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 +[20:25] <​Harlequin_J_Goat> ​ When last we gathered -- a terrible secret was discovered: that the King's trusted adviser might be the killer of a beloved member of the Summer Court. ​ Now, as we join "The Maddening Gyre" -- Kya, the youngest member of the clique is handed a serious and important assignment...
 +[20:25] <​Harlequin_J_Goat> ​  "​I'​ll be right there." ​ Azuma stands up and leaves after throwing down a couple of bills.
 +[20:25] * Harlequin_J_Goat is now known as MdGy_St
 +[20:27] * afan21 is now known as Julius
 +[20:27] <​MdGy_St> ​ Brianne comes out, scratching the back of her neck and heads into the ktchen. ​ "​Jimmy,​ you said you got something for me."
 +[20:28] * @Kya waits at the car.
 +[20:28] <​MdGy_St> ​ Britney comes charging in.  "​I'​m sorry I'm --"
 +[20:28] <​MdGy_St> ​ Gary waves the late watress down, putting a finger to his lips.
 +[20:29] <​MdGy_St> ​ Britney nods and sneaks around to the counter.
 +[20:30] <​MdGy_St> ​ "Oh, hey Brit -- I didn't see you punch in."
 +[20:31] <​MdGy_St>​ (Are you in Akuma'​s car?)
 +[20:32] <​@Kya>​ (Outside of it)
 +[20:32] <​MdGy_St> ​ "Yeah -- that thing'​s busted."​
 +[20:33] <​MdGy_St> ​ Agent Akuma gets into his car.  "​I'​ve got to take care of something not related to the case.  I'm going to call Fiona and have her come here.  Follow her home and check on her place. ​ If you see anything weird, make a note of it and come back."
 +[20:34] <​@Kya>​ "​Um"​
 +[20:34] <​MdGy_St> ​ He turns the engine over and drives off, bringing his cell phone to his ear.
 +[20:34] * @Kya looks confused and stands befuddled outside of the car.
 +[20:34] <​@Kya>​ "I wonder where he's going?"​
 +[20:34] * @Kya shrugs.
 +[20:36] * Tolman ( has joined #grovewood
 +[20:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tolman
 +[20:36] <​MdGy_St> ​ Behind you, you head the padding of sneakers and the rattle of paper.
 +[20:36] <​MdGy_St>​ (You being Kya)
 +[20:36] * @Kya turns to look.
 +[20:37] <​MdGy_St>​ The Sherrif of Grovewood is dumping the contents of a bright yellow packet into a can of brighter green energy drink.
 +[20:38] <​MdGy_St>​ "​Ijustwannaknowwhatsgoingonwiththecaseandifyouneedanyhelpwithanythingsince you'​vebeenoutofcontactwiththeothers."​
 +[20:38] * @Kya looks at the man like he's some sort of freak.
 +[20:39] <​MdGy_St>​ (For those of you needing a picture -- think of Grant Guston (Barry Allen from the show "The Flash"​)
 +[20:40] <​MdGy_St> ​ The Sherrif takes a drink and swirls around the contents of the can.
 +[20:40] <​MdGy_St>​ "​Y'​knowthisstuffisreallyblandwithoutsomesugar.Youwantasip?​Shouldn'​tgiveyouasipbecauseyou'​reheartmightexplodeoutofyourchestlike*BLAM*."​
 +[20:41] * @Kya looks at the can.
 +[20:43] <​@Kya>​ "I think you want to talk to the others. ​ They are inside."​
 +[20:43] * @Kya points in the coffee shop.
 +[20:45] <​MdGy_St>​ "​Oh,​rightheardyouguyssetupshopthere.Goodideabutheircoffeeiskindsweakyouknow?​ No,​youprobablydon'​tshouldavoidcaffeineandsugarthatstuffwilldoweirdthingstoakidlikeyou. ​ Well,;​etmetalktotheothersbecarefulandstuff."​
 +[20:46] <​MdGy_St> ​ The Sherrif of Grovewood -- Jack Robin -- walks very fast across the street to the tea shop.
 +[20:46] <​@Kya>​ "Um... I think thanks Mister?"​
 +[20:48] <​MdGy_St> ​ If he heard you, or waved -- you can't tell.
 +[20:51] <​MdGy_St> ​ Those of you in the tea shop see the Sherrif of Grovewood come in, looking around like a robin in a panic, and alighting in an empty chair next to you.
