Grovewood Saga

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[20:13] <Harlequin_J_Goat> When last we left our wanderlusting adventurers – having plumbed the depths of the Tomb of the Dead Nine…our group stands at the last great puzzle – a great jade door with several keyholes. Questioning the stitchwork dolls left by the Sewn Sisters, they must brave several challenges to open the key holes. Can the group summon the courage to surmount the puzzles? Let's enter the Tomb of
[20:13] <Harlequin_J_Goat> Annihiliation and see. Our episode begins now!
[20:13] * Tolman is now known as Stolanimus
[20:13] * Harlequin_J_Goat is now known as ToA_DM
[20:14] <Dylan> (can i look around the room to see if I see anything before we retreat to that passage?)
[20:14] <ToA_DM> (Sure…)
[20:14] <Dylan> (just look around to see if I see anything we might need, keys, locks books)
[20:15] <ToA_DM> (roll investigation)
[20:16] <Kayalia> (you know… we've missed sooooo much content in this dungeon. like the nine dead gods…)
[20:16] <Dylan> 1d20+5
[20:16] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(?)+5]: 11
[20:16] <Terres> (didnt we use those cubes to get in?)
[20:18] <ToA_DM> (Dy;an – you don't see anything that strikes you as useful)
[20:18] <Dylan> (we did miss a lot of content in the dungeon, do you wanna backtrack and spend another 4 months in the Temple?)
[20:19] <Miri> “so what are we going to do now?”
[20:19] <ToA_DM> (You know he was paid by hte word. Levels 2-5 are just filler, really)
[20:19] <Terres> (well after we kill the big bad, we can renovate this place into an Inn)
[20:19] <Dylan> (he was a real chuck dickens)
[20:19] * Dylan looks around
[20:19] <Dylan> “Soo…“
[20:20] <Dylan> “What's the plan here?”
[20:20] <ToA_DM> (A themed restaurant?)
[20:20] <Terres> “How do we know the three sisters cant track those dolls if we take them with us?”
[20:20] <Miri> “and why did we pick up the dolls?”
[20:20] <Miri> (am i still wearing the mind ring?)
[20:20] <Dylan> “Why did we retreat here again?”
[20:20] <ToA_DM> (yes)
[20:21] <Miri> (k)
[20:21] <Stolanimus> �Strawberry here says he has been trapped.�
[20:21] <Kayalia> “How is this any of this addressing my lack of attire?”
[20:22] <Dylan> (how lacking are you?)
[20:22] <Miri> “strawberry?! trapped? and we trust them?”
[20:22] <Kayalia> “That, and I should say, all of my equipment…“
[20:22] <Miri> (she has a coat)
[20:22] <Dylan> (just a coat?)
[20:23] <Kayalia> (Including my clothes. I was lent a coat.)
[20:23] <@Ash→ (I have her pants)
[20:23] <Miri> “that reminds me…” hands kayalia three daggers.
[20:23] <@Ash→ (Or somebody's pants)
[20:23] <Kayalia> “Hm?”
[20:23] * Kayalia has two (magic) daggers in the coat pockets.
[20:23] <Kayalia> “For throwing?”
[20:24] <Miri> “they can be, but if you don't want them” *puts them back where she stored them*
[20:24] <Kayalia> “Dear me. I am not sure why you offered if you were just going to stow them immediately.”
[20:24] <ToA_DM> The straw doll points to the doors on the balcony. “Through those doors are the trials. I've seen others go in…sometimes come out.”
[20:25] <Miri> “you didn't seem like you wanted them! and if you are gonna be snippy about stuff…” lets the last of the statement drop and moves away from the group by a few feet.
[20:25] <Terres> “Who are those others?”
[20:26] <Dylan> (can we get a map of the room we were just in?)
[20:26] * Kayalia grimaces at the implication that they sometimes do not come out. “I am sure I have no idea what you're talking about. Asking for confirmatiom why you were offering them to me seemed sensible enough.”
[20:26] <@Ash→ “What trials?”
[20:26] <ToA_DM> (getting it now)
[20:26] * Kayalia shakes her head and continues to stand with crossed arms, keeping the coat closed off for the moment.
[20:27] <ToA_DM> (
[20:28] <Dylan> “Oh I think I have a spare shirt”
[20:28] * Dylan rummages around and finds a shirt and gives it to Kayalia
[20:29] <Kayalia> “You have my gratitude, Dylan She pauses, making sure Dylan isn't going to stow the shirt immediately after offering it before accepting it.
[20:30] * Dylan hands her the shirt as he looks back to the room
[20:30] <Dylan> “It might be a little big”
[20:31] <Miri> “if that's the case she can wear it like a dress.”
