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 +[19:39] <​MGyST>​ (OK -- to recap: everyone'​s at the table but Kya, who is spying on the barrista)
 +[19:40] * Ryu is now known as Akuma_Tokai
 +[19:40] <​MGyST>​ (got forth, my murder hoboes!)
 +[19:41] <​Dylan>​ (( also I here by dub kya as Sally, from Nightmare before Christmas :) ))
 +[19:41] * Zephyrella leans back and sighs. "​Hopefully we can find something in the Hedge that can lead us down the trail."​
 +[19:42] * @Akuma_Tokai quietly spins his phone on the tablet as he waits for a callback
 +[19:42] * Dylan looks around at the others for a moment before finishing the last of his tea. "​Before we get there I need to go collect some things."​
 +[19:44] <​@Kya>​ (Sally Wednesday Lydia at your service.)
 +[19:44] * Zephyrella nods. "Well, now is as good a time as any to get any last minute things for the trip. I think I have everything I need already."​
 +[19:46] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 7d10 8/10
 +[19:46] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 7d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 3 4 5 4 2 10 9 1 ]: 1 Success ]
 +[19:46] <​MGyST>​ (4 successes so far)
 +[19:47] <​@Kya>​ (So on a reroll, the 1's count against you?)
 +[19:47] <​MGyST>​ (yes)
 +[19:47] * Dylan rises from his seat, looking around at the others. "Call if you move before I return."​ and unless someone stops him he starts heading out of the shop and goes back home.
 +[19:47] * Peter` puts the ebook reader away. "​Ready."​
 +[19:47] <​MGyST>​ (I don't think anyone is going to stop you)
 +[19:47] <​Julius>​ "Ready as I'll ever be."
 +[19:48] <​MGyST>​ (OK -- who's going to ride with who?  it's a good distance to the seedy end of town)
 +[19:48] <​@Kya>​ (Makes rolling a 10 suck if that was your only success and it turned into a failure with a 1 on the reroll.)
 +[19:49] * @Kya continues to hide, watching what's going on in the kitchen.
 +[19:49] <​^ThEeYe^>​ (have fun guys, i am going to pass out for a while)
 +[19:49] * ^ThEeYe^ ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [SeaMonkey 2.33.1/​20150321194901])
 +[19:49] * TolBot waves goodbye to ^ThEeYe^
 +[19:51] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (sorry, parents called)
 +[19:53] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​C'​mon,​ Jack... don't tell me you're off of your game today..." ​
 +[19:55] <​MGyST>​ (Is everyone going to head off to the Silver Slipper?)
 +[19:55] <​Zephyrella>​ <is waiting for Dylan>
 +[19:56] * @Akuma_Tokai stands and shoves his phone back into its case, and walks up to the counter
 +[19:56] <​Dylan>​ (( you can call him and tell him to meet there ))
 +[19:57] * @Ben_Tolifyr stands up and moves over to Kya, “Are you going with everyone to the Silver Slipper?”
 +[19:58] <​@Kya>​ (Kya is hiding, not sure you'll be able to find her without looking.)
 +[19:59] <​MGyST>​ (Do you go looking for her?)
 +[20:00] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ 4d10 7 to find Kya
 +[20:00] <​TolBot>​ [Ben_Tolifyr'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 6 4 3 10 3 ]: 1 Success to find Kya]
 +[20:00] * Zephyrella shoots Dylan a text 'meet you at teh silver slipper. checking out the streets while you catch up.'
 +[20:00] * @Ben_Tolifyr looks around for Kya.
 +[20:00] * @Akuma_Tokai looks over at the Barista once he's at the counter and sets a $100 bill down, "​Ma'​am,​ can you make sure the little one, the one that got the hot cocoa, always gets what she wants? If that runs out jus' let me know as I'm here often enough."​
 +[20:01] <​@Kya>​ 8d10 7 9
 +[20:01] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 8d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 4 1 9 2 8 5 3 8 4 ]: 2 Successes ]
 +[20:01] <​MGyST> ​ The barrista pokes her head out from the back.  "​That'​s sweet of you, sir.  I'll make sure she get's what she wants.... I'm coming, Jerry."​
 +[20:01] * Dylan just respond to the text with a '​K'​ and once finished gathering up some supplies he'll head over to the Silver Slipper
 +[20:03] * @Ben_Tolifyr shrugs.
 +[20:03] * @Akuma_Tokai looks to the others, "​I'​m heading to the scene."​
 +[20:03] * @Ben_Tolifyr turns and follows Akuma.
 +[20:03] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (assuming I drove there?)
 +[20:03] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ “Should most of us go?”
 +[20:04] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (or rather, drove here...)
 +[20:04] <​MGyST>​ (Who hitchhiked?​)
 +[20:04] <​@Kya>​ 2d10 6
 +[20:04] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 2d10 (6Tgt/​10Agn) [ 4 4 ]: Failure ]
 +[20:04] <​Peter`>​ "I will come. I do not run from what I fear."
 +[20:05] <​Julius>​ [i probably drove,will be going to the silver slipper]
 +[20:05] <​Zephyrella>​ <no hitchhiking for this chick. vroom vroom>
 +[20:05] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "I have room... should any of you need a ride."
 +[20:05] <​Dylan>​ (( Public Transportation! ))
 +[20:06] <​MGyST>​ Kya seems to appear out of nowhere by the door with a to-go cup of hot chocolate.
 +[20:06] * @Ben_Tolifyr follows Akuma.
 +[20:06] * @Kya smiles.
 +[20:06] * @Akuma_Tokai looks at Kya, "Need a ride little one?"
 +[20:07] * @Ben_Tolifyr looks at Kya and nods.
 +[20:07] * @Kya looks suspiciously at Akuma, then over at Julius.
 +[20:07] <​@Kya>​ (If Julius hasn't left yet.)
 +[20:07] <​MGyST>​ (Nah -- Kya will drive.)
 +[20:07] * Julius ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
 +[20:07] * TolBot waves goodbye to Julius
 +[20:07] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (you summoned the peer monster!)
 +[20:08] <​MGyST>​ ((So...Julius teleports...anyone else?
 +[20:09] <​MGyST>​ ((So, shall we assume everyone trundles in one car or another and head out to the Silver Slipper -- that bastion of taste and art?)
 +[20:09] <​Dylan>​ (( sounds good ))
 +[20:10] * Julius ( has joined #grovewood
 +[20:10] <​@Kya>​ "I guess. ​ Looks like Big Brother already left.  People forget me a lot, because I'm little."​
 +[20:10] * @Kya hops in the passenger seat of Akuma'​s car.
 +[20:10] <​Zephyrella>​ >yes yesindeed>​
 +[20:11] * @Akuma_Tokai opens the door of his work car
 +[20:12] * @Akuma_Tokai gets in makes sure Ben and Kya are situated then heads down to the Silver Slipper.
 +[20:12] <​MGyST> ​ The band of The Lost head down the Interstate to the Silver Slipper...where glass, steel and asphalt give way to tarmac, cinder block and dying dreams.
 +[20:13] <​Zephyrella> ​ "Ahh the slums...what a wonderful memory..."​
 +[20:14] <​MGyST>​ ((The Silver slipper is a one story, yellow building with a green roof that might have seen better days....when all of this was farmland. ​ Located off the Interstate, it's dominated by liquor stores, trailers and seedy third rate strip clubs -- no, trust me...they are not Gentleman'​s Clubs.))
 +[20:15] <​Zephyrella>​ <​ no gentle man either>
 +[20:15] <​MGyST>​ Even with the prescence of police cruisers and yellow crime scene tape, there are still cars parked outside. ​ The thud of the bass is clearly audible.
 +[20:15] <​MGyST>​ (You might get a job here, who knows?)
 +[20:16] <​Zephyrella>​ <maybe i already do? XD>
 +[20:16] <​Peter`>​ "I don't know which scares me more; this place, or beyond the hedge."​
 +[20:16] <​MGyST>​ (I'd not list them as a reference...just saying)
 +[20:17] <​Zephyrella>​ "Im kind of interested to see what the hedge looks like in a place like this..."​
 +[20:17] <​Zephyrella>​ <XD>
 +[20:17] * @Akuma_Tokai pulls up behind a police cruiser and shuts his car off, after putting it in park of course, gets out, and looks for whoever seems to be in charge
 +[20:18] <​MGyST>​ (Akuma -- the least bored cop looks you over and started to approach you.)
