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[19:45] <DM_ToA> When we left our group, they had dodged cunning traps for eight of the puzzle cubes needed to help solve the riddle of the restless reborn. Coming to the last temple, they found that the last cube had already been taken with the call 'Come and Claim It' painted on the wall, and a red trail leading down to the complex. Will they follow? Let us find out as we begin this session of “Tomb of
[19:45] <DM_ToA> Annihilation”.
[19:45] * Dylan sighs
[19:45] <DM_ToA> (So do I – the only live sessions I like are with the Sat. group)
[19:46] <May> (whats wrong with voice? I wanna do that!)
[19:46] <Dylan> “Ok, so obviously whoever took the last puzzle piece wants us to follow the train that they left for us. Also it is obvious that they have laid a trap for us. We are going to have to follow the train to wherever we are going, but we also need to make sure that we don't fall for whatever ploy they have for us”
[19:46] <Dylan> “Thoughts?”
[19:46] <Miri> (i don't mind voice over discord, but…i've never played an in person session, so i have no irl experience to compare it to)
[19:46] <May> (Might help since I am deeeaadddd f'ing tired and can't focus on text well)
[19:47] <Dylan> “Also, do we want to rest at this point? And if so for how long?”
[19:47] <Dylan> (Long rest, Short rest?)
[19:47] <DM_ToA> (It's not bad – I did it and still do it…but I have a pressure to perform when I'm live)
[19:47] <Miri> (several of us cant' do voice while we play)
[19:47] <Dylan> (it helps if you change the background color to not white)
[19:47] <May> (I play some irl sessions and they can be fun if people get over any embarassment for doing a character first person or whatev. Doing an accent or something helps.)
[19:47] <DM_ToA> (or several in my case)
[19:48] <Miri> “A rest before “coming and getting” it sounds wise. tho wise doesn't sound like this group.”
[19:48] <@Ash→ “I think scouting out the area may be to our advantage, before charging in.
[19:48] * Dylan looks at Ash
[19:48] <Dylan> “Agreed”
[19:48] <Dylan> “Do you know how much of a a rest you might need?”
[19:48] <DM_ToA> (It's been a day since last long rest)
[19:48] * Dylan looks at Terres as well
[19:48] <May> (did I miss nother session??)
[19:49] <Dylan> (how is everyone doing for spell slots?)
[19:49] <DM_ToA> (May: not that I know of)
[19:49] <Terres> “I could use a rest too”
[19:49] <@Ash→ (I'm full on spells)
[19:49] <May> (Last I remember was some business with people diving into bottomless water)
[19:50] <@Ash→ (That was last session)
[19:50] <Terres> (in regards to voice chat… you guys dont narrate our games in different voices to yourself???)
[19:50] <May> (I dun remember anything about a “come and get it” tag on a walll…)
[19:50] <Dylan> “Ok, let's move away from this area, find somewhere safe and take a short rest. Then follow the trail”
[19:50] <May> (is there anyone actually on voice chat?)
[19:51] * Stolanimus nods at Dylan.
[19:51] <Miri> (no)
[19:51] <Dylan> (I do when I DM in person, if I run the next session i might say things in voice so I can use a cheesy transylvanian accent)
[19:52] <May> (I think I have all of my character resources full)
[19:52] <DM_ToA> (I never know I wanted that until now…)
[19:52] <@Ash→ (There's a few of us on Discord right now)
[19:53] <DM_ToA> (So–tkaing a short or long rest?)
[19:53] <May> (I have ryu's discord… is yours something else?)
[19:53] <Terres> (for example when i narrate Ash he has a slow deliberate voice almost like William Shatner)
[19:53] <Miri> (short rest i guess)
[19:53] <@Ash→ (#Grovewood on Discord)
[19:53] <Dylan> (what time is it in game?)
[19:54] <DM_ToA> (late afternoon)
[19:54] <Miri> (grovewood has it's own discord?)
[19:54] <May> (how do I get to that?)
[19:54] <May> (I need a URL…)
[19:55] <@Ash→ (
[19:56] <@Ash→ “So where are we resting?”
[19:57] <Miri> “there are no safe places, so pick a spot and rest.” shrugs.
[19:57] <Dylan> “Wait”
[19:57] * Terres looks for an abandoned building that is still servicable as a shelter
[19:57] <Dylan> “It's already late afternoon, why don't we scout out the area, then take a short rest and contemplate what we are going to do while we rest.”
[19:58] * May stretches, looking around for any unwelcome visitors while the group is relaxing a bit.
[19:58] <Miri> “if it's late afternoon why not scout and then take a long rest till early morning?”
[19:58] <Dylan> “Agreed”
[19:59] <DM_ToA> (brb – discuss)
[19:59] <@Ash→ “Works for me, I haven't strained myself much today.”
[19:59] <Dylan> “Some of us don't see so great at night, so daylight will be the optimal time to launch whatever operation we want to on whatever is waiting for us on the other side”
[19:59] <Terres> (we have a scout?)
[20:00] <Dylan> (may)
[20:00] <Dylan> (actually dylan can too, the only decidedly unstealthy person afaik is ash)
[20:01] <@Ash→ (True, I'm in platemail)
[20:01] <@Ash→ (PROTECT THE HEALER!!!)
[20:01] <May> “I'm sure everyone is fatigued. Now is as good of a time as any to rest, it wouldn't do to tire everyone out, would it?”
[20:01] <Miri> (xanth has a plus 2 stealth.)
[20:02] <May> (I have +4 stealth.)
[20:02] <Dylan> (dylan is +3 stealth, didn't we get some boots or something which added to stealth?)
[20:03] <May> (not a very stealthy party!)
