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 +[20:07] <​@MGyST> ​ The morning comes around in the second installment of "The Maddening Gyre -- Epsiode 2: Can't Stop A Killing Idea If It's Hunting Season"​. ​ Can our intrpeid motley find the murderer? ​ Will there be war?  Will Kya get her fill of hot chocolate before diabetes takes its toll? 
 +[20:07] <​+Julius>​ [fill of hot chocolate? pfffft. as if there is such a thing] 
 +[20:07] <​@Kya>​ (Hey, are you calling me fat?) 
 +[20:07] <​Dylan>​ (( I am Groot? )) 
 +[20:08] <​+`Peter>​ (fruity groot) 
 +[20:08] <​@MGyST> ​ Akuma and Zepharella have been questioned by the officers at the scene and admonished to not leave town without notifiying them first. ​ Now, at their de facto headquarters...they decide what to do next. 
 +[20:08] <​@MGyST>​ (...and go) 
 +[20:09] <​Dylan>​ (( I want to go Glamour Harvesting )) 
 +[20:09] <​@MGyST>​ (OK) 
 +[20:09] <​Zepharella>​ <me too...harvests dylan!? 
 +[20:09] * @Kya does what she does best... orders muffins and hot chocolate 
 +[20:09] <​Dylan>​ (( convince him to let you come along :) )) 
 +[20:10] <​@MGyST>​ Here you go, sweetie... -- Bri comes around with two muffins the size of an adult'​s fist.  She scribbles down something on a piece of paper and heads back. 
 +[20:10] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Zio, just got your text lol) 
 +[20:10] * +`Peter sits in the corner and reads yet another book. 
 +[20:11] * @Kya smiles brightly and devours the muffins like it is her last meal. 
 +[20:11] * Zepharella sighs leaning back against the seat massaging her head a bit. "All this excitement has left me a bit drained...It may be time to go to harvest soon for me..."​ 
 +[20:11] <​Dylan>​ (( yeah Dylan is already going Harvesting )) 
 +[20:11] <​Dylan>​ (( er he's already gone )) 
 +[20:12] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 4d10 7/10 
 +[20:12] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 8 7 1 1 ]: Failure ] 
 +[20:12] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (wow) 
 +[20:12] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 4d10 7/10 
 +[20:12] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 9 2 2 4 ]: 1 Success ] 
 +[20:12] <​@MGyST>​ (break even, Akuma) 
 +[20:13] <​@MGyST>​ (Dylan -- what's your emotion) 
 +[20:13] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (can’t see that last text color at all, mgyST) 
 +[20:13] <​Zepharella>​ <​yea...skyblue are painful>​ 
 +[20:13] <​@Kya>​ (agreed) 
 +[20:14] <​Zepharella>​ <​gottcha>​ 
 +[20:14] <​Zepharella>​ <and cant harvest of other changlings...darn...>​ 
 +[20:14] <​Dylan>​ (( nope )) 
 +[20:15] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (guessing we're all back at the coffee house?) 
 +[20:15] <​@MGyST>​ Here you go, sweetie... -- Bri comes around with two muffins the size of an adult'​s fist.  She scribbles down something on a piece of paper and heads back. 
 +[20:15] <​Zepharella>​ <thats what i thought>​ 
 +[20:15] <​@MGyST>​ (better?) 
 +[20:15] <​Zepharella>​ <​much>​ 
 +[20:15] * @Ben_Tolifyr sits down, sipping an Earl Grey 
 +[20:16] * +Julius sits down with a coffee 
 +[20:16] * @Kya smiles brightly and devours the muffins like it is her last meal. 
 +[20:16] * Zepharella pinches the bridge of her nose sniffing the steam off her green tea 
 +[20:16] * @Akuma_Tokai kicks back and drinks a coffee, waiting patiently for his phone to ring 
 +[20:17] <​+`Peter>​ "​Interesting references for that large guy last night. A few conflicting accounts, but all say we were lucky to get away."​ 
 +[20:17] <​Dylan>​ 8d10 7/8 
 +[20:17] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 3 5 10 6 1 3 1 9 6 6 ]: Failure ] 
 +[20:18] <​Dylan>​ (( ..... )) 
 +[20:18] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Yea, Tolbot is being eviller tonight... *gives Tolbot a bottle of Vodka*) 
 +[20:18] * TolBot smirks. 
 +[20:18] <​Zepharella>​ 8d10 7 8 
 +[20:18] <​TolBot>​ [Zepharella'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 9 10 7 3 6 2 7 7 5 6 ]: 5 Successes ] 
 +[20:18] <​Zepharella>​ <humps for the win 
 +[20:19] <​Dylan>​ 8d10 7/8 harvesting the Gobling Fruits 
 +[20:19] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 6 8 3 4 4 1 9 10 1 10 5 2 ]: 2 Successes harvesting the Gobling Fruits] 
 +[20:19] <​@Kya>​ "Are you talking about the big stony man?"​ 
 +[20:19] <​Dylan>​ (( the dice really really hate me )) 
 +[20:19] <​+`Peter>​ "Yes, Kya."​ 
 +[20:20] * Zepharella glances about to see who is milling about the coffee shop to possibly harvest some while she sits around. 