[20:31] * Stolanimus looks at the doll, �Thanks, my small friend.”
[20:31] * Dylan walks towards the south of the room
[20:31] <Dylan> (is that a door to the south?)
[20:31] <ToA_DM> (Yes, that's the skeleton door)
[20:32] <Dylan> (did you manage to open it?)
[20:32] <Kayalia> “Generous indeed! I should merely take care with any feats of acrobatics of course…“
[20:32] <Terres> (we came from the north?)
[20:32] <ToA_DM> (yes)
[20:32] <Dylan> (you opened the skeleton door? or yes they came from the north?)
[20:32] * Lady_Dolphin ( has joined #grovewood
[20:32] <ToA_DM> (Hi!)
[20:32] <Stolanimus> (hiya, LD)
[20:32] <Dylan> (hey)
[20:32] <Lady_Dolphin> (Hey!)
[20:32] <@Ash→ (Hey LD)
[20:35] <ToA_DM> (Yes, they came from the north)
[20:35] * Dylan inspects the southern skeleton door
[20:36] * Miri begins to head for one of the doors on the balcony.
[20:38] <Terres> (didnt we have this intricate plan to retreat from this room fro some reason or did we scrap that?)
[20:38] <Dylan> “Hey Kay… Can you look at this door for me?”
[20:38] <ToA_DM> (I don't know)
[20:38] <@Ash→ (We did, it got derailed)
[20:38] <Kayalia> “Hm..? What can I do for you here..?” Kaya approaches.
[20:38] * Miri walks up to a door and tries to open it.
[20:39] <ToA_DM> (opens up quite well)
[20:39] * Kayalia looks over the southern skeleton door that Dylan asked her to look at.
[20:39] <Dylan> (is that the skeleton door that miri opened?)
[20:40] <Miri> (no)
[20:40] * Miri makes sure her sword is lit and pulls the door open further, her eyes landing on something, her jaw dropping a little.
[20:41] * Terres goes after Miri keepign safe distance from the door she opened
[20:41] * Kayalia traces a finger over one of the symbols on the door. “I wonder if these serve a function, or just act as a guide to the other doors above.”
[20:41] <Miri> “well this has to be a trick seven ways to sunday”
[20:42] <Terres> “Whats in there?”
[20:42] <Miri> “light and a lever”
[20:42] <@Ash→ “What do you see?”
[20:42] <Miri> A five-foot-wide, floor-to-ceiling glass cylinder near the back wall of this room is filled with light, the source of which is not apparent. A tiny triangular hole is cut through the glass, five feet above the floor. Inside the cylinder, an iron lever is set into a metal plate on the floor.
[20:42] <Miri> (pretend i said all that)
[20:42] <Miri> (i forgot to put in ” marks)
[20:43] <ToA_DM> (LOL)
[20:44] <ToA_DM> (brb – talk amongst yourselves)
[20:44] <Terres> (so i could try to flip the lever using mage hand)
[20:44] <Terres> (but somehow i think that would be a bad idea)
[20:44] * Dylan walks over to where Miri is and looks
[20:44] <Miri> “i think it's a puzzle we need to solve. i'm just really not sure how to do that.”
[20:45] * Kayalia checks if the carved pieces are affixed or if they can be removed. From the big green door.
[20:45] * Dylan looks
[20:45] <Dylan> “Do you think we need to pull that lever?”
[20:46] <Terres> “What other purpose would a lever have”
[20:46] <Stolanimus> (ok, I�m afk half an hour picking up a kid)
[20:46] <@Ash→ “To trick people into pulling it.”
[20:46] <Kayalia> “I swear one of you had a majick of sorts that could do something like push or pull things far away?”
[20:46] * Miri pulls out one of the weird skulls they found in the earlier levels “do we think maybe one of these may fit that triangle?”
[20:47] <ToA_DM> (yep)
[20:47] <Dylan> “The lever might be to open the door?”
[20:47] <ToA_DM> (ok, Stol)
[20:47] <Miri> (yep to what?)
[20:47] <Terres> (so its just a glas cylinder, with “TINY” triangular hole and lever at the botom inside)
[20:47] <ToA_DM> (yes)
[20:47] <Miri> “and i dont think we should touch the lever, not yet anyway.”
[20:48] * Terres looks at the Skulls Miri was collecting
[20:48] * Kayalia doesn't find anything interesting with the symbols on the door, it would seem.
[20:48] <Terres> (can i figure out where the light is coming from?)
[20:49] <ToA_DM> (light spell, it looks like…)
[20:49] <Dylan> “I think we should try pulling that lever”
[20:49] <ToA_DM> As Stolanimus looks at the glass…
[20:49] * Kayalia looks about, up at the the galleria floor, noting the doors, their distinguishing features, whatever.
