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[20:03] <Harlequin_J_Goat> When last we left our adventurers…they continued their battle against the native apes – steel and psychic power clashing in the green hell of Chult. With one member dead, and the others scrambling for some tactical advantage, will they finally find the lost city of Omu, or become another corpse to feed the plant life? Find out as tonight's session begins…
[20:04] <@Magestar> I should probably go out to my car and get my PHB in case I level or die… either way I suppose I'll need it.
[20:04] * Sentagur is now known as Terres
[20:04] * Harlequin_J_Goat is now known as ToA_DM
[20:04] * Shaddow is now known as Miri
[20:06] * May is now known as Kayalia
[20:06] * Magestar is now known as Ash
[20:07] * Tolman is now known as Stolanimus
[20:07] <ToA_DM> (If I remember correctly – Croco-tole was chewing on one. One was heading to Kaylalia and another was over Ash's dead body?)
[20:08] <Kayalia> (I thought we killed all of them without any casualties, and they dropped some rare magical equipment?)
[20:08] <Ash> (No. The one that was over my body ran into the river to save it's drowning buddy)
[20:08] <Stolanimus> (Stolacadile had one held under water I think)
[20:08] <Terres> (what i heard also)
[20:08] <Dylan> (wait was ash dead? )
[20:08] <ToA_DM> (No – that was my Saturday group)
[20:09] <Dylan> (did you play last week?)
[20:09] * Ash is now known as Ash-Dying
[20:09] <ToA_DM> (Yes – Ash is still dead)
[20:09] <Dylan> (dead or dying?)
[20:09] <Miri> (the technical term is unconcious)
[20:09] * Ash-Dying feels the blood still splurting from his wounds.
[20:09] <ToA_DM> Ash does not feel happy)
[20:09] <Dylan> (am i too far away to LoH?)
[20:10] <ToA_DM> (OK – round three…)
[20:10] <Dylan> -spell land on hands
[20:10] <ToA_DM> Dylan – no, you're not.)
[20:10] * Dylan lays on hands Ash
[20:10] <ToA_DM> (First up, Stolanimus)
[20:11] <Terres> (Is Ash on my side of the river or is he on the other side with rick O'Connel with all the horses?)
[20:11] <Stolanimus> (my monkey is still kicking?)
[20:11] <Miri> (nice reference!)
[20:12] * Stolanimus bites down on the monkey.
[20:12] <ToA_DM> (Yes… weakly, but yes)
[20:12] <Stolanimus> 1d20+4 bite
[20:12] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(2)+4 'bite']: 6
[20:12] <Stolanimus> (ooh vicious)
[20:12] <@Ash-Dying> (Love bites)
[20:12] <@Ash-Dying> (Tenderly nibbling his ear as you seduce him under the water.)
[20:12] <ToA_DM> (Do you have to re-roll bite? I thought you still had it in a grip?)
[20:13] <ToA_DM> (Thanks for making this even weirder than before, Ash)
[20:15] <ToA_DM> The crocodile tries to tighten it's grip, but the current moves the target limb.
[20:16] <ToA_DM> The monkey will try to wrestle itself away…
[20:17] <Terres> ( question, are we using old init order or should i reroll as i was not here last week?)
[20:17] <ToA_DM> …but it can't pull itself completely free from the toothy grip of the druid.
[20:17] <Dylan> -init order
[20:17] <TolBot> Initiative Order:
[20:17] <Dylan> (?)
[20:17] <ToA_DM> (If you all want to re-roll, or I can put Terres and Dylan at the end of the round)
[20:18] <Stolanimus> (it doesn’t say anything about an autohit if grappled in my mouth)
[20:18] <@Ash-Dying> (You can add them to the current init)
[20:18] <@Ash-Dying> -init
[20:18] <@Ash-Dying> -init report
[20:18] <TolBot> Initiative Order:
[20:18] <Terres> (doesnt matter, i can be at the tail end, thats where i shine anywho)
[20:18] <Dylan> (end is fine)
[20:18] <Stolanimus> (I know it feels a little dumb to miss a bite while I have it held in my mouth, hehe)
[20:18] <ToA_DM> (Stol, Ash Monkey 2, Monkey 3, Miri Monkey 1, Kayalia Terres Dylan)
[20:18] <@Ash-Dying> (you opened your mouth to get better leverage and it back fired?)