 +[20:51] * @Kya sits outside for a bit, watching the shop from afar... remaining very still in case Fiona shows up.
 +[20:52] <​MdGy_St>​ "​Hey,​haveyoufoundanythingyet?​ TheKingwantstoknowiftherehasbeenanything newcomeupyet? ​ Haven'​theardanythingnewinawhileandweneedtoknowwhat'​shappening. ​ The Spring Queen hasbeendrivingusnutsfordevelopmentssotellmeyouhavesomethingnewtosay."​
 +[20:53] <​MdGy_St> ​ He puts his hands together in supplication. ​ This is clearly a bird on it's last wing.
 +[20:56] <​Julius>​ "I need you to speak slower."​
 +[20:57] <​MdGy_St> ​ Jack takes a deep breath and frowns a little. ​ "​"​
 +[20:58] <​Julius>​ "​Well,​it looks like Fiona is the culprit...also,​what the news reported is troubling."​
 +[20:58] <​MdGy_St> ​ You can see the effort for him to not speak at a pace that is not reserved for cokeheads or excited five year-olds.
 +[20:59] <​MdGy_St> ​ "​What'​sthenewreporting? ​ Alsodepends...*deep breath in and out*"​
 +[20:59] <​MdGy_St> ​ "​'​s...troubling...?"​
 +[21:00] <​Julius>​ "​Crystal was apparently found alive and well."
 +[21:00] <​MdGy_St> ​ "Hey, guys -- what can I get you?"
 +[21:00] <​Julius>​ "Tea for me,​thanks."​
 +[21:00] * Skeleton_ ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
 +[21:01] * Skeleton_ ( has joined #grovewood
 +[21:01] <​MdGy_St>​ "​I'​dlikeasmallsaladwithsomecheeseandcrutonsbutnoeggsthat'​sjustwrongandabigcupofcoffeewithsugaroragoodsweetsubstitute.Thanks."​
 +[21:01] <​MdGy_St> ​ He grins like he talks -- fast and almost out of control.
 +[21:02] <​Shaddow>​ (i agree about eggs in salads)
 +[21:02] <​MdGy_St> ​ "​Right... salad, coffee and tea.  Where'​s your little friend? ​ The hot chocolate and muffin girl?"
 +[21:02] <​Julius>​ "​I'​m afraid she'​s...busy at the moment."​
 +[21:06] <​MdGy_St> ​ "OK -- we'll if she comes back, I'll be sure to give her the usual...and not charge her.  I am so frickin'​ sorry about that."
 +[21:06] <​Julius>​ "​That'​s alright."​
 +[21:06] <​MdGy_St> ​ Brittney smiles and heads to the back.
 +[21:07] * Kya sets mode: +o MdGy_St
 +[21:08] * TolBot ( has joined #grovewood
 +[21:08] <​@MdGy_St>​ "​"​
 +[21:09] <​Julius>​ "I told you, Crystal was apparently found alive and well."
 +[21:10] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The Sherriff says a few words that might be considered crude...if you could make them out completely.
 +[21:12] <​@MdGy_St>​ "​Can'​tbelieveitwhyisshecominghere? ​ GottatelltheKingsowecangetreadyforanyblowbackisanythingelsehappening?"​
 +[21:13] <​Julius>​ "Come again?"​
 +[21:13] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​Anything...else...going...on?"​
 +[21:14] <​Julius>​ "​That'​s all so far."
 +[21:14] <​@Kya>​ (Except for the part where Fiona'​s been training mortals to summon the Gentry)
 +[21:15] <​@Kya>​ (But I don't know if I told you that or not)
 +[21:15] <​Julius>​ [i dont think you did]
 +[21:15] <​@MdGy_St> ​ He nods -- more like a controlled seizure from the neck up than any sign of affirmation -- and looks at the counter where Brittney is making hte salad.
 +[21:16] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​"​
 +[21:16] <​Julius>​ "​Right."​
 +[21:17] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​Here'​s your tea...your coffee (although I'd recommend tea) and salad. ​ Anything else, just yell for me.  OK?"
 +[21:18] <​Julius>​ "​Thanks."​
 +[21:18] * Julius sips his tea
 +[21:19] <​@MdGy_St> ​ As Jack Robin pecks at his salad...Kya sees a small car pull in behind the tea shop and out comes Fiona, looking tense as always as she drags on a cigarette.
