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8:17:18 PM <DM_ToA> “Thank you!” The woman jumps in the air, then hugs Ash hard
8:17:38 PM <Miri> “I wouldn't thank us yet.”
8:17:38 PM <DM_ToA> “You've saved my husband's life!”
8:17:51 PM <Ash> “Um… I didn't really do much. I just told the dinosaurs he was tainted meat.”
8:18:10 PM * *Ash tries to get out of the awkward hugging.
8:18:13 PM <DM_ToA> She gives you a strange look, then hugs you again
8:18:40 PM * *Miri taps the woman on the shoulder “you mind not hugging my boyfriend so much?”
8:19:10 PM <DM_ToA> The woman coughs…steps back…then hugs Miri.
8:19:22 PM * *Miri blinks but hugs her back.
8:19:34 PM <DM_ToA> “We have to go down to the cells and get him!”
8:20:17 PM <May> “Is this how crimes are investigated in this city? Put them in with some lizards and anyone who dies is guilty?”
8:20:27 PM * *Ash looks over at Miri, almost taken aback, but then thankful.
8:21:11 PM * *Miri steps back and gives ash a look, seeming to imply next time he's on his own. She didn't care much for hugs either.
8:21:28 PM <DM_ToA> Some people – dressed in bright, but breezy clothing, mutter about the loss they sustained this game time.
8:24:52 PM <DM_ToA> Down the open hallway, the woman hops up. Her head bobbing above the crowd “This way! This way! I want him to meet you!”
8:25:19 PM <Ash> “Um.. that's ok really. Go be with your husband.”
8:25:29 PM * *Kayalia eyes Miri and Ash for a moment, then chimes “I'll take hugs for the team going foward. Its the least I can do.” She turns to the woman. “Does that mean he's not going to be hauled away?”
8:27:29 PM <Miri> “yeah, i have no desire to take his place.”
8:27:30 PM <DM_ToA> She winds back through the crowd. “No! Since he wasn't eaten – they * *have* to let him go!”
8:28:48 PM <Kayalia> “You mean… I was actually right about the justice system here?”
8:29:02 PM <Kayalia> “I was totally guessing. AND being cheeky.”
8:29:35 PM <DM_ToA> She dances away from the group. “Let me get him! Stay there!”
8:29:48 PM <DM_ToA> She rushes off again.
8:30:19 PM <Ash> “So we leave now?”
8:30:57 PM <Miri> “i'm not sure we should stay, we may end up taking his place.”
8:31:15 PM <Miri> “shall we head back to the hotel?”
8:32:00 PM <Ash> “That sounds like a safe idea.”
8:33:04 PM * *Miri nods and starts heading back towards the hotel.
8:34:14 PM <DM_ToA> 1d20
8:34:43 PM <DM_ToA> (dang it)
8:35:17 PM <Miri> (oooh, do get get to use real dice?)
8:35:39 PM <PK> >:)
8:35:50 PM <DM_ToA> As you all make your way back to the lodging, some guards walk by, looking for people.
8:35:55 PM <DM_ToA> 1d20
8:35:55 PM <PK> DM_ToA throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20) and gets 1.
8:36:04 PM <DM_ToA> (Yeah…this will work)
8:36:06 PM <Miri> (awww pooh)
8:36:41 PM <DM_ToA> As you wind your way back, every now and then, people approach you, asking if you need a guide.
8:36:48 PM * *Kayalia looks about for some mid range alcohol.
8:37:58 PM <DM_ToA> A pair of taxabi approach you. They bow. “Understand you need a guide?”
8:38:18 PM <Miri> “Not today, thank you.”
8:38:35 PM <DM_ToA> Kayalia – you see vendors selling fermented fruit in its skin.
8:39:38 PM <Kayalia> (how lazy… at least filter it into a bottle!)
8:40:26 PM <Ash> “Such a strange place.”
8:40:29 PM * *Kayalia looks for something that will keep easily in her room at the hotel.
8:42:18 PM <DM_ToA> Bottles of wine of a…dubious nature…are offered for a couple of silver
8:42:20 PM <DM_ToA> (brb)
8:45:03 PM * *Kayalia looks around shiftily. “This town is loathsome,” and she heads back to the inn empty-handed.
8:45:34 PM <Miri> (hi tol)
8:45:47 PM <Tolman> `dice off
8:45:48 PM «TolBot» Dice function turned off. Use the command 'on' to resume dice functions.
