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[20:08] <DM_ToA> When last we left our intrepid crew – they had mastered Chult's more fiendish fauna in route to the Lost City of Omu. As the heat rose and fell with them evening, our characters have arose with slightly renewed vigor and a sense of purpose…to make it out alive. We turn to the campsite as they rise and tonights session begins.
[20:08] <DM_ToA> (Everyone gets a long rest)
[20:09] <Terres> (back to full everything i recon)
[20:09] <DM_ToA> (Yep)
[20:09] <Ash> (Are you awarding XP for last week tonight?)
[20:10] <+Miri→ (no game last week)
[20:10] <Ash> (Errr, last game then. My sheet says to “Ask about XP”)
[20:11] <DM_ToA> (tell you what – everyone gets 500 XP as a way of apology for me skipping out)
[20:12] <@Ryu> (I'll take mine as cash or money order please)
[20:13] <DM_ToA> (and Miri now has one of the maps of the region)
[20:13] <DM_ToA> (one of the hand-outs – thanks to Ryu)
[20:13] <DM_ToA> (So – what happens now?)
[20:14] <+Miri→ (are we heading back to the port city or forging on ahead?)
[20:14] <Ash> (Last I recall it was the port city, but then two of us felt that “magical pulse”)
[20:15] <+Miri→ (right…so do you want to head towards the magicl pulse instead then?)
[20:15] <Terres> (wasnt the pull heading into similar direction of the place we wanted to get to?)
[20:16] * Tolman ( has joined #grovewood
[20:16] * TolBot ( has joined #grovewood
[20:16] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tolman
[20:16] <DM_ToA> (Howdy)
[20:16] <Terres> (hey Mr T)
[20:16] <@Tolman> (sorry, lost track of time. in-laws are here visiting)
[20:16] * Tolman is now known as Stolanimus
[20:17] <DM_ToA> (You let them know where you are? Brave move…)
[20:17] <+Miri→ (hi tol)
[20:18] <May> (bit of a late start tonight…..)
[20:18] * May is now known as Kayalia
[20:18] <+Miri→ (i thought it was heading in that direction terres buti 'm not sure)
[20:19] <DM_ToA> Dew steams off the leaves and branches as the jungle stirs to wakefulness.
[20:19] <+Miri→ (so what are we gonna do?)
[20:19] <DM_ToA> (“Be lunch” a tabaxi mutters…)
[20:20] * Miri- fills up her water skins from the jug while she waits on the group to get organized.
[20:21] * Stolanimus packs up.
[20:22] * Kayalia waterskins when able as well!
[20:24] * Disconnected
[20:24] * Attempting to rejoin channel #grovewood
[20:25] * Rejoined channel #grovewood
[20:25] * Topic is 'Grovewood - D&D5e Harl's Temple - Current DM: Harlequin-J-Goat- 8:30 PM EST Sundays. - Logs available here:'
[20:25] * Set by Ryu! on Sun Jul 08 17:28:18 2018
[20:24] <Terres> ( i just folow Miri)
[20:24] <+Miri→ Terres Ash What direction was that magical pull?“
[20:25] <DM_ToA> (The river is not that far away to the west)
[20:25] <Ash> (Last I knew we were going back to the city for a new guide, when the magical pull was picked up by me as well to the south, which I thought was also in the direction of the city)
[20:27] * Miri- will start guiding us back towards the port city then.
[20:27] <DM_ToA> (ok – after consulting the map…)
[20:27] * Dylan nods and lists
[20:28] <DM_ToA> Miri – make a Wisdon check, DC 15)
[20:29] <DM_ToA> (What's your pace? Slow Medium Fast?)
[20:29] <+Miri→ 1s20 vs dc15
[20:29] <Ash> (Normal/Medium?)
[20:29] <+Miri→ (ugga)
[20:29] <+Miri→ 1d20 vs dc15
[20:29] <TolBot> Miri-'s 1d20(⑬) 'vs dc15']: 13 (Fail)
[20:29] <+Miri→ (medium)
[20:29] <DM_ToA> (One of the monkeys overhead places a sad trombone sound, then disappears…)
[20:30] <Terres> “Which way are we headed?”
