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[19:56] <@GWRD> Successfully slaying the lacedons which dwelled beneath the cannibal camp. The group returned to the surface with one of the lacedon prisoners, a cleric named Wyran. As they stretched their legs in the hot sun and prepared to escape the heat on a cloudless day, lightning and thunder crashed through the sky to the east, shaking the ground as it did.
[19:57] <@GWRD> It subsided a minute or so later, leaving a calm in its wake… [19:57] <@GWRD> As this session begins.
[19:58] * Valio checks on the people that stayed above ground.
[19:58] * Timandra_Eskander looks around and gets her bow ready
[19:58] <@GWRD> All seems well above ground, though a few look spooked by the sudden shift in weather.
[19:59] * Katilyn had drawn her short sword. “i cant' make up my mind what to tease you about Timandra.” she used her free hand to tap one finger against her chin as she pondered it.
[20:01] <Timandra_Eskander> “Oh, I'm sure you'll think of something. You're clever that way.” [20:01] * Timandra_Eskander scans the horizon again.
[20:02] * Wyran gazes around the sky with a frown befor elooking back to the others “So, we were talking about gathering supples at a Lightnhouse?” [20:02] <Katilyn> “i'm torn between saying this is your fault for all your alcohol talk, and your fault for all the sex talk. So cliche” she sighed. and then looked to wyran when he spoke. “i think we were.” She looked to Grikk “Do we know where that is?” [20:02] * @Theon_Tokko stands about quietly
[20:02] * Valio returns to the others. “We should search for food. It seems calm enough for now.” [20:02] <@GWRD> From what you can see of the east above the trees, it looks calm and clear now, as if a freak occurance took place and passed.
[20:03] <Darenel> (can we determine on the map where abouts it happened)
[20:03] <@GWRD> (If you could see over trees you could.)
[20:03] <@GWRD> (But it did sound like a few miles away)
[20:04] <Timandra_Eskander> “Since I wasn't struck by heavenly lightning, I would venture it was neither.” [20:05] <Katilyn> “Doesnt mean i can't blame you for it” [20:05] <Timandra_Eskander> “Besides, you should look to my infrequent excesses as a warning.” [20:05] * Valio sighs. “I'll be back in an hour. Perhaps you will know what to do by then.” [20:06] * Valio goes off to search for food.
[20:06] * Grikk looks back at Katilyn “I imagine the lighthouse is the large tower with light coming from it.” [20:06] <Valio> 1d20
[20:06] <PK> Valio throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20) and gets 19.
[20:07] * Darenel assists with the food search
[20:07] <@GWRD> (Note: It's currently mid-day and the hottest time of day.)
[20:07] <Timandra_Eskander> “Let's find some shade.” [20:08] * Katilyn stuck her tongue out at grikk “nooo really?” she then looked to timandra and nodded “as usual, i'll follow you.” [20:09] <Timandra_Eskander> “Good enough.” [20:09] * Timandra_Eskander looks for some shade away from a game trail.
[20:10] * Wyran should not be going on this hunting trip unless he can forage with others for food
[20:10] * Timandra_Eskander takes off her shield and sword.
[20:11] <Timandra_Eskander> “I should try to scare up some game.” [20:12] * Katilyn nods “I can help with that.
[20:12] <Timandra_Eskander> “I'll tell a bear one of lectures from my proctor. Three sentences in, he'll either beg me kill him to put him out of his misery, or he'll fall into a deep slumber. Either way: dinner.” [20:12] <@GWRD> (THOSE OF YOU HUNTING - Make a DC 15 Fort save)
[20:12] * @Theon_Tokko locates himself some shade to wait out the heat
[20:13] <Valio> 1d20+1
[20:13] <PK> Valio throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20+1) and gets 13.
[20:13] <Darenel> 1d20+4
[20:13] <PK> Darenel throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20+4) and gets 24.
[20:13] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[20:13] <PK> Timandra_Eskander throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20+6) and gets 8.
[20:13] <Katilyn> 1d20+2
[20:13] <PK> Katilyn throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20+2) and gets 19.
[20:13] <Timandra_Eskander> (…and we're back)
[20:13] * Wyran is going to find shade as well to wait out the heat
[20:13] * Katilyn chuckled “i could just make a few traps for the animals.” [20:14] <@GWRD> Valio and Timandra (who wasn't hunting), both end up getting heat stroke over an hour from over-exposure to the sun.
[20:14] <@GWRD> 1d4
[20:14] <PK> GWRD throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d4) and gets 2.
[20:14] <@GWRD> (2 non-lethal damage)
[20:14] <Timandra_Eskander> (It's not heat stroke…it's withdrawl)
[20:15] <Valio> (If it means I get to eat tonight, it's worth it.)
[20:15] <Darenel> (should i roll for food stuff)
[20:15] <Timandra_Eskander> (if someone can find agave, I'll be right as rain)
[20:15] * Timandra_Eskander turns around, as if she heard something…then falls over.
