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[19:46] <DM_ToA> When last we left our band if intrepid explorers…they had discovered the ruins of a military camp in front of a long neglected temple. Venturing inside, they discovered one difficult challenge after the other. Braving swinging blades, explosions and stone shattering thunder, the explorers have found themselves in front of the door leading to possibly the final chamber of the temple. Will
[19:46] <DM_ToA> they succumb to the Great Crocodile God, or will they emerge into the jungle triumphant? Follow us into the Lost Temple of the Crocodile as tonight's episode begins.
[19:47] <Ash> “This door sucks!”
[19:47] <DM_ToA> (I'm too poor for photography)
[19:47] * Tolman is now known as Stolanimus
[19:48] * Sentagur ( has joined #grovewood
[19:49] * Miri stands very still, rather afraid to move at the moment. “I swear, if one more person touches that door I am taking out my anger on them.” pats a bit at her singed skin.
[19:50] <Sentagur> (hi all, am i late)
[19:50] <Miri> (we just started)
[19:50] <DM_ToA> (Nope, just got started and no one's died yet)
[19:50] * Sentagur is now known as Terres
[19:51] <DM_ToA> (So – what will you do?)
[19:51] * Terres takes a look at the door thinking of all the secrets it hides then at Miri and the promissed ass whoopin
[19:52] <Ash> “I'm tapped out of ideas, let's just break it down?”
[19:52] <Miri> (how tall is the door? and how much of the door is taken up by tiles? and how close are the tiles on the floor to the door?)
[19:53] <Miri> “I will if you want, but I don't know how many of us will die in the process”
[19:54] <DM_ToA> (the door is about 9-10 ft tall, and the tiles on the door and on the floor match as far as position as far as you can tell)
[19:54] <Miri> (so the tiles take up the entire door?)
[19:54] <DM_ToA> (yes)
[19:55] <Miri> (and the tiles on the floor are right infront of the door?)
[19:55] <DM_ToA> (no, there is a little gap where you're standing on)
[19:55] <Miri> (ok)
[19:56] <Stolanimus> (Am I still a spider? can’t remember)
[19:56] <Terres> “So do we give up on the door and go back to search for the soulmonger ?”
[19:57] <DM_ToA> (Yes. Certainly not nightmare fuel. No, sir.)
[19:57] * Miri looks between the door an the floor several times. “Hey Kayalia If i put you on my shoulders do you think yo ucould reach the tile that matches the one i'm standing on?”
[19:58] * Kayalia looks up at the tile…
[19:58] * Stolanimus is now known as Stolachnoid
[19:59] <Kayalia> (I missed the lat session, whats with the tiles?)
[19:59] * @Stolachnoid remains on the ceiling looking down at the others.
[19:59] <Miri> (some of them are lit up, and there are tiles on the door that match the ones on the floor)
[19:59] <DM_ToA> (each tile that's glowing on the floor corresponds to a square on the door)
[20:00] <@Stolachnoid> (and what does the image have again? a crocodile riding piggy back on someone?)
[20:00] <DM_ToA> (yes, Stol)
[20:00] <Miri> (if she got on my shoulders would she reach the cooresponding tile on the door?)
[20:00] <Kayalia> (I heard something about touching the door being bad?)
[20:01] <Miri> (you get blown back if you are wrong, and if you land on the wrong tile you get flamed. no biggy :P)
[20:01] <DM_ToA> (It's not like anyone died…)
[20:02] <Miri> (yet)
[20:02] <Ash> (almost did)
[20:02] <Kayalia> (How do you stand on a door? its like perpendicular to gravity…)
[20:02] <Terres> (yeah but your name is Ash so its like begging to be flamed)
[20:02] <Miri> “If this doesn't work we go…” (you aren't going to stand on the door, you are going to stand on my shoulders)
[20:03] <Miri> (and then touch the tile that matches the tile Miri is standing on)
[20:03] <Kayalia> (k)
[20:04] <Kayalia> “Alright, but if I die, I'll haunt you.”
[20:04] <DM_ToA> (That's the one on the top row of the door right?)
[20:04] * Ash braces himself for another electrical fun show.
[20:04] <Miri> (i guess?)
[20:05] <Miri> “works for me.” Crowches down so that kay can get onto her shoulders.
[20:05] <Miri> (*crouch even)
[20:05] * Kayalia swallows the fear and climbs up deftly. At least if she gets knocked back, she might be able to tumble a safe landing.
[20:06] <DM_ToA> (both of you make Athletics checks, DC 13)
[20:06] <Miri> 1d20+6 vs dc13
[20:06] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(⑱)+6 'vs dc13']: 24 (Success)
[20:07] <Kayalia> (uhh I got like low str is it really astrength based issue here?)
[20:07] <Miri> (looks like a number on a pool ball lol)
[20:08] <DM_ToA> (More of a balancing issue)
[20:08] <Kayalia> (then why not acrobatics or dex save?)
