Grovewood Saga

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[20:05] <DM_ToA> When last we left our Band of Looters – they had successfully claimed the seventh of the nine puzzle cubes to find for whatever purpose they have. After resting, they have continued on to the next temple in the water.
[20:06] <DM_ToA> The water is two feet deep and slightly brackish.
[20:06] * Magestar is now known as Ash
[20:06] * Ash is now known as Ash-
[20:07] * Tolman is now known as Stolanimus
[20:07] <Miri> “i'm not sure about you all, but a snowy retreat somewhere sounds aweful nice right now.”
[20:08] <@Ash→ “Ugh”
[20:08] <DM_ToA> The humidity isn't that bad…but it's all relative in the end.
[20:09] <May> “I think we can all agree that this land isn't very hospitable in general.”
[20:10] * Stolanimus is now known as Stolstrictor
[20:10] <DM_ToA> The roar of the waterfall echoes off the walls of the caldera around you.
[20:11] <DM_ToA> Stumbling through the water, you come to the shrine…
[20:11] * May looks around the immediate area for the native fauna.
[20:12] <DM_ToA> (Roll perception)
[20:12] <@Ash→ (all of us?)
[20:12] <DM_ToA> (Kayalia)
[20:12] <May> 1d20+6 perception
[20:13] <TolBot> [May's 1d20(?)+6 'perception']: 7 (O the agony.)
[20:13] <May> 9D;0
[20:13] <May> (D:)
[20:13] <DM_ToA> Kayalia looks around, distracted by the floating water lillies…
[20:14] * May more likely starts seeing sticks and other debris in the water and jump-scares thinking its a croc.
[20:14] * Dylan ( has joined #grovewood
[20:15] * @Stolstrictor slithers throught the water, in sentry mode.
[20:15] * Miri glances to kay. “want a piggy back ride?”
[20:16] <DM_ToA> As you come to the other temple…an arrowhead shaped structure sitting squat in the water.
[20:17] * May coughs and feigns confidence. “Ah, no, ah, I wouldn't ask something like that…“
[20:18] * Miri rolls her eyes “you didn't I did ,but whatever.” her fingers twitch slightly around her sword.
[20:18] <@Ash→ “You didn't ask, she offered, because you're being a bit of a chicken.”
[20:20] <DM_ToA> Terres points to the sign that is pressed into the stone: �Nangnang teaches us to serve only ourselves.�
[20:20] * May crosses her arms while trudging through the water pensively. “Hardly.”
[20:20] * May is now known as Kayalia
[20:21] * Miri smirks. “oh goody, more riddles.”
[20:22] <DM_ToA> Monoliths adorned with prancing, frog-like figures rise from the swamp. Beyond, a ruined edifice shaped like an arrowhead squats in the muddy water. Bushes and trees grow from its roof. At the pointed front of the building, steps ascend to a stone door caked in slime.
[20:23] <@Ash→ (Can I identify the slime from a safe distance away from it?)
[20:24] <DM_ToA> (roll nature)
[20:24] * Dylan stares at the shrine
[20:24] * @Stolstrictor moves alongside, offering his large frame as assistance in the water.
[20:25] * Miri makes sure her sword is still lit then just stands there waiting for something to fight.
[20:25] <@Ash→ 1d20+5 nature
[20:25] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d20(?)+5 'nature']: 14
[20:26] * Dylan keeps an eye out for attack, now a bit paranoid since their last close call
[20:26] <DM_ToA> Dylan roll perception)
[20:26] <Dylan> (lemme pull up caracter)
[20:26] <@Ash→ “Well the slime doesn't look dangerous, and actually edible.
[20:27] <Dylan> 1d20+3
[20:27] <Dylan> (?)
[20:27] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(?)+3]: 9
[20:27] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[20:27] <Miri> “doesn't mean i wish to eat slime.”
[20:27] <DM_ToA> The slight waves lap against the stone.
[20:28] <@Ash→ “I only said it was edible, not that it would be delicious.”
[20:28] <Miri> “true, anyways we gonna stand around here or get moving?”
[20:28] <@Ash→ “Let's go.”
[20:29] * Dylan looks around
[20:29] <DM_ToA> Four grungs – one of the looking very austentatious – pop up with bows and arrows.