8:45:57 PM <Miri> “unless anyone needs anything, i'm heading to bed.”
8:46:03 PM <Tolman> (sorry, been busy around the campfire)
8:47:05 PM <DM_ToA> (Hey Tol)
8:47:31 PM <Kayalia> “Did you want to switch rooms so you could stay with your boyfriend…?” Kaya asks Miri with a devious, devious grin.
8:48:12 PM * *Miri rolls her eyes “i just said that to get Ash out of the hug. The man looked like he was about to either pass out or kill he woman.”
8:48:26 PM <Miri> (*the)
8:48:36 PM * *Ash wanders over to the counter to get something to eat, obilivous to the conversation taking place about him.
8:48:43 PM <Stolanimus> (Mage, I???ve not looked at TolBot, last week was buggy, so should use PK)
8:49:41 PM <Stolanimus> (and sorry if I???m laggy. I???m using my phone cellular as hotspot in middle of a state park)
8:50:07 PM * *PK slaps Tolbot
8:52:27 PM * *Miri heads up to her room.
8:52:30 PM <DM_ToA> As you come back to the rooms to rest, you see a Chult woman sitting in a chair. As she spies you, she stands up and approaches you:
8:52:48 PM * *Kayalia snickers. “I thought as much. But it was also fun poking at you about it.” Kaya pauses and changes tune as Ash approaches. “At any rate, its late. Let's talk more tomorrow.”
8:53:28 PM * *Miri stops as she spots the woman and waits to see what she wants. “i don't know what there is to talk about but ok?”
8:53:44 PM <DM_ToA> “If you need a guide to get you through the jungle alive, then look no further. I was born in ghe jungle. I know its dangers well and how best to avoid them. Should you choose me, you may rest assured that you party is in safe hands.”
8:53:46 PM * *Stolanimus nods.
8:53:53 PM * *Stolanimus looks up at the woman.
8:54:06 PM <Ash> “And who told you we were seeking a guide?”
8:55:26 PM <DM_ToA> “I charge 5 gold coins per day and require a 30-day payment up front…for those adventurers who aid me in a personal quest, I will waive my fee and guide you to places no one else has found. This quest will take us to Firefinger. The evil pterafolk that roost stop Firefinger stole a wooden mask from me, and I want it back.”
8:55:28 PM <Kayalia> “Shouldn't we have a plan as to where we are heading in the jungle and when, before settling on a guide?”
8:57:35 PM * *Stolanimus looks at Ash, ???Strange jungles can be quite dangerous.???
8:57:47 PM * *Stolanimus nods at Kayalia.
8:58:02 PM <DM_ToA> The woman looks to each of you in turn.
8:58:23 PM <Miri> “do we help this woman and get ourselves a guide or do we go on our own?”
8:58:31 PM <Ash> Strange guides who show up out of the blue and can't answer where she heard we needed a guide, can be dangerous too.
9:00:03 PM <DM_ToA> (Umm…y'all are a little…umm…melanin depleaded compared to the standard Chult citizen)
9:00:28 PM <Kayalia> (Did anyone in the party actually make inquiries about guides? or talk in public about wanting to go into the jungle?)
9:00:39 PM <Stolanimus> (not I)
9:00:56 PM <Ash> (I don't recall doing so)
9:01:04 PM * *Stolanimus whispers to Ash, ???You are right??? it is strange they would know we were headed for the jungle.???
9:01:31 PM <Miri> (we are a bunch of new folks that don't look or dress the way the rest of the population does, of course they all think we need guides, why else would we be here?“
9:01:48 PM <Miri> (grr ” on both ends not ) )
9:02:29 PM <Ash> “Maybe we're here for the local food and strange dinosaur fighting pits?”
9:02:58 PM <Kayalia> “I came to chult to get a tan. Drives the guys wild, back home.”
9:03:49 PM <Miri> “i have no wish to drive anyone wild. my question remains. Do we help this woman and gain a guide or go our own way?”
9:04:21 PM <Ash> “I would like to know who told her we needed one.”
9:05:07 PM <Kayalia> “She's suspicious. Tell you what, miss. I'll hire you as a guide if you can show me to some nice bottled wine I can keep in my room.”
9:05:28 PM <DM_ToA> The woman looks down at Kayalia.
9:05:39 PM <Kayalia> up*?
9:06:03 PM <DM_ToA> “Certainly…the easiest five gold I will make. Come along.”