[20:16] <Darenel> 1d20+15 (find food)
[20:16] <@GWRD> Valio and Darenel do manage to nab a small rabbit as they hunt, but both know it takes a good portion of the day to hunt up enough food for such a large group.
[20:16] * Katilyn moved ove to timandra “i suppose this would be the time to make the alcohol joke?” [20:16] <@GWRD> (PK doesn't do the extra stuff after a roll yet.)
[20:17] <Darenel> (yep)
[20:17] <Timandra_Eskander> “As good a time as any…” [20:17] <@Theon_Tokko> (Wow, DABot already does it :P)
[20:17] <@GWRD> (I'm lazy, so sue me :P )
[20:17] <Darenel> (if i find a rabbit i dont need to roll i guess)
[20:17] <@Theon_Tokko> (*sues GWRD for an extra level*)
[20:18] <Grikk> [sues GWRD for a boat that doesnt crash]
[20:19] <PK> (Your court cases are dismissed by Judge PK.)
[20:19] <Grikk> [OBJECTION!]
[20:19] * Katilyn smirked “well, since you are ok, i'm going to make a few traps, or at least try to.” [20:19] <Timandra_Eskander> [sues GWRD Travel Agency – I clearly asked for peanuts in the steerage class package]
[20:19] <Katilyn> 1d20+4
[20:19] <PK> Katilyn throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20+4) and gets 7.
[20:20] <Katilyn> (damn, good thing i said try lol)
[20:20] <Valio> (Snowpiercer was a decent movie. Crazy, but decent.)
[20:20] <Timandra_Eskander> “If you trap a badger with a flask – do whatever you have to do to get that flask.” [20:20] <@GWRD> An hour passes by and all is quiet. The heat is rough and unpleasant and the air smells of dead cannibals and lacedon gore you got all over yourselves.
[20:20] <@Theon_Tokko> “I would very much like to bathe… ” [20:20] * Timandra_Eskander wrinkles her nose.
[20:20] <Grikk> “Why would a badger have a flask?” [20:20] * Valio uses prestidigitation to clean himself up.
[20:20] <Timandra_Eskander> “This reminds me of my first campaign… or rather the travelhouse I stayed in on the way.” [20:21] <@GWRD> (Still hunting Valio and Darenel?)
[20:21] * Timandra_Eskander looks up at Grikk.
[20:21] <Valio> (I rolled a 19, Darenel didn't roll yet. I was planning for a single hour)
[20:21] <Timandra_Eskander> “You think a badger is ill tempered by nature? No, good sir – badgers are mean drunks…or that's what my unle told me.” [20:21] <Darenel> ( after i caught/foraged something i would turn back)
[20:22] * Katilyn couldn't seem to get a trap made and so gave up and sat down next to timandra. “you have some odd stories.” [20:22] * @Theon_Tokko opens his hide armor in the heat in effort to cool off
[20:22] <@GWRD> (You said you were assisting the hunt, but if you want to hunt separately, feel free to roll)
[20:22] <Darenel> 1d20+15
[20:22] <PK> Darenel throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20+15) and gets 27.
[20:23] * Wyran is remaining with those that didnt go hunting since he really didnt have any knowledge of where he was at the moment. He would remain out of the sun as much as he could during this time and looked around from his shaded spot to see if he could spot any, fruits or growing things.
[20:25] * Timandra_Eskander smiles
[20:25] <Timandra_Eskander> “The gods saw fit to give me the gift of an interesting life.” [20:26] <Wyran> 1) [20:26] <Wyran> 1d20+2
[20:26] <PK> Wyran throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20+2) and gets 9.
[20:27] * Timandra_Eskander sits up
[20:27] <Timandra_Eskander> “Although I could use some water right now.” [20:27] * Katilyn nodded “That is very true.” Oddly kat didnt' take off any of her armor, though she did try to stay out of the son what she could. “water would be nice, drinkable water that is.” [20:27] <Wyran> 2) [20:27] <@GWRD> Darenel nabs himself a small goat as he hunts in the jungle.
[20:28] * Tolman ( has joined #grovewood
[20:28] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tolman
[20:28] * TolBot ( has joined #grovewood
[20:28] <@Tolman> (sorry i’m late)
[20:28] * PK hisses at Tolbot
[20:28] * TolBot perks up.
[20:28] <@Tolman> `dice off
[20:28] <TolBot> Dice function turned off. Use the command 'on' to resume dice functions.
[20:28] <Darenel> (i hope its an untapped goat, the last one we had was all empty and tasted like dirt)
[20:28] * PK ( Quit (Quit: I'll be back to kill later)
[20:28] <@Tolman> `dice on
[20:28] <TolBot> Dice functions turned on. Use the command 'off' to cease dice functions.
[20:29] * Tolman is now known as Ptolamir
[20:29] <@Ptolamir> (I had a church youth party at my house)
[20:29] <@Theon_Tokko> (Thats alright, we'd happily corrupt them for you…)
[20:29] <Timandra_Eskander> (Hey – I showered, Darenel.)