[20:30] <DM_ToA> (
[20:30] * Kayalia narrows her eyes.
[20:30] * Ash- lets out a sigh.
[20:30] * @Stolstrictor hisses.
[20:31] * Miri looks about. “ok who's laughing?”
[20:33] <Dylan> “I don't suppose anyone speaks that language?”
[20:33] <Miri> “not i”
[20:33] <@Ash→ “Nope”
[20:33] <DM_ToA> You see a smaller looking frog like thing
[20:34] * Kayalia shakes her dagger and scolds it angrilly, before putting it back in her sleeve. “Warn me sooner!”
[20:34] <DM_ToA> it scrambles up to the big frog, pointing to you all.
[20:35] <DM_ToA> “MOKA NI! MOKA NI! AUG HEY WI!”
[20:35] <@Ash→ “Well since they aren't shooting at us yet, I suppose we can try diplomacy.”
[20:35] <Miri> “good luck with that.”
[20:36] <@Ash→ “Yeah, I don't have any spells prepared that can deal with this…except maybe one.”
[20:36] <DM_ToA> (Some of you recognize the little thing…it was going to be sacrificed to the lava a couple of weeks ago.)
[20:37] <Miri> “little dude look familar to anyone else?”
[20:37] <Dylan> (in game?)
[20:37] <@Ash→ “Vaguely, but they all look similar.”
[20:37] <DM_ToA> (Yes)
[20:37] <Dylan> “Maybe?”
[20:37] <Dylan> (so irl that was months ago)
[20:37] <DM_ToA> (Yeah)
[20:37] <Miri> “did we save it?”
[20:38] <DM_ToA> The little one is animatedly pointing to you and either speaking feverently on your behalf…or throwing a tantrum.
[20:39] <@Ash→ “We should figure out how to deal with this language barrier in the future.”
[20:39] <Miri> “i say we deal with it by not being here any longer”
[20:40] <Dylan> “Let's just wait”
[20:41] <Dylan> (actually seriously? nobody has that spell?)
[20:41] <DM_ToA> There is a conversation between the two. The elder frog thing looks at you all, then to the younger…and cuffs him hard once and shouts something. The others slink away…with the pair leaving last.
[20:42] <Dylan> (im guessing this would have been our warlock?)
[20:42] * Miri tilts her head “did what i think just happen?”
[20:42] <DM_ToA> (I don't think that spell covers spoken language)
[20:43] <DM_ToA> The door is ajar.
[20:43] <@Ash→ “I think we just got permission to enter the temple, because that kid thing was a dumb ass”
[20:43] <Miri> (comprehend languages does)
[20:43] <Miri> “I say we get just what we need and get out. best not to provoke them into fighting us.”
[20:44] <DM_ToA> (as you walk in…)
[20:44] <@Ash→ “Agreed”
[20:45] <DM_ToA> Torches shed light over rooms filled of treasure: chests heaped with coins, polished amphorae, strings of pearls, and ornate pieces of armor. Set into the floor in front of another double door is a mosaic depicting a frog-like humanoid beating a leopard that has snakes emerging from its shoulders. Cuneiform inscriptions are woven above and below the combatants.
[20:45] <DM_ToA> (brb – need meds)
[20:45] <Miri> “well this seems like one giant trap after another.”
[20:47] <@Ash→ “It does. It screams to me 'loot it and suffer'!”
[20:47] <Dylan> “Everything here seems like a trap to be honest, it's become a little predictable”
[20:49] <DM_ToA> Terres: The writing is just more of the local superstitions…gods having things stolen…blah, blah, blah.
[20:50] <@Stolstrictor> (That chest belongs to one-eyed-willie)
[20:50] <DM_ToA> You all see the altar, and behind it is a set of doors. Scattered *everywhere* are coins and gems. Gold, silver and even platinum.
[20:50] <@Ash→ (Sloth loves CHUNK)
[20:50] * Dylan goes and looks at the door
[20:51] <@Ash→ “I will admit, if I see diamonds lying around, I would be tempted to snag some.”
[20:51] * Miri begins to carefully pick her way through the gold and other metals to look for the next cube.
[20:51] * Dylan shrugs at Ash
[20:51] <DM_ToA> There is no handle or lock to the door, but there is something carved into it.