[20:19] <Stolanimus> (sure. that. hehe)
[20:19] <Stolanimus> (but he’s still grappled and held underwater until it takes an action and makes a save DC12)
[20:21] <ToA_DM> The monkey over Ash's body looks at Dylan and starts skittering forward.
[20:21] <ToA_DM> (which it hasn't yet)
[20:21] <ToA_DM> Miri – save them!)
[20:21] <Miri> (it's my turn already? how close is the nearest one to me?)
[20:22] <ToA_DM> (You can attack the one closest to Kaylalia)
[20:23] * Miri will throw a dagger at the one near Kayalia reckless.
[20:23] <Miri> 1d20+5 adv
[20:23] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(11, 8)+5 'adv']: 16
[20:23] <ToA_DM> (roll damage)
[20:24] <Miri> 1d4+5
[20:24] <TolBot> Miri's 1d4(2)+5]: 7
[20:25] <ToA_DM> Miri snatches a dagger from her belt and with a snarl, she hurls it at the monkey. The sound of ripping cloth is stopped as the blade plunges into the simian.
[20:25] <@Ash-Dying> 1d20 because I forgot this round's save
[20:25] <TolBot> Ash-Dying's 1d20(6) 'because I forgot this round's save']: 6
[20:25] <Miri> (how many does that make?)
[20:25] <ToA_DM> (2)
[20:25] <ToA_DM> (make one last time, failed this one)
[20:26] <Miri> (k)
[20:28] <ToA_DM> The monkey – with a dagger sticking out of it's thigh, looks to Miri Once again, the barbarian feels the mental onslaught. (Roll Wisdom save, DC 11)
[20:28] <Miri> 1d20 vs dc11
[20:28] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(12) 'vs dc11']: 12 (Success)
[20:29] * Miri flips off the monkey and will end her turn.
[20:29] <ToA_DM> Girded from prior experience – Miri grits her teeth and pushes past the psychic pain.
[20:29] <ToA_DM> (Kayalia)
[20:30] <ToA_DM> [everyone should feel lucky, I am not using the PC Killers tonight]
[20:32] * Disconnected
[20:35] * Attempting to rejoin channel #grovewood
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[20:35] * Topic is 'Grovewood - D&D5e Können Heroes of Azod - Current DM: Harlequin-J-Goat- 8:30 PM EST Sundays. - Logs available here:'
[20:35] * Set by Magestar on Sun May 27 19:14:28 2018
[20:33] <ToA_DM> (No – you're on the same side of the river as Ash)
[20:34] <Terres> (i'ma dwarf dude might as well ask me to shave my beard)
[20:34] <Terres> (how far away is he from me? and can i run to touch range?)
[20:34] <ToA_DM> Kayalia winds back and cracks the skull of the ape. It stumbles under the blow with a whine.
[20:34] <ToA_DM> (You can ake an actio to get to him, bonus to heal)
[20:35] <Kayalia> (nowai)
[20:35] <Terres> (Cant heal just stabilize)
[20:35] <ToA_DM> (Yeah – stabilize.)
[20:35] * Terres rushes to Ashes limp body
[20:35] <Terres> (ok dont fail the next save and you should be ok)
[20:36] <ToA_DM> (No pressure at all, vulture chow)
[20:36] <@Ash-Dying> (So you are not stablizing me this round?)
[20:36] <Terres> (need to touch you)
[20:35] <Dylan> (when you put it that way…)
[20:35] <ToA_DM> (You can stabilize him this round)
[20:38] * Disconnected
[20:38] * Attempting to rejoin channel #grovewood
[20:38] * Rejoined channel #grovewood
[20:38] * Topic is 'Grovewood - D&D5e Können Heroes of Azod - Current DM: Harlequin-J-Goat- 8:30 PM EST Sundays. - Logs available here:'
[20:38] * Set by Magestar on Sun May 27 19:14:28 2018
[20:39] <ToA_DM> (thanks)
[20:38] <ToA_DM> Dylan – yer up)
[20:38] * Dylan moves over to look at Ash
[20:38] <Dylan> (15 hp)
[20:39] <ToA_DM> (is that what you're healing him for?)
[20:39] <Dylan> (yea 5* my level)
[20:40] <Ash> (Nearly all my wounds are now closed…nearly)
[20:41] <ToA_DM> As Dylan touches one of the dried wounds, a ripple works across Ash's body. Gashes and rends close up. Ash's back arches and he gasps his first breath back among the living.
[20:46] <ToA_DM> (top of the order: Stolanimus)
[20:46] <Miri> (am i scrolled up or something?)
