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[20:23] <@GWRD> It is the evening of the 30th day on the Smuggler's Shiv, an isle known as a hazard that few ever return to. Several shipwreck survivors found their way onto this isle, some of them from the shipwreck of the Jenivere, while others from their own misfortunes.
[20:23] <@GWRD> Two of them recently went exploring in an underground tunnel, while the others secured the lighthouse they captured from the cannibals who had been harassing them on the island.
[20:23] <@GWRD> The others because worried when hours past, and they had not returned.
[20:24] <@GWRD> As this session comes to a start.
[20:25] * Valio glances up from his weaponsmithing. “Any news?” [20:26] * Darenel looks down the hole again and tries to listen in: “ No signs yet” [20:27] <@GWRD> (Perception check)
[20:27] <Darenel> 1d20+9
[20:27] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(11)+9]: 20
[20:27] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+7
[20:27] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(11)+7]: 18
[20:27] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+3
[20:27] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(19)+3]: 22
[20:28] <@GWRD> Darenel, while you hear nothing from the depths of the hole, you do hear somebody calling for help from the direction of the prisoner pits (which nobody conveniently explored).
[20:28] <Darenel> (how do you know the person there doesnt deserve to be a prisoner)
[20:28] <@GWRD> (You don't)
[20:28] <Valio> (yeah, we sort of skirted around that room. good deal, eh?)
[20:29] <@GWRD> (Yeah thanks for making it easy for me to introduce backup characters)
[20:29] * Darenel looks towards the prisoner pits:“ I think someone is there, they are calling for help” [20:29] <Grikk> [lol]
[20:29] <@Theon_Tokko> (You're welcome, that'll be +1 bonus level…)
[20:29] <@GWRD> (No, you just earned that xp that I gave you that put you at 3rd)
[20:30] <@Theon_Tokko> (Fine, Fine…)
[20:30] <@GWRD> (Which i might add, you won;t have 2nd level spells until you rest)
[20:30] * Darenel grabs his staff, and carefully starts walking to the prisoner pits
[20:30] * @Ptolamir follows Daranel, “We should check. Enemies of our enemies are surely our friends.“ [20:31] <Darenel> “Who is there?” [20:31] <@Theon_Tokko> “Or meals should we get really hungry…” [20:31] <@GWRD> You make your way to the prisoner pit area, where several of you were kept prisoner until recently. There's a new unfamiliar body on the butcher table, an unidentifiable man, and a few piles of gear scattered on the floor… [20:32] <@GWRD> In the pen beyond, you see a couple of people tied to the posts in the ground.
[20:32] <@GWRD> (Grikk, Timandra, and Shaddow's character if Shaddow wants to join)
[20:32] <Shaddow> (i don't have a charcter sheet, or a concept, or ya know an idea. :P)
[20:32] <@Theon_Tokko> (lol, we'll have to get Shaddow a sheet!)
[20:33] <Valio> (unconscious whatever sex/race)
[20:33] <@GWRD> (So just the 1st two then, we can introduce Shaddow later if needed.)
[20:33] <@GWRD> (Grikk and Timandra can post descriptions of themselves.)
[20:34] <@Theon_Tokko> (Guess I'll be distracted and help her get a character together if she wants)
[20:34] <Darenel> (which one of you is a Pester)
[20:34] * Timandra_Eskander points to Shaddow
[20:35] <Shaddow> (shit what am i supposed to do now?)
[20:35] * Darenel rushes in to help the man on the butcher table
[20:35] * @Ptolamir ( Quit (Quit: Ptolamir)
[20:35] * TolBot ( Quit (Quit: TolBot)
[20:35] * Grikk is an average looking Half-Orc,with many scars from battle. He stands nearly 6 feet tall, and is very muscular.
[20:35] <Darenel> ( i thought Ptol was my backup in case things go sideways)
[20:35] <@GWRD> The man on the butcher table has long since past the door to the planes beyond.
[20:36] * Shaddow is now known as Katilyn
[20:36] * Timandra_Eskander lays on her back – autmn red hair matted down from neglect and clothing tattered. Her pointed ears and shaped eyes speak of elven heritage.
[20:36] * Tolman ( has joined #grovewood
[20:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tolman
[20:36] * TolBot ( has joined #grovewood
[20:36] <@Tolman> (sorry)
[20:36] * Tolman is now known as Ptolamir
[20:36] * Darenel goes down to the pit to free the others when he realizes the man on the table is dead
[20:37] <Darenel> “Are you two hurt?” [20:38] <Katilyn> (can i be near timandra?
[20:38] <Katilyn> )
[20:38] <@GWRD> (yes)
[20:38] * Grikk groans
[20:39] * Timandra_Eskander clears her throat.
[20:40] <Timandra_Eskander> “The service in this establishment is horrible. I fear you'll get a less than favorible word from me to the other travelers.” [20:40] * Katilyn is currently unconcious near timandra, her blonde hair is cut super short, and she initially looks like a young man more than a female, having been dressed to disguise the fact from the clothing she wore to her hair cut.
[20:40] * Darenel turns to Ptolamir and says” we also need to lay the poor soul on the table to rest when we can“ [20:40] <Katilyn> (hope that's ok)
[20:40] <Timandra_Eskander> “Would you please tend to my young companion? The dead can wait, the dying less so.” [20:41] <Darenel> 1d8+3 CLW
[20:41] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d8(3)+3]: 6 CLW
[20:41] <@GWRD> (That's fine)
[20:42] * Darenel casts Cure light wounds
[20:43] * @Ptolamir shrugs
[20:45] <@Theon_Tokko> 2d8 (Roll+8 HP for Shaddow)
[20:45] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 2d8(15)]: 15 (Roll+8 HP for Shaddow)
[20:46] * Valio wonders where everyone went.
[20:49] * Darenel assists the newcomers out of the pit(of shame)
[20:49] * Timandra_Eskander looks to Katilyn
[20:50] <Timandra_Eskander> “See? All will be well. Old Deadeye looks to his own.” [20:51] <Darenel> “How did you end up on this cursed island?” [20:51] * Katilyn blinks as she wakes. “Never going on a ship again.” Her words were more of a mutter than anything.
[20:52] <Timandra_Eskander> “I went against my better judgement. Elves and ships are not a good idea.” [20:52] * Timandra_Eskander turns to Katilyn and grins.