[20:08] <DM_ToA> (because the book calls for Athletics)
[20:08] <Kayalia> (THAT IS… DUMB…. )
[20:09] <Kayalia> 1d20-1 atheleticd
[20:09] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(⑫)-1 'atheleticd']: 11
[20:09] <DM_ToA> (Complain to Hasbro)
[20:10] <DM_ToA> As Kayalia saddles onto Miri's shoulders, Miri lifts up amd the sudden motion pitches Kayalia over to the side.
[20:10] <DM_ToA> (No damage, no traps triggered, just a bruise)
[20:10] <Terres> (but a bruised ego never heals)
[20:10] * Kayalia somehow finds her lacking strength to sabatage her balance.
[20:11] * Miri sighs and manages to recover and just lets Kayalia down. “well crap…fine…lets go before I do attack the door.”
[20:12] * Terres shrugs
[20:12] * Kayalia sighs. “I swear, that never happens. Usually my balance is impeccable. I am a dancer, afterall!”
[20:12] <Miri> (just be happy she doesn't have a hammer or she'd have already attacked the dang thing)
[20:13] <DM_ToA> (That would have been hilarious)
[20:13] <DM_ToA> (Y'all leaving the temple?)
[20:14] <Miri> (well, what else we supposed to do? we can't get passed the door and if we keep trying we will die)
[20:14] <Terres> (looks like its beyond our skill and wit)
[20:14] * Ash glares at the door.
[20:15] * @Stolachnoid moves past the grid and lands on the ground.
[20:15] <Miri> “I still say there's something to a piggy back ride, but it's not gonna work if we cant' even stand up right.”
[20:16] * @Stolachnoid transforms into elven form.
[20:16] * @Stolachnoid bends over, spitting on the ground.
[20:16] * Miri looks to STol. “you ok?”
[20:17] * Terres gets ready tomove out
[20:17] * @Stolachnoid stands up, “Yes. It has been a long time since I was a spider.“
[20:17] <Miri> “If i learn later there was a lot of gold behind this door, i'm going to figure out how to rage for a very long time.”
[20:18] * @Stolachnoid looks at Miri “I agree with you.”
[20:18] <Ash> “I think we all agree with you.”
[20:18] * @Stolachnoid points at the door. “The icon… one riding another’s back. That must be the key to passing the floor and opening the door.“
[20:18] <Miri> “Well, who else wants to try to get on my shoulders then?”
[20:19] * Kayalia looks at the icon to see what it is.
[20:19] <DM_ToA> (It's a stylizied crocodile sitting atop a stylized human's shoulders)
[20:20] * Ash casts a spell upon himself (Enhance Ability - Str) and attempts the shoulder climb.
[20:20] * Dylan ( has joined #grovewood
[20:20] * Miri begins flexing and stretching her fingers.
[20:20] <Kayalia> “Stol, weren't you a cfrocadile earlier?”
[20:20] <Ash> 1d20+1 advantage
[20:20] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(19, 13)+1 'advantage']: 20
[20:20] * Miri crouches once more for Ash to climb up.
[20:20] <Miri> 1d20+6 vs DC13
[20:20] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(⑩)+6 'vs DC13']: 16 (Success)
[20:20] <Kayalia> (crocadile)
[20:20] <Terres> “So one more try and then we go”
[20:21] <Miri> “That's what Ash and I are doing.”
[20:21] <DM_ToA> Miri rises up easily, and Ash manages to maintain his balance. The top two rows are easily in his reach.
[20:21] <@Stolachnoid> “Yes, Kayalia
[20:21] * Ash teeters well upon Miri's shoulders.
[20:21] <@Stolachnoid> (i’m sorry but a difficult DC to ride piggyback is just dumb)
[20:22] <Miri> “press the first one and see what happens. Then we can move to the others?”
[20:22] <Ash> “Your shoulders are a good fit.”
[20:22] <Kayalia> “Its really weird, cause this is basically what happened earlier, at the river, just reversed?”
[20:22] <@Stolachnoid> (DC13 to piggy back is ridonculous)
[20:22] <DM_ToA> (This whole temple set up is dumb, but it's in the game)
[20:22] <@Stolachnoid> (lol)
[20:22] <Ash> (So adjust the game, you have the powah!)
[20:22] <Terres> (just give us the phat lewts)
[20:23] <Kayalia> (Yeah its a shame the book says DMs lose their power to modify things somehere in it…)
[20:23] <DM_ToA> (I've given you guys a hint…and you managed to out-think the wriers on a couple of the traps)
[20:23] <@Stolachnoid> “When I am up higher, I could see that tile glowing.”
[20:23] * @Stolachnoid points.
[20:23] <Miri> (so….back to the messed up game please?)
[20:23] <@Stolachnoid> “Can you see it now, Ash?”
[20:24] <Ash> “Which tile?”
[20:24] * Ash looks for “the tile”
[20:24] * @Stolachnoid points to the tile that was glowing.
[20:24] <DM_ToA> (sure – Ash is on Miri's shoulders. he can see the top two rows on the door, a square on each row is lit corresponding to the tile on the ground.