[20:46] <Miri> (oh, there's peeps)
[20:46] <ToA_DM> (No – I was trying to find something)
[20:46] <Stolanimus> (is mine still grappled?)
[20:46] <Dylan> (i went to grab a cup of tea, i figured i had time till my next round…)
[20:46] <ToA_DM> (Yep! You feel it's thrashing starting to weaken)
[20:47] * Stolanimus bites down on the monkey .
[20:47] <Stolanimus> 1d20+4
[20:47] <TolBot> Stolanimus's 1d20(4)+4]: 8
[20:47] <Stolanimus> (well, that’s progress from a 6)
[20:47] <@Ryu> done fucking with it for now
[20:47] * Stolanimus is now known as Stolacodile
[20:48] <@Ryu> (bah.. sorry v.v)
[20:48] * @Stolacodile keeps the money under water
[20:48] <@Stolacodile> (thanks for the update, Ryu. LoL)
[20:48] <@Ryu> (had a 3TB drive fail it looks like, and it was full… )
[20:48] <Kayalia> (sad face…)
[20:49] * Ash gasps back awake with a start, stands up, looks for the moneky bastard that mind-fucked and clawed him, and blasts at him with a Guiding Bolt.
[20:50] <@Stolacodile> ( so… many… games… )
[20:50] <Ash> 1d20+4
[20:50] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(3)+4]: 7
[20:50] <ToA_DM> The monkey can't seem to get away from the currents…but the crocodile can't seem to tighten his bite any firther.
[20:50] <Ash> (Noooooooooooooo!)
[20:50] <@Ryu> (not games… TV Series… thats all that was on it… 2.5TB worth…)
[20:50] <ToA_DM> Still shaky from his brush with Final Death, the bolt goes wide.
[20:51] <Terres> (after the game, put the drive in a ziploc back and freezer for 15 minutes, then try to spin it up)
[20:51] <ToA_DM> The monkey in Stolacodile's grip tries to beat on the lizard's muzzle…
[20:52] <ToA_DM> 1d20+4
[20:52] <TolBot> [ToA_DM's 1d20(5)+4]: 9
[20:52] <ToA_DM> 1d20+4
[20:52] <TolBot> [ToA_DM's 1d20(13)+4]: 17
[20:52] <Terres> ( i think Stol is not biting it and letting it drown on purpose)
[20:52] <ToA_DM> (That's right,dis)
[20:53] <@Stolacodile> (I am holding it underwater on purpose, yes)
[20:53] <ToA_DM> 1d20+4, dis
[20:53] <TolBot> [ToA_DM's 1d20(4)+4 'dis']: 8
[20:53] <ToA_DM> 1d20+4,dis
[20:53] <TolBot> [ToA_DM's 1d20(20)+4]: 24 (Booyeah)
[20:53] <@Stolacodile> (sorry, have to type disadv)
[20:53] <ToA_DM> (that's what it was…)
[20:53] <@Stolacodile> (fail!!!)
[20:53] <@Stolacodile> (and without that comma)
[20:54] <ToA_DM> The monkey flails without any effect.
[20:54] <Terres> (was going to say on propoise but that would hae been a terrible pun and borderline a dad joke)
[20:55] <ToA_DM> The Ash-tainted monkey screeches and launches itself at Terres.
[20:55] <ToA_DM> 1d20+4 (bite)
[20:55] <TolBot> [ToA_DM's 1d20(5)+4 '(bite)']: 9
[20:55] <ToA_DM> 1d20+4 (claw)
[20:55] <TolBot> [ToA_DM's 1d20(1)+4 '(claw)']: 5 (Nooooo!)
[20:56] <Terres> (miss)
[20:56] <ToA_DM> The ape scrambles, trying to get purchase on the dwarf, but it slips on a puddle of blood.
[20:56] <ToA_DM> (Miri)
[20:57] <Miri> (how many monkies are left?)
[20:57] <ToA_DM> (all three)
[20:57] <Miri> (how close is the closest one?)
[20:58] <ToA_DM> (the one attacking Kayalia – he's in melee range now)
[20:58] * Miri will attack with her great flaming sword reckless.