[20:30] <Stolanimus> (hehe)
[20:31] <Stolanimus> “Still to the city?”
[20:31] <DM_ToA> You press into the jungle…coming to the river. It seems shallow enough to ford without difficulty.
[20:31] <+Miri→ “hopefully back to the city. since apperantly we need a guide.”
[20:31] <Terres> (didnt we figure out the map last time?)
[20:32] <Ash> (I figured out how to get us to the river)
[20:37] <+Miri→ “so..are we crossing the river back to the city or what?”
[20:38] * Stolanimus walks alongside Ash “Would you like to carry the magical jug? Perhaps you can learn more about it.”
[20:38] <Terres> “I would rather try to find that soulmonger than go all the way back for a guide”
[20:38] <Ash> “The way I see it we have three options: Back to the city, follow this magic pulse, wander in hopes we find what we are looking for.”
[20:38] <Ash> “I think going to the city, and getting a guide, then perhaps following the magic pulse may be the wise course of action.”
[20:38] <Stolanimus> “Let’s not do the third.”
[20:39] <+Miri→ “Well…are we going to stand around like women all day and do nothing or are we actually gonna cross the river?”
[20:39] <Kayalia> “Uhg… why do jungles have to be so humid?”
[20:41] <Ash> “Like women?”
[20:42] <Terres> (it doesnt matter to me, il just follow the rest when we figure out which way to head)
[20:42] * Miri- bats her eye lashes at ash. “Would you perfer if i had said ladies?” smirks.
[20:43] <Kayalia> “I would.”
[20:44] <Ash> “Well it seems like you are putting yourself down with that statement. I mean you seem to be the most rugged and aggressive one here.”
[20:44] * Kayalia posutures. “Elegance should never go unstated! Anyways, if we're going to the town, let's go. I think its a waste of time, but I don't want to get lost, either. Let's just do it and stop discussing it.”
[20:44] <+Miri→ “hmm fair enough, after all the hardest working people i know of are whores. Ladies however, don't like getting their hands dirty.” She looks to ash and shrugs. “Seems to be my nature any more.”
[20:45] * Stolanimus shrugs.
[20:45] <Ash> “Well then, let's act like barmaids and cross this river of yuck.”
[20:46] <+Miri→ “aaah music to my ears.” turns and starts working her way across the river.
[20:47] * Terres follows making sure to keep up
[20:47] * Ash enters the river as well, ready to bash anything that wants to make a meal out of the group.“
[20:48] <DM_ToA> Crossing the shallow river is easy. The water is sluggish enough to barely cause a ripple. Coming up from the carved river into more greenery, you see a small monkey drop down from the limbs, scrambling for some fruit.
[20:49] * Kayalia begrudgingly wades through the river, totally not afraid of anything jumping out at her or slipping into her boots or anything.
[20:51] * Miri- crosses the river and eyes the monkey, her hand on her sword hilt as she continues on.
[20:51] <DM_ToA> The monkey merrily chews on some discarded fruit, then looks up at the emerging Miri With mouth agape, a piece of fruit drops to the ground before it scatters off.
[20:55] <DM_ToA> The jungle surroundings stir with predators and prey.
[20:56] * Terres keeps his eyes open for psychic monkeys
[20:56] * Miri- keeps one eye on the map to make sure they are making their way in the right direction as she continues forward.
[20:57] <DM_ToA> (Wisdom check, DC 15)
[20:57] <+Miri→ 1d20 vs dc15
[20:57] <TolBot> Miri-'s 1d20(③) 'vs dc15']: 3 (Fail)
[20:57] <+Miri→ (someone may want to take over the map :P)
[20:57] <DM_ToA> (That monkey with the trombpne is mocking you)
[20:57] <Ash> (Waa waa waah)
[20:57] <Kayalia> (Anyone with a high WIS wanna navigate????)
[20:57] <Terres> “Can i take a look?”
