Grovewood Saga

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[19:47] <Harlequin_J_Goat> When last we left our stalward band – braving the threats of the Tomb of the Dead Gods in the lost city of Omu. With the end of the task in sight, they must brave another fiendish trial by combat. With two cabinets and their summoned beasts bested, will our Merry Band continue on to the inevitable showdown? Let's watch the carnage as this episode of “Tomb of Annihilation” begins!
[19:47] * Harlequin_J_Goat is now known as <DM_ToA
[19:47] * Shaddow is now known as Miri
[19:48] * Magestar is now known as Ash-
[19:48] * dontforgettohexstupid is now known as Terres
[19:50] * Tolman is now known as Stolanimus
[19:50] <Stolanimus> (summoned beasts bested? did I miss a session?)
[19:51] <Miri> (not that i know)
[19:51] <DM_ToA> (remember the orcs and the modron? They came from the cabinet)
[19:52] <Miri> (can i get a pic of the room we are in?)
[19:53] <Stolanimus> (yes, but did you mean my 4 summoned wasps got killed?)
[19:53] * BeeCause ( has joined #grovewood
[19:54] <Miri> (i think your wasps survived)
[19:55] <DM_ToA> (
[19:55] <Miri> (thank you)
[19:55] <DM_ToA> (They did – and the orcs died from anaphaltic shock, I believe)
[19:55] * Miri moves to the next cabienet and opens it.
[19:56] <DM_ToA> (pick a number: 2,4,5)
[19:56] <Miri> (4)
[19:57] <DM_ToA> Waves of heat assail you as the door opens, revealing an iron road leading to a basalt citadel surrounded by the charred remains of defeated armies. Prisoners scream from iron gibbets that festoon the citadel walls. Suddenly, a single glowing ember flies out of the wardrobe and transforms into a winged, bony fiend with a smiling, skull-like visage.
[19:57] <DM_ToA> (INIT!)
[19:58] <Miri> 1d20 adv
[19:58] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(5, 3) 'adv']: 5
[19:58] <Stolanimus> 1d20+2
[19:58] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(?)+2]: 15
[19:58] <@Ash→ 1d20
[19:58] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d20(?)]: 16
[19:59] <Terres> 1d20+1
[19:59] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+1]: 6
[19:59] <DM_ToA> 1d20+3
[19:59] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)+3]: 20
[20:01] <DM_ToA> (May?)
[20:01] <May> (?h,m)
[20:01] <Miri> (init)
[20:01] <DM_ToA> (init, please?)
[20:02] <May> 1d20+5 adv
[20:02] <TolBot> [May's 1d20(19, 6)+5 'adv']: 24
[20:02] <DM_ToA> (Well…that's nice…)
[20:03] <Miri> (would my rage still be up?)
[20:03] <DM_ToA> (Init order: Kayalia Mister Boney Pants, Ash Stolanimus Terres Miri)
[20:03] <DM_ToA> (No)
[20:03] <Miri> (k)
[20:03] * May is now known as Kayalia
[20:03] <DM_ToA> ROUND ONE
[20:03] <DM_ToA>
[20:04] <Kayalia> (bone.. devil?)
[20:04] <DM_ToA> (
[20:04] <Kayalia> (@_@)
[20:04] <Kayalia> (Can we run away?)
[20:05] <Terres> (nope nope nopety nope)
[20:05] <DM_ToA> (You can certainly try…)
[20:05] <Kayalia> (btw I don't think I got any exp the last game or two)
[20:06] <DM_ToA> All of you hear a loud buzzing coming from Kayalia's hip.
[20:06] <@Ash→ (You're
[20:07] <@Ash→ (You're about to die to Mr. Boney Pants the Horror Fly, so no xp for you.)
[20:07] * Kayalia dashes in and makes a flourishful tumble and attack. The artfulfulness of her movements is inspirational, to say the least! Or, at least one of her party members within 60 feet feels inspired.
[20:07] <Kayalia> 1d20+8 adv
[20:07] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(6, 5)+8 'adv']: 14
[20:07] <Kayalia> (ew.)
[20:07] <Kayalia> (also who wants the inspiration?)
[20:08] <DM_ToA> Moving with a natural, fluid grace… you weave and slide – lashing out with your war fan. Sparks fly! The bone does not look damaged.
[20:08] <@Ash→ (I nominate Miri for inspiration of the year award)
[20:08] <DM_ToA> (who gets your die (phrasing) of inspiration?)
[20:08] <Miri> (not me)
[20:09] <Kayalia> (if Miri finds Kaya inspirational that'd be the day.)
[20:09] <Miri> (if i provoke an oa from the creature, does that mean his reaction is exhausted until his next turn?)
[20:09] <Kayalia> Terres gets it then)
[20:09] <DM_ToA> (good question)
[20:09] <Kayalia> (yes unless they get more than 1 reaction somehow)
[20:10] <Stolanimus> �I say we stop opening these wardrobes.�
[20:10] <Stolanimus> (wait, nm� I�m a wasp still)
[20:10] <DM_ToA> (Yes)
[20:10] <Miri> (my guess more than one from the dm's enigmatic answer)
[20:11] <DM_ToA> (atack of opprotunity would take his reaction)
[20:11] <Miri> (ok)
[20:11] * Stolanimus is now known as Stolwasp
[20:12] * Ash- ( Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
[20:12] <DM_ToA> (anything else, Kayalia?)
[20:13] <Kayalia> (that was my action and bonus action and move I don't really have much else)
[20:13] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[20:13] * Kya ( has joined #grovewood
[20:13] <Kya> (Well that was unpleasant)
[20:14] <Kayalia> (what was unpleasant?)
[20:14] <Kya> (Getting knocked off)
[20:14] <DM_ToA> The Bone Devil snarls and lashes out at Kayalia for her temeritry…
[20:14] * Kayalia is audacious indeed.
[20:14] <DM_ToA> 1d20+8
[20:14] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)+8]: 19
[20:15] <DM_ToA> 1d20+8 claw
[20:15] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)+8 'claw']: 18
[20:15] <Kayalia> (._.)
[20:15] <DM_ToA> 1d20+8 sting
[20:15] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)+8 'sting']: 16
[20:15] <DM_ToA> (all three hit, I assume?)
[20:15] <Kayalia> (Well.. one won't with my reaction… sting I wager)
[20:16] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[20:16] <DM_ToA> 1d8+4 claw
[20:16] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d8(?)+4 'claw']: 11
[20:16] <DM_ToA> 1d8+4 claw
[20:16] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d8(?)+4 'claw']: 5
[20:16] <DM_ToA> (16 total)
[20:17] <Kayalia> (hurary.)
[20:17] <DM_ToA> The devil lashes out, catching Kayalia with its claws, but the deadly looking stinger swings close but finds no purchase.