[20:52] <Grikk> “Damned ships are causing everyone problems.” [20:53] <Timandra_Eskander> “See, I told you I wouldn't make that 'elves and seamen' joke if we got out of this alive.” [20:53] * Katilyn chuckled “yeah, did i promise not to say elves and nothing mix joke?” She looked around with her emerald eyes “who do we think of getting out of here anyway?” [20:55] <Timandra_Eskander> “We will. All we have to do is find some wood and put together a raft. Head for the rising sun until we strike land, pirates or another island.” [20:55] * Timandra_Eskander looks to the others.
[20:56] * Darenel points at the piles of equipment” Are any of those things yours?“ [20:56] <Timandra_Eskander> “Sorry, being rude. Timandra Eskander, favored of Erastil. At your service.” [20:56] <@GWRD> The evening has stretched on for an hour or so, and it is now about 7 in the evening. The last rays of a ruddy red day shine over the western horizon.
[20:56] * Timandra_Eskander bows
[20:56] <Grikk> “Grikk.” [20:57] * Grikk gives an almost imperceptible nod
[20:58] * @Ptolamir nods, “Well, we’re in the same lot. I am Ptolamir.”
[20:58] <Katilyn> “kat” If they were waiting for another name they weren't getting it.
[20:58] * Timandra_Eskander turns and looks to the pile.
[20:58] <Timandra_Eskander> “I think this is some of my things here…and yours Kat.” [20:58] <@GWRD> One of the piles does appear to be your belongings.
[20:59] <Timandra_Eskander> “Should I assume that you'ce dealt with the cannibals?
[20:59] * Grikk gathers his things from the pile
[21:00] * Katilyn looked over to the piles and nodded “They better not've nicked my knives.” She blew a hair out of her eyes. She moved to the pile and began searching for her things.
[21:00] * Timandra_Eskander takes up her things, putting on her armor and testing her bow.
[21:00] <Darenel> “We dealth with the ones here, I am not certain there are not more lurking in the jungles. Also a few of their women fled to the jungle earlier” [21:01] * Valio finishes his weaponsmithing and begins cooking dinner in the common area.
[21:01] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well, they'll find someone else to devour – I'm sure. Hopefully, no one I know.” [21:02] <Timandra_Eskander> “How long have you been here?” [21:02] <Grikk> “You didn't kill them all?” [21:02] * Darenel introduces the newcomers to the rest of the group (whoever is still left alive)
[21:03] <Valio> “Welcome to the island, I am Valio de Vode, at your service.” [21:04] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well met, Valio.” [21:04] <Timandra_Eskander> (who's evil? raise you hands so I won't have to use my detect evil)
[21:04] <@GWRD> (You'll have to use your ability)
[21:05] <Darenel> (ooh i hope i am evil)
[21:05] * Katilyn slipped the last of her knives away as she gave Valio a curt nod.
[21:06] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well – do we have shelter and food? I'm afraid the market…” [21:06] * Timandra_Eskander waves to the pit behind her
[21:06] <Timandra_Eskander> ”… is fresh out.” [21:08] * Valio smiles and offers some stew. “Best that we have.” [21:09] <@Ptolamir> “Shelter, yes. Less on the food. I’m not touching their dried meat.“ [21:10] * Timandra_Eskander wrinkles her nose
[21:10] <Timandra_Eskander> “Yeah…that.” [21:10] * Timandra_Eskander looks around again.
[21:10] <Valio> “We will need to resupply soon. We haven't gone foraging recently.” [21:10] * Katilyn took some of the offered stew “you know what they say about beggers and choosers, but still probably wise.” [21:11] <Timandra_Eskander> “If there is anyone we need to put to rest, let's do it fast.” [21:11] <Darenel> “The man at the butcher table ” [21:12] * @Theon_Tokko wanders in after a fair bit of poking around outside
[21:13] * Timandra_Eskander rolls up her sleeves.
[21:13] <Timandra_Eskander> “How should we rest him? Burial? Fire? I'm afraid that I am not too familiar with human practices.” [21:15] <Darenel> (umm burial i reckon)
[21:15] <@GWRD> (Party food supplies: 21.5 units of food / 11.5 usage)
[21:15] <@Ptolamir> (Mmm… tasty ‘units’)
[21:16] * Timandra_Eskander looks around for a tool to dig with.
[21:16] <Timandra_Eskander> (Units…the food just like your mother used to make…)
[21:16] * @Theon_Tokko grins at Timandra_Eskander, “In our gut perhaps?” [21:17] * Timandra_Eskander looks at Theon and smiles slightly.
[21:17] * Katilyn looks to Timandra “I think we should flame him. Kill the smell.” [21:17] * @Ptolamir looks at the new discoveries.
[21:17] <@Theon_Tokko> “Burning flesh has a nice smell too? have you ever smelt it?” [21:17] <@Ptolamir> (can we post short descs?)
[21:17] <Timandra_Eskander> “I think I'll pass. To think that I used to complain that all my mother did was dig through our neighbor's weeds for dinner.” [21:17] * @Ptolamir is an ash colored elf, usually wearing a hood. His outer garment is tight-fitting and dark slate. His under shirt is red. On his right hand and arm and the right side of his neck are horrible scars from a fire accident.
[21:18] <@Theon_Tokko> (I really don't remember how Theon looks.. give me a moment XD)
[21:19] * Katilyn chuckled. “Aye, and It does have one hell of a smell, but I mean, if we leave this area with a dead body, won't the canibals find it then be able to track us?” She shrugged.
[21:19] * @Theon_Tokko stands a proud 5'11, clad in tattered hides and covered in scars from battles won and lost. His long black hair flows down his back, and across the great sword slung across his back. His gaze is cold and fearless as he boards the vessel, he sizes anybody he passes up, to determine if they would be fun to play with. His voice is deep, with a touch of hidden rage.
[21:20] * Valio is an average height lean human with a small dark-brown ponytail and patchwork cloak over a shirt of maille. (chainmail, whatever…)
[21:20] <@Theon_Tokko> (haha, bad copy/paste but hey…)
[21:21] * Timandra_Eskander gathers her ruddy hair back in a loose ponytail. Her clothing is simple, rough spun and clumily stitched. She is long, lean with certain movements. Around her neck is a set of wooden beads with a symbol of Erastil: a styilized bow made from antlers. Her eyes – both winter sky blue look one way and then another as she tries to figure out a way of picking up the body.