[20:03] <Dylan> (no monks)
[20:03] <@Ash→ (My stealth is +3 w/ disadvantage)
[20:03] <Terres> (well people seem to be volonteering May to scout it seems:))
[20:03] <Dylan> (dylan will scout too)
[20:03] <May> (if I actually had proficiency in stealth I'd be good at it, lol)
[20:03] <Stolanimus> (I can morph and seriously stealth)
[20:04] * May is now known as Kayalia
[20:04] <Terres> (Stol<insert stealthy critterhere> it is)
[20:04] <@Ash→ “I can also cast a spell to improve people's ability to stealth.”
[20:04] <DM_ToA> (one of you guys should have the stealth armor)
[20:05] <Terres> (dont do armor, always comando)
[20:05] <Dylan> (I think May has it?)
[20:05] <DM_ToA> (mental notes – all the yuan-ti will crotch punt Terres)
[20:06] <Kayalia> (nope)
[20:06] <Miri> (stol has it)
[20:06] <Miri> (that's what my notes say anyway)
[20:06] <Kayalia> Ash that may be a good idea. It wouldn't make sense to not perform efficiently. If you've the energy to use your magic, then I would think it wise to go ahead and do it as well as possible.”
[20:06] <Miri> (also, who all among us does magic? i forget)
[20:07] <Dylan> (ash, stol terres)
[20:07] <Dylan> (and dylan)
[20:07] <Miri> “Before ya'll go, i really should show you something.”
[20:07] * Dylan listens
[20:07] <Kayalia> (I dabble now)
[20:08] * Miri pulls out a red, leather bound book. “I looted this, i think it might be a spell book.”
[20:09] <Terres> (warlock extraordinair reporting, servicing all your eldritch blast needs)
[20:09] * Miri waits for one of the magic users to take it.
[20:10] <Dylan> “terres, that is probably you”
[20:10] * Terres offers to take a look
[20:10] * Stolanimus looks at Miri�s book.
[20:10] <Terres> (when did we get a book and who did you filtch it from?)
[20:10] <Miri> (it's definitely a spell book with readied spells in it)
[20:11] * Stolanimus walks up behind Miri in normal shape, �Some casters can use that.�
[20:11] <Miri> (would have been one of the baddies from last game)
[20:11] <Miri> “all i do is bash things. So i can't use magic, but thought one of you might find it handy.” She shrugs.
[20:12] <Stolanimus> �If we want to rest at length, I can become the shape or on of the cats or rats we see running around the site.�
[20:12] <Miri> (so, stol has the book now? or terres?)
[20:12] <Terres> (i can look at the book unless Stol wants it)
[20:13] <DM_ToA> Terres – you're looking at the book?)
[20:13] <Terres> (yep)
[20:14] <Terres> (so is it one of those make you crazy if you read it books or is it someones grandmams cooking recipes)
[20:16] <Miri> (all i know is it is a spell book with readied spells in it)
[20:16] <Stolanimus> (Stol does not want it)
[20:16] <Miri> (stol already has access to all the spells lol)
[20:16] <Miri> (well all the druid spells)
[20:18] <DM_ToA> (OK – who's doing what?)
[20:19] <Terres> (was gonna look for a not too crumbled down building for shelter)
[20:19] <Miri> (miri will stand guard)
[20:19] <DM_ToA> ok
[20:20] <Terres> 1d20 (+3 perc or +6 survival)
[20:20] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?) '(+3 perc or +6 survival)']: 3
[20:20] <DM_ToA> Miri – roll perception, please)
[20:20] <Dylan> (why don't we have miri, Terres and ash follow at a slower pace, have May Dylan and Stol scout ahead. Double back and rest then discuss what we find)
[20:21] <Dylan> 1d20+4 survival
[20:21] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(?)+4 'survival']: 8
[20:21] <Miri> 1d20
[20:21] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)]: 17
[20:21] * Dylan completely does not know which way to head so he follows the better tracker
[20:21] <Miri> (almost as perceptive as miri gets!)
[20:21] <Dylan> 1d20+4 stealth
[20:21] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(?)+4 'stealth']: 13
[20:21] * Dylan moves decently stealthily
[20:22] <Stolanimus> (I scout best alone. in plain sight. Even if they see the cat or rat or whateer, they don�t care)
[20:23] <Stolanimus> �So, how close are we going to get? Do we want me to scout out their situation while we begin to rest?)
[20:23] <Stolanimus> “
[20:23] <@Ash→ “I say we close about half way, then have you scout it out.”
[20:23] * Kayalia pokes around carefully. Her player actually has no idea where we are.
[20:24] <Dylan> (if you are going to be in rat form, try to look around on the inside of whatever compound they have so we can get a rough idea of what we might have to do if we are looking at some sort of infiltration situation)
[20:24] <DM_ToA> (As I see it, Stol, Miri and Dylan are scouting)
[20:24] * Terres lets the others handle scouting and gets ready for a rest
[20:24] <DM_ToA> (Let me cut off some things here – I am getting way to distracted)
[20:25] <Dylan> (yea Miri and Dylan can look around the outside of what I assume is gonna be their structure they are based from, then Stol the inside)
[20:25] * Miri eyes the serpents “It will be a long time before I no longer see slithering things in my dreams.”
[20:25] <DM_ToA> Terres – roll investigation if you're looking into better place to rest)
[20:25] <Terres> 1d20+3 investigation
[20:25] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+3 'investigation']: 17
[20:26] <DM_ToA> (The temple where you were at isn't bad…creepy…but not bad)
[20:26] * Kayalia looks about the interior of whevever they are to make sure there's no dangers within.
[20:26] <DM_ToA> (Kaylaia – everything looks fine)
[20:26] <DM_ToA> (Stol and the Scoutateers – following the red line out of the temple?)
[20:26] * Stolanimus nods at Ash.
[20:27] <Stolanimus> �Miri and Dyan, you wish to come a bit closer with me?�
[20:28] <Miri> “since when did i get roped into scouting?” She sighs and snuffs out the light of her sword. “lets go.”
[20:28] * Terres finds a corner and plops down
[20:28] <Miri> (so she will keep her sword ready, but unlit for now)
[20:28] * Dylan stands closer
[20:29] * Kayalia eyes Terres.
