Grovewood Saga

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 +In the first session of Grovewood Goes to Waterdeep a group of adventurers find themselves in the Yawning Portal. A girl entered the bar followed by a shady pair (Grady and Dwindlejoy). The party recognized them to be local thugs of some repute. The girl seemed nervous about something, just as the party looked to help her a carriage crashed through the wall of the inn.   From the carriage a number of animated brooms sprung forward and attacked, under the cover of the attack Grady and Dwindlejoy moved towards the girl – However they brave party interceded and the pair ran off. The party learned the girl had found a note on the back of which the name Jarlaxle Baenre had been scrawled. Since then she had been hounded by forces for some unknown reason.
 +After the guard showed up the party was approached by Meloon who asked them to take on a mission on his behalf. Apparently there is a rift in the Zhentarim created by a fake Manshoon. The party was tasked with abducting a lieutenant of the fake Manshoon who would be attending an event being held at the Yawning Portal.The party was treated by Mattrim Threestrings to a rendition of the legend of the Baron of Blood. The party spotted Urlhon Vhrule the lieutenant in question and with that the first session came to a close.
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