[20:51] <Dylan> “Your risk to take”
[20:51] * Kayalia looks over the features of the floor, ceiling, walls, etc, for the common traces of trap-related devices/outlets/etc.
[20:51] * @Stolstrictor coils near the door.
[20:52] <DM_ToA> (Kay – roll investigation)
[20:52] <DM_ToA> Terres looks at the door: �Whoever among you is the richest, bring me your gifts.� “What do you think that means?”
[20:53] <@Ash→ “Well a risk to keep you all alive. There's a spell I figured out that can bring back the recently dead. I believe it requires diamonds.”
[20:53] <Kayalia> 1d20+3 investigation
[20:53] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+3 'investigation']: 12
[20:53] <@Ash→ “I think it means, we need to have the richest one among us present a gift.”
[20:54] * Miri pauses at the door. “what kind of gift?”
[20:54] <Kayalia> (it would seem I won't stop sicking at investigation until I gain another 854 EXP)
[20:55] <Dylan> “I dunno, i'm pretty poor, someone try picking up some of the treasure and offering it to the door?”
[20:56] * Ash- looks around to see if there is a particular clue to what should be offered and/or where.
[20:59] <DM_ToA> You don't see anything else other than carvings of gibberish and the closed doors.
[21:00] <@Ash→ “Well I'm not exactly rich, but I can leave a gift if need be.”
[21:01] * Miri sighs “alright well…” she snuffs out the light of her sword then walks over to Stol and very gently rest her sword on the top of his coils “I'm gonna want that back.” she then turns to ash “I have gifts to give, allow me.” she then turns to the doors to try and open them.
[21:02] <DM_ToA> (roll Strength – raging?)
[21:02] * Miri will rage.
[21:02] <Dylan> (wait)
[21:02] <Miri> 1d20+3 adv
[21:02] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(12, 19)+3 'adv']: 22
[21:02] <Dylan> (er that was meant for quotes)
[21:02] <Dylan> “wait”
[21:02] * @Stolstrictor nods.
[21:02] <@Ash→ Miri waits for no man!)
[21:03] <Dylan> (meh)
[21:03] * Miri growls “what?”
[21:03] * Dylan picks up a decantur and hands it Miri
[21:03] <Dylan> “Offer this to the door while you do that”
[21:04] * Dylan steps back and waits
[21:04] * Miri looks at the decantur then back to dylan “i don't think i offer things to the door do i? Also, i don't think that that will work as it was already here.”
[21:04] <DM_ToA> Dylan – you get the notion that the only reason why you're alive is that Miri doesn't have a plan to kill everyone…
[21:05] <Miri> (yet, you keep forgetting the yet part)
[21:07] <DM_ToA> As Miri stalks towards the door with the decanteur in hand… the door cracks and creaks open with the grindof stone on stone…
[21:07] <DM_ToA> In the middle of this dusty room, a stone cube rests on a pedestal carved and painted to resemble a squat, humanoid frog.
[21:07] <@Ash→ “Wait, that's it? That seemed too easy.”
[21:08] * Dylan shrugs
[21:08] <Dylan> “Grab the cube I guess.”
[21:08] * Miri pauses “wait” turns back, at the door hands Ash the two cubes she currently has then heads back inside.
[21:08] <Miri> (err she has one cube atm)
[21:08] * Ash- holds the cube(s)
[21:09] <DM_ToA> (pick up the cube?)
[21:10] <Miri> (hang on a tick)
[21:10] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[21:11] * Miri puts 10 gp worht of jade stones and trinkets in the decantur, and an aditional 9 gp and then will try to trade the cube and the decantur as quickly as she can.
[21:11] <DM_ToA> (roll DEX – DC 14)
[21:12] <Miri> 1d20 vs dc14
[21:12] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?) 'vs dc14']: 11 (Fail)
[21:12] <Miri> (yeah…)
[21:13] <DM_ToA> As you swap out the decantuer with the cube…the decanter falls to the ground with a loud echoing clatter…
[21:13] <DM_ToA> …and…
[21:13] <DM_ToA> …nothing happens. You have the cube in your hands, Miri.
[21:13] * Miri blinks “can't believe that worked” grabs the cube and runs back out of the chamber. “got it!”