[20:58] <Miri> 1d20+5 adv
[20:58] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(1, 16)+5 'adv']: 21
[20:58] <Miri> 2d6+5 slashing
[20:58] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(10)+5 'slashing']: 15
[20:58] <Miri> 2d6 fire
[20:58] <TolBot> Miri's 2d6(6) 'fire']: 6
[21:00] <ToA_DM> Miri swings with her blazing blade, searing off fur and digging into flesh and fat – bubbling away from the heat of the fire. This monkey is not long for the jungle.
[21:01] <ToA_DM> The monkey wails and tries to escape the barbarian's wrath. (Kay and Miri get Attacks of Opprotunity)
[21:01] <Miri> 1d20+5
[21:01] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(4)+5]: 9
[21:01] <Miri> (fail)
[21:04] <ToA_DM> Miri swings again, but the monkey luckily ducks under the hot iron.
[21:05] <ToA_DM> Kayalia You got an attack of opportunity)
[21:05] <Kayalia> (sure..)
[21:05] <Kayalia> 1d20+7
[21:05] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(10)+7]: 17
[21:05] <Kayalia> 1d6+4
[21:05] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d6(2)+4]: 6
[21:06] <ToA_DM> The monkey lets out another cry and slumps to the ground bleeding grey and red from an open gash on it's head.
[21:07] <Kayalia> (gross)
[21:08] <ToA_DM> (thank you)
[21:09] <ToA_DM> (Do you want to take a regular action? There are two left: one in the gentle but crushing maw of a crocodile, and the other on the other side of the river)
[21:10] * Disconnected
[21:10] * Attempting to rejoin channel #grovewood
[21:10] * Rejoined channel #grovewood
[21:10] * Topic is 'Grovewood - D&D5e Können Heroes of Azod - Current DM: Harlequin-J-Goat- 8:30 PM EST Sundays. - Logs available here:'
[21:10] * Set by Magestar on Sun May 27 19:14:28 2018
[21:11] <Kayalia> (oh is it my init?)
[21:11] <ToA_DM> (yep)
[21:12] * Kayalia stows her warfan and slings the hand crossbow back off her hip and sets a bolt.
[21:12] <Kayalia> 1d20+6 Firing at opposite river primate
[21:12] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(7)+6 'Firing at opposite river primate']: 13
[21:12] <ToA_DM> (hit)
[21:13] <Kayalia> (is it in melee with anyone?)
[21:13] <Terres> (it slipped on blood trying to melee me)
[21:13] <Terres> (i think)
[21:14] <Kayalia> 1d6+4 piercing
[21:14] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d6(1)+4 'piercing']: 5
[21:15] <Kayalia> (also I just realized my warfan should be +5 not +4 derp…)
[21:15] <ToA_DM> The bolt streaks from the crosbow, arcing through leaves and striking the monkey in the back
[21:15] <ToA_DM> (don't worry, as long as you did over 2 pts. of damage…dead is dead)
[21:16] <ToA_DM> (Terres)
[21:16] <Terres> (bonus action: casting Shillelagh)
[21:17] * Terres whispers a few words and his staff briefly glows with power
[21:17] <ToA_DM> A black-brown club springs to your grasp.
[21:17] * Terres swings his staff at the Monkey attacking him
[21:17] <Terres> 1d20+5
[21:17] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(16)+5]: 21
[21:17] <ToA_DM> (roll damage)
[21:18] <Terres> 1d8+2
[21:18] <TolBot> Terres's 1d8(2)+2]: 4
[21:18] <Terres> “Take that you damn filthy Ap..i mean monkey”
[21:18] <ToA_DM> The club cracks across the monkey's jaw, knocking it back a step and a tooth out of its socket.
[21:19] <ToA_DM> (Dylan)
[21:19] <Dylan> (so closest is within melee? or can i take a free action to move to one?)
[21:20] <Terres> (were you not in touch range with Ash this monkey was next to us)
[21:20] <Dylan> (are these undead monkeys?)
[21:20] <ToA_DM> (Yes, Dylan – you can touch the monkey. Touch it. Touch the filthy monkey.)
[21:20] <Dylan> (i feel like this has gotten past pg 13)
[21:21] <ToA_DM> (No, these monkeys are alive)
[21:21] * Dylan attacks a monkey
[21:21] <ToA_DM> (I feel like I should be visited by the MPAA)
[21:21] <Terres> (or at least PETA)
[21:22] <Dylan> (i always forget my attack roll)
[21:22] <Dylan> 1d20+4
[21:22] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(5)+4]: 9
[21:22] <Dylan> (miss)
[21:22] <ToA_DM> (miss)
[21:22] <ToA_DM> (top of the order)
[21:23] <Dylan> (i have an attack bonus of +5 does that go into my hit roll?)