9:06:44 PM <Kayalia> “Miri, you mind coming with?”
9:06:53 PM <DM_ToA> The woman strides out of the room.
9:07:20 PM <Ash> “How very odd.”
9:07:25 PM <Miri> “sure” * *follows kay and the woman.*
9:07:55 PM * *Stolanimus shrugs.
9:08:01 PM * *Kayalia heads out after the woman, after letting Ash and everyone else present know they'd be back shortly.
9:08:04 PM * *Ash waits at the inn.
9:09:24 PM <DM_ToA> She walks through the Bazaar, slow enough for the others to keep up as the sun begins to set. After taking a couple of side streets, she stops in front of a vendor selling wooden casks marked in a strange language.
9:10:13 PM * *Kayalia discretely observes the woman's mannerisms whilst following her for signs that she has professional experience leafing foreigners around.
9:10:16 PM <DM_ToA> “This is tej – fermented honey. Four bits of copper for a cup. 2 pieces of silver for a cask.
9:10:28 PM <DM_ToA> (roll Investigation)
9:11:10 PM <DM_ToA> 1d20
9:11:10 PM <PK> DM_ToA throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20) and gets 15.
9:11:41 PM <DM_ToA> (Kayalia…roll Investigation, please)
9:12:39 PM <Kayalia> (hold on..)
9:12:44 PM <DM_ToA> (ok)
9:13:14 PM <Kayalia> (lol +0)
9:13:19 PM <Kayalia> 1d20
9:13:20 PM <PK> Kayalia throws the numbered heads of dead players (1d20) and gets 19.
9:16:40 PM * *Kayalia lets out a quiet sigh of relief. “Any chance I could get a bottle? I'd like to be able to pour myself more than one cup over time, and a cask is too big. I'm not rolling that around.”
9:18:52 PM <DM_ToA> The woman looks at the man, speaks in her native tongue and makes some pouring motions. The man sighs and says something while tapping his palm. The woman responds with three words that seem to make the man smile. He reaches under his little stand, then uncorks a cask. Taking out a dusty green bottle, he pours some of the thick liquid into the bottle and corks it. He corks the cask and holds
9:18:53 PM <DM_ToA> out his palm.
9:19:19 PM <DM_ToA> “He wants piece of silver.”
9:20:41 PM <Miri> “you want the cask for refills?”
9:22:00 PM * *Kayalia fishes through her own coinpurse for silver. “Not right now. Maybe another time. We're traveling soon, and not with a cart.”
9:22:15 PM * *Miri nodded “ok”
9:23:16 PM <DM_ToA> The man eagerly takes the silver, and then takes one from the guide. The guide picks up the cask. He hands the bottle to Kayalia.
9:27:49 PM <DM_ToA> “There. Now do you trust me?”
9:28:27 PM * *Kayalia courtsies and stows the bottle in her garments. “A deal's a deal. We'll hire you for the expedition. Shall we return to the inn, then?”
9:29:09 PM <DM_ToA> “Good. At teh inn, I collect my fee and take you where you need to go.”
9:29:14 PM * *Stolanimus awkwardly smiles at Ash and Dylan across the table at the inn.
9:30:00 PM * *Ash looks around, not used to the fineries of an inn.
9:31:22 PM <DM_ToA> (rp away, I gotta get something)
9:31:53 PM * *Miri rubs her temples as she heads back.
9:34:34 PM * *Kayalia returns with Miri.
9:35:13 PM * *Kayalia settles down in a chair at the same table as Stol, Ash, and Dylan, setting her bottle down on the tabletop as she does so.
9:35:42 PM * *Miri waves to the group then heads up to bed.
9:35:44 PM <Kayalia> “Is there money in the kitty to hire this guide?”
9:36:02 PM <Ash> Not even close for what she's asking.
9:36:09 PM * *Dylan| nods
9:36:11 PM <DM_ToA> (5 gold a day, 30 days upfront)
9:36:35 PM <Ash> (Kitty was 50 gold I think)
9:36:57 PM * *Kayalia nods slightly. “Do we know roughly where we were headed? We're looking for something for old lady Syndra, right?”
9:37:27 PM <Miri> (we have 47 gold atm)
9:37:55 PM <Stolanimus> ???We know only that it is in the jungle (i think).???