[20:29] <@GWRD> Wyran, you find yourself in the cannibal's former camp. It looks like most, if not all, of the cannibals were slaughtered by your saviors. It does not look like they had any fruit trees nearby from which you could pick from.
[20:30] <@GWRD> (No worries)
[20:30] <Timandra_Eskander> (They got their water from…other sources)
[20:30] * Wyran frowns and returns to the others and shade.
[20:32] * Darenel returns to camp with his haul
[20:32] * Valio returns to camp with his small rabbit. “Something for the stew pot. Not much, but something.” [20:33] <Wyran> 3) [20:33] <Timandra_Eskander> “Or was it rabbits that were ill-tempered drunks? I could never keep it straight.” [20:33] <Wyran> 1d20+2
[20:33] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(16)+2]: 18
[20:33] <Timandra_Eskander> “Then again, my uncle liked to stretch out tales.” [20:33] <Katilyn> “you don't think?” She chuckled.
[20:34] <Grikk> “Perhaps it was your uncle that was the ill-tempered drunk.” [20:34] <@Theon_Tokko> “Like that old gnome bard that was with us…” [20:34] <Darenel> (i can create water)
[20:34] <Wyran> 4) [20:34] <@Theon_Tokko> (So can I, but I don't think I'd want to drink it…)
[20:35] <@GWRD> The drinking water issue isn't as critical here, as it rains almost daily, as it's a lush jungle island.
[20:35] <Grikk> [that was a kitsune,thank you very much!]
[20:35] <Valio> (I prefer the taneko…)
[20:36] <@GWRD> (What else would the group like to do?)
[20:36] <Valio> “If anyone else wants to search for more food, I'll use what we have to provide the evening meal.” [20:36] <Valio> “We could then head out tomorrow in search of where the storm was.” [20:37] <Wyran> “Im not sure how useful I would be there, but on the way to,..whereever we are going I will keep an eye out for anything edable” [20:37] <Timandra_Eskander> “No – my uncle was the funny drunk. His wife was the ill-tempered one…then again I would be ill-tempered if I were my ears were… smaller than average.” [20:38] <Timandra_Eskander> “And you know what they say about people with small ears.” [20:38] * Katilyn stood back up “I think will move a little farther into the forest and try to set a trap again. Perhaps I could catch a bore or something.” She rolled her eyes at timandra's words “you and your elven ear pride.” she chuckled and shook her head as she moved towards the forest line.
[20:38] <Katilyn> 1d20+4
[20:38] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(11)+4]: 15
[20:38] <Timandra_Eskander> “Jealously does not become you.” [20:38] * Timandra_Eskander rolls to her feet, picking up her sword and shield.
[20:39] <Timandra_Eskander> “Are we travelling, or are we staying put?” [20:39] * Valio spends some time cooking up a nice big pot of stew for everyone and keeping the morale up of the others.
[20:39] <Wyran> “I suggest moving, or doing something with these bodies. The smell of them roting will only get worse from here.” [20:40] <@Theon_Tokko> “Throw them out to the blood sucker…” [20:40] <Timandra_Eskander> “Blood sucker?” [20:41] * @Ptolamir ruffles in his sack, checking his gear.
[20:42] <@Theon_Tokko> “It'll pay us a visit soon enough… ” he stands and stretches.
[20:42] <Timandra_Eskander> “Wait – go backover that part where there is a blood sucking thing on the island.” [20:42] <Timandra_Eskander> “Is it undead?” [20:43] <@Theon_Tokko> “No idea.. it was dropping fluid-drained monkeys on us for a while…” [20:43] <Grikk> ”…What.“ [20:43] * Katilyn moved back over to timandra “aren't they always undead?” [20:43] <@GWRD> Theon, when you stretch, you get a sharp pain from one of your bite wounds.
[20:43] * Wyran tightens his grip on his sword “Where are these, drained monkeys
[20:43] <Wyran> ” [20:43] * @Theon_Tokko grumble something about the bite wound
[20:44] <Timandra_Eskander> “No – there are stirges, monkeys and leeches.” [20:44] <Wyran> 5) [20:45] <@GWRD> (you tell me)
[20:45] <Wyran> 1d20+5
[20:45] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(5)+5]: 10
[20:45] * @Theon_Tokko inspects the bite wound, “Damned creature…” [20:46] <Wyran> 6) [20:46] * Wyran eyes Theon inspecting his wound. “May I take a look at this?” [20:46] <@Theon_Tokko> “Go for it… ” [20:47] * Wyran carefully examins the wound on Theon.
[20:47] <Wyran> 7) [20:48] * Timandra_Eskander looks around as she straps her shield to her arm
[20:48] * @Ptolamir rises and stretches, walking over.
[20:49] <@GWRD> (No you can't take 20)
[20:49] <@Ptolamir> “That does not look terrible.
[20:49] <@GWRD> (10 yes, 20 no)
[20:50] <Wyran> 8) [20:51] <Darenel> (wasnt Theon also almost turned into a plant zombie?)
[20:52] <@GWRD> (Do you have diagnose disease prepared?)