[20:17] <Kayalia> (hurray)
[20:17] <DM_ToA> (Ash)
[20:18] <Kayalia> (so I missed with advantage and then took all 3 hits in a row.. good start. ..)
[20:18] <DM_ToA> (It can only get better…?)
[20:19] <Kayalia> (probably not lol)
[20:19] <Kya> (Give a moment, had to reconnect my LAN)
[20:19] * BeeCause ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[20:19] <DM_ToA> (Oh..yeah…Tomb of Annhiliation, not Tomb of the Overfriendly Kittens)
[20:19] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[20:20] * Kya casts 'Banishment' (CHA 14)
[20:20] * Kya is now known as Ash-
[20:20] <DM_ToA> 1d20+7 CHA save
[20:21] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)+7 'CHA save']: 12
[20:21] <DM_ToA> (what?)
[20:21] * Ash- waves 'bye bye'
[20:21] <DM_ToA> The Bone Devil gets a half snarl before it disappears with a crackle of energy.
[20:22] * Miri looks to see if the wardrobe disapears as well.
[20:22] * Ash- claps his hands in a cleaning motion.
[20:22] * @Stolwasp circles around.
[20:22] <Ash→ “Nobody do anything to provoke another attack for about a minute or so.
[20:22] <Ash→ “I need to focus on making that permanent.”
[20:23] * Miri stands still, tho keeps her sword ready.
[20:24] * Terres casts Mage Armor on himself, then casts Shillelagh*(bonus action ) on his staff and moves to the back of the room to wait for the devil
[20:24] <DM_ToA> The cabinet that summoned the bone devil closes.
[20:24] <Miri> (but it doesn't disapear?)
[20:25] <@Stolwasp> 1d20+0
[20:25] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+0]: 15
[20:25] <Terres> (so the Devil went back into his closet?)
[20:26] <DM_ToA> (for the time being)
[20:26] <Ash→ “Ok I think I banished it back to its home pla…“
[20:26] <Ash→ “Why is that cabinet still there?”
[20:26] <Miri> “because we didn't defeat it, we just sent it home?”
[20:27] <DM_ToA> The cabinet dispears and one of the red crystals lights up
[20:27] <Miri> (and we are currently locked in this room right? i think we discovered that last game?)
[20:28] <Terres> (Can you imagine what sort of fancy loot that thing must have had)
[20:28] * @Stolwasp flies towards the bars and attempts to slip through
[20:28] <DM_ToA> (I can! Nothing!)
[20:28] <DM_ToA> You all see Stolanimus in his wasp shape fly in between teh bars.
[20:29] <Miri> (are all the crystals that are lit red?)
[20:29] * @Stolwasp looks around for a way to trigger the door to open (right, that�s the thing? we�re stuck in here?)
[20:29] <DM_ToA> (no)
[20:29] <Miri> (what color are the others lit?)
[20:30] * Kayalia heals herself during the downtime
[20:30] <Kayalia> 1d8+3
[20:30] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d8(?)+3]: 7
[20:31] <Kayalia> 1d8+3
[20:31] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d8(?)+3]: 11
[20:31] * @Stolwasp examines the bars.
[20:31] <@Stolwasp> (so one lit up each time we opened a wardrobe?)
[20:32] <DM_ToA> (yes)
[20:32] <DM_ToA> (the others aren't on – dark red)
[20:32] <Miri> (so there is just the one light?)
[20:33] * Kayalia runs her hands through her hair to try and relax for a moment. “That thing was… certainly… frightful.”
[20:33] <Ash→ “Uh yeah”
[20:33] <DM_ToA> (1,3,4 are lit. 2 and 5 are unlit)
[20:33] * @Stolwasp comes back in through the bars, and alights on an unopened wardrobe.
[20:34] * @Stolwasp readies a group attack, summoning the four other wasps around him.
[20:34] <Terres> “Here we go again!”
[20:35] <DM_ToA> (which one are you alighting on, Stol?)
[20:37] <@Stolwasp> (random)
[20:37] <@Stolwasp> 1d3
[20:37] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d3(?)]: 1
[20:37] <@Stolwasp> (#2 i guess)
[20:38] <DM_ToA> The door opens above the caldera of an active volcano. Shards of black rock float above the molten magma. Perched atop one shard are two man-sized creatures with insectoid features and four arms apiece.
[20:40] <DM_ToA>
[20:40] <@Stolwasp> (eek)
[20:40] <DM_ToA> 1d20
[20:40] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)]: 8
[20:40] <DM_ToA> (init!)
[20:40] <DM_ToA> 1d20
[20:40] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)]: 2
[20:40] <Ash→ 1d20
[20:40] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d20(?)]: 2
[20:40] <Terres> 1d20+1 init
[20:40] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+1 'init']: 19
[20:40] <@Stolwasp> 1d20+2
[20:40] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+2]: 18
[20:40] <Ash→ “What the heck are those?”
[20:41] <Terres> (obsidian cockroach?)
[20:41] <Miri> 1d20 adv
[20:41] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(8, 11) 'adv']: 11
[20:43] <DM_ToA> (init: Terres Stol, Miri Kayalia Mezz 1, Mezz 2 and Ash)
[20:43] <Kayalia> (how you know my init? lol)
[20:43] <Kayalia> 1d20+5 adv
[20:43] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(7, 1)+5 'adv']: 12
[20:43] <DM_ToA> (there is a big gap between Miri and creasture)
[20:44] <Kayalia> (my rolls are not showing well tonight…)
[20:44] <DM_ToA> (better init: Terres Stol, Kayalia Miri Mezz 1, ASh and Mezz 2)
[20:45] * Terres having refreshed his armor, casts hex on creature 1 and unleashes 2 eldritch blasts
[20:45] <DM_ToA> (ROUND ONE)
[20:45] <Terres> 2#1d20+9
[20:45] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 24
[20:45] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 13
[20:46] <DM_ToA> Terres disadv?)
[20:46] <DM_ToA> (one blast hits)
[20:46] <Terres> (i have disadvantage? what did i miss)
[20:47] <Terres> 1d10+3+1d6
[20:47] <TolBot> Terres's 1d10(?)+3+1d6(6)]: 18
[20:47] <Ash→ (He was asking if you were casting that with disadvantage, since you rolled twice)
[20:47] <Terres> (no its 2 bolts 12 force and 6 necrotic dmg)
[20:48] <DM_ToA> (no, with hex you can pick an ability, and the target gets disad on saving throws for that ability)
[20:48] <Terres> (on wisdom)
[20:48] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[20:49] <DM_ToA> One creature gets impaled with one blast and hte other hits the ground in front of it.
[20:49] <DM_ToA> (Stol)
[20:49] * @Stolwasp flies to attack.
