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 +8:02:36 PM <​Tolman>​ `Tolbot what is sin 33 \\   
 +8:02:36 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ Ask me again later. \\   
 +8:03:40 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​Sentagur>​ (why do i get a strange feeling we might run into some chickenbats) \\   
 +8:04:21 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (also Tol you sooo cheated on that perception check on the bike trail) \\   
 +8:04:40 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ (lol??? I???m still stunned that I spotted that thing) \\   
 +8:04:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ By the way, congratulations on your new relationship Harl. \\   
 +8:05:04 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (?) \\   
 +8:05:28 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (In a Relationship with Mashed Potatoes. ​ It's all over Facebook.) \\   
 +8:05:43 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (Oh -- that's a long standing love affair) \\   
 +8:06:36 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ 1d20 \\   
 +8:06:38 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (ewww mashed???? at least go for baked or scalloped!!) \\   
 +8:07:12 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (OK -- now you guys are getting ready to go into the jungle, do you get your guide?) \\   
 +8:09:09 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (no idea) \\   
 +8:10:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (ok -- discuss amongst yourselves) \\   
 +8:10:40 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (are we still at the dudes place or did we leave?) \\   
 +8:10:56 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (Still at the Merchant Prince'​s place) \\   
 +8:11:07 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (Last I knew we were still at his place, and were asking for recommendations for a guide) \\   
 +8:11:26 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (if you guys got a guide i say we follow him instead of wandering the jungles) \\   
 +8:12:57 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (they'​re easy to find...) \\   
 +8:13:38 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ 1d20 \\   
 +8:13:38 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Stolanimus'​s 1d20(10)]: 10 \\   
 +8:13:45 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (well if we use the one guide we'd have to help her with something before she helps us) \\   
 +8:13:49 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ (yep, it was the file path format) \\   
 +8:13:49 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (yay) \\   
 +8:14:56 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (do we even have time for such a vague detour?) \\   
 +8:15:44 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (Wakanga is the name of the owner of the house you're in) \\   
 +8:16:13 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ (i???m still trying to figure out what wife we snubbed) \\   
 +8:16:23 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "If you need anything...potions or spells, I can give them to you at a good rate." \\   
 +8:17:01 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (didnt we save some dude in the arena from dinos? his wife was trying to pay us or something) \\   
 +8:17:02 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (Remember the woman who gave you 25 silver for saving her husband? She wanted you all to meet him, but you ditched her) \\   
 +8:17:19 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (maybe that dude is a guide) \\   
 +8:17:47 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "What are we talking about for a good rate on healing potions?"​ \\   
 +8:18:25 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ (ah right) \\   
 +8:20:05 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "80 pieces of gold for something common. Something more exotic would be around three hundred such pieces."​ \\   
 +8:20:44 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "I cna also offer scrolls containing spells for those of you who are workers in the arcane."​ \\   
 +8:20:56 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ ???s eyes get big and snickers a bit. \\   
 +8:21:05 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Terres ​ perks up at the mention of spell scrolls \\   
 +8:21:50 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "Do you have available Healer'​s Kits, and if so how much are you asking for them?" \\   
 +8:22:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "We have several for a mere five gold pieces."​ \\   
 +8:22:56 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ ???My kit is stocked, Ash.??? \\   
 +8:23:46 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "Extra would be purdent I think."​ \\   
 +8:23:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ nods \\   
 +8:24:49 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Ash  puts a gem down on the table. 2 kits and 1 healing potion for 85 gold; the gem is worth 100?" \\   
 +8:24:54 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Wakanga claps his hands. "​Excellent! I'll have them brought down." \\   
 +8:25:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ "Do you have any equipment?"​ \\   
 +8:26:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Wakanga looks at the gem. "I would...hazard it to be at elast one hundred, but I would recommend you to Zhanthi. She is much better at valuing such things."​ \\   
 +8:27:26 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (do we know where this Zhanthi is?) \\   
 +8:27:34 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "Well then we are both in agreement that the gem is worth at least 100, which means you stand to profit if it should be worth more." \\   
 +8:28:06 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Wakanga shrugs and grins. "I am in business to make money."​ \\   
 +8:28:18 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (Persuasion to try to get the discount?) \\   