 +[20:18] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (you all talking about the hedge, it makes me wonder if thats where all my missing socks that the washer/​drier has eaten)
 +[20:18] <​MGyST> ​ "This is an active crime scene, sir.  If you want to go in the club, that's fine, but just please be careful."​
 +[20:19] <​MGyST>​ ((Yes -- the Gentry lust for warm socks and towels))
 +[20:19] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Sir, I'm Akuma Tokai, with the Department of Defense, the victim is known to us. Care to bring me up to speed?"​ he shows his badge and identification.
 +[20:19] * Zephyrella follows up behind Akuma looking over the scene from this side. "​Well...doesnt this look wonderful"​
 +[20:19] * Dylan Eventually would show up after the departure of a bus spot near by. hanigng off of one shoulder was a bag, simple cloth that he held onto with one hand carefully. As he looked around he tried to guage the area for any hedge gates that could be close by.
 +[20:20] <​MGyST>​ (Where'​s Kya?)
 +[20:20] <​Dylan>​ (( so stealthy the ST lost tracker of her ))
 +[20:20] <​Julius>​ [lol]
 +[20:20] * @Ben_Tolifyr moves along, examining the scene.
 +[20:21] <​@Kya>​ (Kya is probably still in Akuma'​s car)
 +[20:21] <​@Kya>​ (Or raiding your fridge)
 +[20:21] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (probaby enjoying the leather seats and candy in the glove box)
 +[20:21] <​@Kya>​ (Candy?)
 +[20:21] <​Zephyrella>​ <candy mountian!>​
 +[20:21] <​@Kya>​ (CHARLIE!!!)
 +[20:22] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Yes, I'm bad.. I keep Skittles, Starburst, and Mints in my glove box XD)
 +[20:22] * @Kya peers over the dash and watches.
 +[20:23] <​Dylan>​ 3d10 8/10 Sensing Active Hedge Gates
 +[20:23] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 3d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 1 4 2 ]: Botched result of -1 Sensing Active Hedge Gates]
 +[20:23] <​Dylan>​ (( somehow I saw that coming ))
 +[20:25] <​MGyST>​ The borded cop looks at the others. ​ "Hey -- are you going inside or not?"
 +[20:25] <​MGyST>​ 5d10 7/10
 +[20:25] <​TolBot>​ [MGyST'​s 5d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 9 6 3 1 4 ]: Failure ]
 +[20:25] <​MGyST>​ (wow)
 +[20:25] <​Dylan>​ 5d10 6/10 Actively looking for gates
 +[20:25] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 5d10 (6Tgt/​10Agn) [ 10 1 3 6 7 5 ]: 2 Successes Actively looking for gates]
 +[20:26] * Zephyrella perks seeing Dylan and heads over to him. "Find what you needed?"​
 +[20:27] * Dylan nods as he approches Zephyrella "Found an entrence."​ he said bluntly before trying to approch Akuma now. not really thinking about police protocols or anything. Someone might want to stop him.
 +[20:28] <​MGyST> ​ A man -- obviously drunk because you can smell the booze from six feet away stumbles out of the door, laughing as he bounces off a car.
 +[20:28] <​MGyST>​ (Do you head to the tape?)
 +[20:28] * Zephyrella nods and snags his arm as he tries to walk on by. "Hold up cowbow. Need akuma to just walk in on the crime scene."​
 +[20:28] <​Dylan>​ (( yeah, if Akuma is on the other side of it ))
 +[20:29] <​MGyST> ​ He squints at the badge. ​ "Yeah -- looks like a gang killing. ​ We get them here every now and then.  Don't know why that has to do with DoD."
 +[20:30] * Dylan stops looking at Zephyrella for a moment then shrugs his shoulders and decides to wait. Its pretty clear he doesnt get it though. "Those Glyphs are a way over."
 +[20:30] <​MGyST> ​ The officer looks over his shoulder. ​ "​Tavish -- call dispatch and patch it through to me."
 +[20:30] <​MGyST>​ The other officer turns slightly and addresses the radio on his shoulder.
 +[20:30] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Well, theres a fair bit that I can't say, but lets just say she was friendly with some people who have clearance into some things that are best not spoken about. Mind if I take a look around?"​
 +[20:31] <​MGyST>​ (roll your Composure and Persuasion -- diff 7, 2 successes
 +[20:31] * Peter` stands and listens to the conversation from a safe distance.
 +[20:32] <​Zephyrella>​ "Oh? Best we wait till Akuma makes friendly with the po-po so we can examine at our own freedom. But I am curious to see what we have."
 +[20:32] * Julius watches all this happen from nearby
 +[20:32] * Dylan nods "They shouldnt see us cross ether."​
 +[20:33] <​MGyST>​ (Kya can do it -- no one's going to see her)
 +[20:33] <​Zephyrella>​ "​Exactly."​
 +[20:33] <​Dylan>​ (( and its dark too, plenty of shadows I bet ))
 +[20:34] <​MGyST>​ (it's 8:45 PM -- around here, it's dark)
 +[20:34] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 3d10 7/11
 +[20:34] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 3d10 (7Tgt/​noAgn) [ 3 1 9 ]: Failure ]
 +[20:34] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (ha ha ha ha... )
 +[20:34] * @Kya tries to roll down the window in the fancy car, but the button doesn'​t work.
 +[20:35] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (tolbot, stop being mean)
 +[20:35] * TolBot raises an eyebrow.
 +[20:35] <​MGyST> ​ "​I'​m sorry, sir -- we're going to have to clear this with our superiors. ​ I'm sure you understand. ​ Could you step back please?"​
 +[20:35] <​Zephyrella>​ <you didnt hump him right.>
 +[20:35] <​MGyST>​ (omg)
 +[20:35] * @Kya opens the door and looks out.
 +[20:36] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Yes Sir, I'm still waiting for formal authorization myself, jus' hate waiting for the paperwork to go through the proper offices,"​ he heads back to his car and leans up against it.
 +[20:36] <​Peter`>​ (The actual odds are crazy low with this system of rolling. Not surprised at the bot's results)
 +[20:36] <​MGyST>​ 5d10 7/10
 +[20:36] <​TolBot>​ [MGyST'​s 5d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 4 6 3 4 5 ]: Failure ]
 +[20:36] <​MGyST>​ (Jeez...)
 +[20:37] <​@Kya>​ "Are you going to be long?  I'm bored."​
 +[20:37] <​MGyST>​ (OK -- while Akuma glares at Fate and the cops respond to their transient blindness to twelve-year-olds at strip clubs...what is everyone else trying to do?)
 +[20:37] * Peter` keeps to a small area around Akuma'​s vehicle.
 +[20:37] <​Zephyrella>​ <​debating hitting on the cop to get what we want...>
 +[20:37] <​@Kya>​ (We already established people don't pay attention to me, unless I draw attention to myself.)
 +[20:38] <​MGyST>​ (Apparently that extends out to the dicebot)
 +[20:38] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 7d10 8/10 curiosity roll
 +[20:38] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 7d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 2 2 3 4 8 7 9 ]: 2 Successes curiosity roll]
 +[20:38] <​@Kya>​ (Ha ha)
 +[20:39] <​MGyST>​ (8's a higher than average difficulty)
 +[20:39] * Dylan is keeping his eyes on the wall with the glyphs painted on them. A frown covering his rough leathery face
 +[20:40] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (8 is the default target for TolBot. I thought the book said that was average/​standard. Should I change the default to 7?)
 +[20:40] * TolBot shakes its head.
 +[20:40] <​MGyST>​ (Yes, please. ​ I go by the oWoD -- 7 is average)
 +[20:41] * @Kya gets out of the car and looks around.
 +[20:41] * Zephyrella sighs audiably and leans down over the tape line, flicking her hair back as her green eyes try to catch the cop's. "Its a bit of a shame you cant help us out a bit, you know...
 +[20:41] <​Zephyrella>​ "She was my cousin'​s sister..."​
 +[20:42] <​MGyST>​ (seducing the cop?  Roll it...)
 +[20:42] <​Zephyrella>​ <lets spend some wyrd!>
 +[20:42] <​Dylan>​ (( twice removed on her mother'​s side ))
 +[20:42] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (done)
 +[20:42] * @Ben_Tolifyr examins the scene, noticing the glyphs.
 +[20:42] <​MGyST>​ (Incite Bedlam?)
 +[20:43] <​MGyST>​ (What'​s your court again? Spring?)