[21:14] <DM_ToA> You hear a very distant roar – like thunder…
[21:14] <@Ash→ “Um”
[21:15] * Ash- rushes for the door, because that seems to be the smart thing to do.
[21:15] * Miri grabs her sword from stol, the other cube she lent ash, and runs like a mother out the temple, cause she's freaked out at how easy that was.
[21:16] <DM_ToA> Everyone comes stumbling out of the temple, splashing into the water. Nothing is behind you…nothing is amiss.
[21:17] <Dylan> (we are at 8 cubes now?)
[21:17] <Miri> (yes)
[21:18] * @Stolstrictor nods at Miri and hisses.
[21:18] * @Stolstrictor takes up the rear slipping into the water.
[21:18] <@Ash→ “So that cube being pulled, and that thunder was eerily well timed.”
[21:19] <DM_ToA> Another roar – seems to be coming from the east on hte other side of the town.
[21:20] * Kayalia glances from person to person as they speak, but otherwise remains aloof.
[21:20] <@Ash→ “So… this seems bad, and I think we should get out of the immediate area before something happens.”
[21:21] * Miri stashes her two cubes on her person and then relights her sword. “agreed.”
[21:22] <DM_ToA> (Where are you heading?)
[21:22] <@Ash→ (Towards the last temple?)
[21:22] <DM_ToA> To your right (east if where you are facing is north) is a huge wall.
[21:23] <DM_ToA> (Do you follow the wall?)
[21:23] <Dylan> (yes)
[21:23] <@Ash→ (Sure)
[21:23] <Miri> (yes)
[21:24] <DM_ToA> As you follow alongside the wall, you see another temple – the last one – and as you walk around the front, you see a streak of red splashed to the side, leading through an opening in the wall.
[21:25] <@Ash→ (How fresh?)
[21:25] <DM_ToA> (still looks wet)
[21:26] * Ash- quietly points out the fresh stain on the wall.
[21:26] * @Stolstrictor moves alongside.
[21:26] * Miri sighs “well that seems worse than the gold temple.”
[21:27] <DM_ToA> A pair of needlelike columns mark the entrance to a walled ruin. In the courtyard beyond, banyan roots envelop a squat building. The stone doors that seal the entrance are carved with images of snarling bears with long, sharp claws.
[21:28] <DM_ToA> As you draw close, you see four dead creatures – studded with arrows and bloated from poison.
[21:29] * Ash- looks around for the source of the attacks.
[21:29] <DM_ToA>
[21:29] <DM_ToA> You see *large* slither tracks.
[21:30] * Kayalia casts her gaze downward to someone's feet to keep march.
[21:30] <DM_ToA> The doors leading into the temple look like they've been blown open with magic.
[21:31] <@Ash→ “Wonder if they are still in there.”
[21:31] <Miri> “it's quite possible.”
[21:32] * Dylan looks around
[21:32] <Dylan> “So.. this doesn't look good”
[21:32] <DM_ToA> As you walk into the chamber, the only way to go is the right. To your left is a wall.
[21:32] * Dylan expects attack
[21:33] * Miri keeps her sword lit and ready as the gorup advances.
[21:33] * @Stolstrictor guards the back.
[21:33] * Ash- hits Miri with Guidance
[21:34] <DM_ToA> The walls of this dark corridor are covered with painted reliefs showing Omuan people hunting, harvesting fruit, planting crops, crafting weapons, feasting, fighting, weaving, and skinning animals. Eight empty torch brackets protrude from the walls under the reliefs.
[21:35] <DM_ToA> Miri – moving forward? if so, roll a Perception with Guidance)
[21:36] <@Ash→ (Guidance may be used before or after a roll is made, but before the results are proclaimed)
[21:36] <@Ash→ (It also lasts a minute, so you don't have to use it immediately)
[21:36] <Miri> 1d20
[21:36] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?)]: 10
[21:37] <Miri> (what's guidance do?)
[21:37] <@Ash→ (Gives you an additional 1d4)
[21:37] <Miri> 1d4
[21:37] <TolBot> Miri's 1d4(?)]: 4
[21:37] <Miri> (so 14 total)
[21:37] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[21:38] <DM_ToA> You walk down the hallway, passing the empty scones…you round the corner and see a door that has been battered and broken…a stone door.