[20:52] <@Theon_Tokko> (I think I caught everything but crabs on this island…)
[20:52] <Grikk> [nah,there were a few giant ones]
[20:52] * Wyran starts by grabing his holy symbol and chanting softly while looking over the bite wound. Casting Diagnose Disease
[20:52] <Timandra_Eskander> (Then you haven't been going to the right place, Theon.)
[20:53] <Katilyn> (brb)
[20:53] <Timandra_Eskander> (brb)
[20:54] <@GWRD> (hmmm, video tweaking out a little bit)
[20:54] * Valio returns with a bowl of stew. “Food in the common area, if you're hungry. Everyone have their own dishes?” [20:54] <@Theon_Tokko> (Somebody need a new GPU for christmas? lol)
[20:58] <Wyran> “This isnt good. You have Ghoul Fever. Right now it's just going to cause you alot of discomfort. But if you die you become one of those undead things from the cave.” [20:58] <Darenel> (well that sucks)
[20:58] <Katilyn> (back)
[20:59] * Valio spoons a bite of stew into his mouth while the others talk.
[20:59] <Wyran> 9) [20:59] <Timandra_Eskander> (That's your solution to everything)
[20:59] * Darenel takes some food as well and rejoins the others
[21:00] <@GWRD> (I agree with Wyran. It will also help kill the crabs)
[21:00] <Wyran> 10) [21:00] <Timandra_Eskander> (tell that to the carpenter)
[21:00] <@Theon_Tokko> “So I die, then you all get to kill me again… sounds fun…” [21:00] * Timandra_Eskander takes the stew and watches Theon.
[21:00] <Wyran> “Im not going to let that happen if I can help it.” [21:00] <Timandra_Eskander> “Is there a cure?” [21:00] <Darenel> (so you guys are saying we need to cauterize Theon)
[21:01] * Katilyn ate her portin of stew and just watched the others as they talked about Theon like he was a parasite or something.
[21:02] <@GWRD> (DM Inquiry: Are you going to feed your prisoners too?)
[21:02] * Grikk eats some stew as well
[21:02] <Wyran> “Of course there is. I will do what I can.” [21:02] <Valio> (back in 5 or so)
[21:02] <Timandra_Eskander> (We have prisoners?)
[21:02] * Valio watches the conversation with enjoyment.
[21:02] <Darenel> (we can feed them some of that questionable jerky we found)
[21:02] <@Theon_Tokko> (They can eat the corpses…lol)
[21:02] <@GWRD> (ok)
[21:05] * @Ptolamir follows.
[21:05] <Wyran> 11) [21:05] <Timandra_Eskander> (I can add in some help)
[21:07] <Grikk> [i could try and help,with a -1 :p]
[21:07] <Timandra_Eskander> (…aaand Grikk gets infected…)
[21:07] <Darenel> (my heal is +11)
[21:08] <Katilyn> (my heal is +2)
[21:08] <@Theon_Tokko> (Mine is +2 too)
[21:08] <Wyran> 12) [21:08] <@GWRD> (My metagaming is epic)
[21:08] <Darenel> (you looked like you had it covered)
[21:09] <Wyran> 13) [21:09] <Grikk> [xD]
[21:10] <Timandra_Eskander> (my heal is +8)
[21:10] <Wyran> 14) [21:10] <Valio> (what? something I'm not good at?! :( )
[21:11] <@Ptolamir> (I’m still at 11 HPs?)
[21:11] <Darenel> (i thought we can only help with vs disease saves)
[21:11] <@GWRD> The hours pass as you eat, poke at Theon's bite wound, and survive the blistering heat of the day.
[21:12] * Wyran is going to spend the hour or so tending Theon now, cleaning the wound using a Heal Check to improve his chances of survival. “This could take a while to heal completely, but I will take care of this.” [21:12] <Wyran> 1d20+7
[21:12] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(11)+7]: 18
[21:12] <@GWRD> Around 5 or so, some of the heavy rain clouds that tend to follow a downpour can be spotted on the horizon to the west, however once more you hear a thunderous cacophony to the east where the lightning crackled earlier.
[21:12] * Timandra_Eskander 's head whips around at the thunderclap.
[21:13] <Grikk> ”…Maybe we should check that out.“ [21:13] <Valio> “Tomorrow.” [21:13] <Timandra_Eskander> “We should.” [21:13] <@Theon_Tokko> “Indeed…” [21:14] <Valio> “An evening of rest will do us good, before we head to a possible end.” [21:14] <Wyran> “Agreed, Theon needs as much rest as we can afford if he's to have the best chance against Ghoul Fever” [21:14] * Katilyn blew her hair out of her face, whcih was as much startled as she generally got. She was about to ask why when the new comer mentioned theon needing to heal more yet. So she stayed silent and waited.
[21:15] * @Theon_Tokko watches Wyran as he pokes at him… and wonders why it couldn't be a cute lady poking at his wound… [21:15] <@Ptolamir> “Do we know what that is?”