 +[20:43] <​Zephyrella>​ 10d10 7 10
 +[20:43] <​TolBot>​ [Zephyrella'​s 10d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 8 5 6 5 4 1 2 7 7 ]: 3 Successes ]
 +[20:43] <​Zephyrella>​ <yep>
 +[20:43] <​Zephyrella>​ <gfrowth of iovy>
 +[20:44] <​Zephyrella>​ <growth of the ivy>
 +[20:44] <​Zephyrella>​ <see if i can type>
 +[20:44] <​@Kya>​ (Yikes)
 +[20:44] <​@Kya>​ (And I thought my rolls were scary)
 +[20:44] <​Zephyrella>​ <she is...very...VERY persuasive>​
 +[20:44] <​Dylan>​ (( thats her specility ))
 +[20:44] * @Ben_Tolifyr studies the glyphs.
 +[20:44] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ 1d10
 +[20:44] <​TolBot>​ [Ben_Tolifyr'​s 1d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 ]: Failure ]
 +[20:45] <​@Kya>​ (I guess so, mine is being sneaky and manipulative)
 +[20:45] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (success actually. I just fixed the default to 7)
 +[20:45] <​@Kya>​ (Looks like TolBot is still target 8 by default)
 +[20:45] * TolBot perks up.
 +[20:45] * Dylan is continuing to look at the glyphs from across the police tape with a frown still on his face. "We should damage those when we're done here."
 +[20:46] * Peter` considers and then reconsiders taking out his tablet at the moment. "Are we planning to stand here all night?"​
 +[20:47] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ “Fascinating. These letters are derivative of ancient Hebrew or Arabic.”
 +[20:47] * @Kya starts to wander off to check around the area of the crime scene.
 +[20:47] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (Aramaic I mean to say)
 +[20:48] <​MGyST>​ The cop clears his throat "​Taivsh -- why don't you run inside and get some water?"​
 +[20:48] * Zephyrella smiles up at the officer
 +[20:48] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ “Actually,​ these ARE one of those Hebrew scripts used to call The Gentry.
 +[20:48] <​MGyST>​ The other cop opens his mouth, then shrugs his shoulders and walks inside through a side door.  The first cop steps under the tape and walks a few steps away.  "​I'​ll be over here for a few minutes looking at something."​
 +[20:49] * @Ben_Tolifyr looks around to realize he’s talkling to no one.
 +[20:49] <​MGyST>​ (Ben gets no respect)
 +[20:49] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (I’m the nerd.)
 +[20:49] <​Zephyrella>​ "Thank you very much." She looks to the others and points onward thru the tape
 +[20:49] * Julius nods,ducks under the tape
 +[20:50] <​MGyST>​ The cop walks a few feet away -- not so far that he can't get back, but far enough that you can get a sense of provacy.
 +[20:50] * Dylan steps up to the tape and moves under it before walking right up to those glyphs and looks to see who followed him over
 +[20:50] * @Ben_Tolifyr turns are repeats his findings to Dylan.
 +[20:51] * @Kya stops and sees that everybody is going under the tape, and rushes over.
 +[20:51] * Zephyrella follows with dylan looking to see what can be seen
 +[20:51] * Dylan nods lightly "if done right they would have called The Gentry"​ he's a blunt one isnt he
 +[20:51] * Peter` sighs and follows.
 +[20:52] <​Dylan>​ "for what it is now, it's just a weak gateway
 +[20:52] * Zephyrella 's eye twitches a bit at that. "Well isnt that just wonderful? Best we find what we need and lock it off..."​
 +[20:52] <​MGyST>​ The crime scene is a place that leaves all of you feeling cold.  The circle is slightly lopsided, and the gylphs were hastily painted in what looks like dark brown paint. ​ The tape outline of the body is still there -- reducing a Lost comrade to an abstract humanoid shape. ​ Near the block where the head should be, is a wide brown splotch with what looks like brush strokes on the edge.
 +[20:53] <​Peter`>​ "That can't be good."
 +[20:53] * Dylan looks around to see if anyone thats not a Lost is watching him
 +[20:53] <​MGyST>​ (ok -- poke around, make your rolls and try not to botch)
 +[20:54] * Julius looks around for anything of interest [investigation?​]
 +[20:54] <​MGyST>​ (Int+Inv)
 +[20:55] * @Kya will also investigate.
 +[20:55] * Dylan takes a small breath "Here I come Allice"​ and tried to enter the Hedge
 +[20:55] <​Julius>​ [if i specialize in searching,​do i get a bonus here?]
 +[20:55] <​MGyST>​ (I don't know if I told y'all this: yuo can either choose to spend a point of willpower before you roll for an automatic success, or spend a point of glamour to get an additional die)
 +[20:55] <​Peter`>​ 7d10 7/9
 +[20:55] <​TolBot>​ [Peter`'​s 7d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 7 2 7 6 6 7 8 ]: 4 Successes ]
 +[20:55] <​MGyST>​ (Yes, 9 again)
 +[20:55] <​MGyST>​ (Peter, what are you look for, or at?)
 +[20:55] <​@Kya>​ 3d10 Investigate
 +[20:56] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 3d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 1 6 8 ]: Failure Investigate]
 +[20:56] <​Julius>​ 6d10 7/9
 +[20:56] <​TolBot>​ [Julius'​s 6d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 9 7 9 4 7 8 2 9 4 ]: 6 Successes ]
 +[20:56] <​Zephyrella>​ 3d10 to examine the area further
 +[20:56] <​TolBot>​ [Zephyrella'​s 3d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 2 1 6 ]: Botched result of -1 to examine the area further]
 +[20:56] <​Zephyrella>​ <bad tolbot!>
 +[20:56] * TolBot raises an eyebrow.
 +[20:56] <​Julius>​ [i apparently find everything]
 +[20:56] <​Peter`>​ (I was examining the brown splotches)
 +[20:57] <​Zephyrella>​ <i see splotches and...thats it>
 +[20:57] <​@Kya>​ (You see splotches and decide to play in them.)
 +[20:58] <​Peter`>​ "This was painful and slow. I think she was a catalyst in the ritual."​
 +[21:00] * Zephyrella twitches a bit as she picks something long and sticky up of the ground...
 +[21:01] * @Kya looks at the gate.
 +[21:01] <​Peter`>​ "We should clear out and take stock of the information."​
 +[21:02] <​Dylan>​ (( was I able to enter the hedge? ))
 +[21:03] <​MGyST>​ ((did you spend the point of Glamour?)
 +[21:04] <​Dylan>​ (( I am now ))
 +[21:04] <​MGyST> ​ The glyphs grow a ruddy shade and the bricks look like they fall into something, leaving a hole that leads to a thicket of thorns the length of your finger.
 +[21:05] <​MGyST>​ A shiver runs through the collective group as the Hedge sings to you.
 +[21:05] <​Dylan>​ (( Wrd is 1. Anyone that wants to follow has 1 round to make the trip across ))
 +[21:05] * @Kya takes advantage of Dylan entering the Hedge to slip in.
 +[21:05] * Julius follows as well
 +[21:06] * Zephyrella follows
 +[21:06] * Peter` takes a breath and plunges in.
 +[21:06] * Dylan is going to reach out to one of the thorns and break it off to use as part of Activating The Dream 1 Pathfinder Contract
 +[21:06] <​MGyST> ​ The sky is a fire in dark greys, like a winter storm. ​ The Hedge stretches out from a circle in almost all directions, with small paths leading out in several directions.
 +[21:07] * Zephyrella collects a thorn as well for later use
 +[21:08] <​MGyST>​ Birds sits on the branches, watching you with eyes of unblinking coal.  The music from the club takes on a different beat, a savage pounding pushing you on to some dark deeds.
 +[21:08] * @Ben_Tolifyr follows the others.
 +[21:08] <​MGyST>​ (Closing in...)
 +[21:08] <​MGyST>​ (5)
 +[21:08] <​MGyST>​ (4)
 +[21:08] * Zephyrella grins deeply gazing around the hedge
 +[21:09] * Dylan Pricks his finger with the Thorn from this Hedge to trigger the catch for his Contract
 +[21:09] <​MGyST>​ (In: Zeph, Ben, Kya, Peter, Julius. ​ Out: Akuma)
 +[21:09] <​Dylan>​ (( Im in too ))
 +[21:09] <​Zephyrella>​ <yep>
 +[21:10] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (yea, I'm going to sit out this one to see how the hedge works... unless you think I should go in too lol)
 +[21:10] * @Kya goes completely expressionless and devoid of emotion, as if she was a hitman on a job or a professional poker player.
