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 +[20:57] <​MG_Sty> ​ The Court is adjurned in silence -- many of the Lost giving Fiona quizzical looks.
 +[20:59] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona stirs, holding her head.
 +[21:01] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Damn it, didn't your mother tell you to not hit a girl?"
 +[21:01] <Kya> "My father hit girls all the time."
 +[21:02] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona turns to look at Kya.  "​Jesus...why not send your dad off them."
 +[21:02] * Kya says out of innocence and not malice.
 +[21:02] <Kya> "I don't know how to get home."
 +[21:02] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Well, You left me no choice."​
 +[21:03] <​MG_Sty> ​ She looks back to Akuma. ​ "So -- since I'm breathing, I can assume that Spring Court left the messy details to you."
 +[21:04] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "That they have, to much displeasure."​
 +[21:06] * Disconnected
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 +[21:09] * Kya looks at Akuma'​s eyes.
 +[21:07] * Akuma_Tokai is now known as Ryu
 +[21:07] <​MG_Sty> ​ "You realize that twenty-five years for me in Tallahassee is nothing, right?"​
 +[21:07] <​@Ryu>​ (net hiccuped)
 +[21:07] <Kya> (Looks what you did!  You insulted him and now he doesn'​t want to play.)
 +[21:07] <​@Ryu>​ ([21:04] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "That they have, to much displeasure." ​ [21:06] * Disconnected )
 +[21:08] <​@Ryu>​ "With your history.. 25 years isn't likely"​
 +[21:09] * Disconnected
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 +[21:09] * Topic is 'The Maddening Gyre, Episode 1 "O, Death -- Would You Spare Me Over Another?": ​ - 8:30 EST Sundays. - Logs available here: under "File Galleries"'​
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 +[21:09] <​@Ryu>​ (grr.. net is hiccuping again... annoying)
 +[21:09] <Kya> (At least it's not me.)
 +[21:10] <​@Ryu>​ "With your history.. 25 years isn't likely"​ (repost)
 +[21:12] * Ryu is now known as Akuma_Tokai
 +[21:13] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona snorts. ​ "Death penalty? ​ Well... I guess that's the only othre option on the table. ​ So -- you going to hand me off to your feddie friends or what?"
 +[21:13] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona stands up slowly, wobbling a little. ​ She looks to Kya.  "​What'​s your take on this half-round?"​
 +[21:14] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Depends,​ would you prefer death at the hands of man, or the hands of your own, for lack of better words, kin."
 +[21:14] * Kya looks at Fiona.
 +[21:15] <Kya> "That depends if you can behave like a big girl or not.  Killing is very naughty.
 +[21:15] <​MG_Sty> ​ "To quote Socrates: 'I drank what?' "
 +[21:17] <​MG_Sty> ​ She looks down at Kya.  There'​s a flicker of some other emotion that no one has seen out of her yet...remorse. ​ "I...I don't know.  How do I explain this to you?  Neither one of us can find our home.  Our *real* home is somewhere else.  All i wanted to do was get back."
 +[21:19] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​But,"​ and she takes a shuttering breath, "I don't think I can do that now.  Take my advice, kid.  Home is a place in your head, not a hole in the hedge."​
 +[21:20] <Kya> "Well if you don't kill anybody, or hurt anybody that isn't bad, or teach humans how to summon gentry, I hope you find your way home.
 +[21:20] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Lets just get this over with, you try to run again, I'll make sure that you're locked in some hole and forgotten about until you die in this place."​
 +[21:20] <Kya> "But I don't want to go back to the Boogy Man, I want to go to my real home, with my mom."
 +[21:21] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "And I won't be so nice as to just knock you out this time around... So keep that in mind."