[20:24] <Kayalia> “Can a crocadile really even ride on person's shoulders? Seems awkward… and you know… scaley…“
[20:25] <@Stolachnoid> (and how tall is the door?)
[20:25] <Miri> (9 feet tall)
[20:25] <DM_ToA> (and itchy…and lord knows where he's been?)
[20:25] * @Stolachnoid nods at Kayalia.
[20:25] * Kayalia shudders at the thought of having to touch something reptillian.
[20:25] <@Stolachnoid> “And the tiles on the door… you could only press them at the same time if one was on another’s shoulders.”
[20:26] <Miri> “Can the peanut gallery shut up so Ash and i can get this done?”
[20:26] * @Stolachnoid nods.
[20:26] * Kayalia shrugs.
[20:26] <Ash> “Ok, brace yourselves, I'm pushing this one now.”
[20:26] <DM_ToA> (which one?)
[20:27] * Ash pushes the one that Stol pointed out.
[20:27] <DM_ToA> (Stol, which one?)
[20:27] <Miri> (*prays really hard it matches the one she's standing on*)
[20:28] <Dylan> (im gonna have to reset the internet brb)
[20:29] * Terres tries to prepare for the inevitable thunderclap
[20:29] <@Stolachnoid> (When I first came up here by myself, you told me that when I went high on the ceiling, I could see a tile glowing.)
[20:30] <@Stolachnoid> (Some things would go better if we were using maps.)
[20:30] <DM_ToA> (you did)
[20:30] <@Stolachnoid> (So, where are Miri-Ash?)
[20:30] <DM_ToA> (Let me see if I can get one for you)
[20:30] * Atreyu ( has joined #grovewood
[20:31] <Ash> (WB)
[20:31] <@Stolachnoid> (Are they in front of the door or still need to cross the tile floor?)
[20:31] <Miri> Ash we need to press them in the order we stepped on them from bottom to top.”
[20:31] <DM_ToA> (They are in front of the door. Everyone is in front of the door)
[20:31] <Ash> “I did that earlier, and it blew up in my face. Do we have to do them top to bottom instead?”
[20:31] <@Stolachnoid> “Then try at the same time.”
[20:32] <Miri> “No, i think we need to press them at the same time from bottom to top”
[20:32] <Ash> (Can we reach the door from all 4 tiles?)
[20:32] * Dylan ( Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
[20:32] <@Stolachnoid> “The whole point of being on shoulders is to be able to press the high ones at the same time.”
[20:33] <Miri> “I'm going to move us into starting possition, you ready?”
[20:33] <Ash> “Yes”
[20:33] * Ash doesn't sound very confident.
[20:33] * @Stolachnoid casts his Assist cantrip on everyone.
[20:34] * Miri has ash grab her hands for balance and then moves very slowly to the first, bottom, tile.
[20:34] * Ash presses the matching first bottom tile on the door.
[20:34] * @Stolachnoid winces.
[20:35] <DM_ToA> The tile slides in and clicks. nothing happens
[20:35] <Ash> “I think this is going to work.”
[20:35] <@Stolachnoid> “Press them all at the same time.”
[20:35] * Ash lets out a gasp
[20:35] <Miri> “ok….next corresponding tile” repeats the grab hands for balance then slow move bit to the next right tile.
[20:36] <DM_ToA> The tile slides in and clicks. Nothing else happens.
[20:36] * Ash does the next set of 3 tiles in conjunction with Miri's movements on the next 3 tiles.
[20:36] <Miri> (what ash said lol)
[20:36] <Atreyu> (sorry im not more useful, i am here though)
[20:37] <DM_ToA> The tiles slide in and click. Another booming click from the other side of the door echoes…and the door pops open, letting out some air and dust.
[20:37] <DM_ToA> (everyone gets 500 XP)
[20:37] * Miri very carefully lets Ash down.
[20:37] <Ash> “Finally!”
[20:37] * Terres realizes he has been holding his breat and exhales
[20:37] * Ash gives Miri an excitable victory hug.
[20:37] <DM_ToA> (text incoming)
[20:38] * Miri awkwardly pats Ash on the head.
[20:38] <Ash> “oh, sorry.”
[20:38] * Terres takes a peek inside
[20:38] <Miri> “is ok.”
[20:40] * @Stolachnoid sighs.
[20:40] * Stolachnoid is now known as Stolanimus
[20:41] * Stolanimus sighs.
[20:41] <Stolanimus> “I’m not sure what made it work, but okay.”
[20:41] <DM_ToA> the floor of this forty foor high, twenty foot wide chamber is littered with dinosaur bones. Webs stretch from the walls to a thirty foot high central pillar. coiled around which are a set of narrow stone steps convered with dust. Carved into the pillar are reliefs of a man carrying a crocodile. The reliefs follow the stairs up to the top of the pillar, on which sits a large, beautiful,
[20:41] <DM_ToA> ceramic jug.
[20:42] * Miri sees the carvings “oh crap…don't tell me more piggy back rides…“
[20:42] <DM_ToA> The stairs are 2 feet wide, but each step is one foot higher than the one before.
