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 +[20:00] <​MGyST> ​ Regrouping back in the tea house, our group tries to plan what happens next in this episode of "The Maddening Gyre -- Episode 2"...
 +[20:00] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Shall I make my roll... and I know my bot is going to hate me as much as Tolbot)
 +[20:00] <​MGyST>​ (Sure!)
 +[20:00] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 9d10 6/10
 +[20:00] <​DABot>​ Results: 4, 7, 4, 4, 9, 8, 3, 8, 1 ([Successes:​ 4][Botches: 1][Total Sucesses: 3][ReRolls: 0])
 +[20:00] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (ROFL!)
 +[20:01] <​Zephyrella>​ (humps dabot)
 +[20:01] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (C'mon 2 more! I need 2 more!) ​
 +[20:01] * afan21 is now known as Julius
 +[20:02] <​MGyST> ​ The TV plays overhead... "In local news, the calls for the resignation of the County Cornoner reach a new level amid a fresh set of scandals...including releasing remains to people other than the deceased family. ​ With more on that, we take you to Candace Berkshire..."​
 +[20:02] * @Kya goes back to helping in the kitchen, unconcerned about the graffitti on the outside wall.
 +[20:03] <​MGyST> ​ Brianne walks over to the TV and turns down the volume.
 +[20:04] * Tasso is now known as `peter
 +[20:04] * `peter flips through a book
 +[20:05] * @Akuma_Tokai sits quietly and thinks through the information and looks at the TV
 +[20:06] <​MGyST> ​ The volume is off, but you can see a flash of Crystal'​s picture, followed by an elderly woman looking distressed.
 +[20:06] <​MGyST>​ (You guys did look at the graffiti, right?)
 +[20:06] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (indeed)
 +[20:06] <​`peter>​ (yes, we did)
 +[20:07] <​MGyST>​ (They look like similar to what was found on the wall of the Silver Slipper)
 +[20:07] <​`peter>​ (but protective in some way)
 +[20:08] <​MGyST>​ (right)
 +[20:08] * Tolman ( has joined #grovewood
 +[20:08] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tolman
 +[20:08] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Hiya Tol)
 +[20:08] <​MGyST>​ (Hey Tol)
 +[20:09] <​@Tolman>​ (Sorry, I won't be home for another half hour )
 +[20:09] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (It's aight, I got DABot upgraded to use until you get back. :) )
 +[20:09] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 2d10 6/10
 +[20:09] <​DABot>​ Results: 10, 7, 7 ([Successes:​ 3][Botches: 0][Total Sucesses: 3][ReRolls: 1])
 +[20:12] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (tis be thundering out, jus' saw some lightning too...)
 +[20:14] <​MGyST> ​ "​Don'​t need anything more disturbin'​ than what's goin' on now."
 +[20:14] * @Akuma_Tokai glances over at the speaker
 +[20:15] <​MGyST> ​ Brianne moves between the Tv and the register.
 +[20:15] <​MGyST> ​ There is another crash from the back
 +[20:15] * @Kya continue to help out Jimmy in the kitchen, kneeding some dough.
 +[20:15] * @Kya looks behind her shoulder.
 +[20:15] <​MGyST>​ "Dang it, Jimmy!"​
 +[20:16] * Tolman_ ( has joined #grovewood
 +[20:16] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tolman_
 +[20:17] * Tolman_ is now known as Ben
 +[20:17] <​MGyST> ​ Jimmy shrugs his shoulders
 +[20:18] * @Tolman ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
 +[20:18] * Ben is now known as Ben_T
 +[20:19] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "I sure hope they don't take every broken dish out of his pay..."​
 +[20:19] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Poor man would be losing money..."​
 +[20:19] <​`peter>​ "​Perhaps we should help finance some plastic flatware?"​
 +[20:22] <​MGyST> ​ Brianne heads to the back room.  Gary shuffles up to the register.