 +[21:20] <​@MdGy_St> ​ She takes a couple more drags on the cigarette, stomps it out and puts it in the trash.
 +[21:22] <​@MdGy_St> ​ She sees the group sitting in the chairs "There you all are.  Glad to see you're hard at work."
 +[21:22] * @Kya makes sure she's well hidden.
 +[21:23] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​Fmmahwmymntmeymuffng"​
 +[21:23] <​@MdGy_St>​ "For God's sake, chew and swallow before talking. ​ We can barely understand you as it is."
 +[21:24] <​@MdGy_St>​ "​Whyaren'​ttheymakingfullreportslikeyoutoldthemto? ​ TheCourtsarealmostateachothersthroats."​
 +[21:25] <​@MdGy_St>​ 4d10
 +[21:25] <​TolBot>​ [MdGy_St'​s 4d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 10 1 5 4 ]: 1 Success ]
 +[21:26] <​@MdGy_St>​ "​That'​s barely better. ​ They'​re not reporting because there has been nothing so far to report other than the Brazen Head.  The King is too overcome with grief -- which you'd see if you attended court every once and a while -- to have me pesteringly remind him of Crystal'​s death."​
 +[21:27] <​@MdGy_St> ​ Jack Robin stabs his salad into his mouth like a bird fishing for worms.
 +[21:28] * @Kya sneaks across the lot to Fiona'​s car.
 +[21:29] <​@MdGy_St> ​ Fiona turns to Julius. ​ "​Speaking of which...did you find the maker of the Brazen Head?"
 +[21:29] <​Julius>​ [i dont remember,​did we?]
 +[21:29] <​@Kya>​ (no)
 +[21:29] <​Julius>​ "​No."​
 +[21:31] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "All right -- a step back, but we can work with that.  Where is it?"
 +[21:32] <​Julius>​ [did the police take it?]
 +[21:33] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​Whoarewegoingtogivetheheadtoo?"​
 +[21:33] <​@Kya>​ (Yup)
 +[21:33] <​Julius>​ "Last I knew,the police have it."
 +[21:35] <​Julius>​ 4d10 8
 +[21:35] <​TolBot>​ [Julius'​s 4d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 4 4 4 8 ]: 1 Success ]
 +[21:35] * @Kya makes her way to the trunk of Fiona'​s car, and pulls out some sewing needles to try to break in.
 +[21:36] <​@MdGy_St> ​ A fire seems to light behind Fiona'​s eyes.  Her hair takes on a shimmer to it like asphalt on a July day.  Her Mein is starting to show.
 +[21:37] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​What. ​ Did.  You.  Say?"
 +[21:37] <​@Ryu>​ (So my blantly ignoring her all this time seems to be working... *grins*)
 +[21:37] <​Julius>​ "The police,they have the head."
 +[21:37] <​@Kya>​ (You'​re not there)
 +[21:37] <​@Ryu>​ (I'm aware.. :P)
 +[21:38] <​@MdGy_St> ​ Her skin is turning red.  She closes her eyes and takes a couple of deep breaths.
 +[21:39] <​@MdGy_St> ​ Jack reaches into his jacket pocket and takes out a can of soda.  "Need something cold?"
 +[21:39] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​Shut. ​ Fucking. ​ Up."
 +[21:40] <​@MdGy_St>​ Another deep breath in and out.  Her skin is starting to come back to a regular pale flesh tone.
 +[21:40] <​@MdGy_St> ​ Another deep breath in and out.  Her skin is starting to come back to a regular pale flesh tone.
 +[21:41] <​@MdGy_St>​ "This is my fault in asking that it be kept in house. ​ I'll handle the retrieval of the Brazen Head so David can study it."
 +[21:41] <​Julius>​ "​David?"​
 +[21:42] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​Oneofourlibrarianshe'​stheoccultexpertintown,​especiallywhenitcomestoartifacts."​
 +[21:43] * Julius just looks blankly at Jack
 +[21:43] <​@Kya>​ 6d10 7
 +[21:43] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 6d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 7 10 8 3 2 7 ]: 5 Successes ]
 +[21:43] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​Slow...never mind.  Look, there is something going on here, and I need all of you to help.  Find Crystal'​s fetch and either convince her to leave town or just get rid of her."