[20:44] <Ash> “Perhaps we'll be lucky and it's not trapped.”
[20:45] <Miri> “and maybe we won't all die in this jungle, but the odds of that don't seem good do they?”
[20:45] <Terres> “I am more worried about what made all those webes”
[20:45] <Terres> (webs* )
[20:45] <Ash> “Hopefully that was just time and very small single digit spiders.”
[20:46] <DM_ToA> (…or Lloth…)
[20:47] * Stolanimus looks around and nods at Miri “It is a theme, it seems.”
[20:48] <Miri> “Ok then…who is strongest amongst us and who is weakest?”
[20:48] <DM_ToA> (blunt – I like that)
[20:48] <Miri> (*takes all the xp and shoots straight to level 20!* lol)
[20:50] <Ash> (I doubt we are worth that much)
[20:50] <DM_ToA> (level…9 or 10 at best)
[20:50] <Miri> (sadly true)
[20:50] <Stolanimus> “Should we stay riding on shoulders?”
[20:50] <Stolanimus> “Is there magic detectable on these stairs?”
[20:51] <Miri> “who can detect magic?”
[20:51] * Kayalia casts her gaze at the floor.
[20:51] <Ash> “I've never done so, so I don't knoe if I can.”
[20:52] <Terres> (whats our current exp, my math has it at 8940 but i missed a few sessions)
[20:52] <Kayalia> (8890 is what I had prior to today's ad hoc 500)
[20:53] <Kayalia> “There's stuff inscribed on a few of the steps, I bet there's a reason.”
[20:55] <Terres> “Shall we take a closer look at those steps?”
[20:55] <Ash> “Sure”
[20:56] * Terres makes his way slowly towards to pillar watching his step
[20:56] <Stolanimus> (just realized no one even noticed or commented on TolBot’s new “show individual dice” feature.)
[20:57] <Miri> ( i did!)
[20:57] <Stolanimus> 2d8+1 test
[20:57] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 2d8(④④)+1 'test']: 9
[20:57] <Miri> (i said it looked like a number on a pool ball!)
[20:57] <Stolanimus> 3d6+1 test
[20:57] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 3d6(⚄⚂⚅)+1 'test']: 15
[20:57] <Stolanimus> (cool. sorry I missed it, Miri)
[20:57] <Miri> (ok so the 2 4s look kinda like tits like that, just sayin)
[20:57] <DM_ToA> Terres roll Investigation, DC 13)
[20:58] <DM_ToA> (I am never going to unsee that, Miri…)
[20:58] <Terres> 1d20+3 vs dc13
[20:58] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(⑳)+3 'vs dc13']: 23 (Critical success)
[20:58] <Terres> (i investigate the crap out of that one)
[20:58] <Miri> (i'm sorry?)
[20:59] <Terres> (not sure what those little blurbs are supposed to be, are those like dice?)
[20:59] <Miri> (the die rolled result…in your case a 20 cause you are lucky sob for this round)
[21:00] <Kayalia> (it looks lice dice on my screen..)
[21:00] <Stolanimus> (I can change it to the black circle numbers instead)
[21:00] * Terres squints at the steps then says “the third, tenth, seventeenth and twenty-third has glyphs on them similar to the glyph on the door”
[21:00] * Kayalia nods.
[21:01] <Terres> (do i need to update mirc because those dice are too tiny for me to make out the numbers)
[21:01] <Stolanimus> 1d20 investigate
[21:01] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(⓫) 'investigate']: 11
[21:02] <DM_ToA> (Stol – the dust is too thick for you to see any detail…)
[21:02] <Miri> “so we have to only steps on those tiles, while riding piggy back?”
[21:02] <Stolanimus> (the dice probably are just too small. only increasing font size on your client would help. And, some older clients won’t even render the unicode characters correctly. I can turn it off if it’s annoying)
[21:02] <DM_ToA> (No, you're fine)
[21:04] * Miri looks around waiting for an answer.
[21:04] <Stolanimus> “It worked before.”
[21:04] * Stolanimus shrugs.
[21:05] <Ash> “Well I suppose we should start climbing.
[21:05] * Miri crouches down for someone to get on her back.
[21:06] <Kayalia> “Probably not me… I guess. I couldn't hang on too well, before.”
[21:06] <Miri> “Lets jsut hope only the one set of us need to go up.”
[21:06] <Terres> (if i wasnt wearing a robe…)
[21:06] <Atreyu> “I dont know how good i am at climbing either”
[21:07] <DM_ToA> (…and the 70's porn music queues up…)
[21:07] <Miri> (afraid i'd look up? :P)
[21:07] <Miri> “Shall we team up again Ash?”
[21:07] <Ash> “Sure.”
[21:07] * Miri waits for ash to climb onto her back.
[21:08] <Kayalia> “I swear, riding piggy back didn't seem this difficult when I was a kid.”
[21:08] <DM_ToA> (since you've done this successfully before – no need to roll for getting up)
[21:08] * Stolanimus casts Guidance.