 +[21:10] * @Ben_Tolifyr grabs his stomach.
 +[21:10] <​@Kya>​ (It's not like I know how it works out of character)
 +[21:10] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (ditto)
 +[21:11] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (my overarching guide is not split party if don’t have to)
 +[21:11] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (fine fine... )
 +[21:11] <​MGyST>​ (3)
 +[21:11] <​MGyST>​ (2)
 +[21:11] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 Dream 1 - Pathfinder
 +[21:11] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 1 8 3 4 ]: Failure Dream 1 - Pathfinder]
 +[21:11] * @Akuma_Tokai signs, and goes in as well... not really liking himself on the otherside)
 +[21:11] <​Julius>​ [i have no idea how the entire game works,lol]
 +[21:11] <​Dylan>​ (( damn ))
 +[21:11] <​MGyST>​ (omg)
 +[21:11] <​Peter`>​ (and we all die?)
 +[21:12] * @Kya begins looking for the gate on this side.
 +[21:12] <​MGyST>​ Behind Akuma as he steps through, the Hedge grows back, cutting everyone off from the way out.  Everything is quiet.
 +[21:12] <​Dylan>​ "​Remember,​ keep an eye on the mortal world while here."
 +[21:12] <​Dylan>​ "​otherwise you could get Lost
 +[21:12] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Indeed."​
 +[21:13] * @Kya nods
 +[21:13] <​MGyST> ​ The birds watch you as you walk along the trails.
 +[21:13] * Zephyrella assists Dylan in the pathfinder
 +[21:13] <​Zephyrella>​ 5d10 Pathfinder
 +[21:13] <​TolBot>​ [Zephyrella'​s 5d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 9 3 2 7 7 ]: 3 Successes Pathfinder]
 +[21:13] <​Dylan>​ (( lol ))
 +[21:13] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (I'm starting to think we have a sexist bot)
 +[21:13] <​Zephyrella>​ <its all in the pregame humpings>​
 +[21:14] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 the Dream 1- Pathfinder. Spending willpower for auto success
 +[21:14] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 3 4 8 1 ]: Failure the Dream 1- Pathfinder. Spending willpower for auto success]
 +[21:14] <​Dylan>​ (( I rolle dthose fucking numbers last time! ))
 +[21:15] <​Julius>​ [i call hax]
 +[21:15] <​Zephyrella>​ <​XD ​ you did...least it gave  you 1 success>
 +[21:15] <​Dylan>​ (( only because I spent willpower ))
 +[21:17] * Dylan looks around at this creepy place, a reflextion of the mortal world and sighs looking at allof the pathways avalible to them. "This couldnt be easier"​
 +[21:18] <​MGyST> ​ The whole atmosphere of the place now changes. ​ There is a predatory tension in the air.  Some of the black birds squawk once and take to the air.
 +[21:19] * Dylan looks around at the ground, looking for tracks to signal this predatory feeling in the air
 +[21:19] * Zephyrella 's eyes haze a bit as she seeks the path of the dream through the hedge, speaking softly. "This is not a frequented Trod..."​ She glances down one of the paths. "This one leads back to the forest of the mortal realm..."​ She glances down another. "And there is a thinning ahead that could be used..."​ She cuts off and snapps back to herself as the birds suddenly draw her attention.
 +[21:19] <​Dylan>​ (( do i get my 9 again for being a woodblood in this situation? ))
 +[21:19] <​MGyST>​ (yes)
 +[21:19] <​Peter`>​ "I should have stayed in the library..."​
 +[21:19] <​Dylan>​ (( intel survival? wits survival? ))
 +[21:20] <​MGyST> ​ You hear something moving through the Hedge. ​ The cracking of branches is preceded by more angry squawks from the birds.
 +[21:20] * @Kya looks around briefly at the change of scene, before continuing her cautious scanning of the area.
 +[21:21] <​MGyST>​ (Everyone rolls Wits, please)
 +[21:21] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ 3d7 Wits
 +[21:21] <​@Kya>​ 2d10
 +[21:21] <​TolBot>​ [Ben_Tolifyr'​s 3d7(13)]: 13 Wits
 +[21:21] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 2d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 2 4 ]: Failure ]
 +[21:22] <​Zephyrella>​ 3d10 wittyness
 +[21:22] <​TolBot>​ [Zephyrella'​s 3d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 4 2 4 ]: Failure wittyness]
 +[21:22] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (3 dots == 3d10?)
 +[21:22] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ 3d10 Wits
 +[21:22] <​TolBot>​ [Ben_Tolifyr'​s 3d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 9 4 2 ]: 1 Success Wits]
 +[21:22] <​Dylan>​ 2d10 wits
 +[21:22] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 2d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 6 10 5 ]: 1 Success wits]
 +[21:22] <​Peter`>​ 2d10
 +[21:22] <​TolBot>​ [Peter`'​s 2d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 7 ]: 2 Successes ]
 +[21:22] <​MGyST>​ (yes)
 +[21:22] <​Julius>​ 3d10
 +[21:22] <​TolBot>​ [Julius'​s 3d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 6 8 10 5 ]: 2 Successes ]
 +[21:22] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 3d10
 +[21:22] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 3d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 4 1 ]: Failure ]
 +[21:22] <​Dylan>​ (( what about my survival roll? ))
 +[21:22] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (... *unfs tolbot for good measure*)
 +[21:22] * TolBot glares at Akuma_Tokai.
 +[21:22] <​MGyST>​ (sorry -- was thar earlier?)
 +[21:22] <​Zephyrella>​ <​molesterbates tolbot again>
 +[21:22] * TolBot sighs.
 +[21:23] <​Dylan>​ (( I want to see if I can find tracks to hint about whats approching ))
 +[21:23] <​MGyST>​ (OK -- roll Wits+Survival)
 +[21:23] <​MGyST>​ (diff 7)
 +[21:23] <​Dylan>​ 5d10 7/9 Survival roll. sacrificing one kitten to the Dice Goddess
 +[21:23] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 5d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 9 8 8 3 8 2 ]: 4 Successes Survival roll. sacrificing one kitten to the Dice Goddess]
 +[21:23] <​Dylan>​ (( muahahaha ))
 +[21:24] <​MGyST>​ (Everyone else but Akuma...)
 +[21:24] <​MGyST> ​ The wind shifts and in the direction of the crashing, you smell clay -- overwhelming clay.
 +[21:24] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ “Is that… clay?”
 +[21:25] <​Zephyrella>​ <clay atkins?​!?>​
 +[21:25] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (eh why not me, because I failed that roll?)
 +[21:25] <​Zephyrella>​ <i think a few of us failed>
 +[21:25] <​@Kya>​ (I failed too.)
 +[21:26] <​Dylan>​ "​Look,​..human tracks,​....maybe 5 days old.... try not to damage them..."​
 +[21:26] <​MGyST> ​ The crashing is getting closer.
 +[21:26] <​Dylan>​ "If we are going anywhere we should do it soon."
 +[21:26] * @Kya looks for a place to hide if people don't start moving.
 +[21:26] <​Julius>​ "Or hide. Hiding is an excellent option,from those sounds."​
 +[21:27] * @Akuma_Tokai looks at himself, "I don't think hiding is an option for me."
 +[21:27] <​Zephyrella>​ "​Yea...we should...not be here in the open..."​ moves towards the thinnning area she felt searching for a place to possibly hide
 +[21:28] * Dylan motioned towards Zephyrella "​Follow her."
 +[21:28] * Peter` follows
 +[21:28] * @Kya looks at a little hidey hole, then decides to follow the others.
 +[21:28] * @Akuma_Tokai follows Zephyrella
 +[21:29] * @Ben_Tolifyr mumbles “like in the old myths of The Golem.”
 +[21:29] * Julius follows
 +[21:29] <​MGyST>​ (everyone hiding, roll Dex+Stealth,​ add all available bonuses...or if you're a freaky 12 year-old, just stand still.