[20:50] <@Stolwasp> 1d20+5 stinger attack
[20:50] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+5 'stinger attack']: 25 (Fabulous)
[20:50] <@Stolwasp> (ooooh)
[20:50] <DM_ToA> (what?)
[20:50] <@Stolwasp> ( ^^^ )
[20:50] <Miri> (nat 20)
[20:50] <DM_ToA> (creature one or two?)
[20:51] <@Stolwasp> (one closest to me)
[20:51] <@Stolwasp> (02)
[20:51] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[20:51] <DM_ToA> (roll damage)
[20:52] <@Stolwasp> 2d6+2 piercing
[20:52] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 2d6(??)+2 'piercing']: 13
[20:52] <@Stolwasp> 3d6 poison Save Con DC11 for half
[20:52] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 3d6(???) 'poison Save Con DC11 for half']: 11
[20:52] <DM_ToA> Finding a natural crease in the skin – the tiny wasp manages to lance a sensitive part of the flesh…against all odds and reason.
[20:53] <DM_ToA> (Kayalia)
[20:53] <@Stolwasp> (should�ve been +1, so 25 damage total)
[20:53] <DM_ToA> (Immune to poison)
[20:53] * @Stolwasp then calls for his beasts to attack in kind.
[20:53] <@Stolwasp> (just 14 dam then)
[20:54] <Kayalia> (dang can I clas change into wasp?)
[20:54] <@Stolwasp> 4#1d20+4 stingers
[20:54] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 21
[20:54] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 15
[20:54] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 20
[20:54] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 6
[20:54] <DM_ToA> (only with a spell)
[20:54] <@Stolwasp> (same one if still alive)
[20:54] <DM_ToA> (2 hits)
[20:54] <@Stolwasp> 2#1d6+2 piercing
[20:54] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d6(?)+2 'piercing']: 8
[20:54] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d6(?)+2 'piercing']: 3
[20:54] <@Stolwasp> (another 11)
[20:55] <DM_ToA> The creature thrashes…in your heads, you all hear what sounds like a warbling tea kettle.
[20:55] <DM_ToA> (Kayalia)
[20:55] <Kayalia> (I dunno…)
[20:56] * Kayalia attacks the wasp.. I guess.
[20:56] <Kayalia> 1d20+8 adv
[20:56] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(10, 6)+8 'adv']: 18
[20:56] <Kayalia> (err not wasp)
[20:56] <Kayalia> (fruedian)
[20:56] <Kayalia> (the monster… mezz whatever that is)
[20:56] <DM_ToA> (Interparty conflict! yes!)
[20:56] <DM_ToA> (You hit)
[20:56] <@Stolwasp> (lol)
[20:57] <Terres> (for a sec i was wondering what did Tol do?)
[20:57] <Kayalia> 4d6+5
[20:57] <TolBot> Kayalia's 4d6(????)+5]: 20
[20:57] <@Stolwasp> (hehe)
[20:57] <Ash→ (Tol turned into our greatest fears)
[20:57] <DM_ToA> (1 or 2?)
[20:58] <Kayalia> (2 I guess? it was already being attacked?)
[20:58] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[20:58] <Terres> (he never turned into a koala bear… what are you talking about Ash?)
[20:58] <DM_ToA> Kayalia comes swooping in with a flourish of her metal fan, catching a hunk of flesh.
[20:58] <DM_ToA> (Miri)
[20:58] * Miri rages, runs over and takes two reckless attacks, one against 01 and one against 02.
[20:59] <Miri> 2#1d20+7 adv
[20:59] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(6, 6)+7 'adv']: 13
[20:59] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(17, 11)+7 'adv']: 24
[20:59] <DM_ToA> (one miss, one hit)
[20:59] <Miri> 2d6+6 mezz 02, slashing
[20:59] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(??)+6 'mezz 02, slashing']: 15
[20:59] <Miri> 2d5 fire
[20:59] <TolBot> Miri's 2d5(??) 'fire']: 5
[20:59] <Miri> (20 total)
[21:00] <Miri> (and any attacks against miri have adv.)
[21:01] <DM_ToA> The second creature is looking beaten, leaning on its trident to stay upright.
[21:01] <DM_ToA> (Mezz one)
[21:02] <DM_ToA> The relatively unharmed one rushes to Miri and stabs at her…
[21:02] <Miri> (adv)
[21:03] <DM_ToA> 1d20+7 adv
[21:03] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(18, 9)+7 'adv']: 25
[21:03] <Miri> (hits)
[21:03] <DM_ToA> …and swipes at her with a claw…
[21:03] <DM_ToA> 1d20+7 adv
[21:03] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(10, 8)+7 'adv']: 17
[21:03] <Miri> (hits)
[21:03] <DM_ToA> The trident and claws rend through her skin, exposing muscle…
[21:04] <DM_ToA> 2d4+4
[21:04] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 2d4(??)+4]: 12
[21:04] <Miri> (halved to 6)
[21:04] <DM_ToA> 1d8+4
[21:04] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d8(?)+4]: 5
[21:04] <Miri> (halved to 3?)
[21:04] <DM_ToA> (halved to 2)
[21:04] <Miri> (oh, ok)
[21:04] <DM_ToA> (fractions round down)
[21:04] <DM_ToA> Ash and Mezz 2)
[21:04] <Miri> (k)
[21:06] <DM_ToA> The creature disappears with a blink, reappearing some distance away.
[21:06] * Ash- targets the most wounded one with a 'Guiding Bolt'
[21:06] <Ash→ 1d20+6
[21:06] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d20(?)+6]: 21
[21:07] <Ash→ 4d6 radiant & next attack against foe has advantage
[21:07] <TolBot> Ash-'s 4d6(????) 'radiant & next attack against foe has advantage']: 14
[21:07] <DM_ToA> The creature now screeches aloud as the bolt strikes and explodes in red shower of sparks
[21:08] <DM_ToA> (ROUND TWO)
[21:08] <DM_ToA> Terres – brb)
[21:09] * Terres points his finger at the remaing creature and sends 2 more eldrich bolts flying
[21:09] <Terres> 2#1d20+9
[21:09] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 22
[21:09] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 18
[21:09] <Terres> 2#1d10+3+1d6
[21:09] <TolBot> Terres's 1d10(?)+3+1d6(5)]: 13
[21:09] <TolBot> Terres's 1d10(?)+3+1d6(1)]: 11
[21:10] <Terres> (18 force and 6 necrotic)
[21:10] <DM_ToA> (on one?)
[21:10] <Terres> (yep i have bwwn attacking 1)
[21:10] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[21:11] <Terres> (didnt the other just asplode?)
[21:11] <DM_ToA> (no, it's looking haggard though)
[21:13] <DM_ToA> (doing anything else?)
[21:13] <Terres> (yeah i look menencingly and kackle)
[21:13] <DM_ToA> (Stol)
[21:13] <@Stolwasp> (both are still alive?)