[21:16] * Wyran is instead a shiny man and not a cute lady
[21:16] <Timandra_Eskander> (Hey! I offered to help)
[21:16] <@GWRD> There is another clap of thunder, though it sounds more natural, from the west, as dark thunderclouds splash across the sky like angry valkyries on approach.
[21:17] * Valio provides an evening of music to those in the common room.
[21:17] <Timandra_Eskander> “Are we going to assign watch?” [21:17] <Darenel> “We should take some shelter and let the storm pass” [21:17] <Grikk> “I want second.” [21:18] <Darenel> “i can take third” [21:18] <Katilyn> “i can take first” [21:18] <@GWRD> The evening storm washes away a lot of the blood staining the cannibal's camp, and makes a ruckus on the rooftop… [21:18] <Timandra_Eskander> “I'll take the last one.” [21:18] <@Theon_Tokko> “I don't think I'm allowed to take a watch,” he laughs.
[21:18] <@GWRD> (Perception checks, DC 22)
[21:19] * Wyran would nod at that.
[21:19] <Valio> 1d20+12 performance
[21:19] <TolBot> [Valio's 1d20(10)+12]: 22 performance
[21:19] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+7 vs DC22
[21:19] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(20)+7]: 27 vs DC22 Critical success
[21:19] <@Ptolamir> “I could use the long sleep.” [21:19] <Valio> 1d20+5 perception
[21:19] <TolBot> [Valio's 1d20(11)+5]: 16 perception
[21:19] <Darenel> 1d20+9 vs DC22
[21:19] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(3)+9]: 12 vs DC22 Fail
[21:19] <Katilyn> 1d20+6
[21:19] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(12)+6]: 18
[21:19] <Wyran> 1d20+5
[21:19] <TolBot> [Wyran's 1d20(15)+5]: 20
[21:19] <Grikk> 1d20 vs DC22
[21:19] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(9)]: 9 vs DC22 Fail
[21:19] <@Theon_Tokko> (It's aight, I nat20ed :D)
[21:19] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+4 vs DC22
[21:19] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(9)+4]: 13 vs DC22 Fail
[21:20] <Valio> (sorry, I was performing when you said to percep.)
[21:20] <@GWRD> Theon, as the group is resting and distracted by Valio's music you for a moment think you spotted one of the cannibal women your group took prisoner run past the door to the room you are all in.
[21:21] <@Theon_Tokko> “Hey! I think we have company!” [21:22] * @Theon_Tokko stands and draws his blade
[21:22] * Timandra_Eskander starts and scrambles to her feet, drawing her blade.
[21:22] * Grikk draws his sword and shield,leaping to his feet
[21:22] <Timandra_Eskander> “Where?” [21:22] * Wyran straps on his shield and draws his blade
[21:22] <Grikk> “What is it?” [21:22] <@GWRD> None of you see anything.
[21:22] * @Theon_Tokko motions to where he saw the cannible prisoner
[21:22] * Katilyn drwe her short sword and looks around. “I don't see anything.” [21:23] <Katilyn> (*drew)
[21:23] * Grikk advances in the direction Theon_Tokko pointed
[21:23] * @Theon_Tokko moves towards the door
[21:24] * Timandra_Eskander follows theon with sword and shield
[21:24] * Darenel prepares his staff and follows
[21:24] <@GWRD> Outside the rain is fierce and the camp empty, except for the dead bodies piled up.
[21:24] * Katilyn followed up at the back.
[21:25] * Valio sighs and allows his instrument to dissipate as he draws his sword.
[21:25] * Wyran will slip in between Darenel and katilyn in party marching order
[21:25] <Darenel> (maybe she just went out for a midnight snack)
[21:25] <Wyran> 15) [21:26] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well – hunker down?” [21:29] <Wyran> “I do not like the idea of leaving one of them out like this..” [21:29] <Timandra_Eskander> “Why were we keeping the women anyways?” [21:29] * Timandra_Eskander gives a look to each of the men.
[21:30] <Wyran> “Giving them a chance to redeam themselves is always a noble pursuite. However it appears these canont be saved.” [21:30] <Valio> “We worried they'd find more cannibals across the island and come back to kill us. I suppose we should double the guard and be ready for another attack.” [21:30] * Wyran tightens the grip oh his sword
[21:31] <Timandra_Eskander> “Sounds good. Well, except for the cannibalism.” [21:32] * Katilyn smirked at the thought in her head, but remained silent for now, one hand pulling out her ever burning torch to use it to try and get a better look at their surroundings.
[21:32] <Wyran> “Which watches are covered?” [21:33] <Darenel> (3)
[21:33] <Timandra_Eskander> I think we got them all, but the watch before the dawn should be doubled.“ [21:33] * @Theon_Tokko heads in the way the cannibal woman went
[21:34] * Valio guards the door to the watchtower while the others look through the other door.
[21:34] <Wyran> “I will join the dawn watch. I must pray during this time anyway so I will be awake” [21:34] * Timandra_Eskander turns and walks back to camp.
[21:34] * Katilyn will shift to stand guard with valio.