 +[21:44] <​@MdGy_St> ​ Like an opening blossom, the car trunk opens up for Kya.
 +[21:44] * @Kya slips in and closes the trunk behind her.
 +[21:44] <​@Kya>​ (unless there are bodies or other icky things inside)
 +[21:45] <​Julius>​ [you find 70 bodies]
 +[21:46] <​@MdGy_St> ​ She stands up, smoothing out her skirt. ​ She looks down at The Sherrif -- both in manner and mein -- and tells him to tell the King to expect a report from her before sundown.
 +[21:46] <​@MdGy_St>​ [funny, I had her murdering sisty-nine people...]
 +[21:46] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The Sherrif nods and waits for her to leave before flipping her off.
 +[21:47] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​ifyouneedanythingfromme,​justwhistlearobin'​stuneandI'​llhearyou." ​ He chugs the coffee down and lays a couple of bills on the table.
 +[21:49] <​@MdGy_St>​ Kya, you feel the door open and close. ​ Before the engine revs up, you hear Fiona yell several harsh words and thumping something *hard*.
 +[21:49] <​Julius>​ [i seem to have upset her]
 +[21:50] <​@Ryu>​ (I blantly ignored her from the start and never even tried to keep it in house)
 +[21:50] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The Sherrif -- Jack Robin -- takes off like a hummingbird launched by an aircraft carrier'​s catapult.
 +[21:50] <​@MdGy_St>​ (We know)
 +[21:51] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The engine revs once and you start moving forward. ​ Music comes on, loud enough for you to hear.
 +[21:53] <​@MdGy_St> ​ She gets on the Interstate while talking to someone about a deal coming up on some land.
 +[21:53] * @Kya remains very quiet in the trunk
 +[21:53] * @Kya also texts Julius on her location.
 +[21:54] <​@MdGy_St>​ (Julius -- your phone buzzes)
 +[21:54] * Julius looks at his phone
 +[21:55] <​@MdGy_St>​ "In trunk of Fiona'​s car -- Kya"
 +[21:55] * Julius sighs
 +[21:55] * Julius replies "Let me know if you need assistance."​
 +[21:56] <​@Kya>​ Text: "​OK"​
 +[21:59] * @Kya waits, and listens.
 +[21:59] <​@MdGy_St>​ (I just seel Julius sipping his tea as the phone goes off.  We see Kya's message with some cutesy emoji attached to it.  Julius sighes and sips his tea again before texting back)
 +[21:59] <​Julius>​ [lol]
 +[22:00] <​@Kya>​ Text:  <Kitty Emoji> ​ Ooooh look, my phone has kitties!
 +[22:00] * Julius looks at the new text,​chuckles softly
 +[22:01] <​@Kya>​ Text: Why is she so mad?
 +[22:01] <​@MdGy_St> ​ the car slows down and takes a long right turn.
 +[22:02] <​Julius>​ Text: I think she wanted to keep the bronze head
 +[22:02] <​@Kya>​ "What head?"
 +[22:02] <​@Kya>​ (Kya wasn't at that.)
 +[22:02] <​Julius>​ [oh right]
 +[22:02] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "I can do this.  I can make it work.  First: get the head back."
 +[22:03] <​Julius>​ "We found a brazen head that answers questions."​
 +[22:03] <​@Kya>​ Text: "​She'​s talking about it now."
 +[22:03] <​@Kya>​ (Occult roll?)
 +[22:03] <​@MdGy_St>​ (Sure Inteligence+Occult,​ diff 9)
 +[22:03] <​@Kya>​ 4d10 9
 +[22:03] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 4d10 (9Tgt/​10Agn) [ 4 1 7 8 ]: Botched result of -1 ]
 +[22:04] <​@Kya>​ Text: "Did you feed it candy?"​
 +[22:04] <​@MdGy_St>​ (LOL)
 +[22:04] <​@Ryu>​ (thats one of my rolls lol)
 +[22:04] <​Julius>​ "No, leaves."​
 +[22:04] <​@MdGy_St>​ (lol)
 +[22:04] <​@Kya>​ "Did it have bad breath?"​
 +[22:04] * Skeleton_ ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
 +[22:04] * TolBot waves goodbye to Skeleton_
 +[22:04] <​@MdGy_St>​ (brb -- contine on)
 +[22:04] <​Julius>​ "I didn't smell it."