[21:21] <@Theon_Tokko> (Oh wow~ We gained 2 female characters! lol)
[21:21] <Timandra_Eskander> “Let's bury him deep. I don't like the idea of smoke letting everyone know we're here.” [21:21] <@Ptolamir> (our gruop is estrogen heavy now. Let’s watch as their cycles sync up)
[21:21] <@Theon_Tokko> “Dig a hole, I'll throw him in.” [21:21] <@GWRD> (Killed two men to get 1 man and 2 ladies)
[21:22] <Grikk> [mage is clearly looking out for our urges]
[21:22] <Darenel> (how is that an upgrade)
[21:22] <@GWRD> (Not me)
[21:23] <@Theon_Tokko> (Darenel.. when its that 'time' of the month, we jus' let the ladies loose on our enemes and take shelter ourselves…)
[21:23] * Timandra_Eskander grabs a stick and starts carving out a hole
[21:23] <@GWRD> The hour grows late as you bury the body of the victim of the cannibals.
[21:23] * Katilyn had blonde hair that was cut fairly short, from her head to her toes she was dressed in black and it looked like her clothes were possibly padded in spots to help hide her identity, even if she was male or female. She stood 5'4, and despite the added bulk she was still lithe, like a short bean pole. Her emerald eyes looked at Timandra and nodded as she started helping her by using
[21:23] * Katilyn one of her knives.
[21:23] * Valio ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:23] <Timandra_Eskander> (as I told someone in seminary: 'when we go through the ladies hall and see them standing in front of the door with baseball bats – I'm shoving you through first.')
[21:24] * Valio ( has joined #grovewood
[21:24] * Timandra_Eskander mutters a prayer under breath to speed the soul to its final rest.
[21:24] * Grikk waits around impatiently
[21:25] <@GWRD> The air is replaced by the sounds of buzzing insects and the distant calls of monkeys and other more aggressive jungle animals.
[21:25] <Timandra_Eskander> “Never thought I would say this… I miss the moo of a cow.” [21:25] <Valio> “I will take first watch. There is still a chance there are cannibals out there.” [21:26] <@GWRD> Gelik, a well dressed gnome with ink stained finger tips paces impatiently as well, muttering about how much of a waste of time this is when the lighthouse should be getting fixed.
[21:26] * Timandra_Eskander looks to Gelik.
[21:26] <@Theon_Tokko> “Fix it then you annoying damned gnome. Nobody is stopping you from turning your full attention to it.” [21:26] <Timandra_Eskander> “Perhaps you can get started – surely a gnome with a restless mind like your would welcome the chance of a diversion.” [21:26] * Valio turns to Gelik. “I plan to take a look at it again in the morning. Eat the stew and rest for now.” [21:27] * Darenel ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [SeaMonkey 2.30/20141013232806])
[21:27] <@GWRD> Gelik lets out a 'humph' as if obviously annoyed by the comment.
[21:27] <Grikk> “Fine,I get second watch.” [21:27] * Darenel ( has joined #grovewood
[21:27] <Timandra_Eskander> “I'll take the darkest watch.” [21:27] <@GWRD> He then proceeds into the lighthouse.
[21:27] * @Ptolamir moves to work again on the torch of the lighthouse.
[21:28] <@Theon_Tokko> “Should we look into the fates of our friends?” [21:28] <Katilyn> “I'll take the watch after Timandra's.” [21:29] <@Theon_Tokko> “Guess I'll take first watch.” [21:29] * @Ptolamir looks at Timandra.
[21:30] * Valio nods to Theon. “Glad for the company.” [21:31] * Timandra_Eskander looks at Timandra back.
[21:31] <Darenel> (it seems i am having a bit of an internet problem, there is a bit of a delay here)
[21:31] <Timandra_Eskander> “Yes? I'm hoping you're not the one I owe money to – if you are, I just need a few more days.” [21:32] <@Theon_Tokko> (looking at yourself there Timandra lol)
[21:32] <Grikk> [hehe,timandra is looking at herself]
[21:32] <@GWRD> (Pulls out a mirror?)
[21:32] <@Theon_Tokko> “If whoever you own money to comes here, I'll give them all the money I have to get off this hellhole…” [21:33] <Timandra_Eskander> (Whoops)
[21:33] <Timandra_Eskander> (but I am sexy, so who can blame me?)
[21:33] <@GWRD> The evening passes by uneventful for a hellhole of an isle. The day greets you with bright rays of sunlight, and a very light rolling fog.
[21:33] * Timandra_Eskander looks at Ptolamir back.
[21:34] <@Theon_Tokko> “You know, thinking about it… Should we die, I wonder if we come right back here?” [21:34] <Timandra_Eskander> “How wicked were you in this world?” [21:34] * Timandra_Eskander stretches and picks up her things.
[21:34] <@Theon_Tokko> “Join me tonight and we shall find out,” he winks.
[21:34] <@GWRD> (Yes you do, are reincarnated shipwreck survivors with new memories of your pre-island life)
[21:34] <Grikk> [plot twist,the island is actually limbo,and we've been sent here for our misdeeds]
[21:34] * @Ptolamir titls his head, quizically at Timandra.
[21:35] * Valio frowns. “How do you figure? We haven't seen any of our friends return.” [21:35] <@Theon_Tokko> “Yet Valio… yet…” [21:35] <@GWRD> (The island of LOST)
[21:35] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well – that answers the question of: 'how long have you been on this island?'” [21:35] <@Theon_Tokko> “A month or so now I do beleive.” (right?)
[21:35] <@Ptolamir> (timandra, race?)
[21:35] <Timandra_Eskander> (“Kate, we have to go back…” “Screw you, doc.”)
[21:36] <Timandra_Eskander> (elvish)
[21:36] * Valio tilts his head and nods. “True, there is always the possibility of a temporal anomaly of some kind.” [21:36] <Timandra_Eskander> “Teh-what?” [21:36] <@GWRD> (31 days for original characters)
[21:36] <Grikk> “Temporal…huh? What nonsense are you prattling on about?” [21:36] <Valio> “Well, I told Gelik I'd take a look at the lighthouse this morning. Back in a while.” [21:36] <@Theon_Tokko> (Whos all left from the original crew besides me and gelik?)
[21:37] * Valio turns to Grikk. “Magic.” [21:37] <Timandra_Eskander> “three silvers say he finished overnight and is now…taking care of things.” [21:37] <@GWRD> (Aerys)
[21:37] <Valio> (Theon… me?)
[21:37] <Grikk> “Damned magicians.” [21:37] <@Theon_Tokko> (4… wow…)
[21:37] * Valio heads off to the lighthouse.