[21:23] <Ash> yes
[21:24] * @Stolacodile attacks.
[21:24] <@Stolacodile> 1d20+4
[21:24] <TolBot> [Stolacodile's 1d20(13)+4]: 17
[21:24] <Miri> (hey look at that)
[21:24] <@Stolacodile> 1d10+2 piercing
[21:24] <TolBot> [Stolacodile's 1d10(6)+2 'piercing']: 8
[21:25] <ToA_DM> The jaws raise and clamp down furiously – piercing the vessels in the neck. What's left of the monkey drifts along the currents.
[21:26] * @Stolacodile swims to the bank towards the group.
[21:26] <Ash> (one left?)
[21:26] <ToA_DM> (one left)
[21:26] * Ash unleashes another Guiding Bolt in a bit of a panic.
[21:27] <Ash> 1d20+4
[21:27] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(6)+4]: 10
[21:28] <ToA_DM> That little bit of panic was enough to make the bolt go wide in the other direction.
[21:30] <ToA_DM> The final animal looks at the situation and tries to scramble away. Ash Terres Dylan get attacks of opportunity)
[21:30] <Ash> (No weapon in hand, because I almost died)
[21:30] * Terres swings his staff again
[21:31] <Terres> 1d20+5
[21:31] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(1)+5]: 6 (Better luck next time.)
[21:31] <Terres> (and trips up)
[21:31] <ToA_DM> Terre's staff whistles through the air…only to hit a tree trunk and whip back, almost taking off Ash's head in the process.
[21:32] <Dylan> (so i have +7 to my attack roll?)
[21:33] <ToA_DM> (yes)
[21:35] <Terres> (test)
[21:35] <Dylan> (thats cray)
[21:35] <Dylan> (am i up?)
[21:35] <Terres> (yep, whack it)
[21:35] <Dylan> 1d20+7
[21:35] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(1)+7]: 8 (Ouch!)
[21:35] <Dylan> (nope no whackin)
[21:36] <Miri> (who all hasn't crossed the river yet?)
[21:37] <ToA_DM> Miri and Kayalia are on the other side, Stolacodile is in the middle chewing on monkey arm.)
[21:37] <Miri> (i crossed already)
[21:38] <Kayalia> (now I'm confused how miri meleed the one near me but ahhh whatever)
[21:39] <Miri> (me too)
[21:39] <Terres> (me three)
[21:40] <Terres> (so after the monkey treis to skadaddle, whos turn?)
[21:40] <ToA_DM> Terres is next)
[21:41] <Terres> (can i still see the monkey, and how far is it?)
[21:41] <ToA_DM> (five feet away)
[21:41] * Terres forgets about the staff and lounches an Eldritch blast at the creature
[21:42] <Terres> 1d20+5
[21:42] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(13)+5]: 18
[21:42] <Terres> 1d10+2 Force dmg
[21:42] <TolBot> Terres's 1d10(5)+2 'Force dmg']: 7
[21:42] <ToA_DM> (hit!)
[21:43] <ToA_DM> The monkey is flung to the side from the impact, a crater smoking in its back.
[21:43] <ToA_DM> (Dylan)
[21:46] <Dylan> (oops sorry got distracted)
[21:46] <Dylan> 1d20+7
[21:46] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(12)+7]: 19
[21:46] <Dylan> 2d6+7
[21:46] <TolBot> Dylan's 2d6(7)+7]: 14
[21:46] * Dylan swings and solidly connects with a monkey
[21:47] <Dylan> (wife called)
[21:47] <ToA_DM> Dylan's attack is savage – the body is pitched foward into a rock. With a nauseating crunch, the animal flops down lifeless.
[21:47] <Terres> “I HATE this jungle!”
[21:48] <Ash> “Stupid monkeys”
[21:48] <ToA_DM> (Congrats, y'all! You lived through a Challenge 1 encounter!)
[21:48] <Miri> “we just got here. I love it”
[21:48] * @Stolacodile stretches his jaw and blinks.
[21:48] <ToA_DM> (If you all take a long rest, you can go on ahead and level up)
[21:48] <Terres> (arent we close to that settlment we are heading to?)
[21:49] <Dylan> (yay lvl 4)
[21:49] <Miri> (should be level 5)
[21:49] <Dylan> (did you know orcpub doesnt let you save anymore?)