9:38:11 PM <Miri> (the person who has your answers has gone to bed, have fun :P)
9:38:33 PM <DM_ToA> (You're looking for the city of Oma)
9:38:51 PM <Stolanimus> (ah, ok)
9:39:00 PM <Stolanimus> ???Does she know the safest route to Oma?”
9:40:07 PM <DM_ToA> The woman appears. “Five gold, as promised.”
9:41:30 PM <DM_ToA> (also remember, your benefactor was supposed to meet with someone named Wakanga)
9:42:51 PM <Stolanimus> (afk a few)
9:43:10 PM <DM_ToA> (ok)
9:43:57 PM <DM_ToA> The woman gently coughs.
9:44:42 PM <Miri> (hi sent)
9:44:55 PM <Sentagur> (hi)
9:45:05 PM <Ash> (Welcome)
9:45:12 PM <Sentagur> (sorry folks i just got home, we are having a bit of an ice rain issue up here)
9:47:10 PM <Sentagur> (and am barely here , i need to fire up my work laptop and finish some paperwork for tomorrow so i am mostly afk today)
9:47:17 PM <DM_ToA> (no problem)
9:47:33 PM <Kayalia> (everything ok sent?)
9:47:34 PM <DM_ToA> “Did you ask about Oma?”
9:48:19 PM <Kayalia> “Who was managing our funds? Was it Miri?”
9:49:16 PM <Sentagur> (yeah everything is ok, the drive was just a bit stressful andtook almost 2 hours when it usually takes 15 minutes)
9:49:27 PM <DM_ToA> (ouch, man)
9:50:06 PM <Ash> “Yes”
9:50:25 PM <Kayalia> (oww!)
9:51:07 PM <DM_ToA> “There is one who could help you find Oma…but take my advice…do not go. Help me instead.”
9:51:23 PM * *Kayalia grumbles and furnishes five gold coins from her own coinpurse. “This is for tomorrow in advance, as promised. You'll meet us here tomorrow morning, correct? We'll pay you another sum before setting off.”
9:51:41 PM <Ash> “Who's this one that can help us find Oma?
9:54:27 PM <DM_ToA> “He is called Wakanga O'tamu. He can help you find Omu.”
9:54:46 PM <DM_ToA> Kayalia takes the coins and puts them in her coin pouch.
9:55:22 PM <Ash> “And why wouldn't we want to go to Omu?”
9:58:07 PM <Kayalia> “What are we paying you for if we need him instead?”
10:00:04 PM <DM_ToA> “You will need me to giude you through the jungle. It is very dangerous, but I also need your help in something…maybe we can help each other?”
10:03:06 PM <DM_ToA> “You are clever and strong, yes?'
10:03:21 PM <Ash> “I'm not sure we are interested.”
10:03:24 PM <Stolanimus> ???Our benefactor is staying with Wakanga something, no????
10:03:28 PM * *Dylan| scratches his chin
10:04:44 PM <Kayalia> “Perhaps we should confer with the old lady in the morning before setting out.”
10:04:55 PM <Ash> “Agreed”
10:05:58 PM <DM_ToA> Azaka frowns. “I will return in the morning, then.”
10:07:20 PM <DM_ToA> (fast forward to sober morning, unless you want to do something else?)
10:07:37 PM <Ash> (FF is fine)
10:07:51 PM <Dylan|> (FF is good)
10:09:17 PM <DM_ToA> The sun dies in the evening to a chorus of dinsaur roars and cooling air. The morning arrives with the stirring of the Port.
10:09:29 PM <Kayalia> “Someone should stay and greet our guide in the morning, the others can go call upon our benefector.”
10:10:05 PM * *Kayalia would also let Miri know what transpired the prior night and ask for her 5gp compensation.
10:10:44 PM * *Miri would let Kay know that she was the dumb butt who wanted wine, but would give her 5 gp.
10:11:20 PM <Kayalia> (I didn't pay 5gp for the wine. I told her to do that to earn our business then afterward hired her in advance for this trip)
10:11:41 PM <DM_ToA> (The hotel waits for the ensuing fight, laying bets among teh breaksfast)
10:12:22 PM * *Stolanimus peers out his window tryihg to cathc a glimpse of yet another exotic dinosaur
10:12:32 PM <Miri> (didn't she want 150 gp up front?)
10:12:38 PM <Ash> (10 gp on Miri killing Kayalia)
10:12:44 PM <Ash> (She did)
10:13:12 PM <Ash> (Basically Kayalia got suckered into paying 5gp to get a guide for wine.)