[20:29] <Dylan> (yes following red line out of temple)
[20:29] <DM_ToA> Those that are scouting – you see the ruins of what looks like the civil center of Omu. Thousands of bats swirl above a great ruin. Behind a 15-foot-high circular wall, you see crumbling arcades, vine-choked statues, empty plazas, and buildings overgrown with banyan roots. Streets that aren�t flooded are choked with rubble.
[20:30] * Stolanimus follows the line stealthily, taking in the vista of the civil center of Omu.
[20:30] <Miri> (did i miss a link to a map?)
[20:30] <Stolanimus> �Is this close enough? Perhaps I should go in, now.”
[20:30] <DM_ToA> (let me get that)
[20:31] <DM_ToA> – big circle in the east is the palace where the scouts are now.
[20:32] <Miri> (thanks)
[20:32] <DM_ToA> As the scouts move quietly ahead, there is an avenue that leads to a central structure. Several snakes crawl about, not heeding the interlopers.
[20:34] * Ash- casually waits behind where he will be less obvious.
[20:34] <Miri> (in the imortal words of indiana jones, why is it always snakes?)
[20:34] <Kayalia> “Heh, well… I guess a little catnap might be okay,” Kaya says as she slinks down against a wall as well.
[20:34] <DM_ToA> Ash – roll stealth at disadvantage because the only thing that has more armor than you is Alphonse)
[20:35] <@Ash→ (I'm not with the stealth group however)
[20:35] <DM_ToA> (oh, sorry)
[20:37] <DM_ToA> (Stol – going in firther?)
[20:38] <Stolanimus> �Ok, wait here while I see what there is to see.�
[20:38] <Miri> “good luck.”
[20:39] * Stolanimus begins to lie down and shape changes into a tiny snake, identical to those you commonly see crawling about.
[20:39] * Stolanimus proceeds towards the walls and inside.
[20:40] <DM_ToA> Most of the visible fauna don't regard you, Stolisnek.
[20:41] <DM_ToA> Ahead of you – on the inner ring on the map I linked you guys – a worked tunnel descends into the earth. Muddy cart-tracks wind back and forth from the entrance.
[20:42] <DM_ToA> 1d20+1 Perception
[20:42] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)+1 'Perception']: 3
[20:42] <DM_ToA> 1d20+1 Perception
[20:42] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)+1 'Perception']: 9
[20:42] <DM_ToA> 1d20+1 Perception
[20:42] <TolBot> <[DM_ToA's 1d20(?)+1 'Perception']: 11
[20:42] <DM_ToA> As you poke about, Tol, three *large* serpents slither by you. They give you a cursory glance and continue on.
[20:43] <Stolanimus> 1d20 Nature
[20:43] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(?) 'Nature']: 18
[20:43] <Terres> (when you say serpents you mean proper sneaks, not snakes with a face called jeff or something)
[20:44] <DM_ToA> (Everyone knows that snakes are named Chad or Becky – not Jeff)
[20:45] <DM_ToA> The three snakes go around a small break in a wall – away from the rest of the group.
[20:47] <Stolanimus> (away from rest of the group, meaning away from the rest of the group of snakes?)
[20:48] <DM_ToA> (Your group)
[20:48] <Stolanimus> (ok)
[20:48] * Stolanimus continues inside, looking for signs of the Yuan-Ti.
[20:49] <Stolanimus> 1d20+7
[20:49] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(?)+7]: 16
[20:49] <DM_ToA> You hear tromping through the ground – about 30 yards away.
[20:50] <Dylan> (who does?)
[20:50] <Miri> (stol does)
[20:51] * Stolanimus moves to the outskirts of the tromping, watching and listening.
[20:52] <DM_ToA> (roll perception or survival – which ever is higher)
[20:52] <Stolanimus> (I just rolled perc)
[20:52] <Stolanimus> 1d20+7
[20:52] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(?)+7]: 18
[20:53] <Stolanimus> (same Wis-based bonus)
[20:53] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[20:54] <Terres> 1d8+2
[20:54] <TolBot> Terres's 1d8(?)+2]: 9
[20:54] <DM_ToA> Stol: Lifting aside the palm fronds, you uncover a narrow, rough-hewn passage descending into the earth. (to the south)
[20:55] <Terres> (that was my lvl 8 HP thing)
[20:56] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[20:56] <DM_ToA> (Stol you have found two ways down into the ruins of this temple.
[20:57] <Dylan> (while they do this lets hash out this plan out of character and then just do that off screen in character)
[20:58] <Stolanimus> (narrow = still large enough for our medium sized party?)
[20:58] <DM_ToA> (Yes)
[20:58] <DM_ToA> (They can walk single file, but yes)
[20:58] <Terres> ( i think he just called us fat)
[20:58] <Stolanimus> ( :) )
[20:58] <DM_ToA> (Just you)
[20:58] * Stolanimus finishes scouting what there is to see, and hear, and then returns.
[20:58] <Terres> (how do you kno…i mean how dare you ser!?)
[20:58] <DM_ToA> (You'll have to butter up the sides, but yes, you can make it through)
[20:59] <Dylan> (as far as I understand the creatures which attacked us and we killed kinda looked humanish? So why don't we have the three human characters Miri Dylan and Kay pose as the purebloods and we can pretend the rest of the part are our prisoners. We can try to lead the prisoners to Rah Nsi directly and see or we can figure something out? Parlay?)
[20:59] <Terres> (and then i fireball everyone)
[21:00] <DM_ToA> (I didn't ask how large the room was…)
[21:04] <Miri> (am i still here?)
[21:05] <@Ash→ (No, you left long ago)
[21:05] <Miri> (good to know :P)
[21:06] <DM_ToA> (So – are you ready?)
[21:06] <Miri> (for?)