 +[20:23] <​MGyST>​ (What are you gong to do?  The sigils are largely protective.)
 +[20:23] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (storming here, pre-appology should my power poof)
 +[20:25] * `peter checks his watch.
 +[20:26] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (brb, gonna put the kidlets down to bed)
 +[20:30] * TolBot ( has joined #grovewood
 +[20:30] * Tolman ( has joined #grovewood
 +[20:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tolman
 +[20:30] <​@Tolman>​ `dice off
 +[20:30] <​TolBot>​ Dice function turned off. Use the command '​on'​ to resume dice functions.
 +[20:31] * @Ben_T ( Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPhone - http://​
 +[20:31] * TolBot waves goodbye to Ben_T
 +[20:31] <​`peter>​ "You said she was getting off work at 9?"
 +[20:32] <​MGyST>​ (Who?)
 +[20:32] <​@Kya>​ (The call girl fae)
 +[20:33] <​MGyST>​ (Oh, yeah -- here are my notes)
 +[20:33] <​`peter>​ (the fire-foot)
 +[20:33] <​MGyST>​ (It's about 6:45 now)
 +[20:34] * Tolman is now known as Ben_Tolifyr
 +[20:35] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (I'm back, I can kill DABot if you want to use Tolbot)
 +[20:35] * TolBot looks at Akuma_Tokai quizically.
 +[20:36] <​MGyST> ​ Brianne comes out with an armful of tea bottles, setting them in the case, while looking to Gary.  "You can use that right?"​
 +[20:36] <​MGyST> ​ Gary looks at the display. ​ "Touch the screen, right?"​
 +[20:37] <​MGyST> ​ Brianne shooes him away, towards the sandwiches. ​ "​I'​ll do this, you just...just...don'​t get underfoot."​
 +[20:39] * @Akuma_Tokai checks his phone, and goes back to going over everything they know so far
 +[20:39] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (I don’t care. now that your bot is on one line at least)
 +[20:40] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (I'll let Harl pick, he's the DM lol)
 +[20:41] <​MGyST>​ (Don't matter to me, as long as I can roll and get satisfactory results)
 +[20:42] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (just leave for now)
 +[20:42] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (kk)
 +[20:45] <​MGyST>​ Gary walks over to the TV and turns up the volume slightly. ​ The sport news is on -- complete with a picture of the local baseball team suffering through another losing streak.
 +[20:46] <​MGyST>​ (brb -- plot freely)
 +[20:46] * @Akuma_Tokai finishes off his coffee
 +[20:47] * Julius orders a hot tea
 +[20:47] <​`peter>​ "Rays are better, anyway."​
 +[20:50] <​MGyST>​ (...and a meteor strikes `peter dead...)
 +[20:51] <​`peter>​ (sorry, lived in St. Pete for a long while...)
 +[20:52] <​`peter>​ (The Red Sox were the best until they traded caveman to NY...)
 +[20:52] * @Ben_Tolifyr sips his tea
 +[20:53] <​MGyST>​ A man in a suit walks in, making his way right to Brianne. ​ He shows her some ID, and she takes him out the backdoor.
 +[20:53] * @Akuma_Tokai glances at the man, then follows, reaching over and flipping the strap off of his sidearm.
 +[20:54] <​MGyST>​ (A strange man with the nice lady who gives us free stuff? ​ KILL HIM)
 +[20:54] * Julius looks up at this,​follows after Akuma_Tokai
 +[20:55] <​MGyST>​ ("​Morpheus is fighting Neo!")
 +[20:56] <​MGyST>​ Outside, Brianne shows the man the sigils on the walls. ​ "​They'​ve been here for a few weeks. ​ I don't know if it's that tagging that gangs do, but it looks like that it took some effort. ​ Don't have the heart to paint over it, and no one's raised a fuss over it."