 +[20:20] * @Kya nods 
 +[20:20] <​@MGyST> ​ Akuma'​s Cell Phone Rings 
 +[20:21] <​@Kya>​ "I wasn't worried, I hide well."​ 
 +[20:21] * @Akuma_Tokai scoops up his phone and answers, "This is Tokai"​ 
 +[20:21] <​Dylan>​ 8d10 7/8 harvesting the Gobling Fruits - last roll for me 
 +[20:21] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 3 5 6 1 4 7 10 7 3 ]: 2 Successes harvesting the Gobling Fruits - last roll for me] 
 +[20:21] <​Dylan>​ 8d10 7/8 harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Peter 
 +[20:21] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 8 10 3 6 9 2 4 2 4 1 6 ]: 2 Successes harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Peter] 
 +[20:21] <​Dylan>​ 8d10 7/8 harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Julius 
 +[20:22] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 2 1 7 2 8 3 9 3 5 5 ]: 2 Successes harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Julius] 
 +[20:22] <​Dylan>​ 8d10 7/8 harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Zepharella 
 +[20:22] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 2 5 2 10 1 10 4 9 3 8 9 2 3 ]: 4 Successes harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Zepharella] 
 +[20:22] <​Dylan>​ 8d10 7/8 harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Kya 
 +[20:22] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 3 3 7 3 1 10 7 4 7 ]: 3 Successes harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Kya] 
 +[20:22] <​Zepharella>​ <bot likes me> 
 +[20:22] <​Dylan>​ 8d10 7/8 harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Akuma 
 +[20:22] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 4 6 8 7 3 2 3 2 8 7 ]: 4 Successes harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Akuma] 
 +[20:22] <​Dylan>​ 8d10 7/8 harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Ben 
 +[20:22] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 7 1 8 2 6 4 10 7 9 7 2 ]: 5 Successes harvesting the Gobling Fruits - Ben] 
 +[20:23] <​Dylan>​ (( <​incoherient babling> )) 
 +[20:23] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (So whats that do? add 4 Glamor? lol, I have no idea whats going on) 
 +[20:23] <​@MGyST>​ (Dylan is going out and getting goblin fruits, that will restore any glamour that you've used) 
 +[20:24] <​Dylan>​ (( 1 success per goblin fruit and each of you gets one fruit. )) 
 +[20:24] <​Zepharella>​ <cause we are fruity>​ 
 +[20:24] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (I got 5!) 
 +[20:25] <​@MGyST>​ (if you eat those, you can get a point of Glamour back) 
 +[20:25] <​@Kya>​ (Well I have to be given some first) 
 +[20:26] * Dylan arrives at the shop with a rather nice looking bunch of apples. But to the Changelings in the room these arent just apples but goblin fruits. he walked over to the Motle and starts handing them out to those present. "A Gift. They finally just rippened."​ 
 +[20:26] <​Dylan>​ (( done )) 
 +[20:26] <​+Julius>​ "Ah, thanks."​ 
 +[20:26] <​+`Peter>​ "Thank you."​ 
 +[20:26] <​@MGyST> ​ A man stands up and folds his phone. 
 +[20:26] <​@MGyST>​ "Mr. Tokai?"​ 
 +[20:26] * Zepharella perks and smiles warmly to dylan. "Thank you very much...i was just thinking about needing to harvest after the other night."​ 
 +[20:26] * @Kya looks at the fruit and sniffs it cautiously. 
 +[20:27] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​I'​m right here Sir."​ 
 +[20:27] * @Akuma_Tokai he waves to the man. 
 +[20:27] * Zepharella perks and glances to the man curiously 
 +[20:27] * @Kya holds up the fruit. 
 +[20:27] <​@Kya>​ "What is this thing?"​ 
 +[20:28] <​@MGyST> ​ A tall man, in his early 40's approaches the group, he holds out his hand.  "Mr. Tokai -- rather serendipious you're here.  Detective Akerman, homicide."​ 
 +[20:28] * @Akuma_Tokai offers a hand, "Akuma Tokai, VARiTECH Sytems, Department of Defense contractor."​ 
 +[20:29] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ “Dylan… thanks."​ 
 +[20:29] <​@MGyST> ​ "​Interesting. ​ Didn't think we had anyone here with a cushy Federal job."​ 
 +[20:29] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Cushy,​ I wish they keep me busy."  
 +[20:29] * Dylan just nods to the others and takes a seat down among the others. "Its a tasty fruit kya. Those "​apples"​ are sweet. Try it." 
 +[20:30] <​@MGyST> ​ Akerman chuckles. ​ "Would you mind coming over here and answering a few questions? ​ Just wanting to clarify something in the paperwork."​ 
 +[20:30] * Zepharella seductively chews on the '​apple'​ 
 +[20:30] * @Kya looks at it cautiously again before taking a small bite. 
 +[20:30] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Thats fine sir," he goes with the detective. 
 +[20:32] * @Kya eats it... slowly. Not overly impressed, but not unimpressed either. 
 +[20:32] <​@MGyST>​ Brianne comes back, she looks at the apples. ​ "Ohh -- those look nice.  Do you mind if I buy a couple?"​ 
 +[20:34] * Dylan frowned looking at Brianne. "Im sorry,​..that was all I had left. I have some more that arent quite ripe yet. When they do I'll make you guy get one. No charge."​ 
 +[20:34] * Zepharella perks up and looks much better after finishing hers 
 +[20:35] <​@MGyST>​ "Oh -- sure.  I can make some nice tarts out of those. ​ can I get y'all anything?"​ 
 +[20:36] * @Kya gets chills eating the fruit, and quickly finishes her fruit off. 
 +[20:36] <​Zepharella>​ "​Another green tea would be wonderful if you wouldnt mind Miss Brianne."​ 
 +[20:36] * @Kya eyes the remaining fruit. 
 +[20:38] <​@MGyST>​ "​Coming right up, ma'​am. ​ Anyone else?"​ 
 +[20:39] <​Dylan>​ "Just some water please bri,..and thank you."​ 
 +[20:39] <​@Kya>​ 3d10 8 
 +[20:39] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 3d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 4 6 10 6 ]: 1 Success ] 
 +[20:39] <​+Julius>​ "​Another coffee,if you don't mind."​ 
 +[20:41] <​@MGyST> ​ Brianne nods.  "​Leaded or unleaded?"​ 
 +[20:42] <​+Julius>​ "Eh?"​ 
 +[20:42] <​@MGyST> ​ She smiles. ​ "​Leaded it is.  Be right back, y'​all."​ 
 +[20:42] * @Kya slips away from the table and makes her way towards the back of the shop 
 +[20:43] <​Dylan>​ (( I only brought 1 fruit per person. I alrady ate mine )) 
 +[20:43] * +`Peter sips his coffee and flips the page. 