[21:39] * Dylan sighs
[21:40] <Dylan> “Do you think someone got here before us?”
[21:40] <@Ash→ “Yup”
[21:40] <Dylan> “Why would someone else be after these cubes?”
[21:41] <Miri> “i'm more worried that they are still here.”
[21:42] <Miri> “Perhaps the more stealthy of us should take front now?” eyes the broken door before looking to the group.
[21:42] * Kayalia looks from the door to the ruts on the ground from a slithering animal, back and forth…
[21:42] <@Ash→ “To keep us from getting them all.”
[21:43] <DM_ToA> (anyone moving forward, feel free to roll stealth)
[21:45] <Miri> “are we all just gonna stand here then?”
[21:46] <@Ash→ “I'm in plate mail, I don't stealth well anymore.”
[21:46] * Miri sighs “
[21:46] <Miri> (blah, dang enter)
[21:46] <Dylan> “I'm not very stealthy either…“
[21:46] <Miri> “I don't stealth well either.”
[21:47] <Miri> “meatshield it is then i suppose.” and will enter as quietly as she can
[21:47] <Miri> 1d20 stealth
[21:47] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(?) 'stealth']: 6
[21:47] <DM_ToA> As you walk into the chamber at the end of the hall, you see a glorious sun is carved on the ceiling, directly above a pool of still water. The ceiling reflected in the pool doesn�t show a sun carving, but rather a moon carving.
[21:49] * Miri looks to the sun carving then back to the pool. She sheaths her sword and then reaches into the pool to try and feel for the bottom.
[21:49] * @Stolstrictor looks around.
[21:49] <DM_ToA> Miri – you don't feel a bottom.
[21:50] * Miri stands back up. “this is weird.”
[21:52] <@Ash→ “Why?”
[21:53] <Miri> “there is a sun up there, but a moon in the pool”
[21:53] <@Ash→ “That is unusual. Are there any more of those writings with clues lying around?”
[21:53] <Miri> “let me look” will look around for any kind of clues.
[21:54] <DM_ToA> (perception)
[21:54] <DM_ToA> Terres will assit, so roll with advantage)
[21:55] <Miri> 1d20 adv
[21:55] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(9, 12) 'adv']: 12
[21:55] <DM_ToA> You don't see anything else that lends itself to be a clue.
[21:56] <Miri> “no, no other clues”
[21:56] * Kayalia pokes at torch sconces and performs a usual trap sweep.
[21:57] <DM_ToA> (perception)
[21:57] <@Ash→ “Hmm”
[21:58] <Dylan> (sorry im still a bit jet lagged, my brain is operating at like 70%)
[21:58] <DM_ToA> The scones are unremarkable. Small holes carved into the walls.
[21:59] <DM_ToA> (No problem)
[21:59] <Dylan> “uhm”
[22:00] <Kayalia> 1d20+6 percept
[22:00] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+6 'percept']: 16
[22:00] * Miri jumps into the pool and tries to go deeper, trying to find the bottom.
[22:00] <Dylan> “What do you think would happen if we jump in the pool?”
[22:00] * @Stolstrictor follows Miri.
[22:00] * Kayalia joins the others by the pool.
[22:01] <Kayalia> “Is it deep?”
[22:01] <Dylan> “Guess we are gonna find out”
[22:01] * Dylan follows Stol and Miri
[22:01] <DM_ToA> (Yeah! Who wants to live forever!)
[22:02] <Kayalia> “I could try to see how deep it goes with a small magic trick, maybe.”
[22:02] * Miri is already trying to swim for the bottom.
[22:02] <Kayalia> (Whelp.)
[22:03] * Dylan is also underwater following Miri and Stol
[22:03] <Dylan> (somebody with healing had to follow them)
[22:03] <DM_ToA> A full moon is carved on the ceiling here, directly above the pool. The walls are decorated with reliefs of the Omuan people carrying out daily chores.
[22:04] * Ash- watches from the dry side of the pool.
[22:04] <Dylan> (where? underwater?)
[22:04] * Miri gets all but thrown out of the water and blinks as she appears to be in another room. “portal?” she whispers to herself.
[22:05] * Miri draws her sword and lights it as she looks around.
[22:05] <DM_ToA> You all pop out of the water pool on the other side.