10:13:33 PM <Miri> (that's what i thought)
10:13:42 PM <DM_ToA> (and she didn't even get wine…)
10:13:43 PM <Stolanimus> (i???m pretty sure she said she???d pay her 5gp to scout her to a wine seller)
10:14:22 PM <DM_ToA> As you all come down, you see your guide, Azaka, waiting for you.
10:14:57 PM * *Dylan| yawns
10:16:02 PM * *Miri will look over the map that Syndra gave them in her room before she heads down for breakfast.
10:16:40 PM * *Dylan| reads from a book over brekkie
10:17:12 PM <Kayalia> (I didn't get suckered into anything. She's fired if she thinks she is getting 5gp for a walk down the street.)
10:17:19 PM <DM_ToA> “Are you ready to go see Wakanga?”
10:18:03 PM * *Stolanimus joins the group, placing some berries in a pouch.
10:20:18 PM <Kayalia> “You sound familiar with Wakanga.”
10:20:22 PM * *Miri will get ready for the day after looking at the map and then join the group. “should i reserve our rooms for one more night or do you all think we will be gone before the day is out?”
10:20:28 PM * *Ash eyes the guide suspiciously.
10:20:32 PM <Ash> “Yes, I think we are.”
10:20:39 PM <Kayalia> (didn't we pay for a week?)
10:20:55 PM <Miri> (did we pay for a week or a night?)
10:21:14 PM <Kayalia> (maybe it was just the night)
10:21:26 PM <DM_ToA> “Good. We go see your man, then we see about helping me, yeah?”
10:21:26 PM <Kayalia> (I am getting games mixed up in my head I think)
10:21:42 PM <Ash> (Just the night)
10:21:47 PM <Kayalia> “I see no reason for you to meet our benefector. Stay here.”
10:21:55 PM <DM_ToA> (5 gp a day, 30 days up front)
10:22:47 PM <DM_ToA> Azaka stops. “Fine.” She sits in a chair. “You will return.”
10:25:28 PM <Kayalia> (Do not trust this 'guide' my rogue instincts say!)
10:26:05 PM * *Kayalia heads off with whoever else is going to see Syndra and Wakanga.
10:28:20 PM <DM_ToA> You make your way through the awakening port to the Merchant's Price's Villa. It's equal parts palatial tropical home and secured fortress.
10:29:42 PM <DM_ToA> Frescoes of what you can assume are local myths and legends decortate the walls. At teh front gate enterance stand to men, armed and wary.
10:30:51 PM * *Dylan| admires the paintings
10:34:11 PM <DM_ToA> the two guards eye you carefully.
10:34:32 PM <Ash> “Hello, we are here to see Wakanga O'Tamu. We may be expected.”
10:34:48 PM <Miri> “We are in the employ of the arch mage Silvane.”
10:37:00 PM <DM_ToA> The guards look to each other. They step aside and one motions with his head. “Come.”
10:37:36 PM * *Ash nods and enters
10:38:21 PM * *Miri follows.
10:38:31 PM * *Stolanimus follows.
10:39:51 PM * *Dylan| follows
10:40:57 PM <DM_ToA> The villa is light colored, and breezy. Music plays through the air, but there's no instruments or players about. You're taken to a sitting area with pillows set on the floor and narrow windows looking out into a garden. “Wait here.”
10:43:47 PM * *Stolanimus wanders around looking at the foliage.
10:43:49 PM <DM_ToA> He leaves through an open door. In the middle of the room is a table with some refreshments – fruit, liquid and ornate cups.
10:44:31 PM * *Miri reaches out for a bit of fruit if there is any fruit she recognizes.
10:45:23 PM <DM_ToA> Stolanimus – it's a well kept garden…as far as the notion of enslaving what's meant to be wild and free goes.
10:46:01 PM <DM_ToA> Miri – You see breadfruit, oranges and lemons. Fruit that's considered exotic where you're from.
10:46:54 PM * *Miri will take a couple oranges and lemons.
10:47:05 PM * *Kayalia lounges.
10:47:26 PM * *Ash will also take some food and drink.
10:49:06 PM <DM_ToA> Wakanga and Syndra come down after a few minutes. Wakanga is dressed in the normal colorful clothes of the area, but there seems to be a little more frill and flash to it to demonstrate his status. Syndra comes down as well, still clad in her robes and silver mask.