 +[22:05] * Skeleton_ ( has joined #grovewood
 +[22:05] <​@Kya>​ "Then why did you feed it leaves?"​
 +[22:05] <​Julius>​ "​That'​s how you get it to talk."
 +[22:06] <​@Kya>​ "​You'​re kidding right?"​
 +[22:07] <​Julius>​ "​Nope."​
 +[22:07] <​@Kya>​ "​That'​s silly"
 +[22:11] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The car climbs up a hill and comes to a stop.
 +[22:13] <​@MdGy_St>​ "Yeah, those others I contracted managed to find themselves a brazen head, but they got it confiscated by the damn police. ​ Look, I'll try to get it back and get it to you tomorrow."​
 +[22:14] <​@MdGy_St>​ "Yeah, those others I contracted managed to find themselves a brazen head, but they got it confiscated by the damn police. ​ Look, I'll try to get it back and get it to you tomorrow."​
 +[22:14] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The door opens and closes
 +[22:14] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "I just need to know how it works and whether or not it gives me some information about this killer."​
 +[22:15] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The voice gets distant and is finally cut off with a closed door.
 +[22:15] <​^ThEeYe^>​ (good night folks, have an early day tomorrow)
 +[22:15] <​@Kya>​ Text: "​She'​s not the killer... I think."​
 +[22:15] <​@MdGy_St>​ (NIght!)
 +[22:15] <​@Kya>​ (Night Sent)
 +[22:15] * ^ThEeYe^ ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [SeaMonkey 2.33.1/​20150321194901])
 +[22:15] * TolBot waves goodbye to ^ThEeYe^
 +[22:15] <​Julius>​ "You think?"​
 +[22:16] <​@Kya>​ Text: "She wants to give the head to somebody to find out who."
 +[22:17] <​@MdGy_St> ​ Outside the car, you head a couple of guys talking and laughing.
 +[22:18] <​Julius>​ "​Hmm."​
 +[22:18] * @Kya waits.
 +[22:19] <​@Kya>​ "But she did teach that man how to summon gentry i think"
 +[22:19] <​@Kya>​ "So she's not all good"
 +[22:22] <​@MdGy_St> ​ They continue on away from you.
 +[22:22] * @Kya slips out of the trunk when it sounds quiet.
 +[22:23] <​@Kya>​ (correction: ​ Peeks out of the trunk)
 +[22:24] <​@MdGy_St> ​  the whole area looks a little run down, but not deep into urban decay. ​ You're parked on a ashphalt covered hill.  You definitely smell something wet -- like the marshlands after a heavy rain.
 +[22:24] <​@MdGy_St>​ The other buildings are two story brick apartments.
 +[22:24] <​@Kya>​ (Any street signs?)
 +[22:25] <​@MdGy_St> ​ Yes: You're on the corner of Mango Leaf Court and Whitner Road
 +[22:25] * @Kya closes the trunk.
 +[22:25] <​@Kya>​ (While inside)
 +[22:26] <​@MdGy_St>​ (ok)
 +[22:26] <​@Kya>​ Text: I am at mango leaf court or whitner road.
 +[22:27] <​Julius>​ "​That'​s not a good place to be."
 +[22:28] <​@Kya>​ Text: "​Why?"​
 +[22:28] <​@MdGy_St>​ (Yeah, I should give the criminals a fighting chance)
 +[22:28] <​@Kya>​ (Why?)
 +[22:28] <​Julius>​ "There are bad people around there."​
 +[22:28] <​@Kya>​ (My combat skills suck.)
 +[22:28] <​@MdGy_St>​ (You'​ll get bored)
 +[22:29] <​@Ryu>​ (Alright my friends. We're heading to bed over here, so I'll see you all whenver I see you. Have a nice night!)
 +[22:29] <​@MdGy_St>​ (Night, Ryu!)
 +[22:29] <​@Kya>​ (Have a NICE night)
 +[22:29] <​Julius>​ [night ryu]
 +[22:29] <​Shaddow>​ (night whelp!)
 +[22:29] * Skeleton_ ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
 +[22:29] * TolBot waves goodbye to Skeleton_
 +[22:30] * Skeleton_ ( has joined #grovewood
 +[22:30] <​@Kya>​ "What kind of bad?"
 +[22:31] <​Julius>​ "Just don't be seen."