[21:06] <Dylan> (also , if you are wondering, yes i still that plan from han and solo in a new hope)
[21:07] <Terres> ( i thought they were going to come back from scouting so we can all take a nap)
[21:07] <@Ash→ “So what did our scouts discover?”
[21:07] <Dylan> (just with a dwarf a tiefling and an elf instead of a wookie)
[21:07] <Kayalia> (uggliest wookies I ever sawed)
[21:07] <Terres> (the oldest trick in the galaxy)
[21:08] <Kayalia> (A trick from a long, long time ago. In that galaxy [which is far away])
[21:08] <Dylan> (are are back with Ash?)
[21:08] <DM_ToA> (Yes – for the sake of simplicty, you're all back to gether)
[21:08] <Dylan> “There appears to be a compound, around which the snake headed guys seem to wander”
[21:09] <Dylan> “I think there are also the non snake headed guys who are able to get in and out of the temple”
[21:09] <Kayalia> “Magnificient work. We're avoiding that area then, yes?”
[21:09] <Stolanimus> (have I returned to report what I found?)
[21:09] <Dylan> “They seem to want us to come at them in some sort of head on way because that is our …style?”
[21:10] <Dylan> “I strongly think they have the last puzzle piece in there”
[21:10] <@Ash→ “I don't suppose you saw where?”
[21:10] * Dylan reaches into his bag and pulls out clothes
[21:10] <Terres> “Maybe we should just waltz in there like we belong or like we own the place”
[21:10] <@Ash→ “That doesn't sound smart.”
[21:10] <Dylan> “Now conveniently, when I liberated the humans of their heads I took their clothes.”
[21:11] <@Ash→ “Oh hey, I know we killed a bunch of your friends, and some of you got away, but we're just walking through here, because we now own this place, so piss off.”
[21:11] <@Ash→ “Yeah I don't think that will work.”
[21:11] <Dylan> “I think we should have the human members try to disguise themselves as the humanish ones and pretend the others are their prisoners and take them prisoners to Yuanti”
[21:12] <Dylan> “I don't think any of them will recognize us. Also we can just use diguises.”
[21:12] <Kayalia> Kaya mutters quietly to herself with head down into her arms crossed atop her knees. “Snake p-people… why lately does everything have to be …,” followed by a defeated sigh.
[21:12] <Dylan> “They have the last puzzle piece”
[21:13] <Dylan> “Our options are either some sort of subterfuge, or trying a head on attack”
[21:13] <Terres> “how many of them were there?”
[21:13] <Dylan> “I mean we could hypothetically try surrendering and talking to them.”
[21:13] <@Ash→ “Sneak in, kill smaller numbers, get what we need, get out.”
[21:13] <Dylan> “Let's be honest, we as a group are terrible at being stealthy”
[21:14] <Kayalia> “If you don't know where they keep it, aren't you just going to prolong your exposure to counter-attack while searching for it?”
[21:14] <Dylan> “No, I think Rah Nsi has it, if we get to it, I think we can get to the puzzle piece.”
[21:15] <Dylan> “The surrendering option could work I think..
[21:15] <Dylan> “Kinda risky”
[21:15] <Terres> (that Ras nsi guy… i dont like the cut of his jib)
[21:15] <@Ash→ “I don't think we would survive the head on approach. We've already had a few close calls already here.”
[21:15] <Miri> “i don't think sneaky is an option. He, they, it, whatever, are waiting for us.”
[21:15] <Dylan> “I agree, I think we should try subterfuge”
[21:16] <@Ash→ “I don't think the surrendering option would work well either, because we would have no weapons, no cubes, and they would know we were here.”
[21:16] <Dylan> “we should probably try to hide the cubes somewhere if we go that route.”
[21:16] <Kayalia> “What of negotiation? Do we hold a stronger hand or not?”
[21:16] <Dylan> “They have numbers, and we don't know what they want”
[21:16] <Stolanimus> (have I returned to report what I found?)
[21:16] <Terres> “Yeah definitely hide the cubes”
[21:17] <Terres> (i am pretty sure we are all already back)
[21:17] <Stolanimus> (ok, never heard from the DM)
[21:17] <Miri> (dm said we were all back together)
[21:17] <Kayalia> “I think its worth understanding more about the other side before trying to oppose them.”
[21:17] <Dylan> “I mean if you think about it both routes are kinda like a surrender. One route is a little bit trickier”
[21:18] <Dylan> “Oooh, also.”
[21:18] * Stolanimus speaks up, �It seems prudent to attempt to avoid their head on attack through the tunnel I found.”
[21:18] <Dylan> “A tunnel? Where does the tunnel go?”
[21:18] * Miri begins to pace, her sword at the ready.
[21:18] <Terres> “Now we are talking “
[21:18] <Stolanimus> It is a narrow, rough-hewn passage coming up into the complex among palm fronds.
[21:19] <Stolanimus> “It is large enough for us to move through single file.�
[21:19] <Kayalia> “Sounds like a good way to get killed single-file.”
[21:20] <@Ash→ “If they know we are there. Did the tunnel look guarded?”
[21:20] <Stolanimus> �No. It was hidden.”
[21:21] <Kayalia> “Do you think there's any chance they purposely left the tunnel unguarded to lure us? How'd you find it? I'd be really suspicious if they led us right to us and then showed us it was unguarded.”
[21:21] <Terres> “That sounds better than a head on attack or surrendering”
[21:21] <Kayalia> (right to it*)
[21:22] <Miri> “There is every chance it is a trick and every chance it is not a trick.”
[21:22] <Dylan> “There's really only one way to find out I suppose. we either take the tunnel or take another option. Unless someone else has another idea”
[21:22] <Dylan> “We have three plans so far, tunnel option, fake prisoner option, and surrender option.”
[21:23] <Stolanimus> �I think it clearly was overlooked.”
[21:25] <Kayalia> “What are you gonna do once you're in the middle of their lair?”