[21:35] <@GWRD> Theon moves through the rain towards the open jungle to the east of the camp.
[21:35] * Grikk follows Theon_Tokko
[21:35] * Wyran follows after Theon_Tokko and Grikk
[21:36] * Darenel follows as well
[21:36] <@GWRD> Nothing but trees and rain can be seen, and visibility is very poor as the wind whips through your hair.
[21:38] * @Theon_Tokko stops and puts his 'lightning rod' away… “I could have sworn I saw one of the woman prisoners run this way… guess she got away with the other…” [21:38] <Wyran> “We should return to the camp. I fear the prisoner has excaped us.” [21:38] * Darenel nods
[21:38] <Darenel> (which you dont see as its dark)
[21:38] * Grikk shrugs
[21:38] <Wyran> 16) [21:39] <Grikk> [me too!]
[21:39] <Timandra_Eskander> 17) [21:39] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well, hopefully, she'll bring a cake rather than her well muscled and angry friends.:
[21:39] <Darenel> (so only person that doesnt see that i neded is me)
[21:39] <Grikk> [lol]
[21:39] <Grikk> [and theon]
[21:40] <Wyran> “I have a thought, Theon, could you see better with more light?” [21:40] <@GWRD> (Since when does Timandra have darkvision?)
[21:40] <Katilyn> (i dont have it either)
[21:40] <@Theon_Tokko> “Well, Seeing well in the dark isn't really a human trait…” [21:41] <Darenel> (didnt we find dark vision goggles in the cave?)
[21:41] * Wyran nods and reached out to touch his Shield, Casting Daylight on it as a spell-like ability and bathes this area in bright light for a 60ft radius
[21:42] <Wyran> 18) [21:42] <Grikk> “That would have been helpful earlier.” [21:44] <Timandra_Eskander> (That's right – elves have infravision…which is superior to darkvision)
[21:44] <@GWRD> (Inferior actually)
[21:45] <Darenel> (infravision is a myth just like dwarves being able to smell gold)
[21:46] <Timandra_Eskander> (they don't?)
[21:46] <Wyran> 19) [21:46] <Grikk> [shhh,ancient dwarven secret]
[21:46] <Timandra_Eskander> (That lying dwarf!)
[21:47] * Wyran just made light
[21:47] <Wyran> Is this better?
[21:48] <@Theon_Tokko> “Indeed” [21:48] <@GWRD> It's more the rain hampering visibility vs. darkness, though the light does help with the dark part.
[21:49] <Darenel> (on the positive??? side everyone hiding in the jungle can see us)
[21:49] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well, I ma going to sleep until my shift.” [21:49] * Timandra_Eskander turns on her heel and walks back to the corner she claimed.
[21:49] <@GWRD> (If they have rain-vision, which isn't a thing)
[21:49] <Wyran> 20) [21:50] <@GWRD> Some of you give up the chase and return back to the common room.
[21:51] <@Ptolamir> “Zzzz”
[21:52] <Darenel> “we are not going to find anything in this rain, we should return” [21:52] <Grikk> “I agree.” [21:52] * Grikk heads back to the camp
[21:52] * Wyran sighs as he cancels the light from his shield and will make his way back to camp
[21:53] * @Theon_Tokko heads back to the camp as well
[21:53] <@GWRD> Time passes and wounds slowly heal (+3 hps), but illness starts to take it's toll as morning slowly rises upon the cannibal camp on Day 32.
[21:54] <@GWRD> 2#1d3 Con then Dex damage to Theon.
[21:54] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d3(1)]: 1 Con then Dex damage to Theon.
[21:54] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d3(1)]: 1 Con then Dex damage to Theon.
[21:54] <@Theon_Tokko> (Roll a Save?)
[21:55] * Valio makes coffee for everyone as they prepare for the day ahead.
[21:55] <Darenel> 1d20+11 (treat disease for Theon if needed)
[21:55] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(18)+11]: 29 (treat disease for Theon if needed)
[21:55] <Darenel> (you get a +4 bonus if you need to roll)
[21:55] * Timandra_Eskander kneels and prays
[21:56] <@Theon_Tokko> (on top of the +4 from Wyran, that'd make +12.. since I already am +4… lol)
[21:56] <@GWRD> (Nope, that was your onset damage, you get a save tomorrow)
[21:57] <Darenel> (i guess i can reroll when you need to roll save)
[21:57] * Wyran also prays as part of his morning ritual
[21:59] * Valio balances his pack with his weapons, removing his waterproof bag of clothing and a few unnecessaries for the time being.
[22:00] <@GWRD> The morning is quiet, though that's probably because nobody has seen Gelik or Aerys this morning.
[22:00] <Timandra_Eskander> “Ready to head out to see the source of that thundering?” [22:00] <Timandra_Eskander> (They're gone?)
[22:00] <Grikk> “Indeed.” [22:00] <Valio> (wait, when did Aerys leave?)
[22:01] <Grikk> [werent they guarding the lighthouse?]
[22:01] <@GWRD> Last anybody knew of them, Aerys was guarding your prisoners and Gelik had gone missing, except to appear for meals.