 +[21:21] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona turns around and puts her hands behind her back.  "I think it's customary to cuff me while in transport."​
 +[21:22] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Seeings as how if you wanted to, you could just melt them... Is it really necassary?"​
 +[21:23] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​I'​m done.  I'm tired. ​ I'm not going to set the car on fire, I promise. ​ If you want, you can douse me in retardant."​
 +[21:25] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Lets go, Kya, Julius, shall we?" (Although Afan isn't here, assuming he's coming with lol)
 +[21:25] <​MG_Sty>​ (Good assumption to make)
 +[21:25] * Kya climbs in the back seat of Akuma'​s car.
 +[21:26] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona starts walking out the door, keeping her hands behind her back.  She climbs into the passenger seat.  "Mind if I roll down the window?"​
 +[21:27] * @Akuma_Tokai glances at Fiona, and notes that the windows don't go down very far anyways.
 +[21:27] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Figured you'd enjoy the heat. . . "
 +[21:28] <​MG_Sty> ​  "​I miss the air sometimes. ​ You've seen my car?  Air conditioner'​s busted."​
 +[21:28] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Mine works very well... The windows, not so much so."
 +[21:29] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Well, you're getting that government money."​
 +[21:29] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "But, that one only goes down a few inches, I don't mind."
 +[21:29] <Kya> "I know, it was warm in the back."
 +[21:30] <​MG_Sty> ​ She turns in her seat to look at Kya.  "You were in my trunk?"​
 +[21:30] * @Akuma_Tokai helps Fiona into the car, taking a moment to help her into the backseat and lower the window (about 3")
 +[21:31] <Kya> "​Yup."​
 +[21:31] * Kya looks up at Fiona like she did nothing wrong.
 +[21:31] * @Akuma_Tokai flips the child safety lock on the door, then closes it before getting into the drivers seat.
 +[21:31] <​MG_Sty> ​ "What did you see?"
 +[21:32] <Kya> "Lots of things. ​ I was in your apartment building too."
 +[21:32] <​MG_Sty> ​ She frowns.  ​
 +[21:33] <​MG_Sty> ​ "You little sneak. ​ I can see why you're with this group."​
 +[21:33] * @Akuma_Tokai starts the engine and heads to the alligator pond.
 +[21:33] <Kya> "Thank you."
 +[21:33] * Kya smiles as if that was a compliment.
 +[21:34] <​MG_Sty> ​ "You never went into my apartment? ​ That place isn't kid friendly, you know."
 +[21:34] <Kya> "Nope, you were too busy yelling on the phone for me to sneak in."
 +[21:35] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Must have been talking with him," she nods in the direction of Akuma, "or someone else.  No offense, Agent."​
 +[21:36] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "None taken."​
 +[21:36] <Kya> "I don't think it was him, you would have been nicer."​
 +[21:37] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​,​ not really. ​ Sorry, in my job it helps to be a bit--mean person."​
 +[21:40] <Kya> "You don't always have to be mean.  I find people respond better to nice people in the long run.  Makes them easier to get them to do what you want."
 +[21:41] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​Maybe. ​ Sometimes people respond to an open hand, but others need a closed fist."
 +[21:41] <​MG_Sty>​ (this is obviously someone who hasn't talked to Brianne)
 +[21:41] <Kya> (yup)
 +[21:42] <​MG_Sty>​ (The trip to the alligator pond is about 45 minutes)
 +[21:43] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Fiona... You do understand what we've been tasked to do, correct?" ​
 +[21:44] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Yeah -- you're going to do what three-quarters of the court won't do and one-quarter is more than happy to do.  Having you do it keeps everything from spilling into civil war."
 +[21:45] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "That is very much true... The question is, that which I asked earlier... Would you prefere to die by the hands of man or by that of your, kin?"