 +[22:32] <​@Kya>​ "Are you coming here with the others?"​
 +[22:32] <​Julius>​ "​You'​ll need a way back,so yes."
 +[22:33] <​@Kya>​ "OK I'll poke around then."
 +[22:33] <​@MdGy_St>​ (... and Anarchy in the U.K. is playing on Spotify...)
 +[22:34] <​@Kya>​ (Perfect?)
 +[22:34] * @Kya peeks out of the trunk again.
 +[22:34] <​@MdGy_St>​ (Couldn'​t be better if I tried)
 +[22:34] <​@MdGy_St>​ (roll wits and investigation -- any bonuses for being sneaky will come into play)
 +[22:34] <​@MdGy_St>​ (diff 8)
 +[22:35] <​@Kya>​ 3d10 8
 +[22:35] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 3d10 (8Tgt/​10Agn) [ 7 10 6 9 ]: 2 Successes ]
 +[22:35] <​@Kya>​ (YAY!!!)
 +[22:36] <​@MdGy_St>​ (You don't see anyone around you when you crack open the trunk)
 +[22:36] * @Kya slips out to check out the apartment building she heard Fiona go in.
 +[22:38] <​@MdGy_St> ​ It's a fairly pedestrian brick building. ​ Two floors with windows that line up vertically on four places. ​ the interior is carpeted in a brown-green short shag that's seen more weather than should be allowed. ​ The walls are a simple white and no decoration. ​ The doors are made to look oak, but you can see where the paneling is splintering in places.
 +[22:39] * @Kya pokes around and listens.
 +[22:41] * Skeleton_ ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
 +[22:41] * TolBot waves goodbye to Skeleton_
 +[22:42] <​@MdGy_St> ​ You hear a lot of different sounds -- the TV in one place, in another you head some Cuban music as you go upstairs you start hearing that weird singing woman from the car.
 +[22:43] * @Kya listens at that spot.
 +[22:46] <​@MdGy_St>​ It's upstairs in the apartment on the left as you come up.  All you see is the number 3 nailed to it -- the other apartments had 1,2 and 4 on their doors. ​ as you draw close, you also smell the faint scent of suphur and ozone.
 +[22:46] * @Kya smirks as she has found the right place.
 +[22:46] * @Kya looks around in the hall for places to hide or escape in case she needs to make a run for it.
 +[22:48] <​@MdGy_St> ​  ​Hanging off the waist high ledge is about it for you, unless you want to hang out a window.
 +[22:49] * @Kya notes that, as she presses her ear to the door softly to listen in.
 +[22:50] <​@MdGy_St> ​ You hear more music and the smell is a little stronger. ​ You can hear her stomping about. ​ She sounds like she's in a hurry.
 +[22:50] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The phone rings and she picks it up.
 +[22:52] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "Yeah -- it's a good deal.  Six thousand acres zones for business off of the Interstate and two major roads. ​ Price can be negoitated, but I've got three other people looking at it right now.  So, if you want it -- I'd move in fast...sure...yeah -- I'll take you to it tomorrow and we can quibble over the details...right...tomorrow at 10 will be perfect...see you then...bye."​
 +[22:52] <​@MdGy_St>​ The phone clicks.
 +[22:52] <​@MdGy_St>​ "​Sucker."​
 +[22:53] <​@MdGy_St>​ "​Sucker."​
 +[22:53] * @Kya slips away from the door and to the stairs.
 +[22:54] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The door remains closed.
 +[22:55] <​@MdGy_St>​ Behind the closed door, you hear her swear again and her stomping towards the door.
 +[22:55] * @Kya rushes down to the car.
 +[22:55] <​@MdGy_St>​ (you going for the trunk?)
 +[22:55] <​@Kya>​ (If nobody is around to see me go in)
 +[22:56] <​@MdGy_St>​ roll Dex+Larceny diff 6 this time
 +[22:56] <​@MdGy_St>​ (you'​re alone)
 +[22:57] <​@Kya>​ 6d10 6
 +[22:57] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 6d10 (6Tgt/​10Agn) [ 8 5 9 10 8 4 5 ]: 4 Successes ]
 +[22:57] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The trunk lid sticks a little, but you manage to climb in and close it about four seconds before you hear the car door open and close.