[21:14] <DM_ToA> (yes)
[21:14] * @Stolwasp swoops.
[21:14] <@Stolwasp> 1d20+5 sting attack
[21:14] <Terres> (oh do a barrel roll)
[21:14] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+5 'sting attack']: 21
[21:15] <DM_ToA> (one hit)
[21:15] <@Stolwasp> 1d6+3 piercing
[21:15] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d6(?)+3 'piercing']: 7
[21:15] * @Stolwasp �s minions follow suit.
[21:15] <@Stolwasp> (my attack counts at magic, if that matters. shoulda said that last round)
[21:16] <@Stolwasp> 4#1d20+4 stingers
[21:16] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 5 (Ouch!)
[21:16] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 14
[21:16] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 13
[21:16] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 12
[21:16] <DM_ToA> (none hit)
[21:16] <Kayalia> (dang)
[21:16] <DM_ToA> (I know)
[21:17] <Ash→ (Did the one I put advantage on, ever get attacked with advantage?)
[21:17] <Kayalia> (doesn't make me feel confident since I don't get 4 chances, myself..)
[21:17] <Terres> (that one blinked away and i dont think anyone attacked it yet)
[21:18] <Terres> (if i noticed it before i would have split my bolts but too late)
[21:18] <DM_ToA> (not yet)
[21:18] <DM_ToA> (Kayalia)
[21:18] <Kayalia> (you finished it off with guiding bolt yes?)
[21:18] <Ash→ (Apparently no)
[21:19] <DM_ToA> (Its still alive…but it's looking *really rough*
[21:19] <DM_ToA> )
[21:19] * Kayalia @ mezz that is wounded.. pointy-slashy.
[21:19] <Kayalia> 1d20+8 adv due to guiding bolt
[21:19] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(19, 3)+8 'adv due to guiding bolt']: 27
[21:19] <Miri> (did you move to number 2?)
[21:19] <DM_ToA> (that's Mezz 2)
[21:20] <Kayalia> 1d6+5
[21:20] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d6(?)+5]: 6
[21:20] * Kayalia debates sneak attack necessity
[21:20] <Kayalia> 3d6
[21:20] <TolBot> Kayalia's 3d6(???)]: 7
[21:20] <Kayalia> (13 at “rough” one)
[21:21] <Kayalia> (still alive?)
[21:21] <DM_ToA> (It's out of melle range, are you using a ranged attack?)
[21:21] <Kayalia> (oh… how'd it get there?0
[21:21] <DM_ToA> (Teleport)
[21:21] <Kayalia> (I seee…)
[21:22] <Kayalia> (I guess.. retcon then…)
[21:22] <Kayalia> 1d20+8 @ “mezz 2” in melee range
[21:22] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+8 '@ “mezz 2” in melee range']: 28 (Awesome.)
[21:22] <Terres> (its only 30' away, you could run up)
[21:23] <Kayalia> 8d6+5
[21:23] <TolBot> Kayalia's 8d6(????????)+5]: 27
[21:23] <Kayalia> 1d20+7
[21:23] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+7]: 10
[21:23] * Kayalia fan slashes and then misses with a dagger.
[21:24] <DM_ToA> The fan swipes effortlessly through the flesh, opening the neck and provoking a river of black ichor from the wound. The creatures pitches to the side, managing to miss the dagger strike.
[21:25] <Kayalia> (that attack had a max potential of 54 and I do 27… perfectly average if not slightly below average, of course :P)
[21:25] <DM_ToA> (Miri)
[21:25] * Miri will take two reckless attacks at 01.
[21:25] <Miri> 2#1d20+7 adv
[21:25] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(2, 10)+7 'adv']: 17
[21:25] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(13, 4)+7 'adv']: 20
[21:26] <Kayalia> (I'm just glad it wasn't 8 ones instead of just 3…)
[21:26] <DM_ToA> (one hit)
[21:26] <Miri> (the 17 didn't hit? wow)
[21:26] <Miri> 2d6+6 slashing
[21:26] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(??)+6 'slashing']: 13
[21:26] <Kayalia> (right??)
[21:26] <Miri> 2d6 fire
[21:26] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(??) 'fire']: 12
[21:26] <Miri> (25 total)
[21:27] <Kayalia> (Miri's die rolls would put her in the monmopoly jail I tell ya)
[21:27] <DM_ToA> The creature rocks back on his…hauches? It then says some word that makes your blood run cold…and greenish yellow vapor seeps from its skin…
[21:28] <Miri> (good thing we aren't playing monopoly then)
[21:29] <DM_ToA> Miri and Stol, make CON saves, DC 11)
[21:29] <Ash→ (Is that gas spreading?)
[21:29] <DM_ToA> (Yes)
[21:29] <Terres> (looks like mustard)
[21:30] <Miri> 1d20+7 dc11
[21:30] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)+7 'dc11']: 19 (Success)
[21:30] <DM_ToA> (smells like teen spirit)
[21:30] <@Stolwasp> 1d20+2 Con save DC11
[21:30] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+2 'Con save DC11']: 14 (Success)
[21:30] <DM_ToA> 5d8
[21:30] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 5d8(?????)]: 19
[21:30] <Kayalia> (man I am so confused)
[21:30] <Kayalia> (apparently I teleported too)
[21:30] <DM_ToA> (take 9 ppoits of poison damage)
[21:31] <Ash→ (Going to double move to Kayalia and call out for everybody to get over here quickly. I'll then cast Wind Wall before the gas reaches us.)
[21:31] <Miri> (does that halve to 4 for me? since i half damage anyway?)
[21:31] <DM_ToA> (yes)
[21:31] <Kayalia> (I am not sure how I got where I am but it saved me from poison apparently.)
[21:31] <Miri> (thanks)
[21:31] <Ash→ (You attacked #2)
[21:31] <@Stolwasp> (I take 9 poison?)
[21:32] <DM_ToA> (yes)
[21:32] <Kayalia> (maybe it was a slip if I said the wrong #… I attacked the one in melee range)
[21:32] * Terres walks around the room trying to avoid the gas
[21:32] <Kayalia> (I would have suffered an AoO otherwise)
[21:32] <Kayalia> (oh well.. its all a mess anyways)
[21:33] <DM_ToA> (on hte upside, you're not puking)
[21:33] <DM_ToA> The gas seeps through your clothing anf skin…given everything you've gone through here – it's not bad, but you feel that it could have been worse.
[21:33] * Terres looks at the lights
[21:33] <DM_ToA> (Ash)
[21:34] <DM_ToA> (3 on, two off)
[21:34] <@Stolwasp> 1d20+3
[21:34] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+3]: 19
[21:34] <@Stolwasp> (i maintain concentration)
[21:34] <Ash→ (Will ready to cast Wind Wall just before the gas reaches Kaya and I)
[21:34] <Kayalia> (i swear I would be 300% more checked in with these games if we did a lot of the combat dictation over voice chat or something.)