 +[21:46] <Kya> "​Can'​t we let her go home instead?"​
 +[21:47] <​MG_Sty> ​ "It doesn'​t matter. ​ I'm going to be dead anyways. ​ You were tasked by the court, so it would make sense that you pull the trigger, or stab me or crush me under weights."​
 +[21:48] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​I'​m not against that either, as I don't really care what the courts decided. I was doing what I was ordered to do. Free, you're likely to be chased. We could kill you... or we could have you locked away in a federal prison, where for a time, you would atleast be safe to do some sort of research into how to get home..."​
 +[21:50] <​MG_Sty> ​ "And then the court finds out you didn't kill me, Spring flips her shit -- sorry -- and tells her whole court that you, your sidekick are anathema. ​ Summer is obliged to defend you, Winter scoops up land and Autumn asks why we can't all get along."​
 +[21:51] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Well, I'm in a nice little situation right now that they know about. You're expected at federal court, and we're to dispose of you in such a way that keeps me from suspicion. All it takes is for my friend Jack to find us and take you into custody."​
 +[21:51] <Kya> "That doesn'​t sound so bad."
 +[21:51] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​Christ,​ if I knew that killing Crystal would screw everything up, I would have just stayed home and get caught up with "​Producers"​."​
 +[21:52] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​You'​re out of my hands, and into that of safety, they can't fight over it, because its a condition they all where informed of prior to assigning the kill order to myself."​
 +[21:54] <​MG_Sty> ​ "If you hand me over to the feds, that's going to be the same as letting me go.  The first gap in the Hedge I find, I'm gone."
 +[21:55] <​MG_Sty> ​ The buildings begin to thin out, showing the beginnings of cypress groves and the humming of the flying endemic to Florida living.
 +[21:56] <​MG_Sty> ​ "But I promise that I'm not going to come after the three of you.  You have my word."
 +[21:57] <Kya> "If you kill people though, we'll have to come after you."
 +[21:58] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona leans close, snarling -- "If you have a good fucking idea of how to get back -- please funcking share it!"
 +[21:58] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Those are the options I have, I can't let you go '​directly,'​ but I can turn you over, or I could carry out my orders... as for getting back, thats not something I know about."​
 +[21:59] * Kya stares back at Fiona, letting the icy chill of her mantle wash over the car.
 +[22:00] <Kya> "​Don'​t swear."​
 +[22:00] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Turn me over.  I can do fed prison with no problems. ​ I survived the Durance. ​ I can survive this."
 +[22:00] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Kya... Julius, you two have any problems with that?"
 +[22:00] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona gives Kya a second glance. ​ "​Right. ​ Sorry."​
 +[22:02] <Kya> "The Spring lady won't like it, but it will give Fiona a chance to go home."
 +[22:05] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​Spring won't be happy unless she watches getting clubbed like a baby seal."
 +[22:06] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Actually she wants you eaten alive by alligators..."​
 +[22:08] * @Akuma_Tokai pulls out his phone and ponders
 +[22:08] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "This just occured to me, would they really know?"
 +[22:08] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Well, I'm flattered. ​ My life is going to end like a Monty Python skit.  All that's missing is a vat of mayonaisse. ​ On second thought -- really, really send me to the Feds.  I never like the Spring court anyways. ​ Anything I can do to piss her off in my final moments would be great."​
 +[22:11] <Kya> "So we taking her to jail instead?"​
 +[22:13] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Fiona,​ I turn you over, you promise not to escape from them?"
 +[22:15] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Well, once your in the pen if you escape thats fine by me, I just don't want you hurting my friend." ​
 +[22:15] <​MG_Sty> ​ "With my other option being what?  Alligator poo?  Sure -- Fed me up."
 +[22:15] * @Akuma_Tokai flips open his phone, and dials Jack's secure number.
 +[22:16] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Agent Talon."​
 +[22:17] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Jack, I need you to meet me here <insert address a few miles from said pond>​."​
 +[22:18] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Sure, will I need back up?"
 +[22:18] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Alone,​ I don't know who I can trust right now."
 +[22:19] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​Right. ​ I'll be there in ten minutes."​
 +[22:19] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "See you then." he closes his phone, and shoves it back in its case, "Kya, make sure we're not observed during this transition."​
 +[22:22] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Fiona,​ I want you to tell them that you did this under duress, you where being forced to do these acts, make something up like they have your family hostage or something, tell them that you need safe harbor as far from here as possible. Otherwise be as cooperative as possible, and try to get your sentence shortened. It's the most I can do to help you get home."