[21:08] * Miri slowly raises up, and holds hands with ash as she moves to step on the 3rd step.
[21:09] <Stolanimus> (can add a d4 to ability checks)
[21:09] <Terres> (i am pretty sure those were the traps)
[21:09] <DM_ToA> (Stol – who are you touching?)
[21:09] <Ash> “I'm not looking forward to those higher steps.”
[21:09] * Atreyu waits for others to start climbing
[21:09] * Atreyu is now known as Dylan
[21:09] <Stolanimus> (the two trying. It’s a cantrip)
[21:09] <DM_ToA> The third step sinks a little and clicks.
[21:09] * Miri waits a moment for something to happen.
[21:09] * Ash touches the symbol.
[21:09] <DM_ToA> (one willing creature)
[21:09] <Ash> (Hit Miri with it then.)
[21:10] <Stolanimus> (yes, but can cast it every 6 seconds)
[21:10] <DM_ToA> (ok)
[21:10] <Miri> (it's not concentration?)
[21:10] <Stolanimus> (You get a cantrip, and YOU get a cantrip… EVERYbody gets a CANTRIP)
[21:10] <DM_ToA> (Shocking hand! Shocking hand! Shocking hand!)
[21:10] <Stolanimus> (don’t see it)
[21:10] <Ash> (It's concentration)
[21:10] <Kayalia> (YAY!! Thank you Stolpra!)
[21:11] <Miri> (it's not)
[21:11] <Miri> (i jsut checked)
[21:11] <Ash> (I just did too, and my book says concentration)
[21:11] <Ash> (Odd)
[21:11] <Miri> If nothing happened other then the click, then miri will slowly move to the 10th step.
[21:11] <DM_ToA> (Guidance is concentration – anyway…)
[21:11] <Miri> (well that was roll 20 i was looking at)
[21:12] <Stolanimus> (Yes, it is concentration)
[21:12] <Miri> (looked at the book, weird i didn't see that on roll20, must have missed it)
[21:12] <DM_ToA> Each step gets a little harder to climb as the size increases…on the tenth step, Miri steps on it…the stone sinks slightly and clicks. Nothing else happens.
[21:12] <Stolanimus> (so, can only do the one of them)
[21:13] * Miri waits a sceond, and when nothing happens, heads slowly for the 17 step.
[21:13] <DM_ToA> (You continue up?)
[21:13] <Miri> (yep)
[21:13] <Stolanimus> (I was thinking in terms of cast, they try, then cast on the next, and they try, as in climbing or whatever. Wasn’t thinking about the fac tthat there are two of them simultaneous)
[21:13] <DM_ToA> The humidity and heat start to gnaw at your endurance, Miri as you finally clamber up to the 17th step. It sinks, there's a click and nothing happens.
[21:14] * Ash presses the symbol
[21:14] * Miri waits a moment, takes a few deep breaths, then keeps climbing to the 23rd step.
[21:14] <DM_ToA> Ash has you press the symbol, nothing happens.
[21:15] <Kayalia> Miri sure is a tough lady.”
[21:15] <DM_ToA> On the twenty third step…you step…the click and nothing else happens. The altar is only a few steps away…
[21:15] * Dylan watches
[21:15] <Dylan> “Indeed”
[21:15] * Miri continues on to the alter after a moment.
[21:15] <Ash> “Ok, so we made it this far.”
[21:16] <Miri> “If there is nothing but pottery up here, don't tell me who suggested we go in here.”
[21:17] <Stolanimus> “Is this actually working?”
[21:17] <DM_ToA> The altar is high enough that someone riding on someone else's shoulders can pick up the ornate jug.
[21:17] <Dylan> “Are we planning on following them up there?”
[21:17] <Terres> “Maybe we should”
[21:17] * Stolanimus makes a note of which steps click.
[21:17] * Miri calls down “seems to be working so far. So what's up there?”
[21:18] * Ash picks up the jug and peeks inside.
[21:18] <DM_ToA> As you pick it up, you hear liquid sloshing inside, but as far as you can see – it's empty.
[21:18] <Terres> (if its an alien facehugger inside that thing i am getting out and closing the door behind me)
[21:18] <Miri> (omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ogom omg omgogomgomgomgomomg)
[21:18] <DM_ToA> (I'm not that cruel)
[21:19] <DM_ToA> (but thanks for the idea)
[21:19] <Miri> (damn it i know what it is but miri wouldn't….must ….not ….meta….game)
[21:19] <DM_ToA> Ash you have the ceramic jug. What now?
[21:19] <Ash> “Um… there's just water in this jug.”
[21:19] <Ash> “Or some liquid.”
[21:20] <Ash> “This seems like a dumb trip up here.”
[21:20] <Miri> (he just said water!!!)
[21:21] <Terres> ( i dont get it… you said it was worth exploring this death trap)
[21:21] <DM_ToA> The jug feels like it got a little heavier and the sloshing is more vigorious.