[22:05] <@Ash→ (Well not all of us)
[22:06] <DM_ToA> The swordlight shines on people carrying out chores, the flickering flame gives the illusion of movement. As a thousand years ago…the people go about their lives unknowing…
[22:06] * @Stolstrictor zooms past Miri exploring the pool, as a native swimmer.
[22:07] * Dylan investigates the walls of the room looking at the reliefs
[22:07] <Miri> “that was…odd.” will look for a door.
[22:07] <Dylan> “That was… wet”
[22:07] <DM_ToA> Dylan roll perception)
[22:07] <DM_ToA> (sorry, investigsatin)
[22:08] <Dylan> 1d20+1
[22:08] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(?)+1]: 9
[22:08] <Dylan> 1d20+2
[22:08] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(?)+2]: 22 (Yes!)
[22:08] <Dylan> (second was investigation)
[22:08] * Ash- peers into the pool, wondering if they are coming back. Ash then glances over at Kayalia.
[22:08] <DM_ToA> There is a another broken door.
[22:08] <Dylan> (first was perception)
[22:08] <Kayalia> “What are you looking at me for?”
[22:09] <Dylan> (i think i made my investigation check)
[22:09] * Miri heads for the door.
[22:09] <@Ash→ “You're the only here, except the dwarf, and he's not very social.
[22:09] <Miri> (xanthos would resent that if his player was actually here, but atm, since i'm jaegering him he rather resembles it)
[22:10] <Kayalia> “I wonder if they drowned down there?”
[22:11] <DM_ToA> Eight torches illuminate this room. The light washes over a floor mosaic showing two creatures locked in combat: a small bear with sharp claws and a rabbit with a spiral horn on its forehead. In the middle of the room, there are two figures: a robed man stands next to a waist-high pedestal, atop which rests a stone cube. The figure is bald and has one hand on nothing. The other is a yuan-ti
[22:11] <DM_ToA> holding it's hand in a similar manner – as if it reached for something and froze. It takes a moment to realize that the figures are statues.
[22:11] * Dylan points at the relief
[22:11] <Dylan> “Someone is making a key? Is there a key here?”
[22:12] * Dylan pokes the key for emphasis
[22:12] <DM_ToA> A secret door opens up with a groan.
[22:12] <Miri> (am i seeing what the torches illuminate?)
[22:12] * Dylan raises an eyebrow
[22:13] <DM_ToA> (in the pool room)
[22:13] <Miri> (aah ok)
[22:13] <Dylan> “Uhm that was… serendiptous”
[22:13] <DM_ToA> Miri yes)
[22:13] <@Ash→ “That's a possibility they did. It apparently had no bottom that Miri could tell, so maybe they couldn't get back.”
[22:14] * Miri steps back towards the pool room. “there's a bunch of statues in here.”
[22:14] <Kayalia> “That's what I think. Went too far down and couldn't make it back up in time.”
[22:14] <DM_ToA> Across where the yuan-ti stands locked – there is something splashed in red dye…or something else…it looks like writing: THEOREITE, EREVNITIKA
[22:14] <@Ash→ “But all three of them, that seems extreme.”
[22:15] <@Ash→ “Unless there was some sort of water creature in there, like an elemental that plummeled them to death.”
[22:16] <Miri> “where is terres when you need him.” glances to the words before slipping back into the pool room. “find anything in here?”
[22:16] <DM_ToA> (in spite of what I cut-n-pasted – the pedistal is empty. It looks like the robed man and the yuan-ti were touching something when they were zapped.)
[22:16] * Dylan goes through the open door
[22:16] * Kayalia sighs. “I've seen so many new creatures since we arrived in Chult. I wouldn't be surprised if some terror lurked down there.”
[22:16] <DM_ToA> Terres looks at the writing: “Come claim it, heretics.” he looks at Dylan “Nice that this is subtle.”
[22:16] <@Ash→ “Like those death bear things outside.”
[22:17] <@Ash→ (death = dead)
[22:17] * Dylan shrugs
[22:17] <DM_ToA> (and no one is outraged that the teddy bears were ruthlessly slaughtered?)
[22:18] <Kayalia> “I've never seen those before, either, yeah.”