 +8:28:29 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (go for it) \\   
 +8:28:34 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ 1d20+5 \\   
 +8:28:34 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Ash's 1d20(7)+5]: 12 \\   
 +8:28:40 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (meh) \\   
 +8:29:04 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (what do you say?) \\   
 +8:29:35 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (The conversation I just posted. ​ Basically trying to knock 5gp off the price of 2 healer'​s kits, and 1 potion) \\   
 +8:32:02 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Wakanga shakes his head. "I also stand to lose money if this is merely cut glass. I am not a good judge of gems, but 100 seems fair enough."​ \\   
 +8:32:33 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (Don't make me go full Soup Nazi) \\   
 +8:32:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ "Maybe we should sell our gems to Zhanthi ​ and come back again."​ \\   
 +8:33:07 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "Then we have an agreement, the 2 healer kits, the potion, and 15 gold in return?"​ \\   
 +8:33:13 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "for the gem" \\   
 +8:33:46 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "​Yes."​ Wakanga says as a servant comes down. Wakanga whispers something, and the servant bows and leaves. \\   
 +8:34:29 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ A few minutes later, the servant comes back with two kits in colorful bags, a small round bottle and three stacks of five gold coins. \\   
 +8:34:35 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Well bargained and done." \\   
 +8:35:11 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "Thank you.  May you continue to profit and bring good deals to all." \\   
 +8:36:00 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Wakanga bows, putting his hand over his heart. \\   
 +8:37:20 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Well -- will you be needing scrolls?"​ \\   
 +8:37:57 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  cleans her nails with one of her daggers while she waits on everyone. \\   
 +8:40:44 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Syndra clears her throat. "I don't want to be seen as a slave driver...but you need to get moving. I am afraid that this curse is getting more...problematic."​ \\   
 +8:41:06 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (brb) \\   
 +8:41:07 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "I am ready to depart, if my companions are done." (and active) \\   
 +8:41:26 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  stands up "yes, please. lets get going."​ \\   
 +8:41:33 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (was just browsing spells) \\   
 +8:42:50 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ stands at the ready, and licks the back of his hand. \\   
 +8:43:08 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ "I am ready to depart as well" \\   
 +8:46:05 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "​Excellent! I wish you well and hope to give you a welcoming feast!"​ \\   
 +8:46:31 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Wakanga claps again, and a couple of servants and soldiers come to escort you to the front door. \\   
 +8:46:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ ( i almost feel unwelcome) \\   
 +8:47:01 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Kayalia ​ had dozed off while reclining on pillows. At this time she merely shifts position to get more comfortable. \\   
 +8:47:35 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Wakanga leans down and claps loudly over Kayalia'​s ear. \\   
 +8:47:57 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Kayalia ​ covers her face with a pillow and groans. \\   
 +8:48:03 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "I would feel bad if your friends left without your company."​ \\   
 +8:48:32 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Come coax her, would you?" \\   
 +8:48:52 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  moves over and lifts kay up and throws her over her shoulder. "Come on." \\   
 +8:48:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "Their loss!" She sits up and sets the pillow aside. "​I'​ll be off, then, ok?" \\   
 +8:49:10 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "​Mirriiiiiii...."​ \\   
 +8:49:11 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Syndra leans down and whsipers something in your ear, Kayalia. \\   
 +8:49:28 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ moves along, ???Are we going to find that guide that came to us, or another???? \\   
 +8:50:18 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Kayalia ​ gives Syndra a mournful look over her shoulder as [[character:​Miri]] leads her out. \\   
 +8:51:11 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "I do not like the guide that came to us, she is too pushy and something feels off about her." \\   
 +8:52:03 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  sets kay down after they are out of the man's hosue "​agreed."​ \\   
 +8:52:04 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ nods. \\   
 +8:53:46 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "I also agree with Ash." \\   
 +8:54:29 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "Then let us begin searching for a new guide."​ \\   
 +8:54:42 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (She gets coffee because she's a closer!) \\   
 +8:54:42 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Kayalia ​ fans herself with her ornamental weapon. "She was a bit arrogant in a way I can't quite accept."​ \\   
 +8:55:15 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Terres ​ follows the rest on the search for a new guide \\   
 +8:55:59 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (Finding a guide is not that hard...) \\   
 +8:56:30 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ You see a pair of Tabaxi casting about, looking for someone. They seem familiar to you. \\   