[21:49] <Terres> (yeah should be 5 as far as i know)
[21:50] <ToA_DM> (Yeah – apparently Orcpub and Hasbro aren't friends anymore)
[21:50] <Terres> ( i think they want to cash in on DnD beyond)
[21:50] <Miri> 1d12+3
[21:51] <TolBot> Miri's 1d12(11)+3]: 14
[21:51] <ToA_DM> (Orcpub?)
[21:51] <Miri> (sweet)
[21:52] <Terres> (wizards)
[21:52] <Terres> ( so what does our exp stand at right now?)
[21:53] <Dylan> (whats you email address DM?)
[21:53] * Kayalia sits down on a rock and digs through her backpack for that bottle of wine she procured earlier. “How'm I gonna cross that river…? I don't wanna ride a lizard…“
[21:53] <Miri> (7080 unless you did a thing then you have an extra 250)
[21:53] <ToA_DM> (
[21:54] <Dylan> (sent)
[21:54] <ToA_DM> (split up 600 xp for the monkey)
[21:54] <Dylan> (i dont understand how the math is done for hp)
[21:55] <Ash> (1/2 your max hp round up)
[21:55] <Miri> (so 100 apiece for xp?)
[21:55] <Dylan> (27=42+5+0)
[21:55] <Ash> (So a d8 would be 5, then add your con bonus/penalty)
[21:55] <Terres> 1d8+2
[21:55] <TolBot> Terres's 1d8(5)+2]: 7
[21:55] <ToA_DM> (yep)
[21:55] <ToA_DM> (got it Dylan)
[21:56] <Miri> (60 hp….woot!)
[21:58] <Miri> (and two attacks per round now, yay)
[21:59] <ToA_DM> The jungle is quiet now. Only the river makes any sound as the body of the dead monkey floats away.
[21:59] * @Stolacodile floats back and forth in the water, keeping an eye out.
[22:02] <Ash> (Those of you with cantrips, check your spells, they may have gone up in damage)
[22:02] <ToA_DM> A couple of birds chirp cautiously.
[22:02] <ToA_DM> (Those of you without should have studied harder in school)
[22:03] <Miri> (pfft, don't need magic, i hit things with sharp objects :P)
[22:04] * Kayalia looks up to the canopy, wondering if she can see the same type of bird she thought she saw earlier in the midst of battle…
[22:07] <Ash> “Shall we press on to the encampment to rest, before darkness over takes us?”
[22:08] <Miri> “yes”
[22:08] * Kayalia looks around for their guide.
[22:09] * Terres collects himself and gets ready to continue travel
[22:10] <Kayalia> “Where is… our guide…?” Kaya's eyes scan around ineffectually…
[22:10] * Dylan gets ready to travel as well
[22:12] <ToA_DM> Kayalia looks around…but doesn't see the dimunitive woman anywhere.
[22:12] <Kayalia> Miri Did our guide cross the river with you all? I can't seem to find her!”
[22:13] <Miri> “not that I know. Looks like we are on our own”
[22:13] * @Stolacodile shakes his head.
[22:13] * Ash calls out to the guide
[22:13] <ToA_DM> (Even the lizards are mocking you!)
[22:13] <Miri> 1d20+1
[22:13] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(5)+1]: 6
[22:13] * Kayalia continues to yell across the river to Miri “Did she say which direction the encampment was?”
[22:14] <Miri> “across the river…so stop stalling and get on the dang crocodile”
[22:14] * Ash looks for signs of tracks
[22:14] <ToA_DM> Ash roll Nature)
[22:15] <ToA_DM> (Change that – Investigation.)
[22:15] * Kayalia packs away her things and shoulders her pack, then looks to the river, wondering just how deep it is, should she fail to keep topside of the croc.
[22:15] <Ash> 1d20+2
[22:15] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(16)+2]: 18
[22:17] * Ash points out a spot. Looks like she may have went this way.
[22:18] <Miri> “well, soon as kayalia gets across, i say we follow the tracks. maybe she ran off to the encampment.”
[22:18] <Ash> “Um no.”
[22:19] <Miri> “no?”
[22:19] <Ash> “The trail looks to be on Kayalia's side.”
[22:19] * Kayalia laughs nervously. Scales… blehh…..
[22:19] <Miri> “oh joy. so what do we do?”
[22:19] * Ash points out a small hole in the canopy and some fresh broken limbs on her side
[22:20] <Ash> “Take a lizard ride.”