[20:58] <Ash> (Sure but I'm not going to meta game.)
[20:58] * Miri- gladly hands terres the map.
[20:58] <Kayalia> (lol)
[20:58] <Terres> 1d20+6 vs dc15
[20:58] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(⑨)+6 'vs dc15']: 15 (Success)
[20:58] <DM_ToA> Terres set the pace [slow medium or fast])
[20:58] <+Miri→ (to be fair, miri offered the map to others the last game, that much i remember)
[20:58] <Terres> (medium)
[21:00] <DM_ToA> (check your PM, Terres)
[21:00] * Terres takes a look at the map and points to the right
[21:00] * Miri- follows terres.
[21:00] <Terres> “We should head this way”
[21:01] * Stolanimus moves behind.
[21:01] <DM_ToA> In the far distance, the mountain range moves closer like stalking cats.
[21:02] <Stolanimus> (Can I roll a survival check to read the map?)
[21:02] <DM_ToA> (Yes…)
[21:02] <Stolanimus> 1d20+7 Survival
[21:02] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(⑬)+7 'Survival']: 20
[21:03] * Terres shows the map to Stolanimus
[21:03] * Stolanimus glances at the map.
[21:05] <Stolanimus> “Yes, this way, and then more east in a couple days.”
[21:05] * Terres continues North glancing at the map every half hour
[21:06] <DM_ToA> (afternoon)
[21:07] <DM_ToA> As you all stumble through the jungle, you stop at a group of corpses – most of them missing heads – gathered around a fallen tree.
[21:08] <Kayalia> “…
[21:08] * Kayalia keeps walking.
[21:08] <Ash> “Thieves”
[21:08] <Dylan> “uhmmm..”
[21:09] <Dylan> “head hunters?”
[21:09] <Terres> “I hope we dont run into any “
[21:09] * Terres takes a look at the scene for any signs of where the headhunters went off
[21:10] <DM_ToA> (Roll Investigation)
[21:10] <Terres> 1d20+3 investigation
[21:10] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(⑨)+3 'investigation']: 12
[21:11] <DM_ToA> (anyone checking the bodies?)
[21:11] * Stolanimus looks over the corpses.
[21:11] <Terres> “It looks like headhunters are heading towards the city too”
[21:11] <DM_ToA> (Roll Investigation)
[21:12] <Stolanimus> 1d20 Investigation
[21:12] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(④) 'Investigation']: 4
[21:12] * Terres takes a look at the corpses too
[21:12] <Terres> 1d20+3
[21:12] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(⑰)+3]: 20
[21:13] <Stolanimus> “Anyone want these two climbing kits?”
[21:13] <+Miri→ “i'll take a climbing kit, couldn't hurt.”
[21:13] * Stolanimus lays the two kits on the ground for anyone.
[21:13] * Miri- takes one of the kits and stows it away.
[21:14] * Dylan takes a kit
[21:14] <Ash> (afk a moment)
[21:15] <Terres> “Those guys were setting up a camp here”
[21:16] <Stolanimus> “Let’s not camp here.”
[21:16] * Stolanimus smiles.
[21:16] * Kayalia paces some distance away, so as to not have to look at the bodies.
[21:16] * Terres nods
[21:17] <Terres> we should try to avoid the headhunters when we continue on
[21:17] <DM_ToA> (Are you going to do anything else?)
[21:17] <+Miri→ “yes, we wouldn't want to loose our heads.” (or worse yet, end up on wonderland :P)
[21:18] <DM_ToA> (Deadman Wonderland?)
[21:18] <+Miri→ (no, i was thinking more red queen's court)
[21:19] <DM_ToA> (Doing anything [dignified] with the corpses or moving on?)
[21:19] <DM_ToA> (You don't want me running an Alice in Wonderland themed game…)
[21:20] <+Miri→ (we're all mad here already anyway :P)
[21:20] <DM_ToA> (I chose ToA because the game shop had no Curse of Strahd)
[21:21] <Terres> “Should we burry them or move on trying not to leave any evidence we were here?”
[21:21] <+Miri→ (that sucks.)