 +8:56:36 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (/me presses the auto-search button) \\   
 +8:56:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (Ctrl+f guide) \\   
 +8:57:42 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (four out of five people suddenly give off a green glow...) \\   
 +8:58:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (casting about?) \\   
 +8:58:32 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (With quest markers over their heads?) \\   
 +8:58:44 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ ???One with a reasonable rate.??? \\   
 +8:59:06 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ ???I had circle mates who were forest guides, and she was asking a tremendous amount.??? \\   
 +9:00:23 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "If we could afford the guide off just our stipent from the old lady, that'd be preferrable,​ too." \\   
 +9:00:54 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ The Tabaxi spot you, and approach. \\   
 +9:00:59 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Need guide, yes?" \\   
 +9:01:21 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "​Depends on what you are asking for a price, and if you will navigate the jungles."​ \\   
 +9:01:34 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "I am River Mist and this is my sibling Flask of Wine." \\   
 +9:02:11 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Help you through jungles? Yes. For Price, of course."​ \\   
 +9:02:21 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "To Omu?" \\   
 +9:02:32 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ River Flask (the onle talking) is wearing leather armor and an eye patch over one eye. \\   
 +9:03:00 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "to Omu?" \\   
 +9:03:06 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "Yes to Omu." \\   
 +9:03:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ River Flask looks over to her sibling. They exchange words, pointing to the jungle. \\   
 +9:05:08 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "No Omu. Yes to Firefinger. yes to Dungrnglung...maybe to old woman in Mbala. She might know Omu." \\   
 +9:06:38 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ ???We need a guide who has seen Omu." \\   
 +9:07:39 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ 1d20 \\   
 +9:07:39 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Miri'​s 1d20(12)]: 12 \\   
 +9:07:50 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (ignore that) \\   
 +9:08:45 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (ok) \\   
 +9:09:10 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "We not seen Omu...but you seek coin, yes? Fame, yes? We take you to those."​ \\   
 +9:09:25 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ The other tabaxi leans in "Fame, yes?" \\   
 +9:09:28 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ "we seek Omu" \\   
 +9:10:11 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "Omu or a guide to somebody who can get us there."​ \\   
 +9:11:18 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "We only only the two places. Money there. Omu is death."​ \\   
 +9:11:43 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Terres ​ chuckles at the mention of death \\   
 +9:12:10 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "Then guide us to somebody who can take us to Omu." \\   
 +9:12:34 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ 1d20 \\   
 +9:12:34 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Miri'​s 1d20(12)]: 12 \\   
 +9:12:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (Yes we know you like rolling the number 12.  :P ) \\   
 +9:13:14 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (lol apperantly i do) \\   
 +9:13:41 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ the two exchange words, then shake their heads. "Omu is death."​ \\   
 +9:13:51 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "​Death."​ The other nods and says this. \\   
 +9:14:07 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  arches a brow and moves through the crowd. "​hello"​ she speaks to a woman. \\   
 +9:14:20 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "Yes we know this, and accept this risk.  If you can not take us there, can you take us to somebody who knows how to get there?"​ \\   
 +9:14:58 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ The woman looks to you, Miri. "​Hello."​ \\   
 +9:15:10 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "can you tak us to Omu?" \\   
 +9:15:18 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (She's 5 foot 6 and 110 lbs.) \\   
 +9:15:58 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (Some day I will get this d&d campaign adapted into a movie. And true to the source it will just be 2 hours of us haggling over the price of healing kits and finding a guide. And then in the following summer we'll release the sequel where we decide to scrap our current guide and start over. During the credits we'll finally be leaving town. But it never gets picked up for a 3rd movie so people \\   
 +9:15:59 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ are forced to write fan fiction) \\   
 +9:16:09 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Omu? Yes. I can take you to Omu, but we need to consult the guardian of Orolunga."​ \\   
 +9:16:41 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Kayalia ​ turn to Miri. "Have you noticed if you say '​Omu'​ enough times, it starts to sound funny?"​ \\   
 +9:16:55 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (...and I will harshly criticize and sue the fan fic writers for giggles and profit) \\   
 +9:17:01 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  looks less than convinced. "the guardian of Orolunga?"​ she looks to kay. "it sounded funny to start with." looks back to the woman. \\   
 +9:17:03 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (evil) \\   
 +9:18:03 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "​Omu...Oooomu...Omuuuuu..."​ She pauses. "You know, I think you may be right about that." \\   