[22:20] <Miri> “back across the river?”
[22:21] * Terres shudders at the mention of swimming
[22:21] <Ash> “If I'm looking at the right trail, Kayalia is on the right side of the river, unless you can find a trail that is different from the one I found.”
[22:22] <Miri> “I couldn't find anything, but I thought we had to cross the river to get to the camp. So are we going to go back for the guide or are we going to press on?”
[22:22] <Ash> “We need the guide to find our way after the camp, otherwise we'll have to hire another guide.”
[22:23] <Kayalia> “Well, we can't leave our guide to her fate, can we? I'm sure she knows the way, but alone, can she really defend herself?”
[22:23] <Miri> “you just don't want to cross the river…even if you have good points” sticks her tongue out at Kayalia “back across then.”
[22:24] * Kayalia laughs nervously and looks off to the side, rather than meeting Miri's gaze.
[22:26] * Ash goes over to the river bank to the awaiting Stolacodile
[22:26] * @Stolacodile blinks.
[22:26] * Miri swims back across the river.
[22:26] <Ash> “Mind giving me a ride?”
[22:27] * @Stolacodile offers his back.
[22:27] * Ash hops on
[22:27] * @Stolacodile slowly brings Ash across.
[22:27] * Dylan swims
[22:28] <ToA_DM> (unleash the undead pirahna!)
[22:30] * Disconnected
[22:30] * Attempting to rejoin channel #grovewood
[22:30] * Rejoined channel #grovewood
[22:30] * Topic is 'Grovewood - D&D5e Können Heroes of Azod - Current DM: Harlequin-J-Goat- 8:30 PM EST Sundays. - Logs available here:'
[22:30] * Set by Magestar on Sun May 27 19:14:28 2018
[22:29] <ToA_DM> Dylan make an Athletics check, dif 10)
[22:29] <Terres> (crocTaxi is the way)
[22:29] <Miri> 1d20+5 vs dc10
[22:29] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(8)+5 'vs dc10']: 13 (Success)
[22:30] <ToA_DM> Miri steps into the water and begins swimming…or coordinated flailing in the water…and makes it across.
[22:30] <Dylan> 1d20+5 diff 10
[22:30] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(2)+5 'diff 10']: 7
[22:30] <ToA_DM> Ash merely steps off the crocodile's back with no effort.
[22:30] * Dylan struggles
[22:30] <ToA_DM> Dylan starts across, but soon sinks under the waves.
[22:31] <ToA_DM> (any want to help? Or push in deeper into the water?)
[22:31] * Miri will wade back in to help dylan out.
[22:32] <ToA_DM> Dylan roll again with advantage)
[22:32] * @Stolacodile will swim to Dylan once Ash disembarks
[22:32] <Dylan> (advantage?)
[22:33] <Miri> (type 1d20+5 adv )
[22:33] <ToA_DM> (yep – Miri is trying to help you)
[22:33] <Dylan> 1d20+5+5 diff 10 adv
[22:33] <TolBot> Dylan's 1d20(8)+5+5 'diff 10 adv']: 18
[22:34] <ToA_DM> Dylan flails in the right direction and catches Miri's arm. Together they manage to make it to shore with a little dignity lost.
[22:34] <Miri> (anyone else had the “never smile at a crocodile' song stuck in their head?)
[22:36] <Miri> (brb)
[22:36] <ToA_DM> (nope, never heard of it)
[22:36] * Dylan gasps
[22:36] <Dylan> “Thank you, that was much different from the pond”
[22:36] <ToA_DM> (Is Kayalia left?)
[22:37] <Kayalia> (left of what?)
[22:37] <Ash> (She didn't have to cross)
[22:37] <ToA_DM> (left to cross the liver)
[22:37] <ToA_DM> (river. Only booze crosses the liver)
[22:38] <Kayalia> (did we decide to abandon the guide?)
[22:38] <Ash> (The guide is somewhere on your side)
[22:39] <Terres> (i sent my lvl 5 char sheet to you mr DM)
[22:40] <Terres> “We should definitely try to find the guide, i dont like the idea of wandering the jungle aimlesly.”
[22:40] <Miri> (back)
[22:40] <Kayalia> (how much exp did I get for monkies?)
[22:40] <Miri> (100)
[22:41] <ToA_DM> (brb)
[22:41] <Kayalia> 1d8+1 hp for lvl 5
[22:41] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d8(1)+1 'hp for lvl 5']: 2
[22:42] <Kayalia> (~_~)
[22:43] <Terres> (someone said Monkees, Then i saw her face… Now i'm a believer!)