 +[20:44] <​@MGyST> ​ Brianne walks right behind Kya as if she doesn'​t see her.  She heads to the coffee maker and starts to make a new pot and gets the tea out. 
 +[20:45] * @Kya stares at the area around the pots and pans. 
 +[20:45] <​@Kya>​ 3d10 8 
 +[20:45] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 3d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 2 4 10 7 ]: 1 Success ] 
 +[20:46] <​@MGyST> ​ The elderly man sits on a chair by the mixer, smoking a cigarette. He sees Kya and nods. 
 +[20:46] * Dylan looks around at the others to see if anyhting new has comeup in thei search 
 +[20:46] * @Kya nods back and takes a seat. 
 +[20:48] * +`Peter looks up from the book and shrugs. 
 +[20:48] <​@MGyST> ​ Brianne doesn'​t look up from pouring a cup of coffee. "​Jimmy? ​ Do we need more eggs?"​ 
 +[20:49] * Zepharella licks the leftover juices from the friut from her fingers casually glancing around the shop for anyone who might be enjoying themselves a good bit. 
 +[20:51] <​@MGyST>​ (brb) 
 +[20:52] * @Akuma_Tokai joins the rest of the group, and eats one of the /apples/ 
 +[20:55] * Zepharella would smile to herself as she slowly rose from her seat and casually walks over to a customer enthused by his laptop and gives him a grin as she glances over to peek at what he was looking at, scanning him over gleeming into his desires. 
 +[20:56] <​@MGyST>​ Brianne comes back with a mug of tea and a server of cream and two sugars. ​ She hands Julius a hot cup of coffee. ​ "Fresh brewed. ​ Are y'all good?"​ 
 +[20:57] * Dylan looks around at the othres befor enodding alittle "I think we are Bri."​ 
 +[20:57] <​+Julius>​ "​Thanks."​ 
 +[20:57] * +Julius sips on his coffee while eating the fruit 
 +[20:58] <​@MGyST> ​ She smiles and goes back to the back.  She's talking to someone in the back, but you can't make out what she's saying. 
 +[20:59] <​+`Peter>​ "We still have more research to do. Anyone have any ideas?"​ 
 +[20:59] * @Akuma_Tokai finishes eating the whole apple, and starts on another. 
 +[21:00] * @Kya giggles audibly in the back. 
 +[21:00] <​Dylan>​ (( Only one goblin fruit/apple per member unless you stole it from someone else :) )) 
 +[21:01] * @Ben_Tolifyr eats a Goblin fruit after finishing his tea. 
 +[21:01] <​Dylan>​ (( any other appple would just be an apple:) )) 
 +[21:01] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (oh, ok) 
 +[21:01] <​@MGyST>​ (I see Akuma biting into it like a cartoon character, while Ben maintains his dignity) 
 +[21:01] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (oh you had 4 sucesses for me so I assumed it was 4 apples) 
 +[21:02] <​Dylan>​ (( nah, its one "​apple"​ that gives 4 glamour back )) 
 +[21:02] <​Zepharella>​ <1 apple, 4 glamour returned>​ 
 +[21:03] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (oh, ok.  so my apple gives me 5 glamor?) 
 +[21:03] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (I’m gonna have to read up on what glamour is) 
 +[21:03] <​Dylan>​ (( yes )) 
 +[21:03] <​Dylan>​ (( I do have cheatsheets up in the library )) 
 +[21:03] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (I assume it’s not that I now look mmmMARveLOUUUUUSSSS) 
 +[21:03] <​Zepharella>​ <glamour lets you use special abilities and '​spells'​ easy way to think of it as mana> 
 +[21:04] <​@MGyST>​ (or blood, or Gnosis, or Quintessence) 
 +[21:04] * +`Peter places his book into his bag and finishes his coffee. "Any new leads? I was thinking about checking the library for more reference material."​ 
 +[21:07] * Dylan nodded alittle watching the others. he'd done some service to the group for now. At the moment he was relaxing on his last day off before he had to return to work. "No leads here."​ 
 +[21:09] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (I don’t have any special abilities) 
 +[21:09] <​@MGyST>​ (just remember, y'all have a wide latitude when it comes to investiagtion... but not spelling: investigation) 
 +[21:10] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (or glamour, hehe) 
 +[21:11] <​Zepharella>​ <you should have glamour as you start with 1 wyrd> 
 +[21:11] <​Zepharella>​ <max 10 glamour, begin with half> 
 +[21:14] <​Dylan>​ (( you start with Glamour = to half of your Wyrd with a min of 1 )) 
 +[21:15] * @Kya emerges from the back room and heads over to the table. 
 +[21:15] <​+`Peter>​ "Give me a call if you need me. I'll be at the library."​ 
 +[21:16] <​@MGyST>​ (What are you going to research, Peter?) 
 +[21:16] <​+`Peter>​ (more about the golem, I suppose) 
 +[21:16] <​@MGyST> ​ Kya sits down at the table. ​ None of you noticed that she left.  Needless to say -- this is why you're not hired as babysitters in the local community. 