[20:50] <ToA_DM> … he turns and looks at the doll. “Really?”
[20:50] * Miri backs up a few feet and looks at Stol “what is it?”
[20:50] * Dylan waits to hear what Stol gleaned from the Doll
[20:50] * Miri puts the skulls back in her bag for now.
[20:51] * Ash- waits by the way they came in with the other two dolls.
[20:51] <Kayalia> (Which door did Miri go in? was it the triangle door?)
[20:51] <ToA_DM> Stolanimus puts the doll on his shoulder. He takes a deep breath. “All right – do it.”
[20:51] <ToA_DM> (yes)
[20:51] <ToA_DM> The dolls says something and…
[20:51] <ToA_DM> Stolanimus disappears.
[20:51] <Kayalia> “Ah…?”
[20:52] <Miri> “shit…i knew those dolls weren't any good.”
[20:52] <ToA_DM> You see the level shake…then flip up.
[20:52] <Kayalia> (???)
[20:52] <Terres> (or we can just let Stol do it)
[20:52] * Ash- looks at his two dolls.
[20:52] <ToA_DM> Dylan you see the golden panel roll aside, exposing a triangular shaped indention.
[20:52] <@Ash→ “Where did he just go?”
[20:53] <Dylan> “Oh It looks like we are on the right track”
[20:53] <Kayalia> (golden panel…?)
[20:53] <ToA_DM> Stolanimus reappears next to the crystal dome. “That was…well…interesting.:
[20:53] <Kayalia> “Do tell.”
[20:53] <Miri> “what happened?”
[20:54] * Dylan points at the Skeleton door
[20:54] * Terres looks at the door Dylan is pointing
[20:54] <ToA_DM> “I went to the…what the doll calls The Border Etheral. There, I could push my hand through the glass and flip the lever.”
[20:54] <Dylan> “He flipped the switch and it exposed a triangular indentation, I think we need to do these trials”
[20:54] * Miri moves to the skeleton door and examines the indentation that was revealed”
[20:55] * Dylan exits and goes over to the next door that was south of the room they are in
[20:55] <Kayalia> “That is well and good, but just how did you do it?”
[20:55] * Miri finds the skull with the triangle on it and tries it in the indent.
[20:56] <ToA_DM> The skul sinks in with a click.
[20:57] <ToA_DM> Stolanimus points to hte straw doll. “It – she…she has a charm that allows me to step into the Border Etheral two more times.”
[20:57] * Kayalia finds somewhere to sit to let everyone solve this with their skulls and such that she didn't even know they had.
[20:57] <ToA_DM> Dylan – open the door?)
[20:58] <Terres> “Onto the next door”
[20:58] <Dylan> (yah)
[20:58] <Terres> (next one should ber square right?)
[20:58] <Miri> (yes)
[21:00] <ToA_DM> (Let's do this. Clockwise from the the door you started: 1,2,3,4,5 – the one to the south would be door 5. the one below that would be 4)
[21:00] <ToA_DM> (The square door would be 2)
[21:00] * Terres goes to the door marked with a square and tries to open it
[21:01] <Dylan> (so the stairs is one, the door we just did is two, that would mean we are going to 3?)
[21:02] <ToA_DM> (The one you did is 1. The square one is 2)
[21:02] <ToA_DM> Terres opens the door marked with a square…
[21:02] <ToA_DM> This room is filled with flying sheets of parchment, with writing on the pages visible as they flutter by. A metal plate bolted onto the far wall is set with a ghostly lever.
[21:02] <Terres> (and i peak in expecting another pizzle or a fireball to the face)
[21:03] <ToA_DM> (you get a paper cut across the upper lip instead)
[21:03] * Terres casts mage hand and tries to catch one of the sheets with it
[21:03] <ToA_DM> (ok)
[21:04] <ToA_DM> (give me a Dex check – DC 10)
[21:04] <Terres> 1d20+1 DC10
[21:04] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+1 'DC10']: 3 (Fail)
[21:04] <Dylan> “can you try using that hand to throw that switch?”
[21:04] <Dylan> “lever”
[21:04] <Terres> “i can try” (and i do)
[21:05] <ToA_DM> AS many papers as there are flying through – you can't seem to get your fingers on one…
[21:05] * Kayalia tries to grasp one.
[21:05] <ToA_DM> Your mage hand goes through it as if it were not there.
[21:05] * Dylan sighs
[21:05] <ToA_DM> (Dex check, DC 10)
[21:05] <Kayalia> 1d20+4
[21:05] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+4]: 17
[21:05] * Dylan turns to Stol
[21:05] <Terres> “looks like the lever is not solid”
[21:06] <Dylan> “do you think you can do that invisible thing again and get that lever?”