[21:37] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir)
[21:38] <@Ptolamir> (Aerys is Warb/)
[21:38] <@Ptolamir> (Hardly counts… should kill him off since he’s gone. heh)
[21:38] <@GWRD> It looks like some work was done on the lighthouse, probably by Ptolamir, as there is new fire scorches on some of the surfaces that weren't there yesterday.
[21:39] <Valio> 1d20+2 eng
[21:39] <TolBot> [Valio's 1d20(17)+2]: 19 eng
[21:39] <@GWRD> (Androoin is Warb, Aerys is your bare-knuckle brawler half-elf NPC)
[21:39] * Timandra_Eskander looks to Kat. She steps close to her.
[21:39] <Timandra_Eskander> “Are you well?” [21:39] <@Ptolamir> (oh ok)
[21:39] <@GWRD> The functionings of the lighthouse still remain out of your reach, even after a half day of rest.
[21:40] * Katilyn patted herself down to make sure her daggers were in place. then rolled her shoulders to get the kinks out. “Well enough. So what's the plan now?” [21:40] <@GWRD> You estimate you could probably piece together the remainder of this structure with several days of trial and error.
[21:41] <Timandra_Eskander> “Escape, find a boat. Make more bad jokes on the way. Same as always.” [21:41] * Timandra_Eskander grins.
[21:42] * Katilyn shook her head. “heaven help us if the jokes get good.” she pointed to the group they seem to have joined. “shouldn't we stick with them? Not all of them look ugly.” [21:42] <@GWRD> Meanwhile, there has been no sign of your companions who went exploring in the hole, it's likely their fate was unpleasant.
[21:42] <Darenel> (mage dropping hints as to where he wants us to go and die)
[21:42] * Timandra_Eskander looks at the group.
[21:42] * Valio returns to the group. “I think I could tinker with the lighthouse and fix it, but it will take a few days. We should send out a few hunters to supplement our dwindling food.” [21:43] <@GWRD> (You are welcome to pick where you go and die, doesn't bother me.)
[21:43] <Grikk> [you should definitely go into the tunnel of NOPE]
[21:43] <Timandra_Eskander> “Sure – they can use our help. As for your definition of ugly…well…we'll work on that.” [21:43] <Timandra_Eskander> [Isn't that the Creepy Tunnel of Lost Kittens and Free Hugs?]
[21:44] <Grikk> [yes,exactly]
[21:44] * Timandra_Eskander turns to the group.
[21:44] <Timandra_Eskander> “So – the lighthouse is getting worked on, the cannibals are scattered. What's next?” [21:44] * Katilyn laughed “I never said they were easy to look at, just not all ugly. Sides, months on a desert….” she shrugged. “also, next time you say lets take a trip, i'm hitting you.” she turned towards the group as well, following timandra.
[21:44] * Darenel looks again to the tunnel entrance : ” We should go look for those two“ [21:44] <@GWRD> (No it's the Cuddly Lovable Tunnel of Adorable Kittens and Free Puppy Kisses. Totally different)
[21:45] <@Theon_Tokko> “We could throw Gelik in, we'll know its safe if he comes back.. Nothing eats gnomes…” [21:46] <@GWRD> Speaking of Gelik, you haven't seen him since last night when he went into the tower, in fact Ptolamir didn't either when he was working on the tower.
[21:46] <Grikk> “They'd eat you. I would.” [21:46] * Timandra_Eskander opens her mouth… then closes it.
[21:47] <Timandra_Eskander> “No fair in taking the easy ones.” [21:47] <@Theon_Tokko> “Well… I guess… Nevermind…” [21:47] <Grikk> “First come,first serve.” [21:47] * Grikk grins at Timandra_Eskander
[21:47] * Timandra_Eskander claps her hands over her mouth.
[21:47] <Grikk> [im not intending this to be so sexual xD]
[21:47] <Timandra_Eskander> “You're not making this easy.” [21:47] * Katilyn lightly elbowed timandra “don't stop now” [21:48] * Timandra_Eskander clears her throat, coughs slightly and looks to the group.
[21:48] * @Theon_Tokko finally looks at both Timandra, and Katilyn, “Theon Tokko, of the Terran tribe.” [21:48] <Timandra_Eskander> “If we're going to use this place for shleter, I would start getting food.” [21:49] <@Theon_Tokko> “I agree, our supplies are getting low, Shall we?” [21:49] <Timandra_Eskander> “Timandra Eskander, favored of Erastil.” [21:49] <Valio> “I will go tinker with the lighthouse, if others will forage and hunt.” [21:49] <Katilyn> “Kat, and I'm game if it means i get to try and stab a pig.” [21:49] <Grikk> “Grikk. Still.” [21:50] <@Theon_Tokko> “Grikk, do you have a brother named Grakk?” [21:50] <Timandra_Eskander> “I'll give hunting a chance.” [21:50] <Grikk> “No,why?” [21:50] * Timandra_Eskander shakes her hear.
[21:50] <@Theon_Tokko> “Met one once, he was an interesting fellow.” [21:50] * Timandra_Eskander shakes her head.
[21:51] * @Ptolamir looks around.
[21:51] <@Ptolamir> “Gelik…” [21:51] <@Theon_Tokko> “Wasn't much of a fighter though,” he sighs, “lasted naught but a few minutes.” [21:51] <Grikk> “He has nothing to do with me, so I don't care.” [21:52] <@Ptolamir> “I need to check on something.”
[21:52] <@Theon_Tokko> “Gnome go home?” [21:53] <Timandra_Eskander> “And adversity continues to make us all friends.” [21:53] <@Ptolamir> “We had two companions that went to explore another tunnel“ [21:53] <Timandra_Eskander> “Where are they now?” [21:53] <@Ptolamir> “Will you come with me to discover what has happened?”
[21:53] <Grikk> “How long have they been gone?” [21:53] <@Theon_Tokko> “Far too long.” [21:53] <@Ptolamir> “Hours now”
[21:54] <Grikk> “Then they're probably dead,and you shouldn't bother.” [21:55] <Darenel> “what if they are trapped” [21:55] <Valio> “I feel my time better used trying to fix the lighthouse. They are most likely not coming back by now.” [21:55] <Grikk> “Then there are fools to get caught.” [21:55] <Grikk> [*they]
[21:56] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well, if they're dead, then we move on to the next order of business. Who's up for hunting?” [21:59] <@Ptolamir> “Excuse me, but if they’re dead, then that means there are cannibals lurking in those tunnels, and I’ll not be sliced in my sleep.” [21:59] * Timandra_Eskander looks from one to the other.