[22:18] <@Ash→ (They were more like Teddy Sloth Bears, which are entirely different)
[22:18] <Miri> (miri is just in lets get this done and over with already mode)
[22:18] <Kayalia> “You think those slimy amphibian pint-sized people were the ones to kill the bears?”
[22:18] * @Stolstrictor follows Miri.
[22:20] <Miri> (sorry missed the bit terres said)
[22:20] <@Ash→ “No, more like those half-snake, half-man things and their snake masters. They seem to be the primary poison users around here.”
[22:20] <Miri> “come claim it? claim what, there is nothing here.”
[22:20] <DM_ToA> Terres looks at the petrified yuan-ti. “I think these creatures killed the bears outside and took the cube. This one,” he points to the statue, “got unlucky.”
[22:21] <Miri> “so what do we do?”
[22:21] <Kayalia> ”…Gross.:
[22:21] <Kayalia> ”…Gross.”
[22:22] <Dylan> “If they have the cube, I guess maybe try and find them and either convince them to give us the cube, work together, or take the cube from them”
[22:22] <@Ash→ “Well they are ugly. I wouldn't call them gross persay, but we can go with that.”
[22:23] <Miri> The fingers around miri's sword twitch. “come and claim it heritics….” ponders for a moment. “you don't think that that one boss thing talked about has it? and what kind of creature can turn others to stone?”
[22:24] <Dylan> “The red in that splattered red trail looks similar to the red in the message here.
[22:24] * Dylan says pointing
[22:25] <Kayalia> “They're all slithery and scaley… eunghhh. I get the shivers just thinking about having to run into a whole group of them.”
[22:25] * @Stolstrictor peers at Kaya.
[22:25] <Miri> (kay isn't in the same place as we are stol)
[22:26] <@Stolstrictor> (strike)
[22:26] <Kayalia> (isn't stol on the other side?)
[22:26] <Miri> (unless i missed her jumping into the pool)
[22:26] <DM_ToA> Kayalia is scale-shaming!)
[22:26] <Kayalia> (^that)
[22:26] <@Ash→ (yup)
[22:26] <Miri> “well, are we sure the cube isn't here?”
[22:26] <@Ash→ Kayalia the dwarf, and I on the starting side of the pool)
[22:28] <Dylan> (ok i am getting lost here, are we in two groups?)
[22:28] <@Ash→ “Well assuming they are dead, that means this side likely has the cube. So let's search this area.”
[22:28] <Miri> (yes)
[22:28] <@Ash→ (Yes)
[22:28] <DM_ToA> (Yes )
[22:29] <Dylan> (so who can i respond to being there? we are in a room with miri stol and terres?)
[22:29] <Miri> (currect)
[22:30] <Miri> (and ash, kay and the xanth are on the other side)
[22:30] <Kayalia> “I looked for traps earlier and didn't find anything. Of course there could still be some that I didn't find. So be careful.”
[22:30] <DM_ToA> Miri Stol, Terres in pedistal room. Kayalia Xanth, Ash in Sun room)
[22:30] * Ash- pokes around
[22:30] * Kayalia begins to look about the room for secret passages, compartments, etc.
[22:30] <DM_ToA> (perception)
[22:30] <@Ash→ 1d20+3
[22:30] <TolBot> Ash-'s 1d20(?)+3]: 11
[22:31] <DM_ToA> (brb)
[22:31] * Miri will look once more on her side just to make sure the cube isn't here.
[22:33] <Kayalia> 1d20+6 percept
[22:33] <Kayalia> 1d20+6
[22:33] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+6 'percept']: 20
[22:33] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(?)+6]: 25
[22:34] <Kayalia> (weird lag)
[22:34] <@Stolstrictor> (i saw it too)
[22:36] <Dylan> (oh so its not just me?)
[22:36] <DM_ToA> (no – I've noticed it, but this is all magic boxes to me)
[22:36] <Dylan> (no ping lag..)
[22:37] * Miri looks to dylan and Stol “so, should we head back?”
[22:37] <Dylan> (ok)
[22:37] <Dylan> (in the room we emerged from a secret door opened when i poked the key?)
[22:37] <Dylan> (did we go through that door?)
[22:37] <DM_ToA> (No)
[22:37] <Miri> (not that i know of.)
[22:38] * Dylan goes through the opened door
[22:38] <DM_ToA> This dark passage is choked with dust and webs. It�s clear that no one has been through here in years.