 +[21:17] <​Dylan>​ (( and not at all because she is a creepy and stealthy child. nope nothign to do with it )) 
 +[21:18] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ " Zepharella would you care to join me for a moment?"​ 
 +[21:18] <​@Kya>​ "So, I was thinking we should ask around the silver shoe place if anybody saw somebody with <insert girl fae who died name, that I think may have been Crystal?>​ 
 +[21:18] <​@MGyST>​ (OK... are you looking into golems in general? ​ or just hte German ones looking for Singvogel?​) 
 +[21:18] <​@MGyST>​ (Yep) 
 +[21:18] * Zepharella would perk up and head back over to akuma "Sure thing. How can i be of service?"​ She heads over to him 
 +[21:19] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "The man was Detective Akerman, with the police, asking about the knife and such, you should probably expect a call from them."​ 
 +[21:19] <​+`Peter>​ (german, but not particularly for singvogel) 
 +[21:20] <​Zepharella>​ "Ahh, I suppose so if that is the case. No need to worry though, just keep it to the simple '​facts'​./​ 
 +[21:20] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Indeed,​ told him it was found in the rabbit hole. Didn't really say much more."​ 
 +[21:21] <​@MGyST>​ (ok -- sustained roll with Intelligence and Academics. ​ Do it here and you need 7 successes at a difficulty of 8.  Do it in the library and you will start with one success) 
 +[21:21] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Just flaunt your stuff and bat your eyes, and you should be good."​ 
 +[21:22] <​+`Peter>​ 8d10 8/9 at library (research specialty) 
 +[21:22] <​TolBot>​ [`Peter'​s 8d10 (8Tgt/9Agn) [ 10 8 5 1 1 1 3 2 7 ]: Botched result of -1 at library (research specialty)] 
 +[21:22] * Zepharella snickers and winks. "Yes, should be simple enough. I just mentioned we found it in that hole and sent for the police right away."​ 
 +[21:23] <​@MGyST>​ (...and your library burns down...) 
 +[21:23] <​@MGyST>​ (No -- not really, but you can't find *anything* detailing that golem.) 
 +[21:23] <​@Kya>​ (After an unabridged dictionary falls on your head and knocks you out.) 
 +[21:24] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (dictionary hell, a Peter Jackson edited copy of The Hobbit...) 
 +[21:24] * +`Peter goes and talks to the librarians to see if they can help guide me to the answers. 
 +[21:24] <​+`Peter>​ (him, me, whatever...) 
 +[21:24] <​@MGyST>​ (... and Ben, tired of playing second fiddle to you -- decides to rearrange the library...under the Library of Congress filing system.) 
 +[21:25] <​Dylan>​ (( lol )) 
 +[21:25] * @Akuma_Tokai taps his fingers on the table a few times and hopes he gets a call asking him to come back to the scene. 
 +[21:25] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (  :)   ) 
 +[21:25] <​@MGyST>​ (Manipulation+either persuasion or Intimidation,​ 8 dif) 
 +[21:26] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (guessing thats for Peter lol) 
 +[21:26] <​+`Peter>​ (I have a merit in contacts. +1 die?) 
 +[21:26] <​@MGyST>​ (Yeah) 
 +[21:26] <​@MGyST>​ (What'​s your contact?) 
 +[21:27] <​+`Peter>​ 5d10 8 (persuasion,​ librarian contact) 
 +[21:27] <​TolBot>​ [`Peter'​s 5d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 6 4 1 10 3 1 ]: Botched result of -1 (persuasion,​ librarian contact)] 
 +[21:27] * Zepharella downs her tea and ponders for a moment. "Did he mention anything else about the secene byu chance? 
 +[21:27] <​Zepharella>​ <peter fails> 
 +[21:27] <​+`Peter>​ (I give up on this system of rolling.) 
 +[21:27] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Just if I saw anything else strange.. can't exactly tell him about that."​ 
 +[21:27] <​@MGyST>​ (The librarian gives you a funny look and says "​No...are you OK?"​) 
 +[21:28] <​@MGyST>​ (The the librarian catches on fire.) 
 +[21:28] <​Zepharella>​ "Fair enough...I suppose we need to look deeper...anything come back on that knife yet?"​ 
 +[21:28] <​+`Peter>​ "​Sorry,​ might'​ve gotten some of my history wrong."​ 
 +[21:28] <​@MGyST>​ ("​Mm-Hmm..."​) 
 +[21:30] * @Kya sips on her hot chocolate and looks around the table. 
 +[21:30] * Zepharella glances back to the fellow at the computer licking her lips as she considers quenching her thirst with him... 
 +[21:30] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Nope, not that they'd tell me atleast."​ 
 +[21:31] * +`Peter decides that the library search is futile and heads back to the coffee shop. 
 +[21:32] * Dylan takes a long drink of his water. he as being awkwardly silent at the moment. But at this point the others probably realized he wasnt really meaning to be awkward. he just had nothing to add or do to the ongoing right now. At least not until he came up with an idea or someone suggested somethign to him. 
 +[21:33] * Zepharella nods and grins up at him. "Well, hopefully we can learn a bit more soon...for now...i think i need some more...fruit..."​ she heads back over to the guy at the computer licking her lips lustfully as she leans over his shoulder and begins chatting with him about what he is looking at. 
 +[21:33] <​@Kya>​ "​Anybody want to go look at the crime scene again for more clues?"​ 
 +[21:33] * @Kya fidgets, and starts to look bored. 
 +[21:34] <​Zepharella>​ 6d10 8 9 socialize 
 +[21:34] <​TolBot>​ [Zepharella'​s 6d10 (8Tgt/9Agn) [ 9 9 1 2 4 8 8 3 ]: 3 Successes socialize] 
 +[21:35] <​@MGyST>​ (It is the middle of the day -- anyone at a strip club at noon more than likely wants to be left alone) 
 +[21:36] <​@Kya>​ (Like Kya cares) 
 +[21:37] <​@MGyST>​ (You'​re lucky this isn't school time...) 
 +[21:37] <​@Kya>​ (Again, like Kya cares) 
 +[21:37] <​@MGyST>​ (I think it would be fun to have you hauled off to a school and the other PCs have to try to get you out) 
 +[21:37] <​@Kya>​ (LOL) 
 +[21:37] <​+Julius>​ [lol] 
 +[21:37] <​Zepharella>​ XD 
 +[21:38] <​Dylan>​ (( sure, lets piss off Groot )) 
 +[21:38] * Zepharella would have a good laugh with the guy and return to the table a few minutes later, eyes glistening as she enjoys a very nice harvest. 
 +[21:38] <​Dylan>​ (( we all saw how that went )) 
 +[21:39] * @Kya gets up from her seat and looks for an empty couch. 