[21:21] <Miri> (oh it is)
[21:21] <Ash> “Um… something is happening, and I don't like it.”
[21:22] <Miri> “Well shall we go back to the group?”
[21:22] * Terres looks a little bit around for anything else of interest
[21:22] <Ash> “I think we should put this thing back down before it starts gushing out whatever is in it.”
[21:22] <DM_ToA> (bones, webs, webs, bones)
[21:23] <Miri> “we risked our lives, it's coming with us.” She starts heading back for the stairs before ash can protest further.
[21:24] <Miri> (it has never been so hard not to meta game as it is in this moment)
[21:24] <DM_ToA> (Is Ash still on you, and is he still holding on to the jug?)
[21:24] <Terres> “Just take it with you for now, we can figure out what it is when we are out of here”
[21:24] <Miri> (i thought he was)
[21:24] <Ash> (Apparently I am)
[21:24] <Terres> (didnt he need to be on the shoulders to reach the jug thingy)
[21:24] * Ash holds the jug gingerly as far in front of himself as he can.
[21:25] <DM_ToA> (each of you make an acrobatics check, DC 13 at disadvantage…unless one of you wants to stash the jug)
[21:25] <Miri> (shit, someone stash the jug!)
[21:26] <Ash> 1d20 dc13 disadvantage
[21:26] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(⓮) 'dc13 disadvantage']: 14 (Success)
[21:26] <Ash> 1d20 dc13
[21:26] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(❺) 'dc13']: 5 (Fail)
[21:26] <Miri> 1d20+3 vs dc13 disad
[21:26] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(❻)+3 'vs dc13 disad']: 9 (Fail)
[21:26] <Dylan> 1d20+3-3 vs dc13
[21:26] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(⓭)+3-3 'vs dc13']: 13 (Success)
[21:27] <Terres> (wasnt that just for the 2 hauling the jug around or for all)
[21:27] <Kayalia> (in a previous game I played, the party's artificer made an alchemy jug just to have it produce, I think, mayonaise…)
[21:27] <DM_ToA> As Miri steps down, her knee gives away slightly, but it's enough to make Ash lean forward precariously….which throws Miri off balance and the pair tumble down to step 28.
[21:28] <Dylan> (mayonaise? doesnt sound very d&d ish)
[21:28] <DM_ToA> (make acrobatcis check, no disad, DC 12 to not trigger the trap)
[21:28] <Miri> 1d20+3
[21:28] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(❶)+3]: 4 (That stinks.)
[21:28] <Miri> (dang it)
[21:28] <Ash> 1d20
[21:28] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(⓱)]: 17
[21:29] <Stolanimus> (I prefer the white circles. any one else?)
[21:29] <DM_ToA> Ash catches himself, but Miri's momentum carries her over the edge to step 27. She hits it and the steps springs back up slightly.
[21:29] <DM_ToA> (I like the white circles…makes it easier to see against this black screen)
[21:30] <DM_ToA> There is rumbling from the ceiling as dust begins to pour…followed by large bricks.
[21:30] * Miri mutters and gets up, grabs ash and the jug and just books it down the stairs.
[21:31] <Terres> “here we go again”
[21:31] <Miri> “for the love of mud, RUN!”
[21:32] <DM_ToA> (Everyone: DC 13 Dex saving throw or get pummeled by bricks)
[21:32] * Terres looks up then starts back towards the door
[21:32] <Terres> 1d20+1 vs dc13
[21:32] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(⑱)+1 'vs dc13']: 19 (Success)
[21:32] * Silverlion ( has joined #grovewood
[21:32] <Miri> 1d20 vs dc13
[21:32] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(①) 'vs dc13']: 1 (Critical fail)
[21:32] <Miri> (seriously?!?!?)
[21:32] <Ash> 1d20 dc13
[21:32] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(⑨) 'dc13']: 9 (Fail)
[21:33] <Ash> (We're in this together)
[21:33] <DM_ToA> Miri - 9 points of blidgeoning damage)
[21:33] <DM_ToA> Ash - 12 points of bludegoning damage)
[21:33] <Stolanimus> (heya, Silverlion )
[21:34] <Stolanimus> (sorry didn’t get to chat this morning)
[21:34] * Miri yells out as the pain sends her into a rage and jsut keeps running.
[21:34] <DM_ToA> Terres - 3 points of bludgeoning damage [you saves, so you get half])
[21:34] <Miri> (and unless ash says otherwise miri is carrying you)
[21:35] <Stolanimus> 1d20+2 DC13
[21:35] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(⑤)+2 'DC13']: 7 (Fail)
[21:35] <Ash> “I can walk… I can walk!”
[21:35] <DM_ToA> (Stol - 15 points of bludgeoning damage)
[21:35] <Stolanimus> ( OUCH ! )
[21:35] <Terres> “Quickly lets get out of this place!”
[21:36] <DM_ToA> Kayalia – Dex save, please – DC 13)
[21:36] <Ash> 1d20-1 concentration check
[21:36] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(⑲)-1 'concentration check']: 18
[21:36] <Kayalia> 1d20+7 vs dc13
[21:36] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(⑭)+7 'vs dc13']: 21 (Success)
[21:37] * Miri snarls something that sounds like 'sorry' and sets him down.