 +[22:23] <​MG_Sty> ​ "If I tell them that my family is hostage, they'​re not going to try to find them right?"​
 +[22:24] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "They probably will, but with what little information you have on this smiling gentlemen, maybe they can be of more help to find your '​father'"​
 +[22:25] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​Right. ​ Let me ask you this: how much does the government know about us Lost?"
 +[22:25] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "As far as I know, nothing."​
 +[22:26] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Probably best it stays that way for the time being as well."
 +[22:30] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (Assuming the quiet Kya is doing what I asked? lol)
 +[22:30] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Am I going to get a lawyer for this?"
 +[22:30] * Kya shrugs
 +[22:30] * @Akuma_Tokai shrugs as well, "​I'​m not sure, if you're convicing enough maybe not."
 +[22:33] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Why am I concerned about civil liberties when I'm avoiding a messy death?"​
 +[22:33] <Kya> "I don't know."
 +[22:33] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Maybe,​ you like it here a little bit, just not under the conditions you where under."​
 +[22:34] <Kya> "​I'​m going to get out of the car and look around for other people."​
 +[22:34] <​MG_Sty> ​ You pull into the alligator pond.  Two such creatures are patiently sunning themselves while there is a boat moving slowly in the distance.
 +[22:34] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "I would look for more than just people Kya.."
 +[22:34] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "The courts may have spys here"
 +[22:36] * Kya nods.
 +[22:36] <Kya> (Time of day?)
 +[22:37] <​MG_Sty>​ (dusk)
 +[22:38] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Julius,​ when Jack gets here, follow us in my car after you get Kya, I'm going to ride with Jack and Fiona."​
 +[22:38] * Kya slips out the door and mutters something about disliking sunlight.
 +[22:39] <​MG_Sty> ​ Julius nods
 +[22:40] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (brb, nature snuck up on me)
 +[22:40] <​MG_Sty> ​ The pond is silent. ​ If the alligators notice you, they don't seem to care.  Even the mostiquos (which are insanely large here) don't pay you no mind.
 +[22:43] * Kya checks the physical area first, before slipping away unseen to other places.
 +[22:44] <​MG_Sty> ​ The Hedge here is thick, almost impassable. ​ The limbs of the trees on this side seem to knit together in the sky to block out the sun.  As you look to the pond, you see many floating objects. ​ Some look like logs...some look like torsos...and one alligator seems to slip into a human form and look at you with flat eyes.
 +[22:45] * Kya looks at the alligator person.
 +[22:46] <​MG_Sty> ​ The alligator person looks back at you.  He turns away as he steps into the water, hunching over and turning back into a reptile to coast along the murky waters.
 +[22:48] <​MG_Sty> ​ You get the feeling that he's not one of the Lost, but something far older.
 +[22:48] * Kya continues to keep an eye on the alligator person, while looking around for other threats.
 +[22:49] <​MG_Sty> ​ There are no other threats that you can see.
 +[22:50] <Kya> "Who are you?"
 +[22:51] <​MG_Sty> ​ The man-that'​s-now-an-alligator turns around in the water and stops short at the shore.
 +[22:51] * Kya makes sure to keep a decent distance.
 +[22:52] <​MG_Sty> ​ "I am Mokole."​
 +[22:52] <Kya> "Do you live here?"
 +[22:53] <​MG_Sty> ​ "I do, but sometimes I leave the Umbra for the world."​
 +[22:53] <Kya> "The what?"
 +[22:54] <​MG_Sty> ​ "The Umbra. ​ The Shadow spaces between worlds. ​ You're in it now."
 +[22:55] <Kya> "Oh, we call it the Hedge."​
 +[22:56] <​MG_Sty> ​ the alligator smiles...or at least shows more of its teeth at you.  "Hedge it is, then.  Why quibble over words? ​ Are you hear to give the Mokole something?"​
 +[22:57] <​MG_Sty> ​ Agent Talon'​s car pulls up and flashes his lights twice before leaving them on.