[22:38] <DM_ToA> You follow it down to a door with three bars locking it shut.
[22:40] <DM_ToA> (map of the shrine:
[22:40] * Kayalia turns up nothing in searching the room.
[22:40] <DM_ToA> (anyone searching the statues?)
[22:41] <Miri> (i was investigating the entire room)
[22:43] * Miri loots the mage.
[22:45] * @Stolstrictor stays with Miri.
[22:46] * Dylan pushes the bars open
[22:46] <DM_ToA> Dylan – the door swings open. You see the door you walked through to enter the temple to your right.
[22:46] * Dylan goes through the door
[22:47] * Dylan follows the hallway
[22:47] * Miri wraps a book up tightly in the leather pouch, trying ot make sure it will stay dry, and slips it away on her person then picks up the rod. “hey this rod has a button on it.”
[22:48] <DM_ToA> (Do you press the button?)
[22:48] <Miri> (yes)
[22:48] * Miri debates for all of two seconds before pressing the button.
[22:48] <DM_ToA> As you press the button, you hear a small pop and the rod freezes in place. You can't budge it from it's place in mid-air.
[22:49] <Miri> “well this could have come in great handy.” presses the button again.
[22:50] <DM_ToA> it comes unaffixed
[22:50] <Miri> (and there is a pedistle in the middle of the statues with seemingly nothing on it, right?)
[22:50] <DM_ToA> (right)
[22:51] <DM_ToA> (and don't forget the message on the wall)
[22:51] * Miri takes out a javelin and brushes just above the pedestal to make sure it is empty. (oh i'm not)
[22:52] <DM_ToA> There is nothing on the pedistal.
[22:52] * Miri looks once more to the writing “terres, you said this said come and get it heritics? or something like that?”
[22:53] * Ash- looks at Kayalia.
[22:53] <@Ash→ “Do you hear talking?”
[22:53] <DM_ToA> “Come and claim it, heretics – but, yes.”
[22:53] <Kayalia> “I haven't heard anything?”
[22:54] * Ash- shrugs
[22:54] * Dylan appears through the door where Ash and the rest are
[22:54] <Dylan> “So, I guess we found a passage
[22:54] <Miri> “then i guess it's time we go back. Also, where is dylan?”
[22:54] <@Ash→ “Bwah!”
[22:54] * Kayalia is thoroughly confused.
[22:55] <DM_ToA> Miri you saw Dylan walk to the room with the pool)
[22:55] * @Stolstrictor nods.
[22:55] * Miri heads back to the pool room. “i guess he headed back.” jumps into the pool.
[22:56] <DM_ToA> Ash – you see Miri plunge up through the pool.
[22:56] <Dylan> (i took the dry route)
[22:57] * Miri lands on her feet “that is still weird.”
[22:57] <DM_ToA> (did everyone get the map of the temple?)
[22:57] <Dylan> (yea)
[22:57] * Ash- takes a step back, surprised again.
[22:58] <Dylan> (so everything is open the pedestal is looted there is writing on the wall i dont remember what is says it matches a trail of red?)
[22:58] <DM_ToA> “Come claim it, heretics.” Terres says absently.
[22:58] <Kayalia> “How'd you come through the doorway?”
[22:59] <Dylan> “Theres a passage which comes around. I guess we need to go and claim the last cube as the writing invites us to”
[22:59] <Miri> “i think it's time we went and found the head serpant thing they've talked about.”
[23:00] <Dylan> “Rah something or another/“
[23:00] <Dylan> (?)
[23:00] <Miri> “yeah, him.”
[23:00] * Dylan agrees
[23:00] <Dylan> “Yes, time to meet Rah whatever is name is”
[23:00] <DM_ToA> …and as the group finds itself walking towards their destiny, we close this episode of “Tomb of Annihilation”! (it's midnight guys, I gotta go to bed)
[23:00] <Dylan> fair enough
[23:00] <Miri> (night harl)
[23:00] <Dylan> no game next week?
[23:01] <Miri> correct.
[23:01] <Dylan> and im at a con the week after
[23:01] <Miri> which con?
[23:01] <DM_ToA> No game next week – Superb Owl show and all that. Week after next, we resume.

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