 +[20:57] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Yea, they'​re quiet nice, I'd leave them be myself."​
 +[20:58] <​MGyST>​ The man looks over, his demeanor hardens a little bit.  "And you are...?"​
 +[20:58] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Akuma Tokai, Department of Defense, yourself, sir?"
 +[21:00] <​MGyST> ​ He reaches into a pocket in his jacket and takes out a badge and an ID.  "Sgt. Hessel, Gang Taskforce. ​ I wasn't aware that the DoD was interested in the gangs out here in Florida."​
 +[21:00] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "The victim is known to us. Thats all I'm cleared to tell you."
 +[21:01] <​MGyST> ​ "Works for me." ​ He looks back to Brianne. ​ "​Anything missing or broken?"​
 +[21:02] <​MGyST>​ "No, sir.  Just this design."​
 +[21:03] <​MGyST> ​ The detective looks at the designs and back to Brianne.
 +[21:03] <​MGyST>​ (Everyone who is outside, roll Intelligence+Investigation diff 7)
 +[21:04] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (am I outside or in?)
 +[21:04] <​MGyST>​ (I'm going to say outside)
 +[21:05] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 5d10 7/10
 +[21:05] <​DABot>​ Results: 6, 1, 2, 1, 5 ([Successes:​ 0][Botches: 2][Total Sucesses: -2][ReRolls:​ 0])
 +[21:05] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Wow... )
 +[21:05] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ 5d10 7
 +[21:05] <​DABot>​ Results: 2, 1, 10, 9, 5, 5 ([Successes:​ 2][Botches: 1][Total Sucesses: 1][ReRolls: 1])
 +[21:06] <​MGyST>​ (Akuma turns his head and gets a faceful of sun...)
 +[21:06] <​Julius>​ 6d10 7/10
 +[21:06] <​DABot>​ Results: 10, 7, 10, 4, 1, 6, 3, 9 ([Successes:​ 4][Botches: 1][Total Sucesses: 3][ReRolls: 2])
 +[21:07] * @Ben_Tolifyr points.
 +[21:07] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ “That’s the mudman creature from the Hedge.”
 +[21:09] * Julius whispers to Ben_Tolifyr,"​Oi,​not so loud. Or do you want to reveal our existence to all mortals?"​
 +[21:10] * @Akuma_Tokai squints and turns towards Ben, and cocks his head in question.
 +[21:11] <​MGyST> ​ He hands her a card.  "If you should see anything odd, don't hesitate to call me." ​ He takes out his phone and clicks a few pictures of the sigils.
 +[21:12] <​MGyST>​ "Yes, sir.  I'll let you know first. ​ Have a good day."
 +[21:12] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Assuming Sgt Hessel is with the local PD?)
 +[21:13] <​MGyST>​ (Yep.)
 +[21:13] <​MGyST>​ Brianne looks to the trio (you guys) and grins. ​ "Never a dull moment in good old Grovewood, right?"​
 +[21:14] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Agreed..."​
 +[21:14] * @Ben_Tolifyr nods to Julius
 +[21:14] * Julius looks at Akuma_Tokai and nods pointedly at the detective
 +[21:15] * @Kya '​appears'​ back at the table, having been gone for who knows how long this time.
 +[21:15] <​MGyST>​ (Zeph is there, but she seems to be oddly quiet. ​ Everyone else is gone.)
 +[21:15] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Sergeant,​ I have a few questions for you if you don't mind..." ​
 +[21:16] <​MGyST> ​ Hessel stops and turns around. ​ "​Yes...agent?"​
 +[21:16] * @Kya looks around, then at Zephyrella expectingly.
 +[21:16] * `peter nods to Kya. "Come, sit. I will read you a story from Grimm'​s Fairy Tales"
 +[21:16] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Where were you yesterday, at oh say (whenever we saw the golem dude, I can't remember the date/time lol)"
 +[21:17] * @Kya looks suspicious.
 +[21:17] <​@Kya>​ "Which story?"​
 +[21:17] <​`peter>​ "Which would you like to hear?"