 +[21:39] <​Zepharella>​ "So, anything new from the library Master Peter?"​ 
 +[21:40] * +`Peter sighs. "No good research material on german golems, sadly."​ 
 +[21:40] <​@MGyST>​ (There'​s a couch tucked away on the other side of the room -- looks a little ratty and close to the fireplace) 
 +[21:40] * @Ben_Tolifyr watches Peter enter and the sees Kya move. “I have nothing else to do, so would go with you back to the scene if you think."​ 
 +[21:41] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ “But I’m not really cut out for any of this."​ 
 +[21:41] * @Kya pauses as she's about to get to the couch and looks back at Ben has if he just said the magic words. 
 +[21:41] <​+Julius>​ "I could go with as well."​ 
 +[21:41] <​Zepharella>​ "​Shame...well...that leaves us with the scene, or going back to the hedge to see if there is anything else we can find for now..."​ 
 +[21:41] <​@Kya>​ "​Let'​s go back and see if anybody saw anybody with the victim."​ 
 +[21:42] * @Ben_Tolifyr nods and stands. 
 +[21:42] <​Zepharella>​ "Field trip number two?"​ 
 +[21:42] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ “As I always tought my students, if you can figure it out, look at it from a different angle.’ 
 +[21:42] <​+`Peter>​ "I have little left to do for now. Unless I travel to the other library..."​ 
 +[21:43] <​@Kya>​ "​Let'​s go." 
 +[21:43] * @Kya waits by Julius'​ car. 
 +[21:43] <​@MGyST>​ (The other library calls -- you can stay there, they'​ll do the leg work) 
 +[21:44] <​+`Peter>​ (the fall court'​s library, that is...) 
 +[21:44] * +Julius lets Kya in his car,waits for anybody else riding with him 
 +[21:45] <​Dylan>​ (( crap Im behind )) 
 +[21:45] <​@MGyST>​ (ok -- you don't get the die for contact, but the difficulty is lowered by long as you don't ask nosy questions like: "Where did you get this?" and "Why does this smell like brimstone?"​) 
 +[21:45] * Dylan si going to join in on checking out the crime scene 
 +[21:45] <​@MGyST>​ (OK -- everyone'​s in going to the crime scene?) 
 +[21:46] * +`Peter wanders off from the others to go to his court'​s library. 
 +[21:46] <​@MGyST>​ (Peter'​s looking up golems, everyone else is taking the 12 year old to the strip club -- got it) 
 +[21:47] <​+Julius>​ [lol] 
 +[21:47] <​+`Peter>​ (can't be a bad influence on the girl) 
 +[21:47] * @Ben_Tolifyr loads in behind Kya 
 +[21:47] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (that’d be awesome if it was a Kia) 
 +[21:48] <​Zepharella>​ <le murr...>​ 
 +[21:48] <​@MGyST>​ (I put a picture on my timeline with a burleque dancer that looked [to me] like an older Kya would) 
 +[21:48] * @Akuma_Tokai loads up and heads to the scene himself 
 +[21:48] <​@MGyST>​ (look like -- friggin enter key...) 
 +[21:48] <​@Kya>​ (Could happen, the kid is effectively homeless.) 
 +[21:49] <​@MGyST>​ (The traffic is light for this time of day.) 
 +[21:49] <​Dylan>​ (( with as sneaky as kya is what makes you think anyone will notice )) 
 +[21:50] <​@MGyST> ​ At the Silver Slipper -- the lot stands mostly empty with only a single car parked in the back.  If there is any music on, it's barely audible through the walls. ​ The air seems laced with the feeling of quiet defeat. 
 +[21:50] <​Zepharella>​ "Well, at least we wont be bothered so much during the daytime..."​ 
 +[21:50] <​@MGyST>​ (true -- she's the only one who could walk in past the bouncers without notice) 
 +[21:50] * @Kya hops out of the car and goes up to the door. 
 +[21:50] <​@MGyST>​ (ohmigawd) 
 +[21:51] <​Zepharella>​ <ohaider im looking for a job> 
 +[21:51] <​@MGyST>​ (this is going to be the first session I'e played or run in which I will feel the need for a shower) 
 +[21:51] <​@MGyST>​ (Kya -- are you trying the door?) 
 +[21:51] <​@Kya>​ (lol) 
 +[21:52] <​@Kya>​ (Yup) 
 +[21:52] * @Kya tries the door handle, before anybody can react. 
 +[21:52] * @Kya knocks 
 +[21:52] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (are there still officers on scene?) 
 +[21:52] * Zepharella grins as she sees kya attempting the direct approach 
 +[21:52] <​+Julius>​ "​Ah,​Kya,​no,​not in there."​ 
 +[21:53] <​@MGyST>​ (Thankfully,​ no) 
 +[21:53] <​@MGyST>​ (If there were, you'd find out that CPS *does* have  SWAT team) 
 +[21:53] * @Akuma_Tokai goes over to the scene and immediately sets to investigating it 
 +[21:53] * Zepharella steps up behind kya quickly incase someone actually answers. 
 +[21:54] * @Kya looks up at Zepharella 
 +[21:54] <​@Kya>​ "Who locks a shoe store in the day time?"​ 
 +[21:54] * @Kya turns back to the door. 
 +[21:55] * Zepharella grins down at kya perhaps a bit too enthusiasticly. "I know...i heard such good things about the silver sandals..."​ 
 +[21:55] <​@MGyST>​ (you'​re not helping) 
 +[21:55] <​@Kya>​ "​Excuse me, my aunt went missing here the other night, can you help me?" 
 +[21:55] * @Kya starts pouring on the water works. 