 +9:18:06 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (BRB - bio) \\   
 +9:19:09 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ She regards you all. "If you can help me get rid of the evil that infects my jungle, I cna take you to Omu." \\   
 +9:19:29 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "What evil?" \\   
 +9:21:29 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ She looks one way, then the other. "The Nanny Pu'​pu."​ \\   
 +9:21:47 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (is anyone writing down those names?) \\   
 +9:22:01 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (not me) \\   
 +9:22:03 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  shakes her head. "​I'​m beginning to think we would be better off on our own." \\   
 +9:22:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (Back) \\   
 +9:22:56 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (wb) \\   
 +9:23:02 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​Dylan|>​ (you should definitely sue people who write fan fiction) \\   
 +9:23:08 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "Who or what is the nanny pu'​pu?"​ \\   
 +9:23:08 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ sighs. \\   
 +9:23:37 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (nanny nanny pu pu stick your head in du du) \\   
 +9:23:54 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​Dylan|>​ (otherwise they will continue doing it, claim that you read their work and sue you if your writing too closely matches their intrusions into your created world) \\   
 +9:24:13 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​Dylan|>​ (#​truestory) \\   
 +9:24:31 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (what) \\   
 +9:24:40 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "She is evil -- she tricked the people of Mbala. Ate some of them. From her, stems evil." \\   
 +9:24:41 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (did you tell them they were dumb butts?) \\   
 +9:24:57 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (So Baba Yaga) \\   
 +9:25:03 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​Dylan|>​ (oh, this is a true story from a real author it happened to) \\   
 +9:25:05 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Dylan| ​ yawns \\   
 +9:25:12 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Ash  looks at River Flask \\   
 +9:25:38 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "So can you guide us to a guide that actually knows how to get to Omu?" \\   
 +9:25:51 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Dylan| ​ blinks \\   
 +9:25:51 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "Ash, my dear? Is it possible that their quest and ours could be related?"​ \\   
 +9:26:12 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (insight check?) \\   
 +9:26:21 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ The woman taps her walking stick on the ground. "I can take you to Omu." \\   
 +9:26:21 PM <​Dylan|>​ "Or in the alternative could you guide us to a guide who can guide us to the guide" \\   
 +9:26:25 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (go for it) \\   
 +9:26:31 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ 1d20 \\   
 +9:26:32 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Miri'​s 1d20(17)]: 17 \\   
 +9:26:39 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Dylan| ​ giggles \\   
 +9:27:42 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Dylan| ​ looks at the ground where she tapped \\   
 +9:28:18 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (There is an indent) \\   
 +9:28:27 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  whistles to the rest of her group "over here, i found a guide."​ \\   
 +9:28:36 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ The woman looks from one to the other. "I am Eku, if you must know." \\   
 +9:29:04 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Ash  shrugs at the 2 he was talking to, and bids them good day. \\   
 +9:29:07 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ The tabaxi look from the group to the woman...then slink away like scared kitties... \\   
 +9:29:52 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Terres ​ looks over the woman \\   
 +9:30:23 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "If we can help you we will, but we have our own task that is most pressing."​ \\   
 +9:30:35 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ moves towards Mir. \\   
 +9:30:57 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "What is that?" \\   
 +9:31:50 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "to neutralize the source of a curse."​ \\   
 +9:32:15 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "In Omu?" \\   
 +9:32:26 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "as far as we know, yes." \\   
 +9:34:02 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ She nods. "Yes, we can go to Omu." \\   
 +9:34:38 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "and all you ask of us is for help in return?"​ \\   
 +9:34:39 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "And what fee would you charge for this service?"​ \\   
 +9:35:04 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (can i roll insight to see if she has any nefarious plans for us?) \\   
 +9:35:17 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (sure) \\   
 +9:35:22 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ 1d20+3 \\   
 +9:35:23 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Terres'​s 1d20(15)+3]:​ 18 \\   
 +9:35:33 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (jeez) \\   
 +9:38:12 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Terres ​ looks at the woman and just nods \\   
 +9:38:13 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "We can go to Omu, but we should consult the guardian, first. Do you agree?"​ \\   
 +9:38:47 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "​agreed on my part. everyone else?" \\   
 +9:38:48 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ ???er, ok??? \\   