 +[21:29] * Dylan picks up the rear to make sure eno one is left behind
 +[21:29] <​Peter`>​ 3d10 7/9
 +[21:29] <​TolBot>​ [Peter`'​s 3d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 9 9 8 4 3 ]: 3 Successes ]
 +[21:29] <​Zephyrella>​ 6d10
 +[21:29] <​TolBot>​ [Zephyrella'​s 6d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 4 5 6 8 2 4 ]: 1 Success ]
 +[21:30] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 4d10 (2 dot dex, 2 dot stealth)
 +[21:30] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 4d10 (3Tgt/7Agn) [ 7 2 2 5 2 ]: 2 Successes dot dex, 2 dot stealth)]
 +[21:30] <​Julius>​ 8d10 7/9
 +[21:30] <​TolBot>​ [Julius'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 5 2 7 8 9 9 10 5 3 9 8 8 ]: 8 Successes ]
 +[21:30] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (haha! found a bug!)
 +[21:30] <​@Kya>​ (Is everybody hiding now?)
 +[21:30] <​Julius>​ [lol,8]
 +[21:31] <​Dylan>​ (( not yet, need to clear something up with Harl ))
 +[21:31] <​MGyST>​ (everyone hidden away?)
 +[21:31] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 7/8 Stealthy Woodblood
 +[21:31] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 4 3 7 5 ]: 1 Success Stealthy Woodblood]
 +[21:32] <​Dylan>​ (( not so stealthy ))
 +[21:32] <​Peter`>​ (I didn't have enough coffee today... Should make it. but if I go quiet...)
 +[21:32] <​MGyST>​ (after this, want to take five to caffeine up?)
 +[21:32] <​@Kya>​ 8d10 7 9 (If I should be hiding. -3 on dice pools to find me.)
 +[21:32] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 8d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 9 2 6 8 8 3 2 6 2 ]: 3 Successes (If I should be hiding. -3 on dice pools to find me.)]
 +[21:33] <​Peter`>​ (I don't have any available. I'll be fine for a bit longer)
 +[21:33] <​MGyST>​ (ok)
 +[21:33] <​MGyST>​ (Ben, hiding? ​ Standing your ground?)
 +[21:34] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (hide)
 +[21:34] <​MGyST>​ (ok -- roll Dex+Stealth,​ diff 7)
 +[21:34] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Harl want me to reroll as well.. I found a bug with tolbot atleast... although with a 7 target I still had one sucess?)
 +[21:34] * TolBot perks up.
 +[21:34] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ 5d10 Stealth
 +[21:34] <​TolBot>​ [Ben_Tolifyr'​s 5d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 2 7 6 3 9 ]: 2 Successes Stealth]
 +[21:36] <​MGyST> ​ A man comes through the Hedge. ​ He is not flesh, but what looks like a man-form sculpted from red clay -- the thorns on the Hedge have scratched his skin, but there looks to be no damage. ​ He is six feet tall, and featureless -- the only unnatural mark on him is a single marking on his hand.  He stops in the clearing, closes his eyes as if concentrating...
 +[21:36] <​MGyST>​ (ok -- brb -- panic amongst yourselves)
 +[21:36] <​Julius>​ [/me panics]
 +[21:36] <​Zephyrella>​ <​shitshitshitshitshit>​
 +[21:37] <​@Kya>​ (Mr. 8 successes is panicing?)
 +[21:37] <​Dylan>​ (( /me makes like the tree he is and leaves ))
 +[21:37] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (Akuma, your parenthesis got ignored and then the 2 got used at the Target , which was raises to the minimum of 3)
 +[21:37] <​Julius>​ [not at all,but he said to panic]
 +[21:37] <​Peter`>​ (shouldastayedatthelibraryshouldastayedatthelibrary)
 +[21:37] <​Zephyrella>​ <​badumching>​
 +[21:37] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (but notice it set the again to 7 for some reason)
 +[21:38] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (Yeah, cause of the (, that’s all that got deleted for the second run and so the 2 again got interpreted as the Again number, which got raised to the minimum of 7)
 +[21:39] <​MGyST>​ (Akuma -- roll again)
 +[21:39] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 4d10
 +[21:39] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 10 9 2 10 6 8 ]: 4 Successes ]
 +[21:39] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (It all makes sense… I can later add support for a parenthetical comment if needed)
 +[21:40] <​MGyST>​ (ok, you manage to wedge yourself into a space)
 +[21:40] <​MGyST> ​ The man opens his eyes -- really nothing more than dark hollows and continues on the Trot towards the woods.
 +[21:41] <​MGyST> ​ "Wo bist du, kleiner Vogel?"​
 +[21:42] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ 1d10 (2 fixed I think)
 +[21:42] <​TolBot>​ [Ben_Tolifyr'​s 1d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 8 ]: 1 Success (2 fixed I think)]
 +[21:42] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Ich bin hier, mein Freund.)
 +[21:43] <​Peter`>​ (I really shouldn'​t be able to understand that... why can I?)
 +[21:43] * @Ben_Tolifyr whispers “That’s a Golem."​
 +[21:43] <​MGyST> ​ The creature disappears into the Darkness beyond the Hedge, only the sounds of his footfalls remaining.
 +[21:43] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (german is really close to english lol)
 +[21:43] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ “See the Emet on its hand?”
 +[21:44] * Peter` nods
 +[21:44] <​Zephyrella>​ "​That...was a bit unnerving...but yes..."​
 +[21:44] * Dylan nodded lightly
 +[21:44] * Dylan also looks to make sure he still hasnt lost side of the mortal world
 +[21:45] <​MGyST>​ (nope, but the cop is back standing in front of the tape)
 +[21:45] <​MGyST>​ (what now?)
 +[21:45] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (so we can see through the outskirts of this “hedge” and back into the normal world?)
 +[21:46] <​MGyST>​ (Yes, but it's a little hazy -- think of when Frodo put on the One Ring, but half as blurry)
 +[21:46] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (funny you say that I've been watching the extended editions of LotR lol)
 +[21:47] * Peter` shivers as a phantom breeze blows around him
 +[21:47] <​MGyST>​ (There you go)
 +[21:47] * @Kya remains hidden until the others emerge from their hiding spots.
 +[21:47] * Dylan looks around for those human tracks he spoted before
 +[21:47] <​Zephyrella>​ "What were you saying about those tracks now?"
 +[21:47] <​MGyST>​ (is everyone emerging?)
 +[21:47] <​Julius>​ [you should marathon the extended editions. youve got 12 hours to spare,​right?​]
 +[21:48] <​Dylan>​ "Human tracks, 5 days old..."​
 +[21:48] * Julius will cautiously emerge from his hiding place
 +[21:48] <​MGyST>​ (I was gonig to do that for Easter, have the wife and I watch each of the films back to back.
 +[21:48] <​Dylan>​ (( do i need another survival roll for those tracks? ))
 +[21:48] <​MGyST>​ (not the human tracks)
 +[21:48] * Shaddow (me@14055af3.14055af5.206.128.imsk) has joined #grovewood
 +[21:48] <​Zephyrella>​ <yea
 +[21:48] <​Zephyrella>​ <​shaddowS!>​
 +[21:49] <​Peter`>​ "We should solve this problem and return to our world before the Golem returns. Or worse."​
 +[21:49] <​Dylan>​ (( Ok, where do those tracks go? ))
 +[21:49] <​Shaddow>​ (hi!  hopefull this is the last week i'm late for a good long while  *hands out cookies and sake*)
 +[21:49] <​@Kya>​ (Kya takes all the cookies)
 +[21:49] <​Peter`>​ (mmm, warm beverage.)
 +[21:50] <​MGyST>​ (takes cookie, puts Shaddow on "​don'​t kill character right away" list)
 +[21:50] <​Zephyrella>​ "​Yes...lets follow these tracks...there is another gate down this path back there that leads out to the woods where we can more than likely sneak back to the mortal world unnoticed when we finish."​
 +[21:50] <​Dylan>​ "The tracks are,​...going towards the woods of the mortal realm....odd"​
 +[21:50] <​Julius>​ [is that all it takes?]
 +[21:50] * Dylan looked to the others before he begins following the human tracks he found
 +[21:50] <​Zephyrella>​ "That is where the gate is..."
 +[21:51] <​Shaddow>​ (it also helps that i'm not playing a character atm :P)
 +[21:51] * @Ben_Tolifyr follows behind.
 +[21:51] * Zephyrella follows closely behind dylan keeping an eye out for anything strange
 +[21:53] * @Kya follows cautiously behind.
 +[21:54] <​MGyST> ​ The birds follow behind, but the air is still weighing you down.  The tracks that Dylan follows weave from one side of the Trod to the if they were made on unsteady feet.