[21:06] <ToA_DM> You grab a paper, Kayalia.
[21:06] * Kayalia checks for the writing that was visible before
[21:06] <ToA_DM> It's a wizard spell, that much you can tell.
[21:06] <ToA_DM> 1d6
[21:06] <TolBot> [ToA_DM's 1d6(?)]: 6
[21:06] <ToA_DM> roll 1d6
[21:06] <Kayalia> 1d6
[21:06] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d6(?)]: 5
[21:07] <ToA_DM> 1d20
[21:07] <TolBot> [ToA_DM's 1d20(?)]: 12
[21:09] <Kayalia> “This seems to be a bit beyond my comprehension…“
[21:09] * Dylan asks the doll that Stol used if it can make him disappear like it did to Stol so he can try the switch
[21:09] * Terres looks at the paper Kaya caught
[21:09] <ToA_DM> Strawback: “Yes.”
[21:10] <Kayalia> “It mentions a magic spell, apparently. Familiar with this?” She offers it to Terres.
[21:10] * Dylan does as Stol did and puts the doll on his shoulder
[21:11] <ToA_DM> Strawback: “Ready?”
[21:11] * Ash- watches.
[21:11] <ToA_DM> The doll says something…
[21:11] <ToA_DM> Dylan disappears!
[21:12] * Terres stuffs the sheet into his pocket and says “We can figure out what this spell does later”
[21:12] <Kayalia> (apparently if you cast magic jar spell your apparition can pull the lever)
[21:13] <ToA_DM> Dylan reappears! The level has been thrown down and the square lock is revealed.
[21:13] <Kayalia> (that is what the spell page clued anyway)
[21:13] * Miri pulls out the right skull and slips it into the square indent.
[21:13] <Terres> (too bad we dont have a wizard, only a bargain bin warlock)
[21:13] <Kayalia> (and a bard that casts at 2nd lvl only)
[21:14] <@Ash→ (lol)
[21:14] <Dylan> “I guess that is two”
[21:14] <ToA_DM> (door 3?)
[21:14] <Terres> “Time to look at the next door”
[21:14] <Dylan> “There was a a triangle, a square, a pentagon, a hexagon, and an octagon on the door. So I guess we need to do each. We have done triangle and square”
[21:14] * Dylan looks for the door that matches to a pentagon
[21:15] * Terres follows Dylan
[21:15] <ToA_DM> You walk around the balcony and come to the room marked with a pentagon (room5)
[21:16] <ToA_DM> (open it?)
[21:16] <Dylan> (yea open it)
[21:16] <ToA_DM> The delicious aroma of spiced meat greets you. At the end of a twenty-foot-long corridor, a room opens up with red tapestries covering the walls. A feast is spread out on three tables, consisting of roast boar, squash stew, and a tray of iced cakes. Flagons of frothy beer complete the banquet.
[21:16] <ToA_DM> A gaunt human male in a dusty black suit quietly arranges the items on the cake table, taking notice of your intrusion. Without a word, he gestures for you to come forward and sample the feast.
[21:17] <Dylan> “Wow.. that is really nice of him..”
[21:19] <ToA_DM> The creature bows and steps aside.
[21:19] * Dylan looks at the tapestries to see if they have any clues
[21:19] * Dylan looks at the tapestries from the doorway
[21:19] <ToA_DM> (make a perception check, DC 15, Dyln)
[21:20] * Terres looks around the room trying to ignore rumbling from his stomach
[21:21] <ToA_DM> Terres make a perception check, DC 15)
[21:21] <Terres> 1d20+3 DC15
[21:21] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+3 'DC15']: 11 (Fail)
[21:21] <ToA_DM> Dylan or anyone else?)
[21:22] * Kayalia continues resting down on the lower floor, but has started wondering where the aroma is coming from.
[21:22] <Terres> “A feast burried in the depths of a rotting jungle dungeon…I dont think so”
[21:23] <Miri> “there has to be a lever in there somewhere”
[21:23] <Lady_Dolphin> (Just a little nibble. What could go wrong?)
[21:23] <Dylan> (oh right one sec)
[21:23] <Stolanimus> (back)
[21:23] * Dylan asks Ash for guidance
[21:24] <Miri> (never eat foreign food! :P)
[21:24] <Miri> (wb)
[21:24] <Stolanimus> (so, I went into the upside down, and then someone stole my doll?)
[21:24] <Miri> (specially if it's food in faerie)
[21:24] * Ash- casts Guidance on Dylan.
[21:24] <ToA_DM> (No…no – there's nothing wrong here. Here – have a pastry and ignore the omnious music in the bckground.)