 +9:39:01 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "​Sure"​ \\   
 +9:39:03 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "​Sounds responsible-like enough..."​ \\   
 +9:39:15 PM <​Dylan|>​ "I agree" \\   
 +9:39:37 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Good! I assume you can afford this?" \\   
 +9:40:26 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "does it cost money to consult the guardian?"​ \\   
 +9:40:34 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ "And how much will it set us back?" \\   
 +9:41:35 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "3 gold a day. Ten days paid up front."​ \\   
 +9:41:49 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "No money to consult the guardian."​ \\   
 +9:42:02 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "And how long will the journey take?" \\   
 +9:43:01 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ hands 3gp to [[character:​Miri]] for his share. \\   
 +9:44:09 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  holds her hand up to stol "it can come out of the party funds, but i believe we should see this guardian first. and i would like an answer to ash's question first as well." \\   
 +9:44:17 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Terres ​ hands in his share as well \\   
 +9:44:20 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ nods \\   
 +9:44:43 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "20 miles south east." \\   
 +9:45:35 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "And how much time will that be?" \\   
 +9:45:47 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Dylan| ​ ponies up his share \\   
 +9:45:58 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Two days at a normal pace." \\   
 +9:45:59 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (is everyone gonna pitch in then?) \\   
 +9:46:01 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​Dylan|>​ (does someone wanna haggle?) \\   
 +9:46:55 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (If you do, now is the time) \\   
 +9:48:14 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "six days up front, 20 gold." \\   
 +9:49:20 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (roll persuation) \\   
 +9:49:31 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ 1d20+2 \\   
 +9:49:31 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Miri'​s 1d20(17)+2]:​ 19 \\   
 +9:50:27 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Eku looks at the group... \\   
 +9:50:45 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Fine -- six days up front, twenty gold." \\   
 +9:50:52 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ She holds out her hand. \\   
 +9:51:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  looks to stol "since everyone is helping out i'll tak that 3 gold after all" she then gets everyone elses coin and then adds two from the party funds and hands it over to Eku. \\   
 +9:52:33 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ nods \\   
 +9:52:36 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Eku takes the coins and slips them into a pouch. \\   
 +9:52:39 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Ash  relucantly hands over 3 gold, but makes the comment this should come out of the party supply. \\   
 +9:52:49 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (She then takes off running) \\   
 +9:53:04 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (HAHAHAHAAA! SUCKERS! OMU FOREVER!) \\   
 +9:53:35 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Good. We go to the guardian first."​ \\   
 +9:54:04 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ She turns on her heel and starts down on of the streets, weaving in between the brightly colored crowds. \\   
 +9:54:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  follows closely behind. \\   
 +9:55:17 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (I lose 3 gp ?) \\   
 +9:55:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (everyone did) \\   
 +9:55:41 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (k) \\   
 +9:55:46 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ follows \\   
 +9:56:54 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​Dylan|>​ (uhm [[character:​Dylan]] can't haggle he's a bumpkin) \\   
 +9:57:20 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ You come to the gates of the city, beyond the portal, you see some dirt leading up to the upsweep of a mesa. Over the top of the mesa, you see the thick emerald canopy of the Jungles of Chult. \\   
 +9:57:32 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (that'​s ok, apperantly the barbarian isn't terrible at it, this time anyway) \\   
 +9:57:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (a pity I can't roll for random rage...) \\   
 +9:57:58 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (Well you were a barmaid, so it should be an acquired skill.) \\   
 +9:58:10 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (true enough) \\   
 +9:58:44 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ ("How about five?" "Maybe seven?"​ "I SAID [CENSORED] FIVE!" {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *axe in chest*) \\   
 +9:59:22 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (well...she hasn't killed anything for a few wouldn'​t take much lol) \\   
 +9:59:49 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ ("​That'​s a winter color...and you're a SUMMER!! {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *axe in chest*) \\   
 +10:00:01 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (lol) \\   
 +10:00:44 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Eku continues on ahead, her walking stick making a steady tattoo on the ground. \\   
 +10:01:27 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ sighs relief \\   
 +10:02:07 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  continues to follow. "also Ash, your comment about the funds was dully noted. Didn't want you to think i had not heard it." \\   
 +10:03:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "​Thanks"​ \\   