 +[21:55] * Dylan is just hanging back for right now, looking over the area though mostly looking out towards the trees near 
 +[21:56] <​@MGyST> ​ "​WHAT?"​ 
 +[21:56] <​@Kya>​ "​My..."​ <​sniff>​ "​auntie went missing..."​ <sniff sniff> "​...from here the other night."​ 
 +[21:56] <​@MGyST> ​ A series of locks are opened and a guy sticks his head out the door.  He looks like Lemmy from "​Motorhead",​ but somehow filthier. 
 +[21:56] * Zepharella gives kya a hug and pouts. "We were trying to find out what happened to a dear family member of dont have to be so mean to my poor little child..."​ 
 +[21:57] * @Kya has tears streaming down her face. 
 +[21:57] * @Akuma_Tokai walks over to Zeph and Kya, and looks at the man standing in the door 
 +[21:57] <​@Kya>​ "Can you please help me find my auntie?"​ 
 +[21:57] <​@MGyST> ​ He rolls his eyes.  "​God'​s sake girl -- get away from here.  I don't want any more trouble from the cops." ​ He looks to Zeph.  "What the fuck are you thinking bringing a girl here?  Your aunt's missing? ​ Call the cops like everyone else."​ 
 +[21:58] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Cops, I can top that," he pulls out his badge, "​Department of Defense."​ 
 +[21:58] <​@Kya>​ "But please, if you saw her with anybody it would <sniff sniff> really help. 
 +[21:58] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Intimidate?​) 
 +[21:58] * @Ben_Tolifyr leans on the car. 
 +[21:59] <​@MGyST> ​ He starts to close the door and see Akuma. ​ "​Aww...fuck me cowboy." ​ He slips around the open door, closing it and making sure that Kya can not see inside. 
 +[21:59] <​Zepharella>​ "We did...they told us it was here at your club...we wanted to see for ourselves...have some descency to at least give us some closure on what has happened...we just want to know what became of her..."​ 
 +[21:59] <​@MGyST>​ (go on ahead Akuma) 
 +[21:59] <​@MGyST>​ (Ben -- wanna get in on making this guy feel even more uncomfortable than humanly possible?​) 
 +[21:59] <​@Kya>​ (You'​re lucky, I was totally going to use my persuasive powers of awesome to manipulate this guy into talking) 
 +[21:59] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (nope) 
 +[22:00] <​@MGyST>​ (Nope -- you'll just watch?) 
 +[22:00] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 4d10 7/10 
 +[22:00] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 9 2 1 5 ]: Failure ] 
 +[22:00] <​@Kya>​ (Like a good voyeur) 
 +[22:00] <​@MGyST>​ (BWAAHAHAHAHAAAA) 
 +[22:00] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (wow.. Guess I need to give Tolbot more booze) 
 +[22:00] * TolBot smirks. 
 +[22:01] <​Zepharella>​ <​lawl>​ 
 +[22:01] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "All I want to know is everything you can tell me about the victim and what happened."​ 
 +[22:02] <​@MGyST> ​ "Look -- I'll tell you what I told the detectives. ​ i didn't hear anything because of the music and my cameras haven'​t been replaced since the 90'​s. ​ None of my girls saw anything and they'​re under orders to not do anything with the clients in the dark.  That hoodoo-voodoo crap is still on the wall because I'm waiting for the OK to get rid of it." 
 +[22:03] * @Kya sobs. 
 +[22:03] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Assuming you gave the tapes to the police? And this hoodoo-voodoo crap, show it to me." 
 +[22:03] <​@Kya>​ "​Nobody saw who did that to auntie... <sob sob> 
 +[22:03] <​Dylan>​ (( we already went over the hoodoo thingie )) 
 +[22:03] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (I know ;) ) 
 +[22:04] <​@MGyST> ​ "​Fucking seriously? ​ A kid?  it's a bad day when *I* am the one telling you you're crappy guardians."​ 
 +[22:04] <​@MGyST> ​ The owner takes you all to the side of the building where the sigil was painted. 
 +[22:04] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "This wasn't here before?"​ 
 +[22:04] <​@MGyST> ​ "​That."​ 
 +[22:05] * Dylan is going to end up wandering around in the woods for a bit, just looking around in the daylight to see if he missed anything last time he was out here. 
 +[22:05] <​@MGyST> ​ "That thing'​s been here since the police showed up to tell me that someone got killed!"​ 
 +[22:05] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Alright,​ thanks. You think of anything else, give me a call, no matter how strange it may be," he hands him a card. 
 +[22:06] * Zepharella pouts and looks up at him pleadingly with a not-so-subtle hint of seductive persuasion. "Is there nothing else at all you might have '​forgotten'​ to tell the police?"​ 
 +[22:06] * @Ben_Tolifyr pulls out his device and takes a pic. 
 +[22:06] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 8/10 Streetwise 
 +[22:06] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 4 7 8 ]: 1 Success Streetwise] 
 +[22:06] <​Zepharella>​ 8d10 7 9 
 +[22:06] <​TolBot>​ [Zepharella'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 2 6 7 1 1 2 9 5 2 ]: Failure ] 
 +[22:07] <​Zepharella>​ <​darn...humps the bot to refresh>​ 
 +[22:07] <​@Kya>​ (Can I try pleading with him?) 
 +[22:07] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ () 
 +[22:08] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ 1d10 8 Streetwise 
 +[22:08] <​TolBot>​ [Ben_Tolifyr'​s 1d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 ]: Failure Streetwise] 
 +[22:08] <​@MGyST>​ (...or not) 
 +[22:09] <​Zepharella>​ <forgot 1 for specialty..herp>​ 
 +[22:09] <​Zepharella>​ 1d10 7 9 
 +[22:09] <​TolBot>​ [Zepharella'​s 1d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 5 ]: Failure ] 
 +[22:09] <​Zepharella>​ <​yep...nadda tonight...>​ 
 +[22:09] <​+`Peter>​ (Int/​Aca/​Research 7?) 
 +[22:09] <​@MGyST> ​ "Yeah -- every day I have this shit happening is a day I'm not making money to cover my costs. ​ Get this shit taken care of!" 