[21:24] <@Ash→ (Funny you say that, omnious music was playing in my background)
[21:24] <Dylan> 1d20+3
[21:24] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(?)+3]: 6
[21:24] <Dylan> 1d4
[21:24] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d4(?)]: 2
[21:24] <ToA_DM> (Yes. On the upside – you weren't eaten by plants gone mad or a killer clown)
[21:25] <Dylan> (8)
[21:25] <ToA_DM> (ok)
[21:25] <Dylan> (oh wait.. no i have a plus 0)
[21:25] <Terres> (always keep forgetting this, is it too late to use my Dark luck?)
[21:25] <Dylan> (do you want me to re-roll that?)
[21:25] <ToA_DM> (I'll allow yuo a reroll)
[21:25] <Dylan> 1d20
[21:25] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(?)]: 2
[21:25] <Dylan> (still no luck)
[21:26] <Miri> “how about you close that door and try another one?”
[21:26] <Lady_Dolphin> (womp womp)
[21:26] <ToA_DM> (Anyone wanting to roll perception, DC 15 – go for it)
[21:26] <ToA_DM> As Miri says that…the man in the suit frowns.
[21:26] * Dylan asks Kayalia if she see's anything point out the basically nothing he saw previously (aid action)
[21:26] <@Ash→ 1d20+3+1d4
[21:26] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d20(?)+3+1d4(3)]: 11
[21:26] * Kayalia will head upstairs and look around, if Dylan asks her to.
[21:27] <Kayalia> 1d20+8 adv
[21:27] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(17, 2)+8 'adv']: 25
[21:27] * Ash- gives himself guidance and looks around the area Dylan is so interested in.
[21:29] <Dylan> (buehler?)
[21:30] * Kayalia draws closert to a tapestry.”There's a subtle image here… a devilish face. The shape of the mouth is, of all things, the pentagon.”
[21:30] <Dylan> “What happens if you poke it?”
[21:31] * Kayalia casually pokes the mouth with a pinky finger.
[21:31] * Terres remembers a shadow demon episode from earlier and prepars for a fight
[21:31] <ToA_DM> Kay – your finger disappears into the mouth.
[21:31] <Kayalia> “It seems I've lost a finger.”
[21:32] <Dylan> “Can you still feel it?”
[21:32] <@Ash→ (CHOMP)
[21:32] * Kayalia withdraws her hand experimentally.
[21:32] <ToA_DM> (It's still there.)
[21:32] * Stolanimus raises an eyebrow.
[21:32] <Kayalia> “Well, there it is.”
[21:32] <Dylan> “Try sticking your whole hand in there, maybe there is something in there we need”
[21:32] * Kayalia tries to reach into the mouth with her hand and feel around for, I don't know, a lever?
[21:33] <ToA_DM> (Yeah – just jam your hand down the throat of a demon. What could go wrong?)
[21:33] <Kayalia> (that delilish lifestyle of deep throating.)
[21:33] <ToA_DM> Kayalia – you feel a small level on your fingertips.)
[21:33] * Kayalia tries to flip the lever.
[21:33] <Lady_Dolphin> (is it spaghetti or is it entrails?)
[21:34] <ToA_DM> The level clicks
[21:34] * Kayalia withdraws her hand once more.
[21:35] <ToA_DM> In the distance, you hear the scrape of metal against stone where hte jade door is.
[21:35] * Terres inches closer and closer to one of the ale mugs while the others are messing around with the demon tapestry
[21:35] <Kayalia> “I do not believe I've been on this end of deep– well, never mind.”
[21:35] * Dylan goes back to the skeleton door and looks
[21:35] <ToA_DM> Terres – roll stealth)
[21:35] <Dylan> (is the pentagon open?)
[21:35] <ToA_DM> Dylan – one more panel has been moved. The pentagon.
[21:35] <Terres> 1d20+1 stealth
[21:35] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+1 'stealth ']: 9
[21:36] <Dylan> “We did it! Onward to the Hexagon next?”
[21:36] * Miri will look for the skeleton with the pentagon and places it in the freshly revealed indent.
[21:36] <Terres> (so basically everyone can see drool dripping down my chin)
[21:36] * Miri looks up “terres! stay away from that food and drink!”
[21:36] * Terres shakes his head and leaves the cursed ale temptation room
[21:37] <ToA_DM> All of you walk out?
[21:37] <Dylan> (i never went in)
[21:37] <Miri> (i was at the skeleton door)
[21:37] <Terres> (i follow Dylan before i fail the wil save and just shotgun a few of those beers)
[21:38] <Dylan> (do eeet)
[21:38] <ToA_DM> Everyone who walks out – painful hunger seizes you.