 +[22:59] <​@Kya>​ Text to Julius: "Back in the car" <kitty emoji>
 +[22:59] <​Julius>​ "​Ok."​
 +[22:59] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The engine starts and she's backing down the hill fast enough to throw you to the back panels of the back seat.  You bounce up and down and get throws back to the rear of the car.
 +[23:00] <​@MdGy_St>​ (roll Dex + Athletics to keep a hold of your phone)
 +[23:00] <​@Kya>​ 5d10
 +[23:00] <​TolBot>​ [Kya's 5d10 (7Tgt/​10Agn) [ 10 9 1 6 9 6 ]: 2 Successes ]
 +[23:01] <​@MdGy_St>​ ( almost had to by a second phone while paying off the first)
 +[23:01] <​@Kya>​ (I didn't buy this phone to begin with.)
 +[23:02] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "I don't need this!" ​ She sounds like she's on the verge of tears. ​ "​Goddamn it!  Just once!  Just once I'd like for this to work!"
 +[23:02] <​@MdGy_St> ​ She takes another hard left and she's accelerating.
 +[23:03] * @Kya feels like a pinball.
 +[23:05] <​@MdGy_St> ​ By hte way she's going on one way to another, you can tell that she's speeding and driving like a maniac.
 +[23:05] <​@MdGy_St>​ (in other words -- she's blending in with other Floridians)
 +[23:05] * @Kya feels like she's getting beaten by her abusive father.
 +[23:06] <​@Kya>​ Text: "​She'​s mad."
 +[23:06] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The car comes to a coasting slowdown and a gentle turn.
 +[23:07] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "Keep looking the other way...that'​s it...don'​t turn--Fuck!"​
 +[23:08] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The car keeps on it's civil speed.
 +[23:08] <​@Kya>​ Text: "What does fa-uck mean?"
 +[23:09] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "Get off my ass...get off my ass...get off my ass..."​
 +[23:09] <​Julius>​ "​That'​s a bad word and you shouldn'​t say it."
 +[23:09] <​@Kya>​ "She said it."
 +[23:09] <​@MdGy_St>​ (There is a list of bad words that Fiona is using like a check list)
 +[23:10] <​@Kya>​ "She is also saying ass"
 +[23:10] <​@Kya>​ "She likes ass"
 +[23:10] <​@MdGy_St>​ "Get off my ass...get off my ass...getof my -- Thank you, Jesus."​
 +[23:11] <​@Kya>​ "I think jesus was on her ass"
 +[23:11] * Julius laughs in the coffee shop
 +[23:11] <​@MdGy_St> ​ She immedately speeds up back to qualifying at Darlington.
 +[23:11] <​Julius>​ "​That'​s another bad word."
 +[23:11] <​@Kya>​ "​Oh"​
 +[23:11] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "​That'​s what I like to hear." ​ Brianne stops by with a refill of tea.  "​Where'​s Kya?"
 +[23:13] <​@MdGy_St> ​ The car comes to a screeching halt.  the engine comes off and half a second later you hear the door open but not close.
 +[23:13] <​Julius>​ "Still busy."
 +[23:13] <​@Kya>​ (You need to learn how to lie better. ​ I'll give you a lesson later.)
 +[23:15] <​@MdGy_St> ​ "OK -- if you happen to see her, tell I'd like to talk to her in my office. ​ She's not in danger of losin' her muffins and cocoa priveliges, I just want to make sure she's OK."
 +[23:15] <​@Kya>​ (Uh oh!)
 +[23:16] <​Shaddow>​ (night all)
 +[23:16] <​@MdGy_St>​ (night!)
 +[23:16] * Shaddow (me@a55580.14055af4.206.128.imsk) Quit (Quit: "To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable."​ L.V.B.)
 +[23:16] * TolBot waves goodbye to Shaddow
 +[23:16] <​@Kya>​ (Night Shaddow. ​ Make up that character)
 +[23:16] <​@MdGy_St>​ (Actually -- this is a good place to stop for the evening.)
 +[23:17] <​Julius>​ "Oh, she's fine, just doing something for Akuma."​
 +[23:19] <​@MdGy_St> ​ as Kya gets a front row seat to a woman loosing her final tether of sanity and Julius develops a taste for chammoile, this epsiode of "The Maddening Gyre" comes to a close. ​ Be here in two weeks when we can hear this phrase: "I know there'​s a twelve year-old in my trunk, but there is a perfectly good, non-offender'​s list reason."​
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