[21:37] <DM_ToA> Kayalia – 6 points bludegoning damage [you saved, so you get half damage])
[21:38] <DM_ToA> Everyone is out of the room as more bricks fall, sending shards of rock and dust chasing behind you.
[21:38] <Kayalia> (so there was no avoiding them..?)
[21:39] <DM_ToA> (nope -save was for half damage)
[21:39] <Terres> “I had enough of this place, lets get out and sort ourselves out”
[21:39] <Dylan> (phone)
[21:39] <Kayalia> “I didn't wanna come here in the first place….”
[21:40] * Stolanimus shrugs.
[21:41] <DM_ToA> Nothing else happens as you make your way back to the antechamber.
[21:41] <DM_ToA> (Who is claiming the jug?)
[21:41] * Ash peers into the jug again.
[21:41] <Ash> “All this for a jug?”
[21:42] * Ash puts it down to pull out his healer's kit and begins working on wounds.
[21:42] * Terres takes a close look at the jug
[21:42] <Ash> (Who wants healing?)
[21:42] <DM_ToA> (everyone)
[21:42] <Ash> 1d6+9 to Stol
[21:42] <Miri> (where are we now? just outside the door to the horror room?)
[21:42] <TolBot> Ash's 1d6(⚅)+9 'to Stol']: 15
[21:42] <Terres> ( can i roll arcana for more info on the jug?)
[21:42] <Ash> 1d6+9 to Miri
[21:42] <TolBot> Ash's 1d6(⚁)+9 'to Miri']: 11
[21:42] <Ash> 1d6+9 to Dylan
[21:42] <TolBot> Ash's 1d6(⚂)+9 'to Dylan']: 12
[21:42] <Ash> 1d6+9 to Kayalia
[21:42] <TolBot> Ash's 1d6(⚃)+9 'to Kayalia']: 13
[21:42] <Ash> 1d6+9 to Terres
[21:42] <TolBot> Ash's 1d6(⚁)+9 'to Terres']: 11
[21:42] <DM_ToA> Terres - the jug sloshes back and forth like there is liquid in it.
[21:43] <Ash> 1d6+9 to Myself
[21:43] <TolBot> Ash's 1d6(⚁)+9 'to Myself']: 11
[21:43] <DM_ToA> (Sure, Terres – roll Arcana)
[21:43] <Terres> (back to full HP )
[21:43] * Stolanimus thanks Ash.
[21:43] <Terres> 1d20+3 Arcana
[21:43] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(②)+3 'Arcana']: 5
[21:44] <Terres> (great)
[21:44] * Miri slowly calms down. “thanks ash. Sorry everyone. Something made us stumble and I hit the stupid trap.”
[21:44] <Terres> “Strange jug, why would they put up so many traps just to protect it….”
[21:45] <Kayalia> (dang you heal a lot with healers hit somehow?)
[21:45] <Miri> (3 uses per kit i think, or was it 5?)
[21:46] <Ash> (It's the feat. It's 1d6 +wis +HD of target)
[21:46] * Miri picks up the jug and looks at it, “all this for this thing? There isn't even any wine in it.” She then tips the jug upside down to try and peer into it better.
[21:46] <Ash> (10 charges per kit, and I bought 2… used 11 charges thus far)
[21:46] <Kayalia> (nice)
[21:46] <Miri> (sweet)
[21:47] <DM_ToA> Water comes pouring out of the jug – a lot of water for such a thing.
[21:47] <Dylan> (back)
[21:47] <Ash> “So what is this thing, a magic jug of water?”
[21:48] <Terres> “If it is I can see it being useful”
[21:48] * Miri mutters as she is drenched. “well…at least my burns don't hurt so bad any more.” sets the jug back down and wipes her hair out of her face.
[21:48] * Stolanimus raises his hand and casts shape water.
[21:48] * Stolanimus turns the water into an animated water golem.
[21:49] <DM_ToA> The water quivers and stretches up to a humanoid form.
[21:49] <Terres> “neat trick”
[21:49] <DM_ToA> (Whoever is taking the jug, let me know so I can send them the vitals)
[21:49] <Stolanimus> (can affect a 5ft cube’s worth of the water)
[21:50] <Terres> (looks like Ash has it for now)
[21:50] <DM_ToA> (that's all the water there)
[21:50] <Terres> (or was it Miri)
[21:50] <Miri> (i sat it back down, but i can carry if if no one else wants it)
[21:50] * Ash picks up the jug and hands it to Stolanimus.
[21:50] <Ash> “Looks like you can use this to make pets.”
[21:51] * Stolanimus shrugs.
[21:51] <DM_ToA> (Well, whoever has it now has an alchemy jug. Never go thirsty or sober again)
[21:51] <Stolanimus> (I wasn’t vying for the jug, just playing around)
[21:52] <Ash> (When we figure out how to properly use it in character)
[21:52] <Stolanimus> “Ok, I’ll hold it for now.”