[21:39] <Miri> “who has the magic jug?”
[21:39] * Dylan hands Miri the jug
[21:39] * Miri takes the jug “ale”
[21:40] * Kayalia rubs her stomach while walking out. “If we ever get back to civilization, I'll want a feast like that one…“
[21:40] <ToA_DM> Ale bubbles up, filing your nostils with the scent…
[21:40] * Miri shakes the jug “here you lot, drink some of this in the mean time.”
[21:40] <ToA_DM> Who drinks?
[21:41] * Terres opens his mouth and slides next to Miri under the filling jug and says “Fill 'er up!”
[21:41] * Ash- has the other alchemy jug and offers up some water.
[21:41] <Dylan> (am i affected by the Hunger thing even though I didnt go into the room?)
[21:41] <ToA_DM> Terres you don't feel hungry)
[21:41] * Miri hands the jug to terres.
[21:41] <Kayalia> “You aren't going to stow that immediately after offering it to me, are you…?”
[21:41] <Miri> “no i'm not”
[21:41] <ToA_DM> Anyone who was in hte room – you're affected by the hunger
[21:42] <ToA_DM> (At least Kayalia was.)
[21:42] * Terres takes a few looong swigs and hand the Jug to others
[21:42] <Kayalia> “Fool me once, and all of that. I'll have it next, Terres please.”
[21:42] * Dylan doesn't know what is going on so he goes over to look at the Hexagon door
[21:42] * Kayalia tries to fill her belly with Ale, of all things.
[21:42] * Kayalia then offers the jug to anyone who hasn't had their fill.
[21:42] * Miri will take a swig of water before giving the jug with water back to ash and re-lighting her sword.
[21:42] <Lady_Dolphin> (y'all are gonna get a wicked bad tummyache)
[21:43] * Terres belches the dwarven rune alphabet while scratching his belly
[21:43] * Stolanimus takes a draft.
[21:43] <Kayalia> “Dwarves….”
[21:43] <Terres> (and its impressive becuase most of the runes are tongue twisters)
[21:43] <ToA_DM> Kayalia – drinking the ale is like pouring water into a bucket with a huge hole in it. It does nothing to quell the hunger.)
[21:44] * Kayalia grumbles.
[21:44] * Kayalia peeks back into the hexagon room.
[21:44] * Miri also offers Kaya some of her rations. “i have some of these as well, maybe they will help?”
[21:44] * Terres goes after Dylan to next (hexgon) room
[21:45] <Kayalia> “Please… I do not know why, but the hunger won't subside…“
[21:45] * Miri hands them to kay.
[21:45] <@Ash→ “hmmm”
[21:45] <Stolanimus> �It must be a curse from the food room.”
[21:45] * Ash- asks the clay doll if it can help them.
[21:46] <Kayalia> “It feels like a curse… no food or drink is sating me, and the hunger pangs are getting worse…“
[21:46] <Miri> “oh dear, ummm perhaps some sort of healling can help? Ash?”
[21:46] <Terres> (you will let us know if you start cravin brains!)
[21:48] <@Ash→ “I don't think I have anything at the moment that can help, except maybe the clay doll.
[21:49] * Miri rumages through her pack for the next skull, getting ready to place it once the next lever is pulled.
[21:50] <Terres> “Lets take a look at the hexagon door”
[21:51] * Terres looks around the room one more time “Were we not expecting some hags to bother us here?”
[21:52] <ToA_DM> A large, cracked, six-sided mirror is mounted above a stone shelf protruding from the opposite wall. Five unlit candles stand on the shelf, each made of yellow wax and covered with tiny black sigils. Scrawled on the wall above the mirror in dried blood are the words �PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY.�
[21:52] <Stolanimus> �And what is this supposed tomean?�
[21:52] * Kayalia fumbles around her coat pockets looking for something, anything, to end the ravenous hunger…
[21:53] <Dylan> (whats the lighting?)
[21:53] * Stolanimus hands Kayalia a goodberry.
[21:54] <Terres> “Hmm its a hexagon but only five candles”
[21:54] <Dylan> (dim? dark? bright?)
[21:54] <ToA_DM> Kayalia – as you take the doll…the hunger subsides in your belly. The goodberry makes you feel even a little better.
[21:54] * Terres looks around the room for any more candles
[21:54] <ToA_DM> (standard illumination – enough to see)
[21:54] * Kayalia looks at the doll.
[21:54] <ToA_DM> Doll: waves to you.
[21:54] * Dylan searches the room
[21:55] <@Ash→ (I'm guessing this is the clay doll?)
[21:55] <Dylan> (do I find anything?)
[21:55] <ToA_DM> (yes)
[21:55] <Dylan> (is it a lever to pull?)