[22:02] * @Ptolamir finished up reading in his spellbook.
[22:05] * Katilyn stretched out her body before picking up all her hardware and her pack.
[22:06] * Timandra_Eskander packs up her things and double checks everything before getting ready to head out.
[22:06] * Wyran once finished with prayer he gathers his equipment and readies to head out with the others
[22:07] * @Theon_Tokko stretches again and gets ready for the discomforting day ahead
[22:09] <Timandra_Eskander> “Ready to march towards unknown death in the stifling heat?” [22:10] <Darenel> “Maybe we should investigate what happened to Aerys.” [22:10] * Wyran nods slightly “I have something prepared that should help with the heat,..but Im afraid it will not last long with this many people here. I will wait as long as possible before casting it.” [22:12] * @Ptolamir moves noticeably slowly, shouldering his sack.
[22:12] <@Ptolamir> “Today we make for…. ?”
[22:12] * Timandra_Eskander points in the direction of the thunder.
[22:13] * Wyran looks from Darenel who just spoke and then to the others
[22:13] * Valio finishes dividing his gear and stands ready to move out.
[22:13] <Timandra_Eskander> “Something is making a lot of noise, we should see what it is. Might be something to get us off this island.” [22:14] <Katilyn> “or get us killed. Either way I say go.” [22:16] * Grikk grabs his things and sets out in the direction of the unnatural thunder “Are you lot coming?” [22:16] <Darenel> ( so are we worried that our NPCs up and left/were kidnapped)
[22:16] <Timandra_Eskander> “See? Now you're thinking.” [22:16] <Timandra_Eskander> (Not really)
[22:16] <Wyran> 21) [22:16] * @Ptolamir nods.
[22:16] <Grikk> [i forget if grikk knows who aerys/gelik are]
[22:17] <Wyran> “If you have companions missing maybe we should searchf or them?” [22:18] <Valio> “I have wondered where Aerys went. Gelik has his own schedule.” [22:18] <Darenel> (the GM is trying to give us a quest guys… ?bring him 12 bear asses and find Aerys?)
[22:18] <Valio> “Shall we check for Aerys on the way out?” [22:18] <Timandra_Eskander> “Are they important?” [22:18] * Valio looks to Timandra “Are you important?” [22:19] <@GWRD> (Nah the DM says go your own way.)
[22:19] <Timandra_Eskander> “Only in service of my god.” [22:19] <Valio> “I would like to see the finished story Aerys was writing. It was quite good.” [22:19] <Katilyn> “well either way, lets see if we can't go get something accomplished.” [22:19] <Katilyn> (brb)
[22:19] <Darenel> (i thought she finished that thing and let us proof read it)
[22:20] <@GWRD> (It was unfinished, but those who read it got a special treat)
[22:20] <Darenel> (yea)
[22:21] <@Ptolamir> (the demon she-beast we killed in the cavern, was that the she-demon the captain’s letter warned us about?)
[22:22] <@GWRD> (Nope, the captain warned you about Ieana, who was the Varisian scholar who was on the boat with you, that I don't expect too many people to remember.)
[22:22] <Wyran> 22) [22:22] <Valio> (I barely remember… And I was 'there')
[22:22] <Valio> (It's been a long time since the wreck…)
[22:23] <@Theon_Tokko> (Sorry, I spaced out…)
[22:23] <Timandra_Eskander> “Who was Aerys? A bard?” [22:24] <@Ptolamir> ( was asking about the ghost-captain we killed)
[22:24] <Valio> “Aerys is a friend. The other bard is Gelik, the gnome that likes to wander off.” [22:24] <@Ptolamir> (we found his apology letter)
[22:24] <@GWRD> (Nope, you found your captain's apology letter.)
[22:24] <Katilyn> (back)
[22:24] <@GWRD> (The ghost captain was a different encounter and story.)
[22:25] * Valio motions to where Aerys was last seen. “This way, then we can travel.” [22:25] <@Ptolamir> (Right, and then he said seek out the demon that made him…?)
[22:25] <@Ptolamir> (ok, I’ve gotten confused somewhere along the way… I’ll shut it)
[22:25] <Timandra_Eskander> “All right, we find this Aerys and then we move to the thunder.” [22:25] <Darenel> (the ghost captain was the guy that attacked us after we explored that stranded ship)
[22:26] * Grikk sighs “Fine. Aerys then.” [22:26] <Darenel> (our captain was made into one of those ghouls , we killed him and 2 of his friends in the first room)
[22:26] * Katilyn shrugged as she followed behind Timandra.
[22:27] * Wyran is going to try to find a place near the middle of the marching order so he can pop off quick healing to everyone if he has to
[22:27] * Darenel follows the others
[22:27] <@Ptolamir> (That’s what I thought, daranel)
[22:28] <@Ptolamir> (and we found with him a letter asking us to seek out and kill the demon that he had conspired with)
[22:28] <Katilyn> (which i thought was the 'mother' in the cave)
[22:28] <@Ptolamir> (so did I… that’s what I was askng… if we had completed that “quest”)
[22:28] <Valio> (I know, you took Aerys from us because you kept getting her confused with Sasha…)
[22:29] <Timandra_Eskander> (and Sasha was just too crazy to stick on the island)
[22:30] <@GWRD> You make your way into the lighthouse to the second floor. There you find Aerys lying on the floor with a head wound that Gelik appears to be curing with magic. Your two prisoners appear to be nowhere in sight.