[21:59] <Grikk> “Fine,go get sliced in the tunnel then.” [21:59] <@Ptolamir> “If we are to be secure there, then we all have to go clear the tunnel.“ [21:59] <Timandra_Eskander> “Or horrile tunnel creatures. Were the openings covered up?” [21:59] <@Theon_Tokko> “Or we can jus' seal up the hole…” [22:00] <@Ptolamir> (I’ll do whatever, but this is serious meta-gaming. :)
[22:00] <Katilyn> (which part is the meta-gaming?)
[22:01] * Valio seems lost in thought.
[22:01] <@GWRD> (Well the “Were the openings covered up?” part)
[22:01] <@Ptolamir> (no way we’d actually not go into the tunnel that two comrades are missing in)
[22:01] <Timandra_Eskander> (We should hide behind the chainsaws)
[22:01] <Katilyn> (also do you lot have room for another player?)
[22:03] <@Theon_Tokko> “Well, enough beating around the bush. Its high time we go find Orzady, and Jankin.” (sp?)
[22:03] <Timandra_Eskander> “Assuming that your friends haven't found the other end of the tunnel and are now either feasting or rushing back, we need to focus on the immediate needs. Our food will run out if don't replenish the stocks.” [22:03] * @Ptolamir stands up straight, “Timander, I’m sorry, but we just saved your flesh, and I have two comrades down in a tunnel.” [22:04] <@Ptolamir> “We shall not start following your priority, if you don’t mind.“ [22:04] * Timandra_Eskander snorts.
[22:04] <@Ptolamir> “We can not seal the hole, for if our comrades are trying to return.” [22:04] <@Ptolamir> “And if they HAVE met ill, we must face the threat on the offense.
[22:04] * Darenel nods
[22:04] <@Ptolamir> “This is what we have done to survive.“ [22:05] <@Ptolamir> “SURVIVE”
[22:05] <Timandra_Eskander> “Do what you want. I'll even offer my help.” [22:05] <@Ptolamir> We have survived because we have done what needed doing.” [22:05] * Grikk sighs
[22:05] * Valio seems torn. “If we need to go scout the hole, I suppose the lighthouse can wait another day. But the food will run out soon.” [22:05] <Grikk> “Fine,we kill whatever beasties are there.” [22:05] * @Ptolamir ’s ears begin to smoke.
[22:05] <@Theon_Tokko> “Save your frustation and fire for the hole. Let us go now.” [22:05] <@Ptolamir> “If we knew more, we could decide differently. But we do not know what we face.“ [22:06] * @Ptolamir looks at Theon.
[22:06] <Timandra_Eskander> “Was Gelik friendly with them?” [22:06] * @Ptolamir takes a deep breath, and nods.
[22:06] <@Theon_Tokko> “Gelik probably ran off somewhere again. I know not nor do i care for the annoyance.” [22:06] * Valio gathers his things. “I'm with you, Ptolamir, if the others join us as well.” [22:07] <Timandra_Eskander> “OK – where is this hole?” [22:07] * Darenel gathers his belongings and gets ready to explore the tunnels
[22:07] * @Theon_Tokko double checks his equipment, “We will probably need torches or other means of lighting.” [22:07] * Timandra_Eskander pulls Kat gently to the side. She looks more serious now… [22:08] * @Ptolamir mmoves towards the trap door
[22:08] * Katilyn was toying with one of her blades as the others talked, she follows Timandra off to the side. “aye?” [22:08] * Valio lets a few small globes of light form and float nearby. “Will this work?” [22:08] <Timandra_Eskander> “If something should happen – run. Get to the lighthouse and barricade yourself. Don't worry about me, or them. Am I clear?” [22:08] <@GWRD> You are led to a hole covered with an latchless hatch of bamboo and driftwood. The hatch doesn't look like it was constructed to keep anything in or out, but more as a safety / weather construction.
[22:09] <@Theon_Tokko> (Guessing their rope is still tied off?)
[22:09] <@GWRD> (Yup)
[22:09] * Katilyn let her emerald eyes blaze fire at Timandra. “I'm better at getting out of scrapes than anyone and you want me to run?” she sighed. “Fine.” [22:09] <@GWRD> (Map: )
[22:09] * @Theon_Tokko tests the rope then climbs on down
[22:09] * Grikk follows behind
[22:09] <Darenel> ( i knew those two were just small ones, there is a mother in there too)
[22:10] * @Ptolamir follows down.
[22:10] <Timandra_Eskander> “Yes. Someone from the boat should be alive for others.” [22:10] <Valio> (if we have thunder cliffs nearby…)
[22:10] <@GWRD> The uneven floor of this ten-foot-high cave is stained with blood and scattered with pieces of wood, fallen leaves, broken weapons, and in places, bits of bone. A hole in the ceiling leads out to the surface, and a narrow passage leads deeper to the east.
[22:11] * Katilyn nodded to Timandra “alright. Lets go then.” [22:11] <@GWRD> None of the blood or bone appears to be fresh.
[22:11] <Timandra_Eskander> (Lo…do I see my father before me?)
[22:11] <Katilyn> (is most of the map blacked out on purpose?)
[22:11] <@GWRD> (Yes)
[22:11] * @Theon_Tokko draws his liberated Katana, and keeps it at the ready as they travel
[22:11] <Timandra_Eskander> (Someone light the torch)
[22:11] <Katilyn> (k, wasn't sure if it was loading right or not lol)
[22:11] * Grikk draws his scimitar
[22:11] <@GWRD> (Consider it “Fog of War”)
[22:11] * Timandra_Eskander girds her shield and long sword
[22:12] * Grikk and holds his shield in front of him,ready
[22:12] * Valio keeps the floating globes lit and looks about for useful bits of metal as the others drop down.
[22:12] * Darenel readies his staff and follow
[22:12] * Katilyn pulled out her ever burning torch from her pack and used it to light the wy before her as she followed behind Timandra.
[22:13] * @Ptolamir looks down, “That’s blood.” [22:13] <Timandra_Eskander> “Fresh?” [22:13] <@Theon_Tokko> “no” [22:13] <Timandra_Eskander> “Good.” [22:14] * Timandra_Eskander moves forward
[22:14] <@GWRD> (Marching order?)
[22:15] * Valio picks whatever is useful up and puts it in his pouch, then draws his longsword and shield.