[21:34] <Ash→ (We could use Discord)
[21:34] * Kayalia can do the minor gust thing from her fan
[21:34] <Miri> (i cant' do voice chat)
[21:35] <DM_ToA> (my voice is horrible. Even I can't stand it)
[21:35] <DM_ToA> (is there a range on the wind gust?)
[21:36] <DM_ToA> (never mind)
[21:36] <Kayalia> (my fan is some homebrew thing made by Tol unless it came from some source I don't know, but it seems to mimic the gust spell, just with less finesse [can't do the second and third bullets]
[21:36] <DM_ToA> The gas disperses in great waves as Kayalia waves her fan back and forth.
[21:37] <Terres> -init
[21:38] <Kayalia> (yes… I get 1/3 of a cantrip… thats my personal wep. yay)
[21:38] <DM_ToA> ROUND 3
[21:38] <DM_ToA> (terres)
[21:38] * Terres sends another 2 bolts at the creature
[21:38] <DM_ToA> The creature cackles…then looks confused as the vapor is whisked away.
[21:38] <@Stolwasp> (It�s spell-like ability is standard from DMG)
[21:38] <Terres> 2#1d20+9
[21:38] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 12
[21:38] <DM_ToA> (ok – thanks)
[21:38] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 29 (Way to go!)
[21:39] <DM_ToA> (one hit)
[21:39] <Kayalia> (so that then :P)
[21:39] <Terres> 2d10+3+2d6
[21:39] <TolBot> Terres's 2d10(??)+3+2d6(8)]: 27
[21:39] <Terres> (8 of that is necrotic)
[21:40] <DM_ToA> The bot hits the creature in the chest – blowing out a chunk in it's back the size of a halfling's head. It falls over, bleeding black on the floor.
[21:40] <DM_ToA> One of the red crystals lights up.
[21:41] <Terres> (and i get 12 temp HP)
[21:41] <DM_ToA> There are two remaining…
[21:41] * Miri growls out “last door”
[21:42] <Ash→ “Who needs healing first?”
[21:42] <DM_ToA> (Sorry…one remains)
[21:42] <Miri> (damn i'm gonna end up blowing through all my rages in this room)
[21:43] <Terres> (not if we pick this up)
[21:43] <DM_ToA> The scene on this last door depicts ghouls gnawing on bones.
[21:44] <DM_ToA> (Who's gonna open it?)
[21:45] <Terres> (i vote the wasp)
[21:45] <Ash→ “Ghouls huh, I wonder?”
[21:45] * Miri stomps over and yanks the door open.
[21:45] <Terres> (that lava hole from which those last two came from is closed again?)
[21:47] <DM_ToA> You gaze out across an ancient cemetery, its canted tombstones shrouded in fog. Eerie, hungry shapes move among the graves in the distance
[21:47] <Miri> (nothing pops out?)
[21:47] <DM_ToA> The smell of rotten flesh, bog peat and brackish water pours from the open door.
[21:48] <DM_ToA> (nope, and nothing seems to note you)
[21:48] <Miri> “well this is highly disapointing.” taps her foot and waits.
[21:49] * Terres looks at the scene from behind Miri
[21:49] * Miri puts a hand through the door.
[21:50] <DM_ToA> You feel some resistance, Miri.
[21:50] * Miri pulls her hand back. “what do you think?”
[21:50] <DM_ToA> 1d20+4 adv
[21:50] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(10, 3)+4 'adv']: 14
[21:50] <Kayalia> “Perhaps closing the door?”
[21:50] <DM_ToA> 1d20+4 adv
[21:50] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(14, 11)+4 'adv']: 18
[21:50] <DM_ToA> 1d20+4 adv
[21:50] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(17, 20)+4 'adv']: 24 (Yes!)
[21:50] <DM_ToA> 1d20+4 adv
[21:50] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(13, 10)+4 'adv']: 17
[21:50] <DM_ToA> Terres AC?)
[21:51] <Terres> (14)
[21:51] * Miri closes the door.
[21:52] <Terres> (can i see what whacked me?)
[21:53] <DM_ToA> A half second before electricty slams into you, you see four little glowing lights surrounding you.
[21:53] <DM_ToA> 2d8
[21:53] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 2d8(??)]: 12
[21:53] <DM_ToA> 2d8
[21:53] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 2d8(??)]: 11
[21:53] <DM_ToA> 2d8
[21:53] <DM_ToA> 2d8
[21:53] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 2d8(??)]: 11
[21:54] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 2d8(??)]: 9
[21:54] <DM_ToA> (take that much electrical damage)
[21:54] <DM_ToA> (INIT AGAIN!)
[21:54] <Terres> (so those lights attacked me?)
[21:54] <Miri> 1d20 adv
[21:54] <DM_ToA> (yes – you know them as will-o-wisp)
[21:54] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(16, 9) 'adv']: 16
[21:54] <@Stolwasp> 1d20+2
[21:54] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+2]: 4
[21:54] <Ash→ 1d20
[21:55] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d20(?)]: 15
[21:55] <DM_ToA> 1d20+9
[21:55] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)+9]: 26
[21:55] <Kayalia> 1d20+5 adv
[21:55] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(7, 1)+5 'adv']: 12
[21:55] <Terres> (i will use my reaction after i get damaged)
[21:55] <Terres> 1d20+1 init
[21:55] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+1 'init']: 20
[21:55] <Kayalia> (yay more sub 10 rolls)
[21:56] <DM_ToA> (use your reaction, Terres)
[21:56] * Terres points at a wisp and casts Hellish rebuke
[21:57] <Terres> (dex DC 16 save)
[21:57] <Terres> 10d6
[21:57] <TolBot> Terres's 10d6(??????????)]: 34
[21:57] <Terres> (on save half damage)
[21:57] <DM_ToA> 1d20+9
[21:57] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)+9]: 24
[21:58] <DM_ToA> (1,2,3,4?)
[21:58] <Terres> 1d4
[21:58] <TolBot> Terres's 1d4(?)]: 1
[21:59] <DM_ToA> One of the little lights vibrates as fire pours down on it.
[21:59] <DM_ToA> (ROUND ONE)
[21:59] <DM_ToA> All of the lights blink out.
[22:00] <DM_ToA> (Terres)
[22:01] * Terres looks around wondering where the little jerks went
[22:01] <Terres> (so they jsut went invisible?)
[22:01] <DM_ToA> (looks like it)
[22:02] <Terres> (can i cast the blasts at the location of the one just fried?)
[22:02] <DM_ToA> Sure)
[22:03] <Terres> (disadvantage i take it?)