 +[21:17] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (replace yesterday with the proper date if need be please...)
 +[21:18] <​MGyST> ​ "I was at home, working on a missing person'​s case for a friend of mine."
 +[21:18] <​@Kya>​ "Any that don't involve the Boogyman, monsters that live in the closet, or evil witches that eat kids."
 +[21:19] <​MGyST>​ (effectively 90% of the Brothers Grimm)
 +[21:19] <​@Kya>​ "No sandman either."​
 +[21:19] * @Kya shivers
 +[21:19] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "I see... Many of those in these parts?" ​
 +[21:19] * `peter skims through the book and picks a story to read. (I'm not going to actually search for it, sorry)
 +[21:20] <​MGyST> ​ No more than most medium sized cities. ​ Mostly they'​re teens looking to show their parents how much in love they are with each other, or someone looking to get out of love.  Is there anything I can help you with, agent?"​
 +[21:20] * @Kya seems half-interested,​ and looks around frequently.
 +[21:21] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Yea, How can I contact you? Should I find something relevant that I'm cleared to share with the local PD."
 +[21:21] <​^ThEeYe^>​ (going to log guys and gals, have fun)
 +[21:21] <​@Kya>​ (See ya Sent)
 +[21:21] * ^ThEeYe^ ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [SeaMonkey 2.33.1/​20150321194901])
 +[21:21] * TolBot waves goodbye to ^ThEeYe^
 +[21:22] <​MGyST> ​ Hands Akuma a contact card.  "​Anytime."​
 +[21:22] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Thanks,"​ he reads the name on the card.
 +[21:23] <​@Kya>​ (Sgt. What'​sHisFace, ​ Dept. of I'm going to kill you later.)
 +[21:23] <​MGyST>​ (Sgt Andrew Hessel: Anti-Gang Initative Taskforce)
 +[21:24] <​MGyST>​ (Sgt. So-and-So of the South Florida So-and-So'​s,​ head of red herring advancement)
 +[21:24] * @Akuma_Tokai pockets the card, and hands one of his own over. "​Should you find out anything, please pass it along."​
 +[21:24] <​`peter>​ (yeah, herring...)
 +[21:24] <​MGyST>​ Sgt. Hessel walks around to the sidewalk and walks down a block to his staff car.
 +[21:25] * @Akuma_Tokai walks back to Peter and hands him the card.
 +[21:25] <​`peter>​ (ooc thought it would be Karl. sigh)
 +[21:25] * `peter looks at the card. "What do you want me to do with this?"
 +[21:25] <​MGyST>​ (I'm using Karl in something else)
 +[21:25] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Oh, Whos the bookworm? lol)
 +[21:26] * `peter files it in a book for later.
 +[21:26] <​@Kya>​ "​What'​s on the card?"
 +[21:26] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Get a chance find out what you can, better cover all our bases." ​
 +[21:27] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "AGIT ops are usually on the scene pretty damned quick.. doesn'​t seem right that he's lagging this far behind."​
 +[21:27] <​`peter>​ "​Contact info for the guy that walked through a while ago. Want me to search that before we go to the meeting?"​
 +[21:28] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "If you think you have the time."
 +[21:28] <​MGyST>​ (It's now 7:15)
 +[21:28] <​@Kya>​ "Is this guy a bad guy?  Want me to follow him?"
 +[21:28] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Not sure yet Kya... my nose is just twitching."​
 +[21:29] * @Kya reaches up and tries to scratch Akuma'​s nose for him.
 +[21:29] <​`peter>​ "I can try to swing by on the way to the meeting. I'll give you a call if I'm running late."
 +[21:29] * `peter stands and puts his books back in his pack. "See you all at the meeting."​
 +[21:30] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Thanks"​
 +[21:30] <​MGyST>​ (You notice that Kya has some flower under her fingernails)
 +[21:30] <​MGyST>​ (Flour)
 +[21:33] * @Ben_Tolifyr nods.