[21:26] <Terres> “FInd their leader hopefully without too many guards that could help him and ask some questions”
[21:28] * Kayalia laughs out loud. “You're going to wander aimlessly in their lair, not knowing where the boss is, or where the cube is, while they surround you and kill you with their overwhelming numbers?
[21:28] <Kayalia> “
[21:28] <Kayalia> “That's suicide!”
[21:28] <@Ash→ “Do you have a proposal that is less suicidal?”
[21:29] * Miri fingers twitch on her sword.
[21:29] <Terres> “Well they did try to capture us alive last time, maybe they had other plans for us”
[21:29] <Kayalia> “Surely going home would certainly be one better option. If not that, calling them out of the lair seems a much better idea.”
[21:30] <Kayalia> “If they're willing to communicate, doing so on our terms would be infinitely more favorable!”
[21:30] <@Ash→ “However we lose the element of surprise.”
[21:31] * Miri walks several yards away, her fingers still twitching.
[21:31] <Stolanimus> �Surprise is good.”
[21:31] <Kayalia> “The element of surprise only works if you have a swift strike planned. If you knew exactly where the cube was, for example, and had an escape route set up. But as it is, you'll lose that element of surprise before you even find what you're looking for. Do you not see that?”
[21:32] <Miri> “agreed” miri snarls under her breath to seemingly no one in particular.
[21:32] <@Ash→ “I do see that, which means we probably need to do more scouting first.”
[21:33] <Kayalia> “If we can learn where the cube is set up and the best way out, then yes, we could raid them, get it, and get out, before they could organize reprisal that would cut off our escape or encircle us, and so on. That's my thoguht on it.”
[21:35] * Miri pauses in her pacing away from the group and tilts her head to the side. “what boon?” sounds less than believing.
[21:35] <Kayalia> “At the very least, as stated before, being there under some pretense other than an invasion could stall our detection long enough for us to reveal some of that. Whether that is posing as one of them, or pretending to be willing to cooperate or negotiate with them, that's soemthing.”
[21:38] * Miri begins to move slightly further off from the group, about 60 feet, before beginning to circle around. She whispers to herself “state exactly what help you would want or this discussion is over.”
[21:38] <@Ash→ “What about creating a distraction to lure some of them away first?”
[21:39] <Terres> “I wish we had captured one of theirs so we can ask them to answer some questions”
[21:39] <@Ash→ “We could try to capture one of them still.”
[21:39] <Kayalia> “That's certainly better than rushing in and hoping most of them are on holiday.”
[21:39] <Terres> (uhmm miri is going cray cray)
[21:39] * Stolanimus glances a Miri.
[21:40] <Dylan> (ack sorry i got distracted by something)
[21:40] <Stolanimus> �The group knows we�re coming. How is it possible to enter under a false pretense?�
[21:41] <Dylan> “I thnk Kay is right about this, I'm not sure just going into a tunnel and hoping we find our way is a good idea.”
[21:42] * Miri pauses once more. (reminding ya'll she is 60 feet from you) “How do i know you aren't full of shit? I don't even know you aren't a halucionation.”
[21:42] <Kayalia> “They know we're here, yes? How much do they kow about us? Do they know our intent for the cubes? Is it different than theirs? Could we not aim to represent ourselves as being of the same ideology? If they need the cubes, then we hold the majority. They'd need to work with us before we handed them over. Kept safe from their sight.”
[21:42] <@Ash→ “Um…“
[21:42] * Kayalia narrows her eyes at Miri.
[21:43] * Ash- turns his attention to Miri.
[21:43] <Terres> (we just se her pacing around in the distance, we dont hear that she is talking to ghost of Omu past)
[21:44] <Kayalia> “Who is Miri talking to?”
[21:44] <Terres> (we dont know she is talking to anyone)
[21:45] <Kayalia> (is she behind a barrier or something?)
[21:45] <Dylan> (ok wow, out of character I am totally lost on what we are discussing)
[21:45] <@Ash→ Miri is losing her shit)
[21:45] <Miri> (miri isn't behind a barrier, but she IS 60 feet away and talking quietly)
[21:46] <Dylan> (you lost me at hallicuination)
[21:46] <Kayalia> (she's whispering? I must of missed the part about it being a whisper.)
[21:46] <Terres> (we are dicussing how are we gonna hlep the DM to kill us, while MIri walked off so we dont hear her talking to someone/something)
[21:46] <Dylan> (oh she's not talking to us?)
[21:46] <Miri> (nope, she is not)
[21:47] <Kayalia> (The most recent line didn't mention whisper so it threw me off. I can tell if someone is talking 60 feet away. I just won't know what they said.)
[21:47] <Miri> (in the last post i didn't specifically say whisper, this is true, but i didn't say she changed the volume of her talking either.)
[21:48] <Dylan> “I think I like Kay's line of thought, maybe we can represent ourselves that our goals are the same. For all we know someone they know or love could be a victim of the death curse that we are trying to break and they might be trying to break it too”
[21:48] <Stolanimus> (if you�re out of earshot, then you shouldn�t post the content of what yo�re saying)
[21:48] <DM_ToA> For most of you – this is peak Miri Some of you – especially those that had visions…this is…troubling.
[21:48] <Kayalia> “Why is Miri all the way over ther epacing? Does she not care even a little for strategy? I Swear, that woman's impulsive streak is dangerous.” <retcon>
[21:48] <Terres> (dont be shy, tell us about the voices you hear)
[21:49] <Stolanimus> (haven�t we already been attacked by, and killed some of these snakepeople?)
[21:49] <Dylan> ( i don't have voices in my head, but I have voices in my pants)
[21:49] <DM_ToA> (That's a different game)
[21:49] <@Ash→ (We have Stol)
[21:49] <Dylan> (the purebloods)
[21:50] <Terres> (yeah 2 or soe temples ago they tried to set up a trap for us and we killed a few for some sweet lewts)
[21:50] <DM_ToA> (Yeah – you've been blazing a bloody trail when it comes to these things. Only Kayalia has some issues)
[21:50] <Dylan> (and the uhmm snakheads)
[21:50] <Miri> (i am responding in here because my character is in full view of the party.)