10:50:27 PM <DM_ToA> Wakanga holds out his hands. “Greetings, and welcome to my house. Make yourselves comfortable, please. Syndra has given me information, and I think I might be able to help.”
10:50:41 PM <DM_ToA> He walks over to the table and picks up a mango.
10:51:37 PM <DM_ToA> Syndra shuffles forward. “I have told him about the curse. He thinks he knows where to find the cure, or at least the source.”
10:52:13 PM <Miri> “we wish to get this task under way. whatever you can say that may help would be most welcome.”
10:52:34 PM * *Dylan| inspects a mango
10:52:38 PM <Dylan|> “How do you eat this?”
10:54:00 PM <DM_ToA> Wakanga takes a knife and cuts off the skin, then cuts a slice of it and puts it in his mouth.
10:55:31 PM * *Dylan| emulates
10:55:39 PM <Dylan|> “mmm tasty…”
10:57:32 PM <DM_ToA> Wakanga chews his bit of mango. “I sell mystic scrolls, potions and some bits of information here and there. Syndra has told me what is happening to her, and I could come up with some old tales of the city of Omu. Sadly, it is lost to even us. The best I could find is this old journal.” He snaps his fingers and a servant comes walking in. He sets a tattered, water-damaged journal. “It was
10:57:33 PM <DM_ToA> given to me fifteen years ago. There are some clues that can show me where it is. Getting there…heh…that's half the fun, as they say.”
10:58:41 PM <Kayalia> “We're to understand traversing the jungle is neigh impossible without a hired guide.”
10:59:36 PM <DM_ToA> Wakanga nods. “Yes. There are several guides out there who are willing to take you where you think to need to go, but be wary. Some would just as soon take the money and leave you to die.”
11:00:57 PM <Miri> “you sound as if you are tempted to go with us, surely tho, you can not leave your…post here?”
11:01:21 PM <Ash> “Can you recommend a few reliable guides?”
11:03:26 PM <Kayalia> “We've already been approached by some guides. A woman who identified herself as… Az.. Aza, Azaka? solicited our services. We're not sure she can be trusted.”
11:04:03 PM <DM_ToA> Wakanga grins. “I would…but who would mind the shop, as it were? No, I'm afraid I must let more capable people do this.” He pops another slice into his mouth. “As far as good guides? I can't say anything other than trust the voice of your gods in your heart.”
11:04:35 PM * *Miri points to the journal “what can this journal tell us?”
11:04:40 PM <DM_ToA> “Now – what I can do is give you this book, show you where it leads on Syndra's map and sell you some ware.”
11:05:35 PM * *Miri pulls out the map.
11:05:48 PM <DM_ToA> “The journal tells of a wizard who explored some partts of the jungle. It mentions only one other person…something called a shield guardian named Vorn.”
11:06:31 PM <DM_ToA> Wakanga points to a spot a fair distance from the port. “Here. This area here seems to be the last location visited.”
11:07:45 PM <DM_ToA> He opens the journal to a picture of an amulet. “If you find this, and the shield guardian – I will give you a book of spells for your troubles. Even if you have no wizard…I'm sure you can find someone who will buy it?”
11:09:10 PM * *Miri rolls the map back up. “that is a generous gesture. is there anything else you can tell us?”
11:11:41 PM <DM_ToA> He thinks for a minute. “Get insect repellant…and beware that not all serpents crawl on their bellies.”
11:11:59 PM * *Kayalia groans.
11:12:03 PM <Stolanimus> (I am mindful of the late hour)
11:12:09 PM <Kayalia> (sleeeeeepy)
11:12:45 PM * *Miri nods “if there is nothing else then…i feel we should be going.”
11:12:55 PM <Dylan|> “That sounds ominous”
11:13:38 PM <DM_ToA> (We can stop here… I would much rather have you take on the jungle at the top of the game)
11:14:45 PM <Ash> (Probably a good spot to stop)
11:14:46 PM <Miri> (am i still here?)
11:14:51 PM <DM_ToA> As everyone else loads up on healthy snacks, wine and omnious declarations, this episode of Tomb of Annihilation * *comes to an end.

11:14:54 PM <Ash> (No, you left)

11:15:00 PM <Miri> (hardy har har)

11:15:15 PM <DM_ToA> *
* and close
11:15:25 PM <Miri> ( 21:14] * * +Miri nods “if there is nothing else then…i feel we should be going.” – can someone copy me everything that came after till i asked if i was here or not?

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