 +[21:34] * @Akuma_Tokai glances at Kya, "You know little lady... Flour is not used in Hot chocolate..."​
 +[21:34] <​@Kya>​ "Of course not, that would make it taste bad."
 +[21:34] <​`peter>​ (unless it is used to turn it into a microwave brownie...)
 +[21:35] * @Kya either doesn'​t seem to know what you're referring to, or is doing a good job of hiding it.
 +[21:35] <​MGyST>​ (If there is nothing else here, would y'all mind if I skipped ahead to the meeting with the Domme?)
 +[21:35] <​@Kya>​ (Sure)
 +[21:35] <​`peter>​ (should I research?)
 +[21:36] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (No problem.)
 +[21:36] <​MGyST>​ (what are you researching? ​ Andrew Hessel?)
 +[21:36] <​`peter>​ (asking my court if they know anything about him)
 +[21:37] <​`peter>​ (IDK... just a thought)
 +[21:40] * `peter meets up with the others at the appointed time.
 +[21:41] <​MGyST> ​ Danni -- the domme -- comes walking into the tea house at nine oclock. ​ She asks for a glass of iced tea and sits at a table. ​ She's dressed in plain clothes -- blue jeans, a light t-shirt, but it does little to hide the unearthly beauty she has.
 +[21:41] <​MGyST>​ (Face: Rose Leslie)
 +[21:42] <​@Kya>​ (You know nothing Jon Snow.)
 +[21:42] <​`peter>​ (remind me of how crazy S05E04 was, sure...)
 +[21:43] <​MGyST>​ (haven'​t gotten there yet...)
 +[21:43] * @Kya looks at Danni in a bit of awe.
 +[21:43] * @Akuma_Tokai takes a moment to look Danni over, then kicks back in his chair
 +[21:43] <​`peter>​ (no spoilers, just an annoyed glare at memory)
 +[21:43] <​MGyST> ​ She gets up and walks to the group. ​ "May I?"
 +[21:44] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Yes Ma'​am,"​ he stands and pulls out a chair for her.
 +[21:44] <​MGyST> ​ She looks like someone used to giving orders, not making requests.
 +[21:44] <​MGyST> ​ Sits down in the offered chair, absently dumping a packet of sugar into the iced tea.  "You wanted to ask me some questions?"​
 +[21:45] * @Akuma_Tokai sits back down himself, after making sure Danni is situated. "Not me particularly,​ but some of them."
 +[21:45] <​MGyST> ​ Looks at Kya out of the corner of her eye.
 +[21:49] <​MGyST> ​ Takes a sip of iced tea and looks to Akuma, then to Ben.  "​What'​s the question?"​
 +[21:51] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (I honestly don't remember if I had a question lol)
 +[21:52] <​`peter>​ (truthfully,​ I thought we were waiting to talk with the summer court lady...)
 +[21:52] <​@Kya>​ (It was something to do with her connection to the 1st murder if memory serves right... which it may not.)
 +[21:53] <​MGyST>​ (Voice of Cain: You wanted to ask her about the ashy foot prints outside the Silver Slipper)
 +[21:53] <​`peter>​ (but my memory isn't great right now.)
 +[21:53] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Oh, we found some ashy footprints near the scene, would you happen to know anything about them?" ​
 +[21:54] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (don’t ask me)
 +[21:54] * @Ben_Tolifyr looks at the lady, unimpressed.
 +[21:55] <​MGyST> ​ Looks back at Ben, her lips quirking a little.
 +[21:55] <​MGyST> ​ "Which scene would this be?"
 +[21:56] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Crystal'​s murder scene."​
 +[21:57] <​MGyST> ​ "I assure you, all the scenes I do are done in private...oh...I...umm...I have no idea about that.  I was in the studio looking over the books with my bookkeeper."​
 +[21:58] * @Kya looks confused.