 +[22:10] <​@MGyST>​ (Yep -- Peter) 
 +[22:10] <​+`Peter>​ 8d10 7/9 
 +[22:10] <​TolBot>​ [`Peter'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 2 6 6 1 6 3 10 8 10 7 ]: 3 Successes ] 
 +[22:10] <​@Kya>​ "​Please mister. ​ I know you're mad, but if you know anything you didn't tell the police, would you please tell me." 
 +[22:10] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (I the only one thinking making 1’s bold is pointless and even annoying?​) 
 +[22:10] <​+`Peter>​ 8d10 7/9 
 +[22:10] <​TolBot>​ [`Peter'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 10 2 1 7 9 6 4 9 6 5 8 ]: 4 Successes ] 
 +[22:10] * @Kya continues to cry 
 +[22:10] * Zepharella sighs and goes to looking about the scene a bit more in depth if he wont help a poor crying girl. 
 +[22:11] <​+`Peter>​ 8d10 7/9 
 +[22:11] <​TolBot>​ [`Peter'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 3 7 8 5 8 6 8 1 ]: 3 Successes ] 
 +[22:11] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 8/10 What do I see? 
 +[22:11] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 1 4 4 6 ]: Botched result of -1 What do I see?] 
 +[22:11] <​Zepharella>​ <​hopefully not finding the used condom again this time...>​ 
 +[22:11] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (no, this time you're wearing the used condom on your nose...) 
 +[22:12] <​Zepharella>​ <eew 
 +[22:12] * Dylan notices a car start to pull into the parkinglot. However they quickly turna round and leave. With as much aaccuracy as he can muster (none at all here) he tried to get as much information about the car as he can 
 +[22:13] * Dylan looks around to see who all is standing by themselve, not near any mortals, and walks over to one of them to let them know what he just noticed. 
 +[22:13] * @Kya pouts as she is ignored. 
 +[22:14] * Dylan would be walking over to Ben 
 +[22:14] * @Ben_Tolifyr nods at Dylan as he walks up. 
 +[22:15] <​@MGyST> ​ The owner turns around and walks away, muttering obscenities 
 +[22:15] <​Dylan>​ "I just noticed a car pull into this parkinglot,​..but then it quickly pulled away pretty quickly."​ 
 +[22:15] * Zepharella hugs kya and just shrugs off the angry pimp man trying to comfort kya while examining the scene in daylight. 
 +[22:15] <​@Kya>​ "​MEANIE!"​ 
 +[22:15] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (Kya is a young girl?) 
 +[22:15] <​Zepharella>​ 3d10 
 +[22:15] <​TolBot>​ [Zepharella'​s 3d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 3 8 2 ]: 1 Success ] 
 +[22:15] <​@MGyST>​ (Everyone looking must roll their Intelligence+Investigation,​ diff 7) 
 +[22:16] <​Zepharella>​ <​yes...yes she appears to be as such) 
 +[22:16] <​@MGyST>​ (Yeah -- Kya's 12) 
 +[22:16] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 4d10 7/10 
 +[22:16] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 2 3 9 5 ]: 1 Success ] 
 +[22:16] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ 5d10 7 investigation 
 +[22:16] <​TolBot>​ [Ben_Tolifyr'​s 5d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 8 1 8 5 3 ]: 1 Success investigation] 
 +[22:16] <​@Kya>​ 3d10 7 
 +[22:16] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 3d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 10 10 4 8 10 7 ]: 5 Successes ] 
 +[22:16] <​+Julius>​ 6d10 7 
 +[22:16] <​TolBot>​ [Julius'​s 6d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 1 7 5 2 2 8 ]: 1 Success ] 
 +[22:16] <​@Kya>​ (Suck it, 5 successes on 3d10!) 
 +[22:16] <​Zepharella>​ <go kya!> 
 +[22:17] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (ok, noted that I’ll no longer listen to her) 
 +[22:17] <​Zepharella>​ <​lol>​ 
 +[22:17] <​@Kya>​ (lol) 
 +[22:17] <​Zepharella>​ <silly wizened>​ 
 +[22:17] <​@MGyST>​ (OK -- figure out 8 questions to be asked -- no, "Who killed Crystal?"​ doesn'​t count. 
 +[22:18] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?) 
 +[22:18] <​+Julius>​ [three] 
 +[22:18] <​Zepharella>​ <who can tell us who killed crystal?>​ 
 +[22:18] <​@MGyST>​ (324 as evaluated by a machine at MIT -- 1 down, 7 to go) 
 +[22:19] <​@MGyST>​ (The killer can) 
 +[22:19] <​+Julius>​ [the machine doesnt take the bite factor into account] 
 +[22:19] <​@Kya>​ (Was she seen with anybody on the evening of her death?) 
 +[22:19] <​@Kya>​ (Who does she usually associate with?) 
 +[22:20] <​@MGyST>​ (Seen by?  Looking arouhnd, you can see where some of the grass has been trodded down by someone with large feet) 
 +[22:20] <​@Kya>​ (Was anybody carrying any bags with them, or had any weapons taken by the bouncers that evening?) 
 +[22:20] <​@MGyST>​ (Associate? ​ Summer Court largely. ​ Spring Queen [related]) 
 +[22:21] <​@MGyST>​ (No weapons were taken -- you get that much from the door bouncer that you manage to guilt into answering questions. ​ No one with bags are allowed in) 
 +[22:24] <​Dylan>​ (( maybe ask about the woods? )) 
 +[22:24] <​@MGyST>​ (5 questions) 
 +[22:24] <​Dylan>​ (( oh yeah Im walking out into the woods lol )) 
 +[22:26] <​@Kya>​ (Are there any new people who have been hanging around lately that look suspicious?​) 
 +[22:26] <​@MGyST>​ (Yes -- ask Dylan) 
 +[22:27] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 7/8 Stealth walking in the wooods 
 +[22:27] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 3 3 8 8 4 3 ]: 2 Successes Stealth walking in the wooods] 
 +[22:28] <​@Kya>​ (I'm running out here, other people chime in.) 