[21:21] <Ash> (Back)
[21:21] <+Miri→ (wb)
[21:21] <+Miri→ “i think we should leave them.”
[21:21] * Stolanimus blinks.
[21:21] <Ash> “Leave them.”
[21:22] <Dylan> “I hate to say it, but it's probably the best idea to leave them”
[21:22] * Terres shrugs “Then lets move on”
[21:23] * Miri- motions for Terres to lead the way.
[21:24] <Terres> (great i always wanted to be the tip of the spear, AKA the first one to get hit)
[21:25] <Terres> (do i need another wis roll?)
[21:26] <DM_ToA> (Yes)
[21:26] <Terres> 1d20+6
[21:26] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(⑬)+6]: 19
[21:27] <Stolanimus> (roll for what?)
[21:27] <DM_ToA> (Roll Wisdom for a map check)
[21:27] <DM_ToA> (In your case, Stol – you can roll Survival)
[21:27] <Stolanimus> 1d20+7 survival
[21:27] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(⑦)+7 'survival']: 14
[21:28] <Terres> (i rolled the 19)
[21:28] <Stolanimus> “Yes, this way.”
[21:29] * Terres keeps an eye out for headhunters
[21:32] <DM_ToA> The jungle seems to not regard you…monkeys swing overhead with impunity.
[21:32] * Ash glares at the monkeys.
[21:33] <DM_ToA> (They don't look like the psychic monkeys that be-deviled you earlier in the week)
[21:34] * Kayalia discreetly walks through the jungle, so as to not look like she's looking for monkeys or anything.
[21:35] <DM_ToA> One of the monkeys comes to a stop on a limb…sniffs…then howls something and takes off in another direction. A few subtle crashes of vines trail it.
[21:35] * Terres tries to see if there is anything here that spooked the monkey
[21:36] <Ash> “That's better.”
[21:36] <DM_ToA> (Leaves, vines, trees, limbs)
[21:36] <DM_ToA> (brb)
[21:42] <DM_ToA> (back)
[21:42] <Dylan> (brb feed cat)
[21:43] <DM_ToA> The sun is now high overhead. If it weren't for the jug and the fresh water is gives you…you know you would have been cooked in your armor.
[21:44] * Ash feels fine.
[21:44] <Dylan> “Hot..”
[21:45] <DM_ToA> The animal life seems to have slowed down with the noon heat.
[21:45] * Miri- takes a sip of her water as they keep going.
[21:47] <DM_ToA> (No wonder there are no random encounters…I'm not using the PC killers! I'm using my game dice!)
[21:47] <+Miri→ (lol)
[21:48] <DM_ToA> You hear some vines creak overhead…
[21:49] * Ash looks up.
[21:49] * Terres looks up
[21:49] * Miri- draws her sword as she looks up.
[21:50] <DM_ToA> You see the young monkey from the river bank. In one paw, it's holding a piece of fruit. It chirps and scrambles down to a close tree.
[21:53] <Terres> “Better then if it was one of his big cousins”
[21:53] <DM_ToA> It chirps one more time, cautiously coming down the tree with one paw extended towards Miri.
[21:54] <Terres> “It lies you!”
[21:54] * Miri- tilts her head and stares at the monkey.
[21:54] <Ash> “A pet, or a trap?”
[21:54] <Terres> (likes even)
[21:55] <DM_ToA> The monkey comes another few steps forward, seemingly offering its food to Miri.
[21:56] <+Miri→ “only one way to find out.” she reached a free hand out and left her palm open, face up.
[21:57] <Terres> (is it a fruit i recognize or something new)
[21:57] <DM_ToA> (It's fruit)
[21:58] <DM_ToA> The monkey skitters over to Miri plops the piece of fruit in your hands and takes off for the safety of the tree.
[21:59] * Miri- takes the fruit and eat it.
[21:59] <DM_ToA> (It tastes like orange skittles and alcohol)
[22:00] <+Miri→ (awesome)
[22:01] <+Miri→ “Well…that was strange. Feel fine tho.” she shrugged. “should we keep going?”