[22:15] <@Theon_Tokko> (if I can see well, I'll be in front)
[22:15] <Grikk> [second]
[22:15] <Katilyn> (put me wherever my light will be of use to most peeps)
[22:15] <Timandra_Eskander> (third)
[22:16] * Valio follows Kat
[22:16] <Darenel> (between second and third so 2.5)
[22:16] <Grikk> [also have darkvision]
[22:16] <@Ptolamir> (guess I’m at the back, then)
[22:16] <Timandra_Eskander> (low light)
[22:16] * Timandra_Eskander looks around, taking small sniffs of the air.
[22:16] <@GWRD> (Light sources are Kat and Valio?)
[22:16] <Darenel> (yeah make sure you catch all of us in the fire blast)
[22:17] <@Theon_Tokko> (like I said, as long as I can see well I'll be in front, else I need to be by a light)
[22:17] <@GWRD> The smell of decay is thick in the air, along with the iron tang of recent spilt blood.
[22:17] * Valio keeps the lights split in front and behind him. (10' radius, so 2 in front, 2 behind)
[22:18] <@Theon_Tokko> (no dark/low-light vision)
[22:18] <@GWRD> (Order changed to put Theon closer to light)
[22:18] <@Theon_Tokko> (Ptol should probably be in front so he can blast things XD)
[22:18] <Grikk> [can ptol see,tho?]
[22:18] <Katilyn> (and shouldn't the two light sources be further apart?)
[22:18] <@GWRD> (Any more changes to marching order, before I advance?)
[22:18] <Grikk> [im good with first]
[22:19] <Timandra_Eskander> (I'm in the power armor)
[22:19] <@GWRD> (Leather is not power armor noob)
[22:19] <@Theon_Tokko> (Kat, you sohuld give your torch to Darenel maybe?)
[22:19] <Grikk> [is scale mail power armor? :D?]
[22:19] <Katilyn> (ok, but if he looses it can i kill him? lol)
[22:19] <Timandra_Eskander> (it is when I hook up this generator to it)
[22:20] <@Theon_Tokko> (Mage iwll probably beat you too it)
[22:20] <Darenel> (i cant actually make my staff glow like a torch using light spell)
[22:20] <Darenel> (ment to say CAN)
[22:20] <@Theon_Tokko> (Oh, OK we then we're good as we are I think)
[22:20] <@GWRD> (Grikk, Darenel, & Theon, perception checks)
[22:21] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+7 Perception
[22:21] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(6)+7]: 13 Perception
[22:21] <Grikk> 1d20
[22:21] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(19)]: 19
[22:21] <Darenel> 1d20+9
[22:21] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(17)+9]: 26
[22:21] <@Theon_Tokko> (Wow, high to low in order XD)
[22:22] <Katilyn> (fair warning, when i need to roll, peeps are going to have to tell me where i look on my sheet for stuff.)
[22:22] <@Theon_Tokko> (Will do)
[22:22] <Katilyn> (thanks)
[22:23] <Valio> (Aule protect us…)
[22:23] <@GWRD> You approach a room thick with the scent of decay. The cavern is wide but low-ceilinged. To one side, the ceiling drops down to little more than three feet in height over a region strewn with bones and bits of old flesh, while to the other, the ceiling bulges upward in a dome shape - six circular, pod like alcoves line the walls of the cave at this side.
[22:24] * @Ptolamir attempts to move to second in line.
[22:24] <Timandra_Eskander> “Ugg…” [22:24] <@GWRD> You also spot the remains of what was probably a day ago, 2 people. Their bodies have been torn apart, and whole bones have been removed and rended.
[22:25] * @Ptolamir looks on. “This was not done by the cannibals.“ [22:25] <Timandra_Eskander> “This isn't anything natural…and there are your friends.” [22:25] * @Ptolamir raises his hands.
[22:25] <@GWRD> Some of their gear likes strewn around the cavern room, however you spot one creature chewing on a femur on the opposite side of the room, while Darenel barely spots another creature (white) hiding in the shadows ready to pounce.
[22:26] * Darenel points at the creature :“Watch out!” [22:26] <@GWRD> `init rolls please
[22:26] <TolBot> Please make an initiative roll (1d20+modifier).
[22:26] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+6
[22:26] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(2)+6]: 8
[22:26] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+2
[22:26] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(6)+2]: 8
[22:27] <@GWRD> 1d20+5 for Festrogs
[22:27] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(13)+5]: 18 for Festrogs
[22:27] <@Theon_Tokko> (Initiative is mid top of the sheet, clearly labeled, yours is 1d20+8)
[22:27] <Katilyn> (thank you)
[22:27] <@Theon_Tokko> 1d20+3
[22:27] <TolBot> [Theon_Tokko's 1d20(7)+3]: 10
[22:27] <Timandra_Eskander> (TolBot is a mysogynist! Sexism!)
[22:27] * TolBot raises an eyebrow.
[22:27] <Grikk> 1d20+2
[22:27] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(15)+2]: 17
[22:27] <Katilyn> 1d20+8
[22:27] <TolBot> [Katilyn's 1d20(6)+8]: 14
[22:27] <Valio> 1d20+4
[22:27] <TolBot> [Valio's 1d20(18)+4]: 22
[22:27] <Darenel> 1d20+1 init
[22:27] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(17)+1]: 18 init
[22:27] <@GWRD> (Monsters: )
[22:28] <@GWRD> `init report
[22:28] <TolBot> Initiative Order: Valio, 22, Festrogs, 18, Darenel, 18, Grikk, 17, Katilyn, 14, Theon_Tokko, 10, Timandra_Eskander, 8, Ptolamir, 8
[22:28] <@Ptolamir> (er, no thank you. we’ll take monster choice #2 please)
[22:28] <Timandra_Eskander> (finely crafted from the finest ope available)
[22:28] * Valio realizes a fight is brewing and begins an inspiring performance.
[22:28] <Timandra_Eskander> (finely crafted from the finest nope available)
[22:28] * Retrieving #grovewood modes… [22:28] <Grikk> [monster choice #2 is albino festrogs]
[22:28] <Timandra_Eskander> (his juggling is a testement to the human spirit)
[22:29] <@GWRD> (Monster choice #2 requested… )
[22:29] <@Ptolamir> (ok, not funny.)
[22:29] <Valio> (purdy doggy!)
[22:29] <@GWRD> (Valio, Festrogs.)
[22:29] <Darenel> (you shall not pass???)