[22:03] <DM_ToA> (Yes)
[22:03] <Terres> 2#1d20+9 disadvantage
[22:03] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(12, 15)+9 'disadvantage']: 21
[22:03] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(17, 9)+9 'disadvantage']: 18
[22:03] <@Stolwasp> (dang� nice)
[22:04] <DM_ToA> The blasts travel through apparently empty air.
[22:05] * @Stolwasp flies around searching.
[22:05] * Terres curses and continues looking around for the creatures
[22:05] <DM_ToA> (Miri)
[22:05] * Miri ducks out of the way of one of terres's bolts “damn terres what you shooting at?!”
[22:06] * Miri will then just make a single reckless attack with her sword since we are all fighting air now.
[22:06] <Kayalia> (if they are invisible I have blindsight, Harl)
[22:06] <Terres> “You didnt see the little glowing bastards that brzzzzzt me?”
[22:06] <Miri> 1d20+7
[22:06] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)+7]: 10
[22:07] <Miri> “little glowing…” growls as she swings at nothing.
[22:07] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[22:08] <@Stolwasp> (they attacked one of us already?)
[22:08] <Terres> (yep they hit me for 43 dmg)
[22:08] <@Stolwasp> (I thought this kind of creature is invisible until it attacks. It�s not invisible after it attacks)
[22:09] <DM_ToA> (I don't think blindsight works against invisibility)
[22:09] <Kayalia> (it does)
[22:09] <Ash→ (I believe it does)
[22:09] <Kayalia> (
[22:10] <Kayalia> (blindsight is a “special sense” that invisibility refers to)
[22:10] <Miri> (how did you get blindsight? is that a racial trait?)
[22:10] <Kayalia> (I am attuned to a dagger of blindsight)
[22:10] <DM_ToA> (ok – just checked)
[22:10] <Miri> (aaah, sweet)
[22:13] <Terres> (ok i iwll need you to point my fingers for me)
[22:13] * Ash- takes the DODGE action and uses healing word on Terres.
[22:13] <Ash→ (Since I think it's my turn)
[22:13] <DM_ToA> (It is)
[22:13] <Ash→ 1d4+3 healing
[22:13] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d4(?)+3 'healing']: 5
[22:13] <DM_ToA> Kayalia – your turn)
[22:14] <DM_ToA> (thank god its raining here)
[22:14] * Kayalia walks toward the center of the room, eyes closed and relying on her sixth sense to locate the enemy as she walks along that route
[22:15] <Kayalia> (like that)
[22:15] <Terres> (that was 5 hp to me?)
[22:15] <DM_ToA> (yes)
[22:18] <DM_ToA> (Kayalia?)
[22:18] * Kayalia draws her hand crossbow and takes a shot at where she thinks the wisp is. Miri look alive,” Kaya asserts as she takes the shot, not too far past Miri's personage.
[22:19] <DM_ToA> (roll)
[22:19] <Kayalia> 1d20+7
[22:19] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+7]: 10
[22:19] <Kayalia> (of course)
[22:20] <Kayalia> (That's all I've got)
[22:21] <DM_ToA> Miri – you see Kayalia whip out her handcross bow and fires a bolt at you…missing wide, but still…
[22:21] <DM_ToA> (Stol)
[22:22] * @Stolwasp readies an attack when a light becomes visible.
[22:22] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[22:23] <DM_ToA> (ROUND TWO)
[22:23] <@Stolwasp> (same action for me)
[22:23] <Miri> (do you have fairy fire available to you?)
[22:24] <@Stolwasp> (yes, but can�t cast in animal form)
[22:25] <DM_ToA> 1d20+4 adv
[22:25] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(12, 2)+4 'adv']: 16
[22:25] <DM_ToA> 1d20+4 adv
[22:25] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(12, 15)+4 'adv']: 19
[22:25] <DM_ToA> 1d20+4 adv
[22:25] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(14, 1)+4 'adv']: 18
[22:25] <DM_ToA> 1d20+4 adv
[22:25] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(6, 18)+4 'adv']: 22
[22:25] <DM_ToA> 2d8
[22:25] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 2d8(??)]: 10
[22:25] <DM_ToA> 2d8
[22:26] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 2d8(??)]: 13
[22:26] <DM_ToA> 2d8
[22:26] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 2d8(??)]: 14
[22:26] <DM_ToA> 2d8
[22:26] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 2d8(??)]: 3
[22:26] <Miri> (halved to 20?)
[22:26] <DM_ToA> (take that much damage, Miri – halved for being an angry, angry person)
[22:26] <DM_ToA> (yes)
[22:27] <@Stolwasp> (They just attacked Miri?)
[22:27] <DM_ToA> The light wink into being, shocking Miri.
[22:27] <Miri> (yes)
[22:27] <DM_ToA> (Yep)
[22:27] <@Stolwasp> (And no note about that we can see them now?)
[22:27] <DM_ToA> (Anyone who readied an attack gets to go)
[22:27] <@Stolwasp> 1d20+5 sting
[22:27] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+5 'sting']: 16
[22:28] <DM_ToA> (miss)
[22:28] <@Stolwasp> 4#1d20+4 stingers
[22:28] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 11
[22:28] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 14
[22:28] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 15
[22:28] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'stingers']: 6
[22:29] <DM_ToA> (all miss)
[22:31] <DM_ToA> (Anyone else want to pick on hte swamp gas?)
[22:32] <DM_ToA> (Anyone?)
[22:32] <Terres> (dont think anyone had redead actions)
[22:32] <Terres> (other than Stol)
[22:33] <Miri> (and i don't have any retaliation attacks)
[22:33] <DM_ToA> (ok – Ash)
[22:33] * Ash- casts BANE targetting the will-o-wisps
[22:34] <Ash→ (Cha 14 or else -1d4 on all attacks and saves)
[22:34] <DM_ToA> 1d20
[22:34] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)]: 5
[22:34] <DM_ToA> 1d20
[22:34] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)]: 11
[22:34] <DM_ToA> 1d20
[22:34] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)]: 4
[22:34] <DM_ToA> 1d20
[22:34] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)]: 14
[22:34] <Ash→ (Then healing word on Terres again)
[22:34] <Ash→ 1d4+3
[22:34] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d4(?)+3]: 4
[22:35] <DM_ToA> Ash you see the lights on all but 1 wave through various colors…
[22:35] <DM_ToA> Terres get four back)
[22:35] <DM_ToA> (Kayalia)
[22:36] <Miri> (did i get skipped?)
[22:37] <DM_ToA> I apologize – you were skipped.
[22:37] <Miri> (are they still visible?)
[22:37] <DM_ToA> (Yes)
[22:38] * Miri takes two reckless attacks, one at the bottom left one, and one at the one above it.
[22:38] <Miri> 2#1d20+7 adv
[22:38] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(20, 8)+7 'adv']: 27 (Way to go!)