[22:02] <DM_ToA> The monkey scrambles up the tree…chitters something…and runs off through the tree limbs.
[22:02] <Terres> “That was strange”
[22:02] <Ash> “Quite.”
[22:03] <DM_ToA> (evening)
[22:03] <Dylan> “err.. omnwards?”
[22:03] <Dylan> (onwards)
[22:03] <Terres> “We should look for a camping spot”
[22:05] <DM_ToA> As the sun starts down the path…
[22:05] <DM_ToA> (I need everyone's passive perception)
[22:06] <Ash> (12)
[22:06] <Stolanimus> “Indeed”
[22:06] <+Miri→ (10)
[22:06] <Stolanimus> (17)
[22:06] <Kayalia> (13)
[22:07] <Terres> (13)
[22:07] * Kayalia ponders what life would be like with a trained monkey in her caravan troupe for entertaining people at street shows.
[22:08] <Stolanimus> “Hold on.”
[22:08] * Stolanimus stops the caravan from his #2 slot in the marching order.
[22:08] <DM_ToA> (two words: monkey and poo)
[22:08] * Miri- stops.
[22:08] * Stolanimus hunkers down and points ahead, “It looks like cat eyes.“
[22:09] <Dylan> (uh)
[22:09] * Terres stops
[22:09] <DM_ToA> A couple of leaves sway back and forth where Stol is pointing.
[22:10] * Ash looks over in that direction.
[22:10] * Miri- draws her sword again and lights it up.
[22:11] <DM_ToA> There is a warm blast of air from the blade as it lights up. Stoll sees the pupils narrow into slits.
[22:11] <Ash> “I don't see it.”
[22:11] <Stolanimus> “It looks aggressive. Be wary.”
[22:12] <DM_ToA> (luckily, I brought my lazer pointer charm…)
[22:12] * Dylan looks confused
[22:12] <DM_ToA> (you are 50 feet away. The jungle has gone still)
[22:13] * Stolanimus lights a flame off of his finger, illuminating (as a torch).
[22:14] * Kayalia draws and loads crossbow, but isn't entirely certain where to point it.
[22:14] <DM_ToA> (Stol…roll intimidation with advantage DC 12)
[22:15] <Stolanimus> 1d20+1 adv DC12
[22:15] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(19, 16)+1 'adv DC12']: 20 (Success)
[22:16] * Stolanimus whispers, “It looks like it is retreating.“
[22:16] * Stolanimus stands up straight. “I think it was afraid of the fire.”
[22:16] * Stolanimus shrugs.
[22:18] <DM_ToA> Activity resumesas the sun struggles to stay above the horizon for a new more minutes.
[22:19] <DM_ToA> (anyone looking for camping spot, roll Survival)
[22:19] <Terres> 1d20+3 survival
[22:19] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(⑮)+3 'survival']: 18
[22:19] <+Miri→ 1d20+3
[22:19] <TolBot> Miri-'s 1d20(④)+3]: 7
[22:19] <Ash> 1d20+5
[22:19] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(⑦)+5]: 12
[22:20] <Stolanimus> 1d20+7
[22:20] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(⑥)+7]: 13
[22:20] <DM_ToA> Terres finds an Omni Chult, Miri finds an Econolodge, Ash and Stolamimus find a Hotel 6)
[22:21] <+Miri→ (lol)
[22:21] <Ash> (Is it a 5-star Hotel?)
[22:21] <Terres> “This looks like a good spot”
[22:21] <Stolanimus> “I like Terres’s spot“
[22:21] <DM_ToA> (Yes, Omni chain of hotels are amazing.)
[22:22] <Terres> (has wakeup service and everything)
[22:22] * Miri- shrugs and hunkers down. “i'll take first watch.”
[22:22] <DM_ToA> *stayed at one for my first sci-fi convention. five blocks away from the Vikings stadium when they played the Panthers)
[22:23] <DM_ToA> (rolling for first watch)
[22:23] <Stolanimus> (snd)
[22:23] <Stolanimus> (2nd)
[22:23] <+Miri→ (what am i rolling?)