[21:50] <DM_ToA> (and snake arms)
[21:50] <Stolanimus> �I do not understand thinking we will convince them to side with us, when we�ve been slaughtering them.�
[21:50] <Stolanimus> �And they have been attacking us all along the way.”
[21:50] <Dylan> (the summar of where we are right now is that some of us think we should try some sort of parlay with the group, and the others think we should use the tunnel and sneak in)
[21:50] <Stolanimus> �Kaya, your conception of our approach seems folly.”
[21:51] <Dylan> “I am worried about what we are going to do when we get into the temple, because we don't know where anything is or have really any plans”
[21:52] <Dylan> “Both plans have their strengths and weaknesses”
[21:52] <Kayalia> “They attacked us once. But its not like they knew we'd work with them. I didn't force the issue either, it was just an example of something other than running in with blades high. Sheesh.”
[21:52] <Stolanimus> �Understood, and I will do my best to keep you alive, whatever we decide.�
[21:52] <Dylan> “Also they did try to keep us alive, they gave me a potion and tried to manacle me”
[21:53] <Kayalia> “It sounds like they had the same idea we had; capture one of the other side and interrogate.”
[21:53] <Dylan> “Which seems like the plan of someone trying to capture us, I think they are more afraid of Rah Nsi then they are of us”
[21:54] <Kayalia> “What do we know about Rah Nsi, in all?”
[21:54] <@Ash→ “It does appear that Xanthos' group didn't have as much luck, or that group we encountered when we first arrived here, the one being picked apart by wild dogs.”
[21:54] <Dylan> “Do you want to try doing that? Capturing one of their number and interrogating them? The problem is non of us speaks their language”
[21:54] <Kayalia> “This is true enough…“
[21:55] <Dylan> “I don't suppose that spell book has a spell for speaking languages?”
[21:56] <@Ash→ “I might be able to prepare such a spell.
[21:56] * Terres shows the book to Ash
[21:56] <Kayalia> “I don't particularly understand their motivations. And if we can't even communicate with them, we won't. I do think its worth taking inventory of what we can do. If there's a spell that can help us talk to them, that means the option shouldn't be off the table to question one of them, or negotiate, or something. Or request a truce.”
[21:57] * Ash- looks at the book, but doesn't know what to do with it. (Since I'm guessing it's no clerical spells)
[21:57] <DM_ToA> (nope)
[21:59] <Dylan> (do you have augury yet? :P)
[21:59] <Kayalia> (WOE OR WEAL!)
[21:59] <Kayalia> (Though admittedly this is the perfect time for augury)
[22:00] * Miri mutters to herself once more before she resumes her pacing.
[22:00] <@Ash→ (I can take augury)
[22:00] <Terres> (cant clerics ask their deity for advice? )
[22:00] <Dylan> (augury)
[22:01] <Kayalia> (after you prepare augury… write it down on a scroll! lol)
[22:01] <Kayalia> “Has anyone checked on Miri yet? She's not participating int he discussion. I don't want her to get all hot-headed because she didn't like whatever plan we decide on.”
[22:01] <@Ash→ “I admit I'm not sure what spells I am able to learn, they usually just come to me with quiet reflection. Perhaps if I have a few in mind, something like them will come.”
[22:01] * Terres gets up and goes to find Miri
[22:02] * Miri begins making her way back to the group and all but runs into terres.
[22:02] <Terres> “Couldnt tolerate the planing?”
[22:03] <Terres> (“the planning”)
[22:03] <Terres> “What do you think we should do next?”
[22:03] <Dylan> (ok so where do we stand on our plan?)
[22:03] <Miri> “i do not mind the planning, but some of the sugestions left me wanting to plant my sword in certain people.” she loops her arm around one of terres's and leads him back to the group. “I have information, but i do not know how reliable it is.”
[22:03] <Dylan> (tunnel or parlay?)
[22:04] <Terres> “That sounds intriguing”
[22:04] * Terres looks even shorter walking next to Miri
[22:06] <Miri> “according to my source there here is a hidden path down to the temple. At the base of the trail, there is a lake and boats. There are also four guards, but you can easily bluff them if you're wearing our gear. Or you can go left and find a slave grotto. I am assuming that our gear means the gear of…..” tilts her head, clearly breaking off from what she was saying to talk to someone
[22:06] <Miri> else. “you said our, you belonged to this group?”
[22:06] <Terres> “Who are you talking to?
[22:06] <Terres> “
[22:07] <Dylan> (do I hear this thing miri is saying?)
[22:08] <Kayalia> “Lovely.:
[22:08] <Miri> (yes, i did walk back to the group)
[22:08] * Stolanimus tilts his head.
[22:08] <Kayalia> “Lovely.”
[22:08] <Dylan> “Gear like…“
[22:08] * Dylan holds up the clothes he took from the people who had attacked us
[22:08] <Dylan> “This gear?”
[22:10] * Miri looks to the gear “i'm not sure, but i don't think so?” a pause “no…some sort of mercenary group that was trying to…find fault with our simple kings?” snaps her fingers about “could you be a little more spacific? you want your vessel or don't you? and how am i supposed to get you out of the ring and into the vessel anyway?”
[22:11] <Terres> (soooo who has the spell, detect evil?)
[22:11] * Miri looks back to dylan. “tell that monkey yes, the guards below arent' the smartest.”
[22:11] <Dylan> (i do)
[22:11] <DM_ToA> (HAHAHAHAHAA)
[22:12] <Dylan> “Which monkey?”
[22:12] * Dylan looks around
[22:12] <Miri> “since you asked the question about the gear, i'm assuming you.”
[22:12] * Ash- raises a brow.
[22:12] * Miri huffs “if i find you a vessel you won't be able to talk to me any more right?”