[22:38] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(1, 7)+7 'adv']: 14
[22:38] <Miri> 5d6+6 slashing
[22:38] <TolBot> Miri's 5d6(?????)+6 'slashing']: 23
[22:38] <Miri> 2d6 fire
[22:38] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(??) 'fire']: 5
[22:38] <DM_ToA> (crit on 3, miss on 4)
[22:39] <Miri> (28 total damage)
[22:39] <DM_ToA> T Your blade gutters a little as it cleaves through one…which winks out. The other one weaves out of the way.
[22:40] <DM_ToA> (Kayalia)
[22:41] * Kayalia ties again…
[22:41] * Kayalia uses her war fan this time.
[22:41] <Kayalia> 1d20+8
[22:41] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+8]: 10
[22:41] <Kayalia> (asscdvg. fff I'm done)
[22:41] <DM_ToA> (Stol)
[22:42] * Kayalia stows her hand crossbow so that next turn she can use a dagger too. .
[22:42] <DM_ToA> (Stol)
[22:43] <@Stolwasp> (How many do I see?)
[22:43] <DM_ToA> 3
[22:43] * @Stolwasp attacks closest.
[22:43] <@Stolwasp> 1d20+5 sting
[22:43] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+5 'sting']: 20
[22:43] <DM_ToA> (hit!)
[22:43] <DM_ToA> (1,2,4?)
[22:43] <@Stolwasp> 1d6+3
[22:43] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d6(?)+3]: 6
[22:44] <@Stolwasp> 3d6 poison I�m guessing immune
[22:44] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 3d6(???) 'poison I�m guessing immune']: 8
[22:44] <@Stolwasp> 4#1d20+4 Stingers
[22:44] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'Stingers']: 9
[22:44] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'Stingers']: 13
[22:44] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'Stingers']: 21
[22:44] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+4 'Stingers']: 18
[22:44] <DM_ToA> (You'd guess right)
[22:44] <DM_ToA> (are your conjured wasps considered magical as far as attacks?)
[22:45] <@Stolwasp> (no)
[22:45] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[22:45] <@Stolwasp> (unless there�s an ability� i�ll look)
[22:45] <@Stolwasp> (you can go on)
[22:45] <DM_ToA> (ROUND 3)
[22:46] <DM_ToA> As they wink away, you hear an errie voice… *Naughty*
[22:46] <Terres> (hmm i only got to go in round 1)
[22:46] <DM_ToA> (I'm sorry – did I miss you completely?)
[22:47] <DM_ToA> (Terres)
[22:47] <Terres> (they had surprise round, i reacted, theyn i tried to fire once blind and thats it)
[22:47] <Terres> (are they invisible already?)
[22:48] <DM_ToA> (Yes – I apologize for missing you)
[22:49] <Terres> (its cool, if i dont see them any more i will hold my turn until one pops up)
[22:49] <DM_ToA> (ok – holding action)
[22:49] <DM_ToA> (Miri)
[22:49] * Miri will take two reckless attacks at the spot between her and Kaya.
[22:49] <Miri> 2#1d20+7
[22:49] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)+7]: 18
[22:49] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)+7]: 27 (Way to go!)
[22:50] <Miri> (*waits to get told she just wasted a nat 20)
[22:50] <DM_ToA> Miri's wild swing pays off! A flash of light appears right in between her and Kayalia.
[22:50] <Miri> 5d6+6 slashing
[22:50] <TolBot> Miri's 5d6(?????)+6 'slashing']: 23
[22:50] <Miri> 2d6 fire
[22:50] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(??) 'fire']: 5
[22:50] <Miri> (28 again)
[22:51] <DM_ToA> The light pops out of existence…
[22:51] <DM_ToA> (Ash)
[22:51] <Miri> (is that 2 dead?)
[22:51] <DM_ToA> (yes)
[22:51] <Miri> (woohoo!)
[22:52] <Terres> (me gets excited for seeing one then sighs in disapointment)
[22:52] * Ash- takes the dodge action and waits.
[22:52] <DM_ToA> (Kayalia)
[22:52] <Kayalia> 1d20+8
[22:52] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+8]: 15
[22:52] <DM_ToA> (miss)
[22:53] <Kayalia> (of course)
[22:53] <Kayalia> (carry on.)
[22:53] <DM_ToA> (These things have a high AC)
[22:53] <DM_ToA> (Stol)
[22:53] * @Stolwasp attacks most wounded one.
[22:54] <DM_ToA> (attack with disad)
[22:54] * @Stolwasp commands his swarm to annoy/distract them.
[22:54] <@Stolwasp> (Why do I have disadv?)
[22:54] <DM_ToA> (invisible)
[22:54] <Terres> (they invisible again)
[22:54] * @Stolwasp holds action.
[22:55] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[22:55] <@Stolwasp> (ie. readies action)
[22:55] <DM_ToA> ROUND 4
[22:55] <DM_ToA> (Terres)
[22:56] <Terres> (still holding my attack)
[22:56] <DM_ToA> (let me know if anyone is going to hold an action)
[22:56] <DM_ToA> (or should I assume that everyone is going to hold their action until one pops in?)
[22:57] <Miri> (not me, i have to attack)
[22:57] <DM_ToA> (ok – swing away)
[22:57] * Miri will swing in the air next to stol (box in blue) twice recklesslassly.
[22:57] <Miri> 2#1d20+7
[22:57] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)+7]: 8 (Yikes!)
[22:57] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)+7]: 18
[22:57] <DM_ToA> (if anyone wants to tke an attack, let me know…otherwise, I will assume you;re holdinh your attack.
[22:58] <Miri> (gonna guess 18 didn't hit?)
[22:58] <DM_ToA> Stol – this froth-mouthed lunatic is swinging at you like (for some unknowable reason) she intensely hates you!
[22:58] <DM_ToA> (nope)
[22:58] <Miri> (k)
[22:59] <DM_ToA> (Kayalia?)
[22:59] <Kayalia> (what?)
[22:59] <Kayalia> (just auto-pilot my misses for me please)
[22:59] <Terres> (so Kaya is the only one that can see them but cant hit them?)
[23:00] <DM_ToA> (she can sense them, yes)
[23:00] <Kayalia> (I can “see” them the way a blind samurai does)
[23:00] * Ash- drops concentration on BANE to give Kayalia Guidance
[23:01] <Ash→ (+1d4 to an attack roll of your choice, before the results are declared)
[23:01] <Kayalia> (guidance is for skill checks ain't it?)