 +10:03:25 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ You climb up the ridge and come into the jungle proper. The heat clings to your like a wet woolen blanket. Your mouth dries quickly and the sweat creeps under your armor. \\   
 +10:03:42 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ ???This is better."​ \\   
 +10:03:49 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ looks at the surroundings. \\   
 +10:05:08 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ It's just green, green and more green. It's dizzying how much green is here...even for you Stolanimus. \\   
 +10:05:10 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  fans herself with her hand "​i'​m just glad i don't wear armor. it's getting hot...and wet..."​ \\   
 +10:05:59 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Eku doesn'​t seem to mind, she just takes off a layer of robes. \\   
 +10:06:07 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "It doesn'​t seem that bad." \\   
 +10:06:23 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (Says the tiefling with fire resistance) \\   
 +10:06:58 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "i wonder if you would say the same thing if yo uwere doused in ice or snow" \\   
 +10:07:29 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (Which sounds good right now...remember when the ice giants tried to kill us? Good times...good times) \\   
 +10:07:52 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (I would not) \\   
 +10:07:59 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "I would not" \\   
 +10:09:30 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Kayalia ​ fans herself some more and quietly complains about n\not wanting her trips to the sauna to also involve hiking. \\   
 +10:10:34 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ As you continue on, the port fades into the distance, and you hear the rush of water ahead. \\   
 +10:11:11 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "think of it as a way to keep that figure? ​ some women care about that, right?"​ \\   
 +10:11:18 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ "Its so hot i am considering pushing my bi-monthly bath to today!"​ \\   
 +10:14:32 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Eka looks over her shoulder at Miri...then at Terres...sighs and turns back to follow the jungle trail. "We can follow the river for the day and make it to one of your foreigner settlements. Something called Camp Righteousness."​ \\   
 +10:15:38 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "​matters not to me." \\   
 +10:16:08 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "I think a more direct path to where we are going would be best." \\   
 +10:16:54 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Eku turns and looks right at you, Ash. "​Who'​s the guide?"​ \\   
 +10:16:55 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ looks at Ash, ???In the wild, and in the world, the shortest distance is not always a straith path.??? \\   
 +10:17:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "​I'​m the guide. Following the river is best, staying at the foreign camp for the night is best. Don't like it? Find your own way." \\   
 +10:18:48 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ "So we follow the river" \\   
 +10:20:22 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "If it's the best path, then that's fine." \\   
 +10:20:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Yes. Also good to stay close to water for drinking or bathing."​ \\   
 +10:20:41 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Eku gives off a '​humph'​ and continues walking. \\   
 +10:21:09 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Terres ​ shrugs and follows Eku \\   
 +10:22:12 PM <​Dylan|>​ "​Bathing sounds good" \\   
 +10:22:19 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Dylan| ​ shrugs and follows \\   
 +10:22:36 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "I already feel gross. A chance to bathe in civilization won't hurt." \\   
 +10:24:50 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  just shakes her head as she continues to follow along. \\   
 +10:25:22 PM <​Dylan|>​ "I didn't know bathing in a river was civilization"​ \\   
 +10:25:23 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Ash  keeps a careful eye on the surrounding area. \\   
 +10:25:38 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "​Settlements are civilization."​ \\   
 +10:26:40 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (everyone roll perception) \\   
 +10:26:46 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ 1d20 \\   
 +10:26:47 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Miri'​s 1d20(3)]: 3 \\   
 +10:26:47 PM <​Dylan|>​ 1d20 \\   
 +10:26:47 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Dylan|'​s 1d20(19)]: 19 \\   
 +10:26:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ 1d20+3 \\   
 +10:26:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Terres'​s 1d20(15)+3]:​ 18 \\   
 +10:26:55 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ 1d20+2 \\   
 +10:26:55 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Kayalia'​s 1d20(20)+2]:​ 22 (Excellent) \\   
 +10:27:02 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ 1d20+2 \\   
 +10:27:02 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Ash's 1d20(3)+2]: 5 \\   
 +10:28:45 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ 1d20+6 \\   
 +10:28:45 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [Stolanimus'​s 1d20(2)+6]: 8 \\   
 +10:29:15 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (Anyone got feats like alertness?) \\   
 +10:29:27 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Terres ​ whispers "​Something has been following us" \\   
 +10:29:31 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Kayalia ​ looks to the underbrush, as if she spots movement. \\   
 +10:31:25 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Eku stops. "​What?"​ \\   
 +10:32:05 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Miri  slips a dagger into her hand. \\   