[22:24] <+Miri→ (perception?)
[22:24] <Stolanimus> (no, he’s rolling for 1st watch encoutner possibility)
[22:24] <DM_ToA> Miri as you start your watch – a snake slithers close to you. A big one.
[22:24] <Kayalia> (I'mma go to bed early so I am slept for work tomorrow…)
[22:24] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[22:24] <Terres> (ill take the second watch)
[22:24] <Kayalia> (“early”… still 1 hr past my normal bedtime lol)
[22:24] * Miri- lights her sword and waves it at the snake. “do me a favor and go away.”
[22:24] * Kayalia ( Quit (Quit: nini)
[22:25] <DM_ToA> The snakes stops, hisses something and continues into the jungle.
[22:25] <Stolanimus> ( i called 2nd, but I can do third no prob)
[22:25] <DM_ToA> The rest of your night is uneventful
[22:26] <DM_ToA> (second?)
[22:26] * Miri- wakes up who ever is next and then lays down.
[22:26] <Terres> (i can take 3rd)
[22:26] <Ash> (I'll take something in the middle)
[22:27] <DM_ToA> (Who ever takes the watch give me your passive perception)
[22:27] <Terres> ( 3rd watch 13 perc)
[22:29] <DM_ToA> Middle watch has nothing
[22:30] <DM_ToA> Terres as you take your watch – you hear people crashing through the jungle towards you. It's like they're not even trying to cover their approach.
[22:30] * Terres calls out alarm to the others then looks for where the noise is comming from
[22:31] <DM_ToA> Coming from the east. You can see torches
[22:31] * Terres casts Mage armor on himself and prepares for a fight
[22:33] * Dylan sighs
[22:33] * Miri- yawns and lights her sword as she gets into a defensive stance.
[22:34] <DM_ToA> Into your campsite, you see eight humanoids and four deinonychuses approach.
[22:34] * Ash yawns and sits up stretching until he sees that.
[22:34] <DM_ToA> They're wearing armor and have insignias on their tabards: you all recognize them as belonging to the military order of The Flaming Fist.
[22:35] <Terres> “Who Goes there?”
[22:35] * Miri- steps back as she watches them once she notices the garb they are all wearing.
[22:35] <DM_ToA> “I am Knight Deveros, and this is my company. Who are you?”
[22:36] * Stolanimus prepares to act if necessary.
[22:36] * Ash gets to his feet, and looks at the men warily.
[22:36] <Terres> “Adventurers returning to the city”
[22:37] <DM_ToA> “Who is in charge?”
[22:37] * Terres looks at his companions “Do we have anyone in charge?”
[22:38] <DM_ToA> The knight looks from one person to the other.
[22:38] <Ash> “We act as a group, nobody serves as leader.”
[22:39] <Terres> “What he said”
[22:39] <DM_ToA> “Do you have charters of exploration from Commander Portyr?”
[22:40] <Ash> “We were not made aware from our guide that we required them.”
[22:40] * Terres looks at the others and shrugs
[22:41] <DM_ToA> One of the soldiers sighs loudly. ”(censored) natives. Don't know which hand to wipe with.“
[22:41] <Ash> “Apparently.”
[22:41] <+Miri→ “We aren't natives sir.”
[22:42] <Terres> “Who is Commander Portyr?”
[22:42] <DM_ToA> “At ease, soldier.” The knight snaps. “Since you have no charter, we'll be confiscating your gear. You can replace it at Fort Beluarian nort east of the port. While you're there, you can get proper charters.” He looks over his shoulder. “Men – do your duty.”
[22:43] <Ash> “Sir I would reconsider that action.”
[22:43] * Miri- lights her sword. “you can take my weapon from my cold, dead, hands.”
[22:43] <Terres> “That sounds more like robbery, are you sure you are a knight?”
[22:43] <DM_ToA> The soldiers chuckle to themselves as they start towards the campsite…and this concludes tonight's session of Tomb of Annihilation.

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