 +[22:57] * @Akuma_Tokai gets out of his car, and opens the back door for Fiona to get out
 +[22:57] <Kya> "I didn't know you were here.  Am I supposed to give you a gift?"
 +[22:58] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona gets out and looks at Kya -- who's talking to an alligator. ​ "Yeah -- jail will be fine with me."
 +[22:59] <​MG_Sty> ​ "We don't require a gift, but if you plan on doing anything to harm this land, I will ask you nicely to not do it here."
 +[22:59] <Kya> (I'm in the hedge, so I'm not sure she can see me?)
 +[22:59] <​MG_Sty>​ (or she could be looking through the Hedge as well)
 +[23:00] <Kya> "No no, I don't want to harm the land.  Though I am trying to find a way for somebody to go home."
 +[23:00] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Where is their home?"
 +[23:00] <Kya> "With somebody called the Smiling Man I think."​
 +[23:01] <​MG_Sty> ​ The alligator looks pensive -- less teeth, more eyes -- and shakes his head.  "I don't know about this Smiling Man.  I have friends that might know.  If I find out, can I tell you?"
 +[23:02] * @Akuma_Tokai he walks with Fiona slowly to Jack's car.
 +[23:03] <Kya> "Sure, you can tell me.  I can probably get more information too.  If you will be here a bit, I can find out more."
 +[23:03] <​MG_Sty> ​ Agent Talon walks up to the pair.  "​Should I assume that there is going to be a cover story for this?"
 +[23:03] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Simply put, she's under duress and in need of protection."​
 +[23:03] <​MG_Sty> ​ "I am Mokole...your idea of a bit and mine are different, but I will wait."
 +[23:04] <Kya> "Thank you."
 +[23:04] * Kya looks for the exit from the hedge.
 +[23:05] <​MG_Sty>​ (not that far away, just a few steps back and to the left)
 +[23:05] * Kya returns
 +[23:06] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Is this true?"
 +[23:07] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​Yes. ​ I did what I did because my family would be hurt if I didn't go along, but now I want to turn myself in and ask for sanctuary."​
 +[23:07] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Are you a foreign national?"​
 +[23:08] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​No...why ash such a stupid thing?"​
 +[23:09] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​Because most people when asking for help don't make it sound like you're looking for a church or an embassy. ​ Are you admitting to me, an agent of the Department of Justice, that you committed three murders in this area and others in Richmond, Louisville and other cities?"​
 +[23:09] * Kya slinks up to Akuma'​s side.
 +[23:09] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona slumps a little. ​ "I did it because they were going to hurt my family."​
 +[23:11] * @Akuma_Tokai glances over at Kya
 +[23:11] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Fiona Casterly, I am placing you under Federal Custody for your safety, and I am also placing you under arrest for the murder of Crystal Harris and under suspicion for at least seventeen other murders. ​ Please turn around and put your hands behind your back."
 +[23:11] <​MG_Sty> ​ Fiona closes her eyes and turns around. ​ A single tear coasts down her nose and drops to the ground. ​ "​Should I feel relieved, Agent?"​
 +[23:12] <Kya> "​We'​re not alone. ​ There'​s some... one named Mokole near by.  I saw him down near the water."​
 +[23:12] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Friend?"​
 +[23:12] <Kya> "​Maybe"​
 +[23:12] <Kya> "​He'​s old though, very old."
 +[23:12] * @Akuma_Tokai nods
 +[23:12] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Jack, I'll ride in with you, but give me a minute, I need to check something."​
 +[23:13] <​MG_Sty> ​ Agent Talon nods as he reading the Miranda and guiding Fiona to the car.
 +[23:13] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Lead the way Kya."
 +[23:13] * Kya looks at Fiona.
 +[23:13] <Kya> "What was the name of your father you were getting back to?"
 +[23:14] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​Sir."​
 +[23:15] <​MG_Sty> ​ "the others called him the Smiling Gentleman, or the Tailor if they were not on good terms."​
 +[23:15] * Kya nods and slinks off away from the agent.