[21:55] <ToA_DM> Dylan – you see a sixth candle tucked away under the stone shelf.)
[21:56] <Kayalia> “I'm not sure why, but while I am holding you, I feel all better…“
[21:56] <Terres> “Should we light the candles and see what happens?”
[21:57] <ToA_DM> Doll: THumbs up
[21:57] * Dylan picks up the sixth candle
[21:58] <ToA_DM> (It looks like all the others)
[21:58] <Dylan> “I found this candle…“
[21:58] <ToA_DM> (brb)
[21:58] * Kayalia gives the doll a comfortable viewing seat in one of the outer pockets of the coat.
[21:58] * Dylan lights the candle
[21:59] * Dylan places the candle he just lit with the other ones
[22:01] * Stolanimus watches.
[22:02] <Terres> (so anything happens wfter we light the candles?)
[22:03] <ToA_DM> (how many are you lighting?)
[22:04] <Terres> (well all 5we found plus the one Dylan dug up)
[22:05] <ToA_DM> As you light the candles, you see nothing in the mirror other than the reflection of the walls.
[22:05] <Terres> (so we dont see ourselves?)
[22:05] <ToA_DM> (Yes, you do)
[22:06] * Dylan asks Terres
[22:06] <Stolanimus> (we�re vampires now? oh, ok)
[22:06] <Dylan> “Do you see anything about that writing?”
[22:06] <ToA_DM> (Ta-Da!)
[22:06] <ToA_DM> (Welcome to oWoD!)
[22:07] <Terres> “I wonder what this Piggy Piggy Piggy means”
[22:07] <Lady_Dolphin> (Walk out into the sun and see if anybody's skin sparkles)
[22:08] <ToA_DM> (If by sparkles, you mean gouts of flame – yes, they all sparkle.)
[22:08] * Terres looks around the mirror for any other clues
[22:08] <ToA_DM> Terres you see a level appear in the reflection of the north wall.
[22:08] <ToA_DM> (lever)
[22:09] * Terres looks at the north wall and points at the lever
[22:09] <ToA_DM> You look to the north wall – and there is nothing there. You look back at the reflection, you see the lever plain as day.
[22:10] <Terres> “Well this is strange, i can see the lever in the reflection only”
[22:10] * Terres tries to determine where the lever would be on the north wall and then goes there to take a closer look
[22:10] <Dylan> “can you reach it to throw it?”
[22:11] <Dylan> “Or use your magical handy thingy?”
[22:11] <@Ash→ “Or just try to flip the lever where it would be on the wall.”
[22:11] <Terres> “I can try that if i cant find it on the wall”
[22:11] <Lady_Dolphin> (Ive gotta get to bed here, friends. Got an early day tomorrow!)
[22:11] <Terres> (good night)
[22:12] * Lady_Dolphin ( has left #grovewood
[22:12] <ToA_DM> (good night)
[22:12] <Dylan> “I mean can you look in the mirror and guide your hand based on the reflection?”
[22:12] <@Ash→ (Night LD)
[22:12] <Terres> “Worth a try!”
[22:12] * Terres gets back to the mirror and casts mage hand behind himself
[22:13] <Terres> (i will try to guide the mage hande by looking in the mirror)
[22:13] <ToA_DM> Th mage hand bumps upa gainst the wall
[22:15] * Miri calls up “try pulling the lever that you see on the mirror itself”
[22:15] <Terres> “Thats what i am trying to do”
[22:16] <ToA_DM> (do you aim for the reflection?)
[22:16] <Terres> (yeah looking in the mirror, i am trying to navigate the hand towards the reflection lever)
[22:17] <Terres> (it lasts a minute so i can play around until i figure it out)
[22:17] <Miri> (aim for the mirror not the wall)
[22:18] <ToA_DM> As you work the hand, you finally get it through the mirror – into another pocket dimention – and flip the switch.
[22:18] <ToA_DM> The hexagonal key opens
[22:19] * Stolanimus rubs his chin.
[22:19] * Miri sets the skull with the hexagon on it into the indent that just opened up.
[22:19] * Terres is starting to get nervous about the Hags getting back and attacking
[22:19] <Dylan> “Ok we seem to be making progress”
[22:19] * Dylan goes to the final room which is the…
[22:20] <Terres> “One more door left and no sign of the hags”
[22:20] <Miri> “next one should be the octagon”
[22:20] <Dylan> (octagon?)
[22:20] <Terres> (octagon)
[22:20] <Terres> (3,4,5,6,8 )
[22:20] <@Ash→ “Yeah this is a little too convenient.
[22:21] <ToA_DM> (next room?)