 +[21:54] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (sake.. sake sounds good... but so does plum wine)
 +[21:54] <​MGyST>​ Flittering on a thorn is a piece of bright purple cloth,
 +[21:54] <​Shaddow>​ (if you have taken pain killers recently i will smack you)
 +[21:55] <​MGyST> ​ Overhead, the moon is cold and far too close to be natural.
 +[21:55] * Dylan Continues moving forwards, following these tracks and making audiable notes as he moves "They weaves, someone didnt have good balance...lost some clothing here..."​
 +[21:56] <​MGyST> ​ The path forks off, one way going deeper into the Hedge, the other towards the woods. ​ The tracks take both paths.
 +[21:57] <​Dylan>​ 5d10 7/9
 +[21:57] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 5d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 3 5 8 9 9 6 4 ]: 3 Successes ]
 +[21:58] <​Dylan>​ (( eheh ))
 +[21:58] * @Kya looks at the clothes
 +[21:58] <​@Kya>​ "Why would he take his clothes off near the shoe store?"​
 +[21:59] <​MGyST>​ (Suddenly, everyone feels the need to take a shower)
 +[21:59] * Julius pats kya "Some people are very strange."​
 +[21:59] * Dylan pauses at the fork and frowns. he looks down both paths for a moment, studying the ground with thin branch like fingers
 +[22:00] <​Dylan>​ "The tracks go both directions. First they go left, deeper into the hedge. Then Then run back and go right, back to the mortal world."​
 +[22:01] <​Dylan>​ (( I think tonight'​s session my get Dylan a Specility in Tracking ))
 +[22:01] * Zephyrella sniffs the air. "​something very sticky..."​
 +[22:02] <​Julius>​ "​Sticky?"​
 +[22:02] * Dylan rises from his crouched position and looks back to the others "Time to move on." he says before starting down the right path, following after the tracks that are running.
 +[22:03] <​Zephyrella>​ <​sorry...thought MGyST'​s message was real XD>
 +[22:03] <​MGyST>​ (lol)
 +[22:03] * Julius follows Dylan
 +[22:03] <​Julius>​ [lol]
 +[22:04] <​MGyST>​ (You'​re getting close to the other gate)
 +[22:05] * @Ben_Tolifyr looks both ways.
 +[22:07] * Dylan keeps following he tracks
 +[22:07] <​MGyST> ​ In a bend on the trail, you see a clearing -- the gate to the other side.  The Trod continues on ahead, but the track turn to the clearing and disappear into it.
 +[22:08] * Zephyrella follows behind dylan watching the steps
 +[22:08] * Dylan keeps following the tracks to the clearing and where the vanish too.
 +[22:08] * @Ben_Tolifyr slows his pace.
 +[22:09] * Peter` keeps an eye out on the surroundings.
 +[22:10] * @Kya looks around the clearing.
 +[22:11] <​MGyST> ​ The more you look around the clearing, the more you get the feeling that you are not completely alone.
 +[22:11] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (danger sense?)
 +[22:12] <​Zephyrella>​ <​stranger danger
 +[22:12] <​@Kya>​ (radio-active spider bite?)
 +[22:13] <​Zephyrella>​ <​perception check?>
 +[22:14] <​Dylan>​ "Those HUman tracks dont make it out of the gate, but just to the right of it......Maybe they could have gone through it.."
 +[22:14] <​Dylan>​ (( scratch that ))
 +[22:14] <​MGyST>​ (Zeph -- roll perception)
 +[22:14] <​Zephyrella>​ 5d10
 +[22:14] <​TolBot>​ [Zephyrella'​s 5d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 9 5 2 3 7 ]: 2 Successes ]
 +[22:14] <​Dylan>​ "Those Human tracks make it to the gate,​.....Maybe they could have gone through it.."
 +[22:15] <​Peter`>​ "Do we keep looking, or go through and investigate the other side?"
 +[22:15] <​@Kya>​ "Maybe the clay man took the human, or maybe he went into the gate.
 +[22:16] <​Dylan>​ "I see the human tracks going right to the gate. Likely the tracks pick up on the other side. Luck human,​..stupid but lucky"
 +[22:17] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ “I dont’ know"
 +[22:19] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (I hear a wee one running around who should be in bed.. brb)
 +[22:20] <​Zephyrella>​ <lol>
 +[22:20] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (hehe)
 +[22:20] * @Kya goes up to the gate.
 +[22:21] <​MGyST>​ (Isn't it cute when they think they'​re fooling the grown-ups?)
 +[22:21] * @Kya touches the gate.
 +[22:21] <​@Kya>​ "Let me in gate."
 +[22:21] <​@Kya>​ (Spending my point)
 +[22:22] <​@Kya>​ (And what do you mean "​think",​ I do fool the grown-ups)
 +[22:23] <​Shaddow>​ (fool them so well you even fool yourself?)
 +[22:23] <​MGyST> ​ The air changes and the Hedge parts to reveal a dark and deep woods.
 +[22:24] <​MGyST> ​ In the distance, you hear a male voice bellow: Singvogel, mein Singvogel - willst du nicht nach Hause kommen?
 +[22:24] <​Zephyrella>​ "He is returning..."​
 +[22:24] * @Ben_Tolifyr nods.
 +[22:24] <​@Kya>​ (Konnen? ​ They are playing 4th edition AD&D?)
 +[22:24] <​Peter`>​ "​let'​s go! safer back in the human world."​
 +[22:24] * Dylan looks around to see what everyone else will be doing at this point
 +[22:24] <​MGyST>​ (I think they'​re fleeing in terror)
 +[22:25] <​MGyST>​ (Is everyone going through the gate?)
 +[22:25] * Zephyrella heads for the gate. "We know another way in now...and can get back in from this point without drawing so much attention. Let us depart for now before it has been too long the singing in our minds."​
 +[22:26] <​Julius>​ [im going]
 +[22:26] * Dylan nods and steps through the gate then takes note of his surroundings,​ even moving to lean up against a tree.
 +[22:27] <​Zephyrella>​ <to the gate!>
 +[22:27] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 7/8 "Oops, didnt mean to hide" stealth check
 +[22:27] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 2 9 3 10 5 6 ]: 2 Successes "Oops, didnt mean to hide" stealth check]
 +[22:28] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Nein Herr, ich werde nicht zu Hause du Bastard Ton kommen.)
 +[22:28] <​MGyST> ​ Once everyone is through, the air ripples with some energy and you look down to see a simple rabbit hole.
 +[22:30] * @Ben_Tolifyr follows.
 +[22:30] * @Akuma_Tokai looks around to get his bearings
 +[22:30] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ 4d10 8
 +[22:30] <​TolBot>​ [Ben_Tolifyr'​s 4d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 5 8 8 ]: 2 Successes ]
 +[22:30] <​Peter`>​ 5d10 8/9
 +[22:30] <​TolBot>​ [Peter`'​s 5d10 (8Tgt/9Agn) [ 8 10 3 8 6 3 ]: 3 Successes ]
 +[22:30] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 4d10 8/10
 +[22:30] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 4d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 5 8 7 4 ]: 1 Success ]
 +[22:30] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 1d10 8/10
 +[22:30] <​TolBot>​ [Akuma_Tokai'​s 1d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 10 5 ]: 1 Success ]
 +[22:31] <​Zephyrella>​ 4d10 8 10
 +[22:31] <​TolBot>​ [Zephyrella'​s 4d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 8 1 3 10 10 2 ]: 2 Successes ]
 +[22:31] <​Dylan>​ 3d10 8/10
 +[22:31] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 3d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 3 3 ]: Failure ]
 +[22:31] <​@Kya>​ 3d10 8
 +[22:31] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 3d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 2 2 ]: Failure ]
 +[22:31] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Ok, I rolled 4d instead of 5d, so rolled another 1d... total of 2 sucesses)
 +[22:31] <​Zephyrella>​ <quit being a derp :P>
 +[22:32] * Dylan seems to step out from the tre he was leaning against as the other sstep out from this hedge gate.
 +[22:32] <​@Kya>​ "Where are we?"
 +[22:32] * @Ben_Tolifyr looks around and shrugs.
 +[22:32] * @Akuma_Tokai picks up a piece of cloth from the ground that fell out as Zephyrella exited
 +[22:32] * Zephyrella gasps and turns quickly looking at her hand surprised
 +[22:33] <​MGyST> ​ A knife tumbles out of the cloth, hitting the ground with a thud.
 +[22:33] * @Kya looks at the knife and then at Zephyrella.