 +[21:58] <​MGyST> ​ She takes a longer gulp of tea.  ​
 +[21:59] <​MGyST> ​ "​I...umm...I can call her -- my bookkeeper -- and she can confirm it."
 +[22:00] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (afk)
 +[22:01] * `peter enters and pulls up a seat nearby.
 +[22:01] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "You wouldn'​t happen to know of anybody who had a problem with Crystal, would you?"
 +[22:03] <​MGyST> ​ Danni fidgits with her glass. ​ "​Phoebe'​s asked me about this already. ​ There was no one that had a problem with Crystal in the court." ​ She gives Kya another sideways look.  "She wasn't hated outside the court either. ​ Anyone killing her was thought she was a regular person, or it was her fetch."​
 +[22:03] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "You seem awefully nervous, yet you're among friends."​
 +[22:05] * @Ben_Tolifyr ( Quit (Quit: Ben_Tolifyr)
 +[22:05] * TolBot ( Quit (Quit: TolBot)
 +[22:05] <​MGyST> ​ "​I'​m not happy about what happened, but it seems that most of my own court wants a scapegoat."​
 +[22:05] <​@Kya>​ 4d10 8
 +[22:05] <​DABot>​ Kya's Results: 6, 1, 5, 7 ([Successes:​ 1][Botches: 1][Total Sucesses: 0][ReRolls: 0])
 +[22:06] <​`peter>​ "​People always want simple answers. We want the truth."​
 +[22:06] * @Kya just seems enamoured with the woman.
 +[22:06] <​MGyST> ​ "If they find her fetch, they'​ll look to the deviant in their ranks."​
 +[22:07] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "I want no scapegoat, just information,​ I for one do not think you're involved, but your..."​ he thinks for a few seconds, "​position,​ may know some additional information due to your clientel." ​
 +[22:08] <​MGyST> ​ She snorts. ​ "​Really? ​ Let me tell you something about the biz, sugar. ​ If I suddenly got the need to make more money on the side, I wouldn'​t blackmail someone -- i'd just raise my prices."​
 +[22:08] <​MGyST> ​ Danni looks down at Kya.  "How old are you?"
 +[22:09] <​@Kya>​ "12... I think."​
 +[22:09] <​MGyST> ​ Brianne comes over to the table with a small scone and sets it in front of Kya.  "Here, sweetie." ​ She looks to the others. ​ "​Anyone need a refill?"​
 +[22:10] <​`peter>​ "​Coffee,​ please."​
 +[22:10] * @Kya smiles and ravenously devours the scone.
 +[22:10] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Brianne,​ got something a bit stronger for the lady?" ​
 +[22:11] <​MGyST> ​ "Got some strong coffee. ​ If you're thinking about alcohol -- no dice."
 +[22:11] <​MGyST> ​ "​I'​ll get you something to calm you down, ma'​am."​
 +[22:11] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "I agree, but with what you do, you're privy to what your clientel may say, in well lets just say, the heat of the moment. If you think of anything, no matter how small, you let me know ok?" he hands her a card. (I think I have a limitless supply of these.)
 +[22:11] <​MGyST> ​ "​Miss...and you can call me Danni."​
 +[22:13] <​MGyST> ​ Danni takes the card.  "If I hear something about Crystal, I'll let you know -- but between you and me...your best bet is finding her fetch."​
 +[22:14] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "I agree yet again; but, I honestly know not of where to begin in that search."​
 +[22:16] <​MGyST> ​ "​Crystal'​s fetch is still in town.  Head to the worse part of town, further south than the Slipper." ​ She slips Akuma a business card.  "Just in case you...miss it."
 +[22:16] * @Akuma_Tokai glances at the card, and pockets it.
 +[22:17] <​MGyST>​ (anyone else have questions?)