[22:13] <Terres> (so what do i have to roll to try and figure out what is going on)
[22:14] <DM_ToA> (Give me an Investigation or Arcane – which ever is higher)
[22:14] <Terres> 1d20+4
[22:14] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(?)+4]: 14
[22:14] <@Ash→ 1d20+2
[22:14] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d20(?)+2]: 10
[22:14] * Dylan looks at Ash
[22:14] * Miri 's jaw goes slightly slack. “so you when you say vessel… mean a body? hell we've killed tons already.”
[22:14] <Dylan> “I think she's possessed. I don't really know how to do an exorcism..”
[22:14] <Terres> (both are +4 for me)
[22:16] <Terres> “This doesnt look like posession to me, not enough foaming at the mouth and barking”
[22:16] <@Ash→ “Do you think I've ever done one?”
[22:16] <Miri> “Do they have to be devoid of giant stabby holes?”
[22:18] <Stolanimus> �Uh.”
[22:18] <Terres> (so we capture one of the snake things and let this thing take over it)
[22:18] <DM_ToA> (I wish I could watch this as a show)
[22:18] <Miri> (i don't know how i can still type, i'm laughing so much)
[22:18] <Kayalia> Miri is being… more incoherrent than normal, I suppose.”
[22:19] <DM_ToA> (brb)
[22:19] <@Ash→ “No Miri is having a conversation with apparently a voice in her head.”
[22:19] <Miri> “destory someone's will…” her head snaps to kayalia and growls. “at least my first suggestion wasn't to home, and i walked away instead of shoving my giant firey sword down your gullet.”
[22:19] <Terres> “She is talking to someone/thing “
[22:20] <Kayalia> “So… you're a bad person? You want to sacrifice yourself to the snake as pennance, then?”
[22:20] <@Ash→ “And now she's getting mad… not a good combination.”
[22:21] <Miri> “A bad person wuld have done it instead of walking away. If you all don't want to use my information, i'm fine with that.” She turns to ash and holds out her two puzzle pieces “take these please.”
[22:22] <@Ash→ “Um… hold on. Where are you getting this information from?”
[22:22] <Kayalia> “I'm pretty sure good people don't talk about murdering unarmed people over mere words, especially words without fault. Your attitude disgusts me. I'm starting to have difficulty telling you apart from the snake.”
[22:23] <@Ash→ “Everybody just calm down, so we can figure this all out.”
[22:23] * Kayalia leaves the shelter to get away from chaotic-evil murder-hobo-barmaid.
[22:23] <Miri> “the voice in my head.” drops the pieces at ash's feet then turns tin kay. “and i've been disguested with your attitude for months now.” she turns and walks back away from the group.
[22:24] * Ash- looks down at the two pieces then to the two women walking away.
[22:24] <Terres> (well this escalated quickly)
[22:24] <Miri> (*turns to)
[22:24] <@Ash→ “I could never understand women.”
[22:24] * Ash- shakes his head and picks up the two cubes.
[22:25] * Kayalia paces outside the shelter and eyes the jungle tree-line. Uhg.
[22:25] * Miri lights her sword “void it is then.” she whispers to herself and begins heading towards the temple.
[22:26] <Terres> “There goes the surprise”
[22:27] * Dylan watches everything going on
[22:27] <Miri> (*waits paitently for the dm to get back*)
[22:27] <Terres> (can we count this discussion as at least a short break?)
[22:27] <Dylan> “So… that happened.”
[22:27] <@Ash→ “We should stop her.”
[22:28] * Ash- gets up and chases after Miri.
[22:28] <Terres> “Hey Miri come back we cant just wade in there”
[22:29] <Miri> “maybe you can't but i can.” her words are barely understandable as she shakes with thinly controlled rage.
[22:30] * Ash- tries to stop Miri.
[22:30] * Stolanimus joins Ash
[22:30] <Miri> (dm back yet?)
[22:30] <Terres> “cant we at least jsut capture one of them for questioning before we run in”
[22:30] <DM_ToA> (yes – I leave you all alone for a minute…)
[22:31] <Miri> (Stol and ash are trying to stop a pissed off miri….and go)
[22:33] <DM_ToA> You all watch Miri – her sword bursting into flame – stomp off.
[22:33] * Terres gets up and follows the others
[22:34] * Stolanimus casts.
[22:34] * Ash- attempts to interpose himself between Miri and whatever her insane destination is.
[22:34] * Dylan turns to Kay
[22:34] <DM_ToA> Miri – make a WIS save, DC 15
[22:34] <Dylan> “You know, I still have no idea what just happened…“
[22:35] <Miri> 1d20 vs dc15
[22:35] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?) 'vs dc15']: 9 (Fail)
[22:35] <Kayalia> “I have a faint idea.”
[22:35] <DM_ToA> Miri – you feel your muscles lock in place as a coolness washes over you.
[22:36] <Dylan> “It seems like she is possessed”
[22:36] <@Ash→ “Thank you for stopping.”
[22:36] <Miri> (clearification, can i talk at all?)
[22:36] * Ash- says not knowing she was probably just held.
[22:36] <DM_ToA> (No)
[22:36] <Kayalia> “That chick has done little more than push me into traps to spring them for her and mock me for being out of my comfort zone in this jungle. This is just a new low for her.”
[22:36] <Miri> (k)
[22:37] <Terres> “This jungle is fraying all our nerves”
[22:38] <Kayalia> “Yes, every last one of them. I'm nowhere near as indestrucible as she appears to be. Apparently wanting to not die and see my home again means I deserve a knife in my belly.”
[22:38] <Stolanimus> �Tie her up or something, while I�m holding her.”
[22:38] * Ash- looks over Miri's shoulder.
[22:38] <@Ash→ “You're holding her?”
[22:38] * Stolanimus nods, �Yes”
[22:38] * Stolanimus concentrates on the spell.
[22:39] * Dylan nods
[22:39] * Ash- looks back at Miri and a bit of panic sets in.