[23:01] <DM_ToA> Ash puts his hands on your shoulder and everything seems to sharpen…
[23:01] <Ash→ (Crap it is ability checks. Thought it covered attack rolls too)
[23:01] <DM_ToA> (yes, to an ability check)
[23:02] <DM_ToA> (sorry, I know there is a wizard buff for that)
[23:02] <@Stolwasp> (not ability checks)
[23:02] <DM_ToA> (buff to hit)
[23:02] <Kayalia> (it (ability checks are not attack rolls or saving throws)
[23:02] <@Stolwasp> (ack� no, Guidance is for ability checks.)
[23:02] <Ash→ (My bad)
[23:03] <DM_ToA> (Going to attack, Kayalia You can roll it straight because of blindsense)
[23:03] <Kayalia> (e.g. my bardic jack of all trades gives half proficiency on ability checks, which includes init, but not attack or saves)
[23:03] <Terres> (so i still have that bard inspiration die from the begining?)
[23:03] <Kayalia> (I have been rolling straight Har… I just can't roll over 7)
[23:03] <Kayalia> (no that wore off)
[23:03] * <DM_ToA shrugs
[23:04] <Kayalia> (I think it did)
[23:04] <DM_ToA> (if I'm repeating a rule, it's more for the sake of memorization.)
[23:04] <Kayalia> (10 mins duration)
[23:04] <Kayalia> (maybe its still active?)
[23:04] <DM_ToA> (yes)
[23:04] <Terres> (just roll your attack, maybe tolbot grows a heart)
[23:05] <Kayalia> (I cast it in the first battle and we've had 'out of combat' moments 2-3 times so I assumed too much time has passed)
[23:05] <DM_ToA> (pfft – Tolbot is a stone cold killer of men…which is why Tollers never plays humans)
[23:05] <Kayalia> (where are they? am I in range?)
[23:05] * Ash- instead of casting Guidance will just Help Kayalia with attacks.
[23:05] <DM_ToA> (inspiration is still active)
[23:06] <Kayalia> 1d20+8
[23:06] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+8]: 21
[23:06] <Kayalia> 1d20+7
[23:06] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+7]: 23
[23:06] <Kayalia> (FINALLY)
[23:06] <DM_ToA> (hit! Both times)
[23:06] <Kayalia> 4d6+5
[23:06] <TolBot> Kayalia's 4d6(????)+5]: 12
[23:06] <Kayalia> 1d4
[23:06] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d4(?)]: 1
[23:07] <Kayalia> (whack, whack)
[23:07] <Terres> (not only did tolbot grow a heart, it also grew a new spleen too)
[23:07] <Kayalia> (and it grew three sizes that day)
[23:07] <Ash→ (See you just needed some clerical 'inspiration')
[23:07] * Kayalia accepts the guidance argument in the meta
[23:07] <DM_ToA> Kayalia seems to move at random – until her strikes make the lights appear.
[23:08] <Terres> (we can only hold one attack action right, not the whole turn)
[23:08] <Kayalia> (drew a dagger as part of that attack)
[23:08] <Miri> (right)
[23:08] * Terres yells “There you are you little bastard”
[23:09] <DM_ToA> (right – but everyone can act)
[23:09] * Terres casts two blasts at the thing (as soon as its his turn)
[23:09] <Miri> (*waits to see if she has to roll to not get hit by terres's eldrich blasts lol*)
[23:09] <Terres> 2#1d20+9
[23:09] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 19
[23:09] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 27
[23:09] <Miri> (inspiration, yes?)
[23:09] <DM_ToA> (2 hits)
[23:09] <Miri> (nevermind, not needed lol)
[23:09] <Terres> 2#1d10+3
[23:09] <TolBot> Terres's 1d10(?)+3]: 9
[23:09] <TolBot> Terres's 1d10(?)+3]: 6
[23:10] <DM_ToA> Another one winks out like a gutted flame, the other one holds on bravely.
[23:10] <Miri> (who else had a held action?)
[23:11] <DM_ToA> (Stol, I think)
[23:11] <Terres> (stol me thinks)
[23:11] <@Stolwasp> (me)
[23:11] <@Stolwasp> 1d20+5 stinger
[23:11] <TolBot> [Stolwasp's 1d20(?)+5 'stinger']: 8
[23:11] <DM_ToA> (nope)
[23:11] <@Stolwasp> (Weeee! buzz buzz)
[23:11] <DM_ToA> ROUND FIVE
[23:12] <DM_ToA> *I'll swallow your soul, dancer!*
[23:12] <DM_ToA> …and the lone one disappears.
[23:12] <DM_ToA> (Terres)
[23:13] * Terres fires off two blasts at the spot that last one occupied
[23:13] <Terres> 2#1d20+9
[23:13] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 26
[23:13] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 17
[23:13] <DM_ToA> (disad)
[23:13] <Terres> 2#1d20+9
[23:13] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 14
[23:13] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+9]: 28
[23:13] <DM_ToA> (2 misses)
[23:13] * Terres uses Dark ones luck to change his roll
[23:14] <@Stolwasp> (man, 17 misses?)
[23:14] <DM_ToA> (Yep – AC 19)
[23:14] <@Stolwasp> (blech)
[23:14] <DM_ToA> (Miri)
[23:14] <Terres> (bah you beat me to it)
[23:14] * Miri will take two reckless attacks at where it just was.
[23:14] <Miri> 2#1d20+7
[23:14] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)+7]: 12
[23:14] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)+7]: 20
[23:14] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[23:15] <DM_ToA> Miri swings, screaming to no effect.
[23:15] <DM_ToA> (Ash)
[23:15] * Ash- will aid Kayalia's attacks again. (Thus giving her advantage)
[23:15] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[23:15] <Kayalia> (oh?)
[23:16] <Kayalia> 1d20+8 adv
[23:16] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(13, 3)+8 'adv']: 21
[23:16] <Kayalia> 1d20+7 adv
[23:16] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(11, 15)+7 'adv']: 22
[23:16] <DM_ToA> (hit!)
[23:16] <Miri> (i knew that's where i should have hit!)
[23:16] <Kayalia> 4d6+5
[23:16] <TolBot> Kayalia's 4d6(????)+5]: 16
[23:16] <Kayalia> 1d4
[23:16] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d4(?)]: 1
[23:16] <Terres> (lol i can see now Ash standing behind Kaya, guiding her and sayin” Swing from your hips”…“
[23:16] <DM_ToA> The last light poofs out…
[23:16] <Ash→ (LOL)
[23:16] <Kayalia> (lol)
[23:17] <Miri> (boy was that close, i only had two rounds left on my rage lol)
[23:17] <Ash→ (More like recklessly swinging my mace around where Kayalia is swinging
[23:17] <Kayalia> (probably more like he's jazz handing where he thinks the wisps are to distract them and make them have to dodge him and her at the same time)
[23:18] <DM_ToA> The last light turns on and the bars raise up…and thus ends this session of “Tomb of Annhiliation”! (I gotta go to bed for a 4 hour night, sorry all)

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