 +[22:18] <​`peter>​ (uh,,,)
 +[22:19] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Care to lose a couple hours together *wink wink* lol)
 +[22:21] <​MGyST> ​ She gets up from the table, heading to the counter, talking to Brianne a second, who hands her a to-go cup and a packet of honey. ​ She hands her a bill and walks away, pausing to wave to the others at the table.
 +[22:23] * @Kya waves
 +[22:23] * @Akuma_Tokai watches her as she leaves, secretly enjoying the view.
 +[22:23] <​`peter>​ "I suppose we have another possible lead. Not a complete waste."​
 +[22:24] <​MGyST>​ (In 6 years, Kya might have another job)
 +[22:24] <​@Kya>​ (Could be.  Kya's already manipulative,​ could easily add B to the end of that.)
 +[22:26] <​@Kya>​ "So what's a fetch? ​ Are we going to play fetch with Crystal'​s doggy?"​
 +[22:26] <​MGyST> ​ "Gary -- go to the store for me and get some more flour and a pop for me, would you?"
 +[22:27] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "A mark, or paid-partner"​
 +[22:27] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Or in her case, the '​fetch'​ was paying her."
 +[22:27] * TolBot ( has joined #grovewood
 +[22:27] * Tolman ( has joined #grovewood
 +[22:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tolman
 +[22:27] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (wb)
 +[22:27] <​@Kya>​ (WB)
 +[22:28] <​MGyST>​ (you missed it -- Kya's got a second job)
 +[22:28] <​`peter>​ "Do we risk that part of town tonight, or do we wait for morning and possibly lose the trail?"​
 +[22:29] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ ((testing a fix))
 +[22:29] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 1d10 5 
 +[22:29] <​DABot>​ Akuma_Tokai'​s Results: 10, 6 ([Successes:​ 1][Botches: 0][Total Sucesses: 1][ReRolls: 1])
 +[22:29] <​@Kya>​ "​Let'​s go tonight."​
 +[22:30] <​MGyST>​ (Night is coming on quickly)
 +[22:30] <​@Kya>​ "I like the night, I feel better when it's dark."
 +[22:31] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 1d10 5 
 +[22:31] <​DABot>​ Akuma_Tokai'​s Results: 4 ([Successes:​ 0][Botches: 0][Total Sucesses: 0][ReRolls: 0])
 +[22:31] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 1d10 5 
 +[22:31] <​DABot>​ Akuma_Tokai'​s Results: 8 ([Successes:​ 1][Botches: 0][Total Sucesses: 1][ReRolls: 0])
 +[22:31] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (I'll work on it later... had a problem pointed out)
 +[22:33] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (aight, its fixed lol)
 +[22:36] * DABot ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
 +[22:36] * TolBot waves goodbye to DABot
 +[22:36] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (hehe, I crashed it lol, thought of a bug I really should fix...)
 +[22:36] * @Kya waits for the others to either agree they should go out, or wait until morning.
 +[22:37] * DABot ( has joined #grovewood
 +[22:38] <​@Kya>​ (Stopping for the night?)
 +[22:38] <​`peter>​ "​Sounds like we should prepare for a night on the town." (and sleep sounds good)
 +[22:38] <​MGyST>​ (We can stop here)
 +[22:39] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (fixed the 1/1 infinite loop too...)
 +[22:39] <​MGyST>​ Akuma'​s phone rings
 +[22:39] * @Akuma_Tokai checks the caller id and answers, "This is Tokai."​
 +[22:39] <​MGyST> ​ "This is Agent Talon. ​ I'm taking the red eye to Florida. ​ Set a side a couple of hours in the morning because you're in way over your head.
 +[22:40] <​@Kya>​ (uh oh)
 +[22:40] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Excellent,​ can you bring me the file on a Sgt Andrew Hessel, local PD, while you're at it?"
 +[22:40] <​MGyST>​ ...and with the newfound knowledge that the case has become more of a monster than they considered -- this session of "The Maddening Gyre" comes to a close.
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