[22:39] <@Ash→ “Um… I don't have rope.”
[22:39] <Terres> (what is going on)
[22:39] <Dylan> (I think Stol cast hold person)
[22:39] <Stolanimus> Miri was acting possessed, and starting to march off towards the enemies. we�re attempting to stop her)
[22:40] <@Ash→ Miri stormed off, I tried to stop her, Stol actually stopped her with Hold Person, now he wants us to tie her up.)
[22:40] * Ash- tries to disarm “Marshmellow” from Miri.
[22:40] <Dylan> Dylan has rope, you can get it from her, can you hallow?)
[22:40] <Dylan> (him)
[22:40] * Ash- mutters “this is not going to end well, oh it's so not going to end well.”
[22:40] <DM_ToA> Ash – make a STR check at disad because you're trying to take a flaming sword)
[22:41] <Miri> (that she is gripping in a frozen grip, just fyi)
[22:41] <Dylan> (wait… question)
[22:41] <DM_ToA> (Yes, Dylan)
[22:41] <Kayalia> “What more can I truly say…? We need each other to survive here. Or, at least I do. I'm not that strong. I'm not like her. I wish we could be more supportive of each other rather than just taking one-another for granted and acting like its such an imposition to have to talk to or work with the other, you know? Its as if she doesn't care that I might die if we charge headlong in. But I
[22:41] <Kayalia> should be killed for not wanting to die? What sort of cruel choice is that?”
[22:41] <@Ash→ 1d20+1 disadv
[22:41] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d20(1, 3)+1 'disadv']: 2 (Nooooo!)
[22:41] <Stolanimus> (a paralyzed creature automatically fails Str checks)
[22:41] <Stolanimus> (says so in the �Paralyzed� condition description)
[22:41] <Dylan> (doesnt miri have that ring?)
[22:42] <DM_ToA> Ash – you singe yourself as you try to take Marshmallow.
[22:42] <Miri> (yes miri has that ring)
[22:42] <DM_ToA> Ash was making the str check, not Miri)
[22:42] <Miri> (well that sucks….)
[22:42] <Stolanimus> (that should be an opposed STR check)
[22:42] <Dylan> (the anti mind control ring)
[22:43] <Stolanimus> (mind control would be if someone cast a control spell)
[22:43] <Miri> (i do have it but it doesn't stop stuff like this)
[22:44] <Dylan> “You are right, she is a barbarian. I think this goes beyond the norm of her brutishness though”
[22:45] <Terres> “She did say something about getting the voice out of a ring and into a vessel”
[22:45] * Ash- tries to pry Miri's fingers off the blade, while somebody hopefully ties her up, so she doesn't kill him.
[22:45] <Stolanimus> (A disarm maneuver is defended by a STR roll, which a paralyzed person auto-fails)
[22:46] <Kayalia> “This has been going on for quite some time, before we found any rings, you know.”
[22:46] <DM_ToA> (anyone tying her up?)
[22:46] <Dylan> (is paralyze a curse?)
[22:46] <Miri> (has it been a minute yet???)
[22:46] <Dylan> (lemme go see whats going on)
[22:46] * Dylan runs over and find out whats going on and brings rope
[22:46] <DM_ToA> The sword clatters to the ground, going out as it bounces off the ground.
[22:47] <Stolanimus> (I think we�re def getting close to a miute)
[22:47] <@Ash→ “Sorry”
[22:47] <Stolanimus> (I think we�re def getting close to a minute, which will end the spell)
[22:47] <Miri> 1d20
[22:47] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)]: 2
[22:47] <DM_ToA> (No – you're good.)
[22:47] * Ash- withdraws with the sword.
[22:47] <Miri> (so i'm still paralized??)
[22:47] <Dylan> (oh I have the manacles too)
[22:48] <DM_ToA> (Yes, you're still paralyzed for the time being)
[22:48] * Kayalia crosses her arms and stands alone while the others struggle to keep Miri in check. In a hushed tone, she mutters, “Last thing I should do is go over there. She probably will take a swing at me. Feh.”
[22:49] <Miri> (i thought it ended in a minute??)
[22:49] <Dylan> (ok, lets tie up Miri figure out how to deal with her possession and convene next session since it is almost midnight for a lot of you east coasters)
[22:49] <Terres> (it didnt look like posession to me)
[22:50] <@Ash→ (Sounds like a plan)
[22:50] <Kayalia> (I wonder what charm person would do lol)
[22:50] <Dylan> (is one of the items she has cursed?)
[22:50] * Dylan ties up Miri
[22:51] <Terres> (or maybe she is the only sane one and all of us are crazy)
[22:51] <Dylan> (I think here would be a good place to convene)
[22:51] <Stolanimus> (tru dat)
[22:51] <Terres> (before someone gets hurt)
[22:52] * Miri speaks up loudly but in a calm voice once she is tied up, hoping to make sure kay hears her “I try to keep you all from danger. I have put my life on the line and almost died multipule times so you all would take less damage, and yet you think so little of me? And while home may be pleasent for you the very thought of home makes me wish for death, for it would be far kinder than
[22:52] * Miri what my home was.” she then turns to ash. “give me back my sword. i am calm now, i do not even ask to be untied, just give me back my sword.”
[22:53] <Kayalia> (Does Miri have super hearing now?)
[22:53] <Kayalia> (She hears a privatew conversation on the other side of the building?)
[22:53] <@Ash→ “For your present safety, I must decline until we can figure out why you are hearing voices, and can determine if those voices you hear have our best interests in mind or not.”
[22:54] <Miri> (i'm responding to your comment about her being a bad person, not anything you said after that.)
[22:54] <Kayalia> (Doesn't look like it.)
[22:55] <Miri> (don't care what it looks like to you)
[22:55] <Miri> “give me back my sword…please.”
[22:56] <DM_ToA> As Miri pleads, Terres contemplates and the snakes slither – we bring this episode of “Tomb of Annihilation” to a knotty conclusion.

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