[21:52] * Stolanimus turns his water golem purple.
[21:52] <Stolanimus> (it will last an hour)
[21:52] <Stolanimus> (and is rather pointless, hehe)
[21:53] <DM_ToA> (It is now a Kool-Aid golem)
[21:53] * Miri turns and just starts making her way out of the cave.
[21:54] <DM_ToA> Miri – roll Perception, DC 12)
[21:54] <Miri> 1d20 vs dc12
[21:54] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(⑦) 'vs dc12']: 7 (Fail)
[21:54] * Ash also exits, a bit fed up with this place.
[21:54] * Terres follows
[21:55] * Stolanimus follows, his water golem behind him.
[21:57] <DM_ToA> *Slosh* *slosh* *slosh*
[21:57] <Ash> “There were no other exits or rooms to this place right?”
[21:58] <Terres> “we have not seen any”
[21:58] <DM_ToA> As you all come out from the temple – the heat and light of the sun strikes you hard. The silence of the abandoned camp is no less friendly to you.
[21:58] <Miri> (there are a bunch of grass huts right?)
[22:00] <Kayalia> (moldy tents?)
[22:00] <DM_ToA> (remains of huts and tents, yeah)
[22:01] <Terres> 1d6 test
[22:01] <TolBot> Terres's 1d6(⚁) 'test']: 2
[22:01] * Miri goes to the nearest hut reminant and just doesn't stop hitting it till it's nothing but a pile on the ground. “I'm sick of this place!”
[22:02] <Ash> 1d20+2 dc13
[22:02] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(⑦)+2 'dc13']: 9 (Fail)
[22:04] <Stolanimus> 1d20+6 perception DC13
[22:04] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(⑥)+6 'perception DC13']: 12 (Fail)
[22:04] <Kayalia> 1d20+3 vs. dc13
[22:04] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(⑰)+3 'vs. dc13']: 20 (Success)
[22:04] * Ash keeps his distance from Miri.
[22:04] <Ash> “It will be ok, we're done in there.”
[22:05] * Miri takes several deep breaths after she's finished. “I just needed something to hit. It was very hard not hitting things in there.”
[22:07] <Kayalia> “Oh gods, something is in the edge of the clearing… if its another one of those monkeys, I'm going to lose it.” She says this while unfurling her warfan.
[22:07] * Dylan tenses and puts his hand on his sword hilt
[22:08] * Miri draws her sword and lights it on fire.
[22:08] * Terres looks around the clearings trying to see what spooked Kaya
[22:08] <DM_ToA> Terres perception, DC 13)
[22:09] * Stolanimus looks out.
[22:09] <Terres> 1d20+3 vs dc13
[22:09] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(⑮)+3 'vs dc13']: 18 (Success)
[22:10] <Ash> “That better be our damn guide!”
[22:12] <Miri> “Even if it is, I wouldn't trust it.” Looks about and waits.
[22:13] <Kayalia> “I didn't get a good look at it, but I don't think it was her. Behind that tree over there, it tried to hide…:
[22:13] <Terres> “Definitely not the guide, they look like goblins looking for trouble”
[22:13] * Ash sighs
[22:14] <DM_ToA> (what time is it?)
[22:14] * Terres points to the Goblins and slowly makes his way behind Miri
[22:14] <Miri> (11 pm eastern)
[22:14] <DM_ToA> (mind if we do the inevitable combat next week?)
[22:15] <Miri> (i don't mind)
[22:15] <Terres> (dont mind)
[22:15] <Kayalia> (yarrr)
[22:16] <Dylan> (sounds fine to me)
[22:16] <Ash> (Works for me)
[22:16] <Kayalia> (so uh. my brother's childhood best friend messaged me on facebook to tell me that his wife said I look pretty good. I don't know what to do with this.)
[22:16] <Dylan> (sounds like a scam)
[22:16] <DM_ToA> (ok – I need to roll up stuff anwyas and I don't want to spend time now setting it up)
[22:16] <Dylan> (find out if his account was hacked)
[22:17] <Ash> (Or it sounds like an “invitation” to something you might not want)
[22:17] <Dylan> (or google polyamory)
[22:17] * Miri is now known as Shaddow
[22:17] <Terres> (yep like i needed more proof that facebook is full freaks)
[22:17] * Stolanimus is now known as Tolman
[22:17] <Dylan> or
[22:17] * Terres is now known as Sentagur
[22:18] * Dylan is now known as Atreyu
[22:18] <Atreyu> say “Thank you” and move on :P
[22:18] <Sentagur> No
[22:18] <@Tolman> can we ask was the way to avoid triggering traps truly to ride piggyback?
[22:18] <Sentagur> tell him “I know ” then move on
[22:18] <DM_ToA> As we end tonight's session – with the fabled Alchemy Jug in hand and bruises everywhere else – our intrepid group stares down the impending goblin ambush. This episode of Tomb of Annihilation comes to a close.

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