 +[23:15] * @Akuma_Tokai follows after Kya as well
 +[23:16] * Kya returns back to the hedge with Akuma in tow when out of sight of Talon.
 +[23:17] <​MG_Sty> ​ The Mokole looks up at you, then to Akuma.
 +[23:17] <​MG_Sty> ​ "That was fast, little one.  Greetings, One-Eye."​
 +[23:17] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "​Greetings,​ Mokole, I assume."​
 +[23:18] <Kya> "Hello again Mokole. ​ This is Akuma. ​ We're looking for somebody called either "The Smiling Gentleman"​ or "The Tailor"​.
 +[23:20] <​MG_Sty> ​ The Mokole closes his eyes once, then nods.  "I have heard tales of this sort of creature. ​ He was once human, but something called him into the Deep Umbra and turned his joys to ashes.
 +[23:20] <​MG_Sty> ​ The Mokole sighs. ​ "Do you seek him out?"
 +[23:21] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "A friend calls him Master, she wishes to return home to him. Although she is now in custody of men."
 +[23:22] <Kya> "I don't want to meet him, but another wishes to return to him."
 +[23:23] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Your friend is ill in their heart. ​ The Tailor is a cruel man.  Even the other Breeds stay away from him."
 +[23:24] <Kya> "She is ill, but this is what her heart wants."​
 +[23:25] <​MG_Sty> ​ The alligator lurches upright, becoming an Indian dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt. ​ "Her heart is confused. ​ She needs medicine and time."
 +[23:25] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "I agree, she does not warrant the death that the courts want of her."
 +[23:27] <Kya> "Where can she get medicine?"​
 +[23:27] <​MG_Sty> ​ He sighs -- a human looking sigh -- and nods.  "She won't get death from the Tailor. ​ She'll beg and pray, but it will never come for her.  Wait here."
 +[23:27] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Agent Akuma, I have a question about -- Dammit, where did he go?"
 +[23:29] <​MG_Sty> ​ The Mokole turns and walks into the water. ​ A couple of alligators -- really, big, prehistoric looking things -- swim next to where he is walking.
 +[23:31] <​MG_Sty> ​ A few bubbles come up from the bottom of the water. ​ He comes back up, as he surfaces there is no trace of water on him.
 +[23:31] <​MG_Sty> ​ "​Dammit,​ Tokai -- you picked a good time for a piss break."​
 +[23:32] <​MG_Sty> ​ "I spoke to the elders. ​ There is a way that you can send your friend to the Tailor."​
 +[23:32] <Kya> "That was quick."​
 +[23:32] <​MG_Sty> ​ He takes a branch and draws a very elaborate circle. ​ "Under the bright moon, with three drops of her blood this circle will allow her to go to him.  After that..."​
 +[23:33] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Does she need to be present for this? Or just her blood?"​
 +[23:33] <​MG_Sty> ​ He tosses the stick into water. ​ It floats to an alligtor.
 +[23:34] <​MG_Sty> ​ "Her blood, or the blood of the person she wants to send in her place. ​ She needs to draw it for it to work.  The personal connection will power it.  But I beg you to talk her out of it.  The Tailor is cruel beyond words. ​ Even you two know how bad they can be."
 +[23:34] * @Akuma_Tokai takes a moment to memorize the circle
 +[23:36] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Thank you for your time, Kya, I should get back."
 +[23:36] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ (I have to go soon, I have to be up in 4 1/2 hours for work)
 +[23:37] <Kya> "Thank you."
 +[23:37] <​MG_Sty> ​ Agent Talon drives away with Fiona looking through the rear passenger window,
 +[23:40] <Kya> "Um... he didn't want to wait I guess."​
 +[23:40] <​@Akuma_Tokai>​ "Guess not, shall we go?"
 +[23:40] <​MG_Sty>​ ... and thus ends "The Maddening Gyre." ​ Good has triumphed over evil.  Justice was meeted and order restored to the land.
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