[22:21] <Dylan> (yes)
[22:21] <ToA_DM> The ceiling of this plaster-walled room is fifteen feet high. A leather-backed tome rests open atop a wooden lectern bolted to the floor. Set into the wall behind the lectern are eight human skeletons, arranged so that they appear to be falling and screaming.
[22:21] <Stolanimus> (I�m lost)
[22:22] <ToA_DM> (ok, Stol – what's up?)
[22:22] <Stolanimus> (*shrug*)
[22:22] <Dylan> (there are five holes in the skeleton door, each time we complete one of the trials in these rooms a hole opens up in the skeleton door. we have completed 4/5 quests)
[22:23] <Terres> (5 keys, symbols are Triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon aka stop sign… we are at the last door)
[22:23] * Dylan opens the final door
[22:23] <Stolanimus> (*n9od*)
[22:24] <ToA_DM> The ceiling of this plaster-walled room is fifteen feet high. A leather-backed tome rests open atop a wooden lectern bolted to the floor. Set into the wall behind the lectern are eight human skeletons, arranged so that they appear to be falling and screaming.
[22:24] * Terres ignores the creepines of the room and goes for the tome
[22:24] * Dylan looks at the lectern while Terres looks at the tome
[22:25] <ToA_DM> There are only 8 pages to it:
[22:25] <ToA_DM> Dylan Perception, DC 10
[22:25] <Dylan> 1d20
[22:25] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(?)]: 20 (Hurray)
[22:26] * Miri rumages around and gets out the last skull, “man i am glad i found these things weird enough to grab.” she speaks to no one in particular, as she waits.
[22:27] * Dylan points Hidden in the leg of the lectern, on the side facing the east wall, is a secret compartment
[22:27] <Dylan> “What does it say in the book Terres?”
[22:28] <Terres> “Its some kinda riddle rhyme”
[22:28] <Dylan> “can you read it out loud?”
[22:29] <Terres> “I could but the first words and the last line are a bit worrysome”
[22:29] <Dylan> “Why?”
[22:29] <ToA_DM> (Who's in the room? Dylan Terres…who else?)
[22:30] <Terres> “Well i am not sure if i should read it from front to back or back to front”
[22:30] <@Ash→ (Outside right now)
[22:30] <Dylan> “If you think you should read it back to front - I trust your judgement”
[22:30] <ToA_DM> (Kay?)
[22:30] <Terres> (i assume i have something to writ with so i will scribble the 8 lines on a piece of paper and show them to the others)
[22:31] <ToA_DM> (yes)
[22:31] <Terres> Page 1: Backward, backward, eight to one.
[22:31] <Terres> Page 2: Speak the rhyme until it�s done.
[22:31] <Terres> Page 3: Keep the spider locked away.
[22:31] <Terres> Page 4: See the lever, clear as day.
[22:31] <Terres> Page 5: Spin, spin, iron spider.
[22:31] <Terres> Page 6: Turn their flesh and bones to cider.
[22:31] <Terres> Page 7: Speak the rhyme and meet your fate.
[22:31] <Terres> Page 8: Forward, forward, one to eight.
[22:32] <Terres> “It seems to point that it shoule be read backwards”
[22:32] * Stolanimus shrugs.
[22:32] * Dylan nods
[22:32] * Dylan isn't smart enough to understand these things but trusts Terres
[22:32] <Dylan> “Do it”
[22:32] <Dylan> “What's the worse that could happen?”
[22:32] <ToA_DM> (muuhahahahahahaaaa)
[22:33] * Terres reads the lines in reverse order and prepares to mysty step away
[22:33] <ToA_DM> (starting with page 8?)
[22:33] <Terres> (yeah where it starts with forward forward)
[22:33] <@Ash→ “Sounds like you have to do it both ways.”
[22:34] <ToA_DM> As Terres reads the lines, looking around…
[22:34] <ToA_DM> …as he reaches the last line…
[22:34] <ToA_DM> The hidden compartment opens on the leg, with a small brass lever.
[22:34] * Dylan pulls the lever
[22:35] <ToA_DM> The octagonal key hole opens up…
[22:35] * Terres flinches as Dylan pulls the lever
[22:35] <Miri> “well…here goes nothing.”
[22:35] * Miri places the final skull then immediately readies her sword and lights it.
[22:36] <Terres> (why am i tempted to steal the tome?)
[22:36] <ToA_DM> Three old women come bursting out of the air – all of them heading towards Miri
[22:36] * Terres leaves the room exhaling loudly
[22:36] <ToA_DM> “BITCH!”
[22:36] * Miri cackles “and proud of it, hope you like fire”
[22:37] <ToA_DM> …and as Miri's solitare game is interrupted – we call this episode of “Tomb of Annihilation” to a close…

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