 +[22:29] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (I already asked mine to the dude so I don't really havea nything else to ask) 
 +[22:29] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 8/10 Examining the rabbit whole and area around it for stuff. 
 +[22:29] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 8 3 10 2 7 ]: 2 Successes Examining the rabbit whole and area around it for stuff.] 
 +[22:29] * @Ben_Tolifyr starts playing “Angry Birds The Hedge” on his device, still leaning against the car. 
 +[22:30] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (I’m assuming there’s a Fae App Store that mortals can’t see) 
 +[22:30] <​Zepharella>​ <what did we miss in the hedge? :P> 
 +[22:31] <​@MGyST>​ (You shoot the birds over the Hedge...but they keep disppearing...) 
 +[22:31] <​Dylan>​ 5d10 8/9 Tracking mysterious footprints 
 +[22:31] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 5d10 (8Tgt/9Agn) [ 2 2 4 5 8 ]: 1 Success Tracking mysterious footprints] 
 +[22:32] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 7/8 Stealth walking in the wooods 
 +[22:32] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 1 3 9 9 1 1 ]: Botched result of -1 Stealth walking in the wooods] 
 +[22:32] <​Dylan>​ (( IM OVER HERE! )) 
 +[22:33] <​@MGyST>​ (Even Ben can see Dylan) 
 +[22:33] <​@MGyST>​ (Dylan sucks at being a tree in the forest) 
 +[22:33] <​Zepharella>​ <XD in that case...ill go join dylan :P> 
 +[22:33] <​@MGyST>​ (You can't miss him) 
 +[22:33] <​Dylan>​ 1d10 8/10 keep going ot go back 
 +[22:33] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 1d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 4 ]: Failure keep going ot go back] 
 +[22:34] <​Zepharella>​ <now dylan...when they say '​weeping willow'​ that doesnt mean you actually have to cry.> 
 +[22:34] <​@MGyST>​ (brb) 
 +[22:34] * @Kya turns off the water-works when the scummy guy leaves and almost immediately regains her composure. 
 +[22:34] * Dylan turns around at teh fence he reached while tracking the odd foot prints and goes back to the parkinglot now to get reinforcements and someone with a fancy, all important badge 
 +[22:35] <​Zepharella>​ "See anything interesting in the woods? 
 +[22:35] * Dylan nods "I found tracks by the rabbithole. Gather everyone up." then he turns around and starts to walk right back into the woods and that damn rabbit hole 
 +[22:36] * Zepharella gives a whistle to the distracted ones and starts headding after dylan. 
 +[22:36] * @Kya follows 
 +[22:37] * +Julius follows as well 
 +[22:39] <​Dylan>​ (( anyone else going to follow? like the person with the fancy badge? )) 
 +[22:39] * @Akuma_Tokai follows quietly 
 +[22:40] * @Ben_Tolifyr turns and follows 
 +[22:40] * Dylan once at the rabbit hole here merely points to a a scorch mark near by. "​Tracks"​ he said then points to a few more and follows them once again. Further down the way they reach a fence that leads into a low incom housing area that. he motions to some burn marks here that go up the fence. "​Something climed this."​ 
 +[22:40] <​@MGyST>​ (Kya wins the Oscar) 
 +[22:41] <​Dylan>​ (( soryr, a low-middle neighborhood )) 
 +[22:41] * Zepharella glances at the prints examining the burns and such. "​Firebug?"​ 
 +[22:41] <​@Kya>​ (Thank you, thank you, I'd like to thank the '​little'​ people who made this possible.) 
 +[22:44] <​@MGyST> ​ The neighborhood is a little run down, but not so bad as to be considered "a Bad Neighborhood"​ 
 +[22:45] * Dylan will start to climb the fence now that he has backup 
 +[22:46] <​@MGyST> ​ You pop your head up and see a couple more flame footprints leading to a road. 
 +[22:46] * Dylan hops over the fence and will start to follow those foot prints as well. 
 +[22:47] <​Dylan>​ (( groot the bloodhound at your service )) 
 +[22:47] <​@MGyST>​ (he's a dogwood) 
 +[22:47] * @Kya climbs over the fence to join Dylan. 
 +[22:47] * +Julius follows 
 +[22:47] * Zepharella follows after keeping an eye out for anyone that might be curious, suspicious, or otherwise worth noting 
 +[22:48] <​Zepharella>​ 5d10 passive perception 
 +[22:48] <​TolBot>​ [Zepharella'​s 5d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 8 7 10 4 3 9 ]: 4 Successes passive perception] 
 +[22:48] <​@MGyST> ​ The footprints are long, like whoever it was was running 
 +[22:48] <​Dylan>​ (( )) 
 +[22:49] * Dylan is going to keep following after the footprints for as long as he can. As long as others are watching his back he will keep going 
 +[22:49] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (sorry guys… I gotta go afk a bit) 
 +[22:50] * Zepharella pauses at a set of prints and looks closer. "​Well...i can narrow down our possibilities of suspects by about half...these are definitely female feet..."​ 
 +[22:50] <​@MGyST>​ (ok) 
 +[22:50] * Dylan nods alittle "And Elemental most likely"​ 
 +[22:50] <​@MGyST> ​ You come to the edge of the yard, where the road starts 
 +[22:51] <​Zepharella>​ "Tis a firebug"​ 
 +[22:51] <​@MGyST>​ (Sounds like a good place ot wrap up...) 
 +[22:52] <​Dylan>​ (( k )) 
 +[22:52] <​Zepharella>​ <​mk>​ 
 +[22:52] <​+Julius>​ [ok] 
 +[22:52] <​@Kya>​ (OK) 
 +[22:53] <​@MGyST> ​ Armed with new knowledge to the pereptrator of this horrible murder -- we come to the end of this session of "The Maddening Gyre:  Can't Stop A Killing Idea If It's Hunting Season."​
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