 +[22:33] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Shit... don't touch it..." he carefully picks it back up using the cloth to prevent getting any of his fingerprints on it
 +[22:34] * @Akuma_Tokai wishes he had some gloves on him
 +[22:34] <​Zephyrella>​ "Do you think...that is the knife?"​ She looks at it curiously
 +[22:34] <​Peter`>​ "Fae magics."​
 +[22:34] <​Dylan>​ "​Possible..."​
 +[22:34] * @Kya usually wears mittens or ball gloves, depending on the season.
 +[22:35] <​MGyST> ​ the knife itself is about 10 inches long from tip to base, simple wooden handle -- a knife that anyone could buy.
 +[22:35] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Have a feeling it is." he tries to determine his distance from the crime scene
 +[22:35] * Zephyrella pulls off her stole and offers it to wrap up the knife more securely
 +[22:35] <​MGyST>​ (you'​re easily 75 yards from the crime scene)
 +[22:36] <​MGyST>​ (anyone have any sort of psychometric ability?)
 +[22:36] * @Akuma_Tokai sets the knife in the rabbit hole carefully, partially wrapping it back up, again making sure ot keep from touching it directly
 +[22:36] <​@Kya>​ (Uh what?)
 +[22:36] <​MGyST>​ (touch something and get vibes from it)
 +[22:36] * @Ben_Tolifyr looks with surprise.
 +[22:36] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (afk)
 +[22:36] <​Zephyrella>​ <not yet>
 +[22:36] <​Dylan>​ (( wrong game for that ))
 +[22:37] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Ben, go get the officer, tell him to come to me, alright? Lets use their resources to our advantage."​
 +[22:37] <​MGyST>​ (wow -- you really surprised, Ben -- he had to leave the keyboard)
 +[22:37] <​Zephyrella>​ <unless empathy kicks in here>
 +[22:37] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (ok, scratch Ben replace with Zephyrella)
 +[22:37] <​MGyST>​ (not really)
 +[22:37] <​Zephyrella>​ <lol>
 +[22:37] <​Dylan>​ "What should the est of us do? Should we hide? Not be here?"
 +[22:38] <​Peter`>​ "​I'​ll go get the cop."
 +[22:38] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Indeed,​ the less they know about us being together the better"​
 +[22:38] <​MGyST>​ (Yeah -- conspiracy charges and all)
 +[22:39] <​Dylan>​ "I can remain close by if you like. Forst for the Trees and all of that."
 +[22:39] <​@Kya>​ (Conspiracy to commit cuteness?)
 +[22:39] * @Akuma_Tokai shrugs, "​Thanks Peter if you don't mind."
 +[22:39] * Peter` walks back to the crime scene to deliver the message.
 +[22:40] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Sir the scary man in the suit requires you.)
 +[22:40] <​Zephyrella>​ "I am likelyt not to be forgotten unfortunately...the price of beauty i suppose..."​
 +[22:40] <​@Kya>​ "I should sneak back too, unless you want me to tell them I found the knife in the hole while playing?"​
 +[22:40] <​MGyST>​ (Yeah -- let's explain a twelve-year-old in the woods near a strip club.  I, for one, can't wait to hear *that* yarn.)
 +[22:40] <​Zephyrella>​ <XD>
 +[22:40] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (but I just want to be like my mommy)
 +[22:40] <​@Kya>​ (Mommy lets me play here while she's working.)
 +[22:41] <​Zephyrella>​ <​*dies*>​
 +[22:41] <​Julius>​ [xD]
 +[22:41] <​Dylan>​ (( lol! ))
 +[22:41] * Dylan is going to walk 10 feet away, find a tree and hide behind it because he can
 +[22:41] <​MGyST>​ (You mean it's not "​Take-Your-Daughter-To-Work-Day"?​)
 +[22:42] <​@Kya>​ (That'​s on amatuer nights silly.)
 +[22:42] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 7/8 Stealth check to hide behind a tree.
 +[22:42] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 3 3 7 3 ]: 1 Success Stealth check to hide behind a tree.]
 +[22:42] <​MGyST>​ (lol)
 +[22:42] * Peter` looks for the familiar face from before. "​Officer,​ Mr. Tokai requests your presence. Shall I show you the way?"
 +[22:43] * @Kya hides as well.
 +[22:43] <​@Kya>​ 8d10 7 9
 +[22:43] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 8d10 (7Tgt/9Agn) [ 10 1 9 6 2 8 10 10 6 10 5 8 9 3 ]: 7 Successes ]
 +[22:43] <​MGyST> ​ The officer looks at you, does a bit of a double take.  "​Who? ​ That guy?"
 +[22:43] <​Dylan>​ (( nice exploding there ))
 +[22:43] * Julius will too,just because
 +[22:43] <​Peter`>​ "Mr. Tokai. He asked me to retrieve you. I believe he found something."​
 +[22:43] <​MGyST>​ (ok -- we get it... you're the avatar of "​children should neither be seen, heard or untied"​)
 +[22:43] <​Julius>​ 8d10 7/8
 +[22:43] <​TolBot>​ [Julius'​s 8d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 3 9 3 1 6 6 2 9 9 6 9 6 ]: 3 Successes ]
 +[22:43] * Zephyrella stays with Akuma for now. "If its the same presence might help avert some questions..."​
 +[22:43] <​@Kya>​ (I bend the shadows to my will.  I am master of hide and go sneak)
 +[22:44] <​Zephyrella>​ <all the rope>
 +[22:44] <​MGyST> ​ "​Umm...ok -- McTavish -- stay here."
 +[22:44] <​MGyST> ​ The cop turns on his flashlight. ​ "Where is he?"
 +[22:45] * @Akuma_Tokai kneels next to the knife in the rabbit hole and opens the cloth to reveal the blade with an inkpen
 +[22:45] * Peter` leads the way back to Akuma
 +[22:45] <​MGyST> ​ The cop comes a few minutes later, with Peter beside him.  "How can I help, Mister...?"​
 +[22:45] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "this may be of interest to you," he motions towards the knife.
 +[22:45] * Zephyrella stands just behind potraying a shaken and upset looking young woman
 +[22:47] <​MGyST> ​ He shines his light down on the knife. ​ He looks back to the club.  "​I'​m going to need a CSI group here.  I've got a weapon here that might be a part of hte ongoing investigation." ​ He says into his radio. ​ "​I'​m going to need to take statements from you and you, miss." ​ he shines his light at Zephyrella.
 +[22:48] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Not a problem, let me call HQ, do you have the capabilities in house? If not I can make a call to the FBI field office and request assistance."​
 +[22:49] <​Zephyrella>​ "Of course officer. Anything I can do to be of help, I gladly offer."​
 +[22:49] * Dylan is a tree, a pretty pretty tree
 +[22:49] <​MGyST> ​ "We can take care of here.  Please come with me back to the parking lot so I cna have some light to see."
 +[22:49] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Yes Sir."
 +[22:50] <​MGyST> ​ In the distance, you can see some cars pulling in.  The officer takes out a small device and presses a couple of buttons. ​ It beeps obligingly.
 +[22:50] * Zephyrella follows along still looking distressed and shaken at the discovery.
 +[22:50] <​MGyST> ​ "If I may ask -- what were you doing in the woods, miss?"
 +[22:51] * Dylan at the sight of more lights coming into the parking lot he decides its times to go further away from teh rabbit hole and begins sneaking away, making a wide path through the woods and back to the parking lot.
 +[22:51] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (looking for a lover for a long time, *wink wink*)
 +[22:51] <​Dylan>​ 4d10 7/8 Stealth walking tree
 +[22:51] <​TolBot>​ [Dylan'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/8Agn) [ 4 1 7 6 ]: Failure Stealth walking tree]
 +[22:51] * TolBot ( Quit (Quit: TolBot)
 +[22:51] * @Ben_Tolifyr ( Quit (Quit: Ben_Tolifyr)
 +[22:52] * @Kya sneaks away as well.
 +[22:52] <​@Kya>​ 8d10 7 9
 +[22:52] <​Dylan>​ (( hehehehe ))
 +[22:52] <​@Kya>​ (You killed TolBot)
 +[22:52] <​Zephyrella>​ <XD>
 +[22:52] <​Julius>​ [lol]
 +[22:52] <​Dylan>​ (( I did. that means I auto succeded right? ))
 +[22:53] <​@Kya>​ (No you killed him with your FAIL!!!)