[22:30] <Valio> (I liked her, but the system to make them friendly was rough…)
[22:30] * Timandra_Eskander looks around
[22:30] <Valio> “Gelik, what happened? Are you okay?” [22:33] <Grikk> “Well,we found them.” [22:33] <Katilyn> “that took less time than expected.” [22:33] <Timandra_Eskander> “I agree.” [22:33] <Wyran> “And the situation seems to be alittle worse” [22:34] * Timandra_Eskander examines the woman.
[22:34] <Timandra_Eskander> “Did you find her like this?” [22:34] <@GWRD> Gelik: “Oh I'm fine, no thanks to you lot.
[22:34] <Timandra_Eskander> (I am examing Aerys)
[22:34] * @Ptolamir pokes his head in. “Hmm” [22:35] <@GWRD> Gelik: “No I found her sitting on the beach, drinking fine scotch with serving boys doing her toes… what do you think?” [22:36] <Valio> “How can we help?” [22:36] <@GWRD> It appears that somebody knocked out Aerys and left her here. The blows probably were a lot more severe until the sarcastic gnome healed her up.
[22:36] <@GWRD> Gelik: How about by getting this lighthouse working and getting me off this island of hell?
[22:37] <Katilyn> “ooh, let me just snap my fingers and get that for you.” [22:37] * Timandra_Eskander mutters something under her breath in elvish
[22:37] <Grikk> “Anyone up for a game of gnome punting?” [22:37] <Darenel> (from the top of the lighthouse i hope)
[22:37] * @Theon_Tokko glances at Grikk, “Think he'd bounce if we kicked him off the lighthouse?” [22:38] * Grikk grins
[22:38] <Grikk> “One way to find out.” [22:38] <Timandra_Eskander> “Gnomes are lopsided. He'll bounce, but it'll be that crazy bounce where you think he's going to go one way and then goes the other.” [22:38] <@GWRD> Gelik glares.
[22:38] * @Theon_Tokko laughs heartedly
[22:38] <Katilyn> “i could always use him for target practice with my bow.” [22:38] <Valio> “I have been working on the lighthouse, but an undead creature and strange lightning has prevented me from spending as much time as I would like.” [22:39] <@GWRD> Gelik: Remind me not to heal any of you if I find you this way.” [22:39] <Timandra_Eskander> “That's ok – I'll pick up the slack.” [22:39] <@Theon_Tokko> “Gelik, you shouldn't worry about us poking at you, but you really should if we where being overly nice…” [22:39] * Timandra_Eskander starts to poke around the light house a little.“ [22:40] <Wyran> I feel like we are wasting time on this. Prisoners escaped and there is something else happening on the island. We should try to find away on this island and perhaps fixing the lighthouse would be the best way. Maybe where that thunder struck as some supplies we could use.
[22:40] <Timandra_Eskander> “Besides – gnomes are supposed to be door with tools, so why didn't you get the lighthouse lamp fixed?” [22:41] * Valio looks between Gelik and the others and frowns, muttering under his breath. “Aren't bards supposed to be liked?” [22:41] <Timandra_Eskander> “Besides – gnomes are supposed to be good with tools, so why didn't you get the lighthouse lamp fixed?” [22:42] * Wyran sees this is going no where and heads down to the 1st level of the lighthouse to wait for the others
[22:43] <Timandra_Eskander> “So – let's get the mystery of the thunder solved and leave the gnome to either fix the lamp or blow it up.” [22:43] * Darenel follows Wyran after making sure his help is not needed
[22:44] * Grikk nods at Timandra and leaves the lighthouse
[22:44] * Katilyn would nod and follow the others.
[22:44] <@GWRD> Gelik seems to have things under control as you get ready to make your way to the mysterious rumblingings of the island.
[22:44] <@GWRD> As this session comes to an end.

to find fruit near by
Im going to assume Wyran isnt near enough to hear that from Timandra
I'd like to do a survival check so that t occures to Wyran that water, drinkable water might be an issue
me to, and its prepaird
do I hear that comment about a bite wound?
well I guess I notice it now
can I take 20?
Ok, Im first going to cast Diagnose Disase on Theon so i can determin if he has something. If he is Sick I'll know what it is as well.
you must be cleansed by fire,..Burning Hands!
and it works
looking at my options for a heal check right now
..then why are you helping mr +11?
I problably do. i've got a -7
…BAD TYPO!. +7 is what I have
rim shot
has Darkvision!
me too
sings: this little light of mine, im gonna let it shine!
and gnomes
Let them come
I have no idea who you're tlaking about
ok so yes lets get the show on the road.
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