[22:43] <Ash> (Hps are half of what you would roll, rounded up. So you should get 5+con)
[22:44] <Kayalia> (We aren't rolling?)
[22:44] <@Stolacodile> (why are we suddenly doing character creation?)
[22:44] <ToA_DM> (if you roll a one for HP – re-roll)
[22:45] <ToA_DM> (Ahh “Don't Fear the Reaper” on Spotify. Spotify…you get me.)
[22:45] <@Stolacodile> (did we end?)
[22:45] <Kayalia> (Can I just take the 5 'average' on a 1d8 method?)
[22:46] <ToA_DM> (Nope – Stol)
[22:46] <ToA_DM> (Kay – sure, if that's what you want)
[22:46] <Miri> (are we all across the river yet?)
[22:46] <Terres> (no, but we crossed the river and DM indicated we leveled up, now to find that guide and get to resting spot is just a formality i recon)
[22:46] <ToA_DM> (Did Kay cross)
[22:46] <Miri> (kay didn't have to but terres does)
[22:47] <Terres> (could i get a ride on the croc?)
[22:47] <Kayalia> (why would I cross????)
[22:50] * Terres looks at the Crocodile and says “Stol mind giving me a claw to help cross the river?”
[22:50] * @Stolacodile swims back to Terres
[22:51] <Terres> “Thanks friend”
[22:52] * @Stolacodile slowly brings Terres across.
[22:52] <ToA_DM> (everyone's across)
[22:54] * @Stolacodile walks up onto land
[22:54] <Terres> “now to find that guide”
[22:55] <ToA_DM> (roll Investigation if you're looking for the guide)
[22:55] <Miri> 1d20+1
[22:55] <TolBot> Miri's 1d20(6)+1]: 7
[22:55] <Ash> 1D20+2
[22:55] <TolBot> Ash's 1d20(10)+2]: 12
[22:55] <Terres> 1d20+2 investigation
[22:55] <TolBot> Terres's 1d20(13)+2 'investigation']: 15
[22:56] <Kayalia> 1d20 investigation XD
[22:56] <TolBot> Kayalia's 1d20(20) 'investigation XD']: 20 (Stunning.)
[22:56] <Kayalia> XD
[22:56] <ToA_DM> (Holy…)
[22:58] <ToA_DM> (You shouldn't have, technically)
[22:58] <Terres> (she was in your pocket all along)
[22:59] <Kayalia> (Miracles do excist in this world!)
[23:00] <ToA_DM> Kayalia looks into the river – SHE WAS THE GUIDE ALL ALONG!)
[23:01] <Kayalia> (lol)
[23:03] * Kayalia glances at Miri's boots while looking around, noticing debris on the ground consisting of broken branches. “Wait-” Kaya urges Miri before she steps over the tracks that lay there.
[23:04] * Miri freezes.
[23:04] <Kayalia> “I see some footprints here, different than any of ours.” She kneels down beside them. “Looks like they end here with , I guess, maybe these indents are like this….” she gestures to the impression from the balls of someone's feet. “Because they jumped up?”
[23:04] <Kayalia> “And these branches fell because of someone climbing…” Kaya looks up to the treeline. “Up there somewhere?”
[23:05] <Miri> “so is our guide a guide or did she turn into one of the monkeys we killed?” Looks confused.
[23:08] * Terres looks at the trees Kayalia pointed at
[23:08] <ToA_DM> (So far, the dead monkeys are still dead monkeys…even the one floating down the river)
[23:08] <@Stolacodile> (gotta go afk)
[23:09] <ToA_DM> (ok)
[23:09] <Kayalia> “I don't know what would have happened next. Honestly, I don't even know how I noticed this much.:
[23:09] <Kayalia> “
[23:10] <Ash> “Hey you up there?”
[23:10] <ToA_DM> Only the trees swaying in the humid breeze is your reply.
[23:11] <ToA_DM> (question: wrap it up for the evening or continue on?)
[23:11] <Ash> (wrap)
[23:12] <Kayalia> (chicken caesar wrap)
[23:13] <Miri> (wrap)
[23:13] <ToA_DM> (ok)
[23:15] <Terres> (good game)
[23:15] <ToA_DM> As our adventurers seek out their missing guide in the unforgiving jungle…we bring tonights session comes to a close.

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