 +10:32:18 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Dylan| ​ nods \\   
 +10:32:46 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "I thought I saw something moving in the leaves, there..."​ \\   
 +10:33:37 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (What is everyone'​s passive perception?​) \\   
 +10:34:11 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (12) \\   
 +10:34:24 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Terres]]>​ (13) \\   
 +10:34:44 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ (10) \\   
 +10:34:45 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (12) \\   
 +10:35:53 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​Dylan|>​ (looking) \\   
 +10:36:21 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​Dylan|>​ (10) \\   
 +10:36:50 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Whatever was lurking in the bush seems to have disappeared. \\   
 +10:37:35 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ (16) \\   
 +10:37:45 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ (sorry, juggling kids here) \\   
 +10:37:52 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (brb -- panic amongst your selves) \\   
 +10:38:01 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (Given how old your kids are, that's a feat.) \\   
 +10:38:12 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​Dylan|>​ (lol i was just gonna say that) \\   
 +10:38:21 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (I need to go to bed soon, here...) \\   
 +10:38:22 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ (Put the kids down on the ground and focus. ​ You shouldn'​t be juggling them in the house anyway) \\   
 +10:40:36 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Eku stops and scans the area intently. \\   
 +10:40:42 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "What was it?" \\   
 +10:41:01 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ (is it OK to juggle them outside then??) \\   
 +10:41:20 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Dylan| ​ shrugs \\   
 +10:42:42 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Ash]]>​ "I didn't see anything."​ \\   
 +10:42:45 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "Eku, what sort of thing would stalk a group like ours? Natives? Predatory animals?"​ \\   
 +10:42:48 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Ash  looks around \\   
 +10:43:11 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "​Almost everything here -- living and the dead. Best stay aware."​ \\   
 +10:43:41 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ The jungle has gone a crowd anticipating the arrival of a champion. \\   
 +10:43:56 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "Can we make it to the settlement before nightfall?"​ \\   
 +10:44:18 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "​silence is never a good thing."​ \\   
 +10:45:23 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "If we speed up, yes." \\   
 +10:45:40 PM <​Dylan|>​ "​Sounds like a plan, let's speed up" \\   
 +10:45:43 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "But faster we go, more than likely we get lost. Your choice."​ \\   
 +10:46:49 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ "Lets increase our stride but not with undue haste, then? We're following the river anyways, are we not?" \\   
 +10:46:55 PM <​Dylan|>​ "How are we going to get lost if we are following a river?"​ \\   
 +10:47:07 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​action.png?​nolink&​25|*}} *Stolanimus ​ nods. \\   
 +10:48:11 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[character:​Miri]]>​ "​i'​d say we should let our guide guide. ​ it is what we paid her for." \\   
 +10:48:47 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ "Thank you." \\   
 +10:49:11 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Eku continues along the river'​s side, not getting close to the bank, but keeping it within visual. \\   
 +10:49:55 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ As you travel down the path... \\   
 +10:51:00 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ 2 1d20+4 adv. \\   
 +10:51:17 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ 1d20+4 adv. \\   
 +10:51:17 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [DM_ToA'​s 1d20(4, 17)+4 '​adv.'​]:​ 21 \\   
 +10:51:22 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ 1d20+4 adv. \\   
 +10:51:23 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [DM_ToA'​s 1d20(18, 2)+4 '​adv.'​]:​ 22 \\   
 +10:51:34 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (Stol? AC?) \\   
 +10:51:45 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ (16) \\   
 +10:52:02 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Kayalia]]>​ ("As you travel down the path..."​ ---- "... you become a commensurate distance closer to your destination."​) \\   
 +10:52:25 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ Two arrows shriek out of the jungle beside you all. Both score hits on the druid. \\   
 +10:52:28 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ 1d6 \\   
 +10:52:28 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [DM_ToA'​s 1d6(2)]: 2 \\   
 +10:52:31 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ 1d6 \\   
 +10:52:31 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​d20.png?​nolink&​25|}}<<​TolBot>>​ [DM_ToA'​s 1d6(4)]: 4 \\   
 +10:52:37 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (take six total) \\   
 +10:52:38 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​playericon.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​[[characters:​Stolanimus]]>​ ???Ugh??? \\   
 +10:53:02 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​ooc.png?​nolink&​25|}}{{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ (I hear Stol give out this bored sounding '​ugh'​ "​Arrows,​ again?"​) \\   
 +10:53:45 PM {{:​campaigns:​stota:​dmicon-small.png?​nolink&​25|}}<​DM_ToA>​ As your stalker in the jungle draws first blood...tonight'​s session comes to a close. \\  ​
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