 +[22:53] <​Julius>​ [nah,tolbot managed to say the trees are more stealthy than you right now with its dying breath]
 +[22:53] <​Dylan>​ (( yeah, two megatives make a positives mathmaticly ))
 +[22:53] * Peter` wanders back to Akuma'​s vehicle while the officer spends time talking to Zephyrella.
 +[22:54] * Zephyrella glances back up at him. "Well, I was rather upset seeing the scene of my cousin'​s death and needed to catch my breath. The woods always seem to relax me, so i came here...and in the glint of the light, something caught my eye"
 +[22:56] <​MGyST> ​ the officer takes the statement, while another one talks to Akuma around the corner.
 +[22:56] <​MGyST>​ (are you trying to do anything to influence him?)
 +[22:57] <​Zephyrella>​ <is it the same officer as earlier?>​
 +[22:57] <​MGyST>​ (Yes)
 +[22:58] <​Julius>​ [time for the old "i love a man in uniform"​ trick]
 +[22:58] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Sir, I'm simply here waiting for the commands to trickle down to tell you guys to give me full access, as why I was in the woods, what else is one ot do while waiting for the paper pushers to do their jobs except to wander about. Saw Zephyrella out there and spotted something and walked over to look myself, I mean, wouldn'​t want to go see what she found if you where looking around anyways?"​
 +[22:58] <​MGyST>​ (umm...anyone have a stuntbot for Tolbot?)
 +[22:59] <​MGyST>​ Akuma'​s officer looks up at him... "​Zephyrella?"​
 +[22:59] <​Zephyrella>​ <would push his desire to want to assist the 'poor distressed young lady with ample bewbage'>​
 +[22:59] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "The woman that was with me out there."​
 +[22:59] <​MGyST>​ (you'​re in a strip club.  You've gone from "​PC"​ to "​background noise"​)
 +[22:59] * PK ( has joined #grovewood
 +[23:00] <​@Kya>​ 8#1d10
 +[23:00] <PK> 8#1 is not a valid number Kya..
 +[23:00] <​Zephyrella>​ <XD>
 +[23:00] <​@Kya>​ 8 1d10
 +[23:00] <PK> Kya throws the numbered heads of dead players (8 1d10) and gets 2 1 6 6 2 7 8 8.
 +[23:00] <​MGyST>​ (Zeph -- roll your talent)
 +[23:00] <​@Kya>​ (So 2 successes on my stealth)
 +[23:00] <​Zephyrella>​ 10 1d10
 +[23:00] <PK> Zephyrella throws the numbered heads of dead players (10 1d10) and gets 4 1 5 5 10 10 8 6 2 8.
 +[23:01] <​Zephyrella>​ <3 success>
 +[23:01] <​Zephyrella>​ 2 1d10
 +[23:01] <PK> Zephyrella throws the numbered heads of dead players (2 1d10) and gets 1 6.
 +[23:01] <​Dylan>​ (( reroll 10s? ))
 +[23:01] <​Zephyrella>​ <2 success>
 +[23:01] <​MGyST>​ (yes)
 +[23:01] <​MGyST>​ 5 1d10
 +[23:01] <PK> MGyST throws the numbered heads of dead players (5 1d10) and gets 7 6 1 9 6.
 +[23:02] <​Zephyrella>​ <nice to see ole playerkiller is still kicking XD>
 +[23:02] <​MGyST> ​ The officer clears his throat. ​ "And you saw the knife, correct?"​
 +[23:02] <PK> (I like to kick players)
 +[23:03] <​MGyST>​ (Akuma -- donig anything to your officer?)
 +[23:03] <PK> (Seduce him)
 +[23:03] <​MGyST>​ (If ever there was a time to roll an overwheling success)
 +[23:04] <​Dylan>​ (( caress his shoulder! ))
 +[23:04] <​@Kya>​ (Play with his hair)
 +[23:04] <​Zephyrella>​ "Well, I wasnt certain what it was exactly. I saw something wrapped in a bloody cloth in a small hole in the ground and...well luckily Master Tokai was nearby. We sent a runner for you and now...we are here..."​
 +[23:04] <​Dylan>​ (( whisper sweet nothings ))
 +[23:04] <​Julius>​ [gaze longingly into his eyes]
 +[23:04] <​MGyST>​ (reach under the table)
 +[23:04] <​@Kya>​ (Play with his gun)
 +[23:04] <​Zephyrella>​ <rip off pants, and bang against the police car>
 +[23:04] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (while I don't want to seduce the officer... Figure the authority of my position, and probably vaingory? might make him a little more pliable?)
 +[23:05] <PK> (Unf him longingly)
 +[23:05] <​MGyST>​ (who can blame you -- you're in the Silver Slipper)
 +[23:05] <​MGyST>​ (Vainglory would work)
 +[23:05] * Dylan remains hiding within the woods
 +[23:06] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (so I dunno what I'd roll, maybe Subterfuge + Vainglory? I have no idea XD)
 +[23:07] <​MGyST>​ (How many dots do you have in Vainglory?)
 +[23:07] <​Dylan>​ (( maybe intemitation?​ ))
 +[23:07] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (1)
 +[23:07] <​@Kya>​ (I'd say Presence + Intimidation)
 +[23:08] <​Zephyrella>​ <​vainglory 1 is wyrd + intimidation - target resolve>
 +[23:08] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (with a +2 bonus right?)
 +[23:09] <​MGyST>​ (ok -- you're going to use Mask of Superority, it's going to make [if it works] the officer believe you're someone of a higher authority than what you really are (even a celebrity). ​ Spend a point of Glamour and roll dice equal to your Wyrd+Intimidation-2 -- roll 7 or better, using 10 Again)
 +[23:10] <​Zephyrella>​ <​modifiers are ST designated really, but suggested modifier is +1 for being dressed appropriately for position<​
 +[23:10] <​MGyST>​ (Yes, +2 bonus from your Seeming)
 +[23:10] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 6 1d10+2
 +[23:10] <PK> Akuma_Tokai throws the numbered heads of dead players (6 1d10+2) and gets 10 11 3 5 10 7.
 +[23:10] <​MGyST>​ (!)
 +[23:10] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 3 1d10+2
 +[23:10] <PK> Akuma_Tokai throws the numbered heads of dead players (3 1d10+2) and gets 8 11 11.
 +[23:11] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ 2 1d10+2
 +[23:11] <PK> Akuma_Tokai throws the numbered heads of dead players (2 1d10+2) and gets 7 8.
 +[23:11] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (9 sucesses?)
 +[23:11] <​MGyST>​ (oO)
 +[23:11] <​Zephyrella>​ <​ooh...just realized i get a couple bonuses to vainglory too...>
 +[23:11] <​@Kya>​ (DoD Director Sir!)
 +[23:12] * Tolman ( has joined #grovewood
 +[23:12] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tolman
 +[23:12] * TolBot ( has joined #grovewood
 +[23:12] <​@Tolman>​ (sorry)
 +[23:12] <​MGyST> ​ The officer looks at you differently -- he leans in, seems to hang on your every word and follows every '​yes'​ with '​sir'​.
 +[23:12] <​Julius>​ [if you were seducing him,im pretty sure hed just propose right there]
 +[23:12] * PK hisses at Tolbot
 +[23:12] * TolBot raises an eyebrow.
 +[23:12] * PK ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
 +[23:12] * TolBot waves goodbye to PK
 +[23:12] * Tolman is now known as Ben_Tolifyr
 +[23:12] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (something came up)
 +[23:12] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Its alright, PK likes me more.. jus' got 9 sucesses XD)
 +[23:12] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (woot)
 +[23:12] <​MGyST>​ (If you were seducing him -- he'd be dragging you back to the champagne room)
 +[23:13] <​Zephyrella>​ <le murr>
 +[23:13] <​MGyST>​ (no problem -- Akuma just got a new friend for life in the Grovewood PD)
 +[23:13] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (nice, new contact or owuld that be ally?)
 +[23:13] <​MGyST>​ (I;m going to say contact. ​ Officer McTavish)
 +[23:14] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (noted)
 +[23:15] <​@Ben_Tolifyr>​ (i fixed the timeount setting btw, so that won’t happen again)
 +[23:16] <​MGyST> ​ As Akuma makes friends, Zephyrella flirts and the others try to stay out of harm's way, this epsiode of "The Maddeng Gyre: O Death, Would You Spare Me Over Another?" ​ Stay tuned for Episode 2 next week!
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