_Eskander> “I'm going to want this back.” [22:21] <Timandra_Eskander> (anyone claimed the quiver?)
[22:21] * @Theon_Tokko leaves all non-neccasities including his armor (but not his underclothes)
[22:21] <Katilyn> (kat has it, but she wasn't gonna take it with her so she didn't risk loosing it.)
[22:22] <Timandra_Eskander> (ok)
[22:22] * Timandra_Eskander takes off her armor, handing the shield to Darenel.
[22:22] <Timandra_Eskander> “I'm going to want that back, too.” [22:22] <@Theon_Tokko> “Watch my gear… ” [22:23] * Timandra_Eskander straps her sword to her back and looks over the cliff.
[22:23] * Timandra_Eskander looks back to Ptolamir.
[22:23] <Timandra_Eskander> “If I die – this was a really bad idea.” [22:23] * @Ptolamir nods.
[22:23] <@Ptolamir> “Better you than me.” [22:23] * Timandra_Eskander grins
[22:23] * Katilyn took off her pack and her armor and sat them by Wyran before eyeing him. “if you take any of my stuff you won't have to worry about the island killing you.” she then pulled out a dagger and stashed it on her person. “if you die it was my idea.” she shook her head and then began climbing down.
[22:23] * Wyran nods “We'll make sure its on your marker.” [22:24] <Katilyn> 1d20+7
[22:24] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(7)+7]: 14
[22:24] <Timandra_Eskander> (swim rolls?)
[22:24] * Darenel stows the gear given to him
[22:24] <@GWRD> (Are you jumping off the bluff with the monoliths or going down the bridge bluffs to the water's edge?
[22:24] <Katilyn> (i thought we had to climb down the bluff)
[22:25] <Timandra_Eskander> (taking the bridge)
[22:25] * Wyran shrugs at Kat,..“You're gear will be here when you return.” [22:25] <Katilyn> (if we can take the bridge then i'll do that instead)
[22:26] * Valio watches as the scouting party moves along the cliffside bridges.
[22:26] * @Theon_Tokko takes his greatsword and required equipment to strap it on with him as well
[22:31] * Timandra_Eskander picks her way down the path to the bridge, listening for the inopprotune.
[22:31] * @Theon_Tokko follows after Timandra
[22:32] * Katilyn brought upt he rear.
[22:32] <@GWRD> You make your way down to where the bluffs meet the water. The basin opens up to the open sea to the northwest, and exposed rock to the south. To the south east, a waterfall cascades from points higher.
[22:33] <Timandra_Eskander> (we're heading for the exposed rock, right?)
[22:35] <@GWRD> (That's up to you.)
[22:36] <Katilyn> (i don't know. i'm going to guess the open water is a bad idea though.)
[22:37] <Timandra_Eskander> “Let's check the exposed rock first.” [22:38] <Katilyn> “Sounds reasonable.” She looked to Theon. “You want to lead the way?” [22:38] * @Theon_Tokko shrugs, “And here I hoped to enjoy the view,” he grins.
[22:39] * Timandra_Eskander looks at Theon, then rolls her eyes.
[22:39] * Katilyn stuck her tongue out at him.
[22:39] <Timandra_Eskander> “I know there is a human word for subtly.” [22:39] * @Theon_Tokko he laughs
[22:40] <@Theon_Tokko> “To long traveling among mainly men, it is a pleasure to see those of the female form.” [22:41] <Katilyn> “Oh will you just get in the water already?” [22:41] * @Theon_Tokko smiles and tests the waters
[22:42] <Darenel> (if you see any mutant lobsters … RUN)
[22:42] <@GWRD> The water is tepid and salty.
[22:43] <Wyran> 34) [22:44] * Timandra_Eskander waits for the Master of the Sea to hop in.
[22:45] <@GWRD> As our brave swimmers prepare to hop in… Game Over.

And how? I've probably lost weight here
the lighthouse is a few days away
4 seerate spellcraft checks?
no one without a forge
sweet jebus!
I've got both of those
something awesome
nope, name change because Elhonna isnt a goddess in pathfinder
there is also a magical javelin out there in the new finds
ahh, scratch me action then
i think Theon is the only one who can use it anyway
kat was given the quiver because no one else wanted it
there are 2 abbariant slaying arrows left
ok yeah then the arrows should go to a bow person
so we still have the 7 +1 magic arrows up to be claimed and the 2 abbarent slaying arrows
no one so far i think
of course not, but Im sure someone not me grabbed the money
mine is -2
without armor Im at,…0
armor penelties and such
we do have rope, we used vine instead of rope at the bridge
we do that and we're not getting across easily
user magical device
use the skill :)
hows that for a first :)
we dont need food for a long time
so 9 HP healing for everyone around teh campfire at dinner time
I'll make an assist roll for umd if we want to use it
a mess kit is a small cooking kit used when camping
if you see and paesudaemon,..nice knowing you
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