[22:30] <Valio> (I already went. :) )
[22:30] <Grikk> [fly,you fools!]
[22:30] <@GWRD> A warning of creatures ahead goes out, though those of you who did not make perception checks as of yet don't see them.
[22:30] <Valio> (started my bardic performance)
[22:30] <Timandra_Eskander> (That needs to be my wallpaper at work)
[22:30] <@Theon_Tokko> (Monster Choice #3: )
[22:31] <Darenel> (we get attack by this hell spawn and your first reaction is” Cant touch this na naa na na“)
[22:31] <@GWRD> (Knowledge: Relgion is available on these creatures to ID them)
[22:31] <Timandra_Eskander> (#3 since it's lawful good – we'll just high five each other)
[22:31] <Timandra_Eskander> (trying it)
[22:31] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+1
[22:31] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(20)+1]: 21 (Yahoo!)
[22:31] <Timandra_Eskander> (whoo!)
[22:31] <@GWRD> One creature, that Grikk didn't see emerges from the shadows and attacks him.
[22:32] <@GWRD> 3#1d20+2
[22:32] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(18)+2]: 20
[22:32] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(15)+2]: 17
[22:32] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(7)+2]: 9
[22:32] <Grikk> [one hit]
[22:32] <@GWRD> 1d4+1
[22:32] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d4(1)+1]: 2
[22:32] <@GWRD> (2 damage)
[22:32] <@GWRD> While the second one drops his bloody femer and rushes over to join in the new feast.
[22:32] <@GWRD> 1d20+2
[22:32] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(17)+2]: 19
[22:33] <Grikk> [on me?]
[22:33] <Grikk> [ac is 19]
[22:33] <@GWRD> 1d4+1
[22:33] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d4(3)+1]: 4
[22:33] <@GWRD> (4 damage
[22:33] <@GWRD> 1d20+2 trip attempt
[22:33] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(9)+2]: 11 trip attempt
[22:33] <Grikk> [CMD is 17]
[22:34] <@GWRD> (What's your flat-footed AC, for the 1st attack?)
[22:34] <Grikk> [also 19]
[22:34] <@GWRD> One of the festrogs claws at Grikk, while the second one bites into Grikk's leg and attempts to pull him to the ground.
[22:34] <@GWRD> (Kat, Theon, Tinmandra, Ptol)
[22:35] <@GWRD> The festrog that took a bite out of Grikk's leg, starts to chew on it, then swallows it.
[22:35] <@Theon_Tokko> (any way I can safely get up to them to attack? I guess I'd have to provoke atleast one AoO?)
[22:36] <Darenel> (if i go after the balrogs i summon dire badger)
[22:36] <@GWRD> (The presently block the entrance to the room)
[22:36] <Katilyn> (how far am i from the one that took a bite out of grikk?)
[22:36] <@Theon_Tokko> (can't get to them lol)
[22:37] <Katilyn> (aaah ok)
[22:37] <@Theon_Tokko> (Holding I guess.. nothing I can do)
[22:37] * Darenel summons a Dire Badger to attack the nearest creature
[22:37] <@GWRD> (25' and you can't see the action from your location)
[22:37] <Grikk> [dire chihuahua?]
[22:37] * Katilyn will assume she can hear though and will get her cross bow out and ready it?
[22:37] <Timandra_Eskander> (good idea)
[22:38] <@GWRD> (Badger, Tinmandra, Ptol)
[22:39] <Darenel> 3#1d20+4
[22:39] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(11)+4]: 15
[22:39] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(18)+4]: 22
[22:39] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(3)+4]: 7
[22:39] <@GWRD> (2 hits)
[22:39] <Darenel> 1d4+2
[22:39] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d4(2)+2]: 4
[22:39] <Darenel> 1d3+2
[22:39] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d3(1)+2]: 3
[22:39] <@GWRD> (White or Red?)
[22:39] <Darenel> (i went with bit claw claw as per the badger sheet)
[22:40] <Darenel> (lets say white)
[22:40] <@GWRD> (2 DC 12 fort saves for your badger)
[22:40] <Timandra_Eskander> (wait – let me get the correct wine)
[22:40] <Darenel> 2#1d20+6
[22:40] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(8)+6]: 14
[22:40] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d20(12)+6]: 18
[22:41] <Grikk> [theres flanking,right?]
[22:41] <@GWRD> Your badger bites and claws into the festrog (white) and opens a number of pustiles on its body which spray all over the furry little beast.
[22:41] <@GWRD> (Yes)
[22:41] <Timandra_Eskander> (and ewww…)
[22:41] <@GWRD> (Grikk, Tinmandra, Ptol)
[22:42] <Grikk> [power attack,cleave]
[22:42] <Grikk> 1d20+8
[22:42] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(16)+8]: 24
[22:43] <@GWRD> (hit)
[22:43] <Grikk> [that one was on white,now cleave to red]
[22:43] <Grikk> 1d20+6
[22:43] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(11)+6]: 17
[22:43] <@Theon_Tokko> (knock'em back so I can get in there and play!)
[22:43] <@GWRD> (2nd hit)
[22:44] * Timandra_Eskander surges forward and thrusts her blade into the one chewing on Grikk.
[22:44] <Darenel> ( who is in the thick of it?)
[22:44] <Grikk> 1d6+6
[22:44] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d6(2)+6]: 8
[22:44] <Grikk> 1d6+6
[22:44] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d6(6)+6]: 12
[22:45] <Grikk> [8 on white,12 on red]
[22:45] <@GWRD> You hack deep into the chest of the 1st festrog (white), and right into the neck of the second one, severing it from its body.
[22:46] <Timandra_Eskander> (Jeez…)
[22:46] <@GWRD> (Tinmandra, Ptol)
[22:46] <Grikk> [well then]
[22:46] * Timandra_Eskander surges forward and thrusts her blade into the white festrog.
[22:47] <Timandra_Eskander> 1d20+4
[22:47] <TolBot> [Timandra_Eskander's 1d20(18)+4]: 22
[22:47] <Timandra_Eskander> (Yes!)
[22:47] <@GWRD> (Timandra is in the back half of the group, and can't even see any foes or combat)
[22:47] <Timandra_Eskander> (*sigh*)
[22:47] * Timandra_Eskander tries to shove her way forward through the group
[22:48] <@GWRD> (Sorry, unfortunately your path forward is also blocked at the moment, according to the map)
[22:48] <@GWRD> (Though you could get to the front of the line, if you wanted to take an AoO)
[22:49] <Timandra_Eskander> (I'll risk it)
[22:49] <@GWRD> 1d20+2
[22:49] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d20(14)+2]: 16
[22:49] <@GWRD> 1d4+1
[22:49] <TolBot> [GWRD's 1d4(2)+1]: 3
[22:49] <Timandra_Eskander> (wow…really?)
[22:50] <@GWRD> You press forward to the front of the line, pushing people out of the way so you can attack whatever hellspawn is causing a racket up there. When you reach the front, a horrific looking beast stands before you and takes a swipe at your chest.
[22:50] <@GWRD> (3 damage)
[22:50] <Timandra_Eskander> (any saves?)
[22:50] <@GWRD> (Nope)
[22:50] <@GWRD> (Ptolamir, Valio)
[22:51] * @Ptolamir sighs at the crowd in front.
[22:51] * Valio keeps his performance up and sends the lights as far forward as he can see.
[22:51] * @Ptolamir changes from spreading his fingers to pointing a single one.
[22:52] <@Ptolamir> 1d20+4 Scorching Ray
[22:52] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 1d20(16)+4]: 20 Scorching Ray
[22:52] <Katilyn> (who is between me and ptolamir on the map?)
[22:52] <@Ptolamir> (+1 is because within 30’)
[22:52] <@GWRD> (Theon)
[22:52] <@Theon_Tokko> (I'm the black dot XD)
[22:52] <Katilyn> (k)
[22:52] <@GWRD> Ptolamir roasts the festrog alive, ending its life with quick fiery death.
[22:52] <@GWRD> (End combat)
[22:53] <@Theon_Tokko> (Aww, I didn't even get to use my new power… lol)
[22:53] <Grikk> “There. Your friends have been avenged.” [22:53] <@Ptolamir> 4d6
[22:53] <TolBot> [Ptolamir's 4d6(16)]: 16
[22:53] <Valio> (Would I use the 2nd round performance, then?)
[22:53] <@GWRD> (nope)
[22:53] * @Theon_Tokko goes up to check on the new injuries and kick the crispy critter a few times
[22:53] * Timandra_Eskander takes a breath and looks around.
[22:53] <Timandra_Eskander> “Who's hurt?” [22:53] * Timandra_Eskander looks at her armor.
[22:53] * Darenel looks around the cave to make sure all the enemies are dead
[22:53] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well, it's seen better…” [22:54] <Grikk> “I took a few scrapes,nothing major.” [22:54] * Valio sends the lights ahead as he stops the performance.
[22:54] * Timandra_Eskander looks at Grikk.
[22:54] <Valio> “Grab anything useful and we can get back to fixing the lighthouse and finding food.” [22:55] * Grikk looks back at Timandra_Eskander
[22:55] <Timandra_Eskander> “It took a chunk out of you and ate it. Your definition of a scrape needs revising. Can you walk?” [22:55] <Grikk> “Just fine. See?” [22:55] * Grikk walks over to Timandra_Eskander
[22:56] <Grikk> “I've had worse.” [22:56] * Darenel looks at Grikk and asks : “Would you need some healing?” [22:56] <Timandra_Eskander> “OK – if that leg feels warm, or you do, or it hurts to walk – let me know immediately.” [22:56] * Timandra_Eskander looks to Kat.
[22:56] <Timandra_Eskander> “You safe?” [22:57] <@GWRD> Those of you exploring the cavern find a strip of leather armor, that at first glance, looks like trash, but on second glance actually has a note sprawled on it… [22:57] <@Theon_Tokko> “We're here… we should keep looking around. Make sure this place is clear.” [22:57] <@GWRD> (Note: )
[22:57] * Katilyn eyed Timandra “I had a front row seat for this one's performance, other than that i'm alright.” [22:57] * @Ptolamir looks at the corpse remains. “This is a shame. Idtios for going down here.”
[22:57] <Timandra_Eskander> “Good.” [22:58] * Timandra_Eskander smiles thinly and continues to look around. She sheathes her blade.
[22:58] <Katilyn> (ooh she pointed at valio when she said that lol sorry)
[22:58] <@GWRD> Your two companions are messy globs of remains (think Walking Dead when a pack gets a human).
[22:59] <@GWRD> (Oh I almost forgot. If you didn't already, roll 2 DC 12 fort saves Grikk)
[22:59] * @Ptolamir takes the note and reads it.
[22:59] * Grikk looks at Darenel “It's just a scratch,really.” [22:59] <Grikk> 1d20+5
[22:59] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(15)+5]: 20
[22:59] <Grikk> 1d20+5
[22:59] <TolBot> [Grikk's 1d20(10)+5]: 15
[22:59] <@Ptolamir> “By the deities…” [22:59] * Valio takes anything of use and reads the note.
[22:59] * @Ptolamir passes the note to Theon.
[22:59] * Timandra_Eskander pokes around a little further, keeping the group close.
[22:59] <Valio> “The captain… destroyed the ship?” [23:00] <Darenel> “ I better heal you some in case more of those things lurk here” [23:00] <Darenel> 1d8+3
[23:00] <TolBot> [Darenel's 1d8(8)+3]: 11
[23:00] <@Ptolamir> “One of these creatures was the captain of the Jenevier?”
[23:00] <Grikk> [Janken is super pissed from beyond the grave. or whoever i was that was on that ship]
[23:00] <@Ptolamir> (hehe)
[23:00] <Grikk> [back to full]
[23:00] <Timandra_Eskander> “Well – that explains a lot.” [23:00] <@Theon_Tokko> “Indeed” [23:01] <@GWRD> (Gizkan or Thanadin?)
[23:01] <Grikk> [thanadin,then]
[23:01] <Valio> “What could have made someone intentionally crash into the island? Isn't there enough danger already?” [23:01] <Katilyn> Power or coin, are there any other reasons?
[23:01] <Darenel> “it seems we did a good thing here today” [23:01] <Timandra_Eskander> “And all this time I was thinking our captain was merely incompetent.” [23:02] * Valio looks concerned.
[23:02] * Grikk spits on the foul beasts' corpses
[23:02] <Grikk> “Good riddance,then.” [23:02] * Darenel lights up his staff and looks around the five alcoves
[23:03] <Valio> (If there was any useful material down here, let me know)
[23:03] <@GWRD> As the castaways of the Jenivere discover that the captain of the ship was enslaved mind and body by the Varisian Scholar Ieana, and led to this isle for